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[Moon_Arc-03] RA-02 The Stainless Steele Wererat

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    [Moon_Arc-03] RA-02 The Stainless Steele Wererat

    Rats Alley

    This is the adventure of Mark Steele and his story of discovery in Rats Alley.

    [Moon_Arc-03] RA-02 The Stainless Steele Wererat.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    The wolf judge pulled Mark to one side and spoke to him in private about the arrangement at this location and what he personally thought of being very close toward becoming a Were-Hellhound had Lavafang succeeded in doing what he thought no one would have noticed him attempting with the Recruitment Cologne.

    Mark remarked that he wasn't aware that the minty perfume was a recruitment cologne when he first smelled it and that it caused him to have an erection. "I still think he's a nice dog."

    While Mark was distracted, the agent took a hypodermic needle and coated the needle and tip in Rod's saliva before coaxing Rod to swallow a sleeping tablet which knocked the wererat out.

    It was probably a good thing that Mark was distracted by these fakes because there was a Hell of a battle going on in the Nexus town Meeting Hall between the weres and the were-Gargoyle Hounds whom had been disguised as Gaea's judges. Number Two, the Were-Archon then set off a Heaven flash grenade which permitted him to teleport out of the meeting Hall to the basement under Mark's new home where he heard more upstairs talking to Mark.

    "Since you are going to be palling around with the moon-touched, we need to give you an anti-toxin shot so you don't get infected by any of them by accident. The butt or the arm?"

    Before Mark could reply, Archon was upstairs in a teleport flash grabbing mark and Rod before teleporting out fast... reappearing in the fishing cavern which was too skinny for the fat-assed Were-Gargoyle Hounds to get down into. Archon had aimed for the dock at the end of the cavern near the water. The Were-Otter and a Were-Fox whom worked the fishing and salvaging trade were surprised when the Council member, the human, and the unconscious wererat teleported in.

    The Were-Fox asked, "What's going on, Archon?"

    Were-Archon said, "I just saved Mark from getting a deliberate infection by those evil Were-Gargoyle elites whom run the Thrall Black Market. The other half of their number are attacking the town meeting. I am glad you both stayed down here to do your assigned job. I can trust Mark with you guys. I don't know what they did to Rod. I'm heading back to the fight now. The Elites are too fat to fit down here." And he teleported away again.

    The Were-Fox examined Rod and said, "Looks like a typical sleeping tablet. But I know what will interrupt that." He then opened a medical kit and brought out smelling salts and opened one under the Wererat's nose which made him jump awake and back up against the cave wall. "Why are we in the fishing cavern?" The Were-Fox said, "Archon brought you and Mark in here."

    Mark said, "The Elites from the Thrall Black Market gave you a sleeping tablet and then they were trying to do something sneaky with me until Archon teleported in and grabbed us both before bringing us down here. He said the Elites had attacked the town meeting. And I think I stupidly showed them how to get in when they were in their disguises as the Judges of Gaea."

    Rod said, "No one is blaming you, Mark. You couldn't have known that the original Judges were killed back in the 1800s by human Norms. They caught me in town; my dad was helping them."

    The Were-Otter gave Rod and Mark energy drinks from unopened cans. "Always keep a cooler of these things down here at the docks. My cousins in Hawaii made friends with a human boy recently and they tell me he is a lot of fun around the surf shop." shameless plug to [Moon_Arc-02] Wotter Boards.

    Mark said, "See? Good Norms can get along with the Moon-Touched given a chance. That boy must have pleased your cousins something fierce if he is still human and working with them. I've always wanted to visit Hawaii but the Health shots and the cost always made me re-think the plan."

    Back at Mark's house, the fake agent planted the hypodermic needle within the cushions of the couch facing the TV. "Stupid Archon should have attacked us. Now the moment Mark comes in and sits on his couch to watch TV, he will get the injection in his backside and after a night of wererat frenzy, he will do anything to get help. Then we will have him. Believe me when I say that this will work. Everyone human eventually sits on their couch to watch TV."

    The fake judge said, "I hope you are right, Mimic. We have wasted enough time with this kid. Let's get out of here." And the two left the house to lay in wait near Shelby when the boy would need their help later. "What a perfect trap for a clueless naive human. Since he wants to associate with the moon-touched, he can join them. And his first night-time outing will be one he will never forget."

    Despite the trap being perfect, Mark never sat on the couch when he went home. He simply went straight to bed to sleep off the night's fantastic events.

    The next morning, Mark was awakened by his cellphone ringing. He sat up and he answered the phone. "Mark Steele, Part-Time Urban Explorer! Whom is this please?"

    "Yo Mark, This is ScoobyHouseHunter19! Your parents told me that you finally moved out. My buddy BikerMouse23 and I want to bring you some housewarming gifts except we don't know where you live. Give us the address so we can bring you some gifts."

    Mark replied, "I live on a private drive just West of Shelby. just off of the main highway, look for a street called Full Moon Bluff, at the end of the street, you will see a sign that says the road is a private drive. My house is at the end of that. It is Forest Ranger brown and gold with a green trim. Don't bother to google my house because you won't find it that way. I like my privacy. I also don't want the entire Urban Explorer league to show up at my house, guys. Just you two. Wait until you see my new video editing den."

    He then added, "Later. I need my morning shower so I don't smell like a rat when you guys arrive."

    Hanging up his cellphone, Mark headed into his bathroom where he got his morning routine started. Soon, he finished up in the bathroom as he returned to his bedroom and got into his casual clothes and hiking sneakers. Then he grabbed his cellphone as he went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Grabbing the remote, he turned on some morning cartoons.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Out front of Mark's private house, a panel van in the Scooby-Doo colors and a motorcycle with luggage compartment arrived. A young man of nineteen with blond hair and blue eyes with a somewhat muscular build got out of the van as the older young man of twenty-three on the motorcycle dismounted and removed his helmet to also reveal that he had sandy blond hair but with green eyes. The Freddy Rogers look-a-like and the humanized version of Throttle unpacked their housewarming gifts and walked up on the front porch of the woodland home and the first young man knocked on the door. Mark came over and opened the door with a smile. "Welcome to the Silver Lake logging community, guys. Come on in, the last of the Scooby-Doo rerun is about to end and the Biker Mice cartoon, first season rerun is coming up next. Man, you guys look just like the characters from the TV shows. I'll bet the authorities do a double take when they get a first look at you guys."

    ScoobyHouseHunter19 grinned. "They usually ask me where Daphne is. They never ask about Velma nor Shaggy."

    BikerMouse23 said, "They are always asking me where Charley is since I escaped from her."

    ScoobyHouseHunter19 then said, "Since you only knew us by our online names, a promise is a promise. I'm Joseph Hannah and he's Tony Unger. We are distantly related to the people whom made the original cartoons. When I was growing up, I wanted a Great Dane."

    Tony snickered. "But he had to settle for a Whimper like Basset Hound; Clue Club reference. I always thought it was strange that Scooby-Doo and the gang never encountered the Clue Club gang since the same company made the shows. But you would see I Dream of Jeannie and Speed Buggy teaming up with the Mystery Inc group often."

    Joseph playfully hit Tony's shoulder. "Hush you or I'll tell him about your version of Carbine and how much she acts just like her."

    Tony handed over the care package to Mark. "Filming equipment that you always said you wanted. As for my Carbine, she's off at college right now; in the meantime, she is letting me get in all the Urban Exploration I want. Sometimes we get permission like you do, Mark. You're an inspiration to Urban Explorers everywhere. At the last Convention, your name came up nearly a dozen times." And then he walked over and plopped his ass down into the couch to watch the Biker Mice from Mars. No sooner had he landed on the seat cushions, Tony nearly hit the ceiling as he landed on all fours on the floor. "SHIT! Felt like I sat on a razor blade! Is my ass bleeding?"

    Joseph looked and went back over to stand with Mark. "No, but you'll do anything to get a guy to look at your ass. Come on and show me the film editing den, Mark. Tony wants to watch his hero on TV."

    Mark escorted Joseph over to the back hallway. "Tony, you'll find some root beer and hot dogs and buns in my kitchen. If you want chili, you'll have to make it yourself. I don't eat chili for breakfast." And then he took Joseph into the back and they entered the den.

    "DAMNED, MARK!" Joseph exclaimed. "You're going to make Hollywood jealous if they see your den! I wish I had a set up like this!" And then he saw (laying on a thick rug nearby) what had to be the largest hound he had ever seen in black, roan and orange. Lavafang had his eyes closed as he played possum in the den. He wanted to see the Urban Explorer friends that Mark had said were not kooks. "You got yourself a Baskerville hound and didn't tell us? You know how badly I wanted Scooby-Doo and you fail to mention your dog to me! What's his name? Does he go on explorations with you? May I pet on him?"

