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[Puck Police-05] Sponsor A Prince

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    [Puck Police-05] Sponsor A Prince

    Mallard Thunderbeak
    "a Mighty Ducks - the Animated Series universe adventure"
    Mighty Ducks characters and concept owned solely by Disney
    Mallard Thunderbeak aka Sigmund Wyndtrough owned by Darrel Vanwinkle (writing as Lord Pouchlaw)
    All other characters owned by board members (at The Legacy @

    [Puck Police] Mallard Thunderbeak
    Episode Five: Sponsor A Prince
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    June 15th, 2019

    Mallard Thunderbeak, male former human now a Mighty Duck duplicate of a young Canard Thunderbeak, hero
    Stefano Webster; Electronics and Mechanics specialist
    Caesar O' Donald nicknamed as Zero; Ace pilot and weapons specialist
    Eira Swanson; Communications specialist
    Fiona Ducaine; Swat Operative and Tactician
    Falcone of the Raptrin Brotherhood of the Blade; detective; customs agent
    Harmony Harper; Puckworld Sports Representative and Reporter for the Nightly Puckworld News team; undercover

    Carol Mason, female human, wife, junior Olympic Figure Skater
    James Talbot, male human, friend of Carol's; practicing magician, wealthy eccentric
    Captain Ace Kannis, male human, legal guardian for Mallard; Police officer in San Francisco
    Aramus E. Quincy, male human, best friend to Mallard's human half; huge Mario Brothers fan

    Dr. Theodore Quark, male Puckworld medical technician, allied to Wraith

    Chapter One

    The next morning, Mallard had been monitoring the big game through a satellite link connected through Drake One. Mallard had already gathered Carla and Maverick earlier and they were all three evaluating the slaughter which the bruising barbarians were performing on the Mighty Ducks. "Man, you weren't kidding about Phil's request to have us show up, Mallard old buddy," remarked Maverick as they saw that how overwhelmed the ducks were in their own arena.

    Carla then seemed to be counting players on the ice (on the satellite screen.) "Mallard, correct me if Ah am wrong, but in Earth Ice 'ockey, what is the legal number of players allowed on the ice? Ah am seeing the normal number of ducks; but the bruisers 'ave more than six bulldozing our friends."

    Mallard arched an eye as he caused the screen shot to zoom out so they could see the entire rink at the same time. "Good call, Carla. Time to go in there and make our appearance. I am sure the visiting referee will complain when we show up, but if the opposing team can have more than the required amount, then it makes sense for the ducks to even the score. They better feel fortunate that we didn't bring the entire Resistance with us."

    Maverick said, "And with the sponsor boy coming in, it would be bad for him to see his heroes lose a game on the day he arrives."

    While they were watching the overpowering brutal game in progress, Zero and Stefan noted another flying jet craft rocketing into the Anaheim air space. "Seems like the sponsor boy is getting a ride with the Swat Kats, boss duck!" exclaimed Zero as they held their position near the Anaheim Pond arena.

    The ride aboard the Turbo Kat Swat Jet to Anaheim was a bit over the top in Casey Glendon's opinion but since he was getting to ride with the Swat Kats, he wasn't going to complain at all. Daffy Duck had made the escort arrangements and this was the fastest way to get to Anaheim. Soon, as the Turbo Kat Swat Jet was drawing near to Anaheim, T-Bone asked, "Is this your first trip to Anaheim, Casey?"

    "Yeah, I really did not expect to win the contest, T-Bone. Thanks for giving me a ride to the Pond," Casey remarked as the Swat Jet continued its trek into the city limits of Anaheim. Although the city was a part of Los Angeles, it was a marvelous place to behold. Soon, the Turbo Kat Swat Jet came in for a landing in a nearby parking lot facing the Anaheim Hockey Arena where the Mighty Ducks called home. Casey smiled when he saw the full color sign that advertised the Hockey team. Once they came to a complete stop, T-Bone and Razor helped Casey out of their jet and unloaded the boy's suitcases before walking toward the Pond's rear entrance. It was normally locked but with a game in progress the only person guarding the door was Officer Klegghorn. "Good, you guys are here," stated Klegghorn. "Daffy Duck called me to let me know that the contest winner was on his way with you two. And as long as you boys don't blow up any buildings in Anaheim, you can stay." He held open the door for the mega kats and the human boy as they entered the back part of the arena where they were to meet up with Phil Palmfeather, the Duck's stocky manager.

    When Casey saw Phil talking on his cellphone as was typical for him to do, he picked up a chocolate icing cream-filled long-john and waved it in front of the manager's face. "Mr. Palmfeather. I am Casey Glendon, the contest winner for Sponsor a Prince." Phil then ended his call and took the treat with a smile. "Casey, Baby! Welcome to Anaheim! As you can tell, the ducks are just finishing up a game on the ice. They will be so pleased to see you. Come with me to Drake One and when they come in from their game, we can surprise them." After a ride down the elevator to the Duck Lair, Phil showed the Swat Kats where to take Casey's luggage. "Wildwing decided you could have the room right next door to his. Nosedive's room is on the other side of yours. They even put their names on their doors so you could find your way around later on. The bathroom is right across the hallway from your room." After depositing the suitcases into Casey's room, Phil took Casey back to the main Chamber and turned on Drake One which had a default view of the Hockey game in progress top side.

    Then Razor handed Casey a special communicator device and said, "Gerard Prince said that if you ever need any assistance after you get moved in, feel free to call him on this communicator. Although you might end up with his adorable friend... the Devil Kangaroo named Arnie Roo; he is a lovable hyper Underworld Kangaroo. Take care of yourself, Casey; T-Bone and I need to return to Mega Kat City." He gave the boy a hug and then allowed his big partner to hug the boy before the two mega felines departed.

    Mallard grinned when he saw the Turbo Kat Jet lift off and depart back to the East. "Let's get down there and get cleared with Klegghorn. As long as we don't blow anything up, Officer Klegghorn is okay with our being in Anaheim.

    Arriving at the rear entrance and having a few brief words with Klegghorn in regards to how the other team was cheating, the reserve team entered the arena where they soon arrived at the edge of the arena and they began to get their skates on. The Mighty Ducks were three points behind when the reserve team arrived. Wildwing looked tired while Mallory was sitting in the penalty box. Grin and Duke looked determined while Nosedive and Tanya were being blocked off by the opposing team members from having a clear shot. Mallard then spoke to the referee before getting the affirmative before they skated out on to the ice where they briefly said something to Wildwing before taking their positions. Mallard had what looked like a police badge on his uniform and looked very much like a young Canard Thunderbeak. Maverick looked as if he had just came in from a wild west Texas styled ranch. Carla appeared to be as athletic as Duke but almost as built as Grin. Not to mention, she was as gorgeous as Mallory. An Amazon like duck.

