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[Puck Police-03] English Inheritance

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    [Puck Police-03] English Inheritance

    Mallard Thunderbeak
    "a Mighty Ducks - the Animated Series universe adventure"
    Mighty Ducks characters and concept owned solely by Disney
    Mallard Thunderbeak aka Sigmund Wyndtrough owned by Darrel Vanwinkle (writing as Lord Pouchlaw)
    All other characters owned by board members (at The Legacy @

    [Puck Police] Mallard Thunderbeak
    Episode Three: English Inheritance
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    February 2nd, 2016

    Mallard Thunderbeak, male former human now a Mighty Duck duplicate of a young Canard Thunderbeak, hero
    Stefano Webster; Electronics and Mechanics specialist
    Caesar O' Donald nicknamed as Zero; Ace pilot and weapons specialist
    Eira Swanson; Communications specialist
    Fiona DuCaine; Swat Operative and Tactician
    Harmony Harper; Puckworld Sports Representative and Reporter for the Nightly Puckworld News team
    Falcone; former Raptrin member of The Brotherhood of The Blade; detective; customs agent

    Carol Mason, female human, girlfriend, junior Olympic Figure Skater
    James Talbot, male human, friend of Carol's; practicing magician, wealthy eccentric
    Captain Ace Kannis, male human, legal guardian for Mallard; Police officer in San Francisco
    Aramus E. Quincy, male human, best friend to Sigmund

    Dr. Theodore Quark, male Puckworld medical technician, allied to Wraith

    Chapter One

    The next morning, Ace brought in the mail and set it down on Sigmund's work desk. "One of those envelopes looks pretty important, Sigmund." he said as he looked over the draft drawings regarding the New Puck City embassy project that Mallard and the other ducks were putting together. "Looks like all those drafting classes paid off."

    Sigmund was in his human form for a change since handling the pencils was a bit easier without his feathers and fur getting in the way. "The ducks want to someday get families started and they don't want to be in the way of the humans who might take offense to alien ducks taking over the neighborhood. So the plan is to create a United Nations sanctioned land for the ducks to colonize; a replacement environment much like Puckworld. And I've chosen to help them build it and help them to run the place especially since all indications from Canard One and the daily scans he does on me point to my someday being permanently stuck in duck form like the others. I know you care about me, Ace, but this is important to every duck we're taking care of. It will be slow at first but think about the bigger picture... a chance to set up proper law enforcement from the beginning in a new civilization. The Puck Police already look up to you, Ace. And Nosedive said your knowledge of law enforcement really helped him to learn what law did what."

    Sigmund then picked up the top most letter and opened it. "This is from some English law firm in Skipton, England. That's the place where my parent's clan originated from. It says that after my parents passed away, a few more relatives also passed away and since I am the sole survivor of the clan, the day I awoke from my coma I became eligible for the inheritance. Great. It also says that they know about my accident but if I can resume my human form, I should show up human to make it easier to prove I am really Sigmund Wyndtrough. And because of what Canard One told me, if I am to claim this inheritance, I need to go over there as soon as possible. This will be an interesting vacation. I hope Nosedive will be free to come along."

    Ace said, "If you are going to meet with barristers, don't go over there dressed like a street punk. Wear a business suit and look proper at least."

    Sigmund grinned. "As my father found out when he was alive... business suits are hot and itchy. Those dress shoes are often too tight for my big feet. But for you, I'll wear it this once."

    Ace grinned back. "And you can use the family's corporate jet to get over there and back so you don't get lost in the Atlantic."

    "I better place a call to the pond then and ask if Nosedive will be free," said Sigmund. "And Zero can pilot the corporate jet for us since he is a pilot."

    One phone call later, it was Phil who answered the phone. "Speak to me, Boobie."

    "Hey Phil! It's me, Mallard! How would you like to get the Mighty Ducks to a photo opportunity in Jolly Old England? I have to head over there to talk to some barristers regarding my family inheritance and I was wanting to take Nosedive with me at least. Getting posters of the ducks in front of Stonehenge might be a money maker for the fans."

    Phil then replied, "One of the ducks' enemies is locked up in the Tower of London over there, Mal baby. I can ask them if they would like to do it with you but I'm not sure if they would want to. I have trouble getting them to agree to do any publicity stunt I arrange for them."

    Sigmund then said, "Just tell them the truth, Phil; I need my partner over in Northern England. Maybe I can get the ducks to dress up Renaissance style at one of the local fairs. I am sure I can tempt Duke into playing Robin Hood."

    Phil replied, "Hold the line, Mallard, I'll go ask them right now. They are on the ice practicing for this Saturday's game." And while Sigmund was placed on hold, Phil headed out to the edge of the rink. "Wildwing, guys! Get over here! Mallard called us!" Once the ducks skated over to find out what was up, Phil said, "Mallard has to go to Northern England in regards to his family inheritance. He wants to take Nosedive with him, but he came up with a great photo opportunity for you guys to do in England while he is speaking to barristers. He said you guys can get your picture taken at Stonehenge and dress up and have some fun at a renaissance fair. On the bright side, those fairs have prizes and loads of good food. I could get some great cuisine over there. What do you say... for Mallard? He's waiting on the phone, guys. I have to tell him something."

    Wildwing grabbed Phil's phone and deactivated hold before saying, "Mallard? Wildwing here. Is Phil on the level?"

    Sigmund smiled. "As strange as it sounds, Wildwing, he is telling the truth this time. So how about it, do I get the ducks for a few days in Jolly Old England? We will be up near Sherwood Forest primarily. In return, I will see about having Carol perform a pre-game show this Saturday on the ice. The fans loved it the first time. Please...? Better be glad you can't see me making the sad puppy dog eyes."

    Wildwing looked at his team. "Who all is up for accompanying Mallard to Northern England? He is asking for Nosedive but he suggested we could all go and Phil is actually looking forward to making the trip as well. We would be back before Saturday. In exchange, we get Carol and Mallard for a Saturday pre-game show. And guys, what the heck is sad puppy dog eyes?"

    Phil said, "Boobie... it is a fate worse than death. If Mallard can do those eyes, then he wins."

    The rest of the ducks all nodded their heads in agreement to make the trip with Mallard. Then Wildwing said into the phone. "You win, Mallard. You get the Mighty Ducks for a few days in England. When will you be leaving?"

    Sigmund smiled again. "The rest of us will be heading out in the Wyndtrough corporate jet, but you guys can follow in the Aerowing. We are not going to London, Wildwing. We have to head to Skipton. That's where the law firm is that I as Sigmund have to meet the barristers at. After I get this inheritance crap squared away, I will treat you guys to a good time at Stonehenge and then later in Nottingham where they are having their forest fair this week. And guys... I'd like to see you guys in the local garb of the attendees while we're there."

