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[Puck Police-02] Canard One

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    [Puck Police-02] Canard One

    Mallard Thunderbeak
    "a Mighty Ducks - the Animated Series universe adventure"
    Mighty Ducks characters and concept owned solely by Disney
    Mallard Thunderbeak aka Sigmund Wyndtrough owned by Darrel Vanwinkle (writing as Lord Pouchlaw)
    All other characters owned by board members (at The Legacy @

    [Puck Police] Mallard Thunderbeak
    Episode Two: Canard One
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    August 23rd, 2015

    Mallard Thunderbeak, male former human now a Mighty Duck duplicate of a young Canard Thunderbeak, hero
    Stefano Webster; Electronics and Mechanics specialist
    Caesar O' Donald nicknamed as Zero; Ace pilot and weapons specialist
    Eira Swanson; Communications specialist
    Fiona DuCaine; Swat Operative and Tactician
    Harmony Harper; Puckworld Sports Representative and Reporter for the Nightly Puckworld News team; undercover

    Carol Mason, female human, girlfriend, junior Olympic Figure Skater
    James Talbot, male human, friend of Carol's; practicing magician, wealthy eccentric
    Captain Ace Kannis, male human, legal guardian for Mallard; Police officer in San Francisco
    Aramus E. Quincy, male human, former best friend to Sigmund; goes crazy when Sigmund becomes a duck

    Dr. Theodore Quark, male Puckworld medical technician, allied to Wraith

    Chapter One

    Over the next few days, Tanya worked on building the new mainframe computer for Mallard's subterranean lair under the mansion estate. While this was going on, Wildwing and Duke arrived to join the others at the mansion estate. Wildwing looked to be doing a lot better now.

    "Looking good, Wildwing," stated Mallard. "Although the swim trunks do look good on you. You can find Mallory out at the swimming pool. Tanya is still working on the mainframe. I have Nosedive getting some law lessons from Ace in the study. Grin is admiring my late parents' art collection in the library."

    Suddenly, Tanya emerged from the stairwell and said, "Mallard, I like need to get a sample of your DNA for the new mainframe so it responds to you foremost."

    Mallard plucked one of his own feathers and handed it over to Tanya. "Have at it, Tanya."

    Duke then said, "I'll go with you, Tanya." And he went off with Tanya to see the new Duck Lair under the mansion.

    Wildwing patted Mallard on one shoulder. "Can I talk to you in your kitchen please?"

    "Of course, Wildwing. It's this way." And he led Wildwing into the mansion toward the nearby kitchen.

    Within the kitchen, Mallard got a can of cola out of the fridge and handed it to Wildwing before grabbing one for himself before sitting down at the bar counter facing a bowl of snacks. "What's on your mind, Wildwing?"

    Once Wildwing sat down on a stool next to Mallard's seat, he turned toward him and gave him a hug. "I never got a chance to thank you for deflecting that bullet that Aramus shot at me before the game. Thank you, Mallard. If I had listened to you the other day, I could have been on the ice during the game."

    "Big strong ducks think that damage cannot harm them," remarked Mallard as he sipped on his soda with a grin. "Although, I worry about Tanya sometimes. This morning, I overheard her talking to the circuit boards and her tools." He then paused as he said, "Wildwing... you are rubbing on my lower back. Control yourself. I am not Canard. I know you miss him and I am the only thing you have to remind you of him, but please. Control yourself. Stroking on a big strong duck won't bring him back."

    Wildwing blushed as he released Mallard. "I'm sorry and you are right, Mallard. I can't help but to keep thinking about him every time I see you, Mallard." He paused as he drank from his own can of cola. "He was my best friend and you ended up looking just like him. You even have his voice."

    Mallard said, "Whoever Wraith got to help him do this to us is definitely on my hate list."

    Wildwing nodded his beak. "Mine too, Mallard. Had Dragaunus did this to you, you might have been restored the first time you fought him. But with Wraith, he may stay out of Dragaunus' reach for as long as he can. It might take a while for Dragaunus to force the answers out of Wraith."

    Just then, they both heard Duke shouting, "Wildwing! Mallard! You gotta see this! Hurry!"

    Leaping to their feet, they both departed the kitchen and met with Grin, Mallory, Nosedive and Ace as they charged down the stairs and into the new Duck Lair being built for Mallard himself. Standing out in middle of the computer chamber being projected from the new mainframe was a 3-dimensional representation of Canard Thunderbeak. And probably more shocking, it spoke.

    "Wildwing. This is important. Wraith and Dr. Theodore Quark extracted me from dimensional limbo and then they transformed me into genetic material which they then in turn injected my essence into Sigmund Wyndtrough while he was in his coma. The resultant powers that Mallard is displaying is bleed off energy from the mask of Drake Ducaine because I wore it nearly all the time before I was lost in dimensional limbo. While I cannot return in my own body, Sigmund has literally become me in physical form. I have to exist now through the new mainframe that Tanya is building for Mallard. I will give advice to Mallard as his mentor. Don't mourn my passing, Wildwing. Just promise me to deliver pay back on Wraith and Quark."

    "We will make that promise, Canard," replied Wildwing as he tried to prevent himself from being depressed over this bit of shocking news. "You will make a fine mentor for Mallard. We all like him a lot. He saved my life."

    "Just call me... Canard One."

    Mallard smiled. "So my mentor is now Obi Wan Thunderbeak. Believe in the force, Wildwing." He joked with a chuckle. "On the bright side, you can always spend the night over here and shoot the breeze with Canard One."

    Wildwing smiled back at Mallard. "Thanks, chum. I appreciate the offer."

    Nosedive came over and hugged his brother with a smile. "Maybe now you won't be so mopey, eh bro?"

    "Having the ability to talk to Canard even if he isn't in his original body will help me stay sane, Nosedive. I heard you were learning Law from Ace. How is that coming along?" Wildwing gave his brother a serious eye to eye focusing gaze.

    "Slow, but Ace said that I had promise."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    As night fell over Angel Island, Nosedive came into Mallard's bedroom and sat down on the edge of the double-wide master bed as he glanced over at Mallard who was just laying there in his pajamas reading a comic book. "Whatcha reading, dude?"

    Mallard smiled. "Mousecapades, the story of a secret agent mouse in a big dangerous world. I tend to read off-stream comic books. There is a comic book box to the side of the bed if you need some reading material. I laid out a pair of pajamas on the dresser for you when you're ready to get some sleep."

