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[QC-AV-06] XMTG-01 A Day In The Life, Part 2

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    [QC-AV-06] XMTG-01 A Day In The Life, Part 2

    (XMTG) Ten years after Evion was destroyed, the sons of the greats living on the Frontier planet of New Fairdale help their sponsor boy to find his place among the heroic toons.

    Generation Frontier - New Fairdale Planet

    [QC-AV-06] XMTG-01 A Day In The Life, Part 2.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.
    Planet Arita Lasean
    Home of the Silver Fox Wild Riders (Cosmic Beast Rider Polo team)

    Tracker Rover wandered through the crowded stands full of silver fox people as he carried a food server as he called out, "Frontier Burgers! Starship Wieners! Cosmic Tacos! Get them while their hot!" While above the stands in their shuttle and clearly watching the Cosmic Beast Rider Polo championship between the Silver Foxes and the Golden Falcons, was the rest of the catering team, although a customer could go right up to the side of the catering shuttle and make a custom order rather than get a pre-made quickie. Lucky "Tazer" Clawson was telling one customer, "No, Ketchup isn't made from CATS! Hell no, Mustard isn't made from turds! Don't even get me started on Grey Poupon!"

    Sean "Pantheramon" McCoy was working on another batch of milkshakes for the thirsty crowd. These always had to be made on demand or they'd melt! As he was handing the newest batch to the customers, one of younger teens made a comment which made his eyebrow twitch. "No, for the LAST TIME, my milkshakes do not bring all the boys to the yard! Stop asking me this!" Blazen Ketchum couldn't help snickering as he overheard from where he was in the pilot's chair, watching the game and telling the newest 'recruit' about his adventures (half of which were made up and the other half embellished) "So I look over at 'im and said the new motto I made up, 'Remind me never to take an unlisted wormhole again... Alternate Universes suck!'. Everyone started laughing... Until this one guy decided that it's better for my health to be bent in half and stuffed out a space-tube vacutoilet!" Alex Beraht, one of the Sponsor Boys on the shuttle whom originated from Chicago having short black hair and brown eyes, looked dubious at all the inconsistencies in the story and obvious self-gratification. "Hrm... Add that to the list of '5 Million Ways NOT to explore Frontier'. Neat! A vacuum toilet."

    Seated in the living quarters of the star shuttle while watching the game in progress was the other Sponsor Boy, Tennessee Gauthier, A Franco-American teenager with wavy brown hair and grey eyes, although he was working on his frontier homework at the same time. "Let's see... quotient twelve over particle thirty one equals... Gah! I hate Frontier Math!" He then looked out at the foxes and the falcons. "I'll bet you don't need Frontier Math to play polo. I'm getting a bit bored with this. I think I'll head outside and see about making a friend." And he got up and sneaked out of the shuttle without being seen and made his way out of the stands into the nearby town to see whom would be out and about while the crazy adults focused on the sporting event.

    Choosing to get away from the pilot, Alex also left the shuttle for a while where he was down at the Silver Foxes' beast stables helping one of the jockeys get another beast prepped for the game. "You guys are really showing those Falcons whose boss! You're the greatest!" The fox jockey grinned back, beaming with pride over the compliment. "Thanks for the assist with the beast, kid. Here..." And he handed the human a silver fox pendant. "Wear it with pride to show support for true winners." And then he mounted up and rejoined the game. Alex grinned too and headed back toward the shuttle. Souvenirs were fun to collect. He soon found himself on the other side of the stadium where he encountered one of the Falcon jockeys and used the same spiel on him. "You guys are really showing those Foxes whose boss! You're the greatest!" The falcon jockey beamed proudly over the compliment. "We do try our best, young man. Here..." And he handed the human a golden falcon necklace. "Wear it with pride to show support for the trophy owners." And then he mounted up and rode off. Alex chuckled and continued on his way. Getting these souvenirs was too easy. "I wonder how hard it would be to get them to hand me the trophy?"

