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[Puck Police-01] Canard's Legacy

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    [Puck Police-01] Canard's Legacy

    Mallard Thunderbeak
    "a Mighty Ducks - the Animated Series universe adventure"
    Mighty Ducks characters and concept owned solely by Disney
    Mallard Thunderbeak aka Sigmund Wyndtrough owned by Darrel Vanwinkle (writing as Lord Pouchlaw)
    All other characters owned by board members (at The Legacy @

    [Puck Police-01] Mallard Thunderbeak
    Episode One: Canard's Legacy
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    August 1st, 2015

    Mallard Thunderbeak, male former human now a Mighty Duck duplicate of a young Canard Thunderbeak, hero
    Stefano Webster; Electronics and Mechanics specialist
    Caesar O' Donald nicknamed as Zero; Ace pilot and weapons specialist
    Eira Swanson; Communications specialist
    Fiona DuCaine; Swat Operative and Tactician
    Harmony Harper; Puckworld Sports Representative and Reporter for the Nightly Puckworld News team; undercover

    Carol Mason, female human, girlfriend, junior Olympic Figure Skater
    James Talbot, male human, friend of Carol's; practicing magician, wealthy eccentric
    Captain Ace Kannis, male human, legal guardian for Mallard; Police officer in San Francisco
    Aramus E. Quincy, male human, former best friend to Sigmund; goes crazy when Sigmund becomes a duck

    Dr. Theodore Quark, male Puckworld medical technician, allied to Wraith

    Chapter One
    Under the cover of darkness, two individuals slowly materialized within a coma patient's room in the Bay Memorial Hospital. Wraith, the arcane associate of Lord Dragaunus pointed the Puckworld doctor duck, Dr. Theodore Quark, at the patient. "You perform your operation, I will keep watch for any interference. When this latest plan has the Mighty Ducks stumbling all over themselves, Dragaunus will be thanking me and hopefully see how useful the dark arts of our ancestors truly are." And he moved over to the door to stand guard against any humans.

    Dr. Quark pulled out the genetic material obtained from Canard Thunderbeak and began performing the operation upon the comatose human patient. Having fresh DNA material from Canard could only prove useful in the Saurian's favor, he had explained to Wraith, which was why they had retrieved Canard out of dimensional limbo and had placed him within a Ducktonite cage. The Ducktonite was the radioactive egg material once created by Dragaunus some time ago in a failed plot to give powers to Mondo-Man. Wraith was glad he had stashed some it away just for this purpose and how useful it was proving to be. Taking Canard's DNA mixed with Ducktonite and a fresh hypo of Canard's blood, Dr. Quark injected the dark art empowered serum into the patient's blood stream and then he counted backward from sixty. When he reached eleven, the effect began to occur sooner than he was expecting as the teenage human patient slowly began to transform into an identical though smaller twin of Canard Thunderbeak. "Success, Wraith, exactly as I told you. Now you can send me back to Puckworld and your lord will bask in the glory of your success."

    Wraith smiled. "You are sure that this won't wear off nor can it be reversed?"

    Dr. Quark nodded his beak. "If he doesn't revert in twenty-four hours, then the transformation will be permanent. And as long as the Mighty Ducks don't learn of him too soon, then you will have yourself a teen aged Canard look alike to make use of. I've never liked Canard Thunderbeak, Wraith, why make a human look just like him?"

    Wraith replied, "It is all according to my plan to throw the Mighty Ducks into permanent chaos. If Wildwing believes that this is Canard with amnesia, then he will stop looking for the real one. Then we can be rid of Canard permanently and no one will ever try to find him again. Come, let us be away from here. I think I hear some human doctors coming this way."

    And he grabbed a hold of the Puckworld duck and the two de-materialized out of the room just in time as the door to the patient's room slowly opened and one of the human doctors reached in and turned the light switch on. When he and his nurse companion saw what was laying in the patient's bed, the nurse screamed before fainting on the floor. The head doctor went over bedside to the patient turned Puckworld duck and he attempted to inject one of the patient's recovery serums into the duck's body when something unusual happened. The hypodermic needle bent sideways against the duck's hide. The doctor slowly looked at the bent needle then back down at the teen aged duck laying there.

    Within an hour, three of the former human's friends were rushing toward the hospital with the lead female's car leading them. The head doctor had called them and asked them come in quick. Something had happened to their friend. As the three walked into the hospital, they saw news reporters and camera men standing in the lobby; something that might only occur if a fast breaking news story had been discovered. The head doctor collected the three friends and took them passed the reporters and down the hallway to where they had security guards at the door to the patient's room. "This just happened last night, so prepare yourselves for a shock. I came in to administer his nightly serum and we found him like this." Then they entered the room and saw the patient laying in the bed with the appearance of a Mighty Duck of the likes that none of the humans had ever seen before. We are doing everything we can to try to reverse whatever this effect is, but when I tried to administer his serum, this happened to the hypodermic needle." He showed them the bent medical needle with the serum still in the tube."

    One of the friends seemed to snap at that moment as he looked to the others and said, "I told you that Mario and his Mighty Ducks were evil. Look what they did to Sigmund. I am going to make them pay for this. Time to go Duck Hunting." and he turned to leave but was caught by one arm by the benefactor who had paid to keep the life support on for their friend.

    "Don't go and do something rash that will have you locked up in jail, Aramus. I know you are fond of Sigmund, but if you go duck hunting and you accidentally shoot Sigmund, it will be your fault that your friend dies. Use your head for a change."

    "You don't understand, James," replied Aramus. "He's a duck now. Those alien mallards just couldn't wait to change a human into one of their kind. Can't you see what they have done?" And he pulled free from James' grip only to have the whey slapped out of him by the human female friend who was also standing there.

    "There is no proof that the Mighty Ducks did this, Aramus," she said in a near growl. "Sigmund is my boyfriend, you pervert, and if I catch you trying to sneak kisses or copping a feel on him like you have done in the past, I will wrap your hunting gun around your throat."

    "Carol, I don't kiss ducks unless they are cooked." and then he rushed out of the hospital ignoring reporters shouts to find out what was going on. However, as he was getting into his car, one of the reporters who had been in the parking lot, went over to the car and asked, "What happened in there to get you so angry, sir?"

    Aramus felt that he could send the Mighty Ducks a warning so he looked directly at the reporter and said with a scary facial expression, "The Mighty Ducks transformed my best friend into one of their foul kind and no, I am not trying to make a joke. He isn't human anymore; he is currently one of their kind and I am going to hunt down and kill the ones responsible for this." He then got into his car and drove out of the parking lot like a mad man, which was what he was slowly becoming.

    Back inside the hospital, Carol went over bedside and grasped Sigmund's feathered hand in her own and said, "A transformation has to mean that you are on the mend, Sigmund. Please wake up and see the mallard that you have become."

