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[QC-AV-03] AT-WD-02 Staging a School Project

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    [QC-AV-03] AT-WD-02 Staging a School Project

    [QC-AV-03] Andrew-Warlock Donkey

    This is an ongoing story I've been writing that occurs within a nexus community on Earth that is not part of any of my given serials. It is about an American teenage human boy who becomes embroiled within the faction pact world of therianthrope were-animals whom all live within a city of varied factions in an undisclosed European Coastal metropolis. Enjoy.

    This was started on September 29th 2017 by me (Darrel James Vanwinkle)

    Tags: Human, Anime, Lycanthropy, Transformation

    Robert Andrew Te'ruegaze, Warlock in training

    Inner City, Spain; Alter-Verse
    [QC-AV-03] ATWD-02 Staging a School Project
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    October 4th, 2017

    Chapter One

    Making arrangements for Simba-Basil to live with Robert didn't take all that much once Zamba learned that Simbasil had improved in Magical Studies. And Robert was instrumental in helping the young Were-Lion to improve. "Just finish school and I won't blink twice at whatever you do at Robert's place."

    Robert said, "The plan is to clean up the stage and re-open it as the entertainment hot spot like it had been in the old days. I have heard a lot of people say that it was once the IN-place to go on a Saturday night. Of course with Cosmo's permission to take over the upstairs apartment over the arcade and stage on Pier 99, we might be able to hire roommates to help out around the place as part of the Social/Species Studies class project."

    Zamba then said, "Making it school related is a good idea. I look forward toward reading the report on the project's progress."

    Robert smiled. "I am still trying to meet the various Weres and so forth who live within Inner City or just outside of it. I want to be fair to all of the Inner Citizens. But I need to know. What made certain Inner Citizens go wild?"

    Zamba replied, "We at Council are not exactly sure, but Mr. Rainbow suspects that drugs are somehow involved. Mr. Rainbow is a Were-Parrot. Colorful plumage; you get the idea."

    Robert then said, "Just remember, dad... the Council has to let me and my friends police the hot spot our own way or else you are admitting to mom that the claim of needing me in Inner City was just a load of hot air. That also means that if any Wilders come into the business, I get to handle them; not the Council. The first time Council screws up; I get to tell the rest of Veil how Inner City needs help."

    Zamba shuddered at that thought. "They would never let us live it down. Council gave its word, Robert. And thank you for getting the witches to make with the personal apologies. Worse that I had to dress up as a woman in council for a day as a punishment for my actions on the first day."

    Robert grinned. "Did a male Council member make a pass at you?" He knows they did but he still liked to see his father's reaction to the idea.

    Zamba shuddered again as he turned to go take yet another shower. "I still feel dirty when I think about it."

    Robert turned to his half-brother Simba-Basil and hugged him again. "Now that you are free, how do you feel?"

    Simbasil smiled back as he gave Robert a kiss on the side of his face. "I owe you a lot for getting dad off my case. Your mom really showed some control when she learned how many female mates dad had in the pride."

    Robert said, "As she said, What's done is done. He didn't marry them; and he did marry me. He can have more mates since that is part of pride life. So yes, she showed some civility over the idea. Are there any half-sisters in the pride?"

    Simbasil nodded his head. "Yes, but they are too young for high school. We should get going if we are going to meet up with Cosmo and Long. Your first weekend in Inner City is booked with promises, but we do have until Friday to work on the Arcade, Soda Shop and Stage hot spot."

    Hefting up Simbasil's two duffel bags, Robert and his half-brother headed over to Pier 99 where they met up with Cosmo, Long, Leroy and one heck of a large Hellhound Alpha who smelled like Pizza cheese, toppings and various sauces.

    Robert smiled at the large Hellhound. "You must be Wonderfang. It would be a wonder if I could identify every scent I can smell all over your fur. But it all smells yummy. Although I was supposed to be meeting with you this weekend, this chance meeting is simply that. You will still get to see me on Saturday."

    Wonderfang grinned. "Good luck identifying my scents. Only the Betas in my pack can do it. At any rate, Leroy came up with a beneficial idea for the hot spot when you boys plan to open it. Ardens can cater an order window within your kitchen for the customers who want pizza during the entertainment. I remember the days when the stage was in use. I really want to see that again. As for Leroy, I hope you continue to permit him to spend his off nights with you when you aren't busy. He likes you, Robert."

    Robert then asked, "Who serviced the arcade machines and change maker in the old days and is there any chance we can get one of their people back to do it again?"

