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[Moon_Arc-01] GS-01 Neighborhood 51

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    [Moon_Arc-01] GS-01 Neighborhood 51

    Moon_Arc-01 Great Scott
    Great Scott

    This is the premiere adventure of Scott Noble and his story of adventure with a moon-touched hunter.

    City of Brightview, Lunar Earth; Moon-Arc Sector

    [Moon_Arc-01] GS-01 Neighborhood 51
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    "The honored warrior stalks carefully among the trees as he comes upon his prey... a succulent buck whose scent is as ripe as the shining fruit of Felderoth. The buck can scent the hunter and the challenge is issued. They circle each other slowly preparing for the other's first move. And then the move is made. The buck gets a lucky first jab. The warrior is thrown back against the trunk of a great oak. But he is undeterred. A lucky strike does not make one the victor. Now the warrior makes his move. His claws extend and he leaps toward his prize. Poor footing results in a landing near the back of the forest king. But the warrior knows that he must pull down the prey quickly or arouse the attention of other hunters in the area. And a shared meal is not what he desires here. He rakes his claws in deeply, creating a furrow within the rear flank. The blood oozes forth like a lava flow is ere to do in the upper reaches. But he does not stop there. He now cripples the rest of the buck as he grabs the great king and gives his head a wrenching twist. And then all is still as the hunter feasts upon the first blood of the kill. Although his eyes pivot at a small sound and it is there that he sights the newcomer. He sights..."

    Chapter One.

    Walking along a forest trail just beyond a chain link fence that had a sign that read, NO TRESPASSING, a young man with short brown hair, silver-gray eyes and mildly fair skin was muttering to himself. "Ripped my shirt to pieces sliding under the chain link fence. That wouldn't have happened if dad hadn't enforced a bodyguard on my ass. And when it isn't his stupid ass; its the nanny and the overly strict home schooling tutor. My regular friends don't even want to come around anymore since the watch squad was assigned to me. Where's the fucking fun in that, I ask of you?" The question was directed at the trees and not toward the hunter which the boy had not seen as yet.

    Continuing his fair bloody meal, the hunter raised his voice, "Hey kid! You might not want to keep walking that way! Another mile in and you will enter a private nudist colony where nearly everyone's gay head is in the gutter! They wouldn't hesitate in stretching your tail hole! Pardon me for not letting you see me, but I am a mess at the moment and naked!"

    The young man turned his head toward where the voice had originated from and what he saw was a blood covered giant wolf, just beyond the nearby bushes. "Oh boy... I think I recall the rule on wolves... if you don't bother them while they are eating, they won't bother you. So I'll just keep walking and leave him alone."

    The wolf man then stood up on his hind paws. "Kid, I'm a werewolf! Different rules apply! The nudist colony I mentioned is a were-community! If you go in without an escort, they will relieve you of your clothes and teach you about gay sex! And you won't get your clothes back either! Now look... I am going to have to go that way as soon as I am done here; I can escort you so they don't get any funny ideas! My tribal name is Hunter! Now give me a moment to finish up here!" And he lowered himself back down once again.

    The young man noted that the werewolf was not leaping at him which defied all the former descriptions of what would happen if someone intruded into a werewolf's hunting grounds. "Scott! Scott Noble! The son of General Noble and Congress Woman Noble! But more lately, my father has been treating me as if I was nothing more than a pet!"

    Hunter grinned. "I heard most of your muttering earlier, Scott! A bodyguard, a nanny, and a strict tutor?! What a horrible childhood! And they call us were-beasts animals!"

    Scott smirked. "About the only thing he didn't do was to assign a medical scientist to me to make sure my farts were not contaminated with Mutagen!"

    Minutes later, the werewolf, still a mess, came stalking down the trail from the direction Scott had come from. "I had to throw the carcass out of the reserve. I wouldn't have had to kill and eat him, if he had been a were-deer. I also had to check on the state of affairs of the veil curtain next to the chain link fence you slid under. I found the remains of your shirt. I wrapped it around the deer's antlers. Then I closed the veil curtain so no one else could accidentally get in. You can come with me to the bathing pool. If we're lucky, Donk's son will be taking his bath today at the same time."

    Hunter remarked as they walked, "Your shirtless torso is pretty nice looking, Scott. I think Donk will like it too. A shame you have to wear the rest of those death traps the humans call clothes. Will you help me scrub the blood and dirt off of my body when we get to the pool?"