    Mark grinned. "I didn't name him, Joseph. His former owner, a man called Amigo, is letting him keep me company while he is off on a business trip in Europe. The dog's name is Lava, like the hand soap. I haven't been lonely with him around. Sometimes, I like to imagine that he can talk to me like Scooby-Doo can. But you know me, Joseph. I've never had the gumption to desire having a pet. It wouldn't be fair to the animal kingdom if I messed up taking care of them while they were puppies. You can pet him, but try not to get him horny."

    Mark added as he was heading out of the room, "There are two other dogs around here I should mention. Archon and One. I don't know where they are at the moment. If One has another name, I was never told what it was. I'm heading back to the kitchen." And he left.

    Joseph knelt down and began scratching along Lavafang's body and thick fur coat. "Such a good dog... um... you're not a dog are you? Now that I have a closer look at you... you seem to be some sort of off-shoot of the Pizza Hounds except you don't smell like pizza."

    And before he knew what was happening, Lavafang in a fast fluid movement had Joseph pinned to the floor with one paw over his mouth as the Hellhound was sitting directly on top of the young man's mid-section. "Next time Mark tells you knot to get a canine horny, you should heed those words. Yes, I am a Hellhound. Mark befriended a few of us whom are not associated with Ardens. We are primarily the special police for keeping an eye on both special folk and humans whom are too nosy for their own good, like the other kook Urban Explorers whom walk into dangerous places where recruiters make their lairs. That one incident a few weeks ago where all of the explorers' clothes and vehicles were found as if they had stripped naked and left those things there was one of the illegal recruitment traps."

    Joseph reached up and barely moved the paw from over his mouth and nose. "Couldn't breathe... Man, you are like Scooby-Doo, only braver. And unlike how artists make your people seem to appear, you are damned good looking. I'm getting a hard on just looking at you. I promise I won't say a word about your police friends. I doubt anyone would believe me. Are you upset that I wanted to pet and rub on you? Mark is so lucky to be involved with a great hound like you. If I had a talking canine traveling around with me, then I wouldn't have to associate with the kooks at the conventions once in a while. Tony and I really like Mark. We think he is reinventing Urban Exploration activity; with legality."

    Lavafang perked his ears. "I hear Mark coming back rather fast. I wonder what your friend Tony did?"

    Mark opened the door to the den and said, "Joseph! Tony is gone! The front door was standing wide open and while his motorcycle is still parked outside, all of his clothes are laying on the living room floor directly in front of the couch and the TV was still on!"

    Lavafang got off of Joseph as he stood upright. "Playing possum is past. Time to go find your friend Tony. I would have thought him safe right here in your own home. I need to sniff around the couch to look for clues." And he loped out of the den.

    Mark looked embarrassed as he helped Joseph up off the floor. "I guess you know the big secret now. Welcome to the weird side; not coo-koo like the others. His full name is Lavafang. He is with the organization called High Command. They police special folk on Earth."

    Joseph didn't look upset. "He and I were getting along before you came back. He was turning me on, not the other way around. I am glad he revealed that he would talk. I gave my word to him that I wouldn't blab about his special police to outsiders."

    Returning to the living room, they found Lavafang and Archon with the cushions off the couch and Lavafang was holding up what looked to be a hypodermic needle that was empty. Mark asked, "Where did you get that, Lavafang?"

    The Hellhound anthro replied, "It was positioned needle side up in between the seat cushions. The scenario is that Tony sat on the couch to watch TV and he got injected with whatever was inside this hypodermic needle. We think the fake judges planted this here when they invaded the property yesterday. The plan was likely to get you transformed into a Wererat like your new friends and then once you were scared and under their control, you would beg them to provide the cure to the transformation; then they would finish the process by changing you all the way into a Thrall. But when you never sat on the couch after the encounter and your friend Tony did... he got the Wererat injection along with the desire to go find a sewer to explore. Number One is off checking the Shelby sewer network."

    Joseph looked at the sexy Archon before saying, "Knowing Tony and his love for the Biker Mice from Mars, he won't freak out when he discovers that he is now a rodent himself with a long rat or mouse's tail. He's always wanted to be like Throttle Van Wham."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      Joseph then continued... "And the bad guys will have a long wait for him to seek them out for a cure if he starts thinking like the Martian Mouse brothers from the cartoon." He then smiled at Archon. "Like your associate, Lavafang, you are god damned sexy in every way. You and Lavafang must pride yourselves on keeping your fur clean like that. As Mark already knows, I am Joseph Hannah otherwise known on the Internet as ScoobyHouseHunter19."

      Archon grinned. "Mark has a good friend since he likes canines so much and is not spooked by talking canines. I am Archon, an Archon Were-Hound of Arvandor. Lavafang is a Were-Hellhound of Amigo Pack originally from Hell Realm Eighty-Six. Number One is a magical Werewolf from Elysium whom had a falling out with a former brother turned rival over recruiting laws. Number One chose to come to Earth to fight against unlawful recruiters; although his crude attitude toward some people have not made him very popular among those whom have joined High Command to help us to police the others. Lava and I are the best ones to make a report to. Otherwise, you get the scowl from Number One. He doesn't like nosy humans."

      Number One came in the door with a squirming gunny sack and then he closed the door and locked it before he dumped the sack's contents on the carpeted floor. There lay BikerMouse23 looking more like a naked skinny scrawny rat man than like his hero Throttle. "I found him trying to break into a public gym in order to buff up his skinny scrawny body. Why is ScoobyHouseHunter19 standing with you guys? You told him, didn't you?" He looked upset anyway. Until Mark went over and got a cleaning cloth and some cleansing detergent and began to clean Number One's feet. "Thanks Mark... traipsing around the Shelby sewers was not fun. Only to find this puke trying to break into a public gym when it was closed. How are we going to restore him to normal? Had we done this, he would have been a Were-Mouse and not a Wererat. Sad part of Were-Mice is that they shrink when they initially transform, not get big and buffy. Then the fear factor sets in and they are running scared unless helped by a professional Were-Mouse. Any clues found here in the Couch? Knowing what they had in the needle would help us in making the cure so he could be his good looking human form once again."

      The basement door then opened and a Were-Kangaroo Boomer with a medical bag came hopping up out of the space below. "Oye! Ah got Archon's mental message about an emergency patient. As long as the fluids in the needle were not magical, then Ah'm yer roo."

      Lavafang handed the empty hypodermic needle to the Were-Kangaroo. "We're sorry for making you come to the Central portion of the states, Reed, but this Urban Explorer wasn't even doing the current occupation they so love doing."

      Reed unpacked his medical bag and then he carefully opened the hypo chamber and swabbed it with a sterile cotton swab before beginning the testing on the fluids. Mark finished up with Number One's feet and then he went over and watched the Were-Kangaroo. "Mark Steele, Part-Time Urban Explorer whom does everything legally. You're Reed Huxley from California; I met Kwysaugi Ryu one time at one of his rebuild sites and he mentioned how busy you were and how you hated the others back home for causing magical infections so damned often. He also mentioned that the artificer needs to slam more needles in their backsides."

      Reed giggled as he worked, "Good old Kwysaugi. And yes, Auranea Martelle Devlin does need to make their rumps 'urt for recruiting so often. Normally, the CIA guards me at my apothecary business; but even they need to take a break now and then. Sexy studs that they are. They make me want to mount and breed with them because they are so good looking. But Ah refrain since Ah don't want to be in the same club as those back in Australia. Jansen Tanner is the one whom treats me the best when the bloke is visiting with me. 'e is a secret agent with PATHS; they are on good terms with 'igh Command."

      Number One chuckled. "Oh yes, Jansen uses his last name as the no-fail last ditch threat which makes the bad guys go scared and reveal all. He wants you to fess up or he does things... need he say it... the Tanner way."

      Mark asked, "Isn't he a Norm?"

      Number One shook his head still giggling. "Jansen cannot be called a normal Norm since he has befriended planar special folk more often than you have befriended the few you do know about. Jansen has befriended the two god wolves of Odin as well as spent time with Amon Anubis, Lord Diablo Kisume and even a few of those sickeningly clean Angel Hounds. He is a permanent ally of the Golden Gate Werewolf Clan; he hunted down the killer to one of their brothers. Even the Olympian Hounds and Arden's Pizza Hounds all love this man. His sisters are into horses but he is the canine magnet. Although he does have a Valhallan winged stallion in his possession gifted to him by Odin himself for stealing Lord Surtur's crown right off of the fire giant's head and delivering it to the one-eyed god himself."

      Reed smirked. "All well and good, although Ah am done analyzing this Wererat fluid from the 'ypo. It is simply a young non-magical Wererat's venom likely stolen from the subject while the bloke was unconscious. Ah am beginning the mix to make the cure since it is not impossible at this current time." He then focused on Tony. "Ah don't know if yas can understand me, mate, but the next time yas want to be a buff stud mouse like those in the cartoon, consult us experts first so things like this don't keep 'appening to yas. Cypher from Greenwich Village is a Wererat Wizard whom wears 'is own take on the Biker Mice theme. That bloke makes it look awesome. And the bloke isn't even buff; but 'e is still sexy."