    Just then, a near whisper came out of the duck's beak, "A mallard? You always did say the strangest things, Carol."

    James and the head doctor walked slowly over to stand near the bed and look at the slowly awakening patient. "Carol was right, Doctor, a transformation has to mean he is recovering. I told you that keeping his life support on was a good idea. And your miracle serum actually worked. To some degree."

    Out in the hallway, the reporter who had gotten the scoop along with all of the other reporters starting clamoring loudly, "We want to see the Mighty Duck patient! You can't stop the power of the press! We want to see him! Now!"

    And then Sigmund opened his eyes fully and looked cross-eyed down his new beak before exclaiming, "What happened to my face?!" Even his full voice sounded like Canard's voice.
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Then a police captain pushed his way through the reporters and showed his ID and badge to the security guards who let him into the patient's room before closing the door securely once again. The officer said, "I just heard that Sigmund woke up. I made a promise to his late parents you know."

    James glanced over at the officer. "Captain Ace Kannis. Sigmund has... changed into a new form before awakening. Aramus flipped out and stormed out of here. He was the one who probably told the reporters that the doctors had a Mighty Duck patient in the hospital. They will turn this into a media circus. Sigmund doesn't deserve that, sir."

    "Doctor, could we possibly get Sigmund transferred over to my police island estate in the bay?" asked Ace. "The open air might help him in his recovery."

    "Getting him past the reporters will take a miracle by itself," the head doctor was starting to say as he noticed that Sigmund had gotten out of bed and instead of standing beside the bed, he was floating in mid air. "How in the world?"

    "Don't ask me, Doc. I was just trying to stand up, not start floating like Superman," replied Sigmund as he was now looking at his feathered hands. "Okay, a joke is a joke, but seriously... who put me into this anthropomorphic Anasian fur suit?"

    Carol snapped her fingers. "That's it! That's what we can tell the reporters as we're getting you out of here! We'll tell them that Sigmund was simply trying out a fur suit that James had made and Aramus only thought Sigmund had transformed!"

    Ace said, "It might work, Doc. You know how many furries are running around San Francisco these days. When the word furry is used, the reporters will blow it off and no longer think they have a big scoop. And we'll also say that you misjudged the fit of the suit and its stuck until we can get you back to my place where we can safely remove it. After that, I can help you with that roller hockey sport you love so much."

    The head doctor then said, "Word of warning, Captain Kannis, Sigmund is currently invulnerable. Now we are seeing him fly. What will be next? And why change him into the mallard version of Superman? I cannot fathom what someone was thinking."

    Sigmund grinned, or tried to. "Super Duck sounds pretty corny. But Mighty Mallard has a better sound to it. Or Double M for short." And then he managed to land on his feet as if he just figured out how to do it. "And you're right, Doc. Why give me powers? By the way, who are these Mighty Ducks that everyone keeps mentioning? If you will recall, I've been in a coma, so if they arrived while I was out, then I have no idea who they are."

    Ace said, "Currently, they are the local heroes of Anaheim as well as being Anaheim's newest Ice Hockey team. I know you wouldn't be interested since they use ice skates."

    Sigmund said to the doctor, "Are my clothes still in the closet, Doc?"

    "Yes, although with your new body I don't know if they will still fit you. But we can try to get you into them. You can use the bathroom to look at yourself in the mirror while I am fetching your clothes."

    As he walked into the bathroom which was inside the recovery room itself, he caught his first glimpse of how he looked in the mirror. "No wonder Carol was calling me Mallard. Good nickname. I like it. Sigmund "Mighty Mallard" Wyndtrough, newest hero of San Francisco. Ace can help teach me the law angle. He is my legal guardian since my parents passed away."

    By the time the head doctor had entered the bathroom, he found Sigmund completely in the buff looking at himself in the mirror. "This body is something else, Doc," said Sigmund as he took his clothing from the doctor and started getting dressed in them. The undershorts were not so much of a problem. Neither were the blue jeans, socks and street boots. But when it came to getting his shirt on over his more muscular torso, the tee shirt ripped. "That didn't go so well. Looks like I'll be wearing a larger size of shirt from now on."

    When they emerged from the bathroom, Carol smiled at how much of a stud Sigmund looked albeit with feathers. "What happened to your shirt, lover boy?"

    "What do you think happened to my shirt?" he replied with a more manageable beak grin. "Abs happened. Go set the stage with the reporters using the fur suit story, Carol. After that, Ace, James and I will walk directly out through the crowd and then Ace can get me back to Angel Island. And Ace, I need bigger shirts."

    When Ace and James emerged with Sigmund directly between them and started walking down the hallway with the head doctor just behind them, the reporters who had listened to Carol's story were now getting their first view of this Mighty Duck styled fur suit. A few of the photographers wisely took a few pictures before the angle of the view was cut off by other people. Then Ace flashed his badge of the reporters and said, "I have to get Sigmund home to Angel Island. And if I catch any reporters snooping around my estate out there, I will introduce you to a nice cozy jail cell. Come on Sigmund."

    One of the reporters commented, "Sigmund Wyndtrough whose parents died in the boating accident a few years ago? That Wyndtrough?"

    Ace growled, "How many Wyndtroughs are left in America. Yes, that one." Once Ace and Sigmund were in the police car, and James and Carol were back in their cars, the three vehicles left the hospital and drove to a sports clothing outlet where Ace went inside and got several 3XL sized tee shirts with various logos and designs on them before returning and getting back into the squad car to resume the drive up to where they would catch the ferry heading over to Angel Island where Kannis' estate was located. It had formerly been the Wyndtrough estate."

    With all three cars aboard the ferry, they rode out to the island and drove on up to the estate atop of the island. En route, Sigmund voiced the law angle since he had these powers and he wanted to assist the law whenever possible.

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      In Anaheim at the Pond, Phil Palmfeather while still holding a rolled up newspaper, The San Francisco Examiner, in one hand strode into the Duck's lair and proceeded to look for the ducks, he knew they weren't practicing topside and no one was at Drake One for a change. "Is anyone down here? This is important!"

      Nosedive Flashblade came in from one of the hallways with a yawn and an arm stretch. He had been in his room reading a comic book when he heard Phil's big mouth yelling in the lair. "Yo, Phil! In case you forgot, you sent the others off on that promotional tour and autograph signing trip to the East Coast. Yours truly is the only one in the lair right now."

