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[QC-AV-05] TC-01 In Training No More

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    [QC-AV-05] TC-01 In Training No More

    [QC-AV-05] TC-01 In Training No More.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 08/03/2020

    Chapter One.

    On QC planet circa 1990 A.D., within what most Maverick Institute of Technology students thought was dedicated to the faculty, was the new Redeemer Holographic Simulation chamber, or more jokingly called the High School chamber. Bat Hound was for some reason not present today. Nor was Dalis Hailey. The instructor for the class was one anime human named Judas Volteroy. The name didn't ring any bells for any of the students whom had been brought into this back chamber where the lab equipment and the mystery door were located.

    "Welcome students!" the instructor started. "I am Professor Judas Volteroy! As many of you are aware, your grades within MIT have been slipping for quite a while! However, I now present to you the Redeemer Holographic Simulation chamber! This is a device designed to help you to achieve your former glory as students of MIT like many A-Squads before you! Before we begin; one at a time, please step forth and announce whom you are, what your Maverick name is, and give a short verbal description of your powers! I know this format is not the MIT standard, but we don't want to be here all day, now do we?"

    An animated anthropomorphic Zebra stallion teenager stepped up to the plate first. "I am Zularr Ze Bronx; my maverick identity is Eclipse Zebra although that is sometimes just shortened to Eclipse; My powers, as the powers tester found out on day one, is that my white stripes can cause a whiteout so bright that my opponents are temporarily blinded. And then my black stripes can cause a darkness so black that not even magical sight can see within it; I have a problem with Claustrophobia. The Instructors always hated it when they would find my dorm wall broken open so I could see the forest behind the school." And then he stepped back into position.

    An animated anthropomorphic Kangaroo boomer adult hopped up to the plate. "I am Don Boomer, former villain whom served time in prison and then signed up here at MIT so I could perform for the good of others; my maverick identity is The Mobfather; My powers, if that is what you can call them, is that I am independently wealthy, am well versed in Kanga-Fu and I have a chemical control type of power. I can also revert matter back into the chemical composition that the items were made from." And then he hopped back into position.

    An animated anthropomorphic Leopard female adult stretched into position. "I am Rya Quetzales, former secretary of Don Boomer; my maverick identity is Elongated Leopard; My powers are the classic stretching powers like Elongated Man, Plastic Man, Elastic Lad and more recently, Plastic Penguin; I have a small problem with authority figures. I just don't like anyone that comes across as being greater than thou without proving themselves first." And then she stretched back into position beside the Kangaroo.

    An animated anthropomorphic Yak male teenager stepped up to the plate. "Bear with me for my real name is lengthy. I am Chou Mauk Sing Lu Yok; my maverick identity is Yok Mauk, although I may change that later; My powers are the classic Shukenja martial arts and healing occupation of my people as well as Shag's ability to store things within my fur coat; my problem area is that when facing villains, I tend to aim for the groin with my pardonable cloven hoof which causes their testicles to end up hanging out of their mouths." And then he bowed before stepping back into his starting position.

    The first of the Quadruped feral students then padded up to the plate. "I used to be Army Lieutenant Jeremiah Goodman; I was part of a secret military program to make a black Krypto which was to be called Project Twilight. Therefore my maverick identity is now Twilight; My powers were like Super Dog's powers and weaknesses: Flight, Invulnerability, Super Vision, Super Breath, Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Smell and Super Hearing; I was to be a Special Ops agent for the military, but when the military control portion of my empowerment started to wear off, they classified me as too dangerous to be in public anymore and they confined me to an artificial red Sun and Green Kryptonite chamber deep under their base. I got rescued by several heroes whom had remembered me from the old days. In thanks to them, I chose to get new training at MIT. Only to find out that I was a flop at institutional learning." He then padded back over to his starting position.