      Tony was sitting on the floor holding his legs and knees to his chest trembling. "Just make this weirdness end. If I can't be like the Van Wham brothers, then I don't want to be like this."

      Joseph was rubbing on Archon and Lavafang's backs with his hands. "Boy, you just proved me wrong, Tony! I predicted that you would like being a rodent like the Biker Mice and try to enjoy it; but instead, you want to give it up fast. I guess I don't really know you."

      Archon remarked, "There are some Wererats whom are very buff and strong and they make it work. But they didn't start that way. They grew up scrawny and skinny. Earthian Were-Mice never exceed Hobbit sizes, meaning three to four feet tall at the tallest."

      Tony asked, "So you are saying that if I wanted to be a Biker Were-Mouse, I would be stuck at hobbit size but in order to be like Throttle, I would have to go with what I currently ended up as and just work my body to be buff like my heroes from the TV show?"

      Archon said, "Not all Wererats are hideous in appearance; Cypher is one of the more handsome ones out there whom rides a motorcycle with his Were-Jackal friend, whom is called the Ugly Coyote, by his own admission. Would you like to meet and speak with Cypher?"

      Tony sighed. "If you think he can cheer me up, then sure. I'd like to meet him."

      Archon said, "He wouldn't ignore our request. In addition to repairing things and learning magic, the Biker Mice is one of his favorite TV shows." He closed his eyes and sent out the summons to the Greenwich Wererat of New York City.

      A few moments later, both Cypher (Gene Von Hammerstein) and Anthony "Tony" Fury had appeared from a magical portal in the living room. The Ugly Coyote was far from being ugly. He had the looks of an Anubian Jackal in Bostonian clothing. The Greenwich Wererat Wizard wore his typical mage clothes, although both had their motorcycle jackets on and motorcycle helmets in one hand. Cypher smiled showing he had clean and well polished dental work. "Hey Archon! Whatcha need fixed?" The Were-Jackal looked at the other two boys and said, "Hey! I know some of these guys from their YouTube videos online! Joseph Hannah and Mark Steele, right? Urban Explorers who've managed to stay out of unusual traps and government jails!"

      Archon instructed Cypher in the situation with the Biker Mouse fan who got changed into a Wererat through trickery (The damned Thrall Black Market was recruiting again!) "The new Wererat was the Urban Explorer called BikerMouse23. The cartoon character known as Throttle is his favorite; when he became this rodent guy, he got it in his head that he could become like his hero by breaking into a public gym in the closest town and using their equipment. They weren't open yet. We tried to explain to him that Were-Mice were hobbit sized and we thought that since you are born as the Wererat species, you could talk Tony Unger through his situation. Reed is waiting to see if Tony wants to keep the Wererat or not."

      Number One said to Tony Fury, "I heard that Talon is being a proverbial pain in the ass again. Do you want to raise an official complaint against the stupid putz? You know he isn't the official East Coast Sept Leader, don't you? The real guy is a Were-Pigeon Mobster."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        The Were-Jackal smirked. "So High Command is in America... This should be good. Yes, Talon has been causing deliberate chaos that would get a Norm's attention. Totally breaking the Litany at times just to get his way and to control people." He set a serious gaze on Number One. "So, what brings you guys out of the UK to come State-side? I'm the practical joker in the states; not you guys."

        The head Werewolf replied, "Mark Steele met the guys from Rats Alley and since the boy made me a steak done the right way and he cleaned my feet earlier, we are giving the boy a chance to prove that Norms can associate with Special Folk in a decent manner."

        Cypher and Reed worked with Tony to educate him on how to change back into his human form. It took a few tries before Tony was back in his naked human form sitting on the floor. Cypher then completely took over in educating Tony in what foods to avoid if he wanted the Biker Mouse styled body like those in the cartoon show. "Junk food and soda are completely out, Tony. Unlike Mice, we Wererats can eat meat We are more the omnivore than the herbivore mice are. Fatty cheese and excessive Sugar will ruin your figure. An exercise regiment cannot be placed on a back burner if you want the definitive Biker Mouse body like Throttle Van Wham has. As a Wererat and a Wizard, I prefer the athletic build over the muscular build. But I strive to keep my good looks so I don't scare nice folk."

        He then said, "Despite our apparent build, when in our Were-Beast forms, our strength is tripled even if it looks as if we have no strength at all. The Biker Mouse build is a lot of work. One bout of laziness and you could end up fat and slobby looking. I'll help you as much as I can, Tony. The only candy bar we Wererats can tolerate is what we like to call the chocolate caffeine sugar bomb bar. It raises our metabolism and pep to give us that extra energy we might not obtain any other way. It can make you super hyper. Never eat one of these in your human form or you might suffer a massive heart attack and die. Only your rat can handle it."

        Tony sighed. "I might forget, so maybe I should avoid that at all costs. I was born human, not rat like you, Cypher. But they were right... you are a handsome rat man."

        Cypher hugged Tony. "As long as you are going to try the rat, Tony, I'll be your sponsor brother. Mark doesn't mind making friends with the special factions; but he doesn't want to join us in the species."

        Tony grinned. "Maybe he just hasn't found his animal yet. I'm the rodent; Joseph is the Great Dane. Mark hasn't settled on an animal favorite in the whole time we have known him."

        The Were-Jackal commented, "Mark should be permitted to make the choice in his own good time. If he rushed into a species and ended up hating it, how would you guys feel since you pushed him into making the choice too quickly? You guys had time; he didn't."

        Mark smiled. "Thanks for defending me, Mr. Fury. The main reason I haven't chosen an animal is because I haven't found one that I simply click with just yet."

        Tony Fury smiled back. "I can help you with that, Mark. You provide me with a list of qualities and I'll look through the archives and match things up and share the results with you. I would not be offended if you didn't choose Jackal. Not just anyone can be a son of the sex guardian of the dead, Anubis. Man, he hates that reference every time he hears how furries regard his sexy good looks. I keep telling him to milk it since they want to be as sexy as he is. New followers are hard to come by. Not like the classic days when people would just walk into your temple and ask to be a follower."

        Mark gently grabbed a hold of Tony Fury's arm and said, "Come with me for a moment. I want to show you my editing room. My computer is in there, too. Maybe we can get the qualities thing started while Cypher is working with BikerMouse23." And the two headed off into the film editing office in the back of the house. When Tony Fury saw the fancy room, he smiled with a low whistle. "Damn! High Command must really like you to give you a set up like this." Mark smiled back. "I was impressed, Tony. By the way, what makes you think that I wouldn't choose a Jackal like yourself. Is there a downside toward being a Jackal? Or did your father tell you to lay off recruiting new Jackals?"

        The Were-Jackal sighed. "My father said there was a shortage of Anubian Were-Hounds. The difference between Anubian Were-Jackals and Anubian Were-Hounds is that the Jackals have the extremely pointy ears while the Hounds have the body shape of an extremely sexy canine-shaped Playboy model. I can show you the difference on the Internet, if you don't mind looking." And Tony went over to the computer and booted up the Egyptian Anubian Servants web site where he brought up pictures of the Anubian Jackal and the Anubian Hound side by side. "The left is the Jackal; the right is the Hound. Try not to get too much of a boner, Mark."

        Mark noted that the Jackal was a lot like Tony Fury; while the Hound was out of this world in hot sexiness. And despite Tony's warning, Mark had an erection just looking at the Anubian Hound. "How can there be a shortage of those guys? They are sexy hot!"

        Tony Fury replied, "I have no idea, in truth. We Were-Jackals in my personal opinion are few and I've seen a group of twelve of the Were-Hounds at a time during family reunions. Half of that number for my kind. But if you would like to meet one of these Were-Hounds, I can arrange it for you, Mark. I am glad you didn't fall into the Wererat trap the evil jerks set for you. Don't get me wrong; I love my friend, Cypher; but he is a naturally born Wererat Mage; not a conversion Wererat. Being converted through trickery is not all its cracked up to be. Joining the fold that way implies that you want to serve your new master as a Thrall. You cannot do anything that would make him look bad among the special folk. You could graduate to a full Were-Beast over time. Oh and the master gets the privilege of having sex with you."

        He then added, "Gay or otherwise. And you have to get used to it."

        Mark remarked, "I would have to date someone for a while before I could decide if I wanted to be a Thrall or not, Mr. Fury. I can be open minded or I might not have wanted to befriend Rod Rattooth."