      "Finally, some duck is around to show this to!" exclaimed Phil in a heated manner. He unrolled the newspaper and showed the article in question to Nosedive. "How come you guys never told me about the seventh Mighty Duck?" The headline over the story in the entertainment section of the paper read: Sigmund Wyndtrough Becomes the Newest Mighty Duck And it told the story about a fur suit gone wrong while he was staying in the hospital following his coma. From the photograph which was attached to the story, Nosedive could clearly make out whose image was in the picture. "Oh my god! It's Canard! Phil, whatever you do, do NOT show this paper to Wildwing or he will go AWOL to go talk to this fur suiter himself. I'll head up to San Francisco and scope out whether or not this guy is really Canard. And for the record, Phil, the real Canard Thunderbeak is lost in dimensional limbo. It makes my bro all mopey when the subject gets brought up. So mum's the word; I mean it, Phil. If you tell Wildwing about this, he won't do as you say anymore."

      Nosedive went to the hangar and put on his motorcycle helmet before looking at one of the Duckcycles. "I hope it isn't Canard. Wildwing has been tricked far too many times. Just in case it is a Puckworlder, he might need some gear to protect himself from Dragaunus." He walked over to one of the storage lockers and starting packing up a care package for the newest Duck in the north. "Armor, check, team uniform, check, Puckblaster, check, and oh yeah, A Mighty Duck comm unit tuned in to my communicator. That way if he needs help, I can be the contact between him and the team. Comm Unit, Check. All done. Now to load up and go find me a Canard lookalike."

      He loaded up the Duckcycle and and then he got on board before firing up the engine and rocketing down the exit tunnel. He was on his way to San Francisco.

      At Angel Island, Sigmund and Ace along with Carol and James were seeing what all Sigmund could now do. The thought of Super Duck was still in Carol's mind. James said, "Invulnerability and Flight we have seen. Try the weights Sigmund."

      "150 pounds... Okay, let's see if this form has any strength." And Sigmund lifted the barbells as if they were nothing. Then with just one hand, balancing it on his finger, vertically. "Okay... let's add some more weight to this and see what happens." 200 pounds, 250 pounds, 300 pounds, 400 pounds, 500 pounds, 750 pounds, 1,000 pounds... then he walked over to an air conditioning unit that he knew weighed over 1,000 pounds and easily lifted that. "Invulnerability, Flight and Super Strength. What else? And why give me these powers?"

      He suddenly overheard the nearby San Francisco Bay police talking someplace, saying, "We could sure use Captain Kannis right about now." Sigmund glanced around sharply but only his friends and legal guardian were there. "Super hearing, too? You're needed, Ace, the bay police mentioned your name in regards to a case."

      "I better get going. You keep practicing, Sigmund."

      Sigmund then said, "Now I am hearing a motorcycle coming up the hill toward the back wall."

      Before Ace could respond, a Duckcycle launched over the back wall and landed in the courtyard before coming to a halt. The duck on the Duckcycle sat up and glanced at the people gathered there. "I'll be damned! You DO look like Canard Thunderbeak!" The duck was Nosedive. "I was really hoping it wasn't true. How did this happen?"

      "My real name is Sigmund Wyndtrough, I had been in a coma for about two years and apparently you and your friends arrived on Earth while I was under in the hospital. Then yesterday night, something happened and when the head doctor came in to check on me, I had already transformed into this body. And I swear to you... I have no idea who Canard Thunderbeak is. Besides, I am sure he cannot do this." And he was suddenly floating in mid air.

      Nosedive instead of being shocked looked blow away and impressed. "Just call me Nosedive! This is plain awesome! Please tell me you're into hockey!"

      "Roller hockey, actually. Have you ever played the sport? They also call it street hockey. Uses the same kind of sticks. It is more akin to Polo, in truth."

      "I've been on roller skates myself, but my duck mates haven't tried it. Anyway, I brought you a peace offering, Sigmund. A Mighty Ducks care package." Nosedive then unpacked the package and began handing the armor and gear over to Sigmund. "Since you look like you might be wanting to play hero here in San Francisco, it is best you have protective gear."

      James and Carol helped Sigmund get into his new Mighty Ducks gear and then Sigmund looked at the Puckblaster. "What is this supposed to be?"

      Nosedive smiled as he pulled his own out and aimed it at a training dummy. "It is a Puckblaster. It shoots hockey pucks.... like this." And he pulled the trigger and the training dummy did a flip over the bar it had been hanging from a chain on.

      "Having this armor will fool people into thinking that I really need the armor. But in truth, Nosedive, I am invulnerable. but I will still wear the armor. Before you showed up, I considered calling myself Mighty Mallard. I am sorry that I ended up looking like your friend Canard Thunderbeak. Your team must really miss him."

      "My brother more than the others, he thinks it is his fault that Canard went missing into dimensional limbo. However, you could call yourself Mallard Thunderbeak so my brother knows that you are not Canard when he finds out about you. And if you need us for any reason, you can use the wrist communicator to make contact with me. None of the other ducks will answer you."

      Sigmund hugged Nosedive and said, "Since you're helping me, I'll give you a fair warning. Aramus Quincy thinks the Mighty Ducks transformed me into this form and he hates ducks."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        "No way, man! You got to be kidding me, right?" exclaimed Nosedive at that admission. "My team couldn't do that to someone even if we wanted to. But Wraith of the Saurians could. I didn't want to have to tell Wildwing about you, but if Wraith and Dragaunus are involved in this, I don't have a choice. Wildwing needs to know." And he raised his wrist communicator to his beak and he pushed the button. "Wildwing, this is Nosedive. Come in please. This is urgent."

        On the East Coast, the rest of the Mighty Ducks were finishing up their latest autograph signing and public appearance stop when Wildwing heard his brother's call. "This is Wildwing, bro. What's the word in the West?"

        "Wraith happened! He changed a human into the mirror image of Canard. I met up with this Canard look alike and his appearance is uncanny, bro. However, he's a good guy. I supplied him with some spare gear for his own defense. His real name is Sigmund Wyndtrough but he is choosing to call himself Mallard. He plays roller hockey. But unlike the rest of us, his form comes with some unusual powers."

        "Where are you, Nosedive?"

        "Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay. It's the estate at the very top. Its owned by Mallard's legal guardian who is a police officer. Be warned. One of Mallard's former friends thinks we ducks caused this transformation in Mallard. But you know as well as I do who has to be responsible for this."

        "We're on our way, bro. You keep Mallard company until we get there. I want to meet the newest Mighty Duck."

        Wildwing looked at the others. "Dragaunus is up to no good again. He had Wraith change a human into a look alike of Canard. Nosedive is waiting there for us. Let's go, Ducks!"

        The Ducks boarded the Aerowing and then they lifted off for the flight back to the west coast.

        Soon the Aerowing came into view and made a landing in the back where Nosedive had made a landing space for the Duck's flying vessel. When the ramp opened, Wildwing led the team out of the craft although it looked as if Wildwing was limping while leaning on his hockey stick.

