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KF-SRC-02 Reindeer Reunion

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    KF-SRC-02 Reindeer Reunion

    KF-SRC-02 Reindeer Reunion
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    May 24th, 2015

    Chapter One

    With Braymeister's apprenticeship ritual far behind him, Meteor found that the night in bed with the sorcerer was actually fun. After a hot bath the next morning, the restoring of his virginity occurred since Fenris had paid for it. Then came the Aurora blessing which enabled Meteor to actually learn magic himself and be able to cast the magic independently. Next up, Braymeister spent the next few hours teaching Meteor the proper magic for switching forms, which he found could last longer than a few minutes despite what the lying Dolene had tried to tell him.

    A few minutes, his ass. Braymeister said the ability to hold a form was based entirely upon the spell caster's own willpower, not in the practice of getting better with the spell. Meteor would be able to hold the human boy form for as long as he needed it while in Veil. Same went with using his reindeer form while on Earth. According to his new master, werewolves did the exact same thing when they shifted forms on Earth. Dragons could do it too. Which was how they could walk among humans without being noticed. Of course some people could see through the magic but those numbers were among the few.

    Since he was still a member of the Stunt Core, he still had to go check in with Commander Thunder at headquarters. Braymeister let him go to do that and reminded him that Thunder would be expecting a reindeer, not a cute and sexy human. And thus, Kristofer changed back into Meteor and began his flight back through Christmas Town toward Stunt Core Headquarters. When he walked in the front door, he almost bumped directly into Thunder from Behind who was in the midst of roll call for the stunt reindeer. "And who knows where Meteor is this morning?"

    "I am right behind you, sir. After I spoke to Santa, Fenris borrowed me and took me to see Braymeister up on the mountain. I am just now getting back. Turns out the doe in question was that lying female reindeer, Dolene. Santa told me to avoid her. And Braymeister said that she took over Adrian's old wizard workshop in Ornament Valley."

    Thunder snuffed his nostrils before shoving Meteor over into the line-up. "My orders were every morning for role call, without fail. If Fenris had vouched for you, I wouldn't be upset with you now. Since you cannot obey orders, you will help Sledder with this morning's mail run. Comet be damned if he asks me where you are. This is a punishment for not following orders."

    "You were the one who said I should go ask Santa about Salena; now you are mad at your own mistake and are taking it out on me? Its a wonder anyone wants to be in Stunt Core if they have to put up with this?" He probably shouldn't have said those words, but sometime later, as he found himself weighed down with mortar bricks and hitched up to the mail sleigh, Sledder said, "You have some big balls for back talking Thunder like that. I think most of the stunt core had goosebumps on their goosebumps when you told it like it was to him."

    Meteor said, "I don't have to stay there, you know. Braymeister apprenticed me earlier this morning and I'm learning magic from him with Santa's own blessing. If I have to, I can move into my master's tower."

    "And old Thunder has no clue," said Sledder. "I think you should tell Fenris what went down concerning Thunder. He didn't used to act like he's acting now. There is something seriously wrong with him."

    Suddenly as if on cue, Fenris stepped out of the timberline directly beside the mail sleigh. "Tell me what, Sledder? And why are you loaded with mortar bricks, Meteor? That's a mining reindeer punishment. I haven't seen something like this since back when I was a pup."

    Sledder and Meteor both told Fenris what Thunder had done that morning and how mad he got when Meteor back talked him. "And then he loaded all these bricks on Meteor's back. I wanted to say something, but I was afraid he would do that to me, too."

    Fenris cut the ropes on the bricks and threw the bricks off into the forest. "I will go and arrest Thunder for failing in his duties and doling out a punishment without informing me about it first. I don't have to answer to him or anyone else, save for Santa himself. As head of the Secret Police, if a reindeer is with me, no punishment or anger can hold since simply being with me is explanation enough. When you boys return to Stunt Core later today, Thunder will be gone and I'll have Santa assign someone else to run the place. You did nothing wrong, Meteor. Not to mention, your legs tastes good." He winked with a chuckle before bounding off to do his duty.

    Sledder looked at Meteor as he got the sleigh moving again. "You let him lick your legs?"

    Meteor shook his head. "How can anyone stop someone that big from doing whatever they want to anyone? I didn't just let him lick my legs. He was supposed to be memorizing a scent of that doe who had tricked me earlier yesterday evening. As he sniffed me over, he nearly wrapped his tongue around my groin and rump. He nearly scared me to death when he did that."

