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[QC-AV-01] Isaac/Sienna
When Isaac Von Wagner and family move to South Island in Lord Purzo's Alter-Verse, their Mobian adventures truly begin.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[QC-AV-02] Daniel/Star Morph
When Daniel Stevens is transformed into varied magical animals, he, his brothers and his sister have adventures in Unicorn Ridge within Lord Purzo's Alter-Verse.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[QC-AV-03] Andrew/Warlock Donkey
When Andrew Te'ruegaze migrates into Inner City he learns both magic as well as the moon-touched lifestyle within Lord Purzo's Alter-Verse.
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[QC-AV-04] Vaughn/Action Ace
When Vaughn Keeley gets involved in Underworld politics as well as the Ground Keepers Guild, interesting adventures with Hell Donkeys, devil species and sexy mice are the order of business down below.

This adventure occurs within the Lord Purzo Alter-Verse.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[QC-AV-05] The Crusaders
A collection of alternate heroes from a forgotten time band together to fight the villainies of the modern age.
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[QC-AV-06] Tennessee/XM
(XMTG) Ten years after Evion was destroyed, the sons of the greats living on the Frontier planet of New Fairdale help their sponsor boy to find his place among the heroic toons.
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