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AV-MFandSons-03 Getting Back on Schedule

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    AV-MFandSons-03 Getting Back on Schedule

    This is an ongoing story I've been writing that occurs in the QC Planet continuum that is not part of any of my given serials. It involves an adult male human who works for the QC Planet Forestry Service along with his two sons who join him later. The story focuses on the oldest son, Christopher Fernando, whom interacts with the local toon and anime cervines in Reindeer Town where he gets a part time job working for an adult cervine tavern where the entertainment is a bit over the table top and under the table cloths, if you know what I mean. His younger brother, Jean-Francis, spends time with the lake side does drawing them as they graze. Christopher's friend, Lewis Clark, has adventures with Cervine Kline around the fire tower. Enjoy.

    This was started on February 9th 2016 by me, Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Tags: anime, bear, cartoon, digimon, fox, hare, human, male, reindeer

    Marco Fernando
    Christopher Fernando
    Jean-Francis Fernando
    Lewis Clark

    [MF-QCFR] AV-03 Getting Back on Schedule.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    April 22nd, 2018

    Chapter One

    When Marco arrived at the ranger tower, he found Kline standing there by himself in what looked like a trench from where he had paced back and forth in preparation for the confrontation with the human man. "Kline... Aeris told me that you wanted to talk to me and that you seemed a bit irate. What is the problem?"

    Kline looked to Marco and said, "You are a hypocrite, Marco. You not only had sex with the Summer Valley Pony boys and Quickfoot but you permitted Crafty of all people to see your butt naked ass in all your glory and offered him personal time in bed. I so much as sniff you and you bite my head off. You threatened to castrate Lewis if he so much as tried to mount your sketch artist son yet the boy permitted Cole and Presley to have a sex session with him inside the boarding house. A German Shepherd boy and a goat boy who both work for Archeon. Christopher mates with a Hell Donkey boy willingly, was originally solicited by Heart-throb and his brothers. They are hardly worth being called pure and hardly worth being placed up on that pedestal that you think they deserve to be on. How easy was it for both Quickfoot and Plastarine to convince you to take your clothes off? Again, I call foul on this since you won't even let me that close to you when you are working. What kind of sex are you and Leonard having up in the ranger tower? I demand an explanation since you used a wolf wizard to spy on events in my own herd caverns in the last few days. Would it be okay for me to spy on your past life to see what you did that makes you hate me for even trying to be friendly?"

    Marco took a breath and released it sadly. "I will explain; but not out here. Since I have a report to write; please come with me up to the thermally heated tower. Your first time up there. I promise to explain what is going on with me."

    Kline was taken aback that Marco was going to let him enter the ranger tower. "Make this good or I will view your past the same way you invaded the privacy of my lair."

    After a quiet ride up the elevator to the fire tower station, the human man and the male Reindeermon exited the elevator to the very warm solar powered workspace of the forest ranger. Marco laid out a large pillow for Kline to lay on and then he closed the blinds before turning on the lights as he sat himself down in his chair to begin writing up his latest report.