    The second of the Quadruped feral students then padded up to the plate. "I used to be a human named Herald Danvers from an alternate dimension where I had graduated from our version of MIT which Dalis Hailey personally ran and taught within; through Toonium exposure, I was changed one way into this black Super Dog form. I never knew about Twilight therefore I always thought that I was the first to end up this way. My maverick identity is Midnight; My powers were also like Super Dog's powers and weaknesses as Twilight already mentioned; In my dimension, I was dating Arclight and one day he wanted to be a real person and he set off one of his reality alteration powers. The blast knocked me out for several days. When I woke up, he was real and life supposedly went on. One day, he died from some sort of illness that I was immune to and then the illusion he was sustaining for my world crumbled and I found myself as the sole survivor of my destroyed wasteland dimension. His special blast to become real had killed everyone else. I was all alone until Whistleplix found me and convinced me to come back with him to this dimension so I could help others in MIT." He then padded back over to his starting position.

    An animated anthropomorphic Rabbit buck teenager then stepped up to the plate. "I used to be a human named Gerard Dandelion Prince, the son of a Councilman on Earth; My maverick identity is Adventure Rabbit; My powers which stem from Frontier species contamination are Flight, Regeneration, Ear-Lang and the Under Space Hyper Jumping ability. Combined with Ninjutsu that a Werewolf Elite Killer taught me how to use before my accident occurred to change me into this form. I am also a minor magic user via the Usagimajo Art Clan of Zatara World." He then stepped back into position.

    An animated anthropomorphic Porcupine male teenager then stepped up to the plate. "I am Pulsar Porcupine; My maverick identity is Gatling Quill; My mutant powers are the ability to shoot an endless supply of sharp steel dart like quills out of my body like a military Gatling Gun." He then stepped back into position.

    An animated anthropomorphic Pegasus stallion young adult stepped up to the plate. "I am Cornelian Olympus; my maverick identity is Zeus; My powers are like the Greek Gods, if they can do it, then I can do it. In addition to that, I can obviously fly and hold my own in a fisticuffs duel." And then he stepped back into position.

    A small cute animated anthropomorphic Gecko Lizard male teenager wearing a miniature lab suit stepped up to the plate. "I am Athame Kingsan; My maverick identity is the gigantic electro magnetic Cyscale Knight; If you don't want your machines to short circuit, then I should stay in my small gecko form; My powers are Super Intelligence, Electro-Magnetic Control, and Super Programming skills; I already have my doctorate from another college and am a whiz in the stock market." And then he stepped back into position.

    What looked like an animated human teenager in a one piece costume stepped up to the plate. "I am Marc Garfield, current boyfriend to Zularr; My maverick identity is Arclight, although I am not the one whom destroyed Midnight's home dimension; My powers are more like Beast Boy's abilities to become any animal I have knowledge of. Altering Reality is dangerous. I leave stuff like that to Whistleplix." And then he stepped back into position.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    An animated anthropomorphic Phoenix Fox hybrid male teenager stepped up to the plate. "I am Aeon Firestar; my maverick identity is Firestar; My powers are my species powers of the phoenix as well as the oracle powers of the ancients. Like Zeus, I can also fly but my seduction powers are what make me so unpredictably dangerous. I used to be part of a harem in a magical land." And then he stepped back into position.

    The last of the Quadruped feral students then clopped up to the plate. "I used to be a human named Sherlock Rory Grey, the son of that scary real estate lady over in Forest River; My maverick identity is Greymoon; My powers are extreme My Little Pony magic and abilities that the other ponies are often using in their home land. While visiting my hero, Rodeo Pony, I accidentally drank a glass of Imperium Pony Liquor made for knight ponies and it transformed me into this shape and I've been stuck this way ever since." And he returned to the line up.

    Professor Volteroy then said, "When I open this door, charge into the mists beyond and prepare yourselves for simulated training so you can achieve that level of success that the class rooms cannot give you. When this is over, you should have no problems graduating from MIT." He then opened the door which revealed a swirling purple and white like mist. The students began their charge into the mists beyond the door into the simulation chamber. Yok Mauk picked up Athame so he wouldn't be left behind before he charged into the mists. The Professor then closed the door as the last student went through the doorway and he locked it.

    Turning to the other crooked instructors whom then came out of their hiding spaces, Judas said, "And no more trouble making students, gentlemen. The stasis realm I just trapped them in will keep them in the moment for an eternity. Now if you will give me my payment, I can pack up my little toy and take it out of here."

