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[UWQC] GKG-VK-01 Working at Lands End

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    [UWQC] GKG-VK-01 Working at Lands End

    [i]([b][u]Warning[/u]:[/b] This story contains multiple references to devils, demons, Hell and sexual innuendo of various sorts. If this sort of thing bothers you, then please [b]stop[/b] reading right now and return to the main part of the forum board.)[/i]

    [b]Lands End, Virginia; Underworld QC.

    Vaughn Windsor Keeley
    Grounds Keeper

    [UWQC] Grounds Keeper Guild; Vaughn Windsor Keeley
    Episode One: Working at Lands End
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
    Originally written on October 9th, 2016; reformatted on November 29th, 2018[/b]

    [b]Chapter 01[/b]

    "I'm sorry, Vaughn," stated his father. "...but the only way I am going to let you stay behind rather than come on this trip with the family would be if you were to get a Summer job someplace where the owner will let you shack up as part of the wages. Otherwise, you will be coming with us to see your ugly Aunt Eloise. I know she makes you sick with her always wanting to give you a kiss when she sees you. On the bright side, you have until Monday to find that Summer job with on site bunking. I know you are old enough to stay home on your own, but your mom doesn't want anyone in the house while we're gone."

    The young man nodded his head as he headed off to go look on the town's bulletin board in town. As he walked along, he pulled his comb out and combed his shoulder-length sandy blond hair to straighten out the tangles from sleeping upon it. When he got to the town's bulletin board, he focused his pale grey-green eyes on the few adverts that were posted on the board. "I'd suck a devil's shaft if I could just find a summer job with lodging so I wouldn't have to go on the family vacation with the others. But no... no such luck on this board. But I know where one more bulletin board is located although not a lot of people go near the place. But I am desperate to find work for the summer. I wonder what devil cock tastes like?" And he headed off toward the other side of town where he knew a desolate bulletin board resided at a lone locale of its own.

    Although he was about 6 feet tall, Vaughn was in good shape since he worked out daily despite looking both slender and muscular at the same time. Most people knew he was also reliable when he did agree to do a job for someone. He was soon approaching the shaded bulletin board located near the lane called Lands End which was supposedly a dead end street at least where it arrived on the other side of the town's wooded park where a brick wall lined the outer edge of the street no one wanted to live on for reasons unknown. Vaughn had often walked all of the streets in town just to get the layout of the streets. So he knew Lands End Lane perhaps better than anyone else in town.

    As he was walking up to the board itself, he noticed a man just ahead of him placing something on the board itself. Vaughn quickly stepped up beside the man as he looked at the few papers on the board. "Pardon me, sir. Just looking for work so I don't have to go on the family vacation." The man stepped aside but Vaughn noticed that he didn't leave as he seemed to be watching to see what Vaughn did at the board. "Um... you were posting a job ad for a grounds keeper and you provide lodging as well. This is just what I needed. The other board didn't have anything at all. I guess a devil really was listening to my statement earlier. Well, I am a boy of my word no matter how nasty the task might be." Vaughn didn't realize he was muttering aloud for anyone to hear. He then turned to look toward the man and said, "I want to take this job, sir, and-" That was when he stopped talking as he noticed that the man's hat had antlers sticking out of it and the man seemed to have a stag's head instead of a human head. "...what the... Um, I mean... who are you?"

    The stag headed man said, "If you mean to take that job, then you better remove the job paper from the board and pocket it. Then you should call your father on your cellphone to let him know that you found a summer job over in the park. As for who I am, don't let the full head mask fool you, I am as human as you are, Vaughn. I have often seen you exploring the town's streets so you could know the layout of the town. I am Stags Fell and I have a place arranged at the end of Lands End with extra lodging. As for sucking a devil's cock, we all do what we must to find the right kind of work, don't we?"

    Vaughn was about to remove the job from the board when he looked at the stag headed man again. "How did you know I had said that on the other side of town?" He then reached up and pulled the push pin out and took the job ad and pocketed it before replacing the push pin back into the board. He then pulled out his cellphone and opened it to look at his call list as he waited for Mr. Fell to answer his question.

    Mr. Fell said, "I have a built in electronic hearing device installed into the head, Vaughn. Not to mention, when you are distracted and worried about things, you tend to mutter things out loud. You mentioned that you would suck a devil's cock in exchange for a summer job that provided lodging. I'd say you are lucky that the job I am offering fits that to a tee. As for the devil's cock, I'm not so sure about that; if there is one around, he would likely hang out around Lands End near where my place is. You better just call your dad and then we can walk back to my place so I can show you the job you are going to be doing."

    Vaughn activated his father's phone number and when he answered, Vaughn said, "Dad, this is Vaughn. Mr. Stags Fell is offering to hire me to do grounds keeping work out at his place near Lands End Lane. His appearance... startled me to say the least."

    [i]"Son, I have heard of Mr. Fell, but aside from people saying that he is eccentric, I only know that he owns most of that property on the other side of the brick wall outside of town. Word is that he rarely hires people to work for him, so if he is making you that offer, please go out of your way to be polite to him. Aside from his being wealthy, he is supposed to be a great guy. Have a good summer with him. I will store a change of clothes for you in my workshop out behind the house just in case you have need of changing your clothes. Or I could bring the suitcase out to you at the park so you don't have to make two trips later."[/i]

    Vaughn then said, "You better bring me my suitcase, dad. I'll be near the big oak within view of Lands End Lane. I think Mr. Fell is going to remain in the shade since he is... wearing a costume and it might be warm out in the sun for him. No sense making him hotter than he needs to be." Although he was thinking, [i](Of course, that costume is arousing me for some weird reason or another. I think it is strange for me to be attracted to another man...)[/i]

    Hanging up, he stepped out from under the tree and soon, his father drove up and Vaughn retrieved his suitcase with laptop out of the car and after his father drove away, Vaughn walked back into the shade where Stags Fell was waiting on him. "Change of clothes and the means of sending dad email occasionally. Whenever you are ready to lead the way, Mr. Fell, I am ready to follow. That costume of yours seems so lifelike now that I have a better look at it. My compliments on your crafting ability."

    "Please, Vaughn, you can shorten my name to Stag. You will find it easier to work with me if you keep our association at a more personal level."

    Vaughn looked at Stag for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and saying, "If you're sure you want me to be that personal with you, then I must oblige your request."

    Stag smiled as he placed one arm around Vaughn's back on his shoulders as he began guiding him through the park toward the back area where Lands End Lane ended. When they got to a row of bushes near the back brick wall, Stag guided Vaughn into the foliage and directly into an open wrought iron gate that Stag locked once they walked into the winding tunnel beyond the bushes. Vaughn was wondering why Stag was wearing the Cervine costume.

    [b]End of Chapter 01[/b]

    [b]Chapter 02[/b]

    At the end of the winding tunnel there was another open wrought iron gate that Stag locked once they walked through it and then they passed through the bushes just beyond that point. And laid out before them was a herd of buck stags with full antlers although Vaughn also noticed that they had smaller pointed horn nubs near the base of the antlers on the upper inside of the forehead. Vaughn wasn't sure what he was looking at. "Interesting herd you have here, Stag."

    Stag replied, "They are good boys although they will need to snuffle your body one time each so they can learn your scent. Since you are going to be working around here and you will be seeing these bucks quite often, they need to learn what you smell like so they don't get uppity around you later."

    Vaughn stood still while the buck stags snuffled around his legs, rump and groin for a bit before stepping away to mull over the young man's unique scent. While they had been that close, Vaughn got a better look at the smaller pointed horn nubs that were next to the antlers. They reminded him of the small horn nubs of a young faun (satyr.) Even their tails were devilish in nature rather than Cervine as they should have been.

    One buck stag nosed his muzzle up under Vaughn's shirt and was licking his chest. Since this one was that close, Vaughn whispered, "If you are a devil stag, then I need to see you after hours because just before Stag posted that job ad on the board, I had just said that I would suck a devil's penis if I could find a job. And Stag suggested that there was a devil around here someplace. I always try to keep my word, stud. Um... does my chest taste good?" The buck paused in his licking as Vaughn thought he heard a mental reply in a voice unlike his own, [i]/Sucking a devil's cock is not always a good thing to be doing but since you are a human of your word, I will come see you tonight for that purpose, although I would like to see you completely naked when I do come to see you. My herd brothers and I don't wear any clothing and neither should you./[/i] Then the licking resumed.

    Stag came over and said, "I see you met their herd leader. He is likely interested in the salty taste all men tend to have in their skin. Come on, now, I will show you where you will be lodging at when you aren't working. I hope you like pizza because I get a discount through Arden's for a service I conduct for him in regards to his hounds." And he began to lead Vaughn further into the forested estate property.

    After a short walk through the woods, Stag took Vaughn inside a quaint cottage which contained a bathroom, a laundry room and a small dressing room. There was a door in the back of the cottage which led out through a well-kept garden which had statues of mythological creatures as well as ripe fruit trees. On the other side of that, Vaughn saw an estate house in the middle; what looked like kennels to the right; and what looked like a massive sized stables and barn to the left. Entering the central estate house, Vaughn was given a tour of the place before being taken to his new ground floor quarters which had its own patio door leading out toward the stables. "From now on, this your room, Vaughn. After I run you through the work routine, you will likely only see me during meal times when I am around at all. If you get lonely while you are working for me, feel free to make friends with the animals.. As I told you before, they are good boys. I have a few stable hands who work the stables daily. Therefore if you want to make friends with any of them, you may do so. They tend to only wear a leather apron while they work so you may end up seeing more than just a friend when they are around. Put your suitcase on the bed and put your laptop in this roll top desk and then I will show you the work routine that I will be having you do. This will include showing you where the grounds tools are kept."

    As he was setting his gear down, he asked, "Stag, Doesn't it get hot in that costume of yours? I mean, its been a pretty warm day and you have to have worked up quite a sweat in that costume. Aren't you afraid you will get heat stroke in that get up?"

    Stag smiled. "The ventilation is a lot better than you think, Vaughn, but I thank you for your concern. Perhaps if you are good, I can let you try on one of the many costumes that I have around here. Now come with me so I can show you what your work schedule will be like. Once you learn the routine, I won't be around to remind you of what you need to do. Although my boys will be keeping an eye on you." He then led Vaughn out through the patio door and around the estate house to where the tool shed was standing close to the stables. Stag then showed Vaughn what tools he would be using primarily for the ground keeping job. "Once a day except when it is raining. If you finish early, you can make friends with the stable hands and the other hoofies. If you go near the kennels, just remember that they need to sniff your scent same as the bucks did earlier."

    While Stag watched, Vaughn got an early start on the assigned job with the leaf rake. Stag made sure to instruct which plants not to cut nor rake away as he explained what their importance and usage was for. "You are doing a great job, Vaughn. I have a few medicinal plants on the property that actually help other herbalists when they require supplies." Vaughn said, "This is similar to the work I would do for my mother back home. She would be real finicky about what plants not to touch or to clear away. Some things my mother would call flowers, my father would call weeds. I still remember the explosion she had one time when dad mowed the weeds down with his new lawn mower. She was steamed."

    Stag chuckled. "I'll bet she was. Although I do understand that accidents can occur during a job. But as long as you fess up to what you have done and don't lie about it, we can repair what ever it was that you accidentally did. I just gave you an important bit of information just now." Vaughn then asked, "I was wondering, Stag... who did the sculpting work on the faun statues in your courtyard. The eye for detail is awesome; even their packages look like they likely contain their actual junk. I actually like those statues. Will I be trimming the grass around the statues?" Stag replied, "Yes, you will be doing yard work around the statues. As for the sculptor, while I am good at some art, that work was done by a friend of mine who is always looking for new models to provide the human parts for mythological statues. You might meet him during your employment here. My boys know where he lives."

    Vaughn was now raking the leaves into a rather large pile as he asked, "Is there any other advice you might have for me in regards to the property, the stables and the kennels?" Stag thought about the question in silence for a moment before saying, "It isn't completely necessary, but I would advise that for any visitation you may have in the stables or the kennels, you remove your clothing within your bedroom first. It would be bad if you lost too many clothes during what you hoped was a leisure time activity. Not to mention, I am sure you only brought one pair of shoes and you are wearing them right now. If you lost your shoes out here, I cannot afford to permit you to go after another pair. You would have to do your work barefoot. Although that might not sound too bad to a country boy if you are used to farm work." Vaughn then said, "If I did lose too many clothes, you did say you had costumes I could wear if I was good. Those costumes come with feet coverings, I am assuming." Stag smiled. "Indeed they do. You have done enough yard work for now. Let us head back inside and see about my ordering some pizza for the two of us. I am sure you are hungry for something right about now. I know it is only lunch hour, but you have proven that you can do this work." Vaughn nodded his head as he headed back toward the tool shed to put the rake away properly. When he got there, he saw what looked like a living faun wearing a leather apron standing there with the door open; in fact, it appeared that he couldn't find a certain tool in the shed. "Excuse me, handsome. Stag was having me use the rake. I'm Vaughn Keeley; who are you?"

    [b]End of Chapter 02[/b]


      [b]Chapter 03[/b]

      The male faun turned to look at Vaughn and then he held the young man by his shoulders as he leaned in and sniffed the human's hair, neck and chest... before placing one hand behind Vaughn's neck and planting a deep oral kiss on his mouth. Vaughn almost instinctively wanted to pull away, but the iron grip of the faun held him in place to receive the kiss.

      Although he was still hanging on to the rake, he could feel his manly phallus inflating within his pants which he wasn't sure why that would be happening since he wasn't normally into other guys; but for some odd reason, this faun was turning him on fiercely. Then as soon as he felt the arousal begin, the faun broke off the kiss and said in English, "Thank you for permitting me to learn your language, Vaughn. I am called Billy Buckinghart. I and several of my kin are the stable hands within Stag's stables. We normally only speak our own language until we share an oral kiss as I did with you. In fairness to my kin, I can kiss them to share this new language that I have learned from you. Or you can kiss them yourselves. Did I hurt you?" Vaughn couldn't rightly be upset over a faun's method for learning a new language especially since he was still aroused from whatever the faun shared with him. "I'm fine, Billy. What tool where you trying to find in the shed? Stag had me raking leaves with this leaf rake." He then showed it to the faun.

      Billy smiled. "So you are the newest grounds keeper; the old one got into some trouble when he first lost his clothes in the stables and then he got personally involved with one of the mounts. You seem too smart and too nice to have something like that happen to you. I am trying to find the stall mucking tools which should be a shovel and a mucking rake. They are normally kept within the tool shed, but I just looked and they are not where I saw them last." Vaughn asked, "Where did you see them last, Billy?" The faun replied, "They were leaning up against the shop brooms which are standing just over there." He pointed toward one wall of the tool shed. Vaughn stepped into the tool shed and he placed the leaf rake where he had gotten it from before he walked back to the rear wall where the brooms were standing and off to the side laying in the floor clearly cloaked from the shed's door were the two mucking tools. Vaughn knelt down and picked them up before carrying them out to hand them over to Billy. "Here they are. They had fallen over into the floor where you couldn't see them. Now you can do your job without getting into any trouble. I can even put in a good word for you with Stag since the tools falling like that couldn't possibly have been your fault." Billy gave Vaughn another kiss only this time it was on his cheek. "Thank you, Vaughn. You are the nicest human employee Stag has ever hired." Vaughn smiled back at the faun. "By the way, Billy... Stag said that if I was good, I could try on one of his costumes. You know, like the one he is wearing. Um... does he ever take that costume off? I asked him if he was hot inside that costume and he told me it was well ventilated after I commented that I didn't want him to get heat stroke inside of it."

      Billy then made an odd face as he tilted his head sideways at the costume statement. "You mean you haven't figured it out yet? He isn't wearing a costume, Vaughn. In fact, you are not even on Earth right now. You are in a realm called Lands Fall which is located just outside of Chaosmire in the QC Underworld. I like you, so I am going to give you the usual and most typical warnings for a visitor. Never wish for something verbally or mentally; never say you'll give anything to get something; and sadly since I am giving you information, you now owe me a fee of 100 credits or a task of my choosing. Don't ever let a debt go unchecked for longer than 24 hours or the interest rate will figuratively kill you. You are always better off doing a job in barter rather than to try to come up with the fee; it is usually safer too. Since Stag hired you on Earth, he has likely set up your credit payment account for your usage so you can get paid no matter who you are working for. What was the length of your employment set for?"

      Vaughn replied looking a bit pale now that he knew he wasn't on Earth at the moment, "One Earth Summer which just started yesterday... top side." Billy then said, "Did he lock the gates after you guys came into the realm?" The young man nodded his head. "I thought it was kind of strange for him to be doing that. But later on when he made mention that if I lost my shoes, he could not afford to let me go get a replacement pair back home. Since he locked the gates, I would assume what you are telling me has something to do with it."

      Billy was then walking with Vaughn back toward the entry doors of the stables. "Remember when I told you what had happened to the last grounds keeper? When he lost his clothes, shoes included, his feet changed into hoofs like a horse and then one of the stallions in the stable mounted him when the stallion knocked him over on all fours. That is why I said that you seemed too smart and too nice to have that happen to you. Tell you what... you go have lunch and don't let on that you know Stag's secret. Then later, return to your bedroom, remove all of your clothes and shoes, then come on out to the stables and keep us fauns company for a while. While you're out here, I can give you your own leather apron to wear, like the ones I and my kin are wearing. Underworld leather is the only material that can survive in the underworld; all else will eventually disintegrate right off of your body. This means you will have lost your clothes and then you would have to do your job either naked or wearing something made of underworld leather, like our aprons. I wouldn't put on a costume if you lose your clothes because you don't know if that costume's species will become your own for the rest of your life. So while you can admire Stag's so-called costume, I think you look nicer human."

      After watching Billy enter the stables and briefly seeing what the space just beyond the door looked like as well as the other twelve faun boys a few of which were wearing nothing at all, Vaughn headed back into the main house through his patio door entrance which led into his bedroom. Then he went and found where Stag was in the kitchen and he gave his employer a nice hug. "I met Billy Buckinghart when I went to put the rake away. He had trouble finding the mucking tools which had fallen over on the floor making it so he couldn't clearly see where they lay on the floor. I retrieved the tools for Billy so he could continue to do his job." Stag smiled. "He kissed you, didn't he?" Vaughn was surprised that Stag knew. "How did you guess?" He was still behind Stag so he could not figure out how his employer knew that information. Stag chuckled. "I can feel your erection through your clothes, Vaughn, and that is the usual side effect from kissing a faun." Vaughn blushed since he didn't know his was still hard. "He said the kiss was so he could learn my language. He was actually nice to me."

      Stag turned around and he hugged Vaughn in return. "Since Billy was nice to you, I will give him a raise in his wages. And I will permit you to continue seeing him whenever you like. Although I wanted you here as a grounds keeper, as long as you do the job once a week, I think you would be a great benefit for Billy's work around here. The pizza will be here any time now. Did Billy tell you anything else, Vaughn? As I told you earlier, honesty will grant better accolades than if you choose to cover things up and I learn about it later." Vaughn closed his eyes for a moment; since Stag was still holding him and since his erection was not going away most obviously... "He told me everything, Stag. How you aren't wearing a costume and how this is the Underworld; he even told me that eventually my clothes would simply fall apart unless it was made of the Underworld Leather material. He even mentioned that certain costumes might change my species if I wore them and Billy likes me as a human. He asked me to come out after lunch and spend the afternoon with him and his fellow faun kin. He even told me what had happened to the last grounds keeper and that one stallion in the stables." Stag smiled as he gave Vaughn a kiss on his forehead. "See? Honesty won't hurt anyone except he who chooses to lie. However, I never said that I was wearing was a costume. You kept using that word and since I was wearing leather clothes, I simply accepted in my mind that you meant that. As for the other grounds keeper, he came across at first as being nice and hard working. But one day, Billy's alpha and one of the visiting Arden's Hound alphas witnessed the human schmuck looking through my valuables in my study. They told me what they had seen and I hired a herd stallion alpha who breeds and trains plow horses for another realm to come in and teach this thief a lesson. He even fooled Billy and that is unacceptable."

      [b]End of Chapter 03[/b]


        [b]Chapter 04[/b]

        After the delicious pizza and Arden's Tea drinks, Vaughn excused himself to go prepare for his afternoon with Billy and his kin in the stables. As he entered his bedroom, He began to pull off his clothing, including his shoes, socks, undershorts and tee shirt which he then promptly folded and placed inside of a clear air-tight zip-lock style baggy, and then he hid the package under his pillow on his bed. He thought there was something suspicious about these constant warnings that he would eventually lose his clothes over time. He then combed his hair one time to make it presentable to a friend and then he headed outside through the patio door and off toward the Stables main entrance.

        As he opened the stables door and stepped inside, he quickly saw that none of the fauns were present although there was a leather apron hung up nearby and in the dirt of the floor in front of the apron was his name with an arrow pointing at the apron. He took the leather apron and put it on the way he remembered Billy wearing his earlier. Then he started walking down the corridor between the stable stalls unsure if anyone was actually going to be there. "Anyone in here? I'm Vaughn, the new grounds keeper. Billy asked me to come spend the afternoon with him and his cousins." From the far rear stall at the end of the stable corridor, he heard a voice. "He hired another one? By the lords of law! Well, come on back here and let me have a look at you." Vaughn slowly made his way back to the stable door of the rear stall and he looked inside where he saw a black and red stallion with miniature faun horn nubs on his forehead just between his ears. Also within the stall was a black furred donkey jack who also had the miniature faun horn nubs on his forehead just between his ears. There was also a golden brown furred anthropomorphic slender male pony also with the miniature faun horn nubs on his forehead just between his ears.

        It was the pony who was looking toward the stall door when Vaughn arrived and peered over the half door. "You're still human... for now. Permit me to introduce my stall mates and myself to you. I am Theodore Brown, a brony from Corral Creek, Nebraska. I have been here the longest and I was, as far as I know that is, the first grounds keeper that Stag hired to help him around here. I agreed to help him in exchange for meeting the magical ponies. I was a fool." He then pointed one hand toward the black furred donkey. "This donkey used to be David Deluca from Lucania, Italy, the second grounds keeper after I got changed into this form. David was a little lazy although a hard worker when motivated. He got changed into a donkey during a birthday party the fauns were throwing for me. I felt sorry for David and I offered to let him stay in here with me." He now pointed over at the stallion who looked more demonic than a normal horse. "And this hell horse stallion was formerly Philip Hippolytos from Athens, Greece; He was the third grounds keeper hired by Stag. He lost his clothes and got involved with me back here in my stall. I tried to warn him that dating a transformation victim was likely not a good idea. One round of sex later and Philip was in this form. But at least we didn't do what grounds keeper number four did. Pilfering through Stag's treasures is not a healthy way to get the upper hoof. Jeremy Gray from Pontefract, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. He claimed he was simply trying to find the keys to the gates that led back to his home land in England. He said that after his employment period ended, Stag wouldn't let him leave since he had lost his clothes like the rest of us had. He also said that every time he tried to pick the lock at the gates, Stag would show up at the gate for apparently no reason whatsoever to ask him what he was doing at the gate. When Stag brought in the breeder stallion from another realm, Jeremy was mounted and changed into a plow horse for the other realm where he still is today. Although Billy tells me that Jeremy has not lost his voice although no one will listen to his side of the story since he has no underworld rank."

        Vaughn said, "If I could find a way without Stag or one of his boys sticking their heads up my ass, I would go talk to Jeremy and see what he has to say. Apparently Jeremy is the only one who has ever tried to pick the locks on the gates leading back to Earth. Since you volunteered this information to me, do I owe you a fee or a task of your choosing?" Theodore replied, "You can grab a couple of those grooming brushes and brush our fur for us. As long as you don't offer yourself for sex, you won't end up like we did." Vaughn nodded his head as he grabbed two grooming brushes, one in each hand before stepping inside the stall with the three as he began by grooming the quietest one first, which was the donkey. He hadn't been saying a word at all. "Theodore? A kiss doesn't count as sex, does it?" he asked as he worked on David's fur. Theodore replied, "Sex implies anal sex with a penis. You won't find a female anywhere on Stag's property. He is homosexual himself and I think his boys are too. In fact, almost everyone who lives in this realm or is stuck here is currently gay. Why did you ask about a kiss?" Vaughn replied, "Because Billy said that a kiss was one of the ways I could share my language with another person here in the underworld and if it isn't sex, then I could kiss you three on the muzzles and then you could pick up Americanized English as a second language and I could learn your languages at the same time."

        After sharing a kiss with the three equines in the stall, David became a lot more talkative. "The only way I know to come and go from Stag's realm is to teleport. That is how Billy and his cousins get in and out. However, you cannot attempt this while holding or wearing anything you picked up here in Stag's realm. Meaning the grooming brushes and the leather apron. You would have to leave those things here. Knowing this and since you cannot teleport yourself as yet as a human, perhaps Philip can assist you with the travel arrangements." Philip smiled. "As a Demonic Nightmare Stallion and not by choice, one of my powers is realm to realm as well as plane to plane teleportation. You could get on my back and hold on to my neck as we teleported from here over to the realm Jeremy is in so you could get his story from him yourself. Once over there, you would have to stay on my back or else the breeding alpha might try to mount you so as to help you join the herd. He won't try to mount me because to do so means he is attempting to kidnap one of Stag's citizens. Unless the Breeding stallion buys me from Stag, then he can only look at me. Therefore, if you are game to try it that way, we could teleport over, talk to Jeremy and return before Stag could check on the stables tonight. He does check on every building in his realm at least once although usually at night." Vaughn nodded his head. "I think that is what we will have to do. Let me finish grooming everyone first and then we can head out to see and speak to Jeremy."

        Once the grooming ended, Vaughn removed the leather apron and put the grooming brushes and apron back where he found them before joining Philip and climbing up on his back as carefully as possible. He didn't want to hurt the former grounds keeper turned stallion. "I am going to have to find a way later to make my erection deflate. Ever since Billy kissed me, I have had a raging boner that won't go away. I have never been aroused for a guy before." He then hung on to Philip's neck as the nightmare stallion quietly told him, "The only two ways I know to make your hard on deflate is to either use it to have sex with someone in the stables or permit David to give you a blow job. He may be a devil donkey at the moment, but he is all the time asking one of us if we need our cocks sucked. And if you asked him nicely, he might do that for you. Time to go see Jeremy."

        Philip, along with Vaughn holding his neck tightly, teleported out of Stag's realm where they appeared next to a stall within a barn where several plow horse devil stallions were resting within their own stalls. Philip then looked up into the air and said, "I need a Financial Imp and a Law Imp please and I also need an Information Devil Mouse, please." Three teleportation poofs occurred and Vaughn now had two imps sitting on his shoulders and the devil mouse was sitting on top of his head. Philip then said, "Gentlemen? Vaughn Keeley was hired as Stags Fell's newest grounds keeper after he claimed he wouldn't hire another after having dealt with Jeremy Gray. Vaughn wants to talk to Jeremy but for legal purposes, I would like a Law Imp and an Information Devil Mouse present to verify Jeremy's statements that he makes during this visit and compare that to what he had said before. As for the Financial Imp, we need a verification on whether or not Vaughn got a payment account set up to receive his summer job payments. Otherwise, Stag hasn't actually hired Vaughn; he attempted to recruit him to join his herd. Ergo, an illegal recruitment operation. Furthermore, this is the Law Imp's official invitation to conduct the Audit they have been wanting to do on Stag's realm. But every time they would plan one, Stag would close his borders to keep the Imps out."

        [b]End of Chapter 04[/b]


          [B]Chapter 05[/B]

          Vaughn was surprised that Philip was actually saying this to these imps and the devil mouse. "I knew something had to be going on. Now I really want to talk to Jeremy about how he got into this situation." The financial imp looked at the young man's face and said, "I need your full name, occupation and stated length of said occupation so I can cross reference the credit account records." The boy said, "I am Vaughn Windsor Keeley from Lands End, Virginia; I was hired to be a grounds keeper for the length of one Earth Summer by Stags Fell who told me to shorten his name to Stag. He said he was providing lodging and meals in exchange for my services as well as my honesty. Wages were never openly discussed; I needed a Summer job in order to avoid going on the family vacation to see the ugliest relative in our lineage. She has a tendency to want to kiss us kids. My father told me to find a job that provided lodging and I could avoid the vacation."

          Philip turned his stallion head to look up at Vaughn. "You have one of those relatives, too? I thought I was the only one cursed to have a relative like that. I feel for you, Vaughn."

          The financial imp then said, "Good thing you boys called for me. Vaughn has no credit account set up whatsoever. Although he does have an existing debt for the amount of one Ardens pizza and tea meal plus interest in which the amount was not paid back. And since you just said that Lodging and Meals were to be included as part of your employment, this debt doesn't make any sense. I am going to turn over these legal findings to the law imp since this becomes his jurisdiction."

          Philip then said, "Could I possibly give Vaughn the amount he needs to pay off his debt right now so he doesn't become further entrapped into owing even more during the investigation?" The financial imp replied, "Under what service or services will you be claiming that Vaughn is performing for you to justify your paying him what he needs to remove this debt and to possibly cover the amount for getting a credit account set up?" Philip thought about it before saying, "If Vaughn agreed to the terms, he could join the grounds keepers Guild that I, David, Jeremy and Theodore are all members of, in addition to his continued assistance to our guild members which includes the faun boy Billy Buckinghart and his cousins who live within this realm we are currently within right now. Although I would ask that my grounds keeper friends as well as Vaughn be permitted to move to a locale of safety as well as having employable opportunities away from Stag's realm. My guild friends all like Vaughn. He helped David find his voice."

          The financial imp now looked to Vaughn himself at this point. "Would you agree to Philip's terms, Vaughn?" The young man asked, "If I agreed, this debt would be erased?" The financial imp nodded his head. "That is correct." Vaughn said, "I would agree with Philip's terms then. Although I still need to speak to Jeremy to make this investigation legal. Which plow horse is he and which stall can I find Jeremy within?" At that moment a Hell Stallion came into the barn and when he saw the imps and devil mouse he stopped and said, "Can I help you officials? I am the head breeder of this barn." The law imp replied, "We are looking for Jeremy Gray, a human boy turned plow horse who was brought to this realm within the last year by a breeding stallion." The Hell Stallion stated, "You are looking for barn number 45 over on the West side of the realm. The last recruit we got into this barn was a tomboy and I am sure you are not here for someone like that." Vaughn then said, "Thank you for the correct number of the barn in question. Although if you got a tomboy, I do feel sorry for your luck in getting someone like that. How are you coping with a girl that dresses and acts like a boy?" The Hell Stallion grinned. "We got the upper hoof; she is a he these days."

          The group then left the barn as they slowly made their way over to the West side of the realm between several crop fields where plowing animals were at work making sure the fields were fresh and tilled. Then they arrived at Barn number 45 which was an older looking building that had seen better days. There was a breeder Demon Stallion out front of the barn and when he saw what was approaching the barn, he recognized Philip as well as the law imp and he attempted to escape only to find himself captured and held in stasis from a quick spell from the Information Devil Mouse. "Seems this is the place. Philip, is that the breeder stallion you saw in Stag's realm back when Jeremy was taken away." Philip replied, "Oh yes, he is the one. Stags Fell hired him to institute a punishment on Jeremy Gray." The Law Imp then said, "Vaughn, slide off of Philip's back and you come with me into the barn and we will see about finding Jeremy while Philip and the Financial Imp guards this rotten cad of a stallion. The Information Devil Mouse will help us with the information we need to get from Jeremy." Obeying the Law Imp, Vaughn entered the barn with the imp and the devil mouse as they looked at the placement chart next to the door.

          It was rather confusing since it didn't mention any plow horses assigned to this barn at all. Vaughn then slowly started walking down the corridor between the stalls looking into each one. "Jeremy Gray?" When Vaughn reached stall number seventeen on the left, he saw a tired and bruised donkey who could barely lift his head when he had noticed movement just outside of his stall. "Jeremy Gray?" asked Vaughn as he looked at the donkey. They had been told that Jeremy had been changed into a plow horse but this was obviously not a horse. They had likely changed his species after they got him into the realm. The donkey nodded his head tiredly one time. "Don't know who you are but I am Jeremy Gray. How did you learn my name?" Vaughn entered the stall and began removing the harness and ropes from the donkey. "Philip, David and Theodore told me about you. When I heard what had happened to you, I decided that I wanted to come find you and get your story on how you came to be in this grounds keeper situation." Jeremy suddenly had a bit of adrenaline when he heard the title at the end of the statement. "Stags fucker hired you, did he? You are lucky if you found a way to get away from him. He tricked me into agreeing to work for him and then when my employment duration ended, he wouldn't let me go home to Earth. He said that because I had lost my clothes, he didn't want me to get arrested for indecent exposure." Vaughn then asked, "The report was that you were trying to rob him; but the conflicting story was that you were looking for the keys to the exit gates leading back to Earth. Now, with a law imp and an information devil mouse as witnesses, please tell us your side of the story. And be honest to me at least if you want even a hair's chance of getting out of this at all."

          Jeremy looked at the Information Devil Mouse. "Cast a detect lie spell on me and I will tell you my side of the story. That way you will know the moment I utter an untruth." After the casting of the spell, the Devil Mouse nodded his head at Jeremy to begin, and the donkey did so. "Before I chose to look for the keys to the gates, I attempted to pick the locks using some tools from the tool shed. I would always wait until times when the fauns always said that Stag had left the realm to go do something at where ever he always went. Within a few seconds of my attempting to pick the gate locks, Stag would suddenly just show up behind me asking me what I was doing. I explained that I wanted to get some clothes from Earth at night so no one would see me naked. He escorted me away from the gates. When I was fed up with his instantly showing up behind me like that, that is when I chose a day when he was gone again to look for the gate keys which I could never find. Next thing I know within a day, I went out the to tool shed to get my job started and there was this breeding stallion from another realm waiting on me and he mounted me and changed me into a pregnant plow horse. Stag then showed up and he paid the stallion some sort of payment as he said, "Please enjoy your purchase. I will never hire another grounds keeper like this rogue of a thief. He rifled through my treasures yesterday and my boys saw him doing it. After I was brought to this realm, I gave birth and I was put to work for a short while and then three days ago, the breeding stallion overheard from the fauns that Stag had hired a new grounds keeper. He came to me and changed my species into this donkey form and then he had me tied into my stall here in Barn 45; a barn that sees almost no visitation whatsoever. When I was first brought to this realm, I was assigned to Stall number 4 in Barn number 2." Vaughn turned to look at the imp and Devil Mouse as he said, "That is the barn we arrived in when Philip brought us to the realm in our search for Jeremy and that other breeding stallion told us that Jeremy had never been in his barn at all. This means he lied to us. Jeremy, you can call me Vaughn and we are going to get you out of here. Is there anything I can do for you?"

          [B]End of Chapter 05[/B]


            [b]Chapter 06[/b]

            Jeremy smiled when he heard that Vaughn was going to get him out of this realm. "Maybe later, you can sleep with me and help me clean up and groom my fur. I don't have hands any more especially since I was converted by a local in the Underworld. I owe you big time for listening to my side of the problem."

            Under direct escort from the Law Imp and the Information Devil Mouse, Vaughn and Jeremy Gray the Demon Donkey were brought out of the barn where an entire army of Law Imps, Mack Roo Lawyers and Yuskay Security Hounds were all lined up waiting. Lord Mack Roo (a human turned Devil Kangaroo) and Lord Yuskay (a human turned Hell Hound Alpha) were also among their number. D.I. Kisume (an Imp Lord in charge of Direct Investments; the Underworld Financial institution) as well as his brother Lord Impy Kisume (the direct head of Devi-TV66 Networks) were present with the Financial Imp and Philip. For Lord Impy to be present along with his flock of Camera Imps meant that this was the Underworld news story of the century.

            Lord D.I. Kisume then said to Jeremy once he and Vaughn had joined Philip and himself, "According to Philip's terms of agreement, we are about to hit Stag's realm pretty damned hard. Recruitment is still an illegal practice in the Underworld until an emperor declares otherwise. So what Stag is doing must be dealt with. He was using a loophole in the law which states he can hire someone to work for him and when they willingly agree to enter his realm, they are open game to realm conversion. This conversion usually happens inside less than a week's worth of time. Most times in as short as three days according to the debt records that exist to show where Stag has acquired convertees of those of whom he had helped to clear a debt from. Another loophole stating that even though meals are included in the employment deal, unless you willingly ask for them before each meal time, then he was selling you his share of a meal which would incur a debt as if you had bought the meal yourself under credit. This is how you had one meal debt already incurred to a debt account in your name, Vaughn; you had one meal some time within the last 24 hours. The way he was having the interest accumulating was that since a realm lord can control their realm's time, right after you ate your meal and had the debt incurred, he would advance time without changing the lighting in the sky so Midnight arrived within an hour of your meal. Thus advancing your debt interest accumulation rate. He could not do this more than once in a 24 hour period or it would have gotten the direct attention of my banking firm. Also our invasion of his realm will permit you to get anything of your property out of his realm. We are also going to be investigating how one can lose their clothes in his realm in less than a week's worth of time since any where else in the Underworld requires Earth clothes to become saturated in Enzyme saturated liquids such as semen from species, mud in swamps or even from Underworld rain itself. This explains why many Underworld denizens are always stark naked when they are initially seen. Clothing cannot survive unless specially prepared and treated which is a costly treatment of which usually only a lord has the capability to pay for the treatment process. According to Philip, it rarely ever rained in Stag's realm, so Underworld rain has been ruled out as a cause for clothing disintegration."

            Vaughn then asked, "How much longer is the Enzyme rate on Earth plastic?" D.I. replied, "Twice as long as Surface World cloth material. Normally if you dip a pair of pants into a pool of pure enzyme, the pants will be instantly gone within seconds. But if the Enzyme is a mist, then the devouring rate depends upon physical activity in which a combination of your sweat and the Enzyme mist itself will make the crease locations in your clothes simply come apart as if you wore them out over time. This time length depends upon how long you work under such conditions. Therefore working a job for three days might be long enough to set up your clothes to come apart as if dipped in an Enzyme pool. Then one day, you would simply find your clothes coming apart as you handled them, say, in preparation for getting dressed in the morning. Once naked, unless you are a nudist by nature, like most Underworld citizens definitely are, then you might be too embarrassed to be seen among your own people back on Earth. And just so you don't get the wrong idea, the clothing that we working class Imps are wearing are not made of cloth-fiber materials; they are made of treated leather. It is a costly process which the Imp Lords can afford. Why did you ask about plastic?" Vaughn remarked, "Because when I undressed myself after lunch, I stored my clothes within a large zip-lock plastic bag and hid the bag under my bed's pillow in the bedroom I had been assigned to in the main estate house. My laptop computer and one suitcase are in that room as well." D.I. Kisume said, "Unless your suitcase and laptop are made of Underworld materials, then they may not last very long in the Underworld. As for your clothes in the plastic bag, that shows clever preparation since you were likely suspicious after possibly being warned multiple times in regards to losing your clothes and it was only the first day. Am I correct?" Vaughn simply nodded his head. "Bingo."

            Vaughn remarked, "I suspect that Stag had been conducting heavy recruitment to add people to his herd, meaning his boys A.K.A. the Devil Stags in the realm property, and when the Imperial law was passed making recruiting illegal, he could no longer do what he had been doing before... thus, he had to change how he could acquire convertees to his realm. The so-called herd leader of his boys was particularly nice to me without Stag knowing about it when he mentally told me a few things in regards to the job I had been hired to do. He implied that I might eventually become one of his boyfriends in the herd. But since I know about this conversion plot now, it is more likely that the species costume mention I was told about was another fail safe method to change someone into a herd member who cannot verbally speak. So if possible, I want to give the herd the benefit of the doubt based on the fact that their leader was nice to me initially." D.I. Kisume nodded his head. "Since you are speaking up on their behalf, if possible, they will be under your responsibility after the grounds keepers Guild are moved to their new realm of safety which will be under occasional observation from Law Imps as well as Information Devil Mice without being seen. The new realm is actually part of the Rotunda City environment lands which is located between Rotunda City and Nexus Town. In fact, it is very close to my banking institution as well as the various law and security offices if you boys end up needing something at any time. Under Philip's terms of agreement, the grounds keepers Guild and their members may be hired out to work for various realms in landscaping and care taking jobs regarding realm land; and under Rotunda City union laws, your guild members will be protected from out of realm recruitment and conversions, especially in regards to naughty Hell Dragons who might be in heat." Vaughn smiled. "A dragon in heat sadly sounds funny; but I assume it isn't funny at all."

            D.I. nodded his head. "Jeremy, your ownership has been legally reverted back to the Grounds Keepers Guild so you are now free of this realm. Sadly since you joined a local species before we could get to you, you are stuck as either a Demon Donkey or another Underworld species if you choose to get your species changed to suit your needs. You cannot acquire a Surface world species form since part of you is currently an Underworld denizen now. You would simply revert to the last species you had been before attempting to regain your human form. This is not to say you could not have your current species changed into a humanoid form which would have hands. And a final warning for you, Vaughn, you are still susceptible to species conversion regardless of any legal arrangement we are currently making. Once you lose your human form, you are localized. Which isn't a bad thing since you can see how sexy your friends are at the moment. Not to mention, they all like you."

            Vaughn said, "I would also like to have access to Billy Buckinghart the Faun and his cousins since they were also nice to me."

            D.I. Kisume said, "Again, if permissible by their current lord, we will see about granting you access to their family herd. Working class Underworld fauns are actually excellent employees to have working for a lord who owns stables." he then looked to the army gathered there, "Attention everyone, we will not be using our own personal teleportation ability for getting into Stag's realm; Philip has agreed to help us gain access through homing beacon power to the Guild's current stable stall home which is within Stag's realm. Once we arrive in the stall, we will simply pour out of the stall and put a lock-down on the realm itself."

            [b]End of Chapter 06[/b]


              [b]Chapter 07[/b]

              D.I. Kisume then continued. "We are hoping to catch Stags Fell at home and hopefully he has not gotten a warning of our coming like he usually seems to get when we planned audits and teleportation trips in the past. Everyone who is going, touch the anchor line which is connected to Philip; Vaughn, Jeremy, you will both be coming with us. It is our hope that if Stag senses your returning, Vaughn, he will not attempt to bolt to freedom since you are his current focus. The rest of us are coated in anti-sensitivity auras so only you and Philip will be detected returning from your outing. Jeremy will be sharing my cloak with me for the time being."

              Once everyone was holding or standing on the rope, Philip got the signal and he used his homing beacon power to return to the stall where Theodore and David awaited their return.

              [i]Upon arrival in Stag's realm, the only thing anyone could possibly say about the following activities was... Sheer Chaos![/i]

              Vaughn led one task force into the estate main house through his own patio access door and the moment the door was open, Stag had been in the boy's room and they caught him in the act of searching for Vaughn's clothes. Vaughn said out loud directly behind the antlered demon, "Rifling through my valuables doesn't look like an honest act, Stag." And then he stepped out of the way as he went over to the roll top desk and he reached behind it and pulled out the laptop which he had placed behind the desk. Then he went over to the bed and reached under his pillow and pulled out the plastic zip-lock bag that contained his clothes and shoes. Lastly, he pulled his suitcase out from under the bed which he had cleverly placed behind some boxes that had already been under the bed. As he was carrying his things back toward the patio door, he said, "By the way, Stag... these auditors and lawyers want to talk to you." And then the boy headed out the door to return to the stables where he wouldn't see the rest of the bedroom chaos. Later Vaughn would learn that Stag tried to teleport out of the realm the second the boy's back was turned only to bounce off of the lock down lord-strength auditor barrier that prevented escapes during an official audit.

              When Vaughn entered the stables, he saw Billy and his cousins along with the herd buck he had met the first day as well as the rest of his herd being guarded in a group by a contingent of Yuskay Security Hounds. Elsewhere, Yuskay had summoned in Lord Arden of Arden's Pizza to check out the so-called Arden's Pizza Hounds that lived in Stag's realm to identify them properly. The regular underhanded Hell Hounds failed the examination without so much of a complaint. When they saw Lord Arden, they immediately gave up and fess up to everything they had been hired to do on behalf of Stags Fell. They knew not to challenge Arden himself; no one neither Underworlder nor Earthling wanted to be banned from Arden's Pizza.

              It was the best damned pizza in the planar kingdoms.

              The herd buck looked up at Vaughn when the boy arrived and mentally said, [i]Lord D.I. Kisume told us that you vouched for us despite anything Stag was having us do for him; I don't know what we did to end up on your good list, Vaughn, but thank you; we owe you a lot. I still like you very much.[/i] After handing off his laptop to D.I. and an Information Devil Mouse Lord with the instructions, "Please save as much of my data as you can; the clothes are not as important since I was already given an explanation that no one of lesser importance wears clothes in the Underworld. If my clothes are history, so be it. My guild friends likely won't care if I am naked anyway." Vaughn then went over to the herd buck and gave him a hug. "I vouched for you and Billy, as well as your herd and the rest of the fauns because you and Billy were nice to me when we first met. Being nice goes a long way. I would say Stag is going to be in a lot of trouble. We caught him searching my assigned room looking for my clothes that I had brought with me. Caught red-handed, in fact. Every task force member saw him with his head stuck in my closet. And all of the dresser drawers had been pulled out of the chests of drawers. I guess he didn't expect a human to hide his belongings so well. I have siblings back home and sometimes you have to hide things to protect them from younger hands. On the bright side, herd buck, you and your herd will be coming with the Guild and I to the our realm." The herd back was licking Vaughn's bare chest once again. [i]As long as there is fresh grass, clean water and fruit trees for the herd, we won't mind being there with you and your friends. The shade from the trees helps to cool off a herd member during hot days.[/i]

              Vaughn then asked, "Herd Buck... how is the Enzyme set up here in Stag's realm? We know it has to exist since clothing was often lost between three to five days after a new grounds keeper arrived. And normally, Earth clothing can last a lot longer than that." The herd buck mentally replied for all to hear, [i]Stag called it a Catalyst Agent Mist. Alone, it had no effect on clothes, but combined with human perspiration, er, sweat, then it fully activated and dissolved the clothes in seconds from the inside out making it look like the clothes had simply reached their wear and tear limitation. The mist would saturate the realm at night and during the work hours of the grounds keeper, shoes would buy the farm first since you would literally have to walk through the mist soaked grass and fallen leaves during your job. Then as you sweat in the heat of the day, the rest of your clothes would simply fall apart while you worked until you had nothing left.[/i] D.I. asked, "Every single night?" The herd buck nodded his head. [i]It happened just last night at exactly midnight.[/i]

              D.I. then looked at Vaughn and said, "If a new grounds keeper raked up a pile of these leaves as would be normal, how tempting would it be to resist feeling playful and jump into the pile of leaves as you might do back home?" The young man released a slow breath. "If I suspected nothing but leaves, I would likely give in to the desire to jump into the pile at least once before cleaning it up again as would be my job; I see what you are getting at. Since these leaves are coated in the Catalyst Agent Mist Enzyme... Oh my lords... that spells CAME. And given Stag's dirty mind, I would assume cum or semen which is probably why he chose to use this method. He loved how the acronym sounded. Anyway, since the leaves are saturated in the Enzyme Mist, jumping into a pile of them would be like willingly dipping yourself into an Enzyme pool." D.I. then rapidly nodded his head. "Completely correct. You could lose your clothing in one day if that was the case and the employee would have no idea on what happened. It actually sounds like one of my brother's X-rated shows on Devi-TV66."

              Vaughn then asked, "How soon will it be before we can get the guild and our friends moved over to the new realm? I know the audit is still going on and I am beginning to get tired; despite all else, I have had a long day up to now." D.I. Kisume replied, "As soon as the task force heads report back in we can get everyone moved over to the other realm. This realm will likely end up liquidated to prevent any further problems here." Vaughn said, "The Herd Buck was mentioning that he and his herd like the fruit from the fruit trees in this realm; do you think we could possibly conduct some terraforming to move the orchard over to the new realm specifically for the herd's enjoyment? And since you are about to liquidate this realm anyway, this stables and kennel buildings aren't a complete loss according to Billy and Philip since they have a homing beacon anchor tied to this building. As for the estate main house, I suppose we could sanitize it entirely and convert it into the official guild hall and offices for legal purposes within our new realm. Then there is the issue of the Earth exit gates Stag originally used to get most of us here into the Underworld. If possible, I think I would like to have surface world access under supervision from the local legal authorities that you were going to authorize anyway. These gates need to be in our new realm otherwise some other Underworlder might find them and use them for similar purposes that Stag had been using them for. I apologize if I am asking for too much, D.I. I was only supposed to be doing this job for one Earth Summer and I need contact access with my father at least. Not to mention I had friends on Earth who might wonder where I went if I just disappeared without a trace." D.I. then said, "If you are tired, I would suggest that you take a nap next to your friends. And I mean a nap, not an orgy, guys. He said he was tired; not game for sex. If you cannot control your hormones, we can spade and neuter you instead."

              [b]End of Chapter 07[/b]


                [b]Chapter 08[/b]

                The Herd Buck now turned to D.I. as he mentally said, [i]I was the first Hell Stag that Lord Fell recruited for his herd realm. Though I was once human, I no longer remember my Earthly name since I have been here for over a hundred years. Right after he recruited me, he noticed that I looked depressed and disinterested in meals and physical activities. When he asked me what was wrong, I told him that I missed the company of other human males. He promised me that he would recruit more human males so I could make friends with them over the course of my being there. Then that one stupid emperor wrote up that law against Recruiting and I began to fade back into depression. Stag had to change his tactics to keep me alive.[/i] As Vaughn was beginning to settle down next to Jeremy and David, he looked back over to the front area. "Billy? Herd Buck? Please come over here and rest with us. It is hard to make friends with other human males if Stag changes their species right after you meet them. Because after they are no longer human, you cannot really say that you are friends with other humans. As for not remembering who you used to be, that doesn't matter; what matters is that you stay happy any way you can. Tell me, Herd Buck, how many of your herd were actually former humans before the law changed?"

                Herd Buck came over and lay next to the nice boy. [I]Only half of the herd were former humans; and half of that number begged us to let them join my species so they could be like me. The other half were the offspring through Underworld pregnancy; the other fifty percent of the herd were other species who chose to join up with my newly forming herd. Not to mention, there was a fruit shortage in the Underworld that year and we had more than enough. Stag told them that if they wanted fruit, they would have to join my herd. He never implied that we were his herd. He always said that they were my herd.[/i] Then Billy came over and sat with Vaughn. "I am also sorry that I caused you to acquire that raging erection that you obviously still have, Vaughn. I asked the Faun alpha back home what an accidental infected victim would have to do to make the erection go away and he said, the only way was to engage in penis-to-anal sex for the victim. This would mean you would have to mount a willing faun and empty yourself into the faun to make the erection go away and it must be the faun who accidentally gave you the erection. So until you are comfortable with doing something like that with me, I am not going to make you do anything against your will."

                Vaughn lay against the two donkeys, the herd buck and the faun, "On the bright side, I have never been able to naturally get a penis this size back on Earth; my friends back home would be jealous. Time to take a temporary snooze. Later tonight, hopefully in the new realm, we can make with a real sleep." Vaughn placed one arm around the Herd Buck and the other around Jeremy since he still wanted to help Jeremy relax. He had agreed to groom Jeremy's fur and clean up his wounds upon getting to their new realm. He then closed his eyes as Philip and Theodore settled down close to the young man and placed their heads on his lap and near his groin. David moved around to give Vaughn a fellatio since he knew giving one to his friends often helped equine erections to subside temporarily. The rest of the herd, the equines, cattle and goats of the stable also gathered close and lay down to be near the nice boy. The rest of the Fauns also moved in to take a short nap as Billy was doing. And there was no sex occurring despite David sucking on Vaughn's exposed erection.

                D.I. smiled as he waited for the task force leaders to return for the official check in.

                Several hours later, the buildings and trees of the former realm were being moved into a similar layout within the new realm of choice for the Ground Keepers Guild and their friends. The last thing set up was the Earth gate which Yuskay unlocked as he placed his famed Security Hounds to guard the tunnel to Earth to monitor Underworld visitors heading to Earth.

                Stags Fell was under arrest by the Underworld courts at the moment not for the charge of Recruiting but for the charge of Attempting to Flee an Audit on his former realm. Vaughn could understand now why Stag had been recruiting since Herd Buck had explained his bouts of depression and loneliness. Vaughn felt sorry for Herd Buck since hearing his story. And perhaps he could also help Stag get out of jail and take care of the idiot recruiting law at the same time. Vaughn walked up to Lord Yuskay who was still in the realm with Lord Mack Roo and asked them the question, "Could one of you please explain the recruiting law to me so I can understand how it came about and how it works? I suspect that it is in fact null and void for a very important reason in which everyone might be overlooking." Yuskay looked at Vaughn and pulled the boy into his large lap. "It started back when I was the law dog in Hell before I sold the business to Mack Roo since the new law made it impossible for him and his brothers to make a decent living after also making their newly acquired degrees in Roo-Cruiting invalid. The newest Emperor passed the law after researching the Kisume curse on the imperial throne. He came upon a faucet factoid which stated that every emperor who was not a Kisume who sat on the throne would transform into a horny naughty recruiting Hell Dragon starting in their second year of imperial service. He passed the law thinking that the person in the Emperor position would never be able to break their own law. After he changed into a yiffy Hell Dragon, he managed to fuck a few victims who are supposedly still stuck within his recruiting slit world unable to get off of the multiple knotted penises within the slit. After he had that law in place I learned how it was hurting Mack Roo and his mob brothers. I chose to get out of the law business at that point by selling the whole business to Mack Roo and his mob brothers for the sales price of one credit. Mack accepted the offer and he became the new Law Devil Kangaroo in the Underworld while his mob brothers whom had been Roo-Cruiters became the new lawyers within the Underworld."

                Mack nodded his muzzle in agreement. "That is 'ow it got started, Vaughn. What are yas thinking in regards to that law?; D.I. said yer ideas were clever and good."

                Vaughn then asked, "So I am right about the former dragon emperor. What would normally be the usual punishment for someone whom broke the newest Imperial law within a year of the law's in-statement into the books?" Yuskay replied, "According to the old laws before Mack took over, the law breaker would be locked up in a distant prison on the far side of the Underworld. And if I get what you are implying, then since the former emperor himself broke the new law, you could be correct in that the law could be abolished should an Underworld Court agree with these facts that you have made public just now. But what would you get out of helping us to remove this unfair law from the books?" Vaughn replied, "Regarding Herd Buck, I feel that Stags Fell didn't do anything wrong in his warped way of trying to bring in new people to spend time with Herd Buck so he wouldn't get depressed and lonely for the company of another human male. If Stag were cleared just after this law were removed from the books, he could move back into the new realm as the caretaker for Herd Buck and his herd members. Herd Buck still cares about Stags Fell despite how he changed the grounds keepers into hoofed species. By the way, guys... I am to understand you both used to be humans yourself; were you recruited or were your situations different?"

                Mack Roo replied, "Yuskay was recruited to replace a 'ell 'ound Alpha who was about to die of old age..." Then Yuskay muttered, "[size=1][b][i]...or so he said...[/i][/b][/size]" Mack Roo continued as if not interrupted, "But Ah was at a Sports Mascot University on Q.C. Planet where Ah fell in love with the pouch mate of what Ah thought was a toon kangaroo model although 'e was really a Devil Kangaroo Recruiter who was 'olding down two jobs. 'e wasn't Roo-Cruiting on the day Ah met his pouch mate and 'e agreed to allow me to date 'is adorable pouch mate. This led to my getting invited to come spend a weekend with 'im at 'is place. All in all, Ah ended up volunteering to stay with 'im rather than to finish my classes at the mascot college. Through enzyme coated pre'ensile sex, Ah got changed into the local species during my stay with my new boyfriend and Ah didn't mind at all. Talk about getting a permanent mascot costume, eh mate?" He chuckled with a practiced dopey kangaroo muzzle grin as he bounced in place for effect. "Ah later learned that the foul Enzyme is what actually causes species conversion through sexual conduct when the penis of yer partner is coated in the Enzyme Dew."

                [b]End of Chapter 08[/b]


                  [b]Chapter 09[/b]

                  Mack Roo then continued. "For safe sexual practice, it is best for the Underworlder to take a bath at least once a day to prevent accidental conversion or just wear a damned condom before sex. Unwashed or unprotected penises inserted into a victim's anus or taken orally will cause the victim to become the species of the one in the dominant position. This is not to say that Alphas cannot convert yas washed or not; they are a special case. Despite washing, they can change yas on command or on a whim. Especially if they need to meet their quota or need to rebuild a decimated pack or 'erd. Yuskay and Ah bath every day. If yas ever want to 'ave sex with one of us safely, all yas got to do is ask." Yuskay chuckled. "I think Mack Roo is a little horny. Another warning, Vaughn; some Alphas have large knotted penises to hold you in place during sexual activities. Mack and I can control whether we Recruit or Convert during sex, so if you want to try us out, we have both washed this morning. Although for safety sake, we should wash again since we raided an Enzyme laden realm just earlier and we might have residue on our bodies from that alone. And you said you wanted to stay human for a while longer."

                  The sex education lesson from Yuskay and Mack Roo some hours earlier was interesting for Vaughn to say the least. But there was nothing lesser about Yuskay's penis size nor in Mack Roo's prehensile. Now Vaughn stood in a courtroom where Stags Fell and the others who had lived in his former realm were gathered as Mack Roo laid out the details of the Recruiting Law as Vaughn had explained it all earlier to the former law hound and the current law Devil Kangaroo. "Yer 'onor... It 'as come to our attention that the first person to break the old recruiting law was none other than the one who 'ad created the law in the first place; former Emperor turned 'ell Dragon, Lord Bael'arnlore. 'is intentions by putting this law into the books was to try to trick the curse on the imperial throne to not affect any emperor who sat on the throne itself. 'is thoughts were that a Kisume emperor would not break the very laws they often preached forth toward all Underworld denizens. With the new anti-recruiting law on the books, 'e began 'is tenure as the new Emperor, only to befall the very recruiting part of the curse which makes all 'ell Dragon emperors go on a recruiting spree by fucking any victim they can get their dragon penises into. And thus samate them in the process of claiming them as recruits. With this evidence now brought forth, Ah, Mack Roo, 'ereby ask the court to permit the removal of the recruiting law from the imperial books since it was broken by the very emperor who placed it into the legal register in the first place. Not to mention the outcry from the Underworld citizens in regards to this unfair law, especially toward those who 'ave recruiting degrees gained from taking the classes that were provided in Underworld University. Furthermore, with this law on the books, it becomes impossible for army sergeants to recruit new soldiers into the Underworld armies since doing the practice would mean that army officials would be breaking Imperial Law. Ah fail to see 'ow this is fair to those who would defend our Underworld realms against the Angelic soldiers and other upper planar soldiers. What say yas, yer 'onor?"

                  The Underworld Justice of the Peace turned to look into a magical viewer where the Hell Council could be seen around their meeting table. "Councilors? Do any of you want to challenge Mack Roo's presentation in regards to the recruiting law?"

                  After a quiet deliberation, the chosen spokesperson for the Council addressed the judge. "Your honor, we of the Hell Council have agreed with Mack Roo's findings. We would also like to add that questionable laws of an Emperor no longer serving his position should be evaluated for removal before a new Emperor is elected for the position. That way, questionable laws do not remain on the books to further complicate lives in the Underworld. We also agree that realm recruiters should get the Recruiters degree from Underworld University before they go recruiting officially. Mack Roo and his boys have already legally acquired these degrees before the questionable law went into effect. Therefore, we unanimously agree that the former law is now null and void. And in doing this anyone else with a recruiting case pending in the courts is deemed no longer in definitive trouble because of the silly recruiting law." The judge now looked to Stags Fell. "With the removal of this silly law, your only crime, Lord Fell, is that you tried to flee an audit in progress. Therefore, as long as you pay the minor fee in regards to trying to avoid an audit, you are thereafter released into the hoofs of those who still want your company in their new realm. Herd Buck spoke up for you, Stags Fell, and it was Vaughn Keeley that helped Mack Roo to get the Recruiting Law found out for what it was. The inappropriate debt you had tagged on to Vaughn without his former knowledge has been claimed by Philip the Nightmare Stallion in exchange for Vaughn joining the grounds keepers Guild which is officially recognized as a legal guild. Also, the inappropriate sales of Jeremy to the other realm under a falsified accusation has also been annulled. Jeremy is currently a demon donkey although still a member of the guild along with the others. You no longer have any say so over who can go to Earth through the Underworld to Earth short cut. This case is hereby dismissed. You may all go home now."

                  Stag now turned to look at Vaughn. "It seems that I owe you for getting that law off of the books. I will reimburse the work wages that was promised to you, Vaughn." Vaughn looked to Stag and replied, "In truth, Stag, we never discussed wages when you hired me. The only thing I asked for was One Earth Summer's worth of employment in your realm along with lodging and meals. I was content with that as well as being allowed to make friends with the bucks, hounds and stable citizens. Billy the faun, Herd Buck and the grounds keepers Guild members were all nice to me, Stag. Herd Buck was the one who told me what nice thing you were doing for him. That is why you are not in jail now." Stag smiled. "Thank you again, Vaughn. Shall we go to the new realm? I was informed that my old realm had been liquidated for an anti-Enzyme cleansing."

                  Soon back in their new Realm which had the same layout as the original realm, Herd Buck got a penis cleansing before Vaughn knelt down and gave the devil stag herd leader a blow job exactly as he had promised to do earlier in the week. If naught else, Vaughn always kept his word in regards to anything he said he would do in exchange for gaining something. The fellatio continued until Herd Buck emptied a load of his fluids down the young man's throat. But thanks to cleaning the buck's penis first, the fluids did nothing to Vaughn at all. He stayed human and felt no transformation nor pain sneaking up on him. After he spent time with Herd Buck, Vaughn went and cleaned himself up before returning to the stables where he spent the afternoon with Billy and his faun cousins. Billy said, "Thank you for getting Stag's situation cleared up, Vaughn; he did hire us and Herd Buck really does care about him. What have you decided about your erection that I accidentally caused you to get?" Vaughn replied, "David gave me a blow job thinking that doing so would make the erection subside temporarily. Sadly it didn't work. I was still as erect as before as you likely saw during the court case. I don't mind having a larger penis than I normally had when I lived on Earth. But if you simply want to feel how I might feel when mounting a faun, I can comply with your request. What do you think?" Billy smiled. "I still want you to mount me." After the fauns finished their chores, Vaughn placed himself behind Billy and lined up his penis to the faun's anus and carefully inserted himself into the faun's backside to begin the activity that Billy Buckinghart had politely requested. What Vaughn learned that afternoon was that Fauns tended to mount each other at the same time as he felt himself getting mounted by the others as he pleasured Billy as best he could. His getting it from the fauns never hurt at all; not like his session with Yuskay had.

                  After his session with the fauns, Vaughn went and took yet another bath to wash off the fluids from his activity with them; then he had dinner with Stag inside the main estate house. "Herd Buck told me that you honored your word earlier regarding the sucking of a devil's cock if you could find work," said Stag. "I wouldn't have made you do that, Vaughn, regardless of my recruiting nature. But Herd Buck said that you have honor since you kept your word to him. Thank you for making him happy. I care about him as much as he cares about me." Vaughn smiled. "He is a nice Devil Buck; you know, Stag... I might stay longer than just one Summer if permitted." Stag chuckled, "Starting to enjoy yourself, is that it?" Vaughn nodded his head. "Yes. Everyone is just so damned nice to spend time with. Are you going to be getting your recruiting degree from the university so you can continue your recruiting practice legally?" Stag smiled. "It is a good plan and I can see the wisdom in making sure recruiters know what they are doing when out and about to recruit someone."

                  [b]End of Chapter 09[/b]


                    [b]Chapter 10[/b]

                    Stag then said, "What plans do you have for tonight?" Vaughn replied, "Since there is some sunlight available, I thought I would get some yard work done on the property. Then later tonight, I am going to spend some time with David since he and Jeremy have requested my company for the night. They are both donkeys now which isn't very fair to them although I find them both attractive for reasons I still cannot figure out. I didn't used to be attracted to other males back on Earth but recently I have found myself more interested in other males. Philip and Theodore are definitely mated to each other, while David and Jeremy have stayed detached for the time being. Billy and his cousins told me that they really like playing with me. And despite what his faun alpha told him regarding my inflated penis, his solution still didn't work. I still have the same enlarged penis from the faun kiss that I started with just after Billy kissed me. Even David's fellatio didn't work. I am not complaining though, Stag. My penis size is currently like Billy's penis."

                    After dinner, Vaughn got some yard rakes and began his work on the courtyard garden where the statues were positioned. While he was working, two of the hounds who lived in Stag's kennels came out and joined him during their evening constitutional. Apparently these hounds didn't come out much during the day hours but there were at least a few who wanted to see the nice young man that everyone was talking about. They even showed that they were more changeling than regular hell hound by standing upright like a man and grabbing some yard tools to assist Vaughn with his job. "Most humans who work for Stag end up with the hoofed crew as a hoofed being themselves. You have somehow gotten lucky and have lasted the longest of any human who has ever come this way. My name is Muddytail and he is Scoutfang. my friend has had the opportunity to serve in the Imperial army back during the last Planar War, but once it was over, he chose to assist private security forces of whom might never get to see real action. I would say our unit is pretty lucky; we occasionally get to see naked human boys when they come to work for Stag." Scoutfang said, "Archon Hounds of Elysium can hold their own pretty well, although their favorite suicide run maneuver is to simply hug their Underworld opponents which causes both canines to be caught in a massive explosion which levels the encounter zone. The last promotion I got in the war occurred when I convinced an Archon Hound to simply back off so he could live to see his family after the battles ended. I caught him off guard in a capture net and I let him go provided that he simply went home to be with his loved ones. I am sure he remembers the Hell Hound who spared his life. We are not all heartless; we just serve when we have to. I get pension these days; I don't have to work but I choose to since I don't want to die of boredom."

                    When the light was about gone, Vaughn took the yard tools and said, "Thanks for the assist, guys. If there is anything I can do for you, just let me know." Scoutfang then asked, "Are you planning on sleeping with the hoofed guys tonight?" Vaughn replied, "David requested my company for a night; how did you know I was going to be with a few of them?" Scoutfang grinned. "Never mind how I guessed the facts. Instead, there is something you can do that only requires the assistance of a Financial Imp. Call for one and ask him for acquiring Form Insurance on your human form. That way, if you do get changed into another species, the insurance will permit you to return to being a human a certain amount of times depending upon the value of the insurance you purchased." The young man then asked, "How many free restorations does standard insurance grant to a person and how much does it cost? I am not sure how much I have in my credit account." Muddytail said, "Form Insurance is free for Imperial soldiers but civilians can get it at the cost of 1 credit for one time usage insurance; 10 credits for 3 time usage insurance; 100 credits for 10 time usage; and 1000 credits or 1 mega credit for lifetime insurance." Vaughn sighed at that point. "Then I am screwed; my account only has what the financial imp put into it when he set it up for me. I'm broke otherwise unless I can convert the money in my wallet into credits."

                    Scoutfang asked, "How much wallet cash do you have?" Vaughn replied, "I have about a hundred and twenty some odd dollars. I was trying to save money to someday get a place of my own. but since I am now involved with Underworld people, Earth money isn't going to do me much good down here." Muddytail said, "Where do you keep your wallet? I can go deposit your cash into your account for you and then bring you the receipt." Scoutfang then said, "Better yet, this is a situation for D.I. himself. He will know the exact conversion rate and through him we can make the best use of the best insurance we can have you get, Vaughn." He then raised his hound muzzle up toward the sky. "I need a direct meeting with Dark Imp Kisume!" One soft sounding poof later and D.I. was floating in front of the two hounds and Vaughn. "Make it good, boys. I was getting ready for a dinner outing." Scoutfang said, "Vaughn needs to convert his wallet cash on hand into underworld credits for his credit account and then he needs to acquire Form Insurance to insure his human form in case of accidents."

                    D.I. looked at the human male and asked, "How much wallet cash do you have exactly, Vaughn? The exact amount would be ideal." Vaughn through about it and said, "I have from what I can remember, one hundred twenty four dollars and seventy-seven cents. I was initially trying to save my money to someday buy my own place but then I got involved with the Underworld situation and my current lodging is covered. Now Scoutfang is suggesting that I get my human form insured so I can return to my human form if I should for some reason end up transformed into another species. Can you help me with this? As you probably know, my wallet is in my suitcase which I handed over to you earlier this week along with my laptop." D.I. nodded his head as he said, "Credit conversion rates for surface world currency are currently one hundred fifty one to one. This means after conversion you would have 18,840.27 Credits in your credit account not counting the 100 credits the financial imp put into your account to start with which will be deducted. Then after you buy lifetime form insurance, you will have 17,840.27 credits in your account. But then you need to be informed that the interest rate on all credit accounts which occurs every night at midnight adds ten percent of your former account's total and adds that to your account. I am so glad they removed the account cap a few decades ago. Conversion from Underworld currency back into Earth dollars is different at fifty-two to one, but you are still ending up with more than you started with; however, to prevent illegal currency laundering, you can only do conversion once a year. So if we converted your money back to Earth currency, you would have a little under a million dollars. Plenty enough to buy a home of your own. But why bother, you can easily buy a whole realm in the planes for less than the price of a new home on Earth." Vaughn smiled. "Let us just convert one way for now, D.I. Scoutfang suggested that I really should get form insurance for my human form since David and Jeremy want me to spend the night with them tonight." D.I. smiled in return. "It is good that a retired Imperial Hound thought ahead for a just in case emergency should David and Jeremy get a little frisky with you. Remember, they don't have humanoid forms so they cannot wash themselves before having sex with a friend."

                    Just before taking the tools to be put away, the currency conversion was done and Vaughn's lifetime human form insurance was paid for and ready for usage. Now it was off to check in with David and Jeremy in the stables. As he arrived, he could hear Philip and Theodore having some sexual fun within their own stall home and the stall door was closed, obviously. Then David nosed Vaughn's hand and led him off to another private stall at the other end of the cross section of stalls within the barn. "Thanks for coming, Vaughn. Since Philip is consummating his mating rites with Theodore, we donkeys chose to get our own stall away from their stall so we could sleep without all that noise. I just want you to know, if you get changed into a donkey, Jeremy and I both apologize in advance since we both like you and we are not doing it on purpose." Vaughn knelt down and he gave David a hug. "One of the Hell Hounds suggested that I get form insurance on my human form and D.I. helped me to get the insurance, so now I can play with you and Jeremy all I like. And if I do get changed into a donkey I won't be stuck as one permanently. I won't be upset if it happens by accident. I like you guys too. I wasn't so much into guys before coming to the Underworld; now I get aroused every time I am near one of you guys; especially you and Jeremy. And I don't know why. It confuses me." David smiled. "It is probably the hoofed pheromone odor that is in the air throughout many Underworld realms. You inhale this stuff and not only does it keep you aroused but it also makes you want to be with guys more than gals. It doesn't permanent change you into a homosexual pervert; but since you weren't like this to start with, you get mixed confused feelings. Come on, Jeremy is waiting for us. He appreciates your rescuing him from the other realm. And yes, we do want to sexually play with you tonight; you are not the only one who is aroused. You turned me on since I first met you."

                    [b]End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Balancing the Council.[/b]