    "Kline... I was raped by an older boy when I was nine. He called it a game that I might like. He caught me at a swimming hole which explains why I was naked to start with. He grabbed me from behind and injured the crack of my ass when he missed the mark a few times and then my father walked into the scene and caught him doing his act. My father proceeded to kick the boy with his steel toed boots. Eventually we had to leave that town after my father rallied the church going townsfolk. into nearly killing the mayor and his brother and half the local police force when my father got up in front of the entire congregation and told everyone that I had been raped by the son of the mayor's brother. I hated moving away from my childhood home where I had access to horses, donkeys and a few working class dogs; my only other animal like at the time was kangaroos, but there were no roos in North America's farmland communities. We next lived in a large city with a more honest police force. The mayor's brother tracked us down and tried to kill my dad inside our own house but died when dad shot him in self-defense. The police were told of the event and it was again explained that this man's son had raped me when I was younger. And seeking revenge for the public humiliation he had sustained, HIM of all people... he chose to try to kill my father who was a retired soldier as well as former police officer himself. Later when I went to college to learn how to become a forest ranger, the stupid ass'ed son tracked me down to get personal revenge for his own humiliation. The Dean called me on my cellphone to let me know this guy was on campus asking about me. I told the Dean that the guy was someone who had raped me when I was a young boy and for him to get the law to remove him from campus. The Dean chose not to call the police; instead, he confronted the ass hole and he personally escorted the man to the curb and said he would be arrested if he set foot on campus again. The moment the Dean's back was turned, the ass hole was right back on campus where he stole a ladder to use to climb into the campus dorm windows to find me. I was off in a study hall at the time studying for an upcoming exam. The bum had looked at an old map of the dorms and he was going to enter through what he thought was the male dorms' window. But the college rotates the dorms every few terms and he got maced by a screaming female student who also set his hair on fire when she sprayed him with Aerosol hair spray in conjunction with a Bic lighter. He fell out the window and crashed to the ground below as the ladder fell on top of him. He was then apprehended by campus security and the Dean where his head was doused by a bucket of water before he was handed off to the police for attempted rape on current campus students. The bastard is currently in prison but he vowed in court to find me and finish what he started. He is under heavy watch for an eight-year sentence. When I graduate the government sponsored ranger college, my new boss after hearing this story thought it would be safer for me if I was stationed at such an out of the way location that mister ass hole would never think of looking for me at. Arctic Vista. During the jeep ride from AIRS Depot to Arctic Vista, he accidentally went to remove my ranger hat from my lap and he touched my groin through my pants and I nearly bit his head off. That was the scent you smelled on day one."

    Marco then hung his head as he had tears on his face from having to recall the event. "It took me a few weeks of spending time with Leonard and the local does before I started to calm down enough to lighten up to have some fun with a few locals. Quickfoot politely asked me first within his own home during the North Wind and Freeze Warning; and then after meeting Plastarine, the pony boys asked politely if I would play with them. I wasn't intending to have sex that time; but I had accidentally sat down in their older brother's lap and I got it through naked contact in the mud pools then. They all apologized which was why I could not be mad at them for showing me a good time. Later, when I was taking a bath to wash off the Summer Valley mud, Crafty showed up and Plastarine made a comment about the arctic fox and in jest, I mentioned owing the fox some personal time in bed. I was not intending to actually do it since he has always been waiting to rob the ranger station blind. If you heard I was going to give him time in bed, then you were not told all the details. As for seeing me naked, only Plastarine, the pony boys, Leonard and Quickfoot saw me as I was getting into the large kettle like tub. Crafty wasn't even there yet. If you hadn't been so impersonal by sniffing my groin and my ass when I first met you, we might have gotten to know each other better. But then Leonard told me that you were always doing that to every man you met and he warned me about Crafty's thieving ways. I am actually behind in my work what with my having to watch my backside every time you and Crafty are around. I suppose I will lose my job since I cannot get any work done here at Arctic Vista due to my having to look behind me when you two are around."

    "I cannot win for losing," he concluded. "Is that what you wanted to hear, Kline? To know my shame and why I react the way I do? I am still injured from the rape and have pain when I take a dump in the bathroom. The doctors could never find the cause, so I had to simply endure the pain while trying to be the best ranger I could be. But I guess I failed."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Kline sniffled a little when he was told this collection of Marco's past. "I-I-I-I'm sorry, Marco... please permit me to make it up to you. As you know, I am a shaman as well as a healer; since the doctors failed you, please allow me to see about correcting your injury. Afterward, I promise to help you get caught up on your work you need to accomplish here in Arctic Vista. Aside from the Kangaroos, I know where the local horses, donkeys and working class dogs live near Buckton Croft. Stallion Port is East of the rail depot where Quickfoot lives. The donkeys have a town just West of Buckton Croft called Jacks Landing. The dogs have a town South of here called Lucky Hills. That's where the local gaming casinos and race tracks are located. The place can be fun and edgy at the same time. As for Kangaroos, we can have one of the wolf wizards set up a personal transportal within your ranger cabin so you can go to Aussieland occasionally to visit the roos. That is really the only place on QC Planet where they can be found. They don't think much of clothes. You will need to undress so I can examine your crack. I promise, this is for medical purposes, I am not going to try to mount you without permission. Please, let me help you."

    Choosing to give Kline another chance, Marco undressed and got down on the floor to permit the Reindeermon shaman a chance to examine his crack and anus for the cause of the injury.

