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[APQC] CG-01 A Boy in the Duck Pond

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    [APQC] CG-01 A Boy in the Duck Pond

    Anaheim - QC Planet

    "Daring duck of mystery;
    Champion of the right;
    Swoops out of the shadows;
    Daffy owns the night;
    Somewhere some villain schemes;
    But his number's up; (3-2-1)

    Daring Duck, (When crime's a spree, you call DD,)
    Daring Duck, (Let's get dangerous,)
    Daring Duck, (He's so Dashing; Very Daring,)
    Daring Duck!

    Cloud of smoke and he appears;
    A master of surprise;
    Who's that cunning mind behind;
    That shadowy disguise?
    Nobody knows for sure;
    But bad guys are out of luck;

    'Cause here comes, (Daring Duck,)
    Look out! (When crime's a spree, you call DD,)
    Daring Duck, (Let's get dangerous,)
    Daring Duck, (Better watch out, you bad boys,)
    'Cause I am Daring Duck!"

    [APQC] Daring Duck - Casey Glendon
    Episode One: A Boy in the Duck Pond
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    At the high school of White River, Tennessee; Planet Earth...

    "And the winner of the 'Sponsor a Prince' Q.C. Sponsor Family contest is..." The male English teacher paused to build up the suspense of his students. And then he opened the envelope and read the name of the student on the card. "...Casey Glendon!" Then he noticed that Casey wasn't present at that moment. "Um, where is Casey anyway?"

    One of the other students, Robert Tabor, who was Casey's best friend, replied, "He had a doctors appointment today. He told me that he didn't think he had a chance of winning, so he went ahead and kept his appointment. Boy, will he ever be surprised."

    At the medical clinic, Casey slowly got dressed once again. "So how do I look, doc?"

    "If I made a lewd comment, your mother would kill me," said the doctor. "You've gotten over that Spring cold a few months ago. Your health has improved magnificently. I think you can take on anything and anyone. Let's get you back to your mother so you can see about getting back to school."

    About ten minutes later, Casey walked into the school and opened his locker to get his books out. While he was doing this, someone tapped him on the shoulder. He said, "Just got back from the doctors office. Got a clean bill of health." Then he turned his head to see who it was.

    It was his principal, Boldt Quartermaine. He had been a former football player in college and was now a really good principal at the middle school. "Glad to hear the doc cleared you, Casey. Not that you'll be at school much after today."

    "And why wouldn't I be around, Principal Quartermaine?" asked Casey curiously.

    Boldt chuckled. "You must not have heard yet. You won, Casey. That picture of yourself you sent in to the Sponsor a Prince contest. The Toons on Q.C. Planet chose your picture over all the others. You won't be here because you'll be getting to go to school in Anaheim. Your parents must be very proud of you."

    Casey was, of course, in shock. He really didn't think he stood a chance since the picture he sent in was just one of himself how he dressed every day. He knew the others had sent in pictures of themselves in wacky costumes. And the toons chose his normal picture rather than a loony looking student. Surely they didn't want someone who looked normal, did they?

    Boldt laughed. "Remember to breathe, Casey."

    Casey blushed as he panted, not realizing that he had been holding his breath. "How could they choose me?"

    Boldt took Casey over to a bench and gently sat him down. "It's a big shock to you, isn't it? Let me try to explain it to you. The Q.C. Planet toons see zany loony stuff every day. So when the others all sent those wacky pictures as their entry submissions, the toons must have simply yawned when they saw them. Then they came across your picture. The only normal one among the submissions. To the toons, all of your classmates must be class clowns."

    Casey said, "Well, my friend Robert Tabor didn't even send in an entry. His parents wouldn't let him enter because they don't like cartoons. But he is my friend."

    Boldt smiled, as he ruffled Casey's hair. "You need to get over your shock since you'll soon have to choose your sponsor family that you'll be living with on Q.C. Planet. Now, let's get you off to your class since it will be the last one you'll be attending from now on. I think your fellow students want to congratulate you."

    That night, he was sitting at the dining table with his parents, Gustave and Laveda, and two younger siblings, a boy and a girl named Murphy and Azura. "I still can't believe I won that contest, dad," said Casey. "There is no way I should have won, what with that I sent in that picture of myself in the normal business suit."

    Gustave replied, "Stranger things happen on Q.C. Planet. Principal Quartermaine was likely on the nose when he said that they see loony stuff all the time, and when they came across your picture looking normal and formal, they were very interested in finding out more about you."

    Laveda smiled as he ruffled her son's hair. "We're very proud of you, Casey. I just hope you choose a good family in Anaheim to live with. And we expect to get letters, email, or postcards from you, too. So don't forget that you have a curious family back home."

    Murphy giggled mischievously. "Does this mean we'll get to see Casey in a cartoon show soon?"

    "...and get to make fun of his zany adventures, too," Azura added.

    "Oh my gosh!" exclaimed Casey. "I sure hope not. I really didn't expect to win. I am going to miss Robert the most. He's my best friend."

    Gustave smiled as he sipped his drink. "You can always write to him, you know. Send him photos of what's going on in your life. Keep the friendship going. Then maybe someday... have your toon friends kidnap him." He winked with a giggle.

    Laveda was reading over the itinerary for Casey's Q.C. Planet schedule. "According to this... you make a brief stopover in Terryville to meet with both the City Council and with Gerard Prince, the person who suggested the contest in the first place. After that, you head to Anaheim with your escort where you will meet with your chosen Sponsor Family."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Gustave sipped his drink again. "I know you like ducks, son, but did you have to choose the Mighty Ducks as your potential Sponsor Family? They are all the time in danger against the Saurians. What was wrong with Drake Mallard or Scrooge McDuck like you were originally planning?"

    Casey shot a grin at his father. "Drake Mallard said that Goslin was too much of a hassle to bring in another family member and Scrooge has his hands full with Hewie, Dewie, and Louie. And Launchpad McQuack is all the time hanging out at both locations and Launchpad is the duck version of Danger Prone Daphne Blake. That would have been far worse danger than what the Mighty Ducks get into." He paused as he looked to his mother again. "I can't wait to see the Terryville Council; I really like Daffy Duck. He's my favorite council member."

    Murphy giggled. "So you can't wait to be spit all over by him!"

    Casey glared at his brother. "It's a speech impediment, Murph. He can't help the way he talks. I just feel sorry for him."

    Azura giggled and chanted, "Casey and Daffy, sitting in a tree..."

    Laveda cleared her throat and chanted in a stern voice, "...And Azura gets a W-H-I-P-P-I-N-G... or she can choose to straighten up at the dining table."

    Azura quietly gulped.

    And so, the dinner conversation ended on that note and everyone prepared for bed.

