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Mallard Thunderbeak and the Puck Police [MDTAS]

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    Mallard Thunderbeak and the Puck Police [MDTAS]

    Mallard Thunderbeak and the Puck Police [MD_TAS]
    "a Mighty Ducks - the Animated Series universe adventure"
    Mighty Ducks characters and concept owned solely by Disney
    Mallard Thunderbeak aka Sigmund Wyndtrough owned by Darrel Vanwinkle (writing as Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
    All other characters owned by board members (at The Legacy @

    Mallard Thunderbeak, male mighty duck, hero, Alias "Thunderbeak"
    -- A former human teenager, Sigmund Wyndtrough, thrown into a coma during a roller hockey accident, experimented on by one of Dragaunus' allies from Puckworld, genetically altered to become the younger twin image of Canard Thunderbeak, Wildwing's missing best friend who was lost in dimensional limbo. Albeit with super powers different from Mondo-Man's powers.

    Also Starring:
    The Mighty Ducks: (© Disney)
    1. Wildwing Flashblade
    -- Saved by Canard back on Puckworld, he is the leader of the Ducks on and off the ice. At first reluctant to take charge after Canard fell, he eventually comes to accept the role of leadership. As a hockey player, he's the goalie, wearing the jersey number 00 and being known for his ability to take any kind of beating and still remain standing. Brave like Canard before him, Wildwing is also intelligent and just. He usually plays the straight man to the other ducks and protector to his younger brother, Nosedive. Along with the mask of Drake DuCaine, Wildwing uses body armor and a Puck Launcher on his left gauntlet. In real life, Wildwing is the mascot for the Anaheim Ducks, known as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim until the 2006–07 NHL season.
    2. Nosedive Flashblade
    -- Wildwing's younger brother, who initially was not intended to be part of Canard's resistance. However, Wildwing makes Canard take Nosedive with them ("If you want me, then my brother's part of the deal."). Once they reach Earth, Nosedive becomes an official member of the team, both on the hockey team and the crime fighting team. He is by far the team's most impulsive and immature member, similar to Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His character may have been influenced by Michelangelo; the two series were initially penned by the same writer. Nosedive is more childish and easy-going than the other Ducks, and often looks toward his older brother for support and protection. Nosedive can be very likable, making friends with teammate Grin, and humans Thrash and Mookie. He wears body armor, but not as much as Wildwing. He usually uses a Puck Blaster and rides a Duckcycle. On-ice, Nosedive is the left winger, and his jersey number is 33.
    3. Duke L'Orange
    -- A notorious jewel thief on Puckworld, Duke changed his ways to battle Lord Dragaunus. Duke has used a Puck Blaster in some episodes, but he mainly uses a golden sword called a Ducksaber (or sometimes just a 'saber'). He also carries lock picks and a grappling hook attached to his wrist. Duke has a Brooklyn accent and is pretty level-headed, albeit egotistical at times. He also has an eyepatch and a chipped beak, possibly as a result of his past as a thief (In the episode "Dungeons and Ducks", he tells Borg, "Hey, take it easy, you can put someone's eye out with one of that thing [a sword]. I should know.", which might be a clue to how he lost his eye). He was the leader of a gang called The Brotherhood of the Blade. He remains the most experienced of all the Ducks and possesses a good balance of skill and confidence. Unfortunately, there are some minor trust issues with Mallory due to Duke being an ex-thief, though this fact doesn't seem to faze their leader Wildwing. His name is a pun on the dish duck à l'orange. He is the team's center, and his jersey number is 13. His character design is based on Kurama Wataribe from the Japanese animated series Mashin Hero Wataru.
    4. Mallory McMallard
    -- She is a fiery redhead who is well-learned in Puckworld's version of the martial arts, although most of the time she is content with just using a Puck Blaster. She has a sharp tongue and usually directs it towards Nosedive's immature acts, or anything that she feels is "out of line." Her trust is easily broken, particularly in Duke's case, and as she sees it, for some very good reasons. With her strong military background as a member of the "Puckworld Special Forces," she often thinks in black and white. She's a strict disciplinarian, and has a high regard for the chain of command. She's also stubborn, which can be a fault as much as a strength. Mallory is the team's right winger, and her jersey number is 15.
    5. Tanya Vanderflock
    -- The Ducks' resident genius who is often the one turned to for advice, even by Wildwing. She is good with mechanics and uses the Omnitool on her wrist with many of her projects. Despite her intellect, she has bad allergies (including an ironic allergy to feathers, with the result that she constantly sounds like she has a cold), lacks confidence, has a gentler personality, and is not as good a fighter as the other ducks. She makes up for this with her good common sense and wry humor. According to herself, her middle name is Gertrude. On-ice, Tanya is the left defenseman, and her jersey number is 23.
    6. Check "Grin" Hardwing
    -- A super strong Goliath with a Zen-like philosophy. Unlike the stereotype of strong people, Grin is wise and doesn’t let his anger cloud his judgment. He rarely uses weapons in battle, relying on his wisdom and strength instead. He has a strong sense of honor and can always be counted on for support. He is a good friend of Nosedive. During Grin's younger years, he had a horrible temper. He found enlightenment with the training from the grand hockey master, Tai Quack Do. Grin is the right defenseman of the team, and his jersey number is 1, the same number on Tai Quack Do wears on his robe.
    7. Canard Thunderbeak
    -- He was Wildwing's best friend, and the only remaining survivor of the Resistance from Puckworld. He was the original leader and team captain of the Mighty Ducks before being pulled into Dimensional Limbo. While following Dragaunus through a dimensional gateway, Canard sacrificed himself when the Saurians released an electromagnetic worm on the Aerowing. Before he did, he gave the mask of Drake DuCaine to Wildwing and told him to be the team captain. As far as the Mighty Ducks know, Canard is still trapped in dimensional limbo. He was a great leader and a great friend. Wildwing believes Canard is still alive and swears he will find him. After Sigmund's transformation, it is revealed that Canard was killed by Wraith and Dr. Quark.