    Wildwing rolled his eyes. "I knew there was a catch. Well, we agreed to come with you, so we will do it. We'll meet with you in the air over the bay. Wildwing out." He hung up and handed the cellphone back to Phil as he said to the others, "When we go to the fair, we have to dress up like ye old locals. And that means the ladies wear dresses. Men wear tights. Phil too."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Ace chose to remain behind due to work issues while the rest boarded the corporate jet bound for England. As the corporate jet launched from the San Francisco air port, they were met and joined over the bay by the Aerowing as they made their way East toward the Atlantic. Then came the jaunt over the ocean toward Great Britain. While Sigmund wasn't looking forward to seeing the clan home territory, he wasn't all that comfortable in regards to the barristers either. Something just seemed too suspicious about their contacting him out of the blue in regards to an inheritance.

    Arriving at the airport in Skipton, the corporate jet came to a stop. The Aerowing supposedly landed at Stonehenge to get their photo shoot started while Sigmund dealt with barrister business in town. Riding in the Wyndtrough company car, Sigmund was sill suspicious in regards to this sudden inheritance request. Surely the barristers had not been following his recovery effort in the hospital.

    However upon his arrival at the Skipton Law Offices, Sigmund showed his credentials and photo ID to the secretary before being shown into a private office to await the barristers arrival. When they did arrive, they were not alone; with them were two London guard and between them was that former Puckworldian criminal, Falcone, a former Raptrin member of The Brotherhood of The Blade. Sigmund tensed up immediately when he laid eyes on this avian from the Ducks' home dimensional universe. "Make it good or else I will demonstrate that this Wyndtrough has sharp claws."

    The head barrister then said, "Calm down, Mr. Wyndtrough. All will be revealed. Word reached Mr. Falcone that you were about to launch a rebuilding effort to make an embassy for the Avian Dimensions' refugees; supposedly the name of this project is New Puck City. We had been about to contact you anyway in regards to the family corporate fortune when Falcone here told the guards that he was willing to cut a release deal in exchange for helping this rebuild project. Naturally, the final decision is up to you, Sigmund."

    Falcone said, "I heard that you had a deal with Dragaunus and it takes a class act to make him lower his guard in regards to a mistake that Wraith committed upon you. Sigmund, please... I am going crazy in the lock up; I can work, I swear to you. This is not a trick."

    Sigmund glared directly at Falcone. "If this is a trick, I will put you on ice just like Captain America had been in during World War II." He now turned his glare at the barristers. "Now about this inheritance. Am I truly the last Wyndtrough or is this likewise a trick?"

    The head barrister replied, "I can assure you that this is on the level. The Wyndtrough Corporation was responsible for the creation of cruise liners and other various sailing vessels and ships. The Will specifically stated that should Sigmund Wyndtrough ever awaken from his coma that the entire corporate estate be handed over to him, forthwith. Since your miraculous restoration from the hospital, through means we care not about... We only care that you are here now. Congratulations, Sigmund. After you sign the paperwork, you will own the bulk of the Wyndtrough ship building factories worldwide as well as the rest of the worldwide estates. We only require the amount that was promised to our firm upon the completion of the contract involving your return."

    "And how much does that come to?" Sigmund was not signing any papers as yet. He was still suspicious and rightfully so. Duke had warned him about Falcone since they were heading to England. Not to mention, Ace always drilled into Sigmund to always verify all legal paperwork in every way before agreeing to anything. "And who told you what I was about to do, Falcone? You said you happened to hear about my project. I know the London Guard don't speak to the prisoners when they make their rounds. Who told you?"

    The head barrister replied, "Selling one luxury liner would cover the costs of our promised fee."

    Sigmund said, "Put those exact words in writing and then sign your name to it." He nodded his head at Falcone now. "You're up."

    Falcone replied, "I was laying on my cot one night and Wraith mentally contacted me. He told me what you were planning and then he said you could be my ticket to freedom especially since you had a deal with Dragaunus. Even I know that Wraith is bad news to deal with, so I figured that if I just told you about his involvement in getting word to me, you would see that I was being honest up front. I have been burned by the Saurians before, Sigmund. Please... Let me work for my freedom. Don't make me return to jail. I can provide skills that only one member of the Mighty Ducks has; Duke. Unless he has dumped his team to join yours, then I am likely to rot in jail."

    Sigmund replied, "Make it worth my while and I will give you a chance. If you double cross me, its the ice block in London's jail. Even the Mighty Ducks have trouble breaking that ice. My team is called the Puck Police; if you join up with me, you will be working for the law for decent pay. I know you will be tempted to return to your old ways but I can make it worth your while, Falcone. Have you ever heard that old saying, 'It takes one to know one'?"

    Falcone nodded his head, "Yes, what of it?"

    Sigmund continued his explanation. "The greatest detectives on Earth started their careers as seasoned criminals; (this does not apply to police officers nor palace guards.) Their skills learned during their criminal career is what they rely upon during their investigative career to succeed where others may fail. You help me with the rebuild project and as a reward, I can either permit you to work as a detective or as a claims agent within the customs terminal. When new people arrive to live or visit New Puck City, you would get the privilege to go through their belongings looking for questionable items. If you find anything of obvious wealth, let me know what you found and I will get you a duplicate of it for your own collection. I hope you might also agree to educate me in sword play on the side. While my other form is invulnerable, I am not too honed in the weapons department even though Nosedive gave me a Puckblaster. Are you interested or not?"

    Falcone regarded the offer while the barristers slid the newly written statement over to Sigmund to read and sign. "I'll do it, Sigmund. You won't regret this; I promise."

    Once the paperwork was read over thoroughly and all papers signed, Sigmund said, "I am going to copy this paperwork right here in your offices and then I am going to fax copies of these to my legal guardian, Detective Ace Kannis. So if you barristers are pulling a fast one on me, the law will be against you. Especially with the London Guard listening."

    When they returned to the corporate jet, Falcone was seated in one of the corporate seats within full view of the rest of the Puck Police where Sigmund then swore in Falcone to their team. "And that is all there is to it, Falcone. From now on, you are an official member of the new Puck Police. I will permit you to continue wearing your original outfit if you want to. But you will be assigned a badge of your own."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      When they returned to the corporate jet, Falcone was seated in one of the corporate seats within full view of the rest of the Puck Police where Sigmund then swore in Falcone to their team. "And that is all there is to it, Falcone. From now on, you are an official member of the new Puck Police. I will permit you to continue wearing your original outfit if you want to. But you will be assigned a badge of your own."

      Sigmund said, "Pucker Up!" And in a flash of light, he transformed back into his Mallard Thunderbeak identity which was wearing his Puck Police uniform with his duck name on a name plate positioned just above a police star on the right side of his chest. He then struck his pose with a beak smile as he turned to look at Falcone.