    The next morning, Casey, dressed in his best clothes, found himself standing in front of the Terryville City Council. And for those who didn't know, the current city council (as of this story's conception consisted of Daffy Duck, Scooby-Doo, Yogi Bear, Mickey Mouse, Robin Hood, Guilemon, Burt Raccoon, Nightmare the Ghost Stallion, and Gerard Prince himself in his heroic rabbit identity, Captain Rabbit. He was working as the council stenographer at the moment. Mighty Mouse, the mayor of Terryville, was not required to attend these meetings.

    Robin Hood suddenly said, "Casey Glendon? Could you turn around in a slow circle for us please?"

    Casey did as he was asked... very slowly. He didn't know what this had to do with his evaluation.

    The animated fox archer smiled. "Thank you, Casey. Just stand there, please." And the discussion continued.

    Casey at that point was thinking, At least they didn't dismiss me after asking for a slow turn. I must have done something right. But what?

    Daffy Duck approached Casey, walked around him seeming to be studying his overall appearance, looking at very particular things without pointing out what he was looking at.

    Then he returned to his seat and whispered to the others on Council again.

    Casey began to suspect that the council was looking at something on his person. There must be something wrong with this suit. It interests them. I wonder what it is?

    Then the council took a vote. He was wondering why he was so interesting to the Council of Toon greats. He'd find out soon enough as quite suddenly, the council was LOUDLY arguing about the results of the vote.

    Casey quietly hummed. What the heck is going on now? While they are distracted, I can check myself to see what is wrong with this suit. Then he saw it: his fly was open. He blushed with a frown and quickly zipped it closed. How could I have done THAT?! I am so embarrassed. And of course, he quietly whimpered because of it.

    Daffy Duck sneaked away from the council argument and pulled Casey over to one side. "Don't beat yourself up, kid. I knew you didn't know your pants were open. But a lot of the council members thought it was an innocent enough mistake that you would fit in because of it. The only despicable hold outs were Yogi, because he was hungry, and Robin Hood, because he didn't want you voted on based on your clothing malfunction. I see you fixed it, but try to get over it, Casey. Majority rules around here. You made it past the admissions board." He hugged Casey, took him over to a side lounge, and prepared him a drink.

    Suddenly to end the argument, the heroic rabbit stenographer exclaimed, "Robin... either you reverse your vote or no more bed fun with me! I'll make a move on Maid Marian!" And Robin Hood blushed darkly, as everyone stopped, looked at the fox and... rolled on the floor laughing.

    An hour later, Casey and Daffy Duck stood out front of the city hall shaking hands and both smiling as the press took their picture. It was sure to make the news in newspapers across all of Q.C. America.

    Casey whispered to Daffy, "You're my favorite cartoon character even before today. I am glad I got the chance to meet you."

    Daffy smiled wider as he quietly replied, "Unlike Bugs, I don't get off on kissing boys on the mouth. But instead, thanks."

    Casey and Daffy then re-entered city hall to make preparations for Casey's trip to Anaheim and to call ahead to Officer Klegghorn so he knew who was coming to Anaheim. Casey then gave Daffy a firm hug since he wouldn't likely ever get to see the loony duck again after moving into the Pond in Anaheim.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      The animated ride aboard the Turbo Kat Swat Jet to Anaheim was a bit over the top in Casey's opinion but since he was getting to ride with the Swat Kats, he wasn't going to complain at all. Daffy Duck had made the escort arrangements and this was the fastest way to get to Q.C. Anaheim.

      Soon, as the Turbo Kat Swat Jet was drawing near to Anaheim, T-Bone asked, "Is this your first trip to Q.C. Planet, Casey?"

      "Yeah, I really did not expect to win the contest, T-Bone. Thanks for giving me a ride to the Pond," Casey remarked as the Swat Jet continued its trek into the city limits of Anaheim. Although the city was a part of Q.C. Los Angeles, it was a marvelous place to behold.

      Soon, the Turbo Kat Swat Jet came in for a landing in a nearby parking lot facing the Anaheim Hockey Arena where the Mighty Ducks called home. Casey smiled when he saw the full color sign that advertised the Hockey team. Once they came to a complete stop, T-Bone and Razor helped Casey out of their jet and unloaded the boy's suitcases before walking toward the Pond's rear entrance. It was normally locked but with a game in progress the only person guarding the door was Officer Klegghorn.

      "Good, you guys are here," stated Klegghorn. "Daffy Duck called me to let me know that the contest winner was on his way with you two. And as long as you boys don't blow up any buildings in Anaheim, you can stay." He held open the door for the mega kats and the human boy as they entered the back part of the arena where they were to meet up with Phil Palmfeather, the Duck's stocky manager.

      When Casey saw Phil talking on his cellphone as was typical for him to do, he picked up a chocolate iced cream-filled long-john and waved it in front of the manager's face. "Mr. Palmfeather. I am Casey Glendon, the contest winner for Sponsor a Prince."

      Phil then ended his call and took the treat with a smile. "Casey, Baby! Welcome to Anaheim! As you can tell, the ducks are just finishing up a game on the ice. They will be so pleased to see you. Come with me to Drake One and when they come in from practice, we can surprise them."

      After a ride down the elevator to the Duck Lair, Phil showed the Swat Kats where to take Casey's luggage to. "Wildwing decided you could have the room right next door to his. Nosedive's room is on the other side of yours. They even put their names on their doors so you could find your way around later on. The bathroom is right across the hallway from your room." After depositing the suitcases into Casey's room, Phil took Casey back to the main Chamber and turned on Drake One which had a default view of the Hockey game in progress top side.

      Then Razor handed Casey a special communicator device and said, "Gerard Prince said that if you ever need any assistance after you get moved in, feel free to call him on this communicator. Although you might end up with his friend the Devil Kangaroo, Arnie Roo. He is a lovable hyper Underworld Kangaroo. Take care of yourself, Casey; T-Bone and I need to return to Mega Kat City." He gave the boy a hug and then allowed his big partner to hug the boy before the two cartoon felines departed.

      On the monitor of Drake One, Casey saw the ducks in a losing situation on the ice. Apparently the animated TV series only showed days when the ducks won a game because the home team were 3 points behind this time. Wildwing looked tired while Mallory was sitting in the penalty box. Grin and Duke looked determined while Nosedive and Tanya were being blocked off by the opposing team members from having a clear shot. But then, three mystery ducks arrived at the side of the ice and spoke to the referee before getting the affirmative and sitting down to get their skates on. Then the female duck and two male ducks skated out on to the ice where they briefly said something to Wildwing before taking their positions. One of the new males had what looked like a police badge on his uniform and looked very much like a young Canard Thunderbeak. The second male looked like he had just came in from a wild west Texas styled ranch. The female duck appeared to be as athletic as Duke but almost as built as Grin. Not to mention, she was as gorgeous as Mallory. An Amazon like duck.

