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DS-07 Cleaning Up Unicorn Ridge

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    DS-07 Cleaning Up Unicorn Ridge

    This is an ongoing story I've been writing that occurs on an alternate Earth and is not part of any of my given serials. It is about a teenage human boy who is transformed into varied magical animals as he, his brothers and his sister have adventures with locals in Unicorn Ridge. Enjoy.
    This was started on August 23rd 2017 by me (Darrel Vanwinkle)
    Tags: Human, Wolf, Rat, Lion, Horse, Donkey, Transformation
    Star Morph
    Daniel Freddy Stevens

    DS-07 Cleaning Up Unicorn Ridge.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (lord Pouchlaw)
    February 19th, 2022

    Chapter One

    Moments later, a set of programmed simulacrum looking like Aeros Purepath's herd and the Ryce Winfield were left pool side as the real herd and elf boy arrived in the Chase backyard. And then the ethereal female in gossamer linen robes appeared next to Aeros.

    "The day is upon us. Please help Daniel to clean up Unicorn Ridge; he survived a griffin attack in doing the Unicorn Test of Innocence when he didn't even have to take the tests at all being Veil nobility. He has the only remaining clean unicorn pool in all of Unicorn Ridge. We no longer utilize the Dragons of Gaea since they embraced Tiamat's evil ways. I brought in the Werewolves of Gaea to become the new Chosen of Gaea."

    I blushed. "Your ladyship..." I bowed respectfully. "I still do not deserve to have even a facsimile of a unicorn since I can still be tricked."

    In the blink of an eye, Brian appeared all tied up and butt naked at my feet where I immediately knelt down to untie him and remove the gag from his mouth. "Whom did this?"

    Brian gasped for air and then he shirked back from Ryce whom was standing with Aeros seemingly out of fear. "I walked into Baron's barn home to speak to him and he and Ryce got the drop on me and they tied me up. Except... Baron was back in his dragon horse form and identity as if he was tired of wearing the disguise and a devil horned version of Ryce was standing next to him, glowing with blackish purple energy. They told me that at midnight, I was going to be initiated into their club and then not even you would be able to find me afterward and he would finally have a fine Samate as he had always wanted me to be inside his slit sheath. It was as if the rehab I gave him never did a thing to him. His speech implied that he knew full well what he was doing this whole time. Whom is this Ryce?"

    I explained how we rescued the real Ryce and the originator of all Unicorn Herd Clubs out of the past like how I did to save our mother, the Druid Queen, and how Baron was corrupt even way back then. When the real Ryce disappeared, he obviously created a new one to use against the simulacrum we left behind so that Baron would think he was cursing and challenging the real Aeros Purepath.

    Brian released a sigh of relief as he blushed and said, "As an artist of the children of the Druid Queen, I humbly apologize for showing fear from the real Ryce Winfield."

    He then added, "So you never changed your name to Ryce Whispering-Sky Winfield, to reflect your unicorn club name? I rather liked the name even if the fake made it up."

    The real Ryce said, "Aeros never required non-unicorn club members to take on a unicorn name. It would be insulting to a real unicorn if we changed our names dishonorably."

    Brian then asked, "What was Baron's real name when he tried to seduce you, Ryce? He is calling himself Myrehorn these days."

    Ryce said, "Baron Myrebow was an elfin archer whom fancied himself the greatest elf hunter in Veil. Elfin princesses had tried and failed to earn his hand in marriage. He secretly preferred gay companionship with other males. His parents never even knew that a dragon had introduced their son to the homosexual activity to gain his alliance. Later when he went to seduce me, I had told my parents what he was doing and later, he showed up saying that he had joined Aeros' herd club and was purified. He obviously lied."

    Aeros then added, "Ryce came to talk to me about Baron's claim since he had mentioned my name. I told Ryce the truth and he chose to remove himself from Baron's corrupt presence."

    Brian said, "They had been calling me Crownhart and several (I was assuming) real unicorn bucks were in line to also join but only to be near the son of the Druid Queen."

    Aeros said, "There is a unicorn-only herd magic to find out whom all is a real unicorn and not simply a dragon horse in disguise. If your club has any of these fakes in it, then your club has failed and non-unicorn club members are in danger of being Samated. I see now why Gaea is asking me to to help Daniel to help clean up Unicorn Ridge. Even though I have never heard of this town, I will do as the Earth Spirit asks."

    Brand said, "I need to stay with Nick and learn the Underground. I can strive to be his newest trustworthy friend. Gaea? Are all of the dragons corrupt? No good ones left?"

    Gaea replied as she looked at Brand. "Oh my; you befell one of Tonda's dragon tricks. I can undo it if you want."

    Brand shook his head. "No, no. I like rats. My current appearance is somewhat identical to my battle card partner, Blackjack Jerbodra. A dragon donkey kangaroo rat hybrid. I want to retain this form but I do want to be able to change back and forth between my human form and this one and go on to be Nick's friend since he has few human friends. Tonda may have done this, but wait until you hear what he did to himself afterward." And he retold the story which made the Earth Spirit giggle.

    Gaea then replied, "There are a few good dragons left but they would never willingly rape a human out of lust. They only accept Samate volunteers. I can approve of that."

    Brian said, "My interests include: Comic Books, Battle Card Games, Dragons as well as Unicorns, but after getting Blackjack, I expanded my likes to Rats. He is sexy."
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two
    Way over within an older part of Unicorn Ridge that saw little traffic in the modern age, Balto King wearing only sports shorts for Summer activity and having his backpack on his back, was following a weird sensation where he could detect cats in town. There were no felines at all within downtown Unicorn Ridge at all.

    Balto was a tall young man with black hair, fair skin and walnut gray eyes with a gold and silver tattoo of an Egyptian eye logo over his left eye.

    When it came to Digimon and cats, he always sported a nice erection in his pants. Today, his erection was more of a baked potato within his shorts because he sensed cats.

    From what he first thought was a dirt road off in the Northeast corner of Unicorn Ridge eventually crossed the river through an old wooden covered bridge and on the other side were buildings on both sides of the weed overgrown roadway. The buildings appeared to be old businesses long since forgotten. General Store, Post Office, Feed Store, Clothing Goods and the one room school house. But as he turned on a side street, what got his attention was that the roadway seemed to still have it's cobblestone covering under the weeds.

    As he continued along the roadway, he soon came upon a high stone wall surrounding what was obviously an old estate. The faded lettering on the old brick wall read as Cool River Metro. Balto had never heard of this business in all his days of visiting libraries and watching TV shows. Continuing on, he soon found the opening in the wall which looked as if something powerful had ripped the gated doors right off of their hinges and left the gates laying off to the sides inside the fortress like estate. Boldly he stepped inside.

    A sign over the main porch entry of the central building read as The Mahoganey Arms. In it's prime, it was a really nice looking 'gated' and 'walled' 'fortress' like estate with private yards and it's own uber private 'garden' in the back. You even had to ring in at the front doors to get in. To one side, an old worn sign stood which read as Lion's Port Lions VS Metro Pride; Rugby championship today; Follow the signs; free entry. Balto knew there was no way that he would find lions at an old place like this, so he chose to follow the signs anyway. He might find an old souvenir from the old game laying around. But for an old abandoned estate, the cat scent was pretty strong in the area. The more he smelled it, the more erect and more interested he got. So onward he walked.