      "When I suit up, I become Mallard Thunderbeak. I know I look like Canard Thunderbeak, but I am not him at all. Now as for the rebuild project, I am still debating where to build New Puck City at. It would be nice if we could have it on a world of its own but I don't know if we have the technology to pull it off or not. We would have to terraform a planet before the build."

      Falcone said, "There might be a way, Mallard. But we would need my old ship to convert into a planet formation bomb. Then we launch the ship via remote control to collide with an asteroid in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. Upon collision, we detonate the bomb and the debris in the Asteroid Belt would then be sucked back into the gravity well of the explosion to create the New Puckworld in place of the Asteroid Belt. Once we settle the gravity and the atmosphere as well as weather patterns, we could then begin the rebuild of New Puck City as the newest city upon the new planet. Otherwise I guarantee that humans will be sticking their noses into Duck business every time you turn around. Let us use the Saurians as an example of this. Replace the species name of Saurians with Humans and see if you and your friends don't follow along with me. The Saurians invade the original Puckworld and take duck prisoners to work in concentration camps; to build more Saurian war vessels. I know you are originally human yourself, Mallard, but how would the ducks and the Puck Police have any peace of mind if your United Nations was in charge of the New Puckworld? I also know that you have a deal with Dragaunus but he isn't all that trustworthy when it comes to ducks who resist his empire. The Mighty Ducks were originally called The Resistance."

      Mallard said, "What if we cannot get to your ship or make the Terraformation Bomb? Then what do we do?"

      Falcone replied, "Then we will need a continent where the human population is very scant to begin with and then just have the ducks take over that land mass for the project. Just remember also that the Ducks play Ice Hockey, so the term 'frozen north' would be more to their liking. Is there a place like that here on Earth?"

      Mallard smiled. "The Southwestern shore of Greenland on the Labrador Sea matches that description, although Greenland is owned by Denmark. I think we could speak to them with United Nation assistance. I mean most of Greenland is uninhabited anyway. We would only be asking for a small zone to build an embassy for the ducks to call a home away from home."

      Falcone asked, "How will you make it worth their while?"

      Mallard grinned. "Wyndtrough Shipbuilders could build the royal family an all-new luxury liner. And since I own the corporation, I could authorize the building of a ship for them in exchange for the land we will need for building New Puck City. I am already going to have to build and sell a ship to pay the barristers. That still seems a little fishy to me."

      Zero then said, "Perhaps you should call Dragaunus to update him on your situation. By keeping in touch with him he keeps his word to you, Mallard. Besides you need to tell him that Wraith contacted Falcone whom has agreed to throw his lot in with your Puck Police plans."

      Falcone nodded his head. "Zero has a point, Mallard. If you inform Dragaunus that I have willingly joined with you and your team, then he won't try to kill me on sight at a later date. I cannot teach you how to use a sword if I am dead."

      Mallard went over to the communications console. "This is Mallard calling Lord Dragaunus. Come in, Godzilla-Red. This is important."

      Dragaunus was heard on the other end of the call. "I read you, Mallard. Where are you and what do you want?"

      "Aside from humiliating the Mighty Ducks, I have an update for you. Wraith contacted Falcone in England; I just found out when I had to come over here to settle my family inheritance. Falcone convinced the London Guard to let him pitch an offer to join my team. I laid it on the line for him and he swore his services over to me. I told him that if he messed up, he would be on ice. You know the stuff. Now as for the ducks being humiliated... I convinced them to dress up in tights and attend an old English Fair. If you would like, I'll get a picture of them dressed like that and get it sent to you. Our plans later is to build in Greenland. As long as you stay away from Greenland, you won't encounter any ducks. Best use your time wisely, Dragaunus... the ducks have a game this Saturday. But for now, they are here in England."

      Dragaunus said, "As long as you tell Falcone about the ultimate fan boy dream, aka your sidekick, you can keep him and I will stay out of Greenland. And I do want a picture of the ducks wearing tights. Dragaunus out."

      Falcone raised an eyebrow. "What did he mean by the ultimate fan boy dream and your sidekick?"

      Mallard released a sigh as he told Falcone the truth.

      "Oh my lord!" exclaimed Falcone. "How can you deal with that? I am still having trouble believing that Dragaunus is honoring his word to you, Mallard. He would have betrayed any other duck by now."

      Mallard then lifted off and floated in mid air. "No other duck have powers like I do." He then focused on Falcone's groin using sight beyond sight. "At least with you, I don't have to worry about you sporting an erection for me."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Falcone remarked. "I prefer girls, Mallard. Do you have X-ray vision or something?"

        Mallard replied, "Sadly, yes. I catch myself looking at my teammates especially when I know I shouldn't be."

        Falcone said, "At least you are honest about it."

        Zero then asked, "So how big is Nosedive's duckhood that you keep accidentally looking at it, Mallard?"

        Mallard released another sigh as he told both Falcone and Zero the truth.

        Stefano then remarked, "Since we are done with the barristers, shouldn't we be joining the Mighty Ducks at Stonehenge? Or do we need to head over to the ship building factory first?"

        Mallard replied, "We need to get the ship builders settled first so we can get that first ship built and sold for the barristers. This all seems fishy to me for some unexplained reason. They could have liquidated the business while I was in a coma rather than wait to see if I would recover."

        Fiona thought about Mallard's concern for a moment. "Who would benefit the most from one of your family's ships using the current building parts?"

        "I think we would have to examine the factory to see what parts are standard to one of our ships," said Mallard as he had Zero get the jet prepared for flight.

        Eira then commented, "It is strange that Wraith contacted Falcone and didn't plan anything else. Aren't the Saurians supposed to be focusing on world domination?"

        Mallard turned to look at Falcone. "Are you sure Wraith never told you anything else?"

        Falcone feigned a look of being hurt by the question before he shook his head and said, "Aside from what he did tell me, he mentioned that Dragaunus was still trying to get the Raptor repair so they could return to Puckworld to resume their campaign. You have been in contact with Dragaunus yourself, Mallard. Has he been after any parts in the time you have known him?"

        "The first time we met he was after materials to make repairs with and I stopped him from stealing faulty parts that would have failed the integrity test," replied the human turned duck.

        "It is possible that he needs specific parts that your family factory can manufacture," said Falcone already liking this young man turned duck. "However, we might be able to make a terraforming rocket in your factory as well. Then we could make the new planet in space; at least we should plan in advance just in case Denmark won't let you build in Greenland."

        Stefano remarked, "He is right, Mallard. You were accepting a convenient closer solution before you knew if they would accept your offer to buy a portion of their land mass. Despite their not occupying the land because of the snow and ice, we ducks really do need our own world."

        Zero then said, "Perhaps we should plan both options. The terraforming project may not work or if it does, it might take a while for the planet to stabilize for making it safe to colonize. You should contact the United Nations before pitching an offer to Denmark for the new city. However, like the others, I get the feeling they might try to reclaim a settled area once it is built. Our own world would be more acceptable."