      The announcer then said, "I've just been given word that the Mighty Ducks' reserve players have just arrived albeit late for the game. Entering the ice is the favorite officer of fans and players alike, Mallard Thunderbeak from New Puck City in Greenland, as well as the cowboy duck from Texas, Maverick Rhone. And the reserve team's Australian lady... Carla McCall. A true Amazon among the ducks. The opposing teams now have the same number of players. And it appears that the opposing team's manager is starting to raise a complaint to the referee about the new arrivals. And I see Mallard skating over that way to give his two cents. It appears that the Mallard is diffusing the complaint and now he is pointing his hockey stick at each one of the opposing teams' players who are on the ice one at a time. Let's see... one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. And he is pointing at the three in the opposing penalty box. Oh my god! Too many players on the ice at the same time. And now, the opposing manager is being lifted off of his feet by one of Mallard's powers and he is being levitated back across the ice to his own penalty box. Now Mallard is having words with the referee. I can see Mallard indicating the number 6 on his hands. And the referee is calling for a time out. The referee is now entering the ice and he is shouting at the opposing team. Now I see Mallard heading up this way to the announcer's booth where we have a camera man who has been recording the game. And if I don't miss my guess, he is wanting to see the tape for today's game."

      Mallard arrived in the announcer's booth and he grabbed the microphone out of the man's hand. "Damned right that's why I am up here. I want to see exactly when the extra players entered the ice and what the score was when they violated the rules. Scores will be decreased to the totals that existed at the moment of violation. Unlike the rest of these high school drop-outs, I have a college education and I can count."

      Mallory who had been in the penalty box for her 2 minute violation, suddenly stood up and exited the box as she skated out to speak to Wildwing and Duke. Nosedive was ecstatic over the reserve ducks being in the arena. "Hey Carla, How are things down at the station?" asked Nosedive to the Australian Amazon duck. "Once I got off my acre and around the traps, my mates and I had a big barbie. Youse should have been around the traps with us; we even had a cooler of tinnies." Australian Slang Translation: 'Once I got off my ass and out and about, my friends and I had a big barbecue. You should have been out there with us; We even had a cooler of beer.'

      Mallory quietly said to Wildwing and Duke, "Are we so tired that we didn't notice their overwhelming us with extra players on the ice?"

      Wildwing replied, "Between Phil running us ragged with the publicity outings and our hunting and fighting Dragaunus and his boys, when we do get back to the pond, we are understandably tired. And don't forget that we have a sponsor boy coming in to join us; the winner of that Sponsor a Prince contest thing. He's a duck lover and he chose us."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Casey quietly and calmly waited next to Drake One as he watched the Ducks finally leave the ice; it wouldn't be long now before he was going to get to hug the Mighty Ducks and try to cheer them up. Perhaps simply having him there would do the trick. Casey Glendon, 15 years old, had luckily the time to change out of his business suit that his parents had him wear to the council and now he was back to being simply a cute human boy with spiked sandy blond hair, green eyes, lightly tanned skin who wore a 'Mighty Ducks Rock Concert' tee shirt (it had a picture of Canard, Wildwing, Nosedive, Mallory, Tanya, and Grin as a rock band with instruments) a promotional souvenir suggested by Phil once upon a time, a pair of designer Summer shorts with the Mighty Ducks team logo all over them, white socks and thick rubber bottomed Mighty Ducks gym sneakers and Zero Duck goggles perched on his head. Aside from the Mighty Ducks fan gear, the goggles made him look like Tai from Digimon.

        Then he heard the Duck Lair's elevator coming down to stop at the bottom level. 'This is it, Casey. Make a good impression.' When the doors slid open, the ducks slowly entered still looking as tired as before and then the boy said, "Hi guys. You tried your best, but the other team chose to cheat while you played fairly like good ducks should. I'm Casey Glendon, your sponsor boy."

        And that's when Wildwing stopped and lifted his head as he raised both hands to the sides of the mask and scanned the room for the owner of the nice voice. When he saw Casey sitting with his back to Drake One, he almost ran across the chamber and picked up Casey in his arms and hugged him fondly. "Thanks for choosing the Mighty Ducks, Casey. We all could use a pick me up right about now. We intended to clean the place up and have party favors arranged for your arrival, but would you settle for the cake we had made for you?"

        "Of course I would..." he paused and then he added, "'Dad'."

        Wildwing blushed. "We are so glad to have you here, but please, just use our real names. 'Dad' makes me feel older than I am."

        Tanya and Duke were then rolling the serving table with the 'Welcome to the Pond' cake out into the open. Duke said, "You don't know how hard it was to keep a cake in the Lair without Phil trying to eat it every time our back was turned."

        Nosedive rubbed the back of Casey's hair and said, "We finally got him to leave it alone by telling him it had weight reducing health food in the ingredients. Not to mention, My bro threatened to go find a new manager."

        Mallory went over and she hugged Casey. "Wildwing is too modest but you can call any of us 'Mom' or 'Dad' whenever you like. We are your sponsor parents after all."

        Casey then asked, "Where did the Reserve team go? I saw on Drake One when they arrived in the rink to help you guys."

        Nosedive grinned. "They each have day jobs back in their home regions they had to get back to. Mallard is my all time fave. Maverick scares me because of his hellish alter ego and Carla is just plain awesome."

        Grin picked up a carving knife and he began slicing the party cake and setting the slices down on plates. "You will be going to school locally, Casey, but we will never require you to come with us when we are facing Dragaunus. That would be too dangerous for a nice boy like you."

        Just then, Klegghorn and Phil came into the Lair with the presents for Casey. "I still don't like you ducks that much," said Klegghorn. "but if a boy like Casey can help you stay grounded, maybe there's hope for you guys. The local school sent over these presents for Casey. And I got something for him too."

        Phil walked over to Grin. "There really isn't weight loss stuff in that cake, is there? You wouldn't do that to him, would you?"

        Grin handed him one plate. "No. But let the boy have some of it or else."

        Casey ate his slice of cake while sitting with his Sponsor Family (The Mighty Ducks) and looking over the presents that Klegghorn brought in from the local animated Anaheim High School. The school had given him a lot of cool items along with a school jacket. Along with the cake, Wildwing and Nosedive had gotten an official Mighty Ducks clothing ensemble for Casey to wear around the pond and in school. The only difference from their own outfits was that Casey's clothing was not armored. The others had gotten him ice skates and a hockey stick with his name upon it. Duke's present was hockey goggles to protect his eyes during practice.

        Lifting his head, he noticed Phil going for his second slice of cake before saying, "This cake is a bit rich for my stomach. I am going to go to the bathroom to take care of the need I am starting to feel and afterward, I am going to try on this cool stuff you guys got me." He shot an all knowing wink at Grin as he got up and headed off to the bathroom with his new clothes. Grin seemed to catch on quickly as he said, "I guess there was a little health food in the cake mix after all. No real harm for a healthy kid like Casey; but for someone already overweight it could have side effects."

        As the rest of the Mighty Ducks looked at Grin's eyes, they caught on to what Casey had quietly arranged with the normally serious zen master duck of strength and fierceness on the ice.