    Following the faded signs, Balto soon arrived at the entrance to a private yard that had scented flowers growing all over the surrounding hedges; within the yard itself in what looked like a Rugby field with vine covered goal posts, were statues of lion men and statues of panther men wearing rugby uniforms they looked as if they were caught off guard in what their muzzle expressions depicted as an aerosol attack on both teams. The scent within the Rugby yard was beginning to drive Balto's erection crazy.

    Walking out to what appeared to be the team captains locked claw-hand in claw-hand and with arguing expressions on their muzzles, Balto saw a message clawed into the ground at the lion's feet. Ugly donkey unicorn sorcerer say to lift curse both team captains have to be removed from field at same time. We doomed. Opening his backpack, he pulled out his sleeping bag which had slick outsides and he unzipped it and carefully lifted each of the four statue legs between the locked in stone team captains and then...

    ...he began to slowly pull the sleeping bag along the ground being careful not to have the statues tip over as he slowly pulled the load back out the opening in the hedge to the corridor outside the rugby field. It wasn't an easy task because he had to right the balance of the statues a few times when it looked as if he was about to lose the fight. When the two statues were outside the rugby field, there came a whooshing sound as the entire estate was caught in a downpour of what felt and smelled like Cat Lord perspiration.

    Rugby players from both teams restored to fur and flesh from the statue curse exited the rugby field into the corridor where Balto watched the two team captains get restored to normal. "You boys are lucky I came along and figured out how to lift the curse the ugly donkey unicorn sorcerer cast upon you. I'm Balto King, a human whom likes Cats and Digimon. I apologize for everyone getting wet; it's all over me, too. We could move everyone inside the Mahoganey Arms to get dry. I'm not sure how long you guys have been stuck."

    The captains looked at the human and nodded their heads. The human was a feline fan and he just lifted their curse. They chose to call a truce while they moved everyone out of the sticky cat lord fur-oil sweat related rain and into the dry fortress building. Finding a supply of clean dry towels for every feline and himself, Balto sat with the sports cats as they worked on drying their fur and taking care of the induced erections the oily sweat was causing everyone to have.

    While they dried themselves, a most noble looking black cat man with gold jewelry and an elegant European/Romanian housecoat emerged from the basement. "Hello. Oh my, the cursed Rugby team have been restored to normal. And a nearly naked human boy. Were you the one whom helped them to get restored to normal. My manners, I am Namor the II, Master of Magic and the former editor of the Cool River Metro before the demon unicorns and the evil lusty dragons took over the town and perverted it into what it became later on. During their attack, I moved my familiar cats and other Mahoganey Arms/Metro employees to a shelter in the basement so we didn't become stone as well. But we were stoned regardless. When you lifted the curse, young man, it freed every feline on the property. The original name of this town was Cool River. The evil conquerors were afraid of cats."

    Balto and the sports cats all took turns introducing themselves so everyone's names were stated out of honor and respect.

    Namor II asked, "Your aura tells me that you have a longer name that you really dislike using. Mind telling us about it? Your aura tells me that it is related to a lost cat god."

    Now the sports felines were more interested in Balto than previously as the boy stated, "Thankfully, the orphanage owners let me shorten Balthazar Xavier to Balto."
    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three
      Namor the II then said, "There is a way we can learn if you are the lost cat god reborn if you are curious enough to undergo the test. One of these sports cats that you lifted the curse from would have to agree to sponsor you as your direct feline link. It is their decision; which one's scent is turning you on the most?"

      Balto blushed as he sheepishly replied, "The Lion's Port Rugby Captain, primarily. Although the Metro Pride Panther Captain's scent is forcing a close second as rivals often do."

      The Lion's Port Rugby Captain said, "I was the royal prince of my people back home and this was the only way my father would let me play ambassador with other tribes."

      The Metro Pride Panther Captain said, "Please allow me to participate, Balto. I was an orphan myself until Namor II took me in."

      The Lion captain said, "Please let him be a sponsor. He has a good soul as I know all too well."

      Balto said, "With your permission, I have my feline sponsors. Just remember that if I am this cat god reborn, I need access to my human form or else the family that adopted me might come looking for me. The King Family. My adopted mother is a Veil Magic Academy citizen. Megan King, the published horror author. I do not want to become a character in one of her novels. How does this test work?"

      Removing their clothes and rugby uniforms, the pride panther lovingly inserted his cock inside Balto's tail hole while the Lion's Port prince gave the boy a fellatio while fucking the boy in the mouth and throat with his cock. Namor sat back and watched as if he was monitoring Balto's aura to see if the feline power spiked to reveal the lost cat god hiding within the body reborn. Once the panther gave the boy a nice juicy filling from the rear, he and the lion changed places and now Balto got to receive lion cock.

      Both rugby teams watched out of curiosity until they noted a long slender feline tail growing out of Balto's tail bone and his ears were changing into their feline equivalent and moving to the top of his ever more feline shaped head and muzzle. Balto didn't look lion nor panther in appearance. Instead, He was more of a humanoid saber-toothed tiger man from the Pleistocene era with dark roan fur all over his body and bright green slitted eyes. The test was successful and apparently over; except Balto was extremely yiffy now.

      Namor II could have allowed Balto to lose himself entirely but this was only a test and he stated that his family would intervene if he just disappeared. Therefore, Namor II shouted, "Balthazar Xavier King! He whom calls himself Balto! The test has ended! Resume your peaceful humanity! Do not give in to the primal god that has already lived his day and now seeks to consume your own! Is this the kindness towards cats and Digimon that Balto would represent? Permit the boy to resume his life!" What ever a Digimon is...

      The saber-toothed tiger seemed to go limp as he fell off of both the lion and the panther as the feline parts receded into the body and the human boy appearance took it's place.

      As Balto's body was changing back into his human form, a light show erupted around the boy as the name Balthazar Xavier rotated around in mid-air until a flash of energy erupted and the boy was back in his place with the name Balto King rotating around in mid-air instead. Then Balthazar's voice was heard once more, I am reawakened, Cat Lord! This boy, Balto King is my new vessel and as long as he practices with these reawakened powers he now possesses, I will permit him to become the new Cat God!

      Balto moaned as he held his head in his hands. "What a headache! Not so loud, mom! What the Hell happened?"

      Namor II picked up the boy's shorts and backpack and then he escorted the boy and the two feline sponsors into a bathing chamber where he had the three bathe and get cleaned up. "What happened, Balto is that the test was successful. You apparently are the god reborn as a human. Balthazar is a roan colored saber-toothed tiger with bright green slitted eyes. Before permitting you to resume your human form, he told us that as long as you practice with the reawakened powers within you, he will allow you to become the new cat god."

      He then asked, "What exactly is a Digimon? I am still lost on that one."

      Balto as he sat in the bathing pool said, "Open my backpack and you should find a colorful magazine with the title Digimon on it. It is a picture story adventure and it shows humans interacting with Digimon. Digimon are literally the two words digital monsters combined. Digi-Mon. You may even find a picture of Leomon in there. If my new powers are even similar to how a Digimon digivolves, then practicing with the powers will be a lot easier." When he saw Namor having trouble with the backpack, he added, "Use the zipper."