    The announcer then said, "I've just been given word that the Mighty Ducks' reserve players have just arrived albeit late for the game. Entering the ice is the favorite officer of fans and players alike, Mallard Thunderbeak from San Francisco, as well as the cowboy duck from Texas, Maverick Rhone. And the reserve team's Australian lady... Carla McCall. A true Amazon among the ducks. The opposing teams now have the same number of players. And it appears that the opposing team's manager is starting to raise a complaint to the referee about the new arrivals. And I see Mallard skating over that way to give his two cents. It appears that the Mallard is diffusing the complaint and now he is pointing his hockey stick at each one of the opposing teams' players who are on the ice one at a time. Let's see... one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. And he is pointing at the three in the opposing penalty box. Oh my god! Too many players on the ice at the same time. And now, the opposing manager is being lifted off of his feet by one of Mallard's powers and he is being levitated back across the ice to his own penalty box. Now Mallard is having words with the referee. I can see Mallard indicating the number six on his hands. And the referee is calling for a time out. The referee is now entering the ice and he is shouting at the opposing team. Now I see Mallard heading up this way to the announcer's booth where we have a camera man who has been recording the game. And if I don't miss my guess, he is wanting to see the tape for today's game." Mallard then arrived in the announcer's booth and he grabbed the microphone out of the man's hand. "Damned right that's why I am up here. I want to see exactly when the extra players entered the ice and what the score was when they violated the rules. Scores will be decreased to the totals that existed at the moment of violation. Unlike the rest of these high school drop-outs, I have a college education and I can count."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Mallory who had been in the penalty box for her two minute violation, suddenly stood up and exited the box as she skated out to speak to Wildwing and Duke. Nosedive was ecstatic over the reserve ducks being in the arena. "Hey Carla, How are things down at the station?" asked Nosedive to the Australian Amazon duck. "Once I got off my acre and around the traps, my mates and I had a big barbie. Youse should have been around the traps with us; we even had a cooler of tinnies." Australian Slang Translation: Once I got off my ass and out and about, my friends and I had a big barbecue. You should have been out there with us; We even had a cooler of beer.

    Mallory quietly said to Wildwing and Duke, "Are we so tired that we didn't notice their overwhelming us with extra players on the ice?"

    Wildwing replied, "Between Phil running us ragged with the publicity outings and our hunting and fighting Dragaunus and his boys, when we do get back to the pond, we are understandably tired. And don't forget that we have a sponsor boy coming in to join us; the winner of that Sponsor a Prince contest thing. He's a duck lover and he chose us."

    That was when the California state Hockey authority arrived at the edge of the ice as the man was joined by Mallard who showed him the video evidence of that day's game and how the opposing team chose to unfairly disregard the rules and how they complained when the reserve team showed up to even the odds.

    Phil approached Mallard and he said, "I sure am glad you are on our side. With the Sponsor boy awaiting the ducks in the lair, I am planning on decreasing the duck's publicity outings so they have time to show the boy a good time. Maybe you could consider having a Sponsor boy in San Francisco, Mallard."

    Mallard replied, "If Wraith would leave me alone, it might be a good idea. However, you might be in luck on another angle, Phil. Several of the Puckworldian ducks under my command are itching to play some professional Ice Hockey. If it pans out, you could receive up to twenty more ducks for the Mighty Ducks team here in Anaheim."

    Phil smiled as he gave Mallard a hug. "That's what I like to hear, boobie! Keep me informed on their desires and I won't be trying to stick a contract in your beak!"

    Mallard turned the stocky manager and set a serious gaze upon him. "Is that a promise, Phil?"

    Phil was in an iron grip as he replied, "Yes, I promise, Mallard. Besides, you already agreed to fill in as the reserve team during just in case situations."

    Mallard made a scary face at that point. "If I find you going back on your word, Phil, I am going to forward embarrassing nude photos of you and your jelly donuts to TMZ. With my X-Ray vision power, I already see more than I care to see at the oddest times."

    Now the duck's manager looked very worried. "I didn't know you had X-Ray vision, Mallard. How crazy are your powers currently?"

    Mallard grinned as he released Phil. "I am the Anasian version of DC Comics' Superman with a bit of Marvel Comics' Dr. Strange thrown in for good measure and mixed lightly with some wild dimension hopping abilities. I cannot imagine what Wraith was thinking when he arranged for me to be transformed into this mixed up duck hero."

    Phil then said, "To understand a Saurian one has to be a Saurian and I think you have enough issues with being a duck. But if you get curious for scaled heroes, The Dinosaucers are located somewhere in Northern California. At least that was what a news team reported one time. Dragaunus avoids them with good reason. I need to focus on my team, Mallard."

    Mallard let Phil go as he went to join the rest of the game in progress. When it was over, he gathered up the reserve team, said their farewells to Wildwing and the others, and then Mallard escorted the reserve team back to their own individual home bases before returning to Angel Island in San Francisco.

    The next morning, after he had just finished breakfast, Mallard noted on his security monitor that Dragaunus had arrived on the estate grounds by himself and holding a white flag. When Mallard emerged from his mansion, he had his latest learned power activated around his head. Mallard's eyes were glowing as if he were wearing the Mask himself.

    "Make it good, Dragaunus. What do you want this time? Since you didn't punish Wraith, our alliance is on shaky ground."

    Dragaunus irked when he saw what looked like the Mask's power glowing around Mallard's duck head. "We want our navigation chip back that you stole from us. I find it hard to believe that a law duck has to resort to stealing to get the point across."

    Mallard's aura flared at those words as he replied, "You promised me that you would wring Wraith's neck for creating me in the first place. Yet he still looks as healthy as ever and he even had a new staff at the last combat encounter. I arranged for you to get the Raptor and your team back to 'a' Puckworld and not more than twenty-four hours later, we learn that you guys were back on Earth in Australia stealing Uranium reserves from their government. True, we didn't see you, but your dishonest slimes were there. And what looked like the Raptor was parked next to the Uranium mines. You last told me that you wanted to get yourselves as well as your ship back to Puckworld; and lo and behold... after getting your wish, you came back to Earth. That means that you lied to me. If our alliance means something to you, Dragaunus, fulfill your word in regards to Wraith or else... I start acting like my friend Aramus Quincy and go Koopa hunting. Especially if you want this..." And Mallard produced what looked like the navigation chip in one hand. Just as he had produced the chip, it vanished out of his hand as Wraith appeared next to Dragaunus handing it over to their leader. "The plan worked, my liege."

    Mallard grinned evilly as he then produced a second Nav-Chip out of his pocket that looked like the first. "Are you sure, Wraith?"

    Dragaunus then examined the chip he was holding before he sniffed it and then carefully unwrapped the shiny foil off of it to reveal what appeared to be a candy bar. "What is this, Mallard?"

    Mallard smirked. "Its the latest Star Wars candy bar made to look like a navigation chip. Did you really think I would come out here with the Nav-Chip on my person?" And then he snapped his fingers and Wraith's newest staff vanished from the Saurian's hands and it appeared in Mallard's hands. "Stronger material this time, Wraith. And as you can see, I can use magic now as well and it is your old staff's fault. That's why I told Siege that you made my powers stronger. I am not surprised that he didn't give you my message."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Dragaunus then popped the chocolate bar into Wraith's open muzzle. "We got the navigation directions back to Earth by accident when Chameleon was listening to what sounded like a space radio station origination from Planet Stallos II in the Sol system. After repairing the ship, we back-traced the radio signal and getting back to Earth was easy after that. I wasn't ready to leave Earth yet, Mallard. Getting resources was not my goal; destroying the mask IS."

      Mallard grinned with a laugh. "That's all you want? Why didn't you say so? Wait here." And he tossed the staff back to Wraith before he went back inside the mansion.

      Dragaunus arched an eye. "He is going to hand the mask over to us? I find this turn of events a little hard to believe."