    As Alex came back inside the shuttle, he placed the new souvenirs in the shuttle trophy case and then he went to find Tracker and the others. Tracker grinned at the crowd. "I'll restock and be right back, guys." And he sped off at super speed, inherited from his dad, Hunter. When he got inside the shuttle, he emptied the proceeds from that outing into the till, then he stocked up again. "I think this is one of our best engagements, Sean. The fans are all riled up over the sport and they are too hungry to notice what they're eating." Tazer grinned. "The hottest selling condiment we have is the Tabasco Sauce. These customers put it on everything. Must be the predator in them." He winked. "Yeah, you're right, Tracker. I think we tripled our profits from catering to this event."

    Sean chuckled. "I agree. I even got a request for a 'hot' milkshake. A Tabasco and chocolate milkshake. I guess there is a first time for everything, eh?" Blazen smirked, "Then they have good taste!" Alex looked over at Tracker, "Do you need any help? Blazen's stories get wilder the longer the game goes on." Blazen said, "Hey! They're all REAL STORIES!" Alex giggled. "You said it; not me." Tracker chuckled. "Sure, Alex. If you don't mind traipsing out among heated silver foxes. Did Blazen tell you about his encounter with the Empress of Porcelain Wealth? That's one of his best tales." He winked and laughed. Tazer giggled. "We got more customers, guys. I just hope we stocked enough."

    Alex smiled as he put the souvenirs into the souvenir case and picked up a tray to help Tracker. "Take a gander, Blazen. That little trick you taught me scored again. We got two more shiny reminders of the games here. I don't mind, Tracker. Besides, if there are two of us, it'll double the volume, right?" He was always happy to help his team. Tazer laughed. "The jockeys must not be very bright if they fell for the same spiel line twice." Blazen grinned, "Nice, Al-man! I think your really getting the hang of it." He winked. "Shiny, shiny souvenirs... hehe, never get tired'a looking at those." He looked over at Tazer and bahed. "Cute boy like Al-man here? They'd never suspect a thing." Sean shook his head, "I guess it was freely given so you won't hear me complain."

    Sean then said, "Well, we've already gone through half of the 'cream so... I dunno. We might need to make a supply run sooner rather than later!" Blazen smirked again, propping his feet up, "Love my job. You guys sweat, I stay in here where it's cool and pilot this big hunky junk 'round Frontier. We all make a cool fortune... That reminds me of another story...." Alex said, "Come on, Tracker! Let's get outta here before he traps us with his stories again!" Tracker giggled as he and Alex departed with their goods. Out among the crowd, Tracker and Alex greeted the hungry fans. "See, Alex?" said Tracker. "It's people like these that make food preparation all the more fun." Alex smiled and nodded his head. "Yeah... Fun and... Unpredictable." He grinned. "What's the line again?"

    Tracker replied to Alex, "It goes like this..." he then lifted his voice. "Frontier Burgers! Starship Wieners! Cosmic Tacos! Get them while their hot!" Alex grinned and repeated it. "Frontier Burgers! Starship Wieners! Cosmic Tacos! Get them while their hot!", as he circulated with Tracker through the crowd.

    Just outside the Stadium, Tennessee had found and was talking to a Silver Fox teenager whom was as built as Tracker was, yet was more slender due to his species. The topic had been Frontier Math. When the foxy teenager asked the human boy where his sponsors were parked, Tennessee turned and pointed toward one edge of the Stadium. "That's the shuttle and..." He stopped when he noted two Golden Falcons in black stealth outfits climbing a tower just behind the shuttle. "Say, what's in the tower just behind the shuttle, my friend?"

    The fox boy replied, "That's where the judges keep the polo trophy for the winners of the Cosmic Beast Games." Then he saw what the human had seen. "People have been trying to steal it for weeks."

    Tennessee pulled out his portable communicator and placed a call to Sean in the shuttle, one of his two chosen Sponsor parents. But before Sean could answer the call, Tracker paused when he noticed a fox and a falcon arguing and a referee trying to break them up. "Oh, so that's what has everyone's attention!" Alex tilted his head and inched closer, curious what the fox and falcon were arguing over. It seemed that the two were the very jockeys who were tricked by him earlier and both had pompously fat heads now... fat with pride and they weren't afraid to boast about it to the other. Tracker watched, though he could tell what was about to happen. It often did happen during inter-species sporting events. And he knew he needed to get Alex out of there quick.