    Since Mallard had the comic book in the way, Nosedive proceeded to get out of his gear and clothes to prepare for getting into his pajamas, not realizing that Mallard could see through the comic book and was actually doing as much at that very second. "Hey, Dive...?"

    "Nosedive pause with only the pajama shirt over his head. "Yeah, Mal?"

    "I know we're both straight ducks, but... whom is the erection you are sporting that inflated tube steak for?"

    Blushing, Nosedive pulled the pajama top the rest of the way on and he quickly got into his pajama bottoms before laying himself in bed next to Mallard. "Just a lady duck back home whom I will probably never get to see again." Of course he was lying, but it was the only answer he could think of having been caught like that.

    "I sure am glad Tanya finally got the new Duck Lair operational before sundown. I am also glad she installed the launch pad runway in the island for the Aerowing. Having it out of sight makes it more private up here at the estate. Is Wildwing still chatting with Canard One?"

    "Yeah, he is," replied Nosedive as he dug through the box of comic books to find something that looked good for late night reading. "He really needed this, Mallard. But he won't bother us in the master bedroom. "Were you using your sight beyond sight vision to see me naked again."

    Mallard just grinned before answering. "While most people might like Wildwing, Duke, Grin, Tanya, or even Mallory on a team as eye candy, I prefer the unsung underdog, Dive. You. While I am loyal to Carol, I can't help but to admire how sleek and athletically built as a track star you are. I just can't figure out why you seem to be hard all the time. And when I kissed you the other day, that was supposed to disgust you so you wouldn't want to be my partner. But it backfired because I accepted you and you are here now."

    "Why did you change your mind on my sleeping in my own room and choose to let me share your room, Mal?"

    "Because it was silly to have you so far away from the comic book room source since you like comic books so much. But if you are into dirty magazines, you might find a few in the bottom most drawer over there. Of course if you are looking to see animals doing it, I think we have some National Geographic magazines around someplace. Aside from that, Dive, since we're supposed to be partners, it is better to keep you closer since it frees up the other rooms for the other ducks. That Grin takes up a queen sized bed all by himself."

    Nosedive smiled as he turned on his side to look at Mallard. "Duke can sleep anywhere and in any position. I've seen him do it."

    Mallard put his own comic book aside as he pulled the covers up and slid his legs underneath. "Even upside down like a bat?" He then laid his head back on the pillow trying to imagine Duke upside down and totally asleep.

    Nosedive slid his legs under the blankets himself and laid his head down as well. "I've never seen him do that. But he has likely done it back on Puckworld. He was a master jewel thief originally."

    Mallard being his typical self couldn't help but to continue to be funny. "Even family jewels and royal scepters?" He glanced toward his partner in training to see if he caught on to the joke or not.

    Nosedive didn't catch on right away as he replied, "He can swipe any jewel, family or otherwise, and I know he has on many occasions swiped a few scepters."

    As funny as it was to hear Nosedive reply in that manner, Mallard chose to let his partner in on the joke. "Dive, family jewels is a reference to..." and he reached over and tapped on the duck's sac which was just beneath his pajama botttoms. "...this... while the royal scepter is..." he then tapped the duck's erection one time. "that personal tool. Now you know why I was laughing when you said Duke could steal any jewel or scepter."

    Nosedive chuckled himself as he closed his eyes. "You are fun to spend time with, Mallard. I want to spend the off season with you, if that's okay."

    "Does Anaheim even have an off season?" Mallard asked as he also closed his eyes to try to get some sleep.

    "Phil said it did and we have had some off time before. And I have some time coming up of my own. You know, Canard never wanted me to be on his ace team to fight against Dragaunus. So your being here is like my second chance, Mal."

    "Just get some sleep, Nosedive, or else I will use you like a plush duck and then I will hug you and hold you and call you George."

    "Good night, Mallard. And thanks again. I mean it." Thankfully that ended the conversation for the night since Mallard was pretty tired anyway. He wanted to go roller skating in the morning and he could show Nosedive his favorite hangouts around the bay region. It didn't take much for Mallard to go to sleep after that.

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      The next day found Mallard and Nosedive in their street gear wearing street roller blades while going around the bay area to all of Mallard's favorite hangouts. It was while they were checking out a park side roller hockey court when a group of teenagers on skates approached them and said, "Hey, Sigmund! We heard you recovered from your accident. Think you might be up for a game of street hockey or are you off your game?"

      Nosedive whispered, "You know these guys, Mal?"

      Mallard quietly replied, "Yeah and not in a good way. They are the ones who put me in a coma originally. They play dirty." Then aloud as he glanced at those approaching, he said, "Off my game; Mallard Thunderbeak off his game? As if! I'm better than I have ever been. But if you boys are off of yours then perhaps you will play a clean game of hockey for a change."

      "We're gonna wipe the grin right off of that fur suit you are wearing, Sigmund! Everyone can see how fake it is!" But before they could approach, a laser blast erupted between the hoods and the ducks as Dragaunus appeared alone for a change.

      "I need to speak to you, Mallard! Right now! You can play with these useless toddlers later!"

      "MONSTER! MOMMY!!" And the hoods nearly killed themselves as they ran away from the roller court.

      Mallard slowly skated up to look at Dragaunus. "I haven't seen you in a week, Dragaunus. Lay it on me. What happened?"

      The red scaled leader of the Saurians snorted some steam out of his nostrils before he replied. "Dr. Theodore Quark, a Puckworld medical technician, whom Wraith hired is the one who transformed you into Canard Thunderbeak's little brother. He messed up by using a sample of that old substance, Ducktonite, we developed once to make the Ducks weak and to give that one kid, Mondo-Man, powers and that is what resulted in your duck form having powers you normally would not have as a Puckworld Duck. Worse, Wraith cannot find Quark now so we cannot force him to restore you to your human form unless we can find him. What I am proposing, Mallard, is your assistance in locating Quark so we can punish him for this indignity he has forced upon not only the Saurians, but upon the Mighty Ducks as well. Although and I should warn you, I suspect Wraith is covering up some factoid that he isn't telling me regarding your transformation. And if I learn he has been lying to me, he is all yours. Do we have a temporary alliance, Mallard?"

      Mallard replied, "As long as you only want me to find Quark and not perform any villainous acts on the side, then I think Nosedive and I can handle this."