      Mallard magically teleported himself down to Anaheim where the Sponsor Boy party was occurring in the Pond and he picked up the Mask which Wildwing was not wearing at the moment and using his magic, he duplicated the mask to make an exact twin. Then he placed the original back into its original resting place before teleporting himself back to Angel Island where he made a twin of the Nav-Chip. He placed the new Nav-Chip just inside the duplicate of the Mask directly between the eyes of the new Mask. Then he emerged from the mansion and he walked directly over to Dragaunus beak-to-snout and said, "Examine the mask to make sure I am not tricking you, Dragaunus. As for Wraith, I am still not happy with him. We can retain our alliance with the same rules as before. As you can see, I have not joined the Mighty Ducks. I still hate ice skating. I do it for my lady love but it is not something that I like to do." He then handed over the mask and slowly stepped back from his ally to watch what Dragaunus would do with the mask.

      Dragaunus held it up in front of Wraith's snout. "Is this the mask, Wraith?"

      Wraith used his magic to examine the mask as he said, "It is, although our Nav-Chip is inside the mask. Had you stomped on the mask to destroy it, you would have inadvertently destroyed our Nav-Chip at the same time."

      Dragaunus reached inside the mask and he found the chip stuck to the mask with a piece of Duct Tape; the stuff Mallard was fond of using on Nosedive. "I guess our alliance remains intact, Mallard. However, punishing a Saurian Sorcerer cannot be done in a way that would be noticeable. Breaking a staff or doing physical damage to him would not have a lasting effect. Contacting his old Master does have a lasting humiliation. On Sauron, he is referred to as The Leee-Zard by his apprentices. I find the nickname rather appalling. And now I should go make sure Siege is fulfilling the latest shopping list legally. Even a Saurian has to eat."

      Mallard then asked, "And where is Chameleon today? Hellfire really hates your useless joke of a henchman. And as long as Siege isn't in Australia, Carla won't rip him a new one."

      Dragaunus then chose to remind his ally of a loophole in the agreement. "Mallard, our agreement states that my minions have to stay out of New Puck City as well as San Francisco unless they are with me directly. Your own words. When Chameleon was in Texas and Siege was in Australia; those places were not stated in the original agreement therefore... we don't have to stay out of those areas. You can be mad at yourself for not thinking ahead. We have been obeying the original contract... at least I have been. Wraith as you are well aware tends to do whatever he wants. We did help you to sort out Aramus a while back. We didn't have to do that, but we did. Come on, Wraith." And the two vanished off of the estate's property which made Mallard slyly grin.

      After Dragaunus destroys the mask and thinking that Wildwing no longer has access to it, he will be cursing for sure when Wildwing uses his mask to find him.

      Following that, Mallard spent the rest of the day in a swordsmanship lesson with Falcone in a private training chamber under the estate. Mallard had chosen to strip down to a simple loincloth and Falcone was doing the same. They were truly alone in the training chamber with no cameras watching them.

      Just after falling on the mat on his feathered butt, and Falcone sitting on top of him, all of the electrical power on the training level suddenly went out leaving the two in complete darkness. Mallard said, "Not like we planned, but since you have me where you want me, Falcone, perhaps we should talk about your romantic attraction to me that I have detected within your mind ever since my mind reading power activated the other day."

      Falcone irked. "I was trying to keep that thought private, Mallard. I mean, I do like you a lot, but you always said you were loyal to Carol. I don't want her to kill us both."

      Mallard remarked as he made some sort of movement in the dark. "I also said I was not beyond showing a little love to a teammate if they asked me to give it. I have never done anything with Nosedive nor Zero, but since you seem to like me a lot and you are not younger than I am, and we have time and no one is going to walk in on us... show me what you've got, sweetheart."

      Falcone slyly grinned. "You naughty little duck! Remove my loincloth while I was distracted, will you?!'re asking for it!" Then he moved his hands to return the favor and then he noticed. "You already removed your own; I really hope Carol doesn't kill us."

      Mallard chuckled. "Until the power comes back on, the only way out is to teleport."

      And time passed quietly afterward in the dark.

      Eventually, they both heard Mallard's communicator come to life. "Hey boss duck? Where are you? We're about to get the power restored. The Bay area was hit by a minor earthquake." The voice was from their teammate, Stefano. "Ace said he is going to need your help."

      Mallard activated his comm link. "Falcone and I were having a sparring lesson in one of my private training chambers. We'll get cleaned up and then we'll be on our way. Mallard out." Falcone said, "Don't forget to grab our clothes and gear before we hit the showers." Mallard grinned as he held on to his partner and teleported the both of them up to their Pucklantis bathing quarters where the power was just fine and the two got cleaned up and dressed in their gear. "Now to get us back to the others. I won't say anything if you won't." Falcone grinned back. "Sometimes you gotta play a little hard ball to cum out ahead. You are a fast learner, Mallard. Now let's go save some lives." And the two were transported back to Angel Island via Mallard's teleportation power.

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Mallard assisted Ace Kannis by looking for trapped people and using his levitation power to move debris out of the way. "I am so glad the Mighty Ducks strengthened the Angel Island base for us a few weeks ago or else our home would have been a big mess."

        While the clean up and rescue effort was going on, Duke L'Orange arrived with Grin Hardwing to lend assistance. When Duke laid his eyes on Falcone, he tensed up. "Why are you out of lock-up?"

        Falcone replied, "Way back when Mallard was getting New Puck City arranged, he agreed to my parole offer to assist him with his Puck Police and city building exercises. I have been sworn in and everything so I am out legally. Not to mention... Mallard is a lot of fun. Why are you and Grin up here?"

        Duke replied, "The others took Casey shopping for school supplies and Grin and I agreed that shopping was not the job for a Resistance fighter so we told Wildwing that we would come up here and help with rescue and clean-up. How crazy has your adventures with Mallard been so far? He can certainly twist Dragaunus around his little finger."

        Falcone grinned slyly. "With that X-Ray vision of his, he often sees more than he cares to. He was getting some fencing lessons from me earlier today. And the kid is good. I am glad he isn't Canard, although Canard is helping Drake 2 with a few projects."

        Nearby, on a motor scooter, Aramus Quincy was toting around bottled water and Zero was talking to the video game fanatic. "We haven't seen you around in a while, Aramus. How was the Mario marathon going before today's earthquake?"

        Aramus smiled with a grin. "I was actually done; I was just searching for Easter Eggs in the game. So when Mother Nature had enough of my being a perfectionist, she shook the power off and I chose to bring bottled water to the boys in blue. Sigmund once said that he saw me as a hero; so I am hopefully performing like one by bringing fresh water to the police force. And how have you been, Zero? You and I were getting along great before Sigmund bought me the newest Mario games."

        Zero sighed. "Lonely at times. Mallard permits me to sleep in the same bed with him when Nosedive has to be off in Anaheim, but I have missed your company, Aramus. I know you don't like ducks all that much, but would you take a second chance with me?"

        Aramus hated to see Zero looking and feeling all alone so he gave the pilot duck a hug as he whispered, "For you, Zero, I would. You are the nicest thing that has ever happened to me. Ever since Sigmund married Carol, I've been afraid to come over and spend any time at his place. Carol scares me; James was okay, but Carol can be creepy... like the She-Hulk from the comics."