    Mr. Long said, "Cosmo's father had an agreement with the Were-Donkeys of Donkey Island to do that task. Donkey Island is one of those Veil island properties that contains only one species. Story books often referred to it as the Island of Toys or Pleasure Island. I think you can figure out the rest."

    Robert replied quietly to Long, "Pinocchio and Candlewick or Lampwick according to Disney." Then out loud, he said, "Were-Donkeys the only species I haven't seen in school. I really want to meet one now. We could use their help with the machines in the hot spot. And we need a jukebox and a karaoke machine for those times when we don't have a live band on stage."

    Simbasil laughed. "Karaoke Musicians? Oh man, you will have people coming in just for that!"

    Robert then said, "In North America, the Weres have this monthly party pad similar to what we are planning here. They call theirs the Howling Fury. The guy who owns the party is Antonio 'Tony' Fury. Their party replaces their monthly howls. I was thinking about calling our hot spot, The Inner Rave. Norms and Specials mingle here at the Rave and new friends they make here can be met up with again at this safe location. Later when a Norm is ready to join the Costume party full time, their friends can arrange a camping trip out of town where the Norm becomes part of the faction of choice. Absolutely no nabbing within the hot spot; we don't need the authorities to close us down for one factions' mistake."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Cosmo asked, "Since you only found out about Special Folk and Veil upon arriving in Coastal City, how did you learn about the Howling Fury?"

    Robert replied, "One of my favorite European bands which I have several CDs for is the BRAYveMASTERS. According to their fan site, they never played any concerts outside of Europe. So when a associate of mine learned that they would be having a one-night stand in Rhode Island, I ran away from home to go to the American Hot Spot which ended up being the Howling Fury. I got there the night before and the band happened to be there early to get the stage set up in advance. I convinced Tony also known as the Ugly Coyote to let me go backstage to meet my favorite band and maybe help them set up the stage. I had come a long way to see these guys and I definitely wanted to get their autographs. Once I was backstage with the band, I noticed they were all wearing their 'costumes'. Well, now I know better (since I met you guys.) They greeted me politely and after I spent an hour helping them to arrange their turntable stage prop with their instruments on top of it, they invited me back into their band bedroom where I could get a special treat that no fan ever got to receive... a chance to sleep in the same bed with them. Being a fan, I was willing to agree to do whatever they asked of me. After turning off the lights and all of our clothes were removed, I was guided into bed with the group... and then they had sex with me. They applied lubrication deeply into my anus and they applied the rest all over my sac and penis. Our session lasted from late that night all the way up unto mid afternoon the following day. Then the older band members dislodged themselves from me and they announced they were going to use the bathroom and get cleaned up for the concert. The youngest member, a back up guitarist and back up singer chose to remain in bed with me. He seemed to be more my age. He wanted to teach me how to have dual sex... and further he wanted to establish personal contact details with me so we could keep in touch either by mail or cellphone; I was game for that. After sharing a deep throat with him and a filling of our fluids, we together planted ourselves inside of each other and he then told me that he had been looking for a potential special male friend like me just in case the band ever fell on hard times. He said life at home sucked and he wanted to someday live with a nice young man like me for love and companionship. Then he asked me what my favorite song of their collection was and I honestly replied, The Ballad of Braying Hearts, which was a more rare release that wasn't very popular on fan sites nor in record sales. Radio stations never even heard of the song. But I owned a copy of it which I had bought through the mail as a single 45 RPM release. It was the flip side song of one of their more popular songs. I learned that the song itself had been performed by the guy I was currently active with and I told him that I loved him deeply for making that song. It cheered me up when I really needed to hear something like that. He and I got out of bed and headed for the bathroom so we could get cleaned up for the concert. The others were in the dressing room portion of the bedroom getting on their stage clothes. Inside the shower stall with my handsome asinine musician friend. I asked him where a fan might get a costume like theirs. He planted a very deep kiss on my mouth and I passed out in his arms. When I woke up, I was dressed in my clothes and I had a seat just off to the side of the stage so I could watch the band close up. Tony and his friend Cypher, a guy who dressed up like a biker mouse, served me Tea and a meal. Tony told me that the band wanted to see me in private after the concert ended and how I shouldn't just leave when they finished performing."

    Simbasil said, "Then what happened?"