        Nosedive exclaimed, "What happened to your leg, bro?!"

        "I was showing off for a fan and I twisted it by accident. Where is this Canard look alike?"

        "He should return shortly, he went to fetch some pizzas."

        As Grin glanced around the estate's zen like back yard, he started to smile until he caught a glimpse of Mallard returning via flight under his own power. When he swooped in for a landing, he carefully laid out the pizza boxes on a side table. "Are these your friends, Nosedive." asked Mallard in that similar Canard sounding voice.

        Wildwing gawked with his beak open. "Canard?! You can fly? But..."

        "The name is Mallard," Then he noticed how Wildwing was moving on that bum leg. "Carol get the first aid kit, time for a little team patch up work." Mallard then brought over a lawn chair and laid Wildwing down upon it as he carefully rolled up the pants on Wildwing's leg. When Carol brought the first aid kit, Mallard began to prepare a boy scout's splint for the duck's leg. "Relax, Wildwing, I've had more than enough practice doing this. You shouldn't be walking on a sprained ankle. You could make it worse."

        Tanya then said, "That's what we tried to tell him."

        Mallory added, "He is just stubborn that way. But someone has to lead this team. He has the mask."

        Duke then whispered to Nosedive, "You weren't kidding, Nosedive. This kid looks just like Canard and he has his voice, too. This must be driving Wildwing crazy."

        Mallard then remarked, "Duke, I also have super hearing, so please don't whisper like that because I am hearing every word you say although I am not trying to."

        Mallard then rolled Wildwing's pants leg back down over the splint carefully. "All done, Wildwing. Get plenty of rest and then you can have the splint taken off. Otherwise, I would advise you have a doctor look at that leg. If you make it worse, you won't be able to play hockey."

        Mallory said, "We have a game on Saturday. If Wildwing can't perform we will need a replacement goalie. We might even have to ask you for your help, Mallard."

        "I haven't ice skated in years, Ma'am, but before my accident, I played roller hockey daily."

        Mallory smiled as she asked, "You've played Ice hockey then?"

        Mallard turned his beak away with a sly grin. "No. Ballet." He chose to change the subject after making that statement. "Shall we have some pizza?"

        Everyone had some pizza at that point and then Mallard helped the Mighty Ducks get Wildwing back aboard the Aerowing. "Make sure he takes it easy, guys. As long as he stays off of that leg, he should be able to play without problems on Saturday. But if he chooses to be difficult and you need me, have Nosedive call me. Nice meeting you." And he got off of the Aerowing before he watched it take off for the return trip to Anaheim.

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          That afternoon came with the discovery of Mallard's newest power when he accidentally froze all of the water in the swimming pool. "Uh oh. I didn't mean to do that, James. Looks like I'll be practicing my ice skating after all."

          James grinned as he replied, "Super frozen sight, just like Exile of the Road Rovers. Too bad you didn't change into him. His fur coat is awesome looking."

          "But he's a dog, James? You know how hard it would be to keep a coat like that from stinking up a storm? At least with a duck body and the feathers, I am well ventilated." Mallard sat down and put his ice skates on his feet. "It has been awhile since I've ice skated, but I get the feeling that Nosedive will be calling me this Saturday."

          Once the skates were on, he stepped out on to the ice and almost promptly did a slippy do dance before landing on his feathered butt. "That didn't go so well. Hand me my roller hockey stick, James, and I will attempt this again. I just need a balancing staff."

          James fetched the hockey stick and handed it over to Mallard and then using the stick, he got upright once again for attempt number two of reminding himself of how one ice skates.

          Carol smiled as she brought drinks out from the kitchen. "Remember, Mallard, it is like having a unicycle on each foot. Balance is key. When you need me to join you on the ice, let me know and I will put on my skates and give you some refresher lessons. I was the one who taught you how to skate the first time."

          The practice went better with Carol's encouraging words of advice. And then James brought in a homemade ice hockey goal that he had put together out of an old tennis net. Then he stood at the end of the frozen pool with a hockey stick and a pile of hockey pucks. "Think you're up to blocking some pucks, Mallard?"

          Carol came over and grabbed a hockey stick to assist James in the bombardment of the pucks. "This part is just like in Roller Hockey. You never let a roller hockey ball get by you, so are you going to let today be the first day you let a girl get a puck past you?"

          "Let's do it, Carol!" shouted James as he started popping pucks from his pile toward Mallard in rapid fire succession.

          Carol also set off her volley of pucks toward Mallard.

          And wouldn't you know it... under pressure, Mallard was able to not only shield the goal from the pucks but stay on his feet as well.

          Finally, James said, "So that's what it takes to make Mallard succeed on the ice. A serious attitude. But you know, Mallard, you probably wouldn't fall so much if you used your flight power ever so slightly when you feel a fall coming to simply right yourself. I don't mean fly away. Just a little flight boost to realign your center of gravity to stay upright. Want to give that idea try?"

          After a few tries of using flight with ice skating, Mallard was able to get into a better stance for upright skating. It was like hovering while wearing ice skates. Just don't fly away.

          Then came the call they were not expecting. When the speaker phone which sat on one of the patio tables rang, Carol turned it on and said, "Kannis estate, Carol speaking."

          "Carol, this is Ace. Tell Mallard that I need him over in Oakland. Lose the skates and take flight. We have a situation over here and an invulnerable duck could mean the difference between life and death." After he gave the location to fly to, Ace added, "And tell him to hurry."

          The ice skates were already coming off as he was hurriedly getting into his Mighty Ducks combat gear and boots. He then placed his safety goggles over his eyes and said, "I hope Ace doesn't get in trouble for this, guys. Anyway, here I go." And he lifted off and took flight across the bay toward Oakland. As he began to approach the location of the emergency, he saw the biggest and ugliest red version of Godzilla wearing armor along with a red shorter set of lizards and mechanical lizards robbing a warehouse. "Now who did Wildwing and Nosedive say they were always fighting? Oh yeah... Drag Queen Aunus. The name almost sounds like Anus." He then landed behind the squad car where Ace and a few other officers were standing. "I'm here, Ace. Good thing you called me. That's Dragaunus and his goons all right. Want me to go in there and make a citizen's arrest. I strongly don't think he will politely leave and return to Japan."

          Ace chuckled before getting serious again. "I strongly don't think the short warrior is Godzuki either. Get in there and send these lizards packing."

          Mallard pulled raised his bracer comm unit and pushed the button. Apparently the Mighty Ducks were having a meeting at that moment as they stood at Drake One. Then Nosedive's comm unit beeped. "Nosedive speaking. Mallard, is that you?"

          "Dragaunus and his goons are in Oakland, Dive. Captain Kannis asked me to get involved. But I wanted to call you guys first. Mallard out."

