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[UWQC] GKG-VK-02 Balancing the Council

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    [UWQC] GKG-VK-02 Balancing the Council

    (Warning: This story contains multiple references to devils, demons, Hell and sexual innuendo of various sorts. If this sort of thing bothers you, then please stop reading right now and return to the main part of the forum board.)

    Lands End, Virginia; Underworld QC.

    Vaughn Windsor Keeley
    Grounds Keeper

    [UWQC] Grounds Keeper Guild; Vaughn Windsor Keeley
    Episode Two: Balancing the Council
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
    Originally written on October 27th, 2016; reformatted on November 29th, 2018

    Chapter 01

    Once they were in the donkey stall, David and Jeremy had a lap imp apply lubrication all over Vaughn's anus and penis as well as upon the anuses of the donkeys as well as they donkey shafts. What followed was a slow and lovingly careful insertion into the young man's backside by David while Vaughn was asked to insert himself into Jeremy. The Lap Imp hilted himself upon Jeremy's donkey shaft which caused the imp to stretch like a rubber toy. In the meantime, Vaughn was experiencing his first rubber toy stretching feeling of his life; something he had never felt before ever. David kissed Vaughn deeply on his mouth as he released both a bray into the young man's throat as well as releasing donkey fluids into his body which made him feel like an animal at first. As the fluids spread all over Vaughn's body, his donkey fur slowly began growing all over his body as his tail and ears grew without pain and then the rest of his new donkey body took form making him more acceptable for a full donkey playtime with his friends as the rest of the night passed slowly.

    Vaughn spent the next two days as a demon donkey before Philip showed up at the stall and reminded him that he should see about getting himself restored to normal before Stag thought that it was safe to hire a new grounds keeper. Not to mention, Mack Roo had been asking about Vaughn regarding some matter of importance. And therefore on the morning of the third day, a restored human Vaughn Keeley, standing 6 feet tall in good shape since he worked out daily despite looking both slender and muscular at the same time, with shoulder-length sandy blond hair and pale grey-green eyes was meeting with Mack Roo at Hell Council Hall where it was said the Devil Kangaroo was involved in a major project at.

    "Did you want to see me, Mack, sir?" asked Vaughn unsure of what was on the handsome marsupial's mind. Mack Roo smiled as he hugged Vaughn and then he brought him on inside the chamber where the laws of the Underworld were kept. "Yes, Ah could really use yer 'elp. And Ah can make it worth yer while too. A lot of the old laws are out of date or simply inappropriate. Could yas please 'elp me to straighten out these messy things and/or rewrite the ones that need an update badly? Yas can name yer own reward, mate." Vaughn smiled. "I would be glad to help you, Mack. You are a nice Devil Kangaroo to spend time with." Mack Roo blushed fiercely at the compliment as he gestured toward an available seat at the table which was stacked with as many law books as there had been emperors in the Underworld. "'ave a seat, mate. The 'ell Council really wants these laws streamlined and cleaned up."

    "How much have you gone through here, Mack?" asked Vaughn noticing that the table project didn't look as if it had been touched at all. The Devil Kangaroo of Law replied, "Sadly none. Ah was 'oping yas would show up to 'elp me. Ah need an impartial assistant to make these laws fair. Since Ah am an Underworld citizen these days, Ah am sadly biased." Vaughn said, "Worry not, Mack; I came to your rescue. I will do all I can to help clean up this mess. What say we do it this way: You open a book and read off a law out loud and then I will write down in a fresh book of blank pages on how I think it should be written or if I feel the law should be thrown out, I will write out a veto on this notepad on the side. The new law book will become the official guide on Underworld Regulations. Aside from that, Imperial laws made during an Emperor's reign will forever after become a temporary Imperial Decree which will expire the day the Emperor leaves office under his own free will or is killed. What do you think of that idea?" Mack smiled. "Let us see 'ow much we can get done before lunch 'our. Ah'm buying of course." The next few hours permitted the two of them to get through almost two law books. Then they headed out to a local restaurant called Pendragon's Family Restaurant. The place was ran by a Hell Dragon named Ric Pendragon and his cute, sexy little servants were a collection of scaly drakes and miniature dragons who smelled like perfumed cabin boys.