    Sledder smiled. "Since he obviously got to taste more than just your legs, you are lucky that he likes you. The story goes that Fenris never really had many friends when he was a pup, and you are a new face for him, so he is taking a chance on you for a friendship."

    Meteor grinned. "Either that or he is recruiting for the Secret Police." And then Sledder chuckled, "You stood up to Thunder. You would make a great Secret Police reindeer. As I said before, you got big balls to stand up to Thunder."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    When Meteor and Sledder did return from the mail run, there were a few new reindeer faces in the saloon portion of the headquarters. Codine was back from the detox clinic. Donder was standing next to a reindeer with crescent moon markings on his muzzle. And the new stunt reindeer in charge was an albino reindeer with piercing blue eyes. Unlike Blitzen he had a lightning mark in the center of his forehead. "Oh good, Sledder and Meteor are finally back. I am Whiteout. I know a funny name for a reindeer, but we each have our quirks. After Fenris arrested Thunder and took him away to see Santa, these other reindeer showed up. Most of them say they know you, Meteor."

    Codine smiled as he gently brushed his nose against the side of Meteor's face. "Am I ever glad to see you. I finally got cleaned up. But Lunar, here, says he knows you far better than anyone does."

    Lunar turned to look at Meteor as he said, "Son!" And he rubbed his neck against Meteor's neck.

    Meteor smiled as he recognized the voice. "Dad! What are you doing here? Mom will flip out if we are both missing."

    Lunar smiled as he pulled back and looked his son in the eye. "Wolfe explained things to me and then he told me how I could find you. So unless your mom knows to hit the ranger station, then we have some time. What's been going on here in the meantime?"

    Meteor then explained everything that had been occurring since he joined the stunt reindeer core. "Apparently there is a huge plot going down, Dad. Codine may have been just one victim of this plot, but I think Dingle the Drug Elf had accomplices."

    From the open doorway leading outside, Both Santa and Fenris were seen as Santa came inside and said, "Go on, Meteor, we're listening."

    "That magic usurping doe, Dolene, who had recently taken over Adrian the reindeer Wizard's workshop in Ornament Valley was definitely acting suspicious since she had the balls to lob spells at Fenris while she was getting away from him. Braymeister was the one who told me that she had claimed Adrian's workshop after that reindeer disappeared mysteriously. I think Dolene is but one of the players in this plot. And now, normally stable-minded Thunder goes off the deep end with no explanation."

    "Interesting that you should bring that up, Meteor," said Santa. "The doctors say that Thunder is affected by a drug like toxin which makes it so he cannot think properly and he may act in kind. So now, Thunder is in detox himself. If you are right, Meteor, then this drug gang is the biggest thing to hit the North Pole in quite a while."

    Lunar looked out the door at the big wolf, "My son's ability to deduce things stems from my line of work back home where I was a private detective. If you wouldn't mind the assistance, perhaps the stunt reindeer core could double occasionally as your police force. Meteor told me you were the head of the Secret Police here at the North Pole. Would you accept my assistance in this case?"

    Fenris smiled. "Your son has been invaluable here as of late and I am quite fond of him and his own brand of assistance. It is a good idea, otherwise the stunt core are not really doing a lot these days; most could use a good outing. If Santa will give his approval, I will swear in the stunt core as my secret police assistants."

    Santa nodded his head. "Good assistance is hard to come by, Fenris, and they are offering to be that help. I will leave this up to you and the stunt core."

    Fenris nodded his head. "With Santa as my witness, I Fenris, head of the secret police hereby accept the offered assistance of the Stunt Reindeer Core as members of my Secret Police Force. Lunar, since you have more knowledge of investigations among the reindeer, I will leave the education of investigation to you for teaching these other bucks. If you find anything out simple call my name into the forest, and I will come. I need to be going now before the elves try to decorate me again." And off he loped out of Christmas Town.

    Santa looked to Lunar and said, "Mr. Falkner, I am aware of who you are and I am surprised you chose to come and join your son in this adventure. But your offer of assistance is greatly appreciated at this time. I will make certain the authorities back home do not interfere nor mark you people as deceased. I need to return to my workshop now." Then he called out, "Rudolph! Could you come down here, please!"

    Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer quickly leaped up and with Slyly the arctic fox hanging on to his back, he darted down the stairs. Soon, he was standing in front of Santa. "Yes Santa, your honor. Did you want me for something?"