    Scott glanced at the werewolf whom was walking steadily with him. "If you really want my help, I can. Of course, I'll have to remove the rest of my clothes before getting into the water; I can't have my mom screaming bloody murder if I come home with ruined pants and soiled shoes. She's on congress while my dad is in the military. He was the one whom hired all of the horrible people in my household that I cannot really stand. Um... is Donk a werewolf like you are? I apologize if my question is funny sounding. I cannot imagine a prey animal being friends with a wolf."

    Hunter chuckled. "You're a fine one, Scott. Donk is a Were-Donkey of Pleasure Island stock. His father settled this community that we are in right now and had one son before he passed away and the jenny chose to return to the islands. Donk is, you might say, in charge of the reserve. I patrol the curtain and he runs the town. I'll bet he would love to have a human friend like you. Give him a chance before you reject the idea. I don't mind you wanting to be my friend as well. You could learn a lot by being our friend."

    Scott smiled. "Does that include special powers for getting out of my house whenever I like?"

    Hunter laughed again. "I am going to like having you as a friend. It could. yes, it could."

    Scott asked, "How often do you weres bathe anyway? I know you got plenty messed up with the deer blood."

    Hunter smirked. "Sometimes too much and other times, not enough. Donk and I like to get in the pool at least once a day. I couldn't stand myself if I didn't get clean after a kill."

    As they arrived at the swimming hole/pond, Hunter called out, "Hey Donk! Got someone for you to meet! You might like this one! He made me laugh earlier! And he's offered to help me get clean!" A voice from one end of the pond remarked, "You clean?! That's mission impossible! Well, come on in! I don't bite!" Sitting in one end of the pond with water up to his stomach was a Were-Donkey boy using a scrub brush to try to clean his back fur.

    Hunter smiled at Scott. "That's Donk. Why don't you get undressed as you offered and go help him clean his back. I'll dive into the deep end of the pond to get my bathe started."

    "And don't hit your head on an underwater anvil this time!" shouted Donk with a sly grin.

    Scott could tell by the banter that these two were friends as he removed his shoes and socks and then his pants and undershorts before setting them down on the shore close to Donk and then he stepped into the water to wade over close to the Were-Donkey to assist him with the bath. "I'm Scott Noble from down the street. Currently escaped from house arrest by my nannies and bodyguards and enjoying some time away from the house that is no fun. Hunter said that I should give you a chance to be a good friend. He really got himself sticky in buck deer blood earlier." Donk turned and pulled Scott temporarily into his lap before handing him one of the brushes. "You help me scrub my back. I always have trouble reaching back there. Pleased to meet you, Scott. I assume Hunter offered you a power to come spend time with us here in the village at will. We won't infect you unless you ask one of us to do it."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Scott scrubbed on Donk's back with the brush. "Everything I thought I knew about Weres doesn't seem to apply to you and Hunter. May I assume that you boys are the exception to the rule?"

    Donk laughed as Hunter slowly raised his wolf head up out of the water nearby. "Rules? There are no rules! Hunter and I just have a good time! And it is always nice to make a new friend! Looks like Hunter finished soaking himself. Time to scrub on his thick fur and see about getting him as clean as possible. As for the powers to get out of your house whenever you like... Do you know what Veil is?"

    Scott tilted his head. "From what Hunter told me earlier, it is some sort of unseen world existing right along side of the human world where all of the special folk went to protect themselves from the human barbarians of times past. Not that most humans are still not barbarians... they are simply cleaner than they were back then."

    Donk and Hunter were laughing at the boy's assumed explanation of Veil. Hunter said, "If only it were that simple." The werewolf held still as the Were-Donkey and the human boy assisted him in getting clean. Hunter said, "I gave you the shortened version of Veil earlier. The Veil is actually the curtain of protection that separates the two worlds. Sometimes the two worlds collide in certain places which permits people in the one world to see into the other world. And if they act quick enough, to cross over into that other world. That is what happened to you earlier when you accidentally slid under the chain link fence and ripped your shirt to pieces. Some crossing spots in Veil are barely at ground level like you found out. Others are hidden within dark areas like closets and basements or even as four children found out in C.S. Lewis' stories, through a magical wardrobe. Narnia, anyone?"

    Scott asked, "So this is Narnia?"

    Donk laughed again. "No, Narnia is on the Eastern Continent across the ocean to the East of here. We are not as stuffy as they are over there."

    The human boy asked, "Does Aslan ever come over here?"