          Nosedive had been about to say, "Wait a minute, Mallard- Darn it, he hung up, bro. Even though you're supposed to be taking it easy, what do we do?"

          "Nosedive, you take Duke and Grin with you in the Aerowing and go give Mallard backup. After Tanya completes the medical scan on my leg, I will either get some rest or get in some hockey practice. Mallory can either help me or go with you guys. Its her choice. Get going, guys. Mallard has never fought Dragaunus before."

          As they buckled down in the Aerowing, Nosedive asked Mallory, "Any other time, you might have jumped at the chance to spend some alone time with Wildwing. So... why are you coming with us?"

          "Mallard said he did Ballet. That intrigues me so I want to help the newest Mighty Duck."

          And then the hangar alarm began to sound as the pond slid open to permit the Aerowing to take flight into the sky over Anaheim and turn toward San Francisco and Oakland.

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            "Get those crates through the portal!" exclaimed Dragaunus as barked orders at his robotic Hunter Drones.

            But then, Chameleon said to Siege, "Don't look now, but we are about to have trouble." And as Siege glanced to where Chameleon was pointing, he saw what looked like Canard Thunderbeak slowly walking in their direction. "Dragaunus! We're about to have company! I thought you trapped this guy in dimensional limbo!"

            Lord Dragaunus looked at the approaching duck himself. "I did. I don't know how he got to Earth without a ship, but he is by himself. Surely you can handle a lone duck by yourself, Siege."

            Siege growled as he charged at the approaching duck only to unexpectedly get back handed to the side where Siege crashed into the walls of the warehouse leaving a near perfect impression of his body before he fell to the floor.

            Dragaunus then said, "Chameleon, do something to this duck." But before the scrawny shape changer could shift forms, an ice ray shot out of the duck's eyes and froze Chameleon nearly solid in a statuesque pose. "None of the ducks have the power that you have!" shouted Dragaunus. "Just who are you? I demand to know!"

            And then Mallard had a hold of Dragaunus by his teleportation bracer and he squeezed it one time causing the device to short circuit and break. "Next time you let Wraith transform a human into a Mighty Duck, I will do more than just break your toys, Dragaunus. I'll maroon you on another planet. Thanks to Wraith, I am now Mallard Thunderbeak. And for the record, I hate Ice Skating. I'm a Street Hockey player. Or I was before Wraith did this to me. I'll let you go as long as you wring his stupid neck. Leave the crates and get out of here with your lives. Godzilla you're not; He is better looking."

            "Thunderbeak?" exclaimed Dragaunus in a hiss. "What has Wraith done this time? Very well, Mallard, we will pull out this time but I need this equipment to repair my ship."

            "Either punish Wraith or find out from him how to change me back into my human form," said Mallard. "and I will give you this equipment to repair your ship. If I am still a duck in a month's time, I will team up with the Mighty Ducks and hunt you down. Unlike the mask, you've seen how much trouble I can be. And I am still discovering my powers. What will happen if I gain sight beyond sight? Do you really want to take that chance, Dragaunus? The other ducks cannot fly; I can."

            "It is a deal, Mallard. I swear that I will force Wraith to tell me how to restore you to normal. I do not need a super powered Mighty Duck in my pin cushion. Hunter Drones! Take the goods back to the ship. We have repairs to make and I have a dark wizard to hunt down. I normally never keep my word, Mallard, but I also do not want you joining the Mighty Ducks. Your cure is the lesser of two evils. I will make Wraith tell me how to undo what he has done to you. After today, I will strive to stay out of your area."

            Mallard grinned. "Just rip him a new one as you are making him reveal all. What on Earth was that stupid git thinking? I'll smooth things over with the police. Heck, one of them supports my actions anyway. But next time, hit the warehouse over in Napa Valley; this warehouse is where they store the faulty parts marked for recycling. You can tell the difference by this mark on the crates." He he pointed at a symbol on every crate. "You really would have been mad had you tried to fix your ship with this garbage. For the record, I do not know how to melt the ice I make. Until we speak again, farewell." And he turned and walked out of the warehouse.

            Dragaunus opened a crate and tested one of the parts only to have it fail the integrity test. "Hunter Drones! Bring those crates back in here and drop them! Chameleon, you idiot! You were the one who said this was the right warehouse!" He then aimed his wrist blaster at the ice blocks and blasted them apart. "Wrong warehouse, numbskulls. But we did learn about something that Wraith did behind our backs. From now on, we stay out of Mallard Thunderbeak's territory. Back to the ship; I have to find Wraith."

            Outside of the warehouse, as Mallard was speaking to the police, the Aerowing finally came into view and made a landing. Duke and Grin emerged from the ship first as the ex-thief said toward Mallard, "We came to give you back up, Mallard. Where is Dragaunus?"

            The newest Mighty Duck turned and looked at Duke with a smile. "You just missed him, guys. I handled it myself. Once Dragaunus learned he was about to steal garbage, he had it all returned as I got him to agree to wring Wraith's neck for making a super duck. By the way, how is Wildwing doing? Is he staying off of that leg or do I need to keep practicing?"

            Mallory and Nosedive emerged from the Aerowing at that moment as the she-duck said, "You seriously handled Dragaunus by yourself and he left empty handed?"

            "The stuff he was after was only a slight bit better than tin and I simply proved it before he made the ultimate mistake. Did you expect less from the new super duck?"

            Nosedive grinned. "My man! I love how you can change the subject at the drop of a hat! So you only got Dragaunus to leave by using the truth?"

            "I told him that my powers were still developing," said Mallard with a grin. He was getting better at making beak grins. "And then I asked if he really wanted to have me develop a power that duplicates the mask, only I called it sight beyond sight. He got the message after that. He also admitted that he normally doesn't keep his word, but since Wraith caused this, dragging the cure out of him was the lesser of two evils. Mask sight power seems to have really spooked him. Not that I would want it. So, is Wildwing staying off of that leg?"

            Nosedive replied, "He was having Tanya run a medical scan on his leg and if the report was favorable, he said he would either rest or practice on the ice."

            "Looks like I am going to have to replace him this Saturday guys," Mallard said. "I wasn't kidding about knowing sprained legs. By the way, Nosedive... you left your Duckcycle at the estate. Do you want it back?"

            "That is part of your local gear, Mallard," replied the teenage duck. "There will be days when you will want to go out and impress the babes."

            "I have a girlfriend, Nosedive," he replied. "You've met Carol Mason. She is the one who taught me how to do ice ballet. You guys better get home and make Wildwing stay off of that leg."

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              Friday night, Mallard was once again practicing on the ice with Carol's assistance. "They will be calling me, Carol. Thank you for the assist with streamlining my form on the ice."