        While the ducks continued to talk about feeling the power of laxatives in the cake mix, an untrue topic, Casey entered the bathroom he was shown when he was brought in during the initial tour. As he arrived in the bathroom, he used the toilet first to make sure he was both empty and clean before changing his clothes; then as he removed his clothes, he was about to put on his new undergarments when he got the distinct feeling that he was being watched. It was only after he had pulled on his new Mighty Ducks pants when he caught a glimpse in the bathroom mirror of someone who obviously was not in the room. He immediately straightened up and turned toward the mirror as he said, "Pervert! How dare you spy on me while I am changing clothes." The image in the mirror was none other than Lord Dragaunus himself. "My goodies are not for watching. Klegghorn is just out in the main chamber. Don't make me call him."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          "My good Casey Glendon. I was not trying to see your goods. Since you know who I am, let me just cut to the nitty-gritty. Stay at the Pond, the Mall and the High School. If I or my colleagues so much as catch you trying to find us on your own, what happened to Mallard could happen to you. Although I have punished Wraith for causing that incident, it did result in a useful alliance with the new duck. He keeps his word in regards to events occurring in our lives. And with him, I also keep my word, although it is not very easy since he ended up as a duck. Had he ended up as anything else, I might have been able to handle that. My associates are such idiots."

          Casey pulled on his new shirt as he said, "Then as a courtesy, let me give you a duck warning in return. Compared to the Mighty Ducks, Launchpad McQuack is actually far more dangerous than they are. He can crash any vehicle he gets a chance to pilot." He then combed his hair as he pulled on his new boots and gloves before putting on the new goggles. "I have never ice skated in my life, Dragaunus. I am likely to end up on my ass more than a few times. Back in Tennessee, we saw more than our share of floods, but rarely any snow nor ice. And for the record, my purpose for being here is for the Sponsor Family program. I won the Sponsor a Prince contest. If a winner chose you, no one could complain about it at all. If Daffy Duck had been an eligible member of the program I would have chosen him as a sponsor dad."

          Dragaunus said from the mirror, "Be that as it may, the message is still the same. Do not be trying to help the ducks to find me or you will start growing feathers and a beak. Daffy Duck? Seriously? I have known some strange humans but that is ridiculous." He then vanished.

          Once the Saurian was no longer looking, Casey made sure his leather cord necklace that had one of Daffy Duck's tail feathers attached to it was placed around his neck and under his shirt against his bare chest. "You are despicable! Time for me to get back to the party." And even though he would be singing the lyrics wrong, he was going to sing his favorite version of the lyrics which made more sense to him. "Overture, cue the lights; This is it, the night of nights; No more rehearsing and nursing our parts; We know every part by heart; Overture, cue the lights; This is it, We'll hit the heights; And, oh what heights we'll hit; On with the show, this is it!" He then marched back and forth before marching toward the bathroom door to leave the room.

          "And, oh what heights we'll hit; On with the show, this is it!" And then Casey departed the bathroom as he headed back out to rejoin the others in the main room.

          Casey returned to the others doing somersaults as he landed in their midst and struck a pose in front of the ducks as Tanya's camera took the official picture of the team with their sponsor boy for all to see. The photo would surely make the morning newspaper come the morning.

          "And, oh what heights we'll hit; On with the show, this is it!" sang Casey and the other Mighty Ducks as the party continued into the night. Casey was super happy to be with his sponsor family despite Daffy Duck not being present to share the moment. But at least he had one of Daffy's authentic tail feathers to call his own. On the road to glory; ain't no turning back; It's got to be the Mighty Ducks; On a quack attack; Look out, clear the way; The Ducks are here to play! Ducks rock! Ducks rock! Mighty Ducks! Here come the Mighty Ducks; Burning up the ice; Just try and stop the Mighty Ducks; And you're gonna pay the price! Here come the Mighty Ducks; Fighting for the gold! Let's hear it for the Mighty Ducks; Time to rock and roll; Let's go, let's go; Ducks rock! (Mighty Ducks!) Ducks rock! Let's hear it for the Mighty Ducks! (Mighty Ducks!)"

          Come the next morning, Tanya was handing out mops, buckets and cleaning cloths to the team. "Yous guys messed it up, yous guys clean it up." she said. "Casey, we need to get you to school; it is part of the sponsor deal. I'll be taking you this morning." She then glanced back at the other ducks. "I mean it, guys! Clean the lair!"

          Within an alleyway close to the high school, Wraith was saying to Chameleon, "After you disguise yourself, make sure Casey gets this special Daffy Duck collectible coin necklace. I have enchanted it so as to allow us to hear everything that gets said by the ducks in the Pond any time Casey is near them. Not even I can mess this assignment up. I learned my lesson in regards to Mallard. Dragaunus is giving me another chance thankfully. He will see that this will work because the boy's favorite duck is that loony one back East. Casey will never want to be without the coin once he has it. So help me, Chameleon, if you mess something this simple up, I will transform you into a female duck in heat and then I will make Nosedive fall in love with you."

          Chameleon made a face as he said in his best Three Stooges voice, "A fate worse than death to be sure. Don't worry, I won't mess this up. In fact, I won't even be near him for longer than a few minutes." And he transformed himself into the appearance of a high school boy. "Trust me, Wraith. You can time me on this."

          Then they saw Tanya's duck cycle arrive where she allowed a still musical and singing Casey to get off to get ready to go into the school itself." "Duck Dodgers of the twenty fourth and one half... century; Protecting the powerless and the weak; Duck Dodgers he's fighting... tyranny; In the twenty fourth and one half... century!"

          Tanya smirked a little. "Now remember, Duck Dodgers, you have to report to the principal's office so you can pick up your class schedule and get your locker assignment. One of us ducks will pick you up after school at around three thirty." She winked at him with a smile. She was humored by Casey's infatuation with the duck who wasn't even a Puckworld citizen (but could have been one.)

          Casey smiled as he gave Tanya a light kiss on the side of her beak. "You know what? You do taste like chicken." And he winked as he headed inside the high school building.

          Then Chameleon headed into the school building himself to perform his mission to give Casey the Daffy Duck coin necklace.

          Eventually what Wraith heard over his listening device was the following: "Hey Casey! Aren't you the new Daffy Duck fan?" "Yeah, that's me." "I'm Marvin Duckly, the leader of the local Daffy Duck fan club here in Anaheim." "Daffy has a fan club on the West coast? Awesome! How do I join it?" "All you gotta do is say something like Daffy would in your best Daffy Duck voice. When you do that, you will get the official Daffy Duck fan club collectible coin necklace." "That's all, okay. one Daffy Duck voice coming right up." There was a brief pause. "You rabbit... are despicable!" Wraith grinned; he was impressed in truth. The boy sounded just like the loony duck. "Good job, Casey. here is your fan club necklace. It has a picture of his usual appearance on one side and a picture of his Duck Dodgers and Danger Duck personas standing next to each other on the other side. Welcome to the club, Casey. We will be seeing you around." "Thanks Marvin. I'll never take this off. See you around." Wraith grinned again. "Excellent. Chameleon did something right for a change."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            During lunch at school, Casey had met up with two boys and a girl who showed genuine interest in his attending the animated school with them. However, when Casey told them about the Daffy Duck fan club and of Marvin Duckly, he got the odd looks of concern. "What did this Marvin guy look like, Casey?" asked Tony Cartwright, an African American anime boy who usually dressed in blue jeans, a red teen shirt and roller blades. And when Casey described Marvin's appearance to his new friends, Tony said, "I am quite sure that there isn't anyone like that in the entire school system. And to make sure, we should go see Gyro Gearloose in the science department here in school. As you might have guessed, he is a chicken from Duckberg in the East and he has access to the student roster records through his computer system. He can also examine your fan necklace to make sure it is only that and not a nasty surprise for your Sponsor parents."