    Without warning, one crooked instructor whom hadn't permitted himself to be seen as yet, shot and killed the professor in cold blood. "Sorry, my friends. We need that money for ourselves. We will just move this device to the props department in the vaults and then no one will know what ever happened to the worst students in MIT."

    Within the mists which were starting to solidify into a hard amber-like gel, Zeus and Adventure Rabbit began to use their mental powers to send a distress call to Whistleplix. Twilight and Midnight began to speed up their personal molecules to keep the gel fluid around them. The students huddled around the two super dogs since that seemed to be the only safe place within the misty chamber. Sherlock shouted, "This is an Embalming Chamber! Those bastards! We got to get out of here! Discord Help!"

    There was no telling how much time passed while the students were trapped in the chamber since day and night could not be discerned for them.

    The Animated Retirement Community, within Lord Purzo's Alter-Verse
    Alternate Sciences Institute; Crystal Hope, Arc World; 2120 A.D.

    Lord Purzo, a solid white cat lord from Nirvana, was on hand as the ASI scientists broke open the ages old seal on the Redemption Embalming Device. "Now we will finally learn what those crooks thought was so valuable!" exclaimed one of the scientists. And as the door was removed from the device, the hazmat suited workers siphoned the embalming mists out of the chamber which left behind the collection of unwanted students from the now defunct and long since gone MIT.

    Lord Purzo said, "I don't recognize any of these people, my friends. Lets get them out of there and into detox so we can hopefully learn whom they were."

    At that moment, Zeus and Adventure Rabbit's bodies flexed which cracked the outer layer of the hardened gel that was stuck to their bodies. And then Twilight and Midnight both exclaimed, "We can smell fresh air, guys! Someone opened the chamber door! We're saved!" The group then slowly made their way toward the fresh air and then they emerged within the super clean research facility. "Free, but what did MIT do to the school while we were in there?" asked Sherlock as he slowly glanced around at how spacious and clean the place was.

    Lord Purzo said, "I am afraid you people are not at MIT anymore. It, as well as the old QC Planet, haven't existed in a hundred and thirty years. You are at my animated world project which I call the Animated Retirement Community located within my own special Alter-Verse. I am called Lord Purzo... the current Founder Lord of the planet. You are currently at the Alternate Sciences Institute located within the coastal city of Crystal Hope. We have been seeing an insurgence of criminal activity lately and our law enforcers captured an armored van shipment which contained your chamber. We thought it contained high powered weapons or valuable treasures. We were certainly surprised to find you people in there."

    Zularr said, "A fresh start, my friends. Let's not mess this up. I am Zularr Ze Bronx otherwise known as Eclipse. Our team is a new one which we call the Crusaders. MIT tricked us into entering this embalming chamber in an attempt to get rid of us because we were failing their crooked school. But at the time, they were the only hero training school in existence."

    Lord Purzo then said, "If you and your friends will agree to help us against the criminals we are dealing with, I will sponsor your little team in exchange. Our Hero training school is called MARSHAL, that stands for Maverick Academy for Really Special Heroes And Legends. It is funded by Direct Investments as well as Accurate Currency Enterprises. The Deans of the school are Ace Wayne and Dorwin Manchester."

    Zularr grinned. "So that's where Whistleplix went! We knew him back in MIT!"

    Lord Purzo smiled. "Then I am sure he will be glad to see you. But since you are this team, we need to get you people detoxed and then properly registered at City Hall. If you need new costumes, we have an excellent tailor whom can help you as well."

    Don Boomer said, "Most of you scoffed when I backed up all of my money into Direct Investments back in 1990. With the Interest rates, can you imagine what my account is going to be like here in 2120? I was independently wealthy before but now I am out of this world filthy stinking rich. But I will gladly use my money for my friends in the Crusaders."

    And then the students in training were taken to the detox station where they were cleaned up and given medical physicals. Toonium contaminations were also removed from those whom had gotten their powers in that manner. And after a session with the preferred tailor, Zularr's team were then taken to City Hall to get registered as The Crusaders.

    End of Chapter Two.