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AV-MFandSons-01 The Arrival

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  • AV-MFandSons-01 The Arrival

    This is an ongoing story I've been writing that occurs in the QC Planet continuum that is not part of any of my given serials. It involves an adult male human who works for the QC Planet Forestry Service along with his two sons who join him later. The story focuses on the oldest son, Christopher Fernando, whom interacts with the local toon and anime cervines in Reindeer Town where he gets a part time job working for an adult cervine tavern where the entertainment is a bit over the table top and under the table cloths, if you know what I mean. His younger brother, Jean-Francis, spends time with the lake side does drawing them as they graze. Christopher's friend, Lewis Clark, has adventures with Cervine Kline around the fire tower. Enjoy.

    This was started on February 9th 2016 by me, Darrel James Vanwinkle (Pouchlaw/Ratseye)

    Tags: Human, cartoon, Anime, Reindeer, Bear, Fox, Hare, Male, Digimon

    Marco Fernando
    Christopher Fernando
    Jean-Francis Fernando
    Lewis Clark

    AV-MFandSons-01 The Arrival
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Pouchlaw/Ratseye)
    February 9th, 2016

    Chapter One

    The man's name was Marco Fernando and he was a Forest Ranger for the QC Planet Forestry Service. He never dreamed the US Forestry Service would assign him to a fire tower not only on QC Planet but on the border of an anime arctic woodland area. Fortunately he got to see toon reindeer often around that location; but never any of the famous one. But the one reindeer who came by the most to check on Marco was... pretty okay, for a buck. Marco just wished the buck didn't get off on sniffing the man's crotch every time they met. It didn't matter how many times Marco bathed and used soap, the buck sniffed his crotch when the reindeer came to see him. Right off the bat. That was how Marco got to know Cervine Kline over all of the other toon reindeer in the forest.

    Then there was Leonard Baroqueski. He was an anime were-bear of the polar variety. Marco met him late one night as he was coming down off of the fire tower to get some sleep in the ranger cabin. The Polar Bear was friendly enough and he was the one who gave Marco the list of people around the woodlands to keep a wary eye on. The bear mentioned that he only passed through once a week and he would be glad to check on the ranger to make sure he was okay during those times.

    Crafty was a sneaky, devilish, and cunning toon arctic fox. He was always trying to trick Marco out of some free service or something else the ranger had access to. He was the main one on the list of those to be wary about. Right at the top, in fact.

    And finally, there was the region's mail carrier, a lightning fast anime snowshoe hare who worked for the QC Parcel Service. Normally you could shoot off Toon Mail the usual way. But when you needed to send packages, you would call for Quickfoot Silversail. It was a warren name, or so he said. Marco hoped he didn't have to crawl around in any warrens while doing his job.

    Again, after four years of college training for a career with the forestry service, he never thought he would be assigned to an animated forest on QC Planet. It was almost an insult, but at least the neighbors in the area were friendly. Especially the does; they politely let him do his job.

    Marco still remembered the first day he came to work at the age of 28, fresh out of college and ready to begin his new assignment. He was hoping for a pristine forest land in a warmer climate. He would even had settled for the California region where they had wildfires nearly all the time. But no... his superiors had other ideas.

    He should have known something was up with the black blindfold that was as thick as sleeping goggles. He just went along with the gag since he had heard stories about how the new cadets were always getting some sort of strange initiation done to them to see if they could handle a situation that was so unexpected that even the strongest willed officer would balk at what they were up against. At least they brought his luggage with him. Marco had stuff that he didn't want to be without. It could have been worse.

    But when the journey came to an end and he was told to count backwards from one hundred before removing the blindfold, Marco just knew this wasn't a normal initiation.

    As he counted backwards slowly, Marco noticed how quiet it had gotten where ever they had brought him to. When he reached 'zero', Marco reached up and removed his blindfold. Directly in front of him on a roll top desk was a post-it note with his name on it. He grabbed the note and read it. "Open the desk, turn on the laptop and watch the introductory video." And that's all it said. As Marco looked around at his surroundings within the ranger cabin room, he was all alone. "Weird initiation, guys," he said aloud, although he was the only one there. Marco opened the roll top desk and sat in the chair facing the open laptop. This wasn't one of those cheap units; it was an executive model. One you would normally only get when you achieved the Captain rank. He turned on the monitor and using the touch pad, Marco moved the mouse over to start the introductory video.

    "Congratulations on passing your entry exams into the Forest Service, Marco Fernando, and welcome to the Arctic Vista watch tower, your new assignment and home for the next four years." And then the movie changed from showing the Forest Service's USDA emblem to an animated movie slowly moving around to show the landscape. "Arctic Vista is a wondrous place populated primarily by elk and caribou, a few bears, some foxes and wolves, and the occasional hares and owls. It is mostly forested, although a crystal clean lake is located within the woodland itself as well as having moderately lukewarm temperatures during the Summer months. But most of the time there is a light snow covering most of the ground. You may be wondering by now why we are showing you a cartoon of the area rather than an actual video. The answer quite simply put is this: your new assignment is on QC Planet. They needed a forest ranger who could improvise at the drop of a hat and your name came up first. If you do a good job there, we will consider any request you may have for a re-assignment on Planet Earth. Provided, of course... you are able to retain your humanity and your sanity for the next four years. Again, congratulations, Cadet Fernando, and good luck." Then the video ended.

    Marco was not happy at being told what his very first assignment was. He got up and explored the rest of the ranger cabin first; that was the smart thing to do. Thankfully, his superiors had stocked the cabin with everything he could possibly need. Including a phone which only had four buttons on it: Arden's Pizza, Taco Tokyo, Prancing Pasta and the Brier Garden; all were restaurants. Something told him at that point that his meals would be delivered when he called for them.

    The next order of business was to get into his ranger uniform and then go check out the watch tower itself. Once Marco looked presentable, he opened the door to the cabin and he could see the tire tracks in the snow where the four wheel drive transport had brought him in before making a circle and departing back the way it had come; there was literally no road. Fun. Marco then went over to the watch tower and smiled when he saw what he thought was a very welcome modern convenience. His superiors had installed an elevator providing easy access to and from the top of the tower. He got in and pressed the button, riding the platform up to the top. Once there, Marco stepped out and looked at the equipment, solar panels, weather forecasting gear, and most importantly, the high powered telescope. Plus, it was thermally warm within the chamber at the top of the tower. "At least they gave me solar power," he said with a smile. Having power would, he hoped, dispel the boredom of the quiet days at Arctic Vista. And that was how Marco's initial arrival had occurred.

    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two

    Two weeks later, Marco would no longer be alone at Arctic Vista. His sons found a clever way to not only locate him but to get directions to where he was stationed. And that clever way was through the Arden's Pizza Franchise. Since their father liked the pizza as much as they did, they simply called up the executive offices of Arden's Pizza and made an inquiry if Marco Fernando had been ordering any pizzas in the last three weeks and if so, where were the pizzas delivered to... as in exact directions to the location in question. Traveling across QC Planet as far North as the buses permitted, the boys packed up a snowmobile with a "Nice Try, Dad" package containing necessary goods to dispel boredom. And then the three boys, his two sons and one of their friends from home, set off for Arctic Vista following the directions provided to them by Mr. Arden himself.

    Bundled up for the cold weather, the boys rode along on the snowmobile through the woods following the Ardens directions exactly as they had been told until as they came over a rise on a hill, they could see the fire tower through a break in the trees. "Dad will be so surprised," his son Christopher, the oldest teenager of the three said. Wait until he sees the presents we brought him. I sure hope Mr. Gordon's advertisement from TV can deliver on his claim."

    Jean-Francis grinned as well as he said, "The TV ad said that they can hook up service in any region around QC Planet. And from what Mr. Arden told us, there is a town up here that has no Satellite TV service so this is a gold mine opportunity for Mr. Gordon."

    Without warning, a cartoon arctic fox bounded directly into their laps as he said, "Did you say, 'Gold Mine'? The name is Crafty and I know this whole area. Are you looking for Marco Fernando the forestry ranger? He should be up in his warm tower. I was on my way there when I heard you boys talking."

    Christopher then said, "We're his more clever than most sons. We brought some surprise presents for dad so he wouldn't be bored anymore."

    Lewis said, "Just imagine... all of Arctic Vista will soon have Gordon Net television services. And we will have to have a pizza party tonight to celebrate you guys and your dad getting back together again. Imagine his superiors sending him off somewhere and refusing to tell his own family where they were sending him."

    Crafty stroked the fur on his chin. "So that's the back story. I knew something underhanded had to be going on when this man just showed up out of nowhere. He said he had a four year assignment here in Arctic Vista. If he survived the experience, his superiors had promised him VIP re-assignment anywhere of his choice on Earth. But it would be a shame if he left now; just when so many locals were getting used to his being here."

    Lewis then asked, "In the event that Mr. Fernando doesn't have the space for us to stay, is there a boarding house or something in the nearby town? Mr. Arden said there was a town on the other side of the lake and just beyond the tree line where an Arden's outlet was stationed."

    Crafty said, "There sure is. Archeon's All-Buck Bed and Breakfast Boarding House. The nice buck also owns and runs the nearby after hours Buck Side Ale Tavern. He was saying just the other day that he needed some help running the place. So if you needed to barter for lodging, one of you could offer to help him at the business. Not to mention the patrons would likely love to see some nice looking human boys for a change. Buckton Croft is the name of the town in case you need the information for Mr. Gordon."

    As the boys stopped the snowmobile at the base of the tower, the elevator door opened and the anime were-bear of the polar variety stepped out followed by Marco himself. "Hi Dad! We found you and we brought gifts!"

    Marco went over and he hugged his sons. "Am I ever glad to see you guys. My superiors moved me up here and wouldn't even let me send a message home to let you know what was going on. What did you bring me?"

    While Christopher and Jean-Francis showed their father the crate full of goods from home, Lewis pulled out his cellphone and he placed a called to Gordon Net. "We arrived safely, Mr. Gordon. According to one of the locals we met, the nearby town has no net service whatsoever. The place is called Buckton Croft and although it is near the fire tower, you cannot see the town from the tower. Mr. Fernando's superiors either didn't know about the town or they made sure the tower had no clear view of that town. You might have to build a branch office building in the town and it seems like the ideal place for us boys to live if it proves that Mr. Fernando doesn't have the space for us in the ranger cabin and it is a small cabin."

    Marco smiled. "You made a deal with Mr. Gordon to have television hooked up out here? You boys are angels. Although Lewis is right, there is little space for four humans in the ranger cabin and I spend a lot of my time up in the heated fire tower. We have solar and wind energy out here. I am glad to know that there is a town close by. If Archeon can put you boys up in rooms, perhaps we can make it worth his while. Leonard, could you escort the boys over to Buckton Croft and help them find Archeon?"

    Leonard stood up since he had been on all fours up until that moment. "I'll be glad to show your sons where it is. And I'll take Crafty with me so you can get some work done. Come on, boys. We can leave the crate with your dad and you can bring the snowmobile with us."

    Crafty said, "I can take a hint. Marco wants to get some work done. But we should grab Cervine Kline on the way so he doesn't bother Ranger Fernando while he's trying to do his job. Believe me, boys... if anyone tells you how bad I am, just watch out for that strange buck reindeer. He likes to sniff your dad's crotch every time he meets him. That is worse than me."

    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three

      "Is Crafty right, Leonard?" asked Lewis as they all rode in the snowmobile pulling the transport sleigh which had the were-polar bear and the arctic fox aboard.

      Leonard chuckled, "It is a silver lining day when Crafty utters a true statement. While I've never seen Crafty sniff someone's crotch, I have seen Cervine Kline do it multiple times right in front of me. By the way, that's him just ahead. And from the looks of him, he is heading to the tower. Well, he was heading there. Drive by him and I'll grab him."

      As the snowmobile went past the reindeer, Leonard reached out and lifted Cervine Kline right off of his hoofs and into the baggage sleigh behind the snowmobile. "Hey! What are you doing, Leonard? I was going the other way!"

      Leonard grinned. "What? And let you miss out on meeting the ranger's sons and their friend! Perish the thought! We're taking them over to Archeon's place for lodging and a job offer for the oldest boy!"

      "Hello Mr. Kline. I am Lewis Clark, this younger boy behind me is Mr. Fernando's youngest son, Jean-Francis and the boy whom is my age and is driving the snowmobile is Fernando's oldest son, Christopher. You are a handsome buck. Too bad you are into over the hill adult men." He winked as he chuckled.

      Cervine Kline replied, "I am not into old men... he just smells familiar and I am trying to remember where I have smelled his scent before."

      Lewis said, "That's impossible, Kline. Before you met Ranger Fernando, he had never been on QC planet at all."

      "Never the less," continued Cervine Kline. "someone he knows whom has touched him has been here and I recognize that scent as being someone the animals around here are wary of. Even though Marco Fernando has been nothing but polite to us."

      Christopher remarked, "Probably that idiot superior of his. Rotten guy didn't want to tell Jean-Francis and I where dad was stationed at. So we cheated to learn where he was."

      Crafty giggled. "They called Mr. Arden who keeps records on all pizza deliveries and to where those deliveries go. But they also made a deal with Gordon Networks and we are about to have Gordon Net out here at Buckton Croft."

      Cervine Kline smiled. "About time we get decent television out here. Anime Television Providers said they couldn't set up anything way out here."

      Jean-Francis grinned. "Mr Gordon said that company was about to fold under anyway. Too many angry customers and no customer support. Even their repair crew quit their jobs."

      Leonard chuckled. "That explains much then."

      And then the snowmobile drove around the far bank of the lake where as they came into view of the town. It appeared to have once been an elven village with a definable street up the center to the South, an obvious road route went off into the forest leading back toward civilization, the boys assumed. Leonard directed Christopher where to go in town until they arrived in front of what appeared to be a very large elk lodge with upstairs rooms. It was connected to an Ale tavern while to the sides of the street were Outlet station businesses to the four restaurants for which their father had telephone access to. Leonard said, "Well, boys... this is it, Archeon's Bed and Breakfast Boarding House and that is the Buck Side Ale Tavern off to the right, nearest to Arden's Pizza."

      Christopher then asked, "And what is that large tall building off to the left of the Boarding House?"

      Leonard said, "I believe it used to be the town's storage warehouse. The former elves kept wrapping paper and colored ribbons in there. Why are you asking?"

      Christopher replied, "Because Mr. Gordon said to be on the lookout for a building he could convert as the local Gordon Net home offices in Buckton Croft. From there, he could officiate programming rights to the citizens throughout Arctic Vista."

      Crafty said, "Let's get you boys inside so you can meet Archeon. Rumors say that he was once a human. But in all the years I've known him, he has always walked on cloven hoofs."

      Cervine Kline added, "I've always known him to have antlers. What about you, Leonard?"

      Leonard replied, "He never talks about his past and he just grins when someone mentions the rumors. Anyway, let's get you boys inside and we can see about arranging the rooms and the job."

      Unloading the snowmobile and grabbing their suitcases and laptops, the boys followed Leonard and the others inside the Bed and Breakfast lodge building.

      End of Chapter Three


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        Chapter Four

        As they entered the lobby of the bed and breakfast, they saw immediately that the layout reminded them of both a fancy hotel and of an elks lodge for men. All of the former trappings were in place to suggest this. From an open side door, a hardy looking black reindeer came in and stopped when he saw Leonard, Cervine Kline and Crafty in front of three human boys; two of white complexion and the third of African American complexion.

        "Oh my. When I smelled the animals entering the bed and breakfast, I never dreamed..." He then looked directly at the boys with their suitcases and laptops. "Welcome to Buckton Croft. I am Archeon, proprietor of both the Bed and Breakfast Boarding House and the Buck Side Ale Tavern. I was just trying to clean up the last mess that the Bucks made last night in the Ale Tavern. I sure could use some help, but that can wait now. What can I do for you boys today?"

        Christopher replied, "Ranger Fernando is our father. He sent us over here to see about getting rooms in your boarding house because the Ranger Cabin has limited space. As for paying for these rooms, I was hoping I could exchange my working for you in the Buck Side Ale Tavern for the rooms and meals for us boys. Will you allow me to help you, Archeon?"

        Archeon turned his head toward Christopher and met his gaze directly. "It gets sexual in there on the weekend, are you sure you can handle that?"

        Christopher said, "I'm no bartender, but I can mop floors, clean tables, wash dishes and prepare a few meals. Plus, I have hands in case someone needs fingers in the right place. Say for a back or leg rub. As for sex, would you want me present during the weekend open hours or are you trying to suggest something more intimate?"

        Archeon chuckled. "The cleaning detail goes without saying, but I asked, can you handle seeing several open sexual displays between animals?"

        Christopher glanced at his friend and his brother. Then he looked at Archeon again. "If its anything like what we've seen on National Geographic then sure, I can handle it. Besides, we boys are also bringing Buckton Croft a special gift. We made a deal with Mr Gordon of Gordon Networks and he is willing to hook up your town with satellite television services. We could even have a live set running in the Ale Tavern for the customers."

        Archeon smiled. "You're hired, kid. What's your names?"

        "I'm Christopher Fernando and this is my brother Jean-Francis Fernando, and this other boy is my best friend, Lewis Clark."

        Archeon continued to smile. "Follow me boys and I will show you what rooms you can have. By the by, you are my only tenants in the boarding house, but with the Gordon Network deal that may actually change. At the moment, the only television we get to see around here is the one in Arden's pizza where they watch something called Devi-TV66. A very adult network."

        The boys followed Archeon into the back hallways instead of upstairs. As they did, Lewis remarked, "I've heard of Devi-TV66. It is supposed to be the Underworld's hottest television network. And I mean the Underworld as in Hell, Hades, the Abyss and all points in between. And none of the demons and devils on that network are scary. Most are pretty damned sexy."

        Christopher asked, "How is it you know so much about it, Lewis?" He was curious since he knew Lewis' mother would never tolerate a Playboy or Hustler channel on their home television.

        Lewis grinned. "My Uncle has a subscription to it at his place and he let me watch one of the game shows one night. It was totally crazy. Lord Impy is one hot imp. He owns and runs the network." He then chuckled. "And he cares about everyone who works for him. He has even revived several TV shows that the regular networks on Earth have cancelled."

        Christopher said, "As soon as we get settled into our rooms, I will go and help Archeon in the Tavern since he said he was trying to clean up in there currently. Lewis, you need to call Gordon and tell him that we found a building for his branch offices here in Buckton Croft. After Gordon is squared away, you can choose who to hang out with and what to do on the side. I know you often get into the craziest adventures. Jean-Francis, I know you want to get some sketch work done. Maybe one of the local reindeer will pose for you."

        Christopher was shown to his room first which was shared with Archeon. "Is there anything you might suggest I wear during the clean up work in the tavern?"

        Archeon replied, "Show me what clothes you brought with you and I'll point out what I think you should wear for clean up. As for the tavern, don't drink anything with sleigh, buck or stag in the title. Otherwise, you might not be human afterward and I would like to have someone last a few years. Before you ask, any of the cider drinks are safe even if they have the forbidden words I warned you about before. But to be safe, add water to your cider to make it more smooth to your palette."

        Christopher unpacked his clothes and showed each of the selections to his new boss and before long, Christopher changed out of his traveling Winter wear and was wearing his casual work clothes. Although while changing his clothes, Archeon got to see the boy naked and he quietly approved of how Christopher looked. The reindeer couldn't wait to sleep with his new employee.

        "Okay, Christopher, Let me lead you over to the Ale Tavern. Let us see if we can get the tavern cleaned up for the afternoon crowd. When they come in, they will be very thirsty. And I will introduce you to a few of the regulars who hit the tavern every day."

        End of Chapter Four


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          Chapter Five

          With Christopher off assisting Archeon with clean up, and just after the arrival of Mr. Gordon's network military jet copter, Lewis went out and met up with Cervine Kline. "Gordon and his boys will be busy for the next few hours so it is best that I stay out of their way. You don't mind my hanging out with you, do you? I noticed that the bear and the fox already departed."

          Kline remarked, "Leonard and Crafty went with Jean-Francis to see where he wanted to get some sketching done. I don't mind letting you spend your time with me, if that is what you want to do. Leonard and Marco both say that I am not the best host in the wood but since you asked to hang out with me, I will do my best. Come on, I'll show you around." And the two of them set off walking out of the small town into the woods.

          Soon, the buck reindeer led Lewis into a heated cavern located behind some snow covered bushes and trees. "And this is where I live and sleep at when I decide to bunk down for the night. The thermal mud pools in the back of the cavern keep this cave warm year round. Although I often end up rather randy after resting here, which is why I have to go out from time to time."

          Lewis said as he knelt down to look at the pools of sticky goop. "Thermal mud is supposed to be therapeutic for the body. Would you mind if I tried it out?"

          Kline smiled as he didn't expect to get to see a human naked today. "I don't mind at all seeing as how I usually take a dip in the stuff myself. I could join you once you removed your clothes. I'll bet your body is in the best shape of all of your friends."

          Lewis was already removing his clothes, shoes and socks first, then his parka, shirts, and finally his pants and undershorts. "Voted best of endurance in my class... say, just how deep are these mud pools anyway?" he asked as he while on all fours reached out and touched the surface of the gooey sticky mud which was warm to the touch. "And what is that odd smell?"

          Kline replied, "They are about four to five feet deep toward the middle." He paused with a smile. "Odd smell? Let me check it out." And he moved directly up behind the young man where as he straddled Lewis and inserted his shaft tip into the boy's bottom as he leaned down heavily and sniffed the mud. "It is likely just reindeer body oils, my lovely buck." And he pushed forward heavily which made both individuals fall into the mud pool which was up to Lewis' neck as the buck reindeer proceeded to mate with him.

          Although instead of pain, Lewis experienced a completely different sensation without agony as his feet and hands magically became cloven hooves and his legs and arms changed to become like Kline's legs, then his buttocks, sac, and penis changed into a deer's sac, sheath and rump, while his tail grew into place following this. His torso changed to become more slender like the reindeer and this was followed by the lengthening of his neck and face as his head became that of a reindeer after which his antlers grew into place. "Kline? What have you done to me?"

          Kline fired off his jism inside Lewis' reindeer body as he replied, "These pools are magical, Lewis. I simply made it so you couldn't get hurt while we played around. But as a reindeer shaman of Arctic Vista, I have gone one further, Lewis... I am giving you the magical ability to change into a reindeer digimon like myself whenever you like. For the record, I do have a herd deeper within these caverns in the hidden land and you may bring your friends here whenever you like. To change forms, simply say, 'Reindeer Digivolve.' To return to normal, say 'Human Devolve.' Also, from now on, when you go to transform, your clothing will make the change with you and reappear when you return to your human form. I apologize for mounting you, Lewis, but I am gay and you did undress for me in my home. Most of the reindeer in Arctic Vista are Digimon, like myself, while the rest are normal who cannot talk. There are other magical digimon species around this region as well and we all love pizza. If you want... I can allow you to return the favor by letting you mount me as I did you."

          Of course Lewis accept the offer to return the favor by mounting Kline as he had the boy. And Lewis learned that it not only felt good but it was fun as well. "This is amazing, Kline. How did I do? Was I as good as you were?"

          Kline replied as he clenched and milked on Lewis' shaft, "Not bad for your first time participating in some Reindeermon fun. Your friend Christopher will likely learn what you learned since as I told you, talking reindeer are actually digimon in this region. The does who spend their time around the lake are actually real reindeer and they have some normal bucks around someplace. They do not talk. In fact, all of the talking animals in Arctic Vista are actually digimon. We are simply winter variety types of digimon. When you are ready to get cleaned up, I can show you were the fresh water bathing pool is so you can wash all of this mud out of your fur. You DO look fantastic as a Reindeermon, Lewis."

          Lewis smiled as he switched places with Kline for another round. "Are there any more fun magical digimon tricks you can share with me? I am not ready to stop just yet, Kline. Let's do it again. You are great to play with. I really like you."

          Kline gave Lewis another round as he said, "When in Reindeermon form, you can jump into the air and fly. And our species can also control snow whether falling or already on the ground. This includes frozen water. We can make the snow do whatever we want it to do. As for the more advanced tricks, you need to get used to the form before I can share more with you."

          Lewis smiled as he tried to do as Kline had done just earlier. "Anything else you want to tell me in regards to the Reindeermon tribe?"

          Kline then released a thick and heavy load of his mating seed into the boy turned digimon reindeer as he replied, "Actually, there is one more thing I should mention and I don't want you to freak out when I tell you this part... but Marco and Leonard have both taught me that honesty is the best method of making a friendship stronger." As Kline emptied the rest of his rich and fertile juices into Lewis, he said, "All Reindeermon are capable of getting pregnant and laying eggs. We are usually both genders in one even, although we usually appear male."

          End of Chapter Five


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            Chapter Six

            Although Leonard went off to check on Marco, Crafty stayed with Jean-Francis since the boy offered to do a sketch of the arctic fox. They were currently in the boy's bedroom in the bed and breakfast business. "You say you do a lot of sketching and drawing when you don't have anything else to do?" asked Crafty as he held a pose.

            Jean-Francis replied, as he worked his drawing skills over the paper, "That's right, Crafty. And thank you for letting me draw you into my sketchbook."

            "Are you really going to let me sleep here in your warm room tonight?" the fox asked since it still sounded too good to be true. "Your dad won't let me share his bedroom."

            The boy smiled. "I gave my word, Crafty. I am not a dishonest boy. I said you could share the room with me and I mean it. Besides, you remind me of a plushy I used to have."

            Crafty arched an eye. "And what happened to that plushy?"

            "A few months before my mother was killed by a drunk driver," he explained. "she took it away from me saying I was too old to be sleeping with a stuffed animal and she threw it into a garbage truck. I cried after I no longer had it and Christopher let me sleep with him for a while. I think you are never too old for a plushy. Adults have them. Married people have their loving mates which are nothing more than living anatomically correct plushies."

            Crafty grinned. "That would be like trying to tell a woman that she is too old to be using a dildo."

            Jean-Francis raised an eye brow to that. "What's a dildo?"

            Crafty chuckled. "It is a rubber manly penis that single women us to get artificial thrill experience as if a man was having sex with them. Some dildos are equipped with a vibrator that massages the insides of a woman's vagina."

            The boy then asked, "Um... what's a vagina?"

            The arctic fox tried not to fall over laughing. "When your mom lived, had you ever taken a bath with her when you were younger?"

            Jean-Francis said, "Yes."

            Crafty continued. "And had you wondered why your mom didn't have a ding dong like your dad?"

            The boy replied, "Mom always called it her key hole. And she said dad had the key to opening it."

            The arctic fox giggled. "Her key hole is a vagina otherwise known as a pussy. There are other nasty nicknames for it, like snatch and beaver, but a pussy is still a vagina." Crafty paused as he smiled fondly at the boy. "I'll be your plush that you can hold and pet on when you sleep and then it will be like old times. How is that sketch coming?"

            Jean-Francis said, "I'm done. I was trying to match my colored pencils up to your fur color and eye color. I don't know if I have your shade of white or not."

            Crafty came over and hopped up on the bed as he looked over the edge of the sketch pad and saw his likeness on the page. "Hey, this is pretty good. And now that I am closer, you can compare the colored pencils to my fur and eye color directly."

            Jean-Francis compared several white pencils to Crafty's fur before deciding on one of the off-white numbers that was the closest to the arctic fox's coloration. The eye color was easy to match. After a few more minutes of coloring, along with some minor tweaks, the boy added in a rather nice looking spring like background and once colored, it made the arctic fox stand out in his natural colors all the more. "Okay, Crafty... what do you think?" He held the picture up for the arctic fox to see.

            Crafty looked at the picture with a dreamy smile. "I think you captured my casual stance quite well, J.F. Now how about a short session of your rubbing my fur with your hands? I'll bet you are good at that just as you are good with drawing animals."

            Jean-Francis put away his colored pencils and sketch book and then he laid out on his bed with Crafty and began to rub his hands all over the arctic fox. "How does this feel?"

            Crafty smiled as he moaned softly. "I am sure it will feel better when we are sleeping together in bed tonight. May I rub on your tummy a little with my paws?"

            The boy nodded his head as he said, "Sure, Crafty. Go right ahead." And soon the rubs were being exchanged upon each others tummies.

            End of Chapter Six


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              Chapter Seven

              Christopher and Archeon worked on cleaning up the Ale Tavern until a trio of humanoid reindeer wearing nothing at all came into the ale tavern after wiping their hoofs on the welcome mat. They walked across the tavern and sat at the bar itself when one of the three noticed the nice looking human teen age boy. "Hey! Archeon has a new helper!" He waited for the boy to walