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APQC-IVW-01 Emerald Mobian Daze

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    APQC-IVW-01 Emerald Mobian Daze

    South Island - Q.C. Planet

    QCP: IVW-01 Emerald Mobian Daze
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    April 4th, 2016

    Chapter One

    Isaac Von Wagner was naturally excited on Christmas Morning. Lord Albert the Cat Lord of Quad Counties Planet was allowing the Von Wagner family to move unto QC South Island to a farmland promontory where a small farmhouse was located just outside of the city of Mobotropolis, as per Wulfmar Von Wagner's request. Isaac's mom, Dietricha Von Wagner whom was sometimes called Trisha, and his brother, Lewenhart, though he preferred to be called Leo, and his near perfect and gosh darn beautiful and gorgeous sister, Sommerosa Von Wagner, were all taking this move in stride. When Wulfmar was laid off from his job, he never expected to be offered a new job in the South Island promontory doing nearly the same thing he had done before, as the caf? proprietor and pastry chef, in a higher traffic area. But their fortune was all due to the chance encounter Isaac had just before Christmas with a Devil Mouse named Zecma, who was on a gifting mission to deliver games to deserving young people.

    The Von Wagner family were in their Winnebago as it drove down the highway. They had been living out of their home on wheels. The family dog, Dolfwin, a large friendly male German Shepherd, quietly rested in his doggy bed and the family parrot, Agna, watched from her cage, while the family focused on the road ahead.

    "It was awfully nice of Lord Albert to make the arrangements for my new job and our new home, Dietricha," said Wulfmar. "We should be there in another few minutes."

    Dietricha smiled. "Our own farm like I grew up on when I was a girl. We can grow our own food and maybe have a cow for fresh milk. And some chickens for eggs. And pigs for bacon and ham."

    Leo said, "I just hope we get there before the Winnebago needs more petro. Lord Albert never mentioned any gas stations."

    Isaac exclaimed, "There's the Transportal leading to South Island on Q.C. Planet!"

    Wulfmar nodded his head and turned the Winnebago off through the quiet Transportal from the main freeway. Then they made a left and got into the correct lane, as they drove onward as they approached the citizen entry gate into South Island.

    Standing in the check booth was the pink hedgehog, Amy Rose of Sonic X fame. "Hello folks. This is the citizen entry to South Island. You people don't look like locals. May I see your passes please?"

    Isaac quickly said, "You're that really cute fortune teller Amy Rose, right? Lord Albert told us to have you call in a check on Line Groups on the arrival of the Von Wagner family who were given a farm just North of Mobotropolis on South Island."

    Amy Rose blushed from the praise. "Von Wagner, you said?" She then looked through some private messages that she had posted on her wall. Then she saw the name Von Wagner on one note. She read the information, then turned and smiled to the family. "The Von Wagner family! Yes, we have orders to give you VIP clearance. I'm sorry I held you up. Please go right on in. Drive onward for 2 miles to the edge of the city, then turn off on Great Forest Bypass North. When you reach Knothole Farm Road, hang a right and drive onward for about five hundred feet and you will find a mailbox with your name on it. Simply turn into the driveway and you're there."

    Wulfmar smiled at Amy Rose as he drove on through the gate. Following Amy Rose's directions, they soon turned on to the Great Forest Bypass North and continued on until they saw Knothole Farm Road, which seemed to be an unpaved county road. They turned right on that and drove on until they saw their donated mailbox with their name on it. At that point, they turned into the driveway and got their first look at the absolutely beautiful farm house, barn, stables, a like new tractor, a new lawn mower, and crop fields. The farm was surrounded by a wooden white fence. Dietricha exclaimed, "Oh my. I thought Lord Albert said this was a little farm."

    Leo giggled. "Maybe to a cat lord like him it did seem little. I like it."

    Wulfmar smiled. "I can see me working that field on the weekends."

    Sommerosa said, "I like the sea breezes near the farm." And Dolfwin looked up at his mistress when she spoke.

    Dietricha suddenly pointed across the road toward a neighboring fence and said, "What is that?"

    The Von Wagners all looked in that direction and what they saw was a brown and tan cat like being that was the size of Leo and Isaac. It wasn't looking their way, but seemed to be paying attention to its own corn field. Isaac said, "I'll go find out what it is. Be right back." And he started for the Winnebago door.

    Wulfmar said, "Isaac! Be careful!" Isaac grinned at his father. "Dad... this is cartoon land. I'll be fine." And he was out the door and heading across the road toward the fence to where the cat like creature stood. From the Winnebago, they saw Isaac and the cat like adult shake hands and talk at a short amount of time about a few things.

    Finally, the family saw Isaac return with a smile. He opened the door and said, "You aren't going to believe this! Our neighbors are Mobian Cats! They grow corn in their field and pop the excess amount, coat it in caramel and sell the result to the markets in town! The adult I spoke to was called Merick Cat! His son Kurt Cat goes to school at Knothole High School!"

    Dietricha smiled. "Sounds like you learned the name of a new school friend, Isaac. Okay everyone... lets get this Winnebago unpacked and see about claiming our bedrooms." Once they were unpacked with Dolfwin stationed in his doggy bed in Sommerosa's room and Agna's cage posted near the front door, the family were looking over the bedroom arrangement. Wulfmar said, "According to the floor plan of the farm house, this is the master bedroom. And this is a daughter's bedroom. And this bedroom is for an older son. And..." He paused, as he looked over the rest of the floor plan. "Ah, there it is. The last bedroom is... there." He paused again. "No, that can't be right. The last bedroom isn't even in the main farm house." Isaac asked, "So where is my bedroom located, dad?" Wulfmar said, "Believe it or not, Isaac, you head outside to the kitchen deck and cross over to the stairs leading to second floor over the stables. You will find a balcony mini-deck and a door that leads into your bedroom."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Trisha arched an eye. "Are you serious? That sounds like a long trip for Isaac to take every day to get to the kitchen and the bathroom. Are you sure that's the last bedroom." Wulfmar replied, "According to the layout, there is a bedroom on the second floor of the stables with stairs within leading down into the stables and in the back of that bedroom is a walk-in closet hallway that leads to his own bathroom. But there is only one kitchen."

    Isaac never complained at all, honestly. Zecma did promise that he would see about getting Isaac a summer job at one of his gaming shops in the city, so Isaac was willing to endure anything. Not to mention, he had met a New Mobian their first day on the farm. His father was going to be checking in at the new work place in the morning to see what the inventory in the cafe was going to need. They were a strong German family and that meant delicious German food for the locals. His mother was going to be in contact with Knothole High School, mainly to check to see if their school records had arrived as yet. Little did Isaac know what Saturday morning was to bring.

    December 26th on the new farm was like the best Christmas present ever given. His dad had a new job; the family had a new home; and every sibling had their own bedroom. And the best part was that Zecma had assigned a Mack Deviroo live-in lawyer to Isaac while Lord Albert had assigned a Yuskay Hell Hound Lawyer for the rest of the Von Wagner family. His Mack Deviroo Lawyer was called Daniel Amberpouch and his coloration was the same as amber in a nice sexy sort of way.

    Isaac had finished his dinner and helped his mom wash the dishes earlier and now, he was out for a walk on the huge farm land, mainly following the fence line. Back near the woods in the far back of the farm that separated the farms from Mobotropolis, he saw good looking 2-tailed brown fox gathering shiny rocks. Isaac couldn't help but to say hello. "Konnichi wa, fox boy."

    The brown two-tailed fox glanced over the fence and smiled. "You must be one of the Von Wagners. My name is Leagues Prower." He flew over helicopter style to the fence and he shook Isaac's hand. "And what is your name?" Smiling, the boy replied, "I'm Isaac Von Wagner, the youngest member of the family. What are you doing?"

    Leagues grinned slyly. "I am gathering shiny stones for my father, Tails. It's a punishment. I would rather be romping in the mud swamps with Dasher Dingo, Kurt Cat, and Rupert Hedgehog. They really know how to have fun." Isaac grinned back. "I met Kurt's father already. He was pretty nice."

    Leagues nodded his head as he continued to pick up shiny stones. "Kurt helps me with my homework." Then he stood up again. "Thanks for stopping to talk to me, Isaac. I really hope you are going to school at Knothole High. You are okay. I have to get going now or my father will invent something else for me to do. Bye." And with that, he began spinning his two tails like a rotary helicopter and flew off through the woods to the south. Isaac smiled. "He even flies like Tails and he is cute too. I better get back to the house now. At least I learned some more local names." And he headed off and back toward the farm house.

    At the kitchen table, Isaac sat down after washing his hands and he saw his mother with a rare "look" on her face that no good child ever wanted to get. "Um, mom... you have that... look... on your face... did someone do something bad again?" Dietricha looked at her son and said, "I just spoke with the South Island School Board. They don't have school buses on the island. Instead, they have a school escort service. When the school escort arrives on Monday, you and Sommerosa will be going to Knothole High School."

    Isaac was actually happy about that, but he didn't dare show any happiness about it while his mom had that "look" on her face. "So what exactly is escort service, mom?" His mother replied, "The South Island school escort service is to either ride with the aerial express or be carried by one of the courier Hedgehogs who deliver packages all over the island. I would prefer that Sommerosa ride in something where she can sit down, but if you want to be carried by a Hedgehog, you can do that. This means you will get to see Kurt Cat in school."