        Tony smiled. "I know Rod; he can be a good friend, but he would never want to be your master. If you want to know more about the factions, I can walk you through it safely. Although most faction males enjoy gay sex a little too much. The few straight faction males complain that they made a bad choice in a female they mated with and wonder aloud why they didn't just go the gay route. Then we make a joke about an ugly gay faction member we know of whom smells bad and is proud of it. That ends the complaints and everyone laughs. Before you got involved with Urban Exploration, Mark, what animals usually interested you even if you couldn't be around them that much and don't be afraid to explore the mythical species since I know quite a few of them?"

        Mark replied, "I saw an obscure Digital Species on a web site one time that was trying to raise money for a new animated series involving some sexy Taur like animal people. Two young human boys and one human girl discover a small tunnel through a hill and they find an odd land where these naked anatomically correct Taur like people dwell. Before the kids can return home, the tunnel collapses and then they lose their clothes and end up as naked as their hosts. The girl manages to get home without the boys and then the rest of the series is about the boys working with their new hosts in every day situations. They depicted a Houndtaur, a Donkeytaur, a Cervine-like Unicorntaur, a slinky Foxtaur and a cranky Leotaur whom doesn't like the humans. The last guy is always plotting on how to either get rid of the humans or get them transformed into Taurs like the small tribe that dwell in their hidden land. All of the Taurs have slits instead of outward sheaths but they all have their rightful tools within their slits. The first four Taurs are always showing their male capabilities to the two boys. They secretly are glad that the girl made it home since they are more fond of the naked boys. None of the Taurs are female. The original small tunnel reminded me of an Urban Exploration passage that I explored one time. So I thought that the idea came from a real place."

        This got the Were-Jackal to thinking.

        Mark added, "If the Leotaur was replaced by a friendly sexy Dragontaur, then I might have donated to the animation project. I thought the cat was a turn off to add to the others."

        Tony Fury grinned. "How true that is. I know some Were-Lions and they are super picky and cranky."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Tony Fury then said, "I might be able to pull some divine strings among the factions and find this tribe for you. If they are based on fact, then you could get lucky in a few wanting to get to know you. Don't knock gay sex before getting to try it with caring species whom really want to help you try it safely. Male pregnancy only occurs with magical species. So you don't have to worry about that. But if you find out otherwise, let me know... I love a good joke."

          Mark smiled at Tony Fury. "You're okay, Mr. Fury. If you wanted to just hang out, I wouldn't mind your coming back to my place any time you needed a reprieve from the shit back East. As you can see, I have a pretty nice place."

          The Were-Jackal grinned. "As long as you are giving me permission to visit, I cannot say no. Besides, if I am to find these other factions for you, then I do need to associate with you. What I can do is to set up a Magical Faction Gate in a private locale on your property that would allow Cypher and myself to take a shortcut to come see you when we need to jump states quickly. Of course, Cypher and I would be coming with our motorcycles. One of the funnest ways to get around for a Faction member. So do you want me to arrange a visit between you and an Anubian Were-Hound? You did say they were sexy hot. Eventually my father would want to meet up with you, since you are the legal Urban Explorer. As for Taur species, I do know a pretty friendly clean Dragontaur whom has Samates."

          He then added, "For Dragons, Samates are their version of Thralls. For Dreamtime Kangaroos, their version of Thralls are called Pouch Mates. Before you play with a Dreamtime Roo, you should always talk to Reed Huxley first to be on the safe side."

          Mark arched an eye. "I assume gay sex is involved with Samates and Pouch Mates, just as it would be for Thralls?" After the muzzle nod, Mark continued. "Now I believe you when you say some faction males enjoy sex a bit too much. Are you like that?"

          Tony Fury replied, "I try to control my hormones for those whom would want me to convert them. I think the UK High Command is impressed by the control I exert. Sadly, a few under aged teenagers whom still live with their parents want to join me as Were-Jackals."

          Mark then asked, "I am sorry if this next part is going to sound like a stupid question but... would it be possible to document Samate Tunnels or Pouch Mate corridors safely? I wouldn't want to get stuck if I had legal permission from the Master to document those tunnels so he would have a video record of his insides in case of emergencies for finding his mates on a whim. Did I ask a weird question?"

          The Were-Jackal giggled. "The insides of Dragons are coated or saturated in dragon enzyme fluids and mists. That stuff destroys clothing and gives you an erection and makes you want to have gay sex. When you get involved, there is a chance to get stuck and then safety is out the window. Not to mention that there is a time limit for being inside of twenty-four hours, if you miss the window of escape by even a minute, your body and mind convinces you to stay inside and join the other cuties. Before long, you start looking just like the other mates. Kangaroo pouch tunnels are similar to Samate tunnels except Dreamtime Kangaroos sometimes have pouch worlds inside their pouch lips. The world in there may look like a wilderness version of Earth. Clothing in there erodes in under an hour. And then getting sexually involved with citizens has the danger of getting converted into being just like the fun friend you just met. At that point, your mind tells you that you are in the real world and you never try to leave and gay sex follows with your new boyfriend. And with Dreamtime Kangaroos, you can experience male pregnancy since Pouch Worlds are magical. Reed cannot undo a magical transformation. You have to ask his brother Grey Huxley to undo the transformation. But if you are pregnant, curing is not possible until you do give birth."

          He then added, "I am not trying to gross you out, but you did admit that it might be a silly question. I am glad you are asking about such things before doing what the other kook Urban Explorers might do." "We've been walking for a long time and we can't find the exit! I don't know where our clothes disappeared to! We have to find a way out eventually!" After Tony Fury made the hologram example with audio appear in the room with himself and Mark, the human laughed out loud.

          "Yeah, that is something they might do!"

          Mark then hugged Tony Fury and gave him a kiss on the muzzle. "I think you are really a lot of fun. Maybe I can give you a nice body fur scratching later."

          Tony Fury smiled. "I think you like the Anubian appearance on Taurs. I must admit that it does sound pretty sexy."

          Mark giggled. "To hear you say it, it really does sound sexy hot. An Anubian Were-Houndtaur striking the alluring pose to make new friends out of curious boys."

          The Were-Jackal grinned. "I cannot wait to see one wearing dad's tomb guardian armor. I'll bet they would make a man spooge down both legs. STICKY!"

          Suddenly, Amon Anubis appeared in the chamber. "Son, I am trying to get my image away from being sexy hot as the furries are always saying. But I'll see what I can do about the Anubian Houndtaur. Mixing factions is not always a good thing."

          Mark hugged Anubis. "If you make the snarl growl instead of a seductive smile when doing your job, then you wouldn't be associated with a sex symbol. Although, you do smell good. Would it be improper to document an Anubian Tomb or Anubian Temple some day?"

          Anubis grinned. "My hounds would rape you, Mark. They have been horny lately and I don't know what to do about it. Since you are asking politely about documenting one of my Temples, I might allow that. But the tombs remain off limits. I need to go." And he vanished.

          Mark sighed. "Did I embarrass him?"

          Tony Fury replied, "No... but when you hugged him, you accidentally caused him to get an erection. And you complimented his latest cologne. He is trying to avoid the Playboy image like the plague."

          Mark said, "ScoobyHouseHunter19 would likely accept him just as he is. Although Anubis is not a Great Dane, but could you imagine a tomb guardian with the fierce Great Dane appearance in the Anubian colors and markings. The bark alone would make most robbers mess themselves. Are we giving your father weird ideas? He can't help looking so hot. And his Anubian Hounds take on his sexy appearance by default. I still think he should use the snarl growl look on his muzzle when others mention his sexy stud appearance. Maybe he could say that the real Anubis is not as hot as he was. I know its incredulous, but the image is not going to be so easy to ditch."

          Joseph stuck his head into the editing room. "Give me a Moon-touched Great Dane or a Changeling Great Dane and I'd be a happy Urban Explorer! Cypher is still working with Tony! A really cute young Wererat came out of your basement and he asked if you were busy!"

          Mark grinned. "Tod finally emerged to check on me. I think he is a nice guy, Joseph. I better go show him that Mr. Fury didn't get the drop on me." And he headed out to meet up with Tod.

          Joseph smiled at the Were-Jackal. "Now that Mark isn't molesting you anymore, may I molest you in his place?"

          Tony Fury rolled his eyes as he thought, "Mark's friends are kooks! But that's what makes them so fun!" He then replied aloud, "If you think you can handle molesting me, then we can try it; but I won't convert you."

          Joseph began removing his clothes as the Were-Jackal did the same and then they ended up in the floor on top of each other.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Mark hugged Tod carefully since the young wererat was not wearing his gloves. "I was showing Mr. Fury the video editing room. How are things going down in the Moon-touched Town? I am glad you are well rested after the Black Market gave you the sleeping drug. I wanted to rip them apart for their messing with my favorite wererat."