        Mallard then said, "Suppose we were to mention to Denmark periodically that the construction of the city was not completed as yet when they showed an interest in claiming our work for their own? That might work for a time while we were getting the new planet ready for full colonization. Then when we were ready to move into our new world, we would simply disengage the anchors and just take our city with us. Thoughts?"

        Falcone had to grin at that moment. "Are you sure you are putting together a police force, Mallard? What you basically outlined is an old plot that I would have done back when Duke and I were futzing around with the Raptorin Brotherhood back on Puckworld."

        Mallard grinned and said, "Sometimes the law has to play hard ball in order to come out ahead. For now, let us go over to the factory and get the first ship in production. Falcone, your mission will be to build the terraforming rocket that will be focused on the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Ancient Mythology once suggested that the Asteroid belt was another Goldilocks zone where habitable life would have been possible. Even suggesting that there was once a planet there."

        Moving over to the Wyndtrough Ship Building Factory and Mallard powering down to Sigmund once again, he led the ducks and falcon into the factory where human workers and a foreman greeted him as they awaited orders on what to do. The new Puck Police were impressed that these people seemed so loyal to the Wyndtrough family and were ready to get production ready on a dime to produce whatever Sigmund asked for. But then the foreman surprised Sigmund by offering a lock box in advance with a sizable Wyndtrough fortune in cash in the amount of a ship in question to be sold. The foreman explained that he never trusted the barristers that the family had chosen to represent the family and thus, he and the workers prepared this payment in advance for the day that Sigmund would need it to pay off the barristers and be rid of them. After having Falcone get to work on the rocket and terraforming equipment, Sigmund had the Puck Police return him to Skipton to make the payment to the barristers who were to say the least taken off guard at Sigmund's early return with the full payment since they knew about how long it took to build a ship and Sigmund hadn't been gone long enough to build one and sell it to get the funds to make the settlement payment. Yet they accepted it anyway since at this point they knew they didn't have a choice. He knew he had a right to be suspicious when he asked for a receipt of payment and they started to pitch a fit in regards to the request. But then the Puck Police came into the room with their weapons at the ready. "Just do as Mr. Wyndtrough has politely asked," remarked Stefano, clearly meaning business. With the receipt in hand, they made a short stop at the Skipton newspaper office to show the receipt to the editor and have a news report made to explain that the barristers had been paid. Then Sigmund and the Puck Police returned to the jet and flew back over to the factory to meet up with Falcone. "Thanks for backing me up in there, Stefano."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          "How goes the rocket, Falcone," asked Mallard as he saw the rocket taking shape in the Raptorin workshop.

          Falcone remarked, "There may be a problem when we need to get rocket fuel to get this thing launched. As good as having our own planet sounds, we may have to settle for Greenland after all. I have already encountered more than a few issues with building this rocket, Mallard. And I really wanted this rocket to work. I am so sorry, Mallard. I am doing my best."

          Mallard gently patted Falcone's shoulder. "Cheap Earth material is not your fault, my friend. I am sure you are used to using far higher grade components than our planet has to offer."

          Falcone then said, "The Terra-forming bomb is completed but with no rocket, I do not know how we would get it into the asteroid belt."

          Mallard hummed. "I have a strange idea on that aspect but it would be pushing it to think that I could get the guy to agree to help us with this project."

          Falcone remarked, "You can only ask. The least he will say is no. But knowing how some people are in the universe, me included, they may want something in return for their assistance."

          Mallard smiled. "That is another reason I am giving you a chance with my team, Falcone. You have prior experience and the alternative is the Tower of London which I saved you from. Time to call an earned ally and see what he has to say."

          Sometime later, Mallard was at the communications console along with Eira and Stefano. "This is Mallard Thunderbeak calling Dragaunus. Come in please."

          Over the radio came Chameleon's voice. "Dragaunus is beating Siege but he will be here in a moment. Nice to hear your voice, Mallard. How goes that Street sport you love so much?"

          Mallard replied, "I would rather be on roller skates than to be on ice skates. Been so busy, I haven't had a chance to play. Look, Chameleon... is Dragaunus needing anything special that you guys have been having trouble getting due to duck interference?"

          Suddenly Dragaunus took control of the call. "Hello Mallard. I overheard that last part. Yes we need a few things. I am assuming you need Saurian assistance with something and to get it, you are offering to fetch us something we need."

          Mallard smiled. "There is no fooling you, Dragaunus. Yes, that is the situation. The Mighty Ducks are still over at Stonehenge wearing tights. So this might be the best time to do a supply run for you."

          "Do you still have the dimensional wormhole generator that I gave you, Mallard?"

          "Yes and to let you know, when we used it the last time it almost killed me. I know that was not your intention, Dragaunus; but we arrived in the past of Puckworld and I was back in a coma while there rather than arriving in Puckworld's present day time."

          Dragaunus replied, "You can blame that interference effect on Tanya. She likely tried to tinker with the generator in her attempt to make sure the device was clean. She likely accidentally reset the arrival time so you arrived in Puckworld's past instead of where you asked to have access to. To fix the upset, open the Chronometer Bay and reset the first number from '1' to '2'. Then close it back up. This will allow you to visit present day Puckworld without restoring you to your coma induced state of being. Once you travel to Puckworld, go to the Saurian warehouse at coordinates that I will give you and fetch me a few crates marked with code Z.R.E.N.-Forty. These crates contain the repair kits that I need to fix the raptor. I would like to get off of your planet someday -- WITH MY SHIP."

          While Dragaunus was making his explanation, Mallard was making the repair on the wormhole generator personally. "Dragaunus, any time you need good old Mallard to make a supply run, all you need to do is ask. The Mighty Ducks will not be making the trip with me this time. I think Phil has them right where he wants them. In Embarrassment Alley! So what are these warehouse coordinates and will there be any guards? Like anyone, I hate surprises."

          Dragaunus then gave off the coordinates before saying, "What about your... bluh... sidekick? And yes, there are a few normal robot guards. As you know I blow them up all the time."

          Mallard replied, "A good sidekick has to learn how to take orders. If he comes along, he cannot tell the others where we are going or else I will put him into a coma."

          Dragaunus then said, "So I assume that the honeymoon is over?"

          Mallard replied, "In truth, the divorce and affair have been underway for quite some time. Besides, I am engaged with my lady love, Carol Mason."

          The other Saurians were heard laughing in the background as Dragaunus said, "When you return with the goods, meet with us at what you humans call Palm Springs."

          As Mallard hung up, he turned and saw Nosedive with a disappointed look on his beak. "What are you doing here, Dive?"

          Nosedive had his arms folded over his chest. "I cannot believe you, Mallard! You are going to make a supply run for Dragaunus?! If he gets the raptor repaired, he will attack the Earth!"