    Saturday morning brought about every faction of the locals of South Island. Princess Sally, Amy Rose, Bunnie Rabbot and Goldie the winged echidna showed an interest in Sommerosa, which was typical for Mobian Anime females. Leo was meeting up with Eggman and Geoffrey Skunk, two of the college instructors who were pitching the idea of college at Isaac's older brother. As for Isaac, he was serving refreshments to the visitors as the perpetual nobody. He was almost wishing that he had gone to Mobotropolis with his dad and the Yuskay Lawyer. But his mother had convinced him that perhaps he would meet some of the local teachers from school.

    However, thus far, they hadn't seen a single teacher from Knothole High School at all. "Mom?" Isaac said. "I'm bored." Dietricha hugged her son and said, "Okay, Isaac. I guess we were wrong about the teachers. You can go and talk to your cute lawyer in your bedroom if you would like. Or even watch some TV while you're in there. Maybe you can find some caring cartoons to watch."

    That statement got the Mobian visitors' attention, but they quickly began to wish that they hadn't turned to look at Mrs. Von Wagner because they were soon receiving that "look" that she as a mother was famous for giving out when she was upset. Isaac chose not to wait to see what would happen to those people who earned the 'look' as he went inside the house and turned on the TV and sat on the sofa beside his Mack Lawyer with a sigh. "I was excited about living here originally... now, I feel like I'm the family servant that no one cares about." The Deviroo Lawyer hugged the boy. "Zecma and Ah care about yas, mate."

    At that moment, a familiar Mobian blue hedgehog walked in from the kitchen and smiled at Isaac. "Oh, I'm sorry. Is this the Von Wagner residence?" It was one of the many versions of Sonic the Hedgehog, in the fur. Isaac smiled as he stood up. "Yeah, this is the right place. I'm Isaac Von Wagner." Sonic Blue smiled as he shook Isaac's hand. "I will be one of your teachers this year. Sorry we were late. I had been having breakfast with Tails Gold and Shadow when we were reminded by Knuckles that the welcoming committee was supposed to be coming up here today. I know you will like going to school at Knothole High School." At that moment, Tails Gold, Shadow Black, Knuckles Red, and Jet Green came into the living room and greeted Isaac with smiles. Isaac was happy now. He was getting to meet some of the greats of South Island. "Am I ever glad you guys showed up today. I was starting to get bored." Knuckles Red said, "Where is your mom at, Isaac?" Isaac escorted the Mobian echidna over to the window curtain where they both peered outside where they could still see Dietricha Von Wagner with her famous "look" on her face. Knuckles whispered, "I hate to admit this but that "look" actually scares me." Isaac grinned and whispered back, "That is my mom's famous "look" that no good child wants to get. You know you're in trouble when she makes that face. She is literally not the woman to cross when she gets like that." He then hugged Knuckles and pulled him away from window and returned to join the others once again.

    Daniel quietly observed the meeting between the teachers and Isaac from the couch where he smiled at the thought that his client looked happy.

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      About an hour later, Isaac was entertaining his guests in the kitchen of the farmhouse. At that moment, Sommerosa and Dolfwin came inside from outdoors and immediately headed upstairs to Sommerosa's room. Isaac noted that his sister looked upset. Agna exclaimed, "Rawk! No toucha the dog!"

      Jet Green then said, "That was a good looking police dog." Isaac looked at the green Mobian Bird for a moment. "His name is Dolfwin." Jet Green replied, "A fine and strong German name. I noticed that your whole family has a German theme, Isaac. That probably makes you a very reliable young man."

      Isaac now looked to Shadow. "How do you feel about our heritage?" Shadow Black replied, "As long as your dad's cooking at the cafe is as good as I hope it is, you guys can be any nationality you want to be." Isaac nodded his head with a hum. Tails Gold came over with a glass of milk and said, "I am looking forward to see what classes you take in Knothole High, Isaac." Isaac smiled at the two-tailed Fox. "I saw your son last night gathering shiny stones." Miles grinned. "He was naughty so that was his punishment. He chose that over cleaning Sonic X's toilet with a single paper towel." Isaac laughed out loud at that information.

      At that moment, Leo came into the kitchen and saw Isaac's guests. "These guys are from Knothole? You are so lucky, Isaac! Your instructors are some of the most famous Mobians on the island!" Isaac turned to his brother. "It is so cool, Leo. By the way, what happened earlier with Dolfwin and Sommerosa? We saw them both go through the kitchen and up the bedroom stairs."

      Leo giggled at that point. That obviously meant it was a classic 'do not touch my dog' moment. "Bunnie Rabbot tried to pet Dolfwin and Sommerosa came unglued, like she usually does. The next thing everyone knew, the bionic rabbit was lying on the ground and Sommerosa and Dolfwin were quickly heading into the house."

      Knuckles chuckled. "Too bad it was Bunnie. There are worse citizens I would like to see take a fall." Isaac asked, "Who would be worse?" Knuckles replied with a grin, "Guilbert Coyote, Montalban Echidna, and their leader Wilbur Wolf. They are the school bullies."

      That evening at the dinner table, the Von Wagner family was gathered for a meal and Wulfmar was telling the others what his job was to be like in Mobotropolis. "I don't see how the previous owners got anything done before I was given ownership of the cafe," Wulfmar remarked, as he spread some butter on his corn bread. "The Yuskay Lawyer helped me to restock the supplies, as well as port in some all new appliances. He even hired some planar beavers to give the cafe a makeover to make it more suited to my needs. I will have to hire a waitress next week to help serve customers."

      Dietricha said, "We met the teachers today, dear. Isaac and Sommerosa's teachers to be are a pretty okay bunch, for stunt doubles of the original Mobians, but everyone has to work I suppose." Leo piped in, saying, "I totally agree, mom! And the college reps tried to pitch going to their college at me. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I would be working the fields here on the farm, dad."

      Dietricha said, "I informed them for you after you went into the house."

      Isaac was eating quietly, but with a big smile on his face. He was kind of wondering who Dasher and Rupert were; the two others that Leagues had mentioned as being his and Kurt's buddies. Then he noticed everyone looking at him. "What?" Wulfmar said, "Your mind was in the clouds, Isaac. Dietricha just said that we wouldn't be here now if it weren't for your meeting Zecma."

      Isaac chuckled. "I just got lucky, that's all. Besides, if my mind was in the clouds, the Superheroes of Meta-Star City would be splatting into it as they flew over on their patrols. Could you just imagine...?" Dietricha cleared her throat. "Ahem. Not at the dinner table. Or do you want that... 'look'... tonight?" Isaac kept quiet after that.

      Sommerosa finished her dinner, and said, "I am going to give Dolfwin his meal and then we will be heading up to my room." Then she stood up and headed into the kitchen to get the German Shepherd's meal prepared.

      Leo then said, "Just so you both know, the teachers mentioned who the school bullies were at Knothole High this afternoon." And he told his parents what had been said. Wulfmar replied, "I am sure Isaac won't be anywhere near them as long as Kurt and Leagues are around him."

      Later that night, Wulfmar and Isaac were seated in deck chairs on Isaac's private mini-deck in front of his bedroom over the stables. "This is a pretty quiet spot, Isaac," said Wulfmar. "You have a nice arrangement out here." Isaac grinned. "I'm still surprised that my bedroom is actually out here with its own bathroom and away from the main house. It is almost like VIP quarters. And its a lot quieter in there than you might think, dad. I slept beautifully last night. Especially with my not having to hear Leo's snoring. He is worse than grandpa ever was."

      Wulfmar chuckled. "I think he is worse than your mother..." Isaac giggled quietly. "You better watch your mouth, dad... you have to sleep with her tonight."

      Sunday morning was upon them before they knew it. And Isaac heard someone knocking on his bedroom door. Daniel Amberpouch poked the boy who then got out of bed wearing just his briefs and walked over to the door and opened it sleepily. Standing on his deck was Kurt Cat, the son of the Mobian Cat from across the road. "Morning Isaac. May I come in? Your mom told me you were up here." Isaac yawned and stepped out of the way, allowing the Mobian Cat to come inside. Then he closed the door and headed back toward his bed sleepily. Apparently, Isaac was used to sleeping in on Sunday morning. "Nice undershorts, Isaac."

      Isaac stopped and blushed as he came awake immediately and looked over his shoulder at Kurt. "Um... how did you get in here...?" Having already forgot that he let the boy in. Kurt chuckled. "You opened the door for me, silly. Leagues told me last night that you met him. He said you were really REALLY nice. Thanks for being polite to him. He is a good friend. Anyway, I came by today to help you with choosing your Knothole High classes. I brought the schedule book, forms, and everything. Your mom said it was a good idea so you wouldn't waste a lot of time with this stuff on Monday morning." Isaac yawned again and sat on the bed, almost missing it. "Okay, come on over and sit down with me. Let's see these things. I normally sleep in on Sunday morning. Why are you up so early?" Kurt came over and sat very close to Isaac. "Mischief," he whispered. "Don't tell anyone..." Then aloud he said, "So... let's get your classes figured out." Isaac grinned. "My bedroom is soundproof, silly. Your whisper isn't going anywhere."

      End of Chapter Three