              "You know I would do anything for you, hon," she replied as she worked on the duck's stance and balance on his ice skates. "Unlike Aramus, I don't care if you became a duck, Sigmund. This just makes romance more challenging... especially in bed. It is like kissing someone with braces."

              Mallard grinned at his girlfriend. "Is that an invitation? What would your parents say?"

              "My mother supports my outings and my choice of nice boyfriends. Father keeps his mouth shut, thankfully."

              "Why are families so dysfunctional?" asked Mallard as he ice skated in ballet poses. "We aren't like that."

              Carol smiled. "Not everyone can be as open minded as we are. Say Mallard... I just got an interesting idea. Why don't we pack up and head down to Anaheim and catch Saturday's game with the Mighty Ducks. And not tell Nosedive that we're coming. Then if Wildwing does need a replacement, you will already be there by surprise."

              Utilizing an overnight backpack, Mallard and Carol packed a change of clothes for the both of them along with their ice skates inside and then putting the overnight backpack on his back, Mallard picked up Carol in his arms and they took flight off of Angel Island and eastward toward Sacramento, and then southward along Interstate 5 toward L.A. and Anaheim.

              The flight itself would take perhaps an hour or so with a good tail wind. As they passed over Burbank and parts of Hollywood, they had a good night time view of the lights of the city. And then Mallard spotted the Migrator out and about on a search mission for Lord Dragaunus. Choosing not to draw their attention, Mallard Took Carol to the Anaheim arena where upon entering, they both encountered Phil who was still wheeling and dealing even at this late hour.

              Mallard smiled. "You must be Phil Palmfeather, the manager to the Mighty Ducks. Tell me that Wildwing is actually in bed and not on that night patrol we saw the others on."

              Phil smiled when he saw the hovering duck and his lady friend. "And you have to be Mallard Thunderbeak. I wish I could tell you that Wildwing stayed home but the ducks got in a Dragaunus sighting and they went to check it out. So what brings you to Anaheim?"

              "I came down here to replace Wildwing if he cannot skate tomorrow," he replied as he set Carol down. "I told him to stay off of that leg."

              Phil then said, "Tanya told Wildwing after she scanned his leg that he should be fine during the game. That was some Splint you put on his leg; the ducks had trouble getting it off."

              "If I have to flash freeze his leg to keep him prone so he can heal, then so be it," remarked Mallard looking slightly agitated. "Anyway, Carol and I need an overnight room, Phil. We didn't tell the others we were coming. Got anything cozy for a young couple like us?"

              Phil led the two down one of the hallways within the Duck's lair and they arrived at a door which Phil unlocked and reached in and turned on the lights for them. "This used to be Nosedive's original room before he moved into a larger room to house his comic book collection. Feel free to do a makeover on the room and use the bed. I have to return topside and make sure my players return to the pond tonight. They know they have a game in the morning." And he promptly walked off to do exactly as he said.

              Once they were alone, Mallard closed the door and utilizing his super duck powers, he did indeed give the room a makeover fit for Romeo and Juliet. Including an artificial wall petition that separated the room politely to give Carol her privacy when she used one of the two beds in the room. Since they were not a mated couple, Mallard would never try to get in bed with his girlfriend. He had morals although most people didn't. Instead, he used the time alone on the couch to read up on Ice Hockey rules and regulations.

              Come the next morning, Carol was shaking Mallard's shoulder gently. "Wake up, lover ducky. It is almost eight A.M. Phil came by this morning and said the game started at eleven. Lets go get something to eat and then we can entertain the few fans who showed up early to see the Mighty Ducks play. I did bring my Olympic ice skating outfit and because you are more light weight in that duck body, I won't have any problems escorting you around the ice when we perform for the fans."

              Mallard slowly sat up into an upright position and he rubbed his eyes once and then again. "Carol! Get some clothes on!" After that, he had his hands over his eyes.

              Carol blinked her eyes and looked at herself. "I am dressed. Did another power just come on, Mallard." She grabbed one of his hands and forced him to feel of her clothes so he could be assured that she was dressed properly. "X-Ray vision, Mallard, or something far more advanced?"

              "One way to find out," he replied as he stood up and focused his eyes on the walls and slowly began to see where the other ducks were in the lair. And in some cases, he was seeing more than he cared to see. He then blinked his eyes which fortunately ended the effect. "It's like the Drake Ducaine Mask ability. Sight beyond sight. More than X-Ray vision. I accidentally saw the Ducks... naked. I am so sorry, Carol, I didn't mean to."

              Carol decided to be funny as she caught Mallard off guard and asked, "Which duck was the most arousing to look at?"

              "Nosedive and Duke were..." He then blushed and turned away. "Carol... you know I only love you. Why did you ask me that question for?"

              Carol smiled as she hugged him from behind. "You are still learning how to control your powers. This cannot be the end of the powers you are discovering, Mallard; yes, I should not have asked you that question. But when you said they were naked, I felt an impish impulse to see what you might say."

              Mallard turned and hugged Carol and a brief kiss on her lips. "I do love you, Carol. Let's go find something to eat."

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                After breakfast ended, Mallard and Carol returned to the ice rink auditorium where their skating gear were put on followed by their ice skates. And then after Carol turned on a recording of her favorite figure skating music, she and Mallard sailed out on to the ice in full view of the spectators who were still filing in for the game that would be occurring later that morning. They were surprised when they heard the music playing and saw the human female scantily dressed on skates skating with the newest Mighty Duck.

                The announcer in the booth was no slacker when he saw who was on the ice. "Looks like we have an extra special treat this morning, Duck fans! Junior Olympic figure skating champion Carol Mason and the newest Mighty Duck from San Francisco, Mallard Thunderbeak, are putting on a pregame show for us!"

                As Phil entered the auditorium himself he saw what the two were doing and he couldn't help but to smile. "Those two look so perfect together. The Ducks will be so surprised."

                Within the lair, Tanya was watching the show on Drake One. "Oh my. Guys! GUYS! Mallard and his friend Carol Mason are like skating in our arena right now!"

                Nosedive and Duke ran into the meeting area and when they saw what was going on, Duke smiled. "Good! I saw Wildwing limping this morning. Looks like Mallard was right about staying off of that leg. And he came down to make sure we weren't a duck short. Wow... Carol is hot on the ice."

                Grin and Mallory escorted the injured Wildwing to the seat next to Phil in the bleachers. "I should have listened to Mallard. Ow..." remarked Wildwing as he twitched in his seat. "My leg is killing me. I can't skate like this."

                Way up in the upper rafters of the auditorium, Aramus E. Quincy sat poised with his hunting rifle with a long range sighting scope attachment. "Perfect. Their leader is a sitting duck, literally. He won't know what hit him. I'll teach him and Mario why you don't target humans with duck curses." And then he leveled the rifle and took careful aim. And a he pulled back the hammer on the rifle...