      Dragaunus glared at Nosedive for a moment. "Why is he even with you, Mallard? You promised that you were not going to join the Mighty Ducks unless the time limit ran out and I still have time left over. I need your help."

      "The ultimate fan boy dream, Dragaunus. He wanted to be my crime fighting partner." Then he mouthed the word 'SIDEKICK' at the Saurian whom seemed to get it at that point as he stepped back.

      "Oh how I feel sorry for you, Mallard." He then opened his side pouch and pulled out a dimensional transportation device and handed it over to Mallard. "This will enable you to cross between Puckworld and Earth at will. Find Quark, extract a confession out of him, then return and tell me the results. If Wraith lied about something, I am sure Quark will tell you about it more than he might to me. I will check back with you in a week's time, Mallard. Good luck, you and your..." He made a distasteful face. "...partner... will need it." Dragaunus then teleported back to the Raptor where ever it was currently hidden at.

      Mallard glanced back at Nosedive. "Time to regroup back at the compound. We need to have a duck meeting and get advice." He placed an arm around Nosedive's waist and with a single leap, they took flight back over the bay in the return trip to Angel Island.

      After landing at the mansion, the two got out of their roller blades and reported to the meeting chamber where Wildwing and Canard One were still in a discussion. Tanya, Mallory, Duke and Grin were all gathered nearby waiting for Wildwing to get tired of chatting with his old friend.

      Mallard said, "Guys, I am glad you are all still here. Dragaunus just handed me a mission to find a missing duck person back on Puckworld and he gave me the means to make a round trip. He is having problems with Wraith and Dr. Theodore Quark seems to be the key to learning the truth, exactly as Canard One told us previously. Therefore, this is my idea. Since I have to go to Puckworld anyway, why don't we turn my trip into a supply restocking run. I am sure there are several things you guys can use from the home world, right?"

      Tanya walked over and examined the handheld transport device to make sure there wasn't a bomb trap built into it. "All clear, guys," she finally said. "No nasty surprises on this thing at all. Seems that Dragaunus wants Quark a lot and he wants Mallard to find him. I say we make this trip. We can set up a direct communication line between the home base and Puckworld to keep contact with our allies back home."

      Mallard smiled. "In that case, I would like to get a hold of some Puckworld law enforcement books so I can learn the Puckworld laws for myself. I should know them since I am to be a law enforcement duck."

      Wildwing chuckled. "Best be careful, Mallard, or else you might end up with your own team of Puckworld Ducks on your law enforcement team. And since you have Captain Kannis' support, You might also be able to get a hold of some Puckworld Police uniforms as well. I used to know a few of the good officers before the Saurian takeover. All right, everyone, we'll make the trip with Mallard. But what do we tell Phil?"

      Mallard grinned. "Why don't we just bring him with us? That way no one steals his investment."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Soon after, James and Carol boarded the Aerowing with Mallard, Phil and the Mighty Ducks for the trip to Puckworld. "Are you sure you guys want to come along with me on this trip?"

        James replied, "Hey, Carol told me what was up and I have been practicing with one of my newest magical spells and I think it can be useful on this trip." He pointed at Phil Palmfeather. "Behold!" And a magical effect occurred and Phil suddenly looked like a duck himself only one who was his original size and girth. "As you can see, while this is only an illusion, Phil can blend in while we're on Puckworld."

        Carol then said, "Besides, I can help to entertain Phil while the rest of you are getting the goods and the information. I brought an entire crate full of jelly doughnuts for Mr. Palmfeather." She shot a wink at the man who was starting to smile. "You see, Phil, I paid attention to your weak spot."

        "Thank you, Carol. A man has to keep his strength up."

        Wildwing then said, "Everyone strap in, we're about to make the jump from normal space to dimensional limbo. There may be some discomfort at first, but Dragaunus' device is working as promised. I am still surprised he gave you a flawless functioning model, Mallard. He must be really steamed at Wraith and Quark."

        "Locking in the coordinates for Puckworld, guys," Tanya stated as they opened the warp gate in mid air and plowed the Aerowing through the opening into the warp corridor beyond.

        But then just as suddenly, Mallard was hit by wracking pain as he went nearly immobile hitting the floor in writhing agony. Nosedive and Mallory were at his side immediately. "Dude, what's wrong?" asked the Puckworld kid brother as Mallory scanned Mallard's quivering body with a medical scanner. "These readings have to be wrong. According to the scanner, Mallard is comatose."

        Duke said, "I knew we couldn't trust Wraith and Dragaunus. This was probably a plot to remove Mallard's powers. What a dirty trick!"

        James said, "He knew you guys would check out the device, so this was likely installed into the warp gate itself where you guys couldn't detect it until it was too late."

        Carol growled. "I wish we could blame Aramus for this."

        Tanya then said, "Guys, I am picking up a Puckworld radio station signal from just ahead. They said something about the Puckworld ninth annual Olympics being currently underway. And so far, no mention of Saurians whatsoever."

        "We are about to emerge from the corridor, team," said Wildwing. "Be ready just in case."

        As the Aerowing emerged from the other side of the warp gate their appearance was thankfully cloaked in all of the fireworks going off all over the sky in celebration of the Olympic games; so the locals never saw their re-entry into Puckworld space.

        Phil said, "Maybe its for the best the fireworks covered our appearance in the sky, Wildwing. How would you explain a military craft to the locals just appearing out of nowhere?"

        "They might wonder who stole an experimental air craft model," said Wildwing as he looked at the Chrono Gauges. "We have a slight problem, guys. According to the Chrono Scanner, we arrived a year before the Saurian invasion. That would explain why the Ninth Olympics are still going on. They were barely over when the attack occurred. Sadly, this is not our time nor our fight. If we change even one thing here, we might accidentally wipe ourselves out back in our own time period. Let's just get what we came for and get out of here."

        Then Carol said, "I think I just figured out why Mallard is back to being comatose, guys. It is the classic old comic book plot where you cannot exist simultaneously at the same time as you had if your body was active in the same time period. Remember what Canard One told you guys? Mallard is Canard in body. So when we went back in time to a place where Canard is still alive and well, Mallard passed out and will likely stay that way until we return to our own time period. It really isn't fair since he was looking forward toward seeing Puckworld and now he cannot."

        Nosedive said, "I have it covered, Carol. I am video taping our visit so Mallard can watch it later. It will be the next best thing toward being there. Best we can do for my partner."