            Alice Mitchell, a Caucasian white anime girl with long sandy blond hair, said, "We would have remembered someone like him in this school. Unless he is a private school student from that school across town. But even then, he shouldn't have been in our school here, Casey."

            The other anime boy, Sexton "Sexy" Rogan, was an Australian anime boy with red hair and the accent who always seemed to have the bounce in his step, much like a kangaroo boomer. "If it turns out to be a bad thing, mate, we will 'elp yas get a replacement Daffy Duck souvenir, although such items are pretty rare these days because 'e isn't as popular as 'is lapine Warner Brothers co-star. Let's go see Gyro to verify that fan necklace."

            Within Gyro's labs, the animated chicken looked over Casey's new coin necklace and as he placed it behind an X-ray device, Casey's heart sank when even he could see the microphone transmitter mechanics within the necklace. "It is a good thing you have such good friends here at school, Casey," said Gyro. "And as suspected, there is no Marvin Duckly at any school throughout Anaheim, public or otherwise. They used your fan hobby to trick you. But just so you don't feel so bad about this, we can craft you a new medallion with the imprints upon them right here in my labs that will look like the original. Although I think we can go a step further to make it more personalized. I can have you lean up against this pole and we can take your picture and then I can place your profile imprint standing with Daffy on one side of the coin and then it would be far more unique than a spy coin necklace."

            After posing for the profile imprint, Casey was looking over things in Gyro's lab and he came across a jar full of what appeared to be glittering Silly Putty. "I wonder what this stuff is? Wildwing would probably be interested in this." And the moment he said Wildwing, the putty instantly reshaped itself into his likeness within the jar. "Hey... how did that happen? I wonder... Nosedive." And the putty took on his likeness. "Duke." And again it happened. "Mallory. Tanya. Grin Hardwing." And each time the change was made. "Daffy Duck." And again the change occurred. "Say Gyro? What is this putty in the jar?" And saying his name made the putty take on his appearance.

            Gyro came over while the medallion was in the process of cooling. "That is Toonium. To normal humans it can be very dangerous. You get any of this stuff on you and you become a toon or anime character like the rest of us. Although the change can be reversed if treated fast enough, this stuff can also do a mind wipe on anyone it affects."

            Casey then said, "Casey Glendon." And the putty took on his own appearance. "I assume you have a way you can detect this stuff for those emergency just in case situations, right?"

            The animated chicken replied, "Yes, I do have a portable Toonium Detection device which will warn you when unbottled Toonium is nearby. You see, Toonium cannot eat through glass which is why we can have it within this jar. Let me go get the device and show you how it works."

            Moments later, Gyro returned with the hand held device and show it to Casey. "As you can see, it is pretty simple to understand. Here, I'll show you." And he reached over and unscrewed the lid off of the Toonium jar before he turned on the portable device. The needle immediately went into the red as a small alarm sounded. "BAH BAH BAH!" He then turned the device off as he replaced the lid on the Toonium Jar. Then he handed the device to Casey and when he turned it on once again expecting it to stay in the green, the needle unexpectedly rose into the red and the alarm sounded once again. "BAH BAH BAH!" He then turned it off as he looked at Gyro once again. "What happened?"

            Gyro thought that was an odd effect as he went and retrieved a clean jar as he placed the remote within the jar along with a miniature robot and then he capped the lid on the jar before having the robot turn the detection unit on. This time, the alarm did not sound. This result made every animated student check themselves just in case to make sure they didn't get anything on themselves. Then the animated chicken had everyone get on a conveyor belt in single file with himself at the front of the line as he activated a full chamber Toonium detection booth. As Gyro was moved into the booth chamber, a scanning light went up his legs to his head and then it X-rayed his clothes, up and down, back and forth. When the scan ended, he got the all clear chime before he was moved out of the booth. Then it was the others turn one at a time. Tony was then cleared, followed by Alice, and the Sexy.

            Finally, it was Casey's turn and as the slow scanner started at his feet and began the climb up his body the needle rose through the green, into the yellow and as the scanner passed over his chest, it entered the red as a brief alarm sounded. "BAH BAH BAH!" The scanner continued as it cleared his head and then remaining X-ray scans occurred as upon the video monitor everyone saw Casey's secondary tail feather necklace glowing in the center of his chest although the detected glow had the appearance of melting and dripping down his torso.

            Gyro shouted, "Casey? Take off the other necklace! Hurry!"

            As they watched on the X-Ray monitor, Casey reached for the leather cord with Daffy Duck's tail feather attached to the end and pulled it straight up over his head as it appeared that the melting appearance continued over his face before he had it held out in mid air away from his body. "I got it off, Gyro. Although it isn't doing anything as far as I can see. What do you see on the monitor?"

            On the monitor, they could all see that it appeared that the tail feather was slowly melting and dripping off of the leather cord and the melt/drip marks on Casey's body and face were slowly spreading to the sides and further down his front side. Gyro was then heard saying, "I need to call Tanya and Tennyson fast!"

            Sexy asked, "Where did yas get that Tail Feather necklace from, mate? To us, it looks like it is melting all over yer body." Casey replied, "When I first met Daffy Duck back in Terryville initially, I noticed that it appeared that he was molting and when one of his tail feathers came off in my hand after I hugged him, I kept the tail feather and I affixed it to a leather cord to wear as a souvenir. Is it really melting?" Tony and Alice replied at the same time, "Yes it is, Casey."

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07
              Soon after, Tanya, Dr. Tennyson along with Dr. Yakko Warner and councilman Daffy Duck were in Gyro's lab where the examination of Casey continued. "You really shouldn't have taken one of my tail feathers without asking me, Casey," said the black council duck. "I had just gotten a touch up job from Mr. Pink within the last week before your arrival and that would attribute to why there was still fresh Toonium paint on my tail feathers. I recall that he said that I had been molting during the Ink and Paint show. I would have given you a tail feather had you asked for one since you like me so much. Now you are likely infected with Anasian Toonium which has to be treated before you change into a duck like either me or the Mighty Ducks." He could see that Casey was crying and looked miserable. "Now don't cry, Casey. I still like you. You did nothing seriously wrong. A lot of people make that mistake."

              Tony then said, "It isn't just that, Daffy, sir. One of the Saurians tried to trick him by using his fan-ship of you to try to get him to wear a microphone back into the Pond. The crumb bum said that he represented the Daffy Duck fan club here in Anaheim. Casey said that the guy called himself Marvin Duckly."

              Daffy made a face. "I've never heard of him. But if Casey wants to be in my fan club, the membership is his; for free. I wouldn't charge him a thing."

              Tanya then asked, "Where is this fan club coin necklace thing?"

              Gyro replied, "It is sitting over on my work desk. I was going to pop it open before this accident occurred. But if you want that privilege, feel free, Tanya."

              Tanya tackled the coin necklace immediately; she hated Saurian technology when it was being used against duck kind.

              Daffy looked to the animated chicken. "Say Gyro, have you been working on anything new lately?"

              Gyro replied to the classic loony duck. "I was making a souvenir replacement medallion for Casey just after we learned that the coin necklace was a spy device. The new medallion is to have your likeness standing next to the likeness of Casey to prove that the two of you are friends."

              Daffy replied, "I think that is a great idea." Then he looked to Tennyson. "How is Casey, Doctor Tennyson?"

              But before the human doctor could reply, the spy coin necklace device exploded which caused Casey to partially spin around out of the doctors' grasps where upon the boy found himself sitting down hard upon an examination bag that Tanya had brought in where he felt what seemed to be a sharp needle poking him directly through his backside. From the feeling, it actually felt like a hypodermic needle which in turn seemed to also inject something into his body. "Ow! I landed on something sharp!" exclaimed Casey aloud.

              Tony quickly pointed out, "Doc! It looks like something red is on Casey's rump!"

              Tennyson and Warner quickly examined the red blotch on Casey's bare back side as Yakko asked, "Tanya, what was in your satchel?"

              Tanya brushed the dust off of her clothes as she said with some annoyance. "I am just fine, if anyone wants to know. I wasn't expecting it to have an anti-tampering bomb on it. My satchel? The boys provided some blood samples for our yearly union medical review to make sure we can still film our show."

              Yakko then said, "This splotch is blood all right. I am afraid one of your samples is going to be empty when you check your bag, Tanya."

              Tanya quickly grabbed her satchel and opened it as she began to examine each sample one at a time revealing them to be properly capped and labeled all save for the last one. "Duke, Grin, Nosedive. Oh no... Wildwing's blood sample is completely broken and empty."

              Tennyson said as he pulled out his emergency communicator, "This is Dr. Tennyson calling anyone on Founder Core! We have an Anasian Toonium and Anasian blood injection accident here at Gyro Gearloose's laboratory at Anaheim High School! I need one of you three to come over here ASAP unless you think Cheer Bear griping at all of us is fun! The victim is a Sponsor boy!"

              The demon panther member of the Founder Core team arrived with Cheer Bear in tow. "Explain what happened while we try to isolate the infection and draw it out of his body." growled Lord Paul Pardusius as he got to work on the boy's apparent injection location. In the meantime, Cheer Bear, the care bear in charge of the Sponsor program, said to Casey. "I think we are going to change how the Sponsor program works, Casey. Getting infected will not terminate your eligibility in the program. You were selected fair and square and you did nothing wrong from what I understand. Although you should have asked Daffy for the tail feather first."

              Casey sniffled, "I'm sorry, Cheer. Um... my feet are starting to hurt."

              It wasn't his feet that had most of the toons and anime attention as his skin began to turn dark as Anasian black duck feathers of a nature similar to Wildwing's began rapidly emerging out of his skin all over him in multiple places. This was perhaps not as disturbing as a beak growing out of his face and his feet transforming in a Puck World like duck's feet although in Daffy Duck's colors. He even had the white stripe around his neck. And then, Casey fell to the floor as his body grew in length and size to Wildwing's standard build.

              As the transformation continued, Lord Paul grabbed the medallion that Gyro had been making for the boy and he pressed it against Casey's chest where the initial tail feather had infected Casey from originally. And then, the demon panther spoke an arcane word which made the gold medallion graft itself to the center of the duck stud's chest as he leaped out of the way and shouted, "Care Bear Stare! There! Strike the medallion, Cheer Bear!"

              Cheer Bear, being one of the original Care Bears from the early days, focused her belly badge as she fired off her Care Bear Stare directly where the Founder Core lord had directed and when the rainbow beam struck the medallion, a mystical light enveloped Casey's Puck World duck body and in a flash, the boy had become human once again as he lay naked on the floor.
              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                The magical summoning of a one size fits all type of full body uniform with boots and gloves was conducted next although the torso had a large logo of the golden medallion with Casey and Daffy upon it. The rest of the uniform was in a two-tone theme of the Mighty Ducks colors. Once Casey was clad in the new uniform to cover his modesty, Lord Paul explained to him, "You are not exactly cured nor restored, Casey. This is simply the best solution we have right now that will enable you to return to your human form. When necessary, you touch the center of your chest or within the medallion's circle and think either human or duck. A mystical light will envelop your body and you will change into the form you are thinking of. Please keep in mind that your duck body is Wildwing's size and dimension, although it is in Daffy Duck's colors due to the initial contact you had with the Toonium that was upon his tail feathers. It is not known at this time if you will have any additional powers when you are in duck form, as is with Mallard's and Maverick's unique cases. Mallard's keeps changing and no one with a sane mind would want anything similar to Maverick's elemental problem."

                Cheer Bear then said, "Casey... we will leave it up to you on whether you want to tell your parents on what has happened to you. You were not targeted; you simply touched an object that was not properly prepared for safe handling and it had an effect upon you. Fortunately, the Founder Core and I were able to stabilize your humanity but you are in no danger of dying. As we said, we will leave it to you whether you want to tell your parents or not. At this time, with the revisions to the Sponsor program, an accident will not veto your eligibility to be in the program as long as you can access your human form."

                Casey looked to Daffy Duck and said, "I am sorry I took your wet molted tail feather without asking you."

                Daffy said, "Don't worry so much about it, Casey. I am not upset with you. If you would like, I can see about bronzing one of my tail feathers for your souvenir collection. I still like you and respect that you want to be my fan."

                Casey then gave Daffy a small kiss on the side of his beak despite the loony duck saying he didn't get off on kissing boys. And he returned the kiss squarely on Casey's mouth before breaking the kiss and saying, "This once only and only for a fan, Casey. Keep your grades up and you will get to see me this Summer. I promise."

                Tanya then said, "I guess with all of this excitement, I better get you back to The Pond. We can go by your classrooms and see about picking up any missed assignments."

                As Casey walked off with Tanya, he began singing, "Overture, cue the lights; This is it, the night of nights; No more rehearsing and nursing our parts; We know every part by heart; Overture, cue the lights; This is it, We'll hit the heights; And, oh what heights we'll hit; On with the show, this is it!" He shot a wink and a smile toward Daffy Duck. "And, oh what heights we'll hit; On with the show, this is it!" And then Casey departed the school labs with Tanya.