    Kline soon said, "I see the scarring caused when the rapist missed the mark and I can heal that; Now I need to open your anus and look into your anal tract to see what is there. I promise, my cock will be no where near your hole. Please hold still."

    Marco worked on writing up his report while Kline worked on his backside; if there was one thing Marco could admit to in regards to Kline's bedside manner, he was gentle when he was focused on the task at hoof. Marco could not feel anything the Reindeermon was doing back there.

    After an hour, Kline said, "I am about to conduct your insta-heal regeneration. This may feel a little weird at first; but I promise, you may actually enjoy it more than I will in doing this to you. And no, it does not involve sex. I may be gay; but I want to earn your trust, Marco. Please tell me that you are finished writing up your report. I do not want to cause you to mess up the page you just wrote up."

    Marco said, "Allow me to place the page up on the desktop and then you may proceed." And he put the paper up on the desk top with his name plate weight on top of it before he lay back down in the floor. "Okay, Kline. Whatever you are going to do, I am ready. Thank you for helping me with this in advance."

    Within the next moment, Marco found his head wedged directly under the desk and it also seemed as if his desk had gotten smaller. From behind himself he heard Kline say, "Damn, I used the wrong rune stone. Marco, please don't move your legs or else you will kick me straight through the side of your ranger tower as you destroy the tower. I accidentally changed you into a giant Kangarurumon. Your body is occupying most of the entire tower. Give me a moment so I can change you back. At least one part of this accident will be beneficial to you. Transformation causes insta-heal regeneration. When I change you back, your injury will be completely gone. I am so sorry for this embarrassing accident."

    Marco forced himself to ball up into a fetal position so his head was no longer cramped under his desk as he began to look over his new body. "Um... take your time, Kline. I am admiring my kangaroo digimon body. Now I can say that I got a chance to be a kangaroo boomer. But man, what a big boomer I became. I am glad I am not getting any bigger. Are you okay back there?"

    Kline sighed. "You mean you aren't mad that I messed up the healing attempt?"

    Marco said, "Through this accident, you granted one of my ultimate fantasies come true. No, I am not mad at you any more, Kline. I'll bet I could hop at seventy-five miles per hour in this body."

    Kline said, "I need to change you back or else neither one of us will be able to get out of the tower and I sadly have to have sex once per twenty-four hour period or else I start emitting a strong and loud heat scent. And then you might force yourself on me without meaning to. Of course, I wouldn't mind; I think it would disturb you greatly. Let me sort out my rune stones so we can return you to human form. Good thing you were already naked or else Incredible Hulk clothes would have been the result." And he began to sort through his rune stones for the attempt to return Marco to normal.

    Marco smiled. "Have you ever done it with a kangaroo, Kline?"

    Kline arched an eye. "No... are you offering?"

    Marco replied, "You said I was a hypocrite; therefore, let us remedy that by having some fun in the tower. I have never had sex up here before and since we are already here now and we will be working later... please show me a good time. Or do I have to use my really fake Aussie accented role playing voice?" He then eyed the Reindeermon as he said, "Come on, mate...'ave a romp with the nice old boomer boi... Pweasssssse?" He then made the sad puppy eyes. After that, Kline felt like he had to do as Marco said. The Sad Puppy Eyes always works on QC Planet! The accented voice certainly helped to make the Reindeermon putty in Marco's paws.

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Hours later, Kline said, "Bad news, Marco... we are both pregnant and I cannot change you back while you are pregnant. It goes against the laws of nature. You will have to lay your eggs first then I can change you back. Digimon lay eggs; real animals have live birth and that takes months which we do not have."

      Marco burped. "Is that what this feeling is? I thought we just put on some weight when we filled each other up. Why am I so fat? How many eggs will this be?"

      Kline honestly replied, "I don't know; I've never done it with a Kangarurumon before. You were my first."

      Marco sighed. "Looks like Chris and Jean-Francis won't be my only children any more."

      At that moment and without warning, Christopher in his Hell Donkey Boy form teleported into the tower room in the nude albeit holding his clothes but upon getting hit in the leg by his father's large roo tail, he fell into his father's lap. "Why is there a giant kangaroo in the ranger tower, Kline? And where is my father?"