        Wildwing then said, "I am landing the Aerowing on the neighboring roof next to police headquarters. Duke, you go after the police uniforms. And don't tell me you have never swiped police uniforms before. That would be like saying you have never swiped the family jewels before."

        Apparently Nosedive had shared that joke with his brother recently. And like 'Dive himself, Duke didn't seem to catch on and had the same reaction. "I can swipe any jewel and scepter out there. You want police uniforms, I'll get them."

        Wildwing looked to Mallory and Tanya. "You two go after the law books and please try not to blow anything up. We don't need to get caught in our own past."

        Mallory said, "Will do. I assume you are going to keep an eye on the humans and the Aerowing, right?"

        Wildwing replied, "I have to keep an eye on Nosedive and Phil. We can trust Carol and James. Now get going. And remember: no damages nor explosions."

        Carol said, "Okay, Phil. Time for some of those jelly doughnuts. Gotta keep your strength up."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Although the duck ladies were having no problems getting the law books that Mallard requested, Duke chanced upon a group of rookies who were about to be canned by their superior officer. And he didn't like what was being said.

          "You five botched an assignment for the last time," stated the Puck Police captain in charge as he locked the cell door where the five rookies were looking dejected from their punishment. "If you are lucky, you could be released sometime next year. Now I am going to go erase your names from the books." And he turned and headed off in an angry huff.

          "What do we do now? This is the line of work I always wanted to do." Another replied, "We wouldn't be in here if the other officers had done their job in the first place. I hate being framed for the faults of others." A female among them said, "I wish we could get out of here. My grandmother always did want me to follow her in a life of robbery. This is the pits."

          Just then at their cell door, Duke said, "You five don't deserve to be in there. I heard enough to know you guys did nothing wrong. Time to get you out of here. But if I bring you with me, you have to keep your mouths shut until the ride ends or you might get locked up again. I hope Mallard appreciates what I am doing for him. Where do they store the uniforms and spare gear?"

          One of the male ducks approached the door and inserted a device into the lock on their side which resulted in the door automatically unlocking. "Thanks for the offer, Mr. L'Orange. We could have gotten out at any time. But if you need some fresh rookies for a new police gig somewhere else, we appreciate it. We can hide out in a crate of gear and then you can load it and the uniforms up in whatever get away vehicle you are using. And we know how to be quiet. You might say we are well versed in stealth. I'm Stefano. He is Zero. And the ladies are Eira, Fiona and Harmony. Hangar Five contains the decommissioned uniforms and gear that are out of date and no one would notice a selection of that stuff going missing."

          After leading the five out of lock up and arriving at Hangar Five, Stefano did his trick with the lock and they were soon inside the warehouse. Duke smiled. "Handy little device, Stef. I wish I had one." Stefano smiled. "I can build you a new one."

          What came next is the packing of a large crate with the old uniforms, tools and police gear from the year before. It was the kind of care package Tanya would die for. Stefano knew how to assemble all of the equipment since he specialized in electronics and mechanics during the academy. And then he and his associates got inside the crate and pulled the lid closed as Duke made arrangements for the Aerowing to haul the large crate into the cargo hold of the Aerowing for the return trip to Angel Island on Earth.

          Once the crate was on board and the ladies had returned with the law books and other shopping trip supplies, since this was also supposed to be a supply run for the Mighty Ducks, Mallory said, "We found Dr. Quark except he is the wrong one. During this time period, he knows nothing about mystic genetics and changing someone's species. But a colleague of his did have some information for us. But the news isn't good. Unless a restoration was conducted within twenty-four hours of the transformation, then the effect would be permanent. Wraith knew full well that this experiment would be permanent when he did this to Mallard. I am sure Dragaunus won't like hearing this bit of news at all."

          Wildwing said, "Time to get back to Earth, guys. As much as I like being home, this version of Puckworld just isn't home anymore."

          Nosedive then said, "It's a shame we cannot warn them about the coming invasion the month after the Olympics end. But even that could change our present day time. Let's just get back to Earth. I am worried about Mallard."

          Firing the thrusts, the Aerowing lifted off into the night sky and using the warp generator device, the passage to Earth was opened once again as the Aerowing flew into it. As they passed through the warp corridor, the ethereal apparition of Canard Thunderbeak appeared next to Mallard and knelt down and touched him as it was pulled directly into Mallard's body in a flash of light. Then the Aerowing emerged in the sky over San Francisco.

          Soon afterward, they were back inside the Angel Island base where Mallard stirred back to life as he slowly sat up. "What happened?" Everyone turned to look at him when they realized he didn't have Canard's voice anymore. He had his old human voice once again. James then said, "The warp gate had a bad effect on you, Siggy. Try to use your powers; flight; invulnerability; strength; sight beyond sight; frozen sight like Exile; levitation. I don't know if you developed anything else."

          Mallard rose to his feet as he looked at himself in the mirror. "Why am I a duck? Who put the fur suit on me? You guys know that Aramus hates ducks. Where is he anyway?"

          Carol came over at that moment and she slapped Mallard up side of his head which seemed to knock the sense back into his brain. "Are you thinking straight now, lover boy?"

          Mallard shook his head for a moment as he grabbed his beak and turned it back forward again. "Thanks for the reminder, Carol. I blacked out. I guess I missed seeing Puckworld. What use is having all of these powers if I cannot get to use them to see Puckworld. I wish I could just power down like most heroes do." And he no sooner had said those words when his eyes glowed and the glow overtook his body as he transformed back into his handsome human self. "What just happened?"

          Carol smiled. "Pucker up and I'll show you what happened, sexy."

          Duke had been unloading the police uniforms and had one laid out in the open where Sigmund could see it fully.

          Sigmund said, "Pucker Up?" And the glow returned all over Sigmund's body as he once again transformed back into Mallard Thunderbeak although he was now wearing a copy of the police uniform with his duck name on a name plate positioned just above a police star on the right side of his chest. He then looked himself all over with a beak smile. "I think I get it now." he struck a pose and said, "Power Down." And he returned to normal. Then he said, "Pucker Up!" and he changed into Mallard Thunderbeak once again. "Now I have a secret identity. Just like in the comic books. And when Aramus sees me human once again, he might just calm down and return to semi-normalcy so he isn't trying to kill every duck on the planet. Oh good, uniforms, law books and gear... and... Duke? Who are they?" Using his sight beyond sight, he could now see the five hiding inside the crate.