    Tracker sped over, grabbed Alex, and sped back to the shuttle. Once inside, he quickly said, "Close up shop, guys! Sports riot is about to erupt!" Tazer grinned and said, "All Right!" And he handed the last customer his order, then ran off to tell Blazen to prep the shuttle for lift off not knowing that Tennessee was not on board. Alex blinked his eyes as he watched players from both teams crowding around the two loudest ones. He looked over at Tracker then back down at the sports players. "Riot? Why?" He looked at Sean and Tracker. "Blazen called it something other than a riot?" Sean frowned. "Another senseless violent altercation... At least we got our profits first! I believe his terminology for it... was 'fun'." Then the shuttle phone rang and it was Tennessee using his comm unit.

    "Sean, listen up! I was visiting with a local whom hates Frontier Math as much as I do and we were comparing notes. When he asked me where the shuttle was parked, I pointed to the spot you guys parked at and I noticed two golden falcons in black stealth gear climbing the trophy tower to steal the game trophy. That would cause a war if they succeeded. Rally the team to stop them and film the hero stuff to give to the authorities. Then the locals may want to invite you back as VIP caterers rather than just casual caterers. I'm going to spend some more time with my new friend. When I come back, I expect to see heroes and not thieves. Tell Blazen that good Sponsors don't steal from customers. Ten out." And he hung up.

    Tennessee said to his new friend, "My sponsors will stop the thieves from getting the trophy! Their parents defeated Evion back on Earth ten years ago!"
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.
    Sean pulled out a newspaper and POPPED Blazen on the nose with it. The pilot canine YELPED as Sean said, "Bad dogs don't steal from customers! Now for the real scoop; some golden falcons in stealth gear are attempting to swipe the game trophy directly behind where we are parked. Tennessee just asked me to rally the team, film what we do and rescue the trophy and bag the bad guys for the local judges and local authority. With the film as evidence of our claim, the locals may invite us back as VIP caterers rather than as casual caterers. Ten wants us to play hero and I don't want to disappoint him. Besides, he's not on board the shuttle, so if you were planning on lifting off and leaving without him, then word might get back to our parents." Everyone cringed when they heard the dirty words; Our Parents. Blazen whimpered, holding his nose... before he got up and said, "This would make us look good to Sponsor Services and they might see it in their hearts to give us more sponsor boys! Let's go stop some crooks! If I cannot have the trophy, then some thieves are definitely not going to get what I am not allowed to acquire!" And with a Drone Camera following them, they leaped into action and converged on the top floor of the tower where they took the falcon thieves off guard and gave them a hefty thrashing. As they were finishing the fight, the judges and a few of the authorities arrived and the bad birds were handed over to the local cops. The video they filmed was shown to the law and the judges at that point.

    One of the Silver Fox judges said, "Since you saved our trophy, there is a monetary reward available for protecting our sports property along with a new ship of your choice along with Gold Star VIP Catering permissions with the Galactic Sporting Commission!"

    Another judge remarked, "Congratulations; you boys are welcome to cater for us any time you like! You are real heroes for stopping this crime!"

    Sean whispered to Blazen, "See? Some good did come out of this. We got extra pay, a new ship and VIP status. We were wondering how to get that. Tennessee really deserves the credit for seeing to it that we looked good. Our parents won't pull the bad parent act on us." Blazen grinned. "Yeah, and there is an upgrade ship I've had my eye on for the last few months but we could never afford it. And now we can get it. You're right... Ten really came through for us. Where is he anyway?" Sean replied, "He had met a silver fox teenager whose parents were making him do his frontier homework while they attended the sporting event. At least we allowed Ten to watch the game while doing his homework. Tracker said we should permit the Sponsor Boys to make friends when they can."

    He then added, "Why don't you show me the specs for the new ship you want to upgrade to?" And Blazen took Sean back to the shuttle so they could look at the Internet view screen. Tracker and Tazer shook hands with the judges and provided legal statements.

    Somewhere outside of the local town where the polo stadium had been based, Tennessee walked with the Silver Fox teenager whom was called Vox Kareyta as they talked about various things; the main reason for going out that way was due to a question that came up in regards to what the fox did for fun when he wasn't being forced to do boring homework. "So Vox, what can I expect out at your favorite playing area?" Vox replied, "The main fun spot is a pool of gooey mud although there is a fresh water stream nearby to clean ourselves in after we play. The mud pool lays in the middle of some old ruins that my people have said was where our ancestors first settled down at before they established the current town and space port. I have never seen any of my people out there the whole time I have ever visited."