    Human Allies:
    Disney created characters: (© Disney)
    1. Phil Palmfeather
    -- The Ducks' manager when they are being an ice hockey team. He'd rather have the team do sometimes rather dangerous or stupid promotional gimmicks and autograph signings with fans than having them save the world, although he does acknowledge that they do good. He also has bad taste in fashion.
    2. Captain Klegghorn
    -- A police officer for the city of Anaheim who initially doesn't trust the Ducks, particularly due to the lack of evidence that Dragaunus even existed in the first place. While he still doesn’t like them, eventually they come to terms when he helped Wildwing retake the Pond when the Saurians took their headquarters.
    3. Thrash & Mookie
    -- Nosedive's seemingly only human friends who dress like punk rockers. They run the comics store called "Captain Comics," of which Nosedive is a frequent customer. They were the first people that they met on Earth. Thrash is male, Mookie is female.
    4. Bernie "Buzz" Blitzman
    -- Buzz is an orphaned genius young boy in his early teens. He is a big fan of the Ducks, and is particularly fond of Mallory. He proves to be a big help to the Ducks.

    Ratseye/Pouchlaw created characters:
    1. Carol Mason
    -- Before the accident, she was Sigmund's almost mothering girlfriend. She is a junior Olympic Figure Skater. After the transformation, she is his number one supporter in his adventure.
    2. James Talbot
    -- An eccentric and independently wealthy friend of Carol's. It was he who kept the life support turned on for Sigmund until his transformation. He is also a practicing magician and has a collection of cats.
    3. Captain Ace Kannis
    -- A police officer for the city of San Francisco who promised Sigmund's late parents that he would look after the boy; he is officially Sigmund's legal guardian.
    4. Aramus E. Quincy
    -- A male human, former best friend to Sigmund; goes crazy when Sigmund becomes a duck; believes that Video game characters are real. He owns a duck hunting dog and a hunting rifle.

    The Puck Police:
    5. Stefano Webster
    -- Electronics and Mechanics specialist; survivor of Puckworld's Puck Police rescued by Duke during the supply run to Puckworld.
    6. Caesar O' Donald - nicknamed as Zero
    -- Ace pilot and weapons specialist; another survivor of Puckworld's Puck Police rescued by Duke during the supply run to Puckworld.
    7. Eira Swanson
    -- Communications specialist; another survivor of Puckworld's Puck Police rescued by Duke during the supply run to Puckworld.
    8. Fiona DuCaine
    -- Swat Operative and Tactician; another survivor of Puckworld's Puck Police rescued by Duke during the supply run to Puckworld.
    9. Harmony Harper
    Puckworld Sports Reporter; survivor of Puckworld's Nightly News Team rescued by Duke during the supply run to Puckworld.

    The Saurians: (© Disney)
    1. Lord Dragaunus
    -- The leader of the Saurians, Dragaunus is evil, big, strong and can breathe fire. He's not above working with humans or even other aliens he hates in his quest for world domination. When a geeky guy who's a comic book fan dreams of being a real-life superhero, he gives him superpowers and employs him to steal and kill others for Dragaunus. He doesn't take kindly to the failures of his cronies, Siege, Chameleon and Wraith. Dragaunus has lost faith in the Saurian dark magic which Wraith uses and only when somewhat desperate, will he allow Wraith to employ them in a major part of his latest plan. Otherwise, the main tools he equips himself and his henchmen with are teleporters, rays, blasters, rockets, and cloaking devices. Most of Dragaunus's schemes involve trying to create an alternative fuel source for his flagship, The Raptor.
    2. Siege
    -- A soldier who is aggressive and has a strong hatred for the Ducks (particularly Grin, due to the large duck being able to go toe-to-toe with him on a daily basis and generally win or draw in the fight). He can also be viewed as Dragaunus' second in command, though the window is pretty wide. His cruel nature is mechanically and technologically minded, and he believes that brute force is the only means of victory. He often builds weapons and vehicles and directly uses them against the Ducks. He scoffs the dark magic of the ancient Saurians, and Dragaunus seems a little more tolerant and open to his ideas as a result. However, when he fails, he gets little better treatment than the others.
    3. Chameleon
    -- A shapeshifter that is able to increase or decrease his strength, size and dexterity depending on his transformations. Much of the time, an imperfect transformation can give him away. Also, he ends up wasting his powers a lot by doing corny impressions of human celebrities (mostly famous early 20th century comedians). At times, he is capable of transforming into a large reptilian form rivaling Siege or Grin in strength. Dragaunus has little patience for his antics and stupidity. The most effective uses of his powers has been in his impersonations of the Ducks and other humans, which comes in handy the most for such tasks as infiltration, sabotage, and espionage.
    4. Wraith
    -- A Saurian warlock with a dry sense of humor. He is smarter than Siege or Chameleon, but disdained by Dragaunus because of his firm belief that the dark magic of their ancestors is the only means for victory. He shuns weapons in battle, preferring to use his ability to throw fireballs. He is very glum and is often predicting the inevitable failure of their mission. Of course, he is usually proven right.
    5. Hunter Drones
    -- Robotic foot soldiers of Dragaunus. They have blasters on their hands. They are often easily destroyed by the Ducks. Dragaunus himself destroys whenever he's extremely angry and having a tantrum.

    Other Enemy: (created by Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
    1. Dr. Theodore Quark
    -- A male Puckworld Medical Technician who is allied to Wraith and the Saurian League. He used Canard Thunderbeak's own DNA as a source code to genetically alter Sigmund to transform him into his current form. Accidentally used Ducktonite as a catalyst to make the incompatible DNA patterns bond which gives Sigmund incredible powers.

    Episode List:

    Season One:

    MTandTPP-01 Canard's Legacy
    -- An ally of Dragaunus from Puckworld genetically alters a young man who has been in a coma due to a roller hockey accident, changing him into a super powered teenage twin of Wildwing Flashblade's best friend who was lost in dimensional limbo.
    MTandTPP-02 Canard One
    -- Seeking to find Quark and making an emergency round trip to Puckworld results in our heroes visiting Puckworld's past where Duke rescues five rookie Puck Police ducks from jail whom were framed for an event that wasn't their fault.
    MTandTPP-03 English Inheritance
    -- While planning a colonization project for the ducks, Sigmund must make a trip to England to receive his rightful inheritance from the Wyndtrough clan's barristers.
    MTandTPP-04 Pucklantis Lives
    -- With authorized permission to colonize a planet in the Sol system, the ducks begin building the Puckworld colony where all future ducks will end up living apart from mankind on Earth.
    MTandTPP-05 TBA
    MTandTPP-06 TBA
    MTandTPP-07 TBA
    MTandTPP-08 TBA
    MTandTPP-09 TBA
    MTandTPP-10 TBA
    MTandTPP-11 TBA
    MTandTPP-12 TBA
    MTandTPP-13 TBA

    Season Two

    ((more to come))


      Weapons, items & vehicles:
      Disney Created Gear:
      Drake One - The Ducks' super computer built by Tanya under the Pond.
      The Migrator - The Ducks' battle van. On one occasion, Tanya created the "Mega-Migrator" after the original was damaged battling one of Daddy-O-Cool's monster trucks. However, the new van's weapon systems failed to work properly, either backfiring or not aiming in the right direction, and it was eventually destroyed.
      The Aerowing - The Ducks' airship. It can also travel into outer space, and was the only vehicle that they brought with them from Puckworld.
      Duckcycles - The Ducks' motorcycles.
      The Duckfoil - The Ducks' motorboat.
      Puck Blasters - A gun that shoots hockey pucks.
      Puck Launcher - A rocket launcher-style weapon that shoots hockey pucks.
      Omnitool - Tanya's multipurpose tool, containing everything she needs to fix, disassemble, defuse and reprogram mechanical items.
      Ducksaber - Used by Duke, the Ducksaber is a weapon that dematerializes into the hilt once deactivated, and the hilt can be detached at the grip and expanded. It can also shoot pucks with ropes attached.
      The Raptor - Dragaunus' ship, which is stranded on Earth. Considered the base for the Saurians, it requires Balerium Crystals to function properly and fly. The tip of the ship held their Dimensional Gateway Generator, which was originally used to travel to Earth when trying to escape the Ducks. Dragaunus later tried to use it to bring more Saurians from Dimensional Limbo to help him conquer Earth, but Wildwing blew it up with the Aerowing. It is currently at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Many of Dragaunus' schemes involve trying to create a fuel source for the Raptor.