    Vaughn made a comment after the sexy cuties brought their drinks. "Where have you been hiding these sexy cuties? They are super adorable and they smell so attractive." Mack Roo placed one paw-hand on the young man's hand. "Best be careful looking at cuties like them; Ah am sure there would be no problems 'ere at Ric's place but yer looking at what is known as Samates. They typically dwell in a dragon's bed. These guys belong to Ric; 'e 'as likely fucked them all at least once. They are quite literally 'is bed mates and permanent lovers. As Ah said, there are no problems with looking at these guys but if yas see any at any place other than 'ere at Ric's place, always be on yer best guard. Form Insurance 'as problems working on Samate victims due to the dragon laws of Nine Scales." Vaughn reached down and gently rubbed one hand over the samate's head and back. "You can tell Ric that I think he has a nice place and you guys are doing a great job. You can just call me Vaughn." The scaly drake smiled as he pressed his back against the human's hand. "I am Neon. I tell Ric message."

    Vaughn smiled. "I still think they are cute, Mack." Mack Roo smiled in return. "Yes and that fact alone is what usually causes 'umans to let their guard down and get into trouble with dragons in sexual situations. The samates 'ere at Ric's are the safest ones to admire without getting in any trouble."

    Soon, Ric Pendragon himself brought their food out to them as he sat at their table. "Neon told me that you were nice to him, Vaughn. Although I hope Mack Roo told you that you need to be careful around the other Hell Dragons and their samates. There are even a class of samate criminals called Felons out there who have no master yet they will still come across as being nice guys to humans while trying to possess full grown dragons to get them to do as they want. Felons or Crimates are not nice samates at all. They can get nice people like yourself into real trouble. If you would like to visit with Neon again, show up on the weekend and I will permit you play time all day long with him. I sense you have lifetime form insurance, but if the offending party is a dragon, your insurance is worth zero. I hope you don't learn this the hard way. I need to get back to work; please enjoy your lunch."

    After Ric left the table, Vaughn felt one of the servant drakes hand him a folded note under the table before scampering off unseen by Mack Roo. He quietly opened the note between his legs as he looked down past his lap to read the note. It read, Since you are helping Mack Roo change the laws, do you think you can legally raise the rank of servant class citizens in the Underworld to second class citizens; we are currently third class citizens with few rights of our own. If you were to do this for us, you would be not only our hero but the hero of all servant species throughout the Underworld. Please do not tell Mack Roo that we asked you to do this for us. Just sneak the law into the law book; we hear you can word a law just right. My cousin Drose cleans drains and ditches over in Nexus Town in the worst conditions for unfair pay rates. Please do this one little thing for us servants. Vaughn was a little torn now; he hated hearing how others were doing worse than he was. As he folded up the note so he could resume eating, he asked Mack, "How long does it take for a law that we change to take affect in the Underworld?" Mack Roo replied, "About six 'ours. Usually no more than that since six is the lucky number in the Underworld. Don't worry, we will get the laws fixed before tomorrow evening. Ah know yas 'ave that grounds keeper job yas like doing."

    When lunch ended, Vaughn and Mack Roo returned to Hell Council Hall, where one of the Council members asked Mack Roo to stop where he was asked for some advice. Vaughn headed on into the law books chamber and once he sat down, he opened the guide book and he picked up the pencil and he wrote in the servants' law request, thinking that there wasn't anything wrong with fulfilling the request of one of Ric's servant cuties. Once he worded it as properly as possible, he turned the page and placed the book marker into the book and he sat back waiting for the Law making Devil Kangaroo to join him within the law chamber. Moments later, Mack Roo came hopping into the chamber looking somewhat disturbed. As he took his seat, he looked at Vaughn before speaking. "One of the Felons escaped from prison over the weekend and no one knows where 'e went." Vaughn replied, "That doesn't sound good especially from Ric's description of these guys. What is this escaped Felon like?" Mack Roo stated, "The felon looks just like a normal samate or drake so 'e would be 'ard to find. Aside from that, we are waiting for more information on the escaped felon that is on the loose. In the meantime, we should try to get as many laws done as we can."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    The next few hours involved several more law books where Mack and Vaughn managed to get a total of five law books cleared. This covered the laws of five emperors over ten years of their being in office. Vaughn gave Mack a hug and said, "I am really tired, Mack; I need to get back to the home realm before nightfall. Would you like me to come back tomorrow?" Mack hugged the human in return. "No, yas go a'ead and take a few days off, mate. Yas 'ave 'elped me with a really good idea for rearranging these laws. Should Ah need yas again, Ah'll send word to yas. 'ave a safe walk back to yer home realm."