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            Wildwing was obviously livid when he saw what Duke had done right under his beak. But it was too late now; they were here.

            Grin stated as he stood next to Captain Kannis and Phil. "Bad Karma. Very bad karma."

            Ace said, "The number of ducks just doubled. If you thought Wildwing was livid, imagine how Dragaunus will be when he learns what is going on in the Bay Area."

            Mallard said, "Just hold on, guys. I am still running this operation. Let's give them a chance." He turned to look at the new ducks. "State your names and your specialties."

            "Stefano Webster; Electronics and Mechanics specialist."

            "Caesar O' Donald nicknamed as Zero; Ace pilot and weapons specialist."

            "Eira Swanson; Communications specialist."

            "Fiona Ducaine; Swat Operative and Tactician."

            "Harmony Harper; Puckworld Sports Representative and Reporter for the Nightly Puckworld News team; undercover. I think my scoop just got blown out of the pond. I'm in deeper than I intended to get. I was in the process of blowing the lid off of corrupt Puck Police standards. But I had to experience it myself or I wouldn't have any proof. Eira and I work together. She's the one who got me in under the beaks of the superiors in the local precinct."

            Wildwing suddenly no longer looked upset. "Eira? Do you think you can get a communication channel set up between Puck Space and Sol Space where we are now? We have been fighting against the Saurians who escaped from Dimensional Limbo and in our time period, the Saurians launched a sneak invasion on Puckworld and we drove off their leader, Dragaunus. When we gave chase, we ended up here on Planet Earth where the inhabitants are humans like Carol, Phil, James and Sigmund. Sigmund had been in a coma and the Saurian warlock Wraith teamed up with a corrupt Puckworld doctor and they transformed Sigmund into a younger copy of Drake Ducaine's predecessor, Canard Thunderbeak. When he is transformed, Sigmund calls himself Mallard Thunderbeak. And he has an array of cool powers that I wish I had. Mallard has even saved my life once already."

            Eira replied, "Given the right working conditions and a proper environment along with the adequate parts... Sure, Give me a week and I can have a transceiver station built for our purposes. Of course Stefano will have to help me. He is the electronics genius."

            Mallard then said, "Harmony, since you are on Earth now, I think Ace and I can get you cleared into the local news reporting stations so you can still do the job you love doing so well. But before that, I think you should review a video we have that explains every sport on Earth. That way you are savvy to what Earth people play and it will help you fit in better."

            Ace then said, "I will get to work on getting Harmony up to par with Earth sports. You, Mallard, need to go find Aramus and show him that you are human once again. And tell him that some nice ducks helped you get back to normal. Then tell him about the Red and Purple Bowsers, I mean Siege and Wraith. Use his Mario addiction to help you against the lizards if they should come into this area again."

            Mallard replied, "I have a deal with Dragaunus, Ace. He promised to stay out of my area in exchange for the information regarding what Wraith and Quark have done to me. I don't think he will be too happy when he learns my condition is permanent. But a deal is a deal. I stay out of the Mighty Ducks team and he keeps his goons out of San Francisco. Although he may occasionally come to see me personally to discuss current events and ask if we have had any more dealings with Wraith and Quark. Something tells me that they won't honor the deal I have with Dragaunus. But I cannot fault the big red Saurian for the antics of his version of Aramus."

            Mallard then headed outside to get started on making the report to Dragaunus. He just hoped he didn't have any trouble finding him. Unlike Wildwing and the mask, Mallard's sight beyond sight ability was actually better than the mask since it could not be broken. He took flight and flew down into and through Anaheim using his special sight until he saw their space ship. Then Mallard landed out front of the ship and walked up to the disguised door and walked inside. When Siege saw Mallard blatantly standing in the hold of the Saurian ship he almost went on the offensive. Mallard then said, "I am here to give a report to Dragaunus. Let him know that I am here and there won't be any trouble."

            Siege activated the communicator and said, "Hey boss! The new duck just arrived with a report."

            Dragaunus arrived as he walked directly over to Mallard and said, "From your stance and expression, the news is not good news."

            Mallard said, "Wraith hunting season just heated up, old friend. We got the information from the firm Quark works for. If I was not restored within twenty four hours of this experiment, then the changes would be permanent. Quark implied that Wraith knew this before the operation on me had been conducted. So if he told you otherwise, he lied to cover his tail scales. But you should be used to your henchmen lying to you by now since they do it so often to save their own asses. In the meantime, the deal is the same as before. I stay out of the Mighty Ducks and your boys stay out of San Francisco. You are permitted to parley with me when needed, but your boys cannot be in town without your personal escort. In the meantime, a collection of police ducks came back to Earth with me to join my new law enforcement team. Their coming wasn't my idea; but since they are here now, I am going to mold them into shape."

            Dragaunus replied, "As long as they stay out of the Mighty Ducks, you can keep them. By the way... How is the... ugh... sidekick... thing coming along?"

            Mallard's facial expression changed to one of disgust at that point. "It is progressing slowly. I asked my guardian to teach Nosedive the basics on the local laws and when that isn't going on, the duck has been lying about an interest he claims to have. But with my new vision power, he cannot hide the tube sausage from Mallard Thunderbeak." He winked at the Saurian.

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              Arriving just beyond a row of bushes near Aramus' home, Mallard powered down into his human identity of Sigmund Wyndtrough. He really hoped that this trick would work regarding the Mario fan. He then walked on and up to the front door where upon he briskly knocked on the door.

              He could hear a flurry of movement from within before the door opened rather suddenly to reveal a short tubby Puckworlder wearing Aramus' clothes. When he saw Sigmund in his human form standing there, he said, "Why didn't you tell me Bowser's Koopa kids were on Earth? Look what one of them did to me!"

              Sigmund hugged Aramus at that point and said, "I was going to come warn you today. Wraith has gone too far by doing this to someone else. How did this come about, Aramus?"

              Aramus replied, "I saw one of those Koopa wizards spying on me from the clouds and when I took a shot at him with my rifle, he fired back with some sort of wand and I ended up in this body. At least you got your human form back. How did you do it?"

              "The Mighty Ducks helped me. Yes, the very guys you wanted to kill. But now you are the one who needs help. I need to get you back to Canard One and the others," said Sigmund as he struck his pose. "Pucker Up!" And in a flash of power and light, Sigmund transformed from his human form back into his costumed Mallard Thunderbeak identity. "I'll carry you back to Angel Island, Aramus. We'll get you back to normal. I promise."

