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[Moon_Arc-03] RA-02 The Stainless Steele Wererat

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    [Moon_Arc-03] RA-02 The Stainless Steele Wererat

    Rats Alley

    This is the adventure of Mark Steele and his story of discovery in Rats Alley.

    [Moon_Arc-03] RA-02 The Stainless Steele Wererat.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    The wolf judge pulled Mark to one side and spoke to him in private about the arrangement at this location and what he personally thought of being very close toward becoming a Were-Hellhound had Lavafang succeeded in doing what he thought no one would have noticed him attempting with the Recruitment Cologne.

    Mark remarked that he wasn't aware that the minty perfume was a recruitment cologne when he first smelled it and that it caused him to have an erection. "I still think he's a nice dog."

    While Mark was distracted, the agent took a hypodermic needle and coated the needle and tip in Rod's saliva before coaxing Rod to swallow a sleeping tablet which knocked the wererat out.

    It was probably a good thing that Mark was distracted by these fakes because there was a Hell of a battle going on in the Nexus town Meeting Hall between the weres and the were-Gargoyle Hounds whom had been disguised as Gaea's judges. Number Two, the Were-Archon then set off a Heaven flash grenade which permitted him to teleport out of the meeting Hall to the basement under Mark's new home where he heard more upstairs talking to Mark.

    "Since you are going to be palling around with the moon-touched, we need to give you an anti-toxin shot so you don't get infected by any of them by accident. The butt or the arm?"

    Before Mark could reply, Archon was upstairs in a teleport flash grabbing mark and Rod before teleporting out fast... reappearing in the fishing cavern which was too skinny for the fat-assed Were-Gargoyle Hounds to get down into. Archon had aimed for the dock at the end of the cavern near the water. The Were-Otter and a Were-Fox whom worked the fishing and salvaging trade were surprised when the Council member, the human, and the unconscious wererat teleported in.

    The Were-Fox asked, "What's going on, Archon?"

    Were-Archon said, "I just saved Mark from getting a deliberate infection by those evil Were-Gargoyle elites whom run the Thrall Black Market. The other half of their number are attacking the town meeting. I am glad you both stayed down here to do your assigned job. I can trust Mark with you guys. I don't know what they did to Rod. I'm heading back to the fight now. The Elites are too fat to fit down here." And he teleported away again.

    The Were-Fox examined Rod and said, "Looks like a typical sleeping tablet. But I know what will interrupt that." He then opened a medical kit and brought out smelling salts and opened one under the Wererat's nose which made him jump awake and back up against the cave wall. "Why are we in the fishing cavern?" The Were-Fox said, "Archon brought you and Mark in here."

    Mark said, "The Elites from the Thrall Black Market gave you a sleeping tablet and then they were trying to do something sneaky with me until Archon teleported in and grabbed us both before bringing us down here. He said the Elites had attacked the town meeting. And I think I stupidly showed them how to get in when they were in their disguises as the Judges of Gaea."

    Rod said, "No one is blaming you, Mark. You couldn't have known that the original Judges were killed back in the 1800s by human Norms. They caught me in town; my dad was helping them."

    The Were-Otter gave Rod and Mark energy drinks from unopened cans. "Always keep a cooler of these things down here at the docks. My cousins in Hawaii made friends with a human boy recently and they tell me he is a lot of fun around the surf shop." shameless plug to [Moon_Arc-02] Wotter Boards.

    Mark said, "See? Good Norms can get along with the Moon-Touched given a chance. That boy must have pleased your cousins something fierce if he is still human and working with them. I've always wanted to visit Hawaii but the Health shots and the cost always made me re-think the plan."

    Back at Mark's house, the fake agent planted the hypodermic needle within the cushions of the couch facing the TV. "Stupid Archon should have attacked us. Now the moment Mark comes in and sits on his couch to watch TV, he will get the injection in his backside and after a night of wererat frenzy, he will do anything to get help. Then we will have him. Believe me when I say that this will work. Everyone human eventually sits on their couch to watch TV."

    The fake judge said, "I hope you are right, Mimic. We have wasted enough time with this kid. Let's get out of here." And the two left the house to lay in wait near Shelby when the boy would need their help later. "What a perfect trap for a clueless naive human. Since he wants to associate with the moon-touched, he can join them. And his first night-time outing will be one he will never forget."

    Despite the trap being perfect, Mark never sat on the couch when he went home. He simply went straight to bed to sleep off the night's fantastic events.

    The next morning, Mark was awakened by his cellphone ringing. He sat up and he answered the phone. "Mark Steele, Part-Time Urban Explorer! Whom is this please?"

    "Yo Mark, This is ScoobyHouseHunter19! Your parents told me that you finally moved out. My buddy BikerMouse23 and I want to bring you some housewarming gifts except we don't know where you live. Give us the address so we can bring you some gifts."

    Mark replied, "I live on a private drive just West of Shelby. just off of the main highway, look for a street called Full Moon Bluff, at the end of the street, you will see a sign that says the road is a private drive. My house is at the end of that. It is Forest Ranger brown and gold with a green trim. Don't bother to google my house because you won't find it that way. I like my privacy. I also don't want the entire Urban Explorer league to show up at my house, guys. Just you two. Wait until you see my new video editing den."

    He then added, "Later. I need my morning shower so I don't smell like a rat when you guys arrive."

    Hanging up his cellphone, Mark headed into his bathroom where he got his morning routine started. Soon, he finished up in the bathroom as he returned to his bedroom and got into his casual clothes and hiking sneakers. Then he grabbed his cellphone as he went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Grabbing the remote, he turned on some morning cartoons.

    End of Chapter One.