                Daffy smirked. "That isn't how it goes; but since he is happy, I won't correct him. Time for me to get back to Terryville."

                Later at the Pond, the story was repeated to Klegghorn and the rest of the team along with Cheer Bear's exact message in regards to the change in the Sponsor program. Klegghorn said, "You are one lucky kid, Casey. Getting your human form back is fortunate as opposed to the other humans turned ducks. I just hope Lord Paul can help them now that he has this temporary fix figured out. Mallard has been stuck for over a year now. Okay kid, lets see this duck form of yours so I have fair warning."

                Casey struck a pose as he touched the center of his chest and thought the word "duck" which caused the mystical glow of shadow to reappear around his body as his form grew to the size and dimensions of Wildwing except his feathers were colored identically to Daffy Duck. Aside from that, he now looked like a Mighty Duck with Black feathers with a white ring around his neck. "As you can see, sir, I can make the change silently. I don't have to say anything. Lord Paul stated that it wasn't known at this time if I had powers or not like Mallard Thunderbeak and Maverick Rhone. I don't plan on joining the team officially, since I have no training. But officially, I am still part of the Sponsor Program."

                Klegghorn said, "Stay out of trouble and I won't say anything when I hear of anything you do in Anaheim. But if you go the heroic route, tell me immediately. I have to get going." And he promptly left the Pond through the exit elevator.

                Wildwing then said, "We are a duck short for tonight's patrol, Casey. My brother Nosedive is off spending time with Mallard in New Puck City in Greenland, where they patrol with the Puck Police. I know we said you wouldn't have to come with us, but since we are a duck short, would you honor us by co-piloting the Migrator with us?"

                Casey smiled the best he could. "I would be honored to come, Dad."

                Wildwing looked to Mallory as he face-palmed himself and released a sigh. He still didn't want to be called 'Dad'. "All right, Ducks! To the Migrator!" But before they could run down the designated tunnel, Casey vanished in a blur of shadow which disappeared down the tunnel. "Tanya, what just happened?" asked Wildwing.

                Tanya replied, "I assume Casey's power just turned on. According to Drake One, Casey is waiting for us at the Migrator."

                When the Mighty Ducks arrived at the Migrator, they saw the black feathered Casey waiting for them near vehicle's door. "Do you really have to lock it up in the lair itself?"

                Duke replied, "Its a habit, kid. We have had bad guys in the lair before and we get a little cautious. You know... during outings, we really shouldn't call you by your real name so as to protect your real identity. So how does the title 'Daring Duck' sound to you?"

                "I think you nailed it, Duke," said Wildwing with a caring smile. "I was just trying to come up with something catchy myself to call him when he was with us. And Casey is just dashing enough to be daring."

                Casey sang, "I'm Dashing; I'm Daring; Also very Caring; I'm a Shadow; Very hard to see! A mystery; like lightning; Also very frightening; I'm a Hero; that is what I'll be!"

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  As the Migrator rolled through the streets of Anaheim, Casey sat quietly in the co-pilot's seat where he kept an eye on the dash board radar. but otherwise remained quiet unless a blip came up. He never planned to join the Mighty Ducks in this manner and Phil was likely going to try to stick a contract in his face eventually when he found out.

                  Wildwing was standing up although Casey thought he shouldn't be. He actually seemed pretty focused on the surroundings ahead while Duke piloted the Migrator forward. The others were properly seated in their bucket seats.

                  When the blip on the radar appeared it almost surprised the black feathered duck. "We got a hot one, Duke. Two streets South and three blocks East." Duke then turned the Migrator at the next intersection and then he turned right at the second intersection where just ahead they could see the Raptor Robots loading a transport truck with boxes from a warehouse.

                  The Mighty Ducks leaped out of the Migrator as Duke spun the vehicle around to block off the escape route of the truck. "Stay with the Migrator, Daring," said Duke as he unstrapped his seat belt. "I know it is a boring thing to be told to do but even Nosedive has had to perform dashboard duty at least once. If we need you, we will call for you. And when we do call for you, do not get caught." He then leaped out with his special blade at the read as he slashed the front tire of the transport truck before darting into the fray of Raptor Robots.

                  Shortly into the fight, the dashboard communicator squawked once as Casey activated it. "Migrator here."

                  "Yo, Casey!" It was Nosedive. "Where are you guys at?"

                  Casey gave Nosedive the directions for where the fight against the robots was taking place. "The others seem to be doing just fine. They told me to stay at the dashboard."

                  Nosedive who hadn't been told about Casey's new power as yet said, "It is the safest place to be during a fight. I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to my newest brother."

                  As the call ended, Casey saw Siege, Wraith, and Chameleon arrive on the scene; but without their leader. But when the bright spotlight illuminated the fight scene from the sky, he didn't know what was up at first. Then he saw the Reserve Team landing on the ground with Nosedive and hovering in the air was a Puck Police shuttle cruiser from New Puck City. When Hellfire Duck ignited the flame all over his body, Wraith and Chameleon hid behind Siege. Carla shouted, "Yo Siege! Ah 'aven't seen youse down under since the last time youse were there! Are youse afraid of little old me?" Mallard cracked his knuckles as a short circuit effect caused teleportation devices to fail. "My latest power which I will probably loose in a week. So, no teleporting home to safety for now." and then quietly to Wildwing, he whispered, "Eira and Stefano got the Earth to Puckworld communication system set up finally. And it works beautifully. You can contact the current time period's Puckworld whenever you like." Wildwing was happy for that.

                  Choosing to do the right thing, Casey placed a call to Klegghorn to alert him to where the warehouse robbery was taking place and who all was on the scene. Following that call, a near massacre of a fight occurred as the robots were destroyed and Dragaunus' main three allies were surrounded as Klegghorn arrived in his police cruiser at the end.

                  Seeing a chance to cause a last minute attack, Wraith raised his magic staff when without warning a black shadow like blur removed the staff from his hand and left it in Mallard's grasp before returning to the Migrator. Casey was really glad he could move that fast since at night it made it harder to see what was moving. Mallard looked at the staff for a moment before glaring directly at Wraith. "Not a nice thing to do, Wraith. Now I will have to call Dragaunus and tell him what you three are up to. I am sure he will be thrilled to death."

                  Then Siege laughed as Chameleon said, "Why don't you do that, Mallard? Call Dragaunus so we can watch Klegghorn arrest you ducks for attacking a legal purchase delivery that I made just earlier today. I hung on to the receipt if the officer wants to look at it..."

                  Hellfire then flared one time before saying, "I have a better idea. Why don't we just kill you three so all attacks on Anaheim just stop - completely? The Abyss is a nice place to visit this time of year."

                  Chameleon then said, "Wildwing, don't let him get us! Please!"