      A zipper was an ingenious invention and Namor the II soon had the magazine story in his hands as he read over the adventure even noting how the transformation was similar to what they saw when Balthazar changed back into Balto. "You're in luck, Balto. The transformation pictured is almost identical to what we saw when he changed back into you at the end of the test. These zippers are a fantastic invention. Back in my day, we relied on buttons for fastening an opening closed. This makes it easier."

      Balto said, "Buttons often proved to place wear and tear on the strings holding them in place until the buttons popped off. A zipper made a closure easier and more secure."

      Namor II replied, "I can see how that is beneficial. You are free to go, Balto. Return whenever you like. We felines will be restoring Cool River."
      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four
        Within the scented sticky 'Roo' pouch mate training chamber, Levon eventually noticed that he no longer looked human. He was still stuck in the floor bouncing up and down and he could tell the his feet were as big as a kangaroo joey's feet. He could still feel the cock up his tail hole except it felt like he also had several canine like knots up his rump as well. He remembered what canine knots were like when he got fucked by one of Krypto's canine friends. Except they only had one knot each. These 'roo' cocks had more than one. He was beginning to suspect that he wasn't in a 'Roo' pouch mate club.


        In Unicorn Ridge, I suddenly held my head in my hands. I had been standing with the two Academy Lords, an Elite Chosen, and Aeros Purepath. "I just heard Levon yell for help mentally! He said they tricked him! Let me share his location with you guys!" And the moment I did, the Elite Chosen growled loudly as he teleport away and summoned the rest of his Gaea Chosen army at the same time. Aeros remarked, "Dragon trap, I am assuming. Their pouches look a lot like a 'roo' pouch as long as the victim doesn't feel the knots."

        I growled, "Damned dragons! How do they keep getting in?"

        The Academy Kangaroo Lord said, "Ah think Ah know... Their trappers don't read as dragons; they have a joey like appearance which makes their victims think they are meeting roos."

        The Phoenix Lord said, "Their trappy nature pisses off us real species. A fire bird like my people really want to cremate these bastards."

        I sighed. "So how do we restore Levon to his lovable human form. I know he would never want to be a dragon. He was only off by himself due to Beechnut's rut."

        Aeros remarked, "As long as he hasn't been in there for three days, then we can restore him as well as anyone else they trapped with him."

        The fight that occurred at the Dragon's lair in the distant mountains was quite vicious. The dragon was caught unaware; trapped victims had tried to yell for help before. But no one ever showed up before in response to the mental yell for help. The Werewolf Chosen of Gaea had no qualms about ripping a dragon into Reese's Pieces. The dragon quickly found himself pinned down as his pouch scales were ripped painfully and bloodily open. His wings were torn off his body. And then they destroyed his toothy snout.

        Levon then mentally heard, Where are you in the pouch, Levon Colton?

        Levon replied, Training cock fifty-one. Someone named Ian is stuck on number fifty. Most of the others 'ave glazed over eyes. The trappers said we would be joining the Academy Roo Lord's pouch mate club. Ah'm not 'uman any more. Ah 'ate being in this spot. A wave of feeling sad and stupid accompanied the last mental thoughts sent from Levon. The whole pouch just tipped over. The pouch fluids are flowing toward a small exit. We're still being 'eld in the 'oles. No one is falling out.

        And at that moment, a wall of the pouch ripped wide open and scary looking werewolves were seen beyond the opening!

        Levon mentally remarked, Ah see the werewolves through the new rip in the pouch wall! Ah'll rock my 'ead from side to side! And he did this.

        A few of the Chosen pointed directly at Levon as the transformed boy tilted his head back and forth. It didn't take long after that to pry the victims out of the trapper holes.

        The dragon laws never applied to the Chosen of Gaea. Stealing from the Chosen always led to death and destruction. The Werewolves hated Dragons.

        Within my Unicorn glade with purified spring flowing through it, my mother the Druid Queen along with Gaea and Aeros in attendance, prepared the restoration ceremony for the citizen victims. Levon Colton (former human,) Ian Sun-mane (former elf, youngest brother of Fyrehorn Sun-mane,) along with two other victims whom had not been in the trap longer than three days. The rest had been transformed for too long to be restored to normal. Those remaining were sent to the Drake Lord lair.

        My mother had me assist them so I could learn this restoration magic to be added to my Graduate Academy power. Since Levon was someone I knew, I had to assist in this feat.

        As soon as Levon was restored to normal, The Kangaroo Academy Lord provided a cleansing bath for the former victims. "Despite the lie trappers tried to tell yas, Levon, Ah would never trick nice boys to join my pouch lovers. We roos prefer not to call them mates since that is a term the dragons love to use to imply trapees. We roos use the word mate to imply friends. Ah know yas love Beechnut so stealing yas from 'im is never a nice thing to do to a mate. As long as yas learned something from this, yas will be wiser."

        Levon sighed. "When I thought they were roos, they were offering a young person's club that we young people could be part of since the Unicorn Clubs had a minimum age limit. Because the unicorn groups seemed more adult than a normal club, we young people were excluded from participating. Not everyone wanted to be part of My Little Pony so we young people ended up being open game to trappers. Since Beechnut's rut lasts two weeks, he didn't want to infect me. I love him; but I don't want to be a Were-Rabbit like them."

        The Academy Lord said, "Suppose we set up a youth center for the young citizens of the community to be yer own special club. Ah can let some of my sons to meet yas there in complete safety. As long as yas don't start acting like the Unicorn Clubs, the club will be available to yas young people. My sons are well behaved and are not looking for sex. They've mentioned wanting more friends."

        Levon smiled. "I'll behave as long as young people like me go there. I may pet and rub own your sons, if permitted."

        The Kangaroo Academy Lord smiled. "Ah'd like that myself; Ah know my sons would love it. Ah'll make sure the club gets pool tables, card and game tables with snacks and drinks."
        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five
          Early the next morning before sunrise, the third Chosen located me and said, "A wanderer spent the night on the hill in the real world right where Unicorn Ridge would be if we were on Earth. Normally, we would have ignored his presence but while resting just off of the roadway, he was talking to himself about committing suicide by drowning himself at the ocean docks he was hoping to reach by tomorrow night. He apparently thinks that life is not worth living anymore and we were wondering if you thought popping him into Veil would be a good idea or not."

          I looked at the Chosen and said, "In other words, show him something fantastic and see if that changes his mind about living?"

          The Chosen said, "Normally, we of Gaea would let a human off themselves, but there is something about this one that we cannot ignore. He is a teenager traveling alone."

          "Do you want me to go talk to him in my Unicorn form?" I asked as I got up and readied myself. "I can get breakfast when I return."