            Tod smiled at his favorite human. "The town is getting back to normal; although Rey (the Were-Fox fisherman) and Lou (the Were-Otter fisherman) would like to talk to you about another Urban Exploration locale near the lake shores someplace. They like you."

            Mark then asked, "Where are your safety gloves, Tod?"

            Tod stuck his hands behind his back. "We have to wash our belongings once in a while. Thank you for not touching my hands, Mark. I don't want to change you into my Thrall. I want you as a friend; not a sex partner."

            Number One said, "At least some moon-touched citizens are caring and careful about their potential friends."

            Tod blushed. "Thank you, sir. I really like Mark as himself. It should be his decision if he wants to join a faction. He is an inspiration to people like us. I need to get back to the Rats Alley laundry room." And he quickly returned to the basement stairs and was gone.

            Mark smiled as he looked to the Head Werewolf. "It is getting close to lunch time. Are you hungry?"

            Number One replied, "Actually I am. Just make the meal your own way and remember that we hounds like meat; Reed is a Vegemite, although he can eat some meats. Cypher has his sugar bomb chocolate bar stash; and Tony eats meat as we do. Your friends can eat normal meals although BikerMouse23 has to stick to his new diet if he wants the buff body. I don't know what ScoobyHouseHunter19 would eat. I am sure you don't keep any Scooby Snacks in your cupboards." He chuckled at his own joke. "I hope he doesn't eat what the scared dog does in the TV show or his body will end up fat and slobby like some obese Were-Beasts we know of. Hippos and Warthogs, primarily."

            Mark grinned. "Only the Cinnamon-Honey Graham Cracker dog bone shaped variety. But with Joseph, it's an old joke. One lunch coming right up." And he headed into his kitchen to get the meals started.

            Lavafang approached Number One and quietly said, "Mark arouses me something fierce. But Joseph is a good petter, too."

            Number One arched an eye. "Can't you be any more horny?"

            Lavafang grinned. "I haven't had a human male playmate in years."

            Number One rolled his eyes. "Your whole pack must be in rut all the time. Mark was telling the Ugly Coyote about a special folk type that I haven't heard about as yet." And he described it to Lavafang.

            Lavafang hummed. "I have a pack brother back in the home realm that matches Mark's description of the Anubian Houndtaur. I suppose if we were to acquire a Green Card for my pack brother, then he could keep Mark company here within his homestead. As for the other three Taurs, Lampwick might know about a Donkeytaur. We know of some Foxtaurs in England, some are very slinky. The Forest Lord might know where a Unicorntaur might be found. Tony knows a few Dragontaurs from Surroccias the Red Dragon's island in the South Pacific. Since I have to behave around Mark, I do want to fulfill his Taur preference list of the nice ones he mentioned. Even I agree with Tony and Mark about the cranky Leotaur. Vincent ruined the whole experience by being too territorial."

            Number One replied, "Taurs are rare these days. Highly protected by the gods. But they could make a comeback for their faction with the right hosting. So perhaps Mark's wanting to meet the few he's mentioned could open the door."

            Lavafang said, "Why don't you send word to Lampwick about the Donkeytaur; I'll go ask Tony about a spare good Dragontaur; and we can have Archon go talk to Bernard and the Forest Lord back in England. Then I will arrange a Green Card for my pack brother to come join Mark in his homestead. Maybe we could even establish an underground chamber to match Mark's description of the hidden Taur realm accessible through Mark's basement. Mark would be so pleased if we did this for him. He is already doing a lot of nice things for us; so its the least we can do in return for him. I don't know why he is interested in Digital Taurs with slits with the tools inside, but it is not for me to ponder the possibilities. I just want to grant him his request."

            Number One hummed. "Very well, Lavafang. We'll do this for Mark as a start on reestablishing the Taur faction under the Gods' guidelines. I will contact Lord Lampwick about the Donkeytaur; you work on the things you offered to check on. Archon will do his thing. I don't want to be around Bernard Foxtaur; he is hornier than you are. Fulfilling Mark's wish list shouldn't be too hard, knock on wood." And Number One headed into an empty room to make contact with Lampwick. "Hey Lampwick, HC-1 speaking. Do you have any Donkeytaurs on Pleasure Island somewhere? A nice human boy we are sponsoring was asking about specific Taurs and that was one of the ones named. The Boy's name is Mark Steele, part time Urban Explorer; we are currently here in Michigan."

            Lampwick mentally replied, "Guil Nomigid mentioned having one in his portion of the island park. I can see about his coming to see Mark if that helps. Digital Donkeytaurs don't have ruts like us natural donkeys do. Of course, there is a normal Donkeytaur living on the backside of the island; not too many boys visit with him, so he's been a little sad lately." Number One stated, "Tell him that a nice human boy wants to meet a Donkeytaur. Maybe that will make him smile. We are gathering the other Taurs on Mark's list for him." Lampwick giggled. "Taurs are far and few these days. Most young people don't have the right imagination for believing in them anymore. So finding Taurs will be a challenge for you and your boys. But I'll do my best."

            Lavafang stepped into the editing room where he found Archon and Reed Huxley watching Joseph and Tony wrestling but not converting. It looked like simple play time. Albeit in the nude. "Archon, One and I need you to go speak to Bernard and the Forest Lord to ask about a male teen aged slinky Foxtaur and a male Unicorntaur both of whom might like to migrate to the States to live near Mark in a Taur community that will be arranged just off of Mark's bedroom hallway. It would be an indoor Stonehenge like gateway that would lead to a corridor to their new Summer-like Taur community valley. They would also have a clean water source and comfortable living conditions. Extra note, the Taurs in question should have slits with their tools on the inside." Archon made a weird face before he teleported.

            Lavafang then said toward Tony Fury, "Tony... Does your friend Sarrius have another teen aged male Dragontaur friend back on the South Pacific Island whom would agree to migrate to our new Taur community for Mark? Our Urban Explorer is into a specific type of Taurs."

            Tony whom had ScoobyHouseHunter19 pinned down playfully replied, "Sarrius has mentioned others whom would love to meet some nice human boys. Sadly they want them naked on the island. I'll ask Sarrius about a migration minded Dragontaur. But right now, Joseph requested my playing with him. I promise I am not trying to recruit him. But if he goes for sexual insertion, then my father will have words for Joseph as he personally fucks this boy. I'd like to teach Joseph about gay sex, but I have to be careful since Joseph is into Great Danes. Mark made a joke about Anubian Great Dane Tomb Guardians and we all laughed."

            Lavafang grinned. "I can imagine the baying howl of those Tomb Guardians. Robbers wouldn't be able to find enough toilet paper after that. I need to go fetch the last Taur on Mark's list. I am glad you are monitoring their playtime, Reed. Some people go too far."

            Reed smirked. "Cypher is busy with Tony Unger still. Ah know of a couple of slitted Kangarootaur brothers in or around Dreamtime whom are shunned for looking so bizarre by Aussie standards. If Mark would give them a chance, they would be so 'appy to 'ave a friend."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              Lavafang nodded his muzzle. "Send word to them about our project and see if they will agree to migrate into our new Summer-time Taur community where a human boy on his own wants to meet slitted Taurs. Make sure to mention that they won't be the only slitted Taurs in the community. Mark has a favorites list that he told Number One about and we all have our assignment to see about fetching these Taurs. I don't want to fail Mark since I am in love with the boy myself, except Number One is making me behave. Oh to be as free as Tony Fury is being right now... but I joined the UK HC Council... So fun is out the window. Be back soon." And he teleported to Green Card Services in between the Planar Realms. Upon arriving, Lavafang showed his UK High Command Freedom ID Card and then he began making the arrangements for his pack brother to have legal permission to be on the surface world to participate in a new guarded Taur Community project. This was not for recruiting purposes; a good looking young adult male human requested a list of Taurs to meet.

              When the Green Card Services heard the name of the part-time Urban Explorer that was making the request, Lavafang was surprised by the smiles from the Devil Mice and Union Imps because they all knew about this boy and had seen his MeTube Videos.

              One Devil Mouse said, "He is about the only human I would trust to escort on some exploration adventures here in the Underworld. We all love how he gets permission to document places that the kooks just break into."

              Even Green Card Services call the other Urban Explorers, the kooks! Lavafang grinned. "Come up with a list of Explorations that Mark can document and I will see to it that he finds out that you officials want him to document those places. Just don't abandon him somewhere."

              Green Card Services were more than willing to expedite Lavafang's request since he said he would ask Mark about doing these jobs legally. Soon, Lavafang's pack brother, the slitted Anubian Hellhoundtaur Digimon known as Anupawmon. An unusual combination whom had been stuck in the underworld for some time after an evil villain in the Digital World gated him to the actual Hell one way and he had been stuck there ever since. He smiled when he saw his pack brother at Green Card Services. "Hey! You've been missing for years! The alpha was wondering what happened to you!"

