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DS-02 Looking on the Bright Side

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    DS-02 Looking on the Bright Side

    This is an ongoing story I've been writing that occurs on an alternate Earth and is not part of any of my given serials. It is about a teenage human boy who is transformed into varied magical animals as he, his brothers and his sister have adventures with locals in Unicorn Ridge. Enjoy.
    This was started on August 23rd 2017 by me (Darrel James Vanwinkle)
    Tags: Human, Wolf, Rat, Lion, Horse, Donkey, Transformation
    Star Morph
    Daniel Freddy Stevens

    DS-02 Looking on the Bright Side.
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    October 13th, 2018

    Chapter One

    Getting settled into our new house was more decent than trying to live on the property of the old witch. Not to mention, the sexy Veil Guardians turned out to be anthropomorphic stud werewolves. I think they are hot on purpose. Pant-Pant Awhoo! And I don't mean howdy. Heh.

    The following morning, came the arrival of the other rescued farmers from the Dragon Ridge trap. Rolf's family and the Burbuck family as well as many others. Whispering-Sky was receiving a magical and medical detox from what the phony High Buck had been doing to him and the other Unicorn Club members as well. If I hadn't distracted Ryce by saying that Brian was into girls, then my brother would have been a hypnotized gay dragon sex slave right now. My brother owes me one. I am glad I met Candace since he made sure I was detoxed from the one time I was with Whispering-Sky myself. I mean, I like Ryce; but he was completely under the phony High Buck's enchantment.

    Ace was spending some time with Jack Burbuck once again as the two were working on farm equipment at the Burbuck garage. It was good hands on experience and Ace was making an effort to be Jack's friend and Jack was keeping his mind and thoughts out of the gutter during the shared work efforts.

    Candace, Brian and I visited Whispering-Sky as he recovered in the Veil Clinic. "Looks like you are doing much better, Ryce," said Candace with a smile. "Daniel and Brian told me that you showed kindness to them. I don't blame anyone in the Unicorn Club for falling under the sex dragon's enchantment. If Daniel hadn't rescued me from the non-space trap, I wouldn't be here now to make sure you got rescued yourself."

    Whispering-Sky sighed as he held Brian's and my own hand in his hands. "Thanks for saving us from the dragons, guys. I really owe you guys some special time. Are we in Unicorn Ridge? I can swear that I hear the Moon Song playing somewhere nearby."

    Candace nodded his head. "Yes, we are in Unicorn Ridge's secondary location which is under Veil Guardian protection. Daniel said that the Guardians were sexy studs."

    Whispering-Sky remarked, "I am sure they are, but even I know not to raise my tail to them. I assume that Ace is helping Jack at the repair business. What became of Lucinda?"

    Brian smiled. "Lucinda met a female centaur who runs a tailoring business in town and she got a job working for the nice mare."

    Candace chuckled. "Sounds like she met Petal Silverhoof. The centaurs in this area are the safest folk a human could encounter. Lucinda should have a lot of fun with Petal."

    Back over at the Burbuck repair barn, Ace was getting to check out Jack's donkey boy body up close as he was promised on the first day. "I think I understand why you loosened your clothes that first day we met. You didn't want to rip your clothes when you transformed. Am I right?"

    Jack smiled as Ace felt over his tail and ears. "Fair is fair, Ace... you also promised that I could see your naked body at the same time. And don't worry about anyone walking in on us. Your brothers went with Candace to see Whispering-Sky and your sister met up with the centaur tailors in town. I would like to know that you can keep a promise as I have with you. So take the clothes off so I can see how toned your body is."

    Ace realized that Jack was right in remembering the deal they both agreed upon as he began to remove his clothes so the donkey boy could check out his body.

    Jack said with a smile, "I wish I could get my human body as toned as yours, Ace. For all the work I do, I always seem to have some flab on me that never goes away."

    Ace said, "It involves exercise apart from actual work. However, when you were undressing, I noticed that you had a dong of a pretty impressive size. If you help me to make my dick like yours, I will help you to improve your body toning like my own. Work is not enough; it takes exercise as well to get your body to develop in the way you want it to turn out. I spent a lot of time in the Winter Creek gym to get my body like this. And I can help you to get your body the way you want it, too."

    Jack sighed. "Ace... my dong's size was acquired like this through same-gender sex and you warned me not to do that with you or else you would bloody my nose. Are you sure you want to improve your own dong to be like mine? I can help you but you made it clear that you didn't want me coming on to you. Your brother Daniel said that you were a homophobic. I don't know if that is true; but if we are to help each other, you need to trust me and not do damage to me. What do you say?"