          Mallard grabbed Nosedive and slammed his ass down into a seat within the Corporate Jet before tying him down with duct tape especially over his beak. "Dragaunus and I have a deal, Dive. Besides, I don't hear you complaining on how Tanya sabotaged the wormhole generator so I would be in a coma during that last supply run. As my sidekick you have to obey my orders."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            "Are we ready, Sweetheart?" Mallard asked Zero who was getting the jet ready for their launch to Puckworld.

            Zero replied, "All Avians aboard who are to be making the trip. Are you sure you want to bring Nosedive with us? He seems all against your making this trip, almost as if he knew the first trip you made would put you back into your coma. Makes a duck wonder what the Mighty Ducks are so afraid of your seeing back on Puckworld."

            That comment made Nosedive struggle all the more in his attempt to break free of the duct tape bindings. But as anyone knew when dealing with duct tape, if you were the one wrapped up in it, it took super strength to break free of the stuff.

            Mallard replied as he held up Nosedive's communicator in one hand. "We could throw him out in outer space, I suppose. But as I told Dragaunus earlier, a good sidekick needs to learn how to obey orders from the superior partner in the relationship. And I am also wondering what the big secret is back on Puckworld that they are so afraid of my seeing."

            Falcone then said, "Nosedive looks like he is about to have a heart attack over my being here with you, Mallard."

            Mallard smiled. "He probably is; since the last time he saw you, you were being locked up by the palace guard in London. But since you begged a second chance with my team, you get a chance to prove yourself. If you double cross me, I will pluck you bald and then rip duct tape off of your privates. And believe me, it doesn't feel all that great. Many a brave man has cried like a little girl from having that done to them."

            Falcone said, "I gave you my word, Mallard. Besides, like Zero and the others, I really like you. You have already made me see how much fun you can be. Like you said earlier, some times the law has to play hard ball in order to come out ahead."

            Mallard grinned. "If you think Nosedive is having a coronary, just think of what Duke's reaction will be when he learns that you teamed up with me."

            Falcone just laughed as he settled in for the flight.

            Mallard then looked at Zero. "Get us air born, Sweetheart. Time to go hit Puckworld."

            Zero gunned the jet and after a shot down the run way, the jet shot off into the sky before leaving the atmosphere and Mallard activated the Wormhole generator leading to Puckworld.

            Inside the wormhole, Stefano said, "Mallard, I am detecting a life sign just ahead in dimensional limbo. It is sending a Puckworldian distress call toward our jet. Should we attempt to pick it up?"

            Mallard looked to Falcone. "Come with me and get the steel net ready. We're going fishing. If it is a treasure, then you get it, partner. But if it is a possible ally, then we bring him back to to the Puck Police with us. Assuming it is a him that is. It could be a her."

            As the jet came within range of the box like container, Mallard and Falcone lassoed the large crate and using a winch, they hauled it into the cargo hold. "Okay, Sweetheart!" exclaimed Mallard toward Zero. "Continue on to Puckworld!" He then looked to Falcone. Now let us find out who is inside this crate and why they were calling for help."

            The crate was large enough for several people all standing upright inside with little elbow room to spare. As Falcone and Mallard broke open a plank at about eye level on the crate, they both saw not only male and female ducks inside but other male and female mammalian species as well. No humans though. One of the ducks moved around his people to the opening and when his face came into view, Falcone said, "I don't believe it. Drake DuCaine?" It was Drake DuCaine but he was not wearing the mask.

            Drake said, "I don't know who you people are, but we have been stuck in Dimensional Limbo since Wraith trapped us here. What year is it?"

            Mallard replied, "We are the Puck Police from Planet Earth on a mission to create a new Puckworld so that former Puckworldians can colonize the new world once it is completed. The current Earthian year is 201X, According to Puck Police records, the Puckworldian year is 309X. Are all of you people Puckworldians?"

            Drake released a sigh when he heard what year it was. "Seven hundred years in dimensional stasis. From your statement, the original Puckworld is in dire straights. Yes, we are all Puckworldian members of the original rebellion against the Saurian campaign. If you need the help, we would like to assist you in the project to make a new Puckworld. My crew have a vast variety of technical skills and abilities that could be useful to you. You people seem to know me, but you never said who you were."

            Mallard said, "There is little room in our Corporate Jet to let you people out of your crude transport crate. As for me, I was originally a human man named Sigmund Wyndtrough but while I was in a medical coma, Wraith and an evil duck doctor transformed me into this form which has been named as Mallard Thunderbeak. I am the leader of the Puck Police."

            Falcone then said, "If you want to help us on the project for the rebuild we will take you with us when we leave Puckworld. But we are going to need a bigger star ship during this supply run. I am sure Mallard will have to agree with that idea. We need extra supplies beyond what we came for especially if we are to be bringing more Puckworldians with us."

            Mallard nodded his head. "A fine idea if we can find a star ship that the Puckworldians will let us use. Don't forget that we also need an expendable rocket for the terraformer bomb."

            Falcone replied, "I haven't forgotten. We will need extra communications equipment as well as tools that the Puck Police had no access to from their last build attempt. We need to be prepared just in case, Mallard."

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              When the jet emerged from the wormhole over Puckworld, Stefano remarked, "Mallard, I think we have a new problem."

              Mallard remarked, "And what would that be, Stefano?"

              Stefano replied, "It looks like Puckworld but it is too clean to be the Puckworld that the Mighty Ducks and the Saurians have often described. And it has different communication signals from the Puckworld that my fellow officers and I are from. As sad as this may sound, I think Dimensional Limbo connects all possible Puckworlds and unless you have precise traveling coordinates to follow, then we would arrive on any number of different Puckworld locations. That would explain how we were able to find a version of Drake DuCaine still alive in this time period. He's from another dimension. Same likely goes for Zero and the rest of us; we are from a more peaceful version of Puckworld. And that likely also implies that the Canard Thunderbeak that Wraith cremated was one from another dimension who lives on through your computer mainframe back home."

              Mallard quietly cursed to himself when he heard this news. "The old comic book multiple worlds theory." He then walked over to where Nosedive was tied up in duct tape and removed the piece covering his beak. "Looks like Dragaunus isn't going to get his supplies, Dive. We have a major comic book dilemma. The old multiple worlds problem. We arrived over Puckworld but its the wrong one. And as you likely heard us say earlier, we have a version of Drake DuCaine on board currently."

              Nosedive didn't look so upset now that he knew that Dragaunus wasn't going to be getting any supplies. "I can help out better if I am not duct taped to the chair. As I recall Falcone saying before the trip, you guys need to acquire a star ship with more cargo space and you need the disposable rocket for the terraforming bomb. However, there may be an alternate comic book solution that you haven't considered as yet; since comic book physics seem to be real in this universe, you just need to acquire a star ship with a tractor beam much like Star Trek's Enterprise, then locate an non-populated version of Puckworld and tow it back through the dimensional wormhole and set it into an orbit of your choosing in the Sol System. Once you have the orbit stabilized, you can then see about colonizing the planet for our usage. A little extreme, but if every time we attempt to travel to Puckworld we arrive at a different one, then we need to use whatever solution we can grab on to or else we will be searching Puckworld planets forever."