    Robert continued. "They performed their entire concert and at the end, The youngest band member stepped out front and center and told everyone that he had received a special request to sing his Ballad of Braying Hearts from a fan and he then told everyone that he wanted to perform it with the fan who requested it. And the next thing I knew, he asked for my name to come out on stage with him. I was blown away that he wanted to perform my favorite song as a duet with me during a concert. I slowly got up and stumbled out on stage where I joined him next to the microphone. He showed me the sheet music that would contain my lines in bold. He then indicated that he planned on recording the duet live so I would have a souvenir of my special time with him before the concert. With the rest of the band playing the music, we performed the Ballad of Braying Hearts and for the first time in my life, I never missed a beat. When we finished the song, there were cheers of excitement and several long stemmed roses landed on stage in front of the two of us. Then he turned to me and he whispered that he was in love with me and he wanted to be my significant other when I came to Europe later. I whispered back that when I found a way to come join him, I would honor the promise to be his. Later after I helped the band to pack up their gear, Tony and Cypher permitted me to ride with them in the van to the airport where their jet was waiting to take them back to Europe. After I helped them to move their gear aboard their jet, the head singer/guitarist kissed me on the muzzle once again and he told me that if their contact information ever expired, to ask a Were-Donkey where the Asifour Brothers could be contacted at."

    Cosmo raised an eye brow. "Since you are in Europe now, you belong to Mr. Asifour, right?"

    Robert replied, "I wrote to Xorte Asifour a few times in the beginning. But then, a few months before we moved here, I sent Xorte the last letter asking him where I should try to meet with him when I came to Europe. Normally, I would get a reply from him in under eight days. But this time, a whole month went by and there was no reply. I contacted the record company that the Asifour Brothers held the BrayveMasters label with and after spelling the band's name to the guy I was speaking with, he had a strange message that he read from the band's files. He said, quote, Due to an emergency in the family, the BrayveMasters would no longer be producing albums to the public at large, unquote. And the guy said that it was dated four days after I wrote my last letter. Thinking that they broke up because of me... I fell into a depression for a while. Dad asked me what was wrong and I fessed up to him about my long distance boyfriend. I was upset because I really loved him. And I was never going to get to hear from him again. Sometime later, Dad announced that his job firm was sending him to Coastal City and how he wanted to bring me with him." He sighed at that point. "The rest you guys know."

    Mr. Long said, "So that's why you really want to meet a Were-Donkey. You are hoping he can tell you what happened to the Asifour Brothers."

    Wonderfang smiled. "You may not have to wait for a Were-Donkey, Robert. Ardens Pizza can deliver pizza to anyone. All you have to do is tell us whom the pizza is to be delivered to and then you pay for the pizza delivery. But since you want to rekindle a lost love with Xorte Asifour, we can waive the pizza costs and just make the delivery. You may include a note."

    Robert pulled out a small pad of paper and a pencil and he wrote the following message: Dear Xorte Asifour. I haven't forgotten my promise. You and all of your brothers are cordially invited to come to the Inner Rave here in Coastal City, Spain. Love conquers all; please don't let your ballad be a lie. Lovingly and forever yours, Robert Te'ruegaze (warlock in training) PS: Don't make me summon you! *grope* He then folded the note and handed it to Wonderfang. "Four pizza meals to the Asifour Brothers known musically as the BrayveMasters. What favor will I owe you for doing this for us?"

    Wonderfang smiled. "Just make sure I get an invite to your wedding." He winked with a laugh.

    Robert smiled back. "That and a full body rub like I gave Leroy the other night."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Thirty minutes later in a run down muddy cavern stall with a crude gate over the cave entrance near Tannfeld, Germany, a pizza Were-Hellhound arrived to make his food delivery and to deliver the special message. "Hey! Are the Asifour Brothers in there!" A sad almost defeated sounding voice replied, "Who wants to know?" The Pizza Hound replied, "Ardens Pizza! Paid in advance! I'm looking for Xorte!"

      The young Were-Donkey who crawled over to the door and opened it... looked to be caked in grime and mud. "I'm Xorte. We didn't order any pizza even if we really do need the food."

      The Pizza Hound said, "There is a note for you, Xorte. I will unfold it and hold it up for you to read. I am to await a reply and maybe more." And he pulled out the note and unfolded it for Xorte to read out loud. "Dear Xorte Asifour. I haven't forgotten my promise. You and all of your brothers are cordially invited to come to the Inner Rave here in Coastal City, Spain. Love conquers all; please don't let your ballad be a lie. Lovingly and forever yours, Robert Te'ruegaze (warlock in training) PS: Don't make me summon you! *grope*" The young Were-donkey began to cry openly. "Robert remembered and he's in Europe! Why would he want to see a messed up has been like me?"