    Vaughn gave Mack a kiss on the side of his muzzle before he stood up and headed out of the laws chamber. As he passed through the Council chamber where the Hell Council Lords all greeted Vaughn as he left the building. Mack and Vaughn had spent more than six hours working on laws earlier that afternoon. This meant that the laws cleared and written into the new law book that morning along with the new servants' class rank advancement law was surely in effect by the time that Vaughn had left for home. Although he was going to take some time off, he was planning on going by Nexus Town to look up the samate cousin, Drose, to see how bad his job really was.

    His experience with the Imperial Taxi service was another ride that was like an amusement park roller coaster ride but it got him from Rotunda City to Nexus Town in just under a few minutes for just a few credits. Sure beats walking! Vaughn thought as he paid the cabbie at his stop in Nexus Town. "Thanks for the great service. I may call upon your service again in a few hours. Thanks again." And he watched the cabbie take off for parts unknown before he started walking toward an information kiosk to get some directions and data on where he might find Drose working at within that part of the afternoon. There was still light out which meant that menial service workers were still on the clock. The Information Kiosk Devil Mouse showed him a map of Nexus Town and then he explained where the Menial Union of Labor Employment was located one street over toward the Eastern edge of the city and then nine blocks South. There would be a sign on the door that Vaughn wouldn't be able to miss seeing. He then paid the Devil Mouse a finders fee which was standard practice in Nexus Town before heading off to located this union whose acronym spelled MULE. It was a decent abbreviation as far as Vaughn was concerned.

    The street in question had next to no travelers on it whatsoever. There were few businesses and not a lot of personal homes down that way although there was a dragon like smell in the air which made him occasionally look over his shoulder as well as toward the sky to see if a dragon was following him. He never saw one however; either they were good at hiding or this end of the town had a few dragons living in the area. Following what he remembered of the town map the Information Kiosk showed him, he soon came upon the union building which had a bizarre appearance; the building itself looked like a tavern or saloon but there was artistic statues of massive dragons fucking each other draped over the top of the tavern. The awning over the wooden porch was actually part of the statues' tails positioned in a nice way to keep rain off of customers. To one side of the entrance was the sign in question.

    Menial Union of Labor Employment

    As he entered The MULE, the dragon smell was strongest inside the place but perhaps that was to be expected what with the statues on top of the building in the position they were in. As Vaughn walked up to the counter where the union bartender/clerk was standing, he noticed that the union official looked like a miniature black scaled Hell Dragon or perhaps he was more of a giant drake instead. "Excuse me, sir. I am trying to find a drake named Drose. His supposed job is cleaning drains and ditches here in Nexus Town. If possible, I really need to see him. Could you please tell me where he is working this afternoon so I can go see him while he is working?" The union clerk looked over his work chart slowly and said, "Drose, you said... Um, We have a Drose on our list but he isn't a drake; are you sure you have your information right? I would hate to send a cute client like you to the wrong union member." Vaughn said, "His cousin in Rotunda City is the one who told me about him. And this cousin was obviously a sexy looking drake. What species is the Drose on your list?" The Union clerk replied, "Drose VII is a Samate belonging to Drosonklauth Darcangelo, a fallen hybrid dragon. His hybridism combines a Hell Dragon with an Angel Dragon hybrid who was part Archon Dragon. Apparently the story goes that the Upper Planes were trying to create a super warrior dragon for their army during the Arcadia-Elysium War. But the whole project fell under when the war ended and they simply threw out the test subjects citing that they were no longer pure enough to dwell in the upper planes. Having no where else to go, the Hybrid came to the Underworld and mated with a Hell Dragon and they had a clutch of eggs together. Drosonklauth was one of those egg brothers. At first, he was shunned as being unacceptable Heaven trash, then he helped to found the Menial Union Labor Employment guild and after that, he found people wanting to be his lovers and love mates. Although most of the Underworld still think of him as mutant trash, he keeps to himself while his Samates and Drakes work for this Union. However, Drose VII is currently working in one of the nastiest sewer drains in town. If you want to see him, I would advise that you wait for him to go home at the dragon's place for it will be there that Drose VII will go to get cleaned up in cleansing oil."

    Vaughn said, "I am nervous about going to a dragon's home, sir. Are you sure that would be for the best? I would not be there to pleasure the dragon and I do not want him to get the wrong idea." The union clerk patted Vaughn on one shoulder. "Just remember these few little things when you are there... Be polite. Remember that he already has many mates and is not looking for another although he won't say no if someone offers to make the commitment. Keep your business there on the up and up; this means since you are there to see Drose, don't get distracted with other drakes and samates who are within the lair. And finally, show some interest in Drosonklauth's situation. Overall he is a nice guy. At least go see him before opting not to out of fear. Last bit of information... samates and drakes cannot change you into a samate; only dragons can do that and only if you are on the inside of their slit. So just stay out of his slit and you will be fine."

    Following that, Vaughn was given directions to Drosonklauth's lair at the South end of the road the union building was sitting on. The lair itself was located just outside of Nexus Town in the Southern woods. A sign at the gate entrance to the yard in front of a large door in the mountainside read, Teasers will be eaten! As Vaughn was standing at the entrance to the yard, he noticed a flat rock like plate to the side of the road open up and what looked like a muddy drake peeked out of it. As the young man turned his head to look directly at this scaled being, the drake like creature made the motion to wave the human over to where he was standing in the hole in the side of the road. Vaughn quietly went over to the plate and knelt down to look at the drake closely and that was when he smelled the sewage odor all over this drake. "Are you Drose?" the human asked.

    The drake whispered, "Yes, I am Drose; don't know who you are but if you came to see me then I am glad I got to you before you went into Drosonklauth's lair. He has a bunch of male rowdy dragons in there for a stag party and the other dragons might have accidentally thought you were the sex entertainment they ordered. You better just come with me. Climb down the ladder and I'll lead you back to my alternate living quarters." Drose then moved aside to assist Vaughn with holding up the stone plate as the boy climbed down the ladder into the sewer tunnels below. "The union boss told me that I had just missed seeing a cute naked human boy who had been looking for me and he said he sent you down here. Don't blame him for not knowing what was going on. When we get into the alternate lair, you can help me get cleaned up. I still cannot figure out how you were able to get my name. I didn't think anyone in Nexus Town knew or even cared who I was." When they got to the bottom of the ladder, Drose led Vaughn through the South sewer tunnel toward where it seemed a draft of fresh air was blowing in from. "So, how did you happen to learn of my name, hot stuff?"

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Vaughn replied, "I had been helping Mack Roo get the law book rewrite started and when lunch came, we went to Ric Pendragon's Family Restaurant and it was there when Mack was distracted by his menu where one of Ric's drakes sneaked me this note to change a law in the law books regarding servant class species granting them second class citizen ranking. And since Ric's samates and drakes are so good looking, I thought it was an honest request. I even saved the note where it says that you are his cousin and you are suffering from being in the servant class." And Vaughn opened his necklace holder and pulled out the note, unfolded it and handed it over to Drose.

      Drose's eyes lit up like a flashlight as he looked over the note that the human had just handed him. "Oh my... you are likely about to be very upset, my friend... whoever wrote this note for you fibbed on one important detail. I have no cousins in Rotunda City within Ric Pendragon's mated collection of lovers. If he was related to me, then his species would have been identical to my own. I am afraid you may have been tricked into changing a law that was preset in a particular way for a very good reason. I will help you get all of this cleared up now that you have brought this to my attention. What is your name anyway?" The human boy smiled. "Vaughn Keeley, I am a member of Philip Hippolytos' Grounds Keepers Guild." Drose shook Vaughn's hand. "Now we can truly say we are friends. We are almost to my alternate place; I've been hearing about that guild for a while. I almost wish I could join your guild but I truly love The MULE. It may not always be the best work, but they can count on us to do the job right. Not many people can say that like us Unionized Samates can." Vaughn said, "You're a Samate? With the sewer mud all over your body like that, I thought you were a drake. But the Union clerk did say you were a samate when I spoke to him. He also said you were Drose VII. Where are your other six brothers at?" Drose smiled. "You will see them soon enough at the alternate lair." And then he continued to lead Vaughn down the tunnel.

      Soon, Drose VII asked, "Do you know what a cannonball is, as in swimming terms?" Vaughn replied, "Oh sure. I have done a few of them back home although the people around the pool complained when I did it because they got soaked. Why do you ask?" Drose giggled at the human boy's story. "I am about to do a run and a cannonball jump at the end of the tunnel and land in the spongy dragon oil pool at the bottom. Since you offered to help me get cleaned up, I was asking to make sure you knew what I was about to do so you could do it with me and join me in the pool. I am sure my brothers will be either around the pool or in the pool. Just run when I do and jump when I jump, then remember to do the cannonball landing so you don't get hurt. I like you so I want you to stay healthy. Another thing... the Dragon oil may be a little sticky so please don't let that bother you. I wouldn't ask you to do this if you were wearing clothes. But because you are already naked, you will be just fine." Vaughn smiled. "Okay, I'm ready when you are, Drose."

      The samate said, "Ready... set... run!" And he took off at a nice run down the tunnel as he noticed the human boy keeping up with him nicely. "And... 3, 2, 1... JUMP!" And the samate and the human jumped together at the end as they exited the tunnel into a bowl shaped quarry like pit which had what smelled like dragon scented tar and oil at the bottom in a vast pool. However, the ceiling was open to the sky in this part of the sewers. Drose said while falling, "Curl up for the cannonball, Vaughn!" And the human remembered to do that just in time as the samate and the boy both landed in the sticky black spongy goo at the bottom. Now that he was in this stuff, Vaughn knew that there was tar, oil and Hell Dragon Lubricant mixed together where they had landed. He was covered head to foot in the black goo exactly as Drose VII was. As well as all of the other samate brothers who seemed to pop up all around the both of them. Vaughn slowly uncurled his body as he floated in the tar saturated, dragon oil lubricant goo. "I am Vaughn Keeley. I came home with Drose VII to help him get cleaned up after work. He said I could help get the sewer stuff off of him. Um... where is he?"

      One samate said, "No worries; we help you find him in exchange for a kiss and some fun. Him probably forgot to uncurl after doing cannonball. You did awesome cannonball, Vaughn. Will you play with us after cleaning brother?" Vaughn smiled at the sexy cute samate. "Of course I will." The samate slyly asked, "Promise?" Vaughn nodded his head. "I promise I will play with you and your brothers after I finish cleaning your brother... if we can find him, that is. I'll bet I wouldn't even recognize myself covered in this black goo stuff." Another samate said, "Naw, you looking sexier than ever with this stuff all over you. Master will love to meet you later."

      Vaughn then said, "I didn't come to see Drose VII to get dragon sex, guys. I came to tell him what rotten trick someone over in Rotunda City set him up for while fooling me into changing a law for them. Its a bit too late now, the law passed some eight hours ago. Servant class citizens are now second class citizens." Another samate who looked larger than the others rose up out of the tar next to Vaughn. "All that means, kiddo, is that employers now have to pay them as if they were a higher rank; disregarding this law means that employers would be breaking the law which is punishable by a stretching on the Imperial Dildo Trees. It may sound great to anyone who likes sex, but it isn't great at all. Mainly because once you are stuck there, you cannot leave for anywhere from a year to a thousand years and no visitors ever come to see you once you have that sentence. Since you are not interested in dragon sex... would you be interested in samate and drake sex instead?"

      Vaughn thought about what the MULE union clerk had said. "I could do that easily. I am just nervous about getting stuck inside of a dragon." The large samate then said, "Let us find the samate you arrived with, Vaughn, then after you clean him up, you can play with us and then I can show you what samate sex is like. You might find that you would like it. I'll even help you get the tar and oil off of your body afterward. What do you say?" Vaughn replied, "Okay, you got a deal."

      Some time later after the search was quite futile what with every samate as well as Vaughn looking and smelling pretty much identical at this point, the tar covered human boy noticed for the first time that there were clearly more than seven samates in the pool with them. "Um, pardon my asking," he said to the large samate. "but which Drose are you? Drose VII told me that he had six brothers in here before we arrived and I just noticed that there are clearly more than seven samates in this pool with us." The large samate replied, "Oh, you noticed. But a deal is a deal, kiddo, besides, you cannonballed through a portal in the sewers and landed here in my realm and then you agreed to have sex with me. In fact, you cannot leave until you fulfill your promises and the deal you easily made with us. Reneging isn't even an option and no law official will bother trying to help you get out of this since you willingly made the deal on your own. And no one made you jump through that portal either. You encountered one of my master trappers; and before you start yelling foul, let me explain something to you; only recruiting had been illegal. Trapping was still legal despite what that dumb emperor did with the law. They are similar but oh so different. And since you helped Mack Roo get Recruiting back into the legal light albeit with that stipulation, Trappers are still exempt from the law books since they were never included in on the dumb laws in the first place. If I was truly evil, you would have already been inside my slit world getting fucked into a bliss like state of mind. I am sure Drosonklauth's dragon friends at that stag party would have done that to you without batting an eye. So all in all, you were spared getting nabbed by going into a dragon party. Didn't you think it was strange that Drose VII just happened to show up the moment you got to Drosonklauth's gate? The real Drose VII is still out on that job of his up to his neck in sticky sewer sludge just under the sports stadium where the sludge is at its worst. Had you fallen in that stuff, you would have gagged on your own stench and none of your friends would have wanted to be near you afterward." Vaughn released a slow sigh as he realized that this wasn't a samate he was sitting next to. "So you are their master, some sort of tar and oil dragon, right? Look, don't samate me and I will fulfill every promise I made and let you fuck me at the end as we agreed upon. You said you weren't evil."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        The dragon looked at Vaughn and said, "I have enough lovers, Vaughn. But it is always good to make a new friend in the world. I know you have had sex with two demon donkeys, a tribe of Hell Fauns, Yuskay and Mack Roo themselves. How do I know all this? Every sex session you have ever had is stored inside of your personal aura. Any lord or realm master can read the information. And if you are willing to do it for them, you should at least try it with me. I will keep you on the outside of my slit since that is all you are politely asking for. Will you do this for me?" Vaughn was stuck and really didn't have a choice. He didn't even know if he was still in Chaosmire or not at that moment. He knew he was as black and as sticky as the samates in this pool. Every part of his body was black; he was clearly unrecognizable at the moment. "Okay sir; let's do this," he said. "Make my first time enjoyable and I might want to do it again with you another time."

        Within the next few hours, every samate got played with and each one let Vaughn fuck their back sides and when the play time ended, the adult dragon sex began. "Now remember, Vaughn, I am not using my knots on you this first time as per your request. Although you will really be missing out on the best experience ever. An adult dragon has nine knots of varying sizes and each knot controls a different sexual sensation and ability. Despite any warning anyone else might have ever given you, you are safe until the last knot goes in; once you receive that knot, you are stuck and will become a samate. Most nice dragons will not just force a samate situation upon a nice sex partner like you. But the naughty and evil dragons; they will drill your back side and place all nine knots into your body to make sure you cannot get away and will not want to get away. Furthermore, dragon oil is the only way to remove tar, oil dye, and dragon sex scent off of your body. Otherwise, get used to looking and smelling like a dragon's slit friend for life. My business is the production of Hell Lubrication and Dragon Oil for the big name clients. I could live in a nice clean place, but I like it here. Now hold still, Vaughn. My dragon name is Petroleum and like you, I used to be human. My old boss traded me to a dragon in exchange for free passage back to Earth; last I heard, he never made it to Earth and is stuck on a dildo tree in the Imperial forest."

        Vaughn and Petroleum both laughed at the dragon's story about wicked ex-bosses. After the safe dragon sex fun ended and Vaughn was cleaned up and he got help in removing the unwanted scent properly, he was escorted back out into Nexus Town in front of the M.U.L.E.

        Petroleum had kept his word and the young man was back on the street in Nexus Town where he had last been before the trickery.

        Returning to Imperial City via Council cab services, Vaughn walked into Council Hall to do what he felt was the right thing to do. Thankfully, Council were in session along with what looked to be a bored Devil Mouse overseer wearing a council jacket. "Gentlemen? I hope I am not interrupting an important council discussion, but for what I need to discuss with you is very important in regards to the laws that Mack Roo had me assisting him in reviewing. During a meal break at Pendragon's restaurant, a sneaky drake (I am assuming) tricked me into believing through a note that a law needed to be inserted into the system. The note mentioned that a cousin of his was getting unfair payment for his services with M.U.L.E. The suggested law was to raise the status of third class citizens to second class. When Mack Roo permitted me to leave and take some time off, I went to check out the cousin for myself where I was informed of the deception by samates living in that area what the sneak had tricked me into doing. A Dragon named Petroleum made sure I didn't get stuck in a dragon trap. After leaving his company, I came right back here to make a report on the deception that I had been tricked into sneaking into the law books while Mack was distracted over an escaped Felon report. And that is what I came to tell you. I am not sure what you will do to rectify this situation. But I am fessing up that I was tricked initially."