      Kline sighed. "You are sitting in your father's lap. He and I accidentally got pregnant after I accidentally changed him into a giant sized Kangarurumon and then he let his boomer side get randy and he used the Sad Puppy Eyes on me. You might want to get out of his lap before-..." And too late, Chris suddenly inflated as the Kangarurumon fired off the last of his jism into the Hell Donkey Boy who was actually Chris. "...-he gets you pregnant. Oh well, Good thing incest doesn't exist for Digimon. Welcome to the pregnant party, Christopher. Man, we are going to lay so many Kangarurumon eggs. I have to wait for him to lay his eggs before I can change him back. Good thing your little brother cannot see this."

      It was late that night when all three individuals laid their Digimon eggs. After that session, Kline proceeded to use his rune stones and shaman power to restore Marco into his normal human male appearance. "I am so sorry for that inconvenience, Marco. But on the bright side, your injuries should be entirely healed as well as regenerated. By the way, Chris, why did you teleport into the ranger tower?"

      Christopher replied, "I wanted to show dad that I was learning magic from the wolf wizards. Since I gained the Aurora blessing to learn magic, they offered to teach me further magic so I didn't make stupid mistakes on my friends."

      Marco spent the next few moments getting back into his clothes and afterward, making sure they didn't break the windows and walls of the ranger tower. "Well Kline. Looks like you redeemed yourself. I don't feel any pain whatsoever and the tower doesn't seem to be in disrepair. Will you still escort me around Arctic Vista tomorrow?"

      Kline smiled. "I gave my word, Marco. I want to prove that you can trust me. I will make sure the Kangarurumon, Reindeerurumon and Donkarurumon eggs are kept warm in one of the Summer Valley side caverns. When they are hatched, they will be one big happy family of brothers. Plastarine can help to watch over them since you gained his trust previously."

      Marco then said, "Christopher, you need to return to Archeon to perform your work duties with him that you arranged to pay for those rooms. Making your brother work in your absence was not fair to Jean-Francis."

      Christopher nodded his Hell Donkey boy muzzle. "You are right, dad. I will make it up to both of them. I'm heading out right now." And he teleported out of the tower chamber.

      Marco looked to Kline. "You get the eggs to Summer Valley and I will see about getting my ranger cabin ready for sleeping. In the morning, I will be ready to make my rounds. I still cannot believe my new boomer form got so out of control the moment I was one. I am so sorry; but you seemed to be enjoying it."

      Kline made a remark after he gathered all the eggs. "Nature happens, Marco. I would let you do it again. I knew you were hesitant to play with me as a human; but as a boomer you went all out. You see, I am not that bad of a guy. I am not upset over your actions and reactions. I'll be back in a bit to check on you." And he teleported out of the tower himself.

      Marco straightened up and swept the rest of the ranger tower. "That teleportation power would certainly make this job easier."

      An hour later, Marco was in his bed in the ranger cabin when Kline teleported into the room and he arranged a collection of dry wood into the fireplace and proceeded to make a fire within. "Leonard was surprised that I wanted to help you gather firewood for your ranger cabin. He is bringing the rest. Marco... when your four year trial run ends here, we would like you to consider staying here as our guest. Oh sure we had a rocky start, but we like you."

      Leonard then came into the cabin carrying the rest of the firewood, shutting the front door behind him. "I still cannot believe they didn't give you a warmer cabin than this, Marco. What were they thinking?"

      Marco smiled. "I might be inclined to stay, Kline, if I had better lodgings near the ranger tower. As in more insulated and warm. I've witnessed the kind of nights the temperatures can get down to locally. I'm not an animal like the rest of the Animated North is."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Leonard said, "You know... there might be a way to improve this ranger cabin via magic. I normally wouldn't suggest this, but since you are thinking about staying, and most of us would not want you to freeze, the right wolf wizards could give you a sturdy ranger cabin much like Santa's Workshop in design and weather proofing. That would surprise your stupid superiors. Would you be game for a ranger cabin upgrade, Marco?"

        Marco replied, "Why don't you work on that tomorrow, Leonard, while Kline escorts me around Arctic Vista during my job outing? Then we we return, we can see how you and the wolf wizards are doing with the project. Kline has to take me to Stallion Port, Lucky Hills and Jacks Landing since all of those places are part of my ranger territory."