                ...Mallard suddenly stopped in the middle of the ice and glanced upward at some sound that he overheard over all other noises in the rink. "Aramus. What is he aiming at?" With one glance he saw the nearly prone Wildwing in the bleachers looking as if he was in agony. Mallard released Carol's hand and in a shot, flew up into the bleachers to form a body shield in front of Wildwing and Phil as Aramus fired the rifle. When the bullet hit Mallard in the chest, he saw Aramus scrambling to depart through the upper window he had come in from. "Grin! Mallory! Meet me on the roof!" And he took flight up into the rafters and out the window Aramus had left open.

                Then he quickly glanced around before seeing Aramus about to launch himself with a hang glider off of the edge of the roof. "Wait!" Mallard shouted as he outstretched a hand and that was when another power activated. The hang glider suddenly tilted upward as if it had been caught in a telekinetic invisible grip. "Aramus! The ducks didn't do this to me! That monster Wraith did this! You are targeting the wrong foe! If I hadn't stopped that bullet, you would have been a murderer, Aramus. I used to see you as a hero; is this monster what you've become?"

                "A Monster!" exclaimed Aramus trying to get his glider under control. "ME? Have you become so blinded and brainwashed that you can't see what they have done to you? When you are restored, my crusade may end. Not a moment before. Now please let go of my glider."

                "If you insist, Aramus. but the skies may not be so friendly. You tried to kill Wildwing." And in a flash, Mallard's ice vision shot forth and froze both glider and human into a block of ice much like a gargoyle. "You need psychiatric help, Aramus. I am not letting you get away to try this again. I am placing you under citizen's arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to talk to a lawyer and have him present with you while you are being questioned. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, one will be appointed to represent you before any questioning if you wish. You can decide at any time to exercise these rights and not answer any questions or make any statements. Do you understand each of these rights I have explained to you? Having these rights in mind, do you wish to talk to the authorities now?"

                Aramus growled, "You and Kannis are bastards, Sigmund! You can take your rights and shove them! You have no right to give me the third degree! You should be back in the hospital getting restored to your human form!"

                Then Duke, Nosedive, Grin and Mallory arrived on the roof along with Captain Klegghorn. "See, Klegghorn," started Mallory. "he has a live gun in the city. This guy could have hit a civilian with his wild shot."

                Captain Klegghorn walked over to stand next to Mallard. "I am familiar with your legal guardian, Mallard. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't trust you either."

                "I placed Aramus E. Quincy under Citizen's Arrest, Captain. But since you are here, you may take him away. But be warned. His mind is a bit addled; he thinks Mario the Plumber of the video game is a real person."

                "A kook, eh?" stated Klegghorn. "All right, Mallard, I'll take him in and then I will hand him over to the shrinks. But I can't move him with all that ice on him."

                With a simply hand gesture, the ice block lifted up and as Mallard walked over within view of the parking lot, he levitated the ice block down to land next to Klegghorn's police cruiser. "I wish I knew why these extra powers kept appearing continuously like this. I swear to you, Klegghorn, I'm as human as you are. And I respect the law."

                Moments later in the parking lot, the Ducks and Mallard used blasters to destroy the ice block then afterward, Klegghorn placed the handcuffs on Aramus to take him away. "Let's go, you kook." He placed Aramus inside the police car and then got inside himself and drove off toward the police station.

                Duke patted Mallard on the shoulder and said, "If your friend allows the doctors to help him, he will see clearly that you are right. Now let's head back inside and see about getting our game started. Just remember not to use your powers in game or the other team will call a foul on our team."

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  "Only a few minutes left in the game and the ducks need to score or else the game will end in a draw. The replacement goalie filling in for Wildwing is literally a wall since nothing seems to be able to get past him. Tanya has the puck. A pass toward Nosedive, a feint, now it is passed to Duke. Grin and Mallory are corraling the opponents toward the side. Duke is wide open and the shot looks good. Trouble! The shot is blocked. Nosedive coming up fast. He smacks the puck as it bounces back at him, the puck is struck now by Mallory. What are they doing? The puck is all the way back over at their own goalie. Mallard is shouting something."

                  "Fore!" he bellowed as he hit the puck like one playing golf and the puck went flying back down the court hitting the bottom of the scoring device briefly as it sailed back down toward the opponent's goal.

                  "Grin has intercepted the puck and he force drives the puck with an additional strike. There are only seconds left in the game. Mallory strikes the puck, now Nosedive, Tanya, Duke. And Score!"

                  "Five! Four! Three! Two! One!" exclaimed the spectators as the final minutes ticked down to completion.

                  The end of game buzzer sounded as the ducks all skated over into a huddle around Mallard as they raised their sticks together. "Ducks Rock!"

                  "And the Mighty Ducks win the game with a score of Zero to One! This is perhaps the closest game the Ducks have ever had to date!"

                  And then Carol Mason skated out toward the ducks and she grabbed Mallard by one hand and as she led Mallard to the side where the public kiss commenced for all to see. And then they continued to perform the remainder of what they had started before the game performing Olympic skating maneuvers on the ice. This ended with Mallard skating fast toward the exit while holding Carol in both arms above his head. And as they vanished through the Mighty Duck's exit, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

                  "Ladies and Gentlemen! Junior Olympic Skating sensation, Carol Mason, and the replacement goalie for the Mighty Ducks, Mallard Thunderbeak, from San Francisco. Completing their pregame show they started before the game began! What a couple! That is truly love!"

                  Some time later within Wildwing's personal chamber, Mallard levitated Wildwing back into his own bed and shook his finger at him. "Putting pressure on that leg after I told you to give it time to heal is a no-no, Wildwing. While I am not your friend Canard Thunderbeak, you should still have listened to my advice when I placed the splint on your leg. Or do I have to place a splint on your Duckhood next time to get the point across?"

                  Tanya was again running a scan on Wildwing's leg. "He's right," she remarked. "Had you rested like you suggested you were going to instead of heading off to practice on the ice, you could have played today. Now your leg has swollen up something fierce."

                  Nosedive smiled at Mallard. "You wouldn't have really placed a splint on his Duckhood, would you?"

                  "Either that or a miniature iron maiden. I have to go pack my things and join Carol for the return trip home. If you need me for another game, just call. But don't expect me to replace Wildwing every single day. I should be training as a hero for Captain Kannis at the compound on Angel Island. I'm just glad I don't have Drake Mallard's problem in the comic books. An over-enthusiastic ex-pilot sidekick." he then shook Wildwing's hand and then he turned to leave. "I mean it, Wildwing, stay off of that leg or I will put it on ice."