              Lavafang explained how a super stupid Sorcerer summoned him by accident and then he summoned a demon for a boon. And when the stupid putz couldn't send the summoned guests back home, the demon killed the fucker and Lavafang made good his escape on Earth where he met up with the UK's version of High Command and they hired him to help police special folk and curious humans whom saw more than they needed to see. "So you see, I got hired to help with the UK High Command's Council. Number One made the arrangements with Gaia so I could be on the surface world legally. As for the demon, he got banished by some Australian Demon Hunters working with Switcher Woman and Jamaica's foremost Voodoo Queen. I just arranged a Green Card for you to participate in a slitted Taur community in Michigan all because the boy I like requested to be able to meet a selection of slitted Taurs and I recalled that you were stuck in our pack and you matched the Houndtaur description he had given Number One. You won't be there to recruit humans, so don't be having those thoughts while you are there. Green Card Services want to hire this boy to explore some places legally in the Underworld. Mark Steele, part-time Urban Explorer, whom always gets permission to explore abandoned places."

              Anupawmon smiled. "I've heard of that human even back in my home Digital World. We've seen his videos. You must really like him if you are fulfilling his favorites list. Of course I will agree to entertain Mark Steele. I will even make an effort to befriend the other slitted Taurs."

              Happy that his pack brother was willing, the two got Anupawmon's Green Card (picture ID with paw-print) permission and then they returned to the bedroom hallway where Number One was having the White Stag assist with creating the new Summer-time corridor stone portal into the paradise valley for the slitted Taurs to live in. "Never Winter and always comfortable. Just please don't be making lots of cute boys disappear. I hear enough gripes from the Gods and from Gaia on that subject." With the new portal in place and properly enchanted, the White Stag went inside to make sure the hidden community valley met with the requested standards. Earlier, Mark had seen the White Stag and given him a jelly filled donut and a bowl of water before returning to the meal preparation in his kitchen.

              The boy never tried to take his picture nor grab him at all. It was no wonder UK High Command was interested in this young man. He was respectful to the special folk.

              Lavafang said, "Number One, this is my pack brother, Anupawmon. I explained the rules to him and surprisingly, he's heard of Mark Steele from his homeland and agreed to help us with the community."

              Number One said to the Digimon, "Mark must remain human and free. Too many special folk like this young man. If he asks you for a sex session, you may play with him, but no recruiting nor conversions; not even by accident nor on purpose. Do a good job and I will ask Gaia to make your Green Card permanent." He then provided the request list to Anupawmon that mark had detailed, deliberately not mentioning the cranky Leotaur, since even Mark said that one shouldn't have been part of the project. A Leotaur that acts like Vincent Alexanderos was a pure turn-off. Even Orion Talon was a turn-off. Number One didn't even know of any slitted Wolftaurs and he didn't want to look for any either. "Are you okay with these terms? Mark is in the kitchen making lunch for all of us."

              Anupawmon said, "As long as I can meet the Urban Explorer celebrity, I will do as you are asking."

              Number One then inquired, "Do you think a pack brother of your variety back home would like to join you on this adventure? We would like for there to be two of each type in the community so loners don't get too homesick while participating. The White Stag suggested it."

              Anupawmon replied, "My original Alpha would have to approve of another pack member coming to Earth. As you might have guessed, Digimon could care less than a shit about your rules. But since we all know Mark Steele, they might change their attitude for him."

              He then added, "I had a mate before the villain gated me to Hell. If he were still available, he would be the one I'd want with me in this project."

              The White Stag emerged from the stone portal. "It is all set up with clean drinking water and a pool for swimming and bathing. There are fruit trees and berry bushes of the safe variety as well as a food replicator for those whom need meat. I am not going to be mean."

              He then went back to the kitchen to eat his donut and drink his water.

              Number One asked, "If your former mate wasn't available, whom would be someone else whom might not like your former alpha's attitude?"

              Anupawmon grinned. "There is only one whom I know would jump ship immediately whom fits that description. He was always wanting to Digiport to Earth to have adventures with cute boys. The alpha always said no. He said that boys had to come to the pack first."

              He then added, "The alpha was a recruiter type whom would prefer to fuck a human boy without permission or warning and getting it from the alpha is always an instant conversion. Anyway, the pack mate's name was Tricktailmon. He was always doing things to the alpha."

              Number One summoned a crystal ball and he had Anupawmon touch the bottom of the crystal and focus on his former mate first; when the image appeared in the viewer and they saw that he had mated with a rival and had lots of puppies, Number One had Anupawmon focus on Tricktailmon next. The image showed a Hellhound head sticking out of a thick black pool of some weird looking tar and the poor guy looked bored. Anupawmon said, "That's the alpha's favorite punishment pool where he sticks troublemakers. I've only been in it once. It contains a combination of Erection Fluids, Digital Tar and Obedience Rubber. It wears off over time if you get it on you, even a drop. But while affected, you are horny and willing to let the alpha fuck you repeatedly. Only a few of us could resist the affects."

              He then said, "If anyone touches you while you got this stuff on you, then they are stuck too as their clothes disintegrate. As I said, it is not something you want on you when meeting a nice boy like Mark Steele." Lavafang then said, "I'll order some Ultimate Solvent for use when we rescue Tricktailmon. When he sees that you are alive, and he learns of the project agreement, he will likely be glad you thought of him for meeting Mark Steele. And no silly alpha shit." Number One said, "Order the Solvent, Lavafang; I'll use my alpha status to summon Tricktailmon into the new Community. We'll douse him with the solvent in there so we don't make a mess in Mark's bedroom hallway."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                By lunch time, Mark had the dining table set and he took the Wererat diet food to Tony Unger whom had Cypher monitoring what he ate so he could end up with the Biker Mouse Physique. Then Tony Fury and Joseph emerged from the editing room with their clothes back on as they sat at the dining table. High Command and Reed Huxley joined them at the table next. Number One said, "We were able to fulfill your slitted Taur list with two additions thanks to Reed Huxley. Down your bedroom Hallway, you will find a magical stone gateway."

                He then said, "Through that gateway is a magical corridor that will take you to their Summer-time environment hidden valley as you described it and the slitted Taur in two of each type are dwelling within. They cannot wait to meet you, Mark. Most say they know your videos."

                Lavafang then handed Mark the exploration list. "Green Card Services would like to give you legal permission to document a few things in the underworld with safe escort . They are also aware of your MeTube videos."

                Archon grinned. "The Unicorntaurs were the most obscure ones to locate since they are rather skittish, but they accepted the invitation when told that a nice human male wanted to meet them. As for the slinky Foxtaurs, they all wanted to cum; but we only needed two."

                Number One said, "The Donkeytaurs were an issue; I could only get one Digital Donkeytaur for you; the other Donkeytaur was a bit depressed since human boys didn't want to visit him where he was staying on Pleasure Island. He perked up when Lampwick mentioned you."

                Mark smiled. "You all deserve a hug and a body rub for doing this for me. You know I am good for it. Will I get to meet Lampwick some day or is he too busy?"

                Number One grinned. "He said he would love to meet you, Mark; he mentioned that he had enough normal bad boy kooks on the island without your Urban Explorer cuckoo associates going there."

                Mark grinned as well. "Let him know that I will prepare him a meal with drinks the next time he is in my area. I try to be fair to everyone."

                Number One said, "He likes Submarine Sandwiches and Pub Ale, primarily. Although his donkey citizens love chocolate a little too much. On the island, a human should avoid it as much as possible if you want to stay human. Chocolate and sex will change a boy fast."

                Archon smirked. "We can arrange for you to meet him, Mark; although his job of collecting bad boys keeps him busy year round. But I am sure he would love to spend an evening with you."

                Mark said, "Maybe set up a short cut between his personal quarters and my home so he could easily join us for dinner without being away from the island for too long. If an emergency cropped up, he could easily use the short cut to go back to deal with it. Since you gave me warnings not to do certain things on his island, a short cut for him would be safest to make a meal for him or to have a discussion with him through the shortcut without my going over there. Although if he wanted to see me naked, I could strip for him in my own home. I don't go streaking in public; but for the right people, I'd strip. Just not in downtown Shelby."

                Lavafang smiled. "I'd sit up and beg if you stripped for me."

                Number One remarked, "Can't you be any more horny, Lavafang?"

                Lavafang replied openly, "I love the boy. Sue me."

                Archon remarked, "Glad I can control my hormones."

                Number One said, "Visit with the slitted Taurs first and then I will make the shortcut arrangements with Lord Lampwick. However, after that, we need to go check in at the UK base to see what messages and reports have arrived for us to evaluate. We can return if needed."

                Mark said, "Try not to starve yourselves in England. Fish and Chips is not Steak."