        Kline was soon heard cursing. "Stupid bleepity, bleeping rangers... they didn't even place an anti-winter wind deflector into the chimney. It is just open to the sky. All the damned heat just goes up the damned chimney leaving the cabin like an ice box." He looked to Marco. "I must concur with Leonard at this point, my friend. You will never be comfortable in this cabin what with how they built it so cheaply."

        Leonard said, "Being that this is the case, we will just have to build you a new ranger cabin, Marco. And we might be able to move the tower closer to the town as well. There is no sense for you to be out here on the other side of the lake by yourself. If your superiors don't like it, then that's too bad. They don't live here; we do."

        Kline said, "Tomorrow, you hook the ranger sled up to me and I will pull you to where you need to go in Arctic Vista. While we're gone, Leonard and the Wolf Wizards will magically bring in an all-new Ranger station closer to town and they will move the ranger tower to a spot just behind the new station house. Buckton Croft will take full responsibility for the moving of your ranger station and tower. Since your superiors never check on you, we don't need their permission to do this. We still need to arrange the Aussieland Transportal into your ranger station as we discussed yesterday, too."

        Marco said, "Sounds like a plan. But for now, let's see about getting some sleep. Feel free to bunk up in bed with me since the fireplace doesn't work."

        Since that sounded like an invite... Leonard and Kline got into bed with the human man and pressed up close to him on both sides of him. "G'night, Marco. We'll keep you warm."

        Kline said, "I am glad you are giving me another chance, Marco. Tomorrow is a lot of work."


        Jean-Francis was preparing for bed in the boarding house when he was joined by Crafty quite unexpectedly. "Ah! You scared me, Crafty! What brings you back to my room tonight?"

        The animated arctic fox snuggled up close to the boy. "Your father is acting weird. I thought it would be safer with the only boy who is not acting weird. May I sleep with you tonight? Please?" Jean-Francis hugged Crafty close to himself. "Of course you can sleep with me, Crafty; just like the first night. I like how soft your fur is against my skin. What did dad do that is so weird? He normally only acts weird when he is feeling far better than usual. What with his childhood injury that he doesn't like to talk about..."

        Crafty arched an eye. "What childhood injury?"

        "I was faking being asleep one night and mom asked dad about his childhood injury. Dad told her that he had been raped by an older boy while he was at a swimming hole in the woods. I don't know all the details, but this injuring was caused when the raper missed the hole a few times. Doctors never could find the exact spot to heal the injury. Later in life, dad would walk with a slight limp due to the injury. If someone were to heal him of that injury, he would become more friendly than he had been when he first arrived in Arctic Vista. Does anyone here in the North have healing abilities like that, Crafty?"

        Crafty's eyes narrowed as he muttered, "...Kline..." Jean-Francis then said, "If Dad was acting weird after a session with Kline, then that would explain it. Kline healed him of the old injuries where human doctors couldn't."

        Crafty said, "I saw Leonard and Kline entering your dad's ranger cabin from the ranger tower and they were all cheerfully talking about getting Ranger work done tomorrow. Even Kline was talking weird like he and your dad started over and he really wanted to help your dad."

        Jean-Francis hugged the arctic fox closely. "I think that's great if Kline gave dad the healing to prove he wasn't a bad Reindeermon. And with Dad in a better mood, he might be easier to approach during the day. Of course, you are the cutie yourself, Crafty. I've been wanting to play with you myself."

        Crafty arched an eye. "What do you mean, Jean-Francis?"

        Jean-Francis reached under the covers and removed his undershorts as he hugged Crafty into his exposed lap region. "I think you can figure it out, sexy foxy."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Across town within the shared home of Heart-throb, Racer and Bookie, Christopher who was back in his human form was seated at the table with the three for a night of poker. "Glad you could join us tonight, Christopher," stated Racer. "Although your Hell Donkey Boy form is sexy, we really like the human version of you."

          Heart-Throb said, "We now get an honest chance to play cards with you. And I still want to see what your skill level is."

          Bookie remarked, "As usual, Christopher, I am the dealer and the guy who keeps track of the bets. But we are all good in bed as well."