        Mallard grabbed a hold of a broken section of roadway that had fallen on motorists just beneath on the roads below and he used his super strength and flight to lift the section of roadway up and out of the way to give paramedics easier access to those whom needed treatment. When he heard that a car door would not open, he flicked part of his levitation power in that direction which made the door POP open as you would a perforated soda can... as the car door bounced along the ground and out of the way.

        Ace said, "Good exercise of multi-tasking, Mallard. Make sure that section of roadway gets back to the highway department so they can repair the roads here later."

        While dropping off the section of roadway at the highway department, for the second time in his life, he distinctively heard what sounded like someone pulling back the hammer on a rifle like gun and he immediately homed in on the individual holding the space age rifle which was being aimed at a group of five teenagers. Four males and one female. The brute with the gun was none other than Bracchio of the Tyrannos and he was aiming at the Secret Scouts or more to the point, at the newest Secret Scout, Jerry Lakes. Very quickly, Mallard fired off his Frozen Sight power which encased Bracchio in that ice that not even Mallard himself could break once it was on someone. "Ice Age, anyone?" he exclaimed as the Tyranno froze solid in the super cold glacial block of Puckworldian Ice. And then as Mallard flew over to check on the teenagers, he saw Allo and the other Dinosaucers stepping out from their defensive positions to speak to the Secret Scouts. Mallard then landed in their midst. "I never expected to see the Dinosaucers so close to the Bay area. I am Mallard Thunderbeak of the local Puck Police; a former human. Are you teenagers okay?"

        Allo shook Mallard's hand. "My friends and I were coming down this way to offer our help to the earthquake victims. The Tyrannos are angry over our newest secret weapon, Jerry, whom can change into various Dinosaucers from our team. We didn't know about the local Puck Police."

        Mallard grinned. "I'll clear you people with my law enforcement sponsor and then we can get twice the clean up work done. Aside from that, if you would like an alliance with the Puck Police, it is being offered. Our home base is on Angel Island."

        Allo remarked, "Our home base is at Lava Dome in Northern California, just outside of Pine Ridge. And an alliance sounds like a fine idea."

        Moments later, Mallard had the Dinosaucers lined up in front of Ace Kannis where upon he explained why Allo and his friends came to the Bay Area. Ace said, "If my boy, Mallard, is vouching for you, I will accept your offer of assistance. We could use all the help we can get. Thankfully there isn't as much damage as what had occurred a few years ago."

        Following that, clean up progressed a lot faster than usual including up to the point when Dragaunus appeared and assisted Mallard with a job he had been working on. "Fancy seeing you up here by yourself assisting with a humanitarian effort. What's up, Godzilla-Red?"

        Dragaunus replied, "My minions are acting asinine again and I thought I would spend an afternoon with you, Mallard. Far less inane at this location."

        Mallard grinned. "When you are not up to no-good, you are actually pleasant to be around. Aramus is free of his Mario games and like Maverick, he does not like Chameleon."

        Dragaunus said, "Wraith asked me for a chance to prove he can do an assignment without screwing it up. He took Chameleon with him. As you may recall, I once told you that Chameleon is little more than a joke. I told Wraith that if he changes anyone else into a duck, he would be the next duck victim."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Mallard remarked, "If Wraith would obey you and stay out of my region, I might consider the idea that Wildwing pitched at me the other day. He said that I should consider having a sponsor boy in the Puck Police. Not like I don't have enough mammals to keep track of, that is..."

          Dragaunus stated, "In regards to that... Casey Glendon told me via mirror communication that if a fan chose the Saurians then the Mighty Ducks could do nothing about it."

          Mallard grinned slyly. "Before you get the idea to sign up, ally, just remember that the sponsor child has the right to call you 'dad' and if it isn't a title you are used to hearing, then you should rethink the idea. I just know that Wildwing is going to be annoyed over the idea when Casey calls him that a few times."

          Dragaunus then inquired, "How is the sidekick thing going?" Yes, he chose to change the subject.

          Mallard sighed. "I am due to get Nosedive back tomorrow night. I wish I didn't have to give him back to his brother every few days or so. It is hard to teach him how to be a good law duck if he has to return to his explosion happy brother just about the time I am starting to wean him off of needing to cause property damage during an outing. I am thinking about laying down an ultimatum in regards to his being with me. He has to swear off causing property damage even when he is with his brother's team. Otherwise, all he is doing is thumbing his beak at Ace and I in the Puck Police. Its either follow my instructions or leave my service. I refuse to have a trigger happy duckling on my team."

          Dragaunus nodded his snout. "You should lay down the rules and make the Mighty Ducks obey them. Better said than done in my opinion, however."

          Mallard remarked, "Duke and Grin are both in San Francisco right now assisting with rescue efforts and I haven't heard a single boom out of either one of them. I know it is only a matter of time, but I am serious about putting a rule breaker on ice. That is how I am keeping Falcone in line and it works in regards to him."

          Dragaunus said, "I was flying the Raptor over Greenland the other day and a blizzard had the entire region buried in snow and ice. When I scanned the area to see if you were okay, that's when I saw that you nor any of the Puck Police were even in the country. When were you going to update me on your leaving Greenland?"

          Mallard sighed again. "Not more than a week after we set up shop in Greenland, some European soldiers stealthily invaded and tried to steal our weapon and star ship technology. It was right about that time when Stallos II asked for our help in stabilizing their polar ice caps on their new world and they offered to give us our own continent in return for our assistance. Publicly, the world thinks that we are still based in Greenland, but for an ally like you, we had to pull out for our own privacy. The continent of Pucklantis is the current home of the Puck Police although the core team like to hang out with me in San Francisco because I am so cool... NOT." He winked with a laugh.

          Dragaunus rubbed a claw over his chin. "I am about to prove that I can be more reasonable than Wraith. Would you agree to exchange Greenland for Texas and Australia for our alliance agreement? That way, we do not bother Carla nor Maverick due to the alliance; but Greenland is removed from the no-visit rule."

          Mallard grinned. "Your offer comes at an opportune time. I just need to get the Puckworldian scientists out of there, and then you can claim the old base as your own resource mining zone. I know you can handle a few soldiers. Although you might hate the weather. Its a deal, Dragaunus. The mines in Greenland are yours."

          Dragaunus smiled. "You won't regret this, Mallard. I am so glad I allied with you."

          Mallard said, "I'll have the scientists out of there by Sundown local time. After that, the mines are yours."

          Dragaunus shook hands with Mallard and then he stepped away and activated his teleporter to return to the Raptor.

          Mallard then activated his communicator and said, "Zero? This is Mallard. Use the tractor beam to grab a hold of the scientist base in Greenland and transport it to Pucklantis' coldest region. I just unloaded Greenland to someone whom thinks they really want it. I just need to contact the United Nations to let them know that we officially pulled out of Greenland." Zero replied, "I hear you, boss duck! Zero and Aramus away!" Mallard grinned at the thought that Aramus was giving Zero another chance. He then took flight out of the Bay area and headed East toward New York City. The home of the U.N. building.

          At the United Nations headquarters, Mallard showed his credentials to the guard at the door and not long afterward, he was meeting with the U.N. delegate of Denmark along with several others as witnesses. "Due to incursions from various European soldiers with the designs of stealing Puckworldian technology, the ducks of New Puck City have made the decision to withdraw from Northern Greenland and no longer provide protection to said region. In accordance to our original agreement should we withdraw before a year has passed, a royal cruise liner has been built for the royal family of Denmark in addition to the funds we promised when terminating the deal. Had these soldiers stayed out of New Puck City, all resources we mined from that location would have continued to have flowed back to your fair country. But as is, our departure is unavoidable. I hope you will forgive us albeit the fault lays solely on those soldiers who sought to steal from us."