    Ace sighed as well. "Before Daniel was born, I was raped by an older man and the experience made me rather sour about playing around with other males. Dad almost killed the guy when he found out but mom convinced dad to let the police sort the man out. Lucinda is the oldest sibling. Then me followed by Brian and finally Daniel. Mom died giving birth to Daniel. Dad refused to remarry stating that his love for mom was for all time no matter what. And to honor her, he chose to raise us himself. When Lucinda reached the age of sixteen, she offered to help dad take care of the rest of us. And that helped dad's situation a lot so he could focus on finding better work. But then the Winter Creek recession settled in and we nearly lost everything. We were about to lose our house when Daniel got solicited to receive that phony raffle ticket. But now we are in Unicorn Ridge, so things have worked out well."

    Jack hugged Ace and said, "I promise not to make you uncomfortable, Ace. Besides, you do a great job around here. You learned the craft pretty fast. I am glad we can be friends."
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two
    Ace allowed Jack to take him into the back cleaning room where some careful interaction would occur as Jack taught Ace what fun and development that the young man was missing. Dual cock sucking occurred first which caused Ace to get very aroused from the donkey tongue activity over his underdeveloped penis. Jack then grabbed some lubrication oil and carefully applied it all over his own tail hole as well as Ace's penis which made the young man even more aroused. "Now press your penis into my anal hole and I will help you get the large dong you were asking for. You will be in full control, Ace. I promise." Ace did as he was asked and he found that it was as educational and as fun as the magical donkey boy had said it was. And as he proceeded to pleasure Jack with his own tool, he did not notice a donkey tail growing out of his own tail bone nor the donkey ears growing up out of his head. As Ace continued to hump into Jack's backside, his penis felt as if it was growing which distracted him from noticing that his head was slowly and painlessly changing into a donkey boy's head like his friends own head. His entire body began to get covered in a light coating of donkey fur. Jack could sense that Ace was getting close to releasing into him as he said, "You're almost there, Ace. Thrust in as hard as you can. After this session ends, you will be able to impress any girl you want to show a good time to."

    And then Ace did as he was asked one last time and as he emptied himself into Jack's backside, only then did he notice his donkey muzzle sticking out of his face. "Jack? What did you do to me? Why did you change me into a donkey boy?"

    Jack replied, "Remember how I said you would be in charge all the way? Well, you let your animal out finally. And as I promised, your dong will be as developed as my own from now on."

    Ace wanted to kick Jack for doing this to him. But the activity did feel strangely good. "How do I return to normal?"

    Jack smiled. "I will teach you the magical ability to shift between forms. But first, you have to permit me to return the favor to you so you can receive the transformation ability that my family share. After that, you will be able to change between human and donkey boy at will. Now you know why I had you remove your clothes first... I didn't want you to rip your clothes, Lampwick style. You still trust me, don't you?"

    Ace felt his anger drain out of himself when he heard Jack ask that question in that sad donkey manner of speaking. "Yes, I still trust you, Jack. You just surprised me by changing me without warning me it would happen first. I cannot present myself to dad looking like this."

    Jack petted on Ace slowly. "I will return you to normal, Ace. But think of the fun you can have with a donkey boy form." And then Jack proceeded to return the lubricated favor to Ace's new body which was capable of handling it at that point.

    Back in town at the tailor shop, four male centaurs came in and as they handed their sister Petal her bag lunch, one noticed Lucinda working in the back and said, "Who is the new lady at the sewing easel, dear sister?"

    Petal replied, "She is the Stevens girl, Lucinda Daria. She has skills in tailoring and gardening, much like our family does. She is polite and a joy to work with. She likes horses and half-horses like our species."

    Petal's youngest brother who was about Lucinda's age who was also more equitaur than centaur approached Lucinda's easel and looked over her shoulder at her tailoring work. "You are good at this, ma'am."

    Lucinda replied without looking up at the nice equitaur, "It isn't so difficult to do. Gardening is as easy as this. Give me a minute to finish these stitches and I can spend some politer time with you. I am not ignoring you, sir; I just need to finish this sewing exercise."

    The equitaur then said, "Its okay. I am not the best looking taur in the family. You don't have to spend any time with me."

    Lucinda finished up the stitching she had been working on before she slowly spun herself around and look up at the more horse than man equitaur stallion and said, "Oh wow... I really don't mind spending time with someone with as nice a voice as you have. What do you call yourself?"

    "My family calls me Ferdie. You don't have to spend time with an unattractive equitaur like me. I don't want to distract you from your work."

    Lucinda stood up and gently caressed one hand over Ferdie's muzzle. "It is lunch time anyway. Why don't you spend the lunch hour with me and we can talk? I see that your brothers brought Petal her lunch and While I am dining, perhaps you and I could get to know each other better."

    Ferdie blushed from Lucinda's touch. "If you are sure you don't mind being seen with me, I will have lunch with you. But we need to let Petal know where you are about to go so she doesn't think the worst later."

    Lucinda escorted Ferdie over to Petal and said, "I am going to take my lunch break with your brother. I will be back in an hour or so."
    End of Chapter Two