        One council member, a Hell Rabbit, asked, "Do you still have the note, Vaughn? If so, we need to see it to verify your story. I know you wouldn't just invent a law to help third class citizens unless it was suggested to you." Once the boy pulled the note out of his messenger necklace pendant, handed it over to the bored Devil Mouse and awaited to be dismissed, the Devil Mouse took it over to a projector and projected the note on a screen for all council members to read for themselves. Quote, Since you are helping Mack Roo change the laws, do you think you can legally raise the rank of servant class citizens in the Underworld to second class citizens; we are currently third class citizens with few rights of our own. If you were to do this for us, you would be not only our hero but the hero of all servant species throughout the Underworld. Please do not tell Mack Roo that we asked you to do this for us. Just sneak the law into the law book; we hear you can word a law just right. My cousin Drose cleans drains and ditches over in Nexus Town in the worst conditions for unfair pay rates. Please do this one little thing for us servants., Unquote.

        Vaughn was surprised that the Devil Mouse had adjusted the note so all markings were in bold print for all to see. Directly at the bottom of the note, clear to see now, was a scaly thumb print that was otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

        One Council member, a Devi-Raccoon, said, "He was brave to go into Pendragon's restaurant to have this note delivered to Vaughn. This is the thumb print of the escaped Felon. As you will recall, Vaughn, a law cannot be removed from the books during the current term of an existing Hell Emperor unless said emperor requests for it to be removed himself. And before you go running off to ask him to do it, be warned that he is currently horny and you could get samated simply by being too close to him. I am sure he would love to fuck a human."

        A Hell Lion council member said, "I am sure we would all love to fuck a human just once; but that is not why we are here."

        Vaughn then said, "It is possible that the Felon did not actually enter the restaurant if he somehow spoke to a servant who was on his way to work anyway and asked him to deliver the note to me. I wouldn't want to see a servant drake get into trouble for something he wasn't responsible for. But if you guys want to sample me, a nice boy, I could permit this as long as no one tried to claim me for their realm. I am already a member of one of the guilds as you fully well know. And I have Form Insurance."

        A Dragon-Donkey Hybrid council member opened his cloak and said, "I am not sure our human friend is serious about having council sex." He then opened his visitation slit and he stuck a bundle of grapes down into the opening. "Eat up, boys. Mack's council friend is teasing us hard up council members."

        A voice from the slit said, "If he was a nice boy, he would come in here and play with us."

        The hybrid slyly grinned. "I am sure he is afraid to make new friends, my boys... just enjoy your grapes." He closed his cloak and he leaned back in his seat. "I will focus on the report Vaughn made this afternoon."

        Vaughn replied, "As long as your boys didn't try to trap me in there with them, I wouldn't mind meeting and playing with them for a while. Think clean thoughts, right?"

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          The Dragon-Donkey Hybrid council member looked to Vaughn once again and said, "As long as you enter the visitation slit, you should be fine. If you entered through my penile slit, then you could have problems. Even if my mates don't try to trap you, if you find yourself stuck in something, dragon law states that you have to free yourself. If anyone else frees you, then they are breaking dragon laws. Of course, I am only a half dragon; I should be far safer than a full dragon. Would you like to meet my mates? An hour's visit should be plenty safe enough. I will remind you to get out before I leave council hall to go home unless you simply want to see where I and my kind live as well."

          Vaughn thought the offer sounded safe enough as he stepped over closer to the Dragon-Donkey hybrid. "I accept the invitation to visit with them for an hour. How do I get in?"

          The hybrid pulled open his cloak and revealed the slit in his upper stomach. "Just climb up and either go inside head first or feet first. Your center of gravity will balance you out once you are past the opening. The visitation slit is most often used to allow family members to visit one of my loving mates who had joined me willingly. I welcome family visitation to one of my mates. So you would not be the first that has gone in that way. If you feel the need to use the restroom while you are in there, just ask the head mate of a chamber where it is and they will either tell you or show you, in addition toward instructing you how to use it. And don't sit in anyone's laps no matter how much they beg you to try it. Falling in someone else's slit is the same as entering my penile slit albeit in the mate instead. So be on your best guard."

          The bored Devil Mouse then said, "I will remind him of when you have been in there for an hour."

          Vaughn then slid himself down inside the (impossible to discern with logic) pouch-like opening in the hybrid's stomach and he was soon in the middle of a bunch of playful Dragon-Donkey hybrid teen aged boys whom all looked like miniature versions of the main hybrid himself. "Hi Vaughn! Thanks for coming inside to play with us! You are a cutie!" He hugged and rubbed over the hyper good looking Dragon-Donkey youths. "You guys look and smell so nice. How do you keep yourselves so clean in here?"