          After signing a few papers and shaking hands with the delegate, Mallard made to leave and he was soon confronted by the media. "I'm a little busy, folks." One reporter asked, "Officer Thunderbeak? A moment of your time. We know you said that other countries were attempting to steal space ship technology from the Puckworldians. Is there something major going on in space that you don't want the Earth people getting involved in? We believe our viewers would like to know." Mallard frowned with his beak in a half twisted manner. "Okay, I am only going to say this once... There is currently an intergalactic war raging just beyond the outer borders of the Sol star system. For those humans who don't have a high school education, Sol is the name of our local star aka The Sun. All combatants in the galactic war have agreed to leave the Earth and their system alone as long as they stay out of the war. But if even one manned Earth ship goes out there, then they will be inclined to believe that the humans of Earth are a threat and then everyone on Earth would be in serious trouble. This is the reason the law species of space have been preventing the people of Earth from acquiring advanced star ship designs. All it would take would be for one ignorant nation on Earth to build an intergalactic star ship and be seen exiting the Sol star system and all of a sudden, the entire Earth would be a galactic target. As I just said, As long as the humans stay on their own planet, those fighting in space will leave us alone. Galactic wars sometimes can last for centuries. Space species can live thousands of times longer than humans. So please for the love of God, stay on your own planet. Don't be the one to get their attention to come here. Galactic Pirates have been visiting the Earth for thousands of years and every government knows this. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get back to California."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            Back in San Francisco, Ace Kannis spoke to Mallard Thunderbeak and showed him a recorded news broadcast from CNN in regards to his statement in front of the U.N. building. "I know you want to protect your fellow Earth people, Mallard, but... it is human nature to do whatever they want. Their plan will be to build defenses against the Galactic war effort which could be misconstrued as gearing up to take a pop shot at those fighting in space."

            Mallard sighed. "Trying to steal our space ship technology will not be seen as raising their personal defenses, Ace. I have met some of these space warriors; humans are so spoiled on Star Trek and Star Wars that they will want to present a personal message to anyone fighting out there that humans are superior and are willing to fight to prove it."

            Drake DuCaine 2 then said, "He has a point, Ace. If even one human went out there and presented the idea that humans are that tough, then overnight, the Earth would be destroyed and you would be out of a job, much less... out of a home. It would be better for humans to keep their ideas here on Earth for their own protection. Let me give you an idea on how the beings in space currently view the people of Earth at the moment..." And he turned to a space monitor and turned the knobs to a particular frequency and what appeared on the monitor was an old Earth broadcast that had been traveling through space. "It's The Lucy Show, starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. Brought to you tonight by the following sponsors..." Drake turned to Ace and said, "This is the technology level space people think the Earth people have. But if your people popped out there with a star ship, then all of space would turn their weapons toward the Earth and then, you would be a refuge, much like most of us ducks are."

            Ace lowered his head and said, "Perhaps I should become more acquainted with my charge and his team. I don't want to be out of a job. I love what I do. I feel that I help so many people. But perhaps people needs to be expanded into every species. Just don't expect me to cross the relationship barrier. When the only woman I ever loved died in an automobile accident, I threw myself into my work although I did make friends with Sigmund's parents during my work. I never had any children myself, so when they both passed away, I felt that lost part of myself with the need to take Sigmund on as my own son and keep his home in the family. Even going so far as to support his preference of sports and leisure activities. Sadly, since I never learned to swim myself, Sigmund never learned either. On some levels, I feel that I have failed him."

            Mallard and Drake both embraced Ace since the man humbled himself to confess part of his past to those present. Drake then said, "I will have to teach you both how to swim. I will make sure you both have the proper life jackets or water wings for the lesson. But the true test comes when you can swim without the safety vests. I am glad you have the swimming pool topside. That will make the lesson easier. A duck whom cannot swim has no business being a duck. Nosedive told me that you almost drowned once when he was on an outing with you, Mallard. So let us remedy this problem."

            Mallard said, "Now you know why I always remind people that I am not so cool."

            At that moment, Canard walked up to the group and said, "Another thing we need to focus on is getting Mallard his own unique look. Currently when people see Mallard initially, they think he is me. It gets confusing when people ask me to do some of the things that only Mallard can do. So my idea is to have you look over various male duck photos from around the Earth and then you choose the one whose colors turn you on the most and then you use your magical powers to permanently change your appearance to match the new sexy duck's looks. Are you game, Mallard?"

            Mallard grinned. "I was wondering when you were going to bring that up, Canard. Initially it was fun being a younger version of you, but with the real you here, the fun has sort of worn thin. It is past time to acquire my own look. Like humans whom get a dye job, I will magically be doing the same thing."

            Ace then said, "Sigmund, there are two versions of the Mallard in the wilds of Earth. One is the more common Mallard appearance; the other is the more exotic Mallard appearance. You just need to decide between the two looks to determine which one you want as your new look. Regardless, they both have bright blue feathers along their forearms, while the upper arms are either light to dark brown in the common version and dark bluish-purple in the exotic version. The head feathers in the common version are green while the exotic version are a dark blue. The body feathers in the common version are a tannish white while the exotic version is more purple. Although you could mix and match to find your unique look."

            Mallard said, "I should look at some pictures of these Earthian Mallards before I start monkeying around with colors."

            The next few moments were spent at the mainframe where a generic outline of Mallard's body in the format of a coloring book picture was centralized in the middle while various pictures of real Earthian Mallards were displayed around the outer circle. Ace pointed at one and said, "This is the most common one on Earth. The others are types both living and extinct from all over the world." Mallard applied the most common colors of the feet (orange) and beak (yellow) to the outline picture and then he began examining the remaining color palettes to see how each would look in the outline. Some were so outlandish that every duck and human present unanimously vetoed the combination. Mallard then brought up an old photo of his original human looks when he had dark hair with a fair complexion. His eyes had been a light blue-green. Mallard then transferred the human eye color to the duck model along with the dark blue-black hair color to the head feathers (or hood) of the Puckworldian duck. This extended down to his neck where a brown ring separated the head feathers from his neck and shoulder feathers which he made into an off-white color. This covered his shoulders, upper arms, and the entirety of his chest and stomach while the rest of his body, back, and legs were covered in denim blue feathers to reflect back to the color of his clothes that he preferred to wear when he was human. His forearms from his wrists up to his elbows were the light blue coloration that all Mallards had, while his hands were covered in fine off-white feathers. Mallard then rotated the completed colored picture of the results for all to see. "Do you think this will work as the all-new Mallard Thunderbeak? Honest opinions, guys."

            Falcone walked in and saw the profile before saying, "As long as you wear your uniform with the name plate and your ID badge while in public, we won't make the mistake to constantly ask, 'Who the Hell are you and what did you do with Mallard?'."

            Canard and Drake both nodded his head. "He has a point, Mallard," said Canard. "You should advertise your new look before you make the permanent change. You have a lot of fans in law enforcement and you don't want them jumping to the same conclusion that Falcone just pointed out."