    When they arrived at the fox's favorite mud pool, it was surrounded by tall grasses with a hieroglyphic stone slab wall just behind it. The writings and pictures were ancient. Although the paw print at the bottom had arrows pointing at it. Vox said, "You might want to remove your clothes and leave them on this stone slab on the side like I always do before you jump in the mud pool. I have a lot of fun out here; but if I came home with muddy clothes, my parents would skin my fur off of my body. When we're done here, the water stream is located beyond the grasses over there." He points off to the side.

    Tennessee asked, "What's up with the arrows pointing to the foxy paw print on the wall behind the mud pool?"

    Vox arched an eye. "I don't know; I've never messed with it."

    The boy said, "What if it opened a door to a hidden treasure?"

    The silver fox smirked. "If that's the case, then I've been a dumb kit all this time."

    Tennessee was removing his shoes, socks and the rest of his clothes and he laid his goods on the stone slab to the side. Vox also removed his clothes and did the same.

    Vox said, "Once we jump in, we can go over to the paw print and see what happens when we touch it. I always avoided it; so I hope you're right about a secret in these ruins. Well, let's jump in and get gooey." He grabbed the boy's hand and they both jumped into the mud.

    Vox made sure their arms and hands were held up over their heads as they sank into the mud up to their necks. "Let's go over to the paw print." And he guided his new friend across the pool to the back side where the stone slab was.

    As they reached the back of the mud pool, Vox pressed his paw into the paw print and there was a click sound. In the next instant, the mud pool became a whirlpool and both males were pulled down through the suction of the vortex where there was a drop a good distance into the muddy darkness. Tennessee hung on to Vox's paw-hand with one hand and his other hand caught on to what felt like a vine and using it, he swung the both of them over to the side of the shaft and they landed in a pile of gold dust, coinage, gems and jewels around the sides of the spot where they landed, there were artifacts of Vox's home people in gold and silver. The mud flow filled a basin at the bottom of the shaft which had no apparent way to climb back up. Had they fallen all the way down there, they would have been trapped.

    "Are you hurt, Vox?"

    The Silver Fox was coated in gold dust as he replied, "I had a hard landing but at least we didn't fall all the way down to the bottom. But... look at treasure pile we landed in. You were right, Tennessee. My people will never believe this."

    Tennessee said, "As fantastic as all of this is, this belongs to your people. I helped you to find it, but I cannot take any of it myself." Then he grunted as he felt stiff. "Uh oh, Vox... I think the gold dust that coated our muddy bodies is hardening the stuff all over our bodies. I am having trouble moving my limbs, hands and feet. Can you move at all?" Vox sighed. "I should have known there would be a catch. I cannot move either. This must have been a trap our ancestors set to catch thieves and we fell into it. How are we going to get out of this?" The boy replied, "Our hands and faces are still free, Let's see if we can drag ourselves to an exit and maybe we can reach the stream of water and wash this stuff off. Later, we can see about collecting the treasure for your people's museum. Then you will be a hero. I like you."

    Vox blushed under his fur. "I love you, Tennessee. Time to drag ourselves to the stream."

    And the slow crawl commenced.

    Vox was surprised when the exit deposited them from behind the waterfall that emptied into the clean fresh water stream. And the gold dust on the mud washed off easily. Once they were clean, they carefully re-entered the shortcut tunnel and brought out the treasures and washed them all off before getting completely dressed and loading up the treasures in a wheeled cart covered by a tarp. And then they returned to the modern city and they took the treasures to the Silver Fox museum where they spoke to the curator in charge. Once the curator saw what the boys had brought in, his jaw nearly bounced off the floor. "Good gods; these are relics from the ancient age when our people lived in the wilds. You boys will be celebrated for finding these treasures."

    Vox stood there with an arm around Tennessee as they got their picture taken next to the line up of the treasures properly on display. The Curator insisted upon rewarding both boys with a hefty donation to their galactic bank accounts. The parents could be damned.
    End of Chapter Two.