                After lunch ended, Number One established the Lampwick shortcut just off of the walk-in pantry to make it more private for Mark and Lampwick. Then High Command departed for the UK. Reed Huxley got up and gave Mark a hug. "The White Stag arranged a archway shortcut in yer basement going to my apothecary in California, so if yas need me for anything non-magical, yas can just ask. Ah need to return to California. A final word of warning, Mark: a Pleasure Island transformation is considered magical." And he hopped off to the basement stairs and was gone.

                Cypher sat with Tony Unger while Tony Fury went out to the Mystery Machine van with Joseph where they got inside the back to talk about private things.

                After washing the dishes, Mark went to his bedroom where he changed out of his everyday clothes and got into a pair of swim trunks. Then he proceeded into the slitted Taurs hidden valley through the stone archway. He would be busy visiting them for a few hours.

                Mark spent some time with Anupawmon and Tricktailmon first. Tricktailmon hugged Mark and thanked him profusely for getting him out of the Alpha's slave pack so he could have adventures with nice human boys. "If you want to know anything about our species, I will share anything you want to know. Um... you smell good, Mark." Mark blushed and said, "I like to take daily baths and the deodorant I prefer to wear is made for women but I like the scent of it. The men's variety of the stuff is more expensive and it stinks. Since I don't like to smell bad, I get the cheaper variety that smells good. And that's what you are smelling. And Dove moisturizing soap as well as Suave shampoo. As I said, I don't like to smell bad. If I hadn't had sex up the butt before, then you would also be smelling my former virgin scent."

                Mark posed showing off his short mousy brown hair, green eyes and tanned skin. The day he had met Tod Rattooth, his skin had been dirty. But he was clean today and smelled good. Urban Exploration was filthy, smelly work. Nothing glamorous on the worst days.

                Tricktailmon kissed Mark on the mouth. "Thanks for getting me here with my pack mate anyway. I set up two pools in the back of our hidden valley unique to our home realm that will prevent me from getting homesick. The first is a copy of the pool I was stuck in that helps with arousal and gives the bather the desire to be fucked by a partner; the second is the Ultimate Solvent fluids pool that Lavafang fetched for us. I wouldn't suggest a nice boy like you to try the first pool. But if you get anything nasty on your clothes or shoes and normal laundry isn't helping to remove it, then just dip the goods in the solvent and wash normally afterward. The stuff will be removed easily. I may want to have sex with you someday; but not on your first visit. I can be patient since your request rescued me."

                Mark went to spend time with the Donkeytaur from the back of Pleasure Island next. He perked up when Mark came to see him. "You can call me Ace Kent. I used to be a human boy whom got permanently changed into this species when I messed with a magician's potions."

                Mark said, "And let me guess... the potion took away your ability for a full human restoration which is why after Lampwick told you that he didn't know how to restore you, you stayed on the back side of the island feeling sorry for yourself?"

                Ace replied, "He said that magician's potions were beyond his ability to restore people from since I didn't get changed on the island. If you know someone whom can restore my original human form and give me a transformation trigger, I might keep this form if I can be human."

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.

                  Mark smiled. "As a matter of fact, I might actually know a few people whom might be able to help you. They deal in magical transformations. The first is Reed Huxley's brother Grey Huxley in Dreamtime's Kangaroo Town. The other two are either Roolock of Dreamtime or the Arranger of New York City. The last two are Elder Powers more powerful than actual gods. The Arranger charges money for his services; Roolock might do it for free in exchange for your showing him that you can be immoral. Which way would you like to try?"

                  Ace said, "Grey first and if he can't do it, then Roolock before Arranger. I am broke so I cannot afford huge price tags. I wasn't even a bad boy when this happened to me."

                  Mark hugged him to show that he cared. "You were part of the slitted Taurs list that I requested; if you do get what you want, you can stay here since you likely don't have a home to go back to anymore."

                  Ace smiled. "Thanks, Mark. If I get the transformation trigger, I will keep the slitted Donkeytaur form for your benefit. What did you want to do with a slitted Donkeytaur anyway?"

                  Mark replied, "I wanted to see if the slitted Taurs were an actual Faction or not. And if they were, then I wanted to befriend them since everyone keeps asking me what my favorite animals are and I end up being stumped for an answer. I feel stupid when I cannot give a reply."

                  Ace hugged Mark in response. "I often felt that way myself when I was growing up. But at the base level, I always liked donkeys for being so docile and humble. I felt that they were not given the respect they deserved. Especially since the Bible mentions that they saved a merchant's life once while another gave the Virgin Mary a ride to Bethlehem. They have important roles and no one respects their existence. So as a Donkeytaur, it isn't so bad; but I miss being human at times. But I'd keep the form for you, Mark, since without your request, I wouldn't have learned about Grey Huxley at all."

                  Mark nodded his head. "I'll see about making the request on your behalf, Ace. But I need to go see the other slitted Taurs now. Try to smile a little now that you know that someone might be able to help you. If I fail, I'll let you mount me."

                  Ace blushed. "I don't want to hurt you. My tool in this body is as big as a normal donkey's cock. Only Donkey Boys have a human sized penis; Quadruped donkeys have the full sized penis. Always remember this. You could get really hurt unless you were already a donkey."

                  Mark got up and went to visit with the Digital Donkeytaur next whom was monitoring a DONK.OS Security Edition computer monitor. Apparently he had the ability to do programming. "Hi stud. What are you doing?"

                  The Digital Donkeytaur smiled at Mark and pulled him close. "I was talking to some of my buddies over the Bray Messenger. For the record, you can call me Ditto, which means, me too. I was programmed to be like I am. I am so glad you requested me for this project."

                  Mark said, "I was able to cheer Ace up just now and now I am visiting with you. The Bray messenger sounds like a fun Instant Messenger. How would I go about getting a copy of the messenger?"

                  Ditto licked Mark's face. "Do you have an old Computer that has trouble loading when you turn it on? If you do, you can get the DONK.OS upgrade for the old computer and it will convert your old computer into a fast version of its own system. And it will save any personal files you had on it. Bray comes default with DONK.OS in all of its versions. You can install Bray on other systems as long as you have the right drivers. The Big Three hate anything having to do with DONK.OS since it is free. What kind of system did you have before it stopped working properly?"

                  Mark gave Ditto a kiss in return which made his skin tingle and he got an erection from the sensation. "I kept my first computer since it had sentimental value. My second computer was a Mackintod which I liked because the fox mascot was so sexy. When that one broke down, I pried off the mascot attachment and turned it into a medallion necklace. The computer never worked ever again. And the most recent computer which High Command installed for my video editing chamber is an Enterprise Macrosoft system. I hate the mascot since it is so ugly. Anyway, my first system was a Commodore Amiga 6400. When they discontinued the series in the 80s, I lost a lot of fun programs. But I had bought a refurbished build anyway since it was all I could afford. Would DONK.OS work on the Commodore?"

                  Ditto giggled. "As long as it has a disc drive or internet access, then yes, it will work on your system. At best, it would be another challenge for the Donkey Brothers of Donkeyheim in the outer planes. Um... are you wanting to have sex with me, Mark?"

                  Mark blushed and grinned. "Some day but not while you are busy with your Bray friends and certainly not during the first visit. I want to wait until I visit with everyone."

                  Ditto grinned back. "The Foxtaurs will want to introduce you to fun sex when you visit them, so you might want to visit them last."

                  Mark chuckled. "Thanks for the warning. I need to go see the other Taurs now. Have fun with your buddies." And he got up and went to find the Kangarootaurs.

                  Finding the slitted Roo Taurs was not that hard since they were hiding in a cavern with a mailbox out side the opening with their species name on it. Going inside, Mark found the two looking more miserable than Ace had been. "Hey guys. Reed Huxley asked me to give you both a chance at the new slitted Taur community. Since I requested the slitted Taurs and you are both eligible, you don't have to hide in here. May I hug and rub on you boys?" They looked at each other before they hesitantly nodded their muzzles. Apparently they had been teased back in Dreamtime for not having the right tools. But this boy wanted to give them a fair chance. Mark proceeded to treat them good with rubs and pets; he even gave them kisses on their muzzles. "I may want to get sexual with you guys when you get more courage."

                  The first said, "Yas don't want losers like us in yer rear end." The second added, "Unless yas think yer as unwanted as we are."

                  Mark hugged them both. "I promised Reed I would give you guys a chance. Maybe if I brought you something you really wanted. Name it and I'll find it for you."

                  They looked at each other again. "Can yas make us into normal roos?"

                  Mark wasn't expecting that answer. He liked how they looked just as they were. "Roolock could likely do that, want me to ask him on your behalf? You get to be normal Dreamtime Roos but then you wouldn't get to live here. This is the slitted Taur Community. I don't see what's wrong with you guys. You are definitely not on Flier status. You still have your tools inside your slits. And I know you both have pouch cocks."