                  Nosedive had a dreamy look in his eye as Mallard started to leave. A Sidekick. A Dynamic duo partner. "Hey wait up, Mallard, I'll help you pack up." And he charged off after the departing duck, leaving the others to take care of Wildwing. Duke folded his arms over his chest.

                  "Even if a Dragaunus alert comes up, you are staying in this bed, Wildwing," said Duke with a serious glare in his eye.

                  Wildwing took a breath and released it. "Thanks to Mallard, we didn't lose. I will heal, But I won't be moving much after today. Not for a week seems like. I think he was serious about putting my leg on ice. He even saved me from being shot by that kooky ex-friend of his. Can you imagine being so delusional that you think video game characters are real?"

                  Within the bedroom quarters that Mallard had shared with Carol, another discussion was taking place. "I said no, Nosedive. You are NOT going to become my sidekick in crime fighting. I can take strikes that you cannot. I don't want your brother to worry in case something medically awful happens to you. Or are you in that big of a hurry to join Wildwing in a hospital bed." He turned and placed both hands on Nosedive's shoulders. "Even if your Duckhood is bigger than Duke's, I already said no, Nosedive. You're a nice duck; really you are. But please. I can only carry one passenger with me back to Angel Island." After a brief pause and especially since Carol wasn't in the room, he gave Nosedive a brotherly kiss beak to beak before pushing him aside and shouldering his backpack. "Carol and I have to get going before Phil tries to stick a contract in my face."

                  Nosedive looked dazed. "You... kissed... me... Mallard please... I know I cannot be as safe as you, but I can help take care of the equipment I gave you. Besides, I want to learn how to play roller hockey from you. And since you are one friend down, give me a chance. I have never met anyone as fantastic as you before. I promise I won't dress up in a sidekick costume and embarrass you. Just give me a chance." He then made the sad puppy dog eyes. "Puh-leasssse?"

                  With a sigh, Mallard stopped at the door and tilted his head back over his shoulder. "Get permission from your teammates and your brother first. Then grab a Duckcycle out of storage and some spare gear and head up Interstate Five north of Burbank toward Sacramento. When you get to the Oakland off ramp, head over toward the bay and join us at Angel Island. I'll see to it that a room is prepared for you. My place isn't as fantastic as the Duck Lair, but it is home." And then he departed to join Carol outside of the arena.

                  After Mallard departed, Nosedive returned to the others to explain his plan and how Mallard did not reject him. He won't mention being kissed. No one, not even Duke needs blackmail material like that to tease him with. "Maybe not a sidekick, but he never said I couldn't train as a partner. Like Batman and Robin, this is a fan boy's dream come true."

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    "He wants to do what, Mallard?" asked Carol as the flying duck carried his girlfriend northward along Interstate Five toward Sacramento.

                    "Nosedive wants to be my sidekick or junior hero partner. He used the sad puppy dog eyes on me. I couldn't resist to say no."

                    Carol chuckled. "At least with him around, I won't have to watch you every five seconds. I got a text message from my parents while we were in Anaheim. They need me back at home for something."

                    Mallard grinned at his girlfriend. "What if they want you for a suitor like last time?"

                    "You are the duck for me, Mallard. Unless these suitors grow feathers, then they are S.O.L." she replied with a giggle.

                    "You are into feathers all of a sudden, Carol?" He asked as he focused on his flight path just missing a hunting owl in flight.

                    Just then, the Aerowing flew into view alongside Mallard and Carol. When the hatch opened, Mallory shouted from the opening. "Mallard! You forgot your skates!" She held them up as proof. "Also, Tanya wants to build you a new computer mainframe for your compound!"

                    Mallard steered himself over into the opening of the Aerowing's hatch. "Thanks, Mallory. I didn't even notice that I forgot to pack them up. Did Nosedive actually get permission to come up here. I saw him on his Duckcycle back along the interstate."

                    "Yes, he told Wildwing that he really wanted to hang out with you. So how did you turn him on to helping someone other than himself, Mallard?"

                    Mallard shot a stupid duck grin at Mallory, Grin and Tanya. "I kissed him."

                    Tanya then remarked from the co-pilot's chair. "Good thing Duke is playing nursemaid for Wildwing. He would never like let Nosedive live that down if he heard this."

                    Grin muttered from the pilot's chair, "Bad karma. Very bad karma."

                    Mallard then said with a partial laugh, "Carol is my girl. Unless Nosedive goes feminine on us."

                    Grin then had one of those rare smirks as he thought about that statement. "If he starts cross-dressing, I will disavow any knowledge of that duck."

                    "Come on, Grin, liven it up a bit," said Mallard. "We're just having some fun. How about this as a road game, You, Nosedive and a lady duck are marooned on a desert planet. Do you share the she-duck with Nosedive? And you have to explain your answer."

                    Tanya then said with a grin of her own, "How about Mallory, Wildwing and Nosedive on a desert planet? Do you allow Nosedive any companionship? Explain your answer."

                    Mallory growled, "Don't go there, Tanya. You know if I throw a comic book with a centerfold at Nosedive, he won't know what Wildwing and I do behind his back."

                    Carol smacked her fist into one hand. "Stop it, guys. You are treading into 'no longer amusing' territory. Don't make me give you what I gave Aramus at the hospital back when Mallard came out of his coma."

                    The rest of the flight was done in silence. Apparently making Carol upset was on the verge of bringing out the She-Hulk.

                    When the Aerowing landed at the Angel Island estate, Mallard escorted Carol back to her car. "I love you, Carol. Call me when you get a chance. I am sure your parents saw you figure skating on TV. I hope it isn't a suitor."

                    "My parents had better not be joining the 'not proper to be dating a duck' club or else I will disown them when I elope with you, Mallard. I need to get going." She hugged and kissed him on the beak before she got into her car and departed from the mansion estate.

                    When Mallard returned to the back yard, he noticed that Nosedive had arrived finally. "Carol is gone, finally. How was the drive, Nosedive?"

                    "Quiet, actually," replied Nosedive. "I wish I had known the others were going to come up here, I could have just loaded my Duckcycle into the Aerowing and brought more equipment than I did."

                    "You didn't miss anything important, Dive. We just tried to make Grin laugh. We failed."

                    Nosedive smiled. "Mission impossible, in truth. I don't think Grin has much reason to smile like the rest of us do. How about showing me to that room you promised me?"

                    Taking the teen aged Mighty Duck inside the mansion, down one of the main corridors, and into a spacious bedroom, Mallard turned Nosedive around to face him. "I hope you aren't disappointed in being my crime fighting partner. But further... if you want another kiss, you have to earn one. Mess up and I tell Duke about the first kiss and your initial reaction."

                    Nosedive exclaimed, "Nooooo!!!"

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One: Canard's Legacy

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Canard One