          Moments later when it would be the darkest before the dawn, I was in my Yce-Chaser unicorn form which had a snow white furred hide overall with a rich Terracotta brown mane and tail. My spiraled horn and cloven hoofs were both pearl-like with hints of diamond and silver. I was using my Academy Graduate powers to read the young man's mind while he rested and I saw right away what his problem was. His parents thought he was useless and they were about to bring a new family member into the household; a baby sister. He came from a huge family of siblings with him being the middle child whose birth seemed out of place even to him. The oldest had been a boy, then there was a girl, followed by another boy... and then he was supposedly born. Seven years later, they had another boy and then five years following that, the newest family member, a girl. Even I could see that the pattern of births from the mother seemed to be out of order with his entering the family. M/F/M/M/M/F. Had the natural order been followed, they would have had another girl in place of him. This young man couldn't fit in ever and even the father showered the others with accolades while telling him that he would never amount to anything if he didn't do the father's occupation, which he had no interest in. As Yce-Chaser, I nosed the young man's face. "Wake up."

          The young man stirred and when he saw what had its muzzle in his face, his eyes opened wide and he said, "Man... you're beautiful..." Then he quickly scooted back from under where I had been almost on top of him. "If I was in your spot, I apologize."

          I chuckled. "Hardly. Don't be so noble, Jareth Damian Von Wyndkell. One of the guardians of this area saw and overheard your plight and asked me to have you walk with me. But if you would rather meet with the Grim Reaper at the coast, I won't stop you. I do need to get back and have breakfast. Gather your things and come with me. I think you will want to see what I have to show you before you end it all." When it didn't seem like he was moving, I added, "Don't make me fuck you this early in the morning. I haven't had breakfast yet and the guardian woke me up really early. You are on the edge of the American Hogswarts community. But we were here for far longer than the author's books were ever written. Now gather your stuff and come with me."

          Jareth grabbed his backpack and loaded his blanket and pillow into it and then he got up and walked along side of me as I led him away from he roadway that passed through this small hill top glade. "Normally, we are not supposed to bring normal people backstage..."

          Jareth said, "Where? Normal... like me? I'm no one special. Besides, you're too beautiful to be going around fucking stupid people like me." Jareth had brown hair, hazel eyes and lightly tanned skin. He was hardly fair, like my human form had been. He was somewhat athleticly built but in his nearly depressed state, he acted as if it didn't matter if he died tomorrow. And then we passed through a fog in the back of the glade and when we stopped walking, he saw the town that he hadn't even thought was there. And then he saw what occupied this town.

          I grinned. "Welcome to Unicorn Ridge in Veil. Continue to walk with me so you don't get lost. The guardians will want to talk to you after breakfast. I have two names. My unicorn name is Yce-Chaser; I am the youngest son of the Druid Queen. My Earthian human name is Daniel Stevens. Your name actually means, 'Gentle Spirit From The Friend's Spring'. If we dropped your surname, then you would simply be, 'Gentle Spirit'. I saw in your mind where you think sexual mythical species are okay in your own personal opinion. There are a few around here."

          Jareth said, "And here I thought by how clean it was around here that none of the special species would be like that. But let me guess; this is public, isn't it?"

          I smirked. "The good stuff happens elsewhere."

          Soon at the Stevens breakfast table, Jareth got to see me change back into my human form so I could have a decent breakfast. "This will likely be the cleanest food you have ever eaten, Jareth. There is no nasty GMO garbage in our food."

          Jareth went and washed his hands before he returned and sat down at the table. "I thank you for this kindness, Daniel. My family are not so nice to each other. Most of the family kiss my father's ass and do whatever it is he commands; I was the odd one out... as if I was adopted."

          I remarked, "I saw that when I read your mind and looked into your aura. As a matter of fact, I saw that neither of your current parents were at your initial birthing but within a day, the doctors were telling them that you were the one born from them. They pulled a fast one and you were the one paying for their underhanded deceit; so you are right... you are adopted. You don't have their genetics at all. Since you were never named at the real birthing, there is no record of your real name. I will stand with you during the meeting with the guardians. You need my support to make it through processing. After breakfast, I need to go check on Desert-Chaser; he's a real unicorn at the glade on our farm property."

          Then I shot a look at the young man. "Do you have any personal good skills that your father thinks are lame?"

          Jareth replied, "I've brushed dogs and horses before. A neighboring farm owner once said that I did a good job and when dad heard about the compliment, he said, quote, 'No kid of mine is going to be working at some pansy penniless job like that!', unquote."

          I smirked. "At the last town I lived in back on Earth, the Beauty Salons were making anywhere from three hundred to several thousand per client every week. So if your father thinks they are penniless, then he obviously hasdn't seen their bank statements. My father before he went crooked was a banker and mentioned whom made the most money in every business. Every business that had anything to do with cleaning and grooming anyone and everything made thousands a month. When we finish breakfast, I'll introduce you to Desert-Chaser and then we need to go meet with the Guardians. Despite how they look, don't get scared of them regardless of what goes through your mind unless they arouse you. Some people have that reaction to them. I usually did before I became a unicorn."

          Jareth asked, "Why did you want to know what my good skill was?"

          I replied, "If the guardians allow you to stay, I might be able to get you in with some people whom could really use your skills and like you, they don't mind naughty talk from a mythic. You'd have some local friends."
          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six
            After the visit with Desert-Chaser, I took Jareth to meet with the five Chosen of Gaea where upon I also gave them my report on what I had learned about the young man and of what I had offered him if he had permission to stay. The five werewolves interviewed him as I stayed out of their way but close by in case Jareth got scared for some reason; but instead, he had the same infatuation in them that I often did, but unlike me, he kept his hands to himself. I would have petted on them by now. Me and my gutter.

            The First Chosen said, "I guess you were told that we normally don't invite just anyone into Veil. But since your situation is unusual and you might find your inner peace in Unicorn Ridge, we will permit you to stay and work with the others locally. Daniel's employement idea is a good one since the two elf boys were saying recently it would be nice to have someone around to help brush their coats and manes. Baron Myrebow is off limits due to an investigation being conducted upon him. But the elf boys, Ycehart Snowhoof and Fyrehorn Sun-mane, are the ones with the employment request. Being elves, they will say what is on their minds; so don't let anything vile they may say disturb you. They have been dating each other, so you are warned about that. Gay sex is normal for them."

            "Welcome to Unicorn Ridge, Jareth Damian. Since you were about to dump the old family anyway, we will drop the old surname and just call you by the first two names. It sounds better."

            I then escorted Jareth off through town to Unicorn Club Lane and took him along the roadway to the Sun-Mane farm where the two hung out together the most. "Fyrehorn? Ycehart? I brought someone to help you with that brushing and grooming job you told the Chosen about needing. You might like him. Brushing animals is something he's done before and he likes open minded mythicals."

            Fyrehorn emerged from around the corner of his farmhouse looking tired and smelling as if he had been having sex with his boyfriend again. "Hello Yce-Chaser. So whom did you bring me?" And I told him Jareth's back story and how he had been about to commmit suicide since his family and him had their fallout. One of the Chosen asked me to fetch him and now he's authorized to be there with us. Fyrehorn smiled. "We can permit you to try out the job, Jareth. I won't ask you to join us; so you can focus on the job itself. But if you do want to join later..."

            Jareth nodded his head. "I know. I can ask. The least you can say is no. Man... as a unicorn, you are as beautiful as I thought Yce-Chaser was. But being an elf boy, I am sure you have had more practice at being a unicorn than he has."

            I commented, "No contest. Fyrehorn and Ycehart likely know more about it than I ever will despite my background. I leave Jareth to you, Fyrehorn. I need to get back to the Stevens farm. I promised my mother I would do some chores today." I then took my leave.

            Fyrehorn smiled at Jareth. "Come with me; I'll show you where to make preparations for the job we will be having you do. And it tends to get a little warn around here when you work, so... if it doesn't bother you, you might want to strip entirely before starting the job."

            He then added, "We don't want you to soak your clothes with stinky sweat, now do we?"

            Jareth said, "How often do you and Ycehart wear clothes? If by your current appearance... I would have to hazard a guess to say that you and your boyfriend regard clothing as overrated."

            Fyrehorn said, "We may have been born as elf boys but once we obtained our unicorn identities, we never changed back. We stay in our unicorn forms all the time. Therefore, you are right, we don't bother with clothing at all. It is a life choice; the same as our being gay."

            He then said, "You should try it; you were going to commit suicide anyway. So what do you have to lose? I know you would likely fit in a lot better. It's inside the next stable door we are about to enter."

            Jareth arched an eye as he entered the stable building with Fyrehorn. "Are you offering to teach me how to do it?"

            Fyrehorn smiled. "My boyfriend, Ycehart Snowhoof, is the better teacher. I am merely suggesting it. Once we have you ready, you can groom Ycehart first and while you are doing that, let him know what I have suggested. I need to go check on my unicorn herd after we have you ready. When I return, I want to get my coat and mane brushed by you. And if Ycehart has perpared you properly for it, I can show you a gay time myself. In case you are wondering, I always give my boyfriend first dibs on educating someone in gay sex. If he won't do it, then I get you all to myself. And he will understand that if he won't play with you after his getting first shot at you. I think you would love getting it from me. But I have to let Ycehart go first. Just tell me if he won't do it. Remove your clothes and set them safely on this table."

            After Jareth removed all of his clothes, including his undergarments and shoes, they were placed on the table and then, Fyrehorn handed him a set of brushes and pushed him through the inner door leading into the area Ycehart was resting within, before closing the door behind the boy. Fyrehorn then headed off to check on his own unicorn herd and to ask them if they would like a new herd member to join them. Yce-Chaser handed him a new boy and there was a good chance the boy would join them if Ycehart refuses to show the boy a good time. The majority of his herd agree that a new boy that Daniel didn't want is their gain and they tell Fyrehorn to see about initiating him.

            Jareth explained what Fyrehorn had said about the gay lifestyle while he brushed on the elfin unicorn's hide and mane. "When I asked him if he would teach me how to do it, he said that you were the better teacher and how you always got first dibs on a new boy."

            Ycehart hummed. "So that's what he's up to... I am glad you told me that the Chosen is letting you do the brushing job we had asked for. However... I can teach you how to have gay sex through example; but if Fyrehorn does it with you, you won't be human afterward. He has had this happen with other people before. I should report him since he seems to be setting you up now. Fyrehorn and I haven't done much gay dating as much as we did before Candace Art-mane got sacked for hobnobbing with evil dragons. I think I would like to earn some major brownie points with the Chosen by not only protecting you but by making sure Fyrehorn doesn't get his nasty cock inside your anus. Let's fetch your clothes, pack up my belongings and go find the Chosen so I can prove how noble minded I am choosing to be with you."

            Jareth said, "I was told that before Daniel had come to Unicorn Ridge, the Unicorn Clubs had been consolidated under one Herd Buck leader and since Candace had been in lock up until his accidental release and Baron had amnesia or something... whom had the questionable Herd Buck been? You and your boyfriend were simply club members during that time and the name of the Herd Buck had never once been mentioned as far as anyone's stories have stated up to now. Do you know whom it had been and if they are still around?"

            Ycehart repplied, "I thought this had already been brought up during the investigation... the original Herd Buck had been a large buck stallion called Thunderstar Puresky. I know he had trained Fyrhorn in how to be a herd recruiter as well as species conversion expert. But come to think of it... you are right. Thunderstar wasn't in town during the Stevens' arrival in Dragon Ridge, now Unicorn Ridge. In fact, he hadn't been in town for weeks before Daniel and his family showed up. We need to tell the Chosen about this."

            Jareth got all of his clothes back on and then he helped Ycehart to pack up his gear and together they quickly teleported into town to where the Chosen often hung out.
            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven
              The five Chosen Werewolves of Gaea listened to Ycehart and Jareth's report in regards to High Buck Thunderstar Puresky and how he was missing just before the Stevens had arrived in the Veil town. They always listened to Ycehart's report about how Fyrehorn had been trained by Thunderstar to recruit and change club members into unicorns through anal sex practices. And upon hearing that Fyrehorn wanted Ycehart to teach Jareth about sex, Ycehart chose to bring this information to the Chosen immediately at the Sept Grounds.

              Chosen One said, "I wonder if Fyrehorn is actually Fyrehorn at all. Thunderstar being missing after training his obedient little unicorn seems a might strange. We will set up a summoning stage and force it to summon Thunderstar to the holding stage and see whom it catches."

              Chosen Five stated, "Ycehart, just in case Fyrehorn appears on the summoning stage, what would be your reaction? The way the stage works is that whomever we name will be the only one summoned even if they cannot remember ever being that person. If Fyrehorn appears instead of Thunderstar, what would be your reaction? I know you said once upon a time, that if you couldn't have a boyfriend, you would kill yourself. We have your original statement on record. Care to append a new statement, Ycehart?"

              Ycehart sighed. "If Fyrehorn appears, then it is over between the two of us. But since Jareth cared enough to escort me here, perhaps he would agree to be my new boyfriend. He has as much as I do. Which is next to nothing. My unicorn club is in idle mode at the moment since most of them have been watching to see what will become of Baron and Daniel's herds."

              Chosen Two stated, "Baron's herd was purged since it was proven that he was a dragon horse and had been lying about his interest in the real Ryce Winfield and in Daniel's artistic brother, Brian Stevens. Baron and all other Dragon Horses under his command were all banished. Daniel's herd is being overseen by Aeros Purepath, the original Gaea approved Unicorn Buck of Veil. Aeros is educating Daniel on Unicorn Herd politics. If Fyrehorn turns out to be Thunderstar, then his herd is also to be dissolved as a false herd. That would leave yours and Daniel's herds. But let us see whom we get in our capture net before we go down 'what if' lane."

              Chosen One had the two stand behind a two-way mirror panel and advised them to say nothing no matter what they saw through the window like panel. Then he joined his brothers beyond the two-way wall and they began the summons on Thunderstar Puresky.

              Jareth quietly said, "If it turns out to be him, you can lean on me for support."

              Ycehart quietly replied, "Thank you."

              The Chosen activated the no-escape shielding around the stage and then they began the summoning of Thunderstar Puresky. Imagery within the stage initially showed a mountain temple where a unicorn buck was held in stasis But slowly that image was replaced by Fyrehorn Sun-Mane as the unicorn buck appeared on stage exactly as they suspected that he would. And as he appeared, he looked extremely angry and yes, he tried to escape only to flatten out on the no-escape shielding and fall back against the stage he was stuck on. Ycehart leaned his muzzle into Jareth's chest and quietly sobbed. The young man held the unicorn gently as he caressed the buck's head fur slowly. Fyrehorn tried everything to get out of the summoning stage. But to no avail...

              Chosen Four said aloud toward the trapped unicorn, "Now how do you suppose Thunderstar got stuck in Fyrehorn's body like this?"

              Fyrehorn growled, "Because I am Thunderstar, you stupid bastards! Why did you summon me out of my temple?"

              Chosen Four said, "Is that where your Unicorn Ridge unicorn herd is currently at?"

              Fyrehorn growled again. "I haven't had a herd since I ascended to my temple! It is forbidden for a unicorn priest to have a herd!"

              Chosen One then pulled a rope and the two-way wall moved aside so Fyrehorn could see whom had seen and heard every word he said. "According to Gaea, it is also forbidden for Unicorn Priests to be dating nor to have sex with any other unicorns!"

              When Fyrehorn saw Ycehart and Jareth in place of the moved wall, his retorts went completely mute. He turned away and hung his head in shame.

              Chosen Four then said, "Based on this evidence, Fyrehorn also known as Thunderstar, you are hereby banished back to your temple in the mountains forbidden to enter Unicorn Ridge ever again. Your herd is abolished for being falsely organized under an officiated priest. Only your direct family may visit with you at your temple. Furthermore, your status as an elf boy is also hereby revoked since you have embraced being nothing more than a priestly unicorn. Do you have anything more to add before we pass this sentence upon you?"

              Fyrehorn replied, "As stated upon Gaea's laws which not even you may break, I have the right to choose where my elf boy status may be directed to. True, I fully crossed over to become a unicorn and I have not used my elf boy form in years, as an apology to Ycehart, I will gift my elf boy status to Jareth Damian since if he wants to date Ycehart, he must have the elf boy status or he would be breaking the laws himself. That is my final word. You can send me back to my temple now."

              Although Jareth's coloration and height never changed at all, the rest of his bodily features took on the elf boy status complete with the pointed elf ears. And then Fyrehorn was transported back to his mountain temple permanently.

              Ycehart looked at Jareth and said, "I won't be a prick to you, as long as you agree to be my boyfriend. I won't make you do ridiculous things... although I should teach you the elf boy basics and magical abilities we have at our disposal."

              Chosen One said, "From now on, your full name will be Jareth "Silverspirit" Damian. Should you learn how to become a unicorn at will like Ycehart, Silverspirit will be your unicorn name. Take him home, Ycehart. And may you find real happiness this time."

              At Ycehart's almost never used farm, the two went inside the main house and after tiding up the bedroom, clothing came off and the two got into bed together and Jareth hugged Ycehart closely. We should get some rest, Ycehart. I won't leave you. I promise."

              Ycehart smiled as he gave his new boy friend a deep kiss on the mouth before pressing himself up close to the newest elf boy and drifting off to sleep.
              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight
                The next day at Rolf's farm, one of the younger Were-Hellhound brothers set up what looked like a clubhouse out at the back fence of the property. Rolf's father allowed the pup to do this since there didn't seem to be any harm in doing so. But within the clubhouse itself, the Were-Hellhound had a back door that led through a hole in the veil curtain which strangely connected to a clubhouse on the Earth side of the barrier. He had discovered this by accident but it was his secret that he wasn't sharing with anyone.

                On this particular morning, he was watching a human boy through the shortcut whom was laying on the clubhouse floor reading a comic book. The boy was only wearing red and blue swim trunks. Nothing else. He had curly black hair, pale grey eyes and tanned skin.

                "Sure wish I had a friend I could play with. But no... I ran away from that horrid foster care home. They always treated me like garbage; always doing chores and never getting any praise. I'd even be pleased to spend some time with a dog."

                The Were-Hellhound brother suddenly said, "Be careful what you wish for, handsome... you just might get it."

                The boy glanced up from his comic book and looked in the direction he had heard the voice come from. Through what he thought was a broken part of the back of the clubhouse, he saw the dog looking muzzle looking back at him. Closing the comic book and sliding it to the side, he reached forth to see if the dog would let him pet on his head. As his hand touched the hound's head, the Were-Pup said, "Bring your comic book with you and I will help you hide from those horrid foster people. They will never find you at my place." The boy almost jerked his hand back but the pup grabbed his arm and said, "You made the wish, kid. Now grab your comic book and I'll help you through the back door into my clubhouse. Then you can pet on me all you like." Grabbing the comic book, he crawled across the floor closer to the opening.

                "You're a talking dog... So wishes really work? Or is this an opening into another dimension? I don't own this clubhouse so I don't know whom built it."

                The Were-Pup said, "I figured that, kid. My name is Yarf. And of course you can pet on me and play with me. Yes, I can talk because I am not a normal dog. As for the opening, you might call this another dimension, but it is closer to Earth than you think."

                The boy said, "You can call me Cale. When my parents died in the train derailment, welfare tried to put me in foster care, but I showed them and here I am."

                The Were-Hellhound Pup helped the human boy through the small opening before he closed the door to make it seem as if there was no other way out of the Earth side clubhouse. "Let me sprawl out and you can pet on me and play with me. I was supposed to be practicing with my penis, but making a new friend is a lot more fun to me." Cale asked, "How do you practice with your penis? A ding dong is a ding dong, isn't it? I could help, if it was permitted. I play with my own quite a bit." Yarf giggled. "I can either suck my own penis or I can insert it inside another friend's tail hole. But if you volunteered to do that, I'd have to teach you how to return the favor on me. And no, you wouldn't hurt me. It wouldn't be the first time."

                Cale said, "As long as you didn't gt in trouble for letting me help you practice, then I would do it. I assume I should remove my shorts, shouldn't I?"

                Yarf replied, "If you didn't, then you wouldn't get them back later. Cum enzyme would accidentally destroy your clothes. Besides, I can see most of your nice body right now. And you can surely see my nice body."

                Cale removed his shorts and set them aside where his comic book was sitting. "Now what do I do, Yarf?"

                Yarf said, "Lay on your back and hold your penis upright." And after the boy did this, Yarf lined up his tail hole as he sat down on top of Cale's penis making his body suck the penis inside of his anus. Then he maneuvered himself as he slid his own cock down between Cale's legs and pressed his own penis inside of Cale's anal ring as he tied with him. "Now hold me close to you and thrust gently into the hole you are in. As we do this, we kiss each other on the lips." And as Yarf lip locked himself into the boy's mouth, he shot a stream of his body swap fluids down the boy's throat. As Cale felt himself becoming as high as a kite on some unidentifiable drug like effect, he barely heard the canine say, "When you wake up... you will be Yarf... And you will forget all about whomever Cale was. Then you will report to Alpha to get dinner."

                The traded boy freed himself from the new Yarf and he grabbed the boy's swim trunks and comic book before he reopened the shortcut door and he went through it closing it securely behind him. The new Cale would go off and check back in at the foster home on Earth. He had been stuck as Yarf for the longest time since the old Yarf had tricked him into trading places with him. Now he aimed to return to a human life albeit one in a new body. His name was Cale and he could work with that. Grabbing the boy's backpack, he searched through it and found the address of the foster home along with what the boy's real name had been. It wasn't Cale; the boy had made that up in his attempt to hide from the authorities. His real name was Luke Macallister. He could make it work. Leaving the Earth-side clubhouse, he headed for the town.

                The new Yarf woke up and looked around himself as he exited the clubhouse and he ran across the field and located Rolf and Daniel talking to the Rolf's father. "I think I'm in trouble! Yarf traded bodies with me! My real name is Luke Macallister! He tricked me into going through a shortcut back door in his clubhouse and then he coerced me into having sex with him! When he kissed me, it tasted like he dumped a drug into my throat! He tried to subliminally make me forget my old identity! But he must not be good at doing the trick because I woke up in this body and knew whom I really was! In truth, sir... I don't want to go back to my old life in the horrible foster home! I can learn to live with this body, if someone will teach me what it is I am supposed to be!"

                I rolled my eyes as I looked to Rolf and his father. "The Chosen are not going to like this. But this boy said he could work with the new form. Yarf sounds like the pack criminal, Rolf. What was it he had done to be under the original punishment?"

                Rolf's father replied, "The original Yarf had attempted to recruit his own Were-Hellhound pack by kidnapping human boys from Earth and changing them into his own kind. He would do the recruiting through sex. When we caught him, his victims were cleaned up as well as we could clean them and then they were placed into the Omega Barn; you know the place. You spend enough time in there with your magic instructor. Once we had Yarf under his punishment, he resorted to body swapping so he could escape from Veil to go do recruiting on Earth. But the only problem he would have with his plan is that as a human, he would lose his recruiting powers and if he didn't return after twenty-four hours, he would forget he had ever been a Were-Hellhound like the rest of us. I don't know how many body swaps the Yarfs have done."

                Rolf said, "Glad I stay out of that trouble."

                I nodded my head. "How many of the Omegas are still the former victims?"

                Rolf's father said, "The only remaining victims are the omegas in the front enclosure; the ones further back are the real omegas. They are a trappy sexual lot. Bart's mother restored him to his human form after the omegas tried to transform him into one of them."
                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine
                  Sherlock Rory Grey was sitting near the Yce-Chaser Nobles unicorn glade watching the unicorns graze and clean themselves in the spring-fed unicorn pool. He hadn't tried to approach any of them and if they even noticed his sitting there, they hadn't reacted to his being that close. As he sat there, a male elfin Satyr boy sat next to him and said, "Which one has your attention, Sherlock?"

                  Sherlock replied, "Flame-Chaser and Marshrusher seem to enjoy each other's company. The unicorn does do not seem to attract their gaze at all." Then he turned and looked at the satyr. It was Fagin "Piperhorn", whom managed to evade the Myrehorn Barons trap.

                  Fagin said, "Marshrusher is gay. I am reading their auras, in case you want to know. Flame-Chaser is bisexual. Desert-Chaser is as open-minded as Daniel is. For the record, Marshrusher has not joined a Unicorn club as yet. But if he did join, he would be a VIP automatically."

                  He then added, "He is Meadowrusher's brother. I don't know if he has any non-unicorn friends."

                  Sherlock remarked, "Aura Reading sounds like a good ability to have. Is it teachable or is it something imbued?"

                  Fagin said, "I can give you some honey nectarine drink and let you drink that while I brush some of it directly on your eyes. Then I would instruct you on how to make use of the new ability."

                  Sherlock asked, "Are there any weird side effects for drinking honey nectarine?"

                  Fagin said, "You only have to drink it once to get the ability; but the first time it is drank, the imbiber gets as randy as fuck for another male. But once the sexual practice passes, it never happens again unless you just want it to."

                  At that moment, Marshrusher was standing in front of Sherlock and Fagin. "If you are going to give this human some of that stuff, I'd like to be there in case the boy needs special help. I know your name, boy, since I was also looking at your aura to see what your experience level was sitting at. You like hoofies and hounds, although there haven't been as many decent hounds of your specific liking for you to play with, so you are attracted to the hoofies like myself and Fagin. If you're interested, Sherlock, I woudn't mind being your special friend in Unicorn Ridge. My place is on the edge of a Western Bog that has a hot springs mud pool that I prefer to soak myself in. I get clean afterward by allowing a nearby waterfall to rinse the mud off of my furred hide. And as Fagin likely told you, I am gay. But I am not into minstrels and bards."

                  Sherlock said, "Then let's go do this before someone gets to wondering why you're showing interest in a human boy all of a sudden."

                  Stopping by Fagin's place to pick up a small keg of the Honey Nectarine drink, the three soon arrived at the edge of the Western Bog lands. Fagin said, "Remove all of your clothes, Sherlock, so they don't get alll messed up while we are out here. You are the only one wearing clothes and no other humans are near this place. The trade off is that you will learn the Aura Reading ability. And Marshrusher wants to be your special friend in Unicorn Ridge. Once you are undressed, we will get the drink prepared for your imbuement. And remember that I have to apply some of this to your eyes to strengthen the effect. It might even temporarily stick your eyes shut since it does contan honey."

                  Sherlock slowly removed all of his clothing and folded them up placng them just behind a rock near some bushes. "What do I do now, Fagin?"

                  Fagin smiled. "Sit on the ground so I can reach your eyes. I need to brush this magical fluid over your eye balls. Then you blink real hard and drink as much of the rest of this small keg as you can. It is okay if it gets all over your body since it can make you smell good to special folk."

                  Sherlock carefully lowered himself into a sitting position and allowed Fagin to begin coating his eyes with the sticky magical honey nectarine fluids. "Lean back on your back for a moment as you close your eyes tightly." The young man did as he was told and whle he was leaned back, Fagin coated Sherlock's penis in the honey fluids and then he coated the boy's anal ring with the fluids as well. Then he applied a rich thick glob of the stuff on Marshrunner's cock and tail hole as he indicated that the moment that he had the boy drink this stuff, the unicorn should have sex with the human male. Fagin was into dryads despite playing with boys occasionally. He was mainly doing this to help Marshrunner to acquire a boyfriend. He then held the lip of the open small keg to Sherlock's mouth, "Drink as much of this as you can in one gulp. When you've done as much as you can, we will help you get rid of the randy feeling you are going to have. Then the Aura Reading lesson." And he tipped the small keg up and most of it went down Sherlock's throat and the rest covered his face and shoulders as it dripped down most of his entire body. Fagin then took the empty keg off to the side and he let Marshrunner get into position to mount the curious human boy. The moment the unicorn cock scored the bull's eye in Sherlock's anus, he knew without seeing that it wasn't gthe faun fucking him.

                  But it was too late to stop the sensation he was getting at that point. "Marshrunner? Did Fagin have you mount me?"

                  The unicorn decided to be honest. "Yes, he did. He is into dryads and had he fucked you, then you'd be a dryad yourself right now. And I think you are nicer as a male. I hope you will be my boyfriend after this experience with me. I am trying not to hurt you, Sherlock."

                  Sherlock found himself clenching on the prehensile shaft that was deep inside his seemingly stretching tail hole. He knew about how dig a horse or a deer was, but this unicorn didn't feel like either of those species; it was almost like a kangaroo cock mixed with a dolphin cock. And then he felt the unicorn kiss him on the mouth and French him by licking deeply into his throat with his longer than imagined tongue. The last feeling was the unicorn's hot seed filling his insides. While he was almost high on that drug like effect, he got the sensation that he was sliding his cock into the Unicorn's rump, but he couldn't figure out how he could be doing that since the unicorn was larger than he was. Once he was in, Marshrunner activated his personal suction and he milked Sherlock's prehensile penis that was as big as his own.

                  Marshrunner had empowered Sherlock to be able to change into a unicorn like himself. This meant a lesson in transformation would also be included in that afternoon's activities. "I love you, Sherlock. I hope you love me to be my boyfriend. I've wanted one for a long time."

                  Sherlock said, "I didn't have to be tricked into becoming someone's boyfriend. I've been dumped myself so I know what it's like.As long as you want me, I will always be your boyfriend. I promise in Gaea's name. Why do I feel so bloated all of a sudden?"

                  Marshrunner asked, "Have you unloaded in me as yet, like I did with you?"

                  Sherlock replied, "I am just now doing so... but it's not helping. It feels like the stomach in my barrel is getting heavier and fatter. I've never felt anything like this before in so short a period of time."
                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten
                    Marshrunner asked with a worry, "Were you virgin before I mounted you?" The boy nodded his head. "Yeah, I was. Does that mean something to you?" The unicorn then looked as if he was also inflating like Sherlock was doing. "We are both pregnant with Unicorn Eggs. You cannot change back until you lay the eggs. I will have to teach you how it is done. Please don't be mad at me for this. I still love you." Sherlock said, "I'm not mad; I was just wondering how this happened so quickly." Marshrunner said, "Unicorn cum is super potent in virgins."

                    The unicorn called out to Fagin. "We went too far, Fagin... the two of us are pregnant with eggs. He cannot learn to change back while pregnant."

                    Fagin sighed. "I'm as much to blame as you are. I saw in your aura on how you wanted a boyfriend and I knew from reading Sherlock's aura that his dates back on Earth had dumped him nearly every time. You both wanted a mate so I made sure you both got together."

                    He then said, "If I didn't have a problem with male on male sex, then I could have fucked Sherlock. But had I, a faun boy, fucked the boy, he would have changed into a female sylph. If a sylph fucks a human boy, the boy changes into a male elf. And then if I fuck a male elf, they stay the species they are. I cannot have sex with a human for fear of changing their species into something they do not want to be. That's why I say I am into Dryads. But elf related species are safe from me. It is so embarrassing sometimes. I have to wear a condom if I want to fuck a male human and not change their species. And fauns like to go all natural."

                    Fagin said, "Unicorns are part elfin is the one benefit of being changed into a unicorn buck. I will keep my word and teach you elfin abilities, Sherlock, as well as Aura Reading. Unicorns have powers and abilities of their own. Marshrunner isn't a club unicorn; he's a wyld unicorn."

                    "Wyld with a Y instead of an I," added Marshrunner.

                    Sherlock arched an eye. "Maybe someone will tell me what the difference is some day."

                    Marshrunner said, "I can tell you now, Sherlock. It is rather simple in truth. Initially, Unicorn Ridge was a locale not a town. It was the place where the Wyld Unicorn gathered to gaze over the lower lands beyond the river. In the old days, most Wyld Unicorns dwelt in the Western Bogs where we are right now. There was no town; just nature, the marshlands and the swamps. When Unicorns were tempted to dwell in the civilized zones known as villages and towns, they slowly lost the ability to be Wyld, like myself. My former mate, Meadowrunner, went into town to join one of the Unicorn Clubs to represent true unicorns. I went into town to ask him to come back; I failed. He said I should protect the wylds and be the beacon in case the town failed so the unicorns could find their way back. And then I met you."

                    Sherlock then asked, "Since you are one of the original Wyld Unicorns, was there ever a real Artmane unicorn in the Wylds, and if so, whatever happened to him before Candace Art-Mane replaced him in town?"

                    Marshrunner eyed Sherlock when that topic came up. "Did Gaea put you up to this, Sherlock?"

                    The boy in unicorn form replied, "Did you deliberately change me into a unicorn just so you could have a slave mate? I ask an innocent question and you start acting suspiciously. Fagin?! A little help here! Don't make me go to the Druid Queen and tell her what you guys did to me!"

                    At that moment, a large Werewolf Guardian was simply standing there. "No need to bother her, Sherlock Rory Grey. We have been watching the newly arriving families to see what they would do. Yes, you asked an innocent question, but Marshrunner's reply is indeed suspicious. He will either answer your question or we will help you to not only abort the unwanted eggs but to lose the form they forced upon you with the dating drug mixed with the Honey Nectarine which is illegal to use. Tearing apart a dragon trapper was fun, but tearing apart a Wyld Unicorn might also be fun. Answer Sherlock's question or defend yourself, Wyld Unicorn!"

                    Sherlock said, "Fagin told me that by drinking Honey Nectarine, I could acquire the Aura Reading ability. But from what you just said, they lied to me. Maybe we should get the Druid Queen and her lightning bolts in here anyway."

                    He then hung his head. "Every time a good looking hoofie or a filthy hound catches me off guard... I end up paying the price and then my scary mother has to rescue me. Jean Grey the Realtor has the scary eyes. Maybe I should let you tear ME apart, sir. I suck."

                    The Werewolf said, "His mother was banned from Hell. Now answer his innocent question. You indicated that Artmane was a real unicorn. If he is in trouble, he might be rescued. We certainly don't want Candace back in the zone."

                    Marshrunner replied, "Are you familiar with the Crystal Canyon, Mister Guardian? Artmane called that place his home. He would go there for privacy and to make decisions in regards to the Wyld Herds. He was a Council Unicorn. One day he went to the canyons and a day later, Candace arrived claiming to be Artmane under an evil donkey unicorn appearing spell. His aura definitely stated that he had a spell cast on him. But I could see nowhere in his aura that he had ever been Artmane. The original Artmane had a pure white body coat with ice blue eyes and a rainbow array of colors throughout this mane, tail and around his ankle socks. His spiraled horn was silver and gold. He always looked like he got into a fairy dust explosion. None of the Bog unicorns liked him and that is the only reason I reacted as I did when asked."

                    The Werewolf Guardian said, "Where did they put your clothes, Sherlock?"

                    He replied, "Near a rock behind some bushes. I really don't know where since Fagin glued my eyes shut before I got changed into this unicorn form after which Marshrunner mounted and impregnated me. He made me feel sorry for him and I let my guard down. Just kill me."

                    The Werewolf growled when he heard the deceit. "Which dragon are you loyal to, Marshrunner? We just killed a dragon in he Western Bogs whom was operating a trapping operation to get new Samates."

                    Marshrunner stated, "I only answer to Gaea; not her lackeys. I am a true Wyld Unicorn; take it or leave it."

                    And it was a good thing Sherlock couldn't see the following exchange because he heard what sounded like an exploding cervine body and the smell of fresh blood was in the air. He knew he hadn't been killed despite asking to be killed. "Something tells me that I don't want to see what just happened. Fagin? Are you still nearby? Fagin?" But there was no answer. The faun was either slain or he fled at the beginning of the Wyld Unicorn's defiance. "Eyes stuck shut... the air smells like a fresh kill... and I'm stuck in a pregnant unicorn body. No one is talking to me and I feel really lost."
                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode Seven: Cleaning Up Unicorn Ridge.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.