                  The first said, "Take our request to Roolock; we'll even suck 'is cock in exchange for being proper Dreamtime Roos. If yas wanted to try sucking Roo cock, yas might see why we are offering that payment."

                  Mark let go of the slitted Kangarootaurs. "I'll do it. You will get what you want. I'll just have to get over my disappointment since you are both unique by being different from the Norm Roos. I used to be another Norm, but I made the best of my abilities by being different from all of the other Urban Explorers. The Legal departments respect my wanting to get permission to do things. The other Urban Explorers just break into places they want to explore and if they enter a place where a trapper special folk happens to be, then I never see them again. But by being different from them, I am still free. I will take your message to Roolock regardless. But something tells me that by being just like the name callers, you won't be happy for long. I need to visit the others." And Mark left their cavern. How could Reed recommend Taurs like them? They wanted to give up what made them better than the rude roos in Dreamtime. Mark would suggest to Roolock to strip the slitted Taurs out of the two and leave them as normal as the ones whom teased them. He wanted the slitted Taurs; not Norm Roos.

                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten.

                    Mark went to locate the next slitted Taurs after being disgusted over the Kangarootaurs and their wanting to give up what made them special. He next found the Foxtaur brothers with the two unrelated Unicorntaurs. Interesting enough, they were playing a game of cards. Mark sat near the group. "I am glad you guys were easy to find. The Kangarootaurs managed to disgust me."

                    One Unicorntaur said, "Let me guess, they hate how they exist and want to be Normal Dreamtime Kangaroos. They don't understand the gift they were given."

                    The older Foxtaur brother commented, "What was going to be your plan for dealing with them, Mark? My brother and I would love to play with you some day but we are still getting settled in. We love this valley."

                    Mark said, "I was going to talk to Roolock and see if he would strip the disgusting Normal desiring Kangaroos out of the slitted Kangarootaurs and send the norms back to the group whom teased them. Then he could imbue the Kangarootaurs with a copy of the mannerisms and attitudes of his own citizens. We get to keep the fun loving slitted Kangarootaurs and the Normal desiring Kangaroos get to be back with those whom they want to be just like. I didn't know what else to do since they disgusted me after I promised Reed Huxley I would give them a chance. I will pay Roolock with what the norm roos were going to offer. I don't think Roolock would want prudes in his realm."

                    The second Unicorntaur grinned. "So you are going to offer to suck his cock. I think he would do your request in exchange for that favor. As long as you are willing to do that for him."

                    The younger Foxtaur said, "Will you suck ours too? Please? Pretty please? Purty pwease...???" He made the sad puppy eyes with the trembling muzzle lip.

                    Mark rolled his eyes. "On the next visit I'll be more open to the idea when you are all settled in. I need to go find the Dragontaurs now. Any idea on where they are?"

                    The first Unicorntaur replied, "I think they were getting a dragon oil cavern set up over on that side of the stream. They have samates that require dragon oil. Stay out of the oil yourself if you care about your shorts. And keep it out of your mouth, too."

                    Mark got up after hugging all four and he headed across the stream to find the Dragontaurs. Maybe he would humor them with the Samate tunnel documentation question he had asked High Command about the other day.

                    Before long, Mark began to smell fresh oil coming from behind some thick bushes and he peaked through the bushes to see if it was what he thought it was. With all four legs spread over a hole in the rocky ground, one Dragontaur seemed to be emitting what looked like semi-clear sticky fluids out of his slit in a steady stream. "Um, are you okay in there? It's Mark." The Dragontaur smiled when he heard the young man approach him from one side. "I'm fine, Mark. I am just making Dragon Enzyme for one portion of the cavern so the Samates have something extra to clean themselves in. You may approach, but don't fall in the hole or else not only will you end up butt naked, but you will want my slit cock in your tail hole. I am pleased that you told Tony Fury to ask Sarrius if we would want to participate in your slitted Taur project. My companion is in a lower cavern filling a cavern pool with Dragon Oil. We have to make this stuff ourselves. To a scaly, it is the most awesome stuff to be in since bread and butter. What can I do for you, Mark? We are pleased that you wanted Dragontaurs like us for your enjoyment. I really want to get to know you better. Come closer. I'm not horny."

                    Mark moved closer being careful not to fall into the hole under the Dragontaur. "I wanted to hug and rub on both of you during the first visit, but if you guys are busy, then there are other things I need to go do when I leave the hidden valley."

                    The Dragontaur replied, "Our slits are busy, but you can move around to my front and show me attention from the front. I can answer any inquiry you may have. We do appreciate the invitation you presented, Mark. We don't get to meet many nice young men like you."

                    Mark went around to where he could see the Dragontaur's upper torso and his snout as well as his safe visitation slit in his chest area. There were a few Samates around to that side looking cute. He then began to explain what all he's found out from the other Taurs, how the Kangarootaurs disgusted him after Reed asked him to give them a chance... and then he mentioned Ace's request. And finally, he retold the somewhat silly question regarding documenting the Samate tunnels safely. The Samates giggled at that last part. One said, "It's been attempted a few times in various Dragons and Dragontaurs... only for the explorers to get naked and stuck on a cock before getting changed into a Samate and not wanting to leave afterward. We could have helped them to avoid stupid things, but they always said they knew what they were doing. And before long, we had another Samate brother milking the cock he was stuck on. We then told the master what had happened and he reported it to Surrocias. The good dragons rule on freeing an accidental Samate is that a loved one had to ask for the victim to be restored and if they never asked within a year, then finders keepers. Bad or naughty dragons never report what happens and they spit out the non-clothing equipment in the wilderness and then the dragon moves to another locale."

                    The Dragontaur smiled. "As funny as your request may have sounded in your own mind, Mark, as you have heard the Samates tell it, no matter how safe you plan on making the attempt, something always happens in there. We cannot reach inside ourselves to rescue you once you get stuck on a cock. The dragon rule on getting stuck is that you have to free yourself and get out before the time limit runs out. There are many ways inside a dragon or dragon hybrid. Only one way is absolutely safe and that is the safe visitation slit located up here in my chest. It leads to a chamber where you can visit safely with Samates whom meet you in that chamber during your visit. If you go in through the tail hole, you could land in the egg sac fluids; if you go in through the main slit, you are guaranteed to get stuck one of the many cocks not long after going in that way. The chest slit is the only safe way in and out. If you are simply into kinky sex, you can try the other ways in. We good dragons are not trying to Samate everyone whom comes along. But we encourage humans boys to befriend Samates whom just want to have a new friend to play with. They don't always want a new guy to join them forever. In naughty dragons, it is the opposite. They want you to get stuck and join the party. They will lie about safety and even convince you that you are completely safe with them."

                    He then commented on the other things. "If Ace is sincere about keeping the form as long as he can still access his human form, then you found a good person to be friends with. But in truth, it could simply be a story to get you to help him get his humanity back and then he would dump you once he had what he wanted. Compare what he said to what the Kangarootaurs told you that they wanted and what they were willing to do to get it. Not every person changed into a Taur will be sincere about their motives as for what they plan on doing once free of what they call a curse. Has anyone taught you on how to read someone's aura, Mark?"

                    Mark thought about it before replying, "No one has offered that ability as yet, my friend. I take it that this ability is super important, right?"

                    The Dragontaur grinned. "The Read Aura ability is the power to read a person's history which is stored in their personal aura for any lord or god to read. This is why when encountering a lord or god, they don't speak to you right away. During their silence, they are reading your history within your aura. Most can speed read everything you have in there. And then they start asking you questions even though they know the answers from what they read in your aura and when they can clearly see that you are lying, then you end up in all manner of punishments or weird transformations. When you beg to be restored to normal, that's when they reveal that the knew you were lying and the victim pales at the knowledge that they were somehow reading his or her mind. Would you like to learn this ability?"

                    Mark though about the possibilities from having this ability. "Yes, please. It sounds like something that might keep me out of trouble if someone is trying to convince me of something false."

                    The Dragontaur had a Samate go inside to the kitchen portion of the Samate Cafeteria and retrieve a container of Orange Neuro Pudding and bring it out for Mark. When it was brought out, the Dragontaur said, "Eat all of this in one sitting. It has orange flavoring to get rid of the bland taste. Once you have swallowed all of this, close your eyes tightly and then shake your body up and down briskly before slowly opening your eyes. At first, everything will temporarily look like it is lightly coated in rainbows, but as the effect fades, take a good look at my body and then you will see my history aura in both words and videos. Try not to get too dizzy when you do it. I have a lot of history. You will also see my full name and my nickname. Once you have had enough, tell me and I will teach you how to turn it on and off."

                    A few moments later, and Mark almost fell over as he saw history in the Dragontaur like never before. There was a lot and after he had enough, his friend taught him how to switch the ability on and off. Then he instructed Mark to go back by the other Taurs and quietly learn.

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Two.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Befriending Donko Wicks.