              Mallard glanced at the others on board. "Comments on Nosedive's idea?"

              Drake Ducaine commented, "I don't know if I would want a blank Puckworld to start over upon. It took centuries to build our civilization the way we wanted it the first time. What were some of the alternative options originally?"

              Zero replied, "Option one: buy the island continent of Greenland which is covered in ice and snow from its current owner, Denmark, then colonize that land mass the way we wanted to. Option two: Get Denmark's permission to set up a Puckworld city in Greenland; not the best option since Denmark may decide they want our city if it started looking too productive. Option Three, Colonize another ice world in the Sol System; but again as you said, it took centuries to get the whole world the way we wanted it. Option four: Use a Terraforming bomb in the Sol System's asteroid belt to pull all the Asteroids together to make a new planet for us to colonize. Option five, which I just thought of: We acquire wealth from an existing Puckworld, use the tractor beam on an existing Puckworld city, bring the wealth and the city back to Earth as it exists intact, buy Greenland from Denmark with the wealth we acquired, anchor the existing city into the land mass and rename it as New Puck City commemorating the memory of Puckworld. To the rest of the Earth, the name Greenland could retain its former name, but we could call it Pucklantis. Then we establish the Puckworldian embassy and present our species government to the United Nations to become official on Earth."

              Apparently, Nosedive wasn't the only comic book reader on the team.

              Drake Ducaine then said, "I like option five, although we are going to have to acquire a star ship with cargo space for the wealth that has a tractor beam that can hold a Puckworldian city. Having an existing city will help to preserve our architectural culture from Puckworld so we can learn from our ancestors on how they created buildings and so forth. Starting over would take a long time otherwise."

              Fiona then said, "If this is the route we are planning on doing, perhaps we should also see about hiring Puckworldian engineers and their families to assist in setting up our new Pucklantian infrastructure. Procreation is not something the minor few female Puckworld ducks on Earth want the sole responsibility of performing for every male duck."

              Mallard then said, "Those in favor?" And since the given option was perhaps the best, everyone on board said 'Aye'. He then asked, "Against?" And it was silent. "The choice is made. Time to acquire wealth, then acquire a star ship, then more wealth, see about acquiring a functional Puckworldian city, then more wealth a third time, return to earth with our goods, see about buying Greenland from Denmark, then anchor our new city and cultivate the rest of the outlying regions around the city while I speak to the United Nations in getting Pucklantis and New Puck City recognized officially. I am sure they will want open relations and worldly assistance with some variant needs. Humans have a tendency to be that way. And I am sorry to be have come from their stock originally sometimes. But it is just corporate business as usual."

              Over the course of the next few weeks of other dimensional time, they visited several versions of Puckworld and not once did they revisit one they had visited before. They were able to acquire a star ship to their specifications as well as a Puckworld capital city containing only civil engineers and their families along with the appropriate terraforming vehicle equipment within said cities which would help in settling the lands around New Puck City in Greenland later. Mallard knew that Dragaunus would be contacting him the moment they returned and he would likely be upset when he didn't get the order he had placed for Mallard to acquire from the warehouses on the original Puckworld. However, since Dragaunus' own device was not allowing Mallard to visit the real Puckworld no matter how many trips they made, there was nothing that Mallard nor Dragaunus could do about it.

              Finally the day to return to Earth came and their new star ship along with its cargo made the jump using the homing beacon installed back on the Earth they had come from. Having a homing beacon allowed travel to the real Earth and not simply an infinite alternate version of Earth. Since Dragaunus would likely be watching for their corporate jet, perhaps they could get some work done on Pucklantis before the Saurians noticed that Mallard and company were indeed back.

              Upon arriving back within the Sol System, they noted a world in the Asteroid Belt that was already being colonized by what looked like anthropomorphic horses and other species.

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                Getting on the communications console, Mallard directed a message toward the new world in question. "Attention Horse world; This is the Pucklantian Duck Ship en route to Planet Earth. Requesting permission to set up friendly communications with your people. Please respond."

                A few moments later, a response was received. "Greeting Puckworldians. This is Stallos II, the proposed new seat of galactic law and order in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our original home world was destroyed in a sneak attack by enemy forces. We had been rescued by the intervention from an Earthian male human who accidentally joined our species. We would welcome an alliance with the Puckworld Ducks at any time you needed our assistance."

                "I am Mallard Thunderbeak, a former human named Sigmund Wyndtrough who while in a coma was operated on by the Saurians and changed into my current Puckworldian form. I am also establishing a new law enforcement team on my home world; Earth. We would welcome the Kestrons within our city once it is fully established. New law enforcement equipment should never be turned down no matter what the source."

                "Greetings, Mallard. I am Winchester 73, formerly Chester West of Kansas. I changed into an Kestron Percheron by accidentally stepping into a species restoration device and then I couldn't get out until the timer ended. I have been helping these people with their colonization of their new world in the Sol System."

                Mallard couldn't help but to smile a little. "I am sure your story would be interesting to hear. Perhaps later after we get things settled back on Earth. We are about to go purchase Greenland from Denmark."

                Chester chuckled. "Oh I am sure they will be thrilled with your offer. Let me know how it goes. I need to get back to my swordsmanship lesson with energy blades. Also for the record, the main city here on Stallos II is called Galactic Base 2. The original had an attack done to their home base. So this is a neutral joint effort here in the Sol System. Later, Mallard."

                Mallard smiled as he received the communication data from Galactic Base 2 as he shared their Puckworldian communication data with Stallos II. "Looks like we have new allies, my friends. Time to invade Earth and buy Greenland."

                When they arrived in orbit above the Earth, Mallard said, "First I need to call the United Nations and let them know that I am about to offer to buy Greenland from Denmark. That way we have official witness that our purchase is legalized. Also Denmark cannot back out later by claiming that we stole the land mass. Having legal back up prevents some human stupidity. Wait for my signal and then we anchor the new city into the land mass." After the initial call to the U.N., Mallard let himself out of the star ship's air lock and began his flying descent down toward Denmark's capital to meet with the head of government therein. Luckily the U.N. had called ahead so they would not be surprised by Mallard's arrival in Denmark.

                Mallard arrived in Copenhagen and he proceeded to Frederiksberg Palace where the official meeting and possible sales agreement would be made in regards to Greenland. This meeting with the royal family and the corporate style discussion was quite reasonable. Denmark only requested that shipments of minerals mined out of Greenland be sent to Copenhagen and the sales of the land mass would be given to the Puckworld ducks to set up their city upon. Mallard also agreed to have a royal yacht built for the ruler from his own ship building factory in addition to the payment agreement as witnessed by the United Nations.

                Since this meeting would take longer than a week to complete, Nosedive had to return to rejoin his team for their return to Anaheim to prepare for Saturday's big game.

                Finally with all negotiations laid out and papers signed and notarized by U.N. officials, Mallard contacted Stefano to send down the payment to his location. With a goldsmith on hand to verify the authenticity of the precious wealth being delivered as partial payment, the payment was accepted and the official deed to Greenland was handed over to Mallard Thunderbeak who then posed with the Danish ruler and a few other U.N. officials for the official press photograph. Then it was back to the ship where they now had clearance to set up shop on their newly acquired Puckworldian embassy, Pucklantis. While the ducks on his team anchored New Puck City, Mallard placed the necessary call to Dragaunus to give him the bad news in regards to how they could not reach the real Puckworld where the Saurian warehouses resided.

                "When you didn't return right away," started Dragaunus. "I made other plans. What exactly happened on Puckworld?"

                Mallard replied, "Had I actually been able to get to Puckworld, you would have gotten what you had asked me to retrieve. But we discovered that the wormhole generator you gave us was faulty and it sent us on each trip to different Puckworlds in different dimensions far different from the one that the Mighty Ducks and the Saurians originated from. Alas, I was never able to reach your warehouses. Whomever is responsible for the faulty programming within this generator was likely hoping that I would never return. So I cannot fault you for that, Dragaunus. I cannot same the same of your colleagues for whom I have trouble trusting. Our deal is still as it was; although with my recent purchase of Greenland, I must ask that the realm of not entering my territory be expanded to include my new purchase. And now for the bad news... More Puckworldian Ducks have chosen to join my cause and will be residing within the newly acquired New Puck City in Greenland. That is where the Puck Police will be residing primarily. If your associates are caught in my new city, you may not get them back."

                "Why wouldn't I get them back?" asked Dragaunus remembering that his colleagues had teleportation bracelets.

                "Because I would send each one through a different wormhole generated by this faulty generator and since you need precise travel directions for returning to the point of origin," explained Mallard looking none too pleased. "They might end up anywhere in the dimensions."

                Dragaunus said, "That would work on Siege and Chameleon, but sadly it has no effect on Wraith."

                Mallard then had an 'ugh' look on his beak. "The one that I am tired of dealing with... is immune. Dammit. I know your frustration, Dragaunus. I had every intention to pick up your goods from the warehouse. Despite the sidekick pitching a fit about my doing it. Thankfully he is back with his brother and his team. He can be such a pain in the butt feathers... I mean tail feathers. Anyway, I need to see about finishing the payment to Denmark. Mallard out."

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  Having legal access to Northern Greenland nearly five kilometers from Station Nord was ideal for the ducks since it meant nearly no human visitation in that part of the world. New Puck City was a duplicate of the capital city that the Mighty Ducks originated from. And with all of the localized Puckworld ducks now residing within the city and little crime to deal with just yet, this gave the Puck Police time to work on maneuvers and to study their laws for better usage in the future.

                  It also provided Mallard while in his human form as Sigmund time to spend with his human girlfriend, Carol Mason, and see about tying the knot while he was still human and to see about making a human child so Carol's parents could become grandparents to a human baby. Sigmund and Carol spent the time wisely keeping the wedding small and spending the night together in a Viagra induced sexual experiment to make a child. Normal couples didn't have to rush into something like this, but there was no telling when the temporary power to revert to human would wear off and they wanted to make every second count. Carol was now legally called Carol Wyndtrough, wife to Sigmund Wyndtrough also known as Mallard Thunderbeak.

                  After the next few days, Carol got the report from her doctor that she was indeed pregnant and the twin embryos were indeed one hundred percent human. A few days following that announcement, as they had already been warned, Sigmund lost the ability to switch back to his human form and he was back to being stuck as Mallard Thunderbeak. And although Carol offered to change her surname to Thunderbeak, Mallard insisted that she retain his human last name for public relationship purposes. Mallard insisted that Carol stay at the family home for the time being due to the cold conditions around New Puck City. Mallard would commute to see his new wife and he asked James and Ace to keep watch over her in the meantime.

                  Drake II (2) as he was choosing to call himself spent time with Mallard one afternoon educating the human turned duck on Puckworld military exercises. And to discuss the duplication of the mask that he himself still had access to from his home dimension. Since Mallard already had a power that duplicated the mask's ability, he personally didn't need a replacement. However, the Mighty Ducks might have need of extras some day. And so, that was the plan.

                  During the transition stage of getting New Puck City operational, open communications continued with Stallos II. Then one day some weeks later, an important call came in for Mallard and the Puck Police. It was from Chester and the Horse Force. "Mallard! Great to see you again!"

                  Mallard smiled although practiced with that beak of his. "Hiya Chez! What does Stallos II need from the Puck Police?"

                  Chester replied, "We need your scientists help in stabilizing our polar ice caps. In exchange for your assistance, the law officials of Galactic Base 2 want to give the Puckworldian Ducks their own continent here on Stallos II. Much of our new world is still unpopulated so the ducks can choose the continent best suited for them and govern the land as they see fit."

                  Mallard then said, "I'll talk it over with the ducks. Although we do have ties here on Earth; not the best arrangement but pulling out now would cause a few problems unless we give Denmark a new city for their research team here in Greenland. New Puck City is detachable through our clever use of anchors and the star ship's tractor beam. Also, I got married to my teen aged sweetheart and she is expecting twins currently. So you see, I have to migrate between New Puck City and Earth as often as needed."

                  Chester laughed. "You stinker! And here I was hoping to bed you! Just kidding... anyway, the request for help is still the same and the reward offer as well. Congrats on your wedding."

                  Mallard smiled. "Thanks, Chez. Although I am not beyond sleeping with team mates when they need someone to lean on. But the love of my life is Carol. I will call you guys back in one hour after I hold a meeting with the ducks. I can tell you now that more than a few are getting tired of dealing with local humans. We caught some humans the other day trying to get schematics of our weapons and flight technology. They were turned over to the U.N. and we raised the security around here. Mallard out."

                  At the Duck Security meeting, Mallard laid out the offer from Stallos II and the offered continent reward. "That is the situation on Stallos II, my friends. Since we already have the ecosystem technology for stabilizing an ice cap, I think their offer has come at an opportune time. Who all would be for accepting the Stallos II offer? Before you answer, I need to add that our coverage of Greenland will be withdrawn and the Puck Police will only patrol San Francisco as well as Stallos II. I have personal need to return to San Francisco due to my wife who is expecting twins. Not to mention the deals I have with both Wildwing and Dragaunus. So let's hear the vote. Anyone wanting to stay here on Earth can be moved to another location of their choice."