      The brothers came over and looked at the Ardens Pizza Were-Hellhound. The oldest brother said, "We had to sell off the band's jet and instruments to pay off our father's debts when he passed away a few months ago. Now we are flat broke with no instruments. Despite Robert wanting to keep his word, please tell him to forget about us. We suck. We aren't worth it."

      The Were-Hellhound replied, "Sorry, I cannot do that. My orders were to await the brothers to ready themselves for the trip to Coastal City or kidnap Xorte alone and bring him back. Robert loves your brother. How can Robert throw that away? He's one of your band's number one fans."

      Xorte then said, "There is no way Robert could possibly want a mess of a donkey like me since we fell on hard times. It would be better if he gave up on me... like I have on myself."

      The Pizza Hound raised a paw to his collar and said, "Wonderfang, the Band fell on hard times and were giving up on living. They think Robert would never want to see them again. They had to sell everything to pay off their deceased father's debts. All four are coated in grime, mud and in no condition to even enjoy a pizza dinner. Requesting transference of myself and Were-Donkey brothers to a bath house on Pier 99."

      Wonderfang replied, "Make it so, Farpaw. I will inform Robert on the situation. They almost have the stage repaired. Transferal transport circle to the bath house now opening. We will have robes for the band ready for when their showers end." And instantly, a circle of light appeared on the ground in front of the cavern entrance.

      Farpaw said, "Okay, Were-Donkeys... no offense, but get your asses into the transfer circle. I was polite at first only because Robert is a real sexy boy and we all like him."

      The oldest Were-Donkey brother then said, "We were being polite as well. We are undergoing a last rites ritual for our deceased father who is buried in the back of the cavern with our mother's remains. We cannot leave this cave until sunrise here in this location. And you might want to go wash the mud off of your paws so you don't develop donkey hooves by accident. This is Were-Donkey Mud. The Mud can do what a tongue bite can do. So unless you secretly wanted to be a donkey, you better go wash your paws in clean water. Or you will have to change your name to Farhoof. We will be ready to leave in the morning. Just leave the Transfer Circle open and we will use it at sunrise so we can bathe all of this grime off of our bodies."

      Farpaw found donkey humor to be distasteful as he teleported himself off to a waterfall in Germany where he washed all of the nasty stuff off of his paws. Then he teleported back to the nearby farm where he laid himself on the back porch facing the transfer circle to keep an eye on it.

      Back at the Inner Rave, Wonderfang delivered the delay message to Robert and the others. "And that's why they have to wait until morning. Also, they are flat broke and no longer have any of their band equipment."

      Robert replied, "Then we will help them regain their equipment. And that means posting an emergency fund drive message on the BrayveMasters fan site. I think the band underestimates the fans' generosity levels."

      Mr. Long remarked, "The fans can donate whatever they feel will help the band and in the meantime, we will get a decent place, meals and band equipment ready for them to play their music with. Just give me a list of what they will need and I will hit the local music stores and get the instruments over here to the stage."

      Robert then fetched a full band poster which showed all of their instruments and their band uniforms... and then he handed that to Mr. Long. "This is how they looked last year."

      Mr. Long examined the poster as he said, "With Were-Donkeys as impressive as them, I can see why you so easily fell in love with one of their number. Let's see what the fans can do to help them get back on their hoofs. As for their instruments, I know where to get most of these instruments at a few music stores I have access to."

      Robert smiled. "I know they will appreciate it when they get a chance to perform again on a real stage."

      Mr. Long left to go get the instruments while Robert used a laptop to access the band's fan web site to post the emergency fund raiser for helping the band whom fell on hard times.

      As expected, a few naysayers said the fund drive was a trick to milk funds out of the fans for personal gain. Those few naysayers found their comments removed from the fund drive as inappropriate since a family member of the band had passed away and to say the Brayvemasters were dishonest was a direct insult to a great band. Robert then sent a follow-up email to Tony Fury to inform him of why they were having the fund raiser at all and to also advertise the Inner Rave in Coastal City (Inner City for the special folk.) Tony fired back a return email stating that fans kept sending donations to the Brayvemasters care of The Howling Fury since they didn't know where to send the money. He said he would be glad to help.

      Robert and the others continued to clean up Pier 99 and get the rest of the Inner Rave ready for business.

      End of Chapter Three