          Christopher nodded his head. "No freeze warning tonight, guys. A little poker to get the blood pumping and to get the scent levels aroused. I notice that you guys are already aroused."

          Bookie grinned. "We didn't expect to get to see you naked to begin with, Christopher. You are hot and don't let anyone say you aren't." He began dealing out cards at that point.

          Christopher said, "But you guys got to see me strip in the mines before I did my disappearing act. Sadly, I never got the gem you guys were offering me."

          Racer pulled out a gem and set it on the table in front of Christopher. "We remembered, chum. We are good with our promises. Now lets play some cards."

          The cards were then dealt out and poker play assumed for those gathered in the reindeer home. Christopher won twice out of eight games, but ultimately the winner of the night was Heart-Throb who then brought the human young man to bed and showed him that no one left the table a loser as he showed Christopher just how good he was in bed.

          Mid-morning after Kline and Marco had headed off for Stallion Port, Lucky Hills and Jacks Landing, Leonard and the Wolf Wizards were in mid-process of planning the new ranger cabin when Leonard heard a familiar sound as he shouted, "Take cover! Incoming ranger vehicle!" Leonard leaped over to one side where he curled up into a white lump in the snow becoming that of a large boulder. The wolf wizards simply took on the forms of what looked like snow covered Christmas trees.

          A ranger jeep arrived containing several human ranger officers and one graduate male cadet wearing a black blindfold that was as thick as sleeping goggles. One officer got out taking his keys with him and went to the ranger cabin with a laptop briefcase. Using his master keys, he unlocked the cabin and stepped inside where he stopped short when he noted that all of Marco's belongings were still present in the cabin. He then went over to the roll top desk and opened it to find the former laptop missing. He then placed the new laptop into position and he closed the roll top desk and he posted the note on the desk for the new cadet to find and read. He then began cleaning out the former belongings from the cabin and pitching the goods out behind the cabin itself into the lake just behind the cabin itself. After making one trip to do this, Leonard who had enough of this activity, stood up from his position and he roared in the faces of the other ranger officers (which caused them to abandon the jeep and run off through the winter woods following the jeep tracks toward civilization) before the polar were-bear charged into the cabin and blood curdling screams from the head officer were heard before the officer fled out of the cabin in tattered clothes as he quickly chased after his fellow officers leaving the blind-folded cadet sitting in the jeep clueless. "This is starting to be monotonous, guys! And what is with all the yelling? I hate campus hazing!"

          And not long after Leonard began chasing the ranger officers out of the area, a helicopter flew in and landed just off to the side of the ranger tower and two teen aged boys and a teen aged girl got out and ran over to the jeep where they untied the cadet and removed the blindfold from his face. "Dad! Mom sent us to make sure you got decent meals and clean clothes. What is going on out here? Where did the other rangers go?"

          And at that moment, Christopher and Jean-Francis along with Crafty arrived at the cabin from the direction of the nearby town. "Who are you guys?" asked Christopher when he saw the other humans in front of the cabin. "Did the forest ranger academy do it again?"

          And then Leonard returned looking upset and grumbling. "How dare they throw your dad's gear out behind the cabin as if they thought he gave up or got transformed while he was up here. I showed them, the @$#&%@ing ranger superior. He will be lucky if he doesn't freeze before he gets back to civilization... I shredded his clothes including his underwear..." And then he spoke to the wolf wizards. "Back to work, my friends. Now we need a cabin large enough for two rangers." He proceeded behind the cabin to fetch Marco's belongings.

          One of the two new male teenagers exclaimed, "Did that bear talk? Cool! I think I am gonna like it up here!"

          And then the Christmas trees changed back into the wolf wizards as they began to get back to the task at paw.

          The girl said, "Robed wolves? They must be the wolf wizards I read about. That means we are in Arctic Vista, guys. GordonNet was mentioning supplying satellite TV to this region during one of their commercials a few days ago."

          The oldest male teenager stepped over to Christopher and said, "I am Andrew Townsend and that is my younger brother Cornelius, and she is our older sister Rosina. She has a pilot's license and she piloted the helicopter we borrowed to track down our father, Thane Harley Townsend. Mom had a tracking chip embedded in dad's undershorts and when the college told mom that dad was being sent somewhere on an initiation assignment..."

          End of Chapter Five