              Aramus blinked his eyes unsure whether to trust his friend or not. "You still have that duck form."

              Mallard said, "Its a transformation like Captain Marvel, Aramus. It was either this or stay a duck longer than I needed to be one. Do you want to return to normal yourself or not?"

              In a pitiful voice, Aramus replied, "...Yes..." But he followed that by saying, "I still don't like ducks."

              "Then lets call this situation a truce for now. We are going to need Tanya's help if you want to be human again." Mallard picked up Aramus in his arms and took flight back toward Angel Island. "Look, I am still seeking the full restoration for myself. But since I have these powers, I am using them to help Ace Kannis in his work. Those idiots who first put me into a coma want to put me back into a coma. If it weren't for this duck form, they might have succeeded. Think of my having this duck form as... infiltration. If you want to defeat a duck, it is best to have good inside information. Besides, if the Mighty Ducks help you to get your human form back, then you cannot be mad at them anymore."

              Mallard then took flight while carrying Aramus in his arms as they flew over San Francisco in the return flight path toward Angel Island. But before he could reach the island, the raptor suddenly cut him off as it stopped in mid air directly in front of him. From the open port, he saw Dragaunus as he pushed a button on his comm unit and the Aramus duck in Mallard's arms rapidly transformed back into Chameleon. "Send that worthless pile over to me, Mallard. And return to your friend's home and untie your friend. We still have a deal. Wraith and Chameleon are going to be so punished for disobeying me."

              Chameleon said, "No fair. I was just doing what I do best."

              Mallard swung himself and Chameleon around in an airplane spin before releasing him toward Dragaunus. "Thanks for keeping your word, Dragaunus. Wraith is fast becoming a pain in the ass." And then he flew off in a return flight toward Aramus' place.

              Arriving outside of his friend's home, he powered down once again and went inside the house. Sigmund quickly found Aramus in his basement bedroom securely tied up in his own joystick cables. "Let's get these off of you, Aramus."

              When the gag was lowered, Aramus said, "Sigmund! You're human again! But how?"

              Sigmund said, "The Mighty Ducks is how, Aramus. If you had listened to us the first time, you would have heard me say that Wraith, a Koopa kid, was the one who changed me into a duck originally. And what was it that tied you up?"

              "An obese Koopa kid who called himself Chameleon," replied Aramus. "I was so stupid! I targeted the wrong video game enemies! Anything else you want to tell me?"

              "I currently have a deal with Godzilla's smaller brother, he has red scales and wears purple and white robes. He has offered to help me get back at Wraith and Chameleon. Primarily Wraith. He said that Chameleon was at best a joke. There are more ducks back at base who have offered to join us in our crusade against these bad guys. The pilot duck seems a mite shy like you used to be before you opened up to me."

              Aramus then said, "The Koopa kids have made a grave mistake this day in crossing paths with me. I guess I owe the Mighty Ducks an apology."

              Sigmund said, "It would help immensely, Aramus. We are going to have our wings full trying to defeat Wraith if we have to watch out for you at the same time."

              Aramus stood up and grabbed his jacket. "I'll drive over to the island and-"

              Sigmund then said, "I'll have Mallard carry your car over to the island and afterward, you can simply drive home. Save some gas money. I still have the Mallard duck form like Captain Marvel. But I am no longer stuck as a duck, Aramus. It is more of a comic book fantasy."

              Aramus and Sigmund departed the house and once outside, Sigmund transformed into Mallard and after Aramus got into his car, he picked up the car carefully and flew it back to the island.

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                After depositing the car into the parking lot at the estate, Aramus and Mallard entered the mansion and went downstairs to the chamber containing Canard One. The Mighty Ducks were still present as were the Puck Police ducks who were getting a refresher course in local laws from Detective Ace Kannis.

                "Wraith and Chameleon targeted Aramus inside his own home and now Aramus has something he needs to say to the Mighty Ducks. Go on, Aramus..." And Mallard stepped out of the way where he powered down as he rejoined Carol and James near the super computer.

                Aramus was nervous as he stood before Wildwing. "I made a mistake, duck. I won't be trying to kill any of you ever again. As long as I can help deal some pay back against the Koopa kids."

                Wildwing nodded his beak one time. "At least you saw the truth before you made a greater mistake. But why did you hate ducks in the first place?"

                Aramus blushed at that point, looking somewhat embarrassed. "It happened back in grade school. The class went on a field trip to a farm and they had ducks there. The teachers said we could pet on any animal at the farm. I saw a baby ducky and when I knelt down to rub over his soft head feathers, the duck's parents attacked me and wouldn't leave me alone. The farmer rescued me and after he handed me off to the teachers, he said that the ducks had never done that before. I was so traumatized by the duck attack that I felt I wouldn't be able to rest easy afterward unless ducks paid for attacking me. And then you guys arrived from outer space. I was beside myself when I heard there were alien ducks on Earth."

                Wildwing said, "We mean you no harm, Aramus. Our mission has nothing to do with you. Although, we really should be returning to Anaheim to prepare for this Saturday's game. We shouldn't be needing your buddy Sigmund to fill in for any of us this time, so he can focus on law enforcement for now. However, Nosedive will need to come back with us because without him, we would be a duck short. Sorry, Bro... you can return later and play partner to Mallard Thunderbeak. Duty calls."

                Nosedive looked pained. "Aw man... I'll never get to have a patrol outing with Mallard if I have to return home all the time."

                Sigmund walked over to Nosedive and hugged him. "Fulfilling family obligations is what gives you permission to be with me, Dive. Do as your brother says. Besides, I accepted you as my partner when you first came up here. It isn't like one of the new ducks is doing to steal me away from you, are they?"

                Nosedive whispered, "That pilot has been looking at your ass, Sigmund, so don't be too sure of what you are saying." Then he backed off and he looked to Wildwing. "I'll be taking my Duckcycle back to Anaheim and back. Although we should see about getting all of the new police ducks their own Duckcycle. Come on, Bro. Hockey awaits." And Nosedive departed the lair.