                  At that moment, the image of Dragaunus appeared to one side; he chose not to come personally. "As usual, my associates went to the wrong location. Mallard, I have the invoice for the package pick up information. Food products primarily. Even a Saurian has to eat." He then held up the invoice to the camera where it became easy to read for all present. "As you can see, it is for a retail depot far outside of Anaheim. So yes, there is a legal receipt although I won't press charges for a few broken robots; I blow them up all the time, myself."

                  Mallard read over the invoice and then said, "It is legit all right. Sorry, Wildwing; as much as you would like to bag these Saurians, he is on the level this time. You have to let him go or risk breaking the law yourself." He then paused and then he added with a grin. "...Dad." Apparently Mallard was told by Nosedive about the new title that Casey had given to the Mighty Duck leader.

                  Wildwing made a face as he turned and walked toward the Migrator, as he passed Nosedive, he said, "You are going to get it back at the Pond."

                  Siege who should have just kept his mouth shut piped up at that point. "Hey Wildwing, if you're a father now, then who's the mother? Tanya or Mallory?" Then he verbally laughed out loud which he soon regretted as Carla approached him and grabbed his lower lip. "Shut it or lose the ability to make eggs, scales for brains!"

                  Mallard handed the staff back to Wraith. "Your boss is watching. Here is your staff; take your business to the real depot before I lose control of Hellfire."

                  Hellfire grinned widely although his main target was Chameleon in preference over all of the others. Like Mallard's friend Aramus, he did not like the shape shifter at all. "I have the keys to Hell, Chameleon. I can open the door at any time." With his magic staff in claw, Wraith used his magic to teleport himself and his allies away from the ducks.

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Back at the Pond, Casey who was still suited up was in another one of his musical Duck moods. "Daring duck of mystery; Champion of the right; Swoops out of the shadows; Daffy owns the night; Somewhere some villain schemes; But his number's up;" He then whispered, "3-2-1;" Then he was back into the parodied song. "Daring Duck, When crime's a spree, you call DD; Daring Duck, Let's get dangerous; Daring Duck, He's so Dashing; Daring, Daring Duck! Cloud of smoke and he appears; Master of surprise; Who's that cunning mind behind; That shadowy disguise? Nobody knows for sure; But bad guys are out of luck; 'Cause here comes, Daring Duck; Look out! When crime's a spree, you call DD; Daring Duck, Let's get dangerous; Daring Duck, Better watch out, you bad boys! Daring Duck!"

                    Mallard was examining the newest duck up close; Hellfire had powered down into his cowboy identity of Maverick Rhone, while Carla watched from one side with the other ladies. Eira and Stefano were hooking Drake One up with the newest planet to planet communications module so the Mighty Ducks could keep in touch with Puckworld. Mallard said, "You said Toonium did this? I was for sure that Wraith was up to his old tricks again."

                    Wildwing replied, "It was an accident, Mallard. Casey is our Sponsor Family son. And we are doing our best so Phil doesn't see him suited up or else he will try to stick a contract in Casey's beak. What is on your mind?"

                    At that moment, Drake One unexpectedly said, "Phil entering elevator."

                    Without a word and in a flurry of shadowy smoke, Daring Duck was once again Casey the human who switched to his usual song. "Overture, cue the lights; This is it, the night of nights; No more rehearsing and nursing our parts; We know every part by heart; Overture, cue the lights; This is it, We'll hit the heights; And, oh what heights we'll hit; On with the show, this is it!" The elevator door opened and Phil emerged as he saw Casey dancing around and singing. "And, oh what heights we'll hit; On with the show, this is it!"

                    Casey smiled at Phil. "Hiya Phil. Whatcha'?"

                    Phil shook his head as he walked over to Wildwing. "I finally got the lowdown on those brutes you guys will be playing this Saturday." He handed the folder over to the leader. "They are not a nice bunch." He then glanced at Mallard. "Do you think...?"

                    Mallard cut him off with a resounding, "NO! I told you once already, Phil! I only play street hockey! I will fill in during times of emergency but otherwise, drop it. I am with the Puck Police and the Reserve Team."

                    Phil then said, "If another duck built like you showed up, I wouldn't keep nagging on you to sign up. Sheesh, I am going to head topside and see about getting some doughnuts." And he went back into the elevator.

                    The moment the elevator doors closed, Casey shifted back into his Daring Duck identity. "On the road to glory; ain't no turning back; It's got to be the Mighty Ducks; On a quack attack; Look out, clear the way; The Ducks are here to play! Ducks rock! Ducks rock! Mighty Ducks! Here come the Mighty Ducks; Burning up the ice; Just try and stop the Mighty Ducks; And you're gonna pay the price! Here come the Mighty Ducks; Fighting for the gold! Let's hear it for the Mighty Ducks; Time to rock and roll; Let's go, let's go; Ducks rock! (Mighty Ducks!) Ducks rock! Let's hear it for the Mighty Ducks! (Mighty Ducks!)" He then looked to Wildwing and the others, "You can beat any team as long as you play fairly like good ducks should." He then smiled at Nosedive who was bound and gagged in one corner. "Um, Wildwing, how long are you going to keep your brother gagged like that?"

                    Wildwing replied, "He better be glad I didn't use duct tape. Telling the world that I am your dad is not nice. So this will be his punishment for a while."

                    Casey then asked, "Doesn't my singing get annoying?"

                    The leader shook his head. "You can sing all you like, Casey. If it makes you happy, we don't mind what you're singing about."

                    Casey then sang the song he had sung on the way to school that morning. "Frozen in a time and space divide; But how would the universe survive? For long they were out of luck, But now they're saved by the duck. Duck Dodgers of the twenty fourth and one half... century; Defending the powerless and the weak; Duck Dodgers of the twenty fourth and one half... century; The fighter of Martian tyranny; Oh, but he's the duck of persuasion; All soon made decisions soon dissolve; A definite duck beyond all temptation; Ensuring the universe still revolves; Space is such a lonely place to this duck; But it's not lonely for this duck; For hordes of Martians run; When he shoots his duckbilled laser gun; Duck Dodgers of the twenty fourth and one half... century; Protecting the powerless and the weak; Duck Dodgers he's fighting... tyranny; In the twenty fourth and one half... century!"

                    And then he gave Wildwing a surprise hug that was perhaps a bit more powerful than he had planned. "You know... Dad... I am a bit tired. I think I will head to bed and get some sleep so I am not sleeping in my classes tomorrow." Then he released Flashblade as he flash-shifted into his human form before heading off toward his assigned room.

                    Wildwing blushed a bit as he muttered, "I still hate being called 'Dad'."

                    Mallard giggled as he gathered up his crew. "We have day jobs to get back to, guys. We will try to come around on Saturday to see how your game goes. Now stay out of trouble."

                    The Reserve Team and the Puck Police then departed the Duck's Lair.

                    Mallory said, "Casey is just showing his affection when he calls you that, Wildwing. He calls Tanya 'Mom', if it is any consolation."

                    Within Casey's bedroom, he was writing a letter to his parents back on Earth explaining the accident and how he could change back into his human form. Then he went to sleep.

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode,
                    I am Daring Duck.