          One said, "Come with us and we will show you." And they led Vaughn down through some impossibly lengthy corridors inside the Council hybrid's body to a chamber that looked as if it was either a swimming pool or a bath tub. Nothing stank within the chamber at all. In fact, everything had an arousing scent that made the human young man erect.

          Vaughn tried out the pool and after climbing out of it, he then asked, "I think I need to use the restroom, guys. Where is it and how does it work?"

          The one mate that was escorting him took him over to a small alcove which had a padded opening for his butt and some sort of fleshy hose for his penis. "Sit on that opening and insert your penis into that penis holder hose. It will collect your pee; the waste will be handled down the hole. Try not to orgasm while doing your business. If you need anything else, feel free to ask."

          The young man settled himself down on the padded opening and he slid his cock into the penis holder. Almost immediately, he felt as if something had speared him up his anus. After a gasp of surprise, he said to the hybrid mate, "That was surprising... I was wondering one other thing... I noticed that only you are talking verbally among your brother mates; are they mute, mental, or what is going on with that?"

          The one hybrid mate sat down on Vaughn's lap facing the boy as he replied, "After joining the master to become one of his mates, they were gifted with Telepathic Communication; it is a power that is available from the Direct Investments: Rewards Catalog. Normally, these reward powers cost a thousand credits; but I think the Direct Investments Store is running some sort of sale on the powers at a markdown price of a hundred credits per popular power. If you had a sufficient amount of credits, you could purchase a package of some pretty cool powers. And because I would like to see you again some day, I will be a real friend and mention that one of the powers you could purchase is Personal Teleport; which could be used to travel to and from any location you choose to memorize. This means you could teleport between the Underworld and Earth whenever you liked. Or you could teleport from your home directly inside our chambers to visit with us at will. There are a whole bunch of really cool powers you could acquire. Are you interested?"

          Vaughn smiled and gave the hybrid mate a muzzle kiss; when he let up, he asked, "How would I get one of these catalogs?"

          The hybrid mate then replied, "Oh boy, you taste good. To summon a catalog, you need to have a Direct Investments account and then you hold out your hand and ask for a Direct Investments: Rewards Catalog, in exactly those words. On the inside front cover are the instructions for making your purchases. I'll get off your lap now so you can summon the catalog and read through it to find some cool powers. I really like you, Vaughn." And then he removed himself from the boy's lap and he backed out of the alcove to wait outside.

          Vaughn groped the mate as he left the alcove and then the boy held out his hand and said, "I need a Direct Investments: Rewards Catalog, please." And instantaneously, the small catalog appeared in his grasp. He then opened the catalog and read the instructions inside the cover. Due to problems with how the powers were acquired in recent years, the method has changed to keep you, the consumer, safe from trappy unscrupulous Underworld Lords and Alphas. Purchasing the first power is done at full price; after that, all additional purchases are conducted at ninety percent off of the listed price. If you have insufficient funds, one of our Financial Imps will mentally inform you that your account cannot sustain the purchase you are trying to make. At the same time, you may get an update on your account's status. Under each power is a fingerprint circle. To purchase the power in question, place your finger into the circle and say or think the word "purchase". Thank you for your interest in our rewards catalog. Darek Imp Kisume.

          Remembering that he had around 31,605.12 credits in his account, a full power's cost was a thousand credits. Each additional power had a price tag of a hundred credits per power.

          Carefully browsing over the catalog, he soon found a good one to pay the full price for. It was normally a power purchased for the Imperial Slit Rescue Services. Employees whom had this power were immune to Samating. Vaughn thought that this would be a good power to have since he had both Dragon and Samate friends these days. He pressed his finger into the payment circle and he said, "Purchase." If it had any effect on him, he could not detect it. The power was called Anti-Samating. Now he looked through the rest of the catalog. In no particular order, he found and purchased the following powers: Species Changing (Self), Planar Teleportation, Telepathic Communication, Summon Clothing, Aura of Truth, and Compatibility Control. The last gave Vaughn control on whether or not Underworlders could get him pregnant; something he wasn't all that thrilled with in the first place. After purchases, his new Direct Investments total was 30,005.12 credits. Although 3,000.51 credits would be added to his account at midnight given the daily interest rate. When he was done with the catalog, he held the catalog out in front of himself toward the air and said, "Return." And the Rewards Catalog vanished back into storage for use later. He then tried to get off of the restroom toilet only to find that he seemed to be stuck. "Hey cutey! I'm done in the restroom but I can't figure out how to get off of the toilet seat! Something is holding me in place!"

          End of Chapter 05