                Once the Mighty Ducks had all departed the lair, most in the Aerowing and Nosedive on his Duckcycle, Canard One said to Sigmund, Aramus, James and Carol, "I have been running an analysis on your restoration, Sigmund. I am not sure how permanent this restoration might be. You could revert to your Mallard identity without meaning to at any time. But we will continuously look into ways of undoing what Wraith and Quark have done to you. For now, you are my replacement."

                Sigmund looked to his friends, "And that's that, guys. The cure might wear off and if it does, it does not mean we are giving up on looking for a solution. Aramus... thanks for giving the ducks a chance. Wildwing forgave you and as you can see, they left. Nosedive will be back later, but for the most part, unless one of them gets hurt again, they won't be needing me as Mallard on the ice. Besides, I prefer Street Hockey."

                Aramus said, "Well, some of these guys look pretty friendly and as long as they are being good for you, it is the least I can do to make the same effort in return for them."

                Sigmund then stepped over close to Aramus and whispered, "Nosedive said that the pilot was looking at my ass and I know you do the same thing, so maybe you could try being his friend first." He winked with a smile at his friend as he stepped over and gave Carol a kiss on the mouth. "What did your parents have to say to you the day after we performed in Anaheim?"

                Carol replied, "It wasn't about a suitor, thankfully. They wanted to know if I was preparing for the next Olympics. Especially since I was performing on television like that."

                Sigmund grinned. "They had nothing to say about Mallard?"

                "Oh they said plenty about him," she said. "They said not to get involved romantically with a duck. I chose to ignore them. I know you are Sigmund underneath."

                James then said, "I need to return to Warlock Hill and feed my cats. I'll see you next time, Sigmund, or Mallard, or whomever you become next." And James departed.

                Sigmund then escorted Carol upstairs to her own car. "Thanks for not giving up on me in regards to your parents, Carol. I cannot believe they are jumping on the inappropriate duck as a date bandwagon. I always thought they were smarter than that."

                Carol shrugged her shoulders as she opened the door to her car. "Mom wants human grandchildren. I think you can understand her concern. She had no problems as long as I was with human Sigmund Wyndtrough. But Mallard Thunderbeak takes some time to get used to."

                Sigmund grinned. "Maybe if you tried the Captain Marvel route on them. Just say that Mallard is a superhero form I am using. If the cure wears off, are you going to dump me or plan an elopement with me."

                Carol smiled as she hugged and kissed Sigmund one more time. "I will love you no matter what form you get stuck in. I have to get going. See you during the week." She got into her car and backed out of the driveway before pulling on out to drive down the hill. Sigmund was about to go back into the mansion when he noticed Wraith floating just beyond one wall of the estate. In a flash, Sigmund changed into Mallard before he flew over to confront Wraith. "You are not exactly welcome around here. What do you want this time?"

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  Wraith turned his head as Mallard closed the distance. "You would still be in a coma if Dr. Quark and I hadn't helped you return to life albeit as a Puckworld Duck. At least you should be thankful to be getting a second chance at life. At the very least, you owe us a favor since we ended the coma you had been in."

                  "So this is blackmail, is it?" Mallard didn't seem all that scared of the situation as he quickly grabbed the magic user by the arm and said, "Dragaunus would like to have words with you about this stunt. I already have a deal with Dragaunus, so side debts no longer apply. We spoke to Quark already and he said you knew about the twenty-four hour time limit for restoring me to normal. So you cannot even use that against me now."

                  Just then, Dragaunus appeared via teleport as he grabbed Wraith by the other arm. "Fancy seeing you braving the moment to talk to my associate, Wraith. I have many things I want to say to you back at the Raptor. Don't worry, Mallard, I'll get the truth out of him." And as Mallard released Wraith's arm, Dragaunus activated the teleporter and the two Saurians vanished from the side of the estate.

                  Mallard snuffed much like a dragon himself at that point. "Stupid Saurian sorcerer." He then turned and went back inside the estate.

                  When he arrived back down where the others were, Mallard said to Canard One. "Send word to Wildwing that Dragaunus caught Wraith. The stupid sorcerer tried to tell me that I owed him for bringing me out of my coma." Then he noticed that the pilot and Aramus were not present. "Um, where did Aramus and Zero disappear to?"

                  Canard One replied, "Zero went to assemble the Puck Police shuttle and your friend Aramus went to help him. You were the current subject when they left."

                  "Looks like Nosedive was right then..." said Mallard as he sat in a seat next to Canard One's console. "Nosedive said he saw Zero looking at my ass. And I know Aramus does that. So when Aramus suggested attempting to make friends with the ducks who would be around, I suggested he make the effort with Zero first. I was hoping they would become interested in each other and leave my ass out of the running. Carol will can them both if they try anything."

                  Harmony then came over and sat down near Mallard. "Could you test me on these sports, Mallard?" She handed him the book and then she blindfolded herself. "Okay, let them rip; I want to see how many I can get right."

                  Mallard was glad to do something to take his mind off of espionage and intrigue and helping the newest news reporter would do the trick.

                  Some time later, Ace said, "I think this bunch has earned some dinner, Mallard. Do you mind if I order out?"

                  Mallard smiled. "Oh go ahead. Don't forget that Zero and Aramus are in the hangar."

                  Ace nodded his head as he went upstairs to place the order. In the meantime, the others crowded around where Mallard was seated. "How is she doing, partner?" asked Stefano.

                  Mallard said, "A few more tests and I think Harmony will know this book better than the publisher does."

                  Eira said, "Ace told us that you would show us to our rooms, Mallard. Why is it that your place has so many bedrooms?"

                  "Back when my parents lived," started Mallard. "They would have executives and their families over and those rooms were the lodging for the executives during their stay. Now they see little use. But I can vouch that these rooms are better than what the Mighty Ducks sleep in."

                  Fiona smiled. "So you care about our comfort. That is so sweet. A real gentlemanly thing to do for people like us."

                  Mallard replied, "When not working, comfort is a must. Of course, if at any time someone needs to shoot the breeze with good old Mallard after hours, I have the master bedroom at the head of the hallway. Nosedive and I usually share the room."

                  Stefano said, "You can show us our rooms after Ace brings in the dinner."

                  At that moment, Zero came into the room. "Aramus had to go home; plus I ran into a mechanical problem in the hangar. Our wrench isn't working on the nuts we packed up."

                  Mallard commented, "Don't worry, we will go get some new tools from M5 tomorrow; they have a tool for every occasion. And if they don't have one, they can make one on the fly. I've seen them make cannons out of culverts. Their boys are pretty clever." He then indicated a nearby seat. "Sit down, Zero. Ace went to get us some dinner."