                  Drake II then said, "There are two ranching ducks who want to migrate to varied ranch capable places on Earth. Carla McCall, a pretty tall amazon like duck; she has an interest in Outback living down under. Maverick Rhone, a duck who wants to migrate to Texas to help the Texas Rangers hunt down rustlers; he has elemental mutant powers primarily fire and he already has a sidekick of his own. So yes, he understands your pain with Nosedive."

                  Falcone smiled. "I opt for the Stallos II arrangement. They are offering and want little in return."

                  Stefano nodded his head as well. "And think of their law training facilities that we can make use of to improve ourselves."

                  "Those for the migration?" and several hands were raised. "Those against!" The hands were jerked back down. Mallard said, "Prepare the city for migration. However, we need to erect shell model of the city to leave here in the same location to make human kind think that we are still in Greenland." Carla and Maverick will be permitted to go start ranches in the locations of their choice. Then it is off to Stallos II. I better go call Chester back and let him know what we decided."

                  Moments later, "Chester! Stallos II is about to get some ducks. Its a go! We will be on planet within a week!"

                  The following week was spent crafting the shell of a city that looked like the original with only one functional building in the center of it where a Puckworldian family of scientists would continue to do the research and mining that the U.N. approved deal had offered. The Shell city would also house its own air field and air vehicle repair hangar for those times when the Puck Police had to be on Earth. This would give the illusion that the ducks were still in Greenland. Following that, Carla and Maverick were moved to the countries of their choice. Finally the remaining ducks used the star ship to move New Puck City to Stallos II, where they found and claimed a snow covered continent that was more than similar to Puckworld.

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    Stabilizing the ice caps was a no-brainer for the ducks since they had long since had the technology for accomplishing that task. It was a shame that the Earth side base idea could not pan out; the ducks also had access to a technology that would have been able to repair the ozone and reduce greenhouse gases world-wide. The only side effect of doing this was colder air which the Puckworldians didn't mind dealing with. Humans on the other hand would complain about it being too cold; human kind was never happy no matter what the good done.

                    Colonizing the snow covered continent of Pucklantis was also a no-brainer. With an existing coastal city to anchor into place, their own power plant for generating energy for the city itself, Mallard and the ducks had no problem getting everything up and running within the next few weeks. And though it was chilly in the thirties by day and lower twenties on most nights, it was not so frigid that Carol could not live in the city with them if need be. But for now, Mallard chose not to have her migrate just yet since the children needed to grow up on Earth. Mallard was once again stuck in Duck form and that was going to be hard enough to explain to their children later on.

                    On this particular day, however, the Puck Police had joined Ace Kannis in San Francisco for a patrol that was more than ordinary. The felons had somehow gotten hold of experimental military laser weapons and the usual police defenses were no match for what they were up against. When the action was about to heat up as the Puck Police were coming up on a squadron of felons, Wildwing's voice was heard over the radio. "Let us know if you guys need any help with Dragaunus' latest scheme. We just helped Klegghorn by stopping a bunch of these felons down here in Anaheim."

                    Mallard replied, "Only if you can promise not to blow up any buildings, civilian vehicles or bridges. If you cannot make that promise, then please stay in Anaheim. The Puck Police are not above the law, Wildwing. And neither are you. By the way, thanks for keeping Nosedive in Anaheim for a few weeks. We finally got settled; we had to be on radio silence while we were getting things anchored properly."

                    Wildwing then said, "We have a vacation coming up, stud. I would like to chat with Canard One, if possible."

                    Mallard grinned. "No game tonight?"

                    Wildwing replied, "The Anaheim arena was one of the first places these goons hit so until it is repaired, all games are cancelled. That means an early vacation and Phil hates it."

                    And then, without warning, Mallard appeared directly in front of Wildwing and smooched him on the beak before grabbing Nosedive and vanishing once again.

                    Wildwing shouted, "Glah! Was that another one of your new temporary powers, Mallard?"

                    Mallard chuckled as he released Nosedive into one of the available seats. "Yes and I have no idea on how long I will have it. I stole your brother; try to have some fun while I have him. I'll try not to undress him too many times, Wildwing. Oh by the way... Carol and I got married and are expecting."

                    Wildwing smiled. "I assume this was done while you still had temporary access to your human form, yes?"

                    "Yeah, it was," replied Mallard thoughtfully. "Carol's parents wouldn't let her marry me unless I was human and could have human children. According to the doctor, nailed and nailed. And then a week after the doctor gave us the news, I lost the ability to be human. Well, I had warning that it wasn't going to last. Carol and I are happy though. Gotta go, Wildwing; time for the super duck to dive out of the shuttle and show these felons what for."

                    Wildwing chuckled. "We have a sponsor boy coming some time in the next month. It is part of Cheer Bear's special program to help lucky young people. Wildwing out."

                    Mallard chuckled. "He is getting better at getting in the last word. Time to go to work. Stay aboard the shuttle, Nosedive. You are not invulnerable like I am." And the empowered duck bailed out of the shuttle directly into the middle of the felons where he began to punch and freeze felons left and right.

                    Nosedive came up the front of the shuttle where Zero and Falcone were seated. "I cannot wait to see the Greenland base, guys. Imagine owning the whole continent."

                    Zero shook his head with a sigh as he said, "You tell him, Falcone."

                    Falcone turned to look at Nosedive. "We were only in Greenland for a week before foreign humans sneaked in and tried to steal Puckworld weapon and space ship technology from us. They were turned over to the United Nations and then Chester West called us from Stallos II with an offer that we chose to accept. Our own continent up there in exchange for stabilizing their ice caps for them. New Puck City is currently on Stallos II while a mock-up science and mining station is at the old location in Greenland. Mallard was going to tell you himself but as you can see, this business cropped up and delayed the report. We migrate from Stallos II to San Francisco because Carol is currently staying at the Wyndtrough estate on Angel Island. Mallard thought it would be better that way if the human children got a chance to grow up around other humans."

                    Nosedive said, "Aw, man... Wildwing and the others have a vacation coming up and they wanted to spend it in New Puck City."

                    Falcone smiled. "They still can. Didn't you hear what I just said, we migrate between Pucklantis and San Francisco every week. Besides, New Puck City looks just like our capital looked before the Saurian invasion. It will be a trip down memory lane for your brother and his friends."

                    At that moment, an entire military tank was lifted up by its gun and slammed directly into a parking lot nearby as Mallard gave the cold shoulder glare at all of the remaining Felons freezing them into blocks of ice. Then he began flying in a circle rapidly while holding on to the cannon nozzle until he could hear the felons inside vomiting all over the cockpit. Then Mallard flipped the tank right side up facing the nearby pier before he popped the top off of the tank and threw the felons out and freezing them before they could land. "Yuck."

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode Three: English Inheritance

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Pucklantis Lives.