    Hunter grinned. "Only once. After that, he resigned himself toward staying in Narnia. He was so funny trying to walk on his hind legs like we do."

    Donk then said, "We call our continent, Gaea. You would call it North America. Narnia occupies what you would call Europe. In Veil, the ocean levels are actually lower than they would be on Earth. Thus more land is available. In your world through Global Warming, the ice caps melted a bit and the ocean levels rose which placed pressure on the atmosphere and that led to a change in the weather systems that your world would experience. Earth gets some pretty nasty storms; we experience a nice breeze and a light rain while your people might get tornadoes and hurricanes. Therefore, Veil is Earth before Global Warming changed the shorelines and altered the weather."

    Scott said, "How do I go about getting these powers you just mentioned to me? Or is there some sort of initiation I have to undergo?"

    Donk said, "Well, there is something; but most people would rather pass on getting it. If you are serious about getting these powers, then reach over Hunter's shoulders and scratch on the other side of him."

    The human boy did as he was asked, which placed him right up against the back of Hunter's wolf furred head. Then he began scratching on the werewolf's chest fur before Donk came up behind him and inserted his human sized cock directly up the boy's ass and deeply into the boy's anal ring. Scott cried out in surprise but before he could react, Hunter lifted his tail and helped the boy to get his cock up inside the wolf's tail hole. As the two said before, there were no rules; they just had a good time with each other. Sandwiched between the two animal people, a three way sex session in the pond commenced as Scott felt Donk's fluids fire up inside of him and his own emptying into the werewolf.

    Hunter said, "I didn't think you had it in you to participate in the initiation, Scott. But I am glad you did. Now pay attention and we will instruct you how to cross through Veil no matter where you happen to be."

    The following instructional proved to be a lot of fun and easy to remember. Say if Scott were running from some kidnappers and he jumped head-first through some bushes, regardless of what was beyond, he could will himself into passing through the Veil curtain to safety while the kidnappers would jump through and encounter whatever was on the other side of those bushes. Otherwise, the wardrobe or closet trick would work. In some cases, simply walk around the corner into what would normally be a dead end, like a closed off alleyway between two buildings or open a manhole cover and jump down the hole and pass through the Veil curtain.

    As long as you had an idea where in Veil you wanted to go, these tricks would work anywhere on Earth. And returning was just as easy as long as you had an idea on where you wanted to come out at. Thus, escaping at will.

    Donk then explained the clothing dedication power and rule that he was now imbuing the boy's body with. Destroyed clothes were now a thing of the past. Simply step into or out of Veil and you could be dressed or naked on command.

    Favorite clean clothing could be summoned or stored away in the same way.

    Hunter then said, "If you someday want to join the moon-touched side like us, just let us know what species you are interested in and we can check around to see about getting the right one to help you learn the species."

    Scott said, "As long as I not giving up my humanity and I could learn multiple species instead of just one, then I would consider it. True I am not Animal Man from TV; but being able to use multiple moon-touched forms would be far more useful than a single species. I am sorry if that is not a possibility. But that would be one of my fondest fantasies to pursue. Then I wouldn't be insulting any of the moon-touched by not choosing their phenotypes. For a moon-touched community of Veil Were-Beasts as Hunter implied when I first came in, aside from you two, it sure has been quiet around here. Are they all hibernating or are they hiding from me?"

    Hunter said, "They are more like hiding from me since I am the Reserve Guardian and most are probably waiting to see if I am going to kill you for daring to fuck me in the ass. But Donk had you in that position."

    Donk giggled. "You never killed me for fucking you in the ass and a human boy has a smaller cock! As for what you described, Scott, we do have something of that nature in Veil. Lady Gaea would have to approve of your being granted the ability. The official title is called a Moon Knight. Since the moon has eight phases in a lunar month, you would be required to learn eight Were-Beast phenotypes to be official. Keep in mind that I am one of the few Were-Donkeys in existence. It is not a popular phenotype; rats and skunks are more popular than my type. But again, the final choice would be yours. I am the Reserve Mayor for this community."

    He then flicked his long ears. "Look to our left, Scott. The community emerged to get a good look at you."

    Standing on the shore of the pond, Scott Noble saw the rest of the current community: a Were-Lion, a Were-Tiger, a Were-Bear, a Were-Fox, a Were-Jackal, a Wererat, a Were-Rabbit, a Were-Skunk, a Were-Owl and a Were-Falcon.

    End of Chapter Two.