                  Zero smiled as he sat down. "Good. I could use a meal. Where can I wash up?"

                  Mallard pointed toward a door across the lair from where they were seated. "Through that door is the bathroom and wash basins. The Washer and Dryer are in there, too, should anyone need to wash their clothes."

                  Stefano smiled. "That is good to know, Mallard. Although I am curious, would you rather we call you by your human name around the base or will Mallard do?"

                  Mallard leaned back in his chair with a sly grin on his face. "When I'm in my duck form, Mallard. Although as Canard One told me earlier, I might lose the transformation ability."

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    Ace soon returned with dinner and distributed each dinner out to those ducks who were still in the base. "Here is your pizza, Mallard, and your coke. Try not to cry in your sleep tonight since Nosedive is off with his brother practicing for the big game this Saturday. I know you hate sleeping alone."

                    Mallard took a slice of his pizza as he replied, "I won't be totally alone, Ace. I do have that Mighty Duck plush that Carol got for me the other day. He is modeled after Wildwing and he is very cuddly. If he was life-size, then Carol likely wouldn't have let me have it in the same bed with me." He then took a gooey bite of his crispy pizza.

                    Ace took his dinner over to the police scanner and sat down to dine while listen to traffic reports. "It is good that you squared things away with Aramus. Why do you think Chameleon tied him up? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me."

                    Mallard finished his pizza slice and cleaned his beak a bit before glancing over at his guardian. "I think the Saurians were trying to help me to convince Aramus that the ducks had nothing to do with my transformation. And it clearly worked. Now Aramus has forgiven the Mighty Ducks and he is now on a Koopa Kids kick. Not a big improvement in all honesty."

                    "But it does keep the duck hunter from accidentally shooting you in the back, Mallard," said Harmony as she closed the sports book once again. "I think by tomorrow morning, I will know this book better than the publisher does. What do you think the human media will have to say about my joining their news team?"

                    "I think they will be thrilled to have a new female duck who isn't part of the Mighty Ducks team helping them to get the inside on sports. I am sorry you didn't get to finish your original news story you were working on before the invasion of Puckworld."

                    "No sweat," she replied as she ate her yogurt. "If it weren't for you guys coming to Puckworld's past we would have been killed in the initial invasion strike that hit Puck Police headquarters. So we sort of owe you guys for saving our lives. That captain was going to erase our names from the official computer records so when the attack came, no one would have known we had existed anyway. I think Stefano understands that which is why he and the others are open to the idea of helping you to establish the new Puck Police here in San Francisco."

                    Stefano and Eira then came in fast with a sketchbook as they came to a halt near Ace and showed him the newest vehicle design for the Puck Police Cruisers. "What do you think, Ace. Do you think the auto factory will let us custom build this as a puck police patrol cruiser? We are planning a new aerial craft for Zero and a patrol bike for Fiona as well."

                    Fiona then entered with Zero and said, "I like the idea of a patrol bike. In the meantime, I was chatting with Canard One; it turns out that Drake Ducaine and I were distantly related. Using blueprints he crafted long ago, I could engineer puck patrol goggles to have the same ability Ducaine's mask provided. I could even make it so it didn't even look like a hockey mask."

                    Mallard said, "Sounds like a great idea, Fiona. That would help all of the ducks on Earth." He then finished off the last of his pizza and coke as he closed the empty pizza box and stood up to throw the cola cup and box away. "It is getting late, I think after I wash up, I will turn in and try to get some sleep. I promised I would show you guys the bedrooms after dinner and that is what we will do after I wash up." And he tossed the box and cup into the trash hamper before heading off to the bathroom to clean up.

                    When he emerged, Zero and the others were waiting on him and he showed them to their official bedrooms. "My bedroom is the first door on the left of the bedroom hallway nearest to the kitchen. Ace sleeps in the bedroom at the end of the hall. I have comic books and magazines in my room if anyone needs reading material before sleeping."

                    Zero said, "If you don't mind, I would like to look through your comic books for a bit. You are so lucky to have a roommate." He released a sigh as he followed Mallard into the bedroom and was shown where the comic books were stored. "Mallard...? I didn't want to say this in front of the others, but I hate sleeping by myself. Back in the academy, I had the fortune to have dorm mates. I never had much in the way of family. May I sleep in here tonight while Nosedive is in Anaheim?"

                    Mallard looked to the pilot duck and said, "For this week, you may. But I will warn you, Zero, I know you were looking at my ass when we first met. Just remember that I am dating Carol. We can be friends and my mind can tend to be dirty at times as Nosedive knows all too well. I have embarrassed him often enough in the short time he has been training with us in law enforcement. You will find some pajamas in the middle drawer there. When you are in your pajamas, you can get in bed."

                    Zero then said, "I apologize for where my eyes drifted, Mallard. You just remind me of an old flame I used to know in the academy. I will try to keep my hands to myself." He then opened the pajama drawer and pulled out the long-johns folded up within. Then without much modesty, he undressed in preparation to get into his bed wear. Mallard noted that unlike Nosedive, Zero seemed to be more inadequate in the way of a package seeming instead to be more submissive than dominant. Once Zero was wearing the pajamas, he came over to the side of the bed and he slid his feet into and under the blankets.

                    Mallard began to feel sorry for Zero as he turned off the lights and then he reached over and gave the duck a firm hug one time as he held Zero's hands in his own. "Since I am also an only child, you don't have to be alone, Zero. You can lean against me and sleep closer; just don't expect me to take advantage of you in the dark. Carol might kill me if she found out that I did something like that. If she could penetrate my invulnerable feathered hide that is."

                    Zero did lean against Mallard when given permission to only to find the plush directly in between himself and Mallard. And it was as soft and as cuddly as Mallard had said it was. "Thanks, Mallard. Have you named the plush yet?"

                    Mallard grinned. "Not yet. What do you think we should call him?"

                    Zero smiled. "I think since you are going to be Mallard Thunderbeak, you should give the plush your old name as a memory reminder. We can call him Sigmund Wyndtrough."

                    Mallard smiled. "Makes sense, especially since Carol gave it to me to keep me true while I slept with Nosedive. Surely she wasn't thinking that I would start dating him. Was she?"

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode Two: Canard One

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, English Inheritance