            Mallard said, "If this is the plan, then we should set up a television interview with our Puck Police ally and sports commentator friend, Harmony Harper, and do the color changes on the air for all too see. Then everyone in San Francisco would know that I had to change my colors to end the confusion between myself and Canard. The current colors are the only remaining link to my origin with Wraith. Changing the colors would show maturity."

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              Not long after the decision was made, Mallard, Ace, and the rest of the Puck Police were in the studios of the TV station that Harmony Harper currently worked for and they had set up the legal interview to showcase Mallard's upgrade -- live for all to see. Due to this being such an important event, everyone whom was anyone was tuned in to see what Mallard was up to. This included the Mighty Ducks, Dragaunus and his Saurian minions, as well as every other ally that Mallard had ever acquired throughout the Sol Sector and in Dreamtime. Ace was currently wearing a Puck Police uniform himself although his nameplate gave his name (Det. Ace Kannis) and identified him as a Mentor.

              At first the interview involved an update as to the activities of the Puck Police as well as a statement as to those in training, which included Nosedive Flashblade whom was not only present but wearing his own Puck Police uniform. He wasn't present as a Mighty Duck; he was here as a Police team member. After the team update, Mallard then announced his plan to change his colors so he was no longer Canard's twin. Then came the announcement to exchange Canard with Nosedive in the Mighty Ducks. "My partner needs further full time action with me or he will continuously revert to his former team's ways and cause damage when doing police work. We are not above the law, Harmony. We have to work with the law or else, we are no better than those we fight against. And if that is to be the case, then Dragaunus secretly has more minions whom publicly say they don't like him; when in truth, they aren't doing anything that he and his minions haven't done themselves. The Mighty Ducks may not like what I just said, but I managed to forge a truce alliance with this enemy that they themselves have problems with. And I wasn't even born a duck and I can handle Dragaunus by myself."

              When Canard was interviewed in regards toward replacing Nosedive, he said, "I didn't like Nosedive back when I originally wanted Wildwing in the Resistance. But since Mallard saved my life from Dimensional Limbo, I have made an effort to get to know Nosedive when he was able to be with the Puck Police. I know now that I was wrong about him. He is as good if not better than the others I had originally recruited. Ducks like me make mistakes; but I won't make that mistake again. My taking his place in the Mighty Ducks will give Nosedive the time he needs to work his way up through the Puck Police ranks."

              Nosedive smiled and gave a thumbs up toward Canard when he saw him glance his way during the interview.

              Then the focus was once again on Mallard as his color upgrade improvement began on live TV for all to see. At the end, there was a before and after split screen profile on the TV screen for the public to see. Then Mallard stood before Harmony once again in his new appearance and uniform as she said, "The lady fans are wondering what your marital status is, Mallard. Could you give the ladies at home an update on that aspect of your life?"

              Mallard smiled. "When I had access to my human form, I took a chance to go to my childhood sweetheart and I proposed to her and we got married. She is expecting two completely human children currently; male and female. We had to act fast while I had my human form so her parents could be proper grandparents to the new children. Carol Mason loves me as much as I love her."

              Ace's phone then rang and he quickly stepped over to Mallard. "We gotta run, Mallard! Carol is in labor; she is about to give birth to your children! All Puck Police members gather around for the Mallard teleport!" And in the blink of an eye, Mallard arrived at the hospital where Carol's parents greeted him and took him up to the observation deck balcony where the birthing could be witnessed. Mallard said, "We never intended to hide the fact that I was partially stuck in my new form, Mr. Mason. When I was in my coma, Carol remained true to me and even after my transformation into this duck person, she still wanted to be with me. Then when I partially regained control of my human form, we chose to proceed with the wedding and the attempt to make some human children so you two could be grandparents."

              Mr. Mason shook Sigmund's hand. "All of your good deeds in San Francisco convinced us that you were the right boy for Carol. Its just that getting used to the duck took some time. But thank you, Mallard." Mrs. Mason said, "When we saw you on TV professing your love for Carol, we quickly called Ace to get you here."

              Mallard picked up the deck microphone and said, "Carol... I'm here. Push and we will be together after all your hard work is completed."

              Carol groaned as it sounded as if the hospital gripping bar she was holding on to was being broken. "Where were you?"

              Mallard activated the microphone again. "I was getting a color upgrade so I didn't look like Canard Thunderbeak anymore. He may be a stud, but his looks are for him. I chose a new look and made with the upgrade so I would have my own unique appearance. We chose to do it live on TV so all my fans would get to see my upgrade at the same time. I can still change back into my human form, Carol, so we have that once again. As long as both children are healthy, I won't make you have twins ever again. By the way, your parents finally accepted my duck."

              Carol was unable to say anything else as the rest of the birthing process was upon her at that point.

              Nosedive was soon beside Mallard with one hand over his eyes, but still peeking out to watch the scene. "This is how mammals make babies? Oh man! Now the others cannot say that I haven't been punished enough; this makes me squeamish!"

              Mallard hugged Nosedive. "Its no different than a Puckworldian Duck laying a Dinosaucer egg." He was being funny at that point.

              Nosedive held on to Mallard trembling. "Don't say any more, man..."

              Mallard held Nosedive and smiled. "I'll make it up to you later, bro. I just hope Canard doesn't kill Phil when Captain Obesity sticks a contract in his beak."

              Nosedive laughed. "I needed that, Mallard. And thanks for getting me full time to be trained with the Puck Police. Although the new Sponsor Boy is a lot of fun to hang out with, I think he is already starting to get on Wildwing's nerves. My bro and I are only a few years older than Casey and the boy has been calling Wildwing... 'Dad'. As you know, we originally lost our parents during the initial Saurian strike on Puckworld. If you hadn't rescued the DNA from the alternative parents and helped to revive them here in our dimension, then we would still be orphans."

              Mallard grinned. "That was their idea, if you will recall. I still remember your brother's tears of joy when he learned that I had revived your parents."

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                Hours later, a video camera took the first shots of Carol and Mallard's human children with the whole family gathered around. Mallard was back in his human form for this photo opportunity. Sigmund's guardian, Ace Kannis stood next to Mallard in the video photo. Carol's parents were next to their daughter. In the center of the video shot were the two babies. Fraternal twins, male and female. The baby girl was named Catherine Skywing Wyndtrough and the baby boy was named Richard Thunderwing Wyndtrough.

                Making three by five photos for the family albums and media coverage was the next step.

                Sigmund struck a sexy pose before saying, "Pucker Up!" And the glow returned all over his body as he once again transformed back into his anthropomorphic Anasian body with the new color scheme. His normal Light Blue-Green eye color stayed the same as his head feathers or hood became Dark Blue-Black. This extended down to his neck where a Brown ring separated the head feathers from his neck and shoulders which became off-white color duck feathers. This covered his shoulders, upper arms, and the entirety of his chest and stomach while the rest of his body, back, and legs were covered in Denim Blue feathers. His forearms from his wrists up to his elbows became the Light Blue coloration that all mallards had, while his hands were covered in fine Off-White feathers. Finally, his Puck Police uniform and boots with his duck name on a name plate positioned just above a police star on the right side of his chest appeared over his entire body and webbed feet. He looked himself all over with a beak smile.

                Rapid close-ups then occurred showing off his new appearance and his original Puck Police uniform. "Mallard Thunderbeak is back! And ready for action!"

                The Puck Police and Ace gathered around Mallard at that point for the teleport ride back to Angel Island. "Take care of the grandchildren, Mrs. Mason," said Mallard. "I'll return to visit when I can." And then he grabbed a hold of his teammates as well as Ace before teleporting off for home. They were soon back in the Angel Island Lair. "Everyone take the next few hours off. Tomorrow is Monday. I am going to get some rest until the morning. Nosedive, you come with me." And he grabbed Nosedive's hand and teleported off with him to the bedroom, where Mallard began removing his police uniform. While it was true that he could have powered down, he had something in mind tonight for his partner.

                Once Nosedive was undressed and in bed with Mallard and the lights were turned off, the youngest Mighty Duck found himself pinned down in bed by his partner. "What are you doing, Mallard? This isn't like you."

                Mallard licked Nosedive's beak slowly. "Tonight we are going to take care of that throbbing Anasian tube steak of yours and you are going to let me return the favor. Or do I have to get into bed with another bird tonight? I am trying to reward you for acing the laws that Ace quizzed you on earlier today."

                Nosedive replied, "Just don't hurt me, okay...?" And the rest of the night presented the two ducks with some very close activity that Nosedive would never forget.

                The following morning, Mallard and Nosedive were sharing the shower stall as the hero of the hour said, "Dive... I might be sick with something. First I did Falcone and now I played with you. I think I need to go see a doctor or a vet. You were right in assuming that I am normally not like this. Did things of this nature ever happen back on Puckworld before the Saurian invasion?"

                Nosedive remarked with clarity, "Actually it has... it usually happens when one of our people achieve the next stage in our puberty. Ideally, it is better to have someone of the opposite gender as well as a similar species to help you through this. But when you are caught without a female duck, you will take what your body can get and while it isn't a definitive solution, it relieves the desire temporarily. But since I am not female, you are not cured just yet. But last night while we were doing it, you told me that you really loved me. I know at first you really didn't want me around so much, but I think that has changed... hasn't it?"

                Mallard then hugged Nosedive very closely in the shower and kissed him squarely on the beak. "You are my partner, Dive. And I do love you very much. If you weren't aroused for me when we first met, then whom was the erection really for?"

                Nosedive blushed briefly. "You got me... I was just so turned on that you had super powers. But I have a copy of your powers myself currently and that knowledge makes it so I cannot make my erection subside. It is like having you close to me at every second. I know you originally said that you normally go for the less respected people in a team. The underdog category. But I know you have grown to respect me. I don't think an Earth doctor can help you with this need, Mallard, so I suggest we go back to Puckworld and enroll the both of us in a companionship service; just remember to stay powered up and don't mention that you are really a human. We don't need to freak the ladies out."

                Mallard smiled. "Okay, lover ducky. To Puckworld. But let's get dressed first."

                The next few hours were spend back on Puckworld where getting help with the aforementioned medical ailment was performed with precision exactly as Nosedive had stated it would be. Although Mallard was still loyal to Carol back on Earth, he kept his manners in check when getting to spend time with the new Anasian ladies whom operated this service. When they completed the activity in question, Nosedive escorted Mallard to an on-world doctor for a definitive medical check up. Nosedive explained to the doctor what they both had experienced previously and how they went to a companionship service to take care of the desire before coming in to have an official doctor make sure the cure worked.

                The medical duck finished his examination of the two and said, "You did the right thing this time, Nosedive. Although you need to remind your brother that he needs his medical done as soon as possible. Don't let an amateur do the job as they don't always get the evaluations right in the long run. Your new friend here is the healthiest specimen I have ever come across. When I first laid eyes on him, I thought he was your brother's friend, Canard Thunderbeak, albeit in different colors. But Mallard is far healthier than Canard has ever been in his whole life. And I know that Canard has never been interested in the Puck Police Force. Well, you boys are good to go. Get dressed and stay healthy."

                Once they were back in their Puck Police uniforms, Mallard smiled at Nosedive and gave him another hug. "Shall we go see about playing some roller hockey?"

                Nosedive perked up and replied, "I've been patiently waiting for you to treat me to a game of your favorite sport since we first met."

                And then the two mystically transported themselves back to San Francisco where the inline skates were put on and a game of street hockey was conducted at one of Mallard's favorite skating parks. And surprisingly Nosedive won a game against Mallard.

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  It was the following day locally in San Francisco as Mallard, Nosedive, Drake 2, and Stefano were on a standard Puck Patrol outing assisting the Oakland police department. "Remember guys... don't blow things up; we are not the Mighty Ducks. We are the Puck Police. I expect better of you guys than they do in their own home city."

                  Stefano said, "How many times are you going to drill that into our heads, boss duck?"

                  Nosedive chose to reply for Mallard. "You don't go on too many outings with Mallard in the human city, Stef. Mallard repeats that message at the beginning of every patrol. To date, I have heard that message about six hundred times. So the data may be aimed at me since I had a tendency to backslide during those times when I had to go back to my brother for hockey practice only to end up on a Saurian patrol where our old ways continued to happen. Canard got schooled by Mallard before he and I switched places so I could focus on being a puck police officer. I have to wonder if Canard has killed Phil yet when he got the contract stuck in his beak."

                  Drake 2 grinned. "Phil showed me one of those contracts once during a visit. I don't think he liked it when I pointed out all of the entrapment clauses and I threatened to call in the Puck Police's lawyer."

                  Mallard smirked. "It is nice having a college degree and being a duck whom is literate. Phil is one of those classic cases of How can I screw over the Ducks to make a quick buck? type of people. Because your brother and the others signed those contracts without lawyering up, they are stuck doing them. The only reason you got out of your contract, Nosedive, is because Duke himself made sure your contract had a clause which stated, and I quote, Should Canard Thunderbeak ever rejoin us here on Earth, then he can take over Nosedive's position on the Mighty Ducks team, unquote. And Phil looked right at that clause and he authorized it. The day it happened, I know Phil was likely kicking himself for letting one of the ducks get away from him."

                  Just then and just ahead of the Puck Patrol convoy of flying ducks and Puckcycle cruisers, a speeding car barreled in from a side street with one guy with a live weapon shooting at the police that were chasing them!

                  Mallard said, "We're on, guys! Keep it clean!" And he flew on ahead of the speeding vehicles and used his frozen sight power to make the downhill street into an ice ramp ski jump. When the driver of the criminal car saw what had appeared in front of him, he tried to slam on the brakes but it was too late since he was already on the ice as his vehicle flew off the end of the ramp and seemed to be hurling toward a side building where a young boy was standing with his little sister. Nosedive was quickly there using his copy of Mallard's powers to make a padded catcher's mitt directly in between the children and the out of control car. Stefano activated his heat laser and melted the block of ice that Mallard had created since it would otherwise block traffic for days. Drake 2 then pulled the bank robbers out of the car and disarmed them just as the normal Oakland police arrived on the scene.

                  Drake 2 handed the criminals off to the police before going over to Mallard and grabbing him by his collar and bringing the leader close to his own beak. "You just did the very thing you warned us not to do, Mallard. When we get back to base, I am going to have Ace give you the lecture. You are starting to act like... THEM!"

                  Mallard sighed. He knew Drake 2 was right. It was a stupid act. Having too many powers was taxing his self control and reasoning. But then on a digital sign directly to the side of where Drake 2 was confronting Mallard appeared Wraith's image. "So it comes to this, does it, Sigmund? I offered to drain off the excess powers you were getting and you kicked all of us Saurians off the planet. Including your ally Dragaunus. You will notice that this time, I did not personally come into your area. But I wanted to confront you the moment I noticed you crossing the line just so I could say this... I TOLD YOU SO!" And then his image was gone.

                  Now the boss duck felt like utter excrement. Being hammered by a teammate was one thing; but getting slammed by an enemy was the worst.

                  Nosedive whom had been signing autographs with the children noticed what had happened and he commented, "Totally uncool! At least he didn't personally show up this time!"

                  Stefano loaded Mallard into the Puck Police cruiser before getting in behind the wheel himself, and then after Drake 2 was back on his Puckcycle and Nosedive was in the air himself, the team returned to Angel Island to report in to Ace in regards to the sorry situation.

                  Back at Angel Island, after Stefano and Drake 2 made the full report to Ace, they stepped out of the way to let their mentor lecture Mallard.

                  Ace leaned back in his chair and brought his fingertips together. "It was bound to happen eventually, Sigmund. The more time you spend in a Puckworldian body, the more like them you become. Thus the very advice you often give the others comes back to bite you on your own tail feathers over time. And this isn't the first time you have crossed the line either. Remember our stint down in Australia recently near the uranium mine? Had that been in the middle of a populated city, then your using the new Puck Police Cannon like that wouldn't have just blown up the resource collection ship, it would have blown away several city blocks not to mention how many human lives you would have killed in the line of duty. As you have often told the others, Sigmund, we are not above the law. Using military styled weapons at any time is not a civilian police action. It is negligence. Remember that I approved of your helping me with my police work occasionally. And then in Anaheim, you gave the Mighty Ducks permission to set their cruiser to self destruct mode in a populated area just South of Anaheim. The area was still populated, Sigmund. Thankfully, only the Saurians got blasted. However, now that you are starting to be like this, I think it is time to move our action away from San Francisco and migrate back to New Puck City on Stallos II. And yes, I will be coming with you guys. I think all of us could benefit from the Galactic Patrol's police training courses. And yes, that means Chester gets to see you again. Do you have anything to say before I enforce this training outing to Stallos II?"

                  Mallard lifted his head and replied, "I want the Mighty Ducks to come with us to get this training. Their sponsor boy should come along as well. Casey is a nice kid; Duke likes him. We can tell Phil that the ducks need this training to improve their game so they don't lose any upcoming ice hockey games. Or does Phil secretly want them to lose instead? We have allies whom can cover for us while we are gone. The Dinosaucers said we could call on them if we needed their help in San Francisco."

                  Ace then said something that made Mallard pause for a moment. "Carla and Maverick will be coming with us. We don't need any left over ducks corrupting us upon our return. I have seen how violent they can get, Sigmund. If they don't like it, then they can hand in their badges. We are not above the law."

                  Mallard replied, "I think you should be warned, Ace; there are two Mavericks. The first is a Puckworldian Duck. The second is Darkwing Duck's son via Mallory's stunt double."

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    Phil wasn't too happy about the arrangement but he came along regardless so he could check out the Pond in New Puck City. When Ace met the camera shy and sexy Maverick Mallard wearing his C.O.W.-boys of Moo Mesa outfit and cowboy hat, his comment was: "We could use a Marshal in the Puck Police."

                    During the next eight weeks, every duck that came on the trip was put through Stallos II police training. The Mighty Ducks were often found trying to sneak back to Earth only to be caught and brought back for extra training. Finally, the day came when the training ended. And not a moment too soon, Phil was going crazy and the Mighty Ducks were eager to go see what Dragaunus had been doing during their absence.

                    Wildwing looked Mallard in the eye. "I hate you, Mallard. But... Casey had fun. So I won't hold this against you, this time."

                    Ace walked up and said, "I've been in touch with Klegghorn. Surprisingly, he wants the ducks back in Anaheim. Exact words."

                    Duke smiled. "Will wonders never cease. He actually wants us in town now."

                    Mallard escorted the Mighty Ducks over to one of the hangars and opened the doors to reveal their all new Aerowing. "This is the reason we stopped you from escaping from training these last few weeks. I had the locals rebuilding your flight vehicle. The new Aerowing has some new features which is why all of you are getting a simplified instruction manual so you will know what does what. Also, I contacted Cheer Bear and she told me that I don't qualify for the Sponsor Family program because I was born human. So you don't get to call me 'Dad'."

                    Nosedive said, "But you're already that what with your kids through Carol." He winked with a ducky beak smile.

                    Mallard said, "Uncle Nosedive already found out how strong a baby's grasp is when holding a Puckworldian's beak in their hands."

                    Nosedive said, "Richard wouldn't let go of my beak until you gave him the candy cane."

                    The Mighty Ducks were laughing as Mallard said, "I told you not to get that close. Babies are super curious about 'masks that look like beaks'."

                    Nosedive growled. "Did Carol have to take a picture of that? I'll never live that down."

                    Mallard said, "That was for Richard's personal achievements photo album. The Mighty Ducks won't ever see that picture."

                    Tanya said, "Hey! We might want to see that picture!"

                    Casey ran in at that moment and he jumped up, grabbing Tanya by her beak with both hands and lifted his feet off the ground as Tanya's head started to dip down toward the ground. And then a camera flash went off as Phil said, "This will make a good fan photo for the sports fans, right 'Mom'?"

                    Tanya removed Casey's grip from her beak and went over to Phil and said, "Hand over the picture and camera, Phil." Phil handed over the camera without a complaint as Tanya proceed to crush the thing in her grasp.

                    Mallard grinned since he watched Phil remove the photo storage cell from the camera before handing it over. Oh the fun later.

                    After the Mighty Ducks piled into their flight vehicle, Mallard gathered up his Puck Police officers and friends; and they got aboard the Puck Police Cruiser, strapped in, lifted off, and headed toward Earth.

                    Ace said, "When do you think they will find out that the new Aerowing won't lift off unless all passengers are wearing their seat belts?"

                    Nosedive arched an eye. "Are you serious? That will anger my brother something fierce. He was all the time standing up during a flight."

                    Mallard replied, "The new Aerowing needed safety features. Remember the crash the last Aerowing had and your brother was the most injured because he was standing up?"

                    Nosedive shut up after that.

                    Zero then said, "Incoming message from Dragaunus, Mallard. Shall I clear it for you?"

                    Mallard grinned. "He rarely calls me. Patch him through, Zero."

                    Mallard smiled when he saw Dragaunus on the viewing screen. "Ah, Godzilla-Red. What do I owe the pleasure of your call today?"

                    Dragaunus didn't look happy. "Wraith did something stupid again. I need you and the Puck Police to come help us with this mess Wraith caused."

                    Mallard arched an eye. "Did he create a Nosedive look-a-like this time?"

                    Dragaunus said, "He told the other Saurians that we were enjoying a mother load of resources here on Earth and they showed up to get their share. If he made another Nosedive, he will die the next time he comes crawling home to the Raptor to rest. Please, ally, I need your help. I know Klegghorn contacted Ace to get the Mighty Ducks back into Anaheim, but I don't trust them the way I trust you. Please help us to get rid of the other Saurians."

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode Five: Sponsor A Prince

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Galactic Law Enforcement.