    Santa said, "While Lunar is educating the older stunt bucks in the art of investigations, I want you to travel along with Meteor, Codine and the other young bucks of their number. Primarily Meteor. Slyly, your job will be to find out whatever you can regarding this drug gang and how they are sneaking that vile stuff into Christmas Town. At best, they are in your territory without your permission. I will leave these things up to you." And then he departed to return to his workshop.

    Rudolph looked to Meteor. "It will be fun getting to know you."

    Meteor rubbed the side of his reindeer muzzle aside Rudolph's own. "Nice to be able to hang out with you, Rudolph. Is there someplace we can go while the adults are busy?"

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Mrs. Claus then came in and she handed Santa a radio missive. "This just came in regarding Meteor and Lunar's home town on Earth."

      Santa opened the report and quietly read over the information listed within. "Oh my, they didn't waste any time. Your ex-wife's fiance burned your house down, Lunar. Neighbors reported the fire and now the authorities are trying to find the two of them since your neighbors said that they last saw your ex-wife's car near the house just before the fire consumed your home."

      Meteor said, "Now you know why I never wanted to be alone with that woman. Dad had to raise me by himself."

      Lunar said, "The authorities will deal with your mother and her boyfriend, son. As for our house, we can live here at Stunt Core for now."

      Santa said, "They are currently trying to locate you through your pickup."

      Lunar replied, "Unless they go out to Wolfe's ranger station in the National Park, then they won't find it. And I didn't tell anyone that I was going there before coming here. Although the thought of my ex-wife freaking out after getting changed into a slutty doe is a humorous thought to think about. I'm not sure about her boyfriend, though."

      Meteor asked, "What is the furthest South we could drop my mother and her fianc?e within without letting them be reindeer?"

      Santa remarked, "That would be Pepper Port, where a bunch of Jazz Skunks live in the bayous. I don't know of any other Veil Gates that go that far South."

      Lunar slyly grinned. "That sounds a lot like how she used to be back when I knew her in high school. Always perfuming herself more than necessary. P.U."

      Meteor smiled. "Mom the skunk... Please, pretty please? For a little while to set the species so if she ever comes back, she keeps becoming a skunk?"

      Fenris smirked. "Well, he isn't saying forever, Santa."

      Santa glanced at Mrs. Claus. "What do you think, honey?"

      Mrs. Claus replied, "For the mother, Pepper Port sounds like a nice place for her; but her fiance should be sent to Foxy Farms. Slyly was telling about the place once."

      Rudolph blinked his eyes hard! "But ma'am! That's the home of the arctic's gay fox population! Why would Slyly mention that place to you?"

      She replied, "They supply cinnamon shipments which I have trouble getting for baking purposes. They aren't interested in women, so I can make purchases from them."

      Santa said, "I could see the benefit in separating the two of them."

      He then pulled out a crystal ball and looked into it. "I don't believe it, Lunar! They are heading toward the National Park! How could they figure that out so fast?"

      Lunar replied, "I suppose she would remember that I befriended Wolfe the first time my son was missing. Could we have them pass through separate veil gates during the drive before reaching the turn off? She could be dropped into Pepper Port while her fiance lands in a bunch of amorous foxes at Foxy Farms. I happen to recall that when anyone first passes through a Veil Gate they always lose their clothes as they become the animal of choice for that region."

      Meteor said, "Good memory, dad. I remember when I first lost my clothes when I arrived in this body. Never found where they went."

      Fenris grinned. "And you won't, either. Earth fabrics cannot make the crossing through these gates. You enter clothed and arrive butt naked in the fur."

      Meteor said, "Rudolph, Slyly and I will go see my magic instructor up on the mountain for now. I do need to check in and give him the update about Thunder. Until the drugs made Thunder start acting wonky, he came across as a nice guy. I liked him. You seem like an okay reindeer, Whiteout. You heard me say where I was going, right? Braymeister's tower up on the mountain."

      Whiteout nodded his head. "I learned magic from him myself. You go on ahead and learn whatever you need to from him."

      Meteor along with Rudolph and Slyly departed Hooves in the Sky and headed off toward Sleigh Run Peak where Braymeister's Tower was located. Just as they were about to enter the outer gate of the Donkey Boy Wizard's tower, Meteor noticed a weird elf holding a wand that looked like a lit cigarette which he aimed and fired at the two reindeer and the arctic fox. "Dive for it, Rudolph!" shouted Meteor as the ray barely missed the three of them striking a tree which changed the tree into a drug scented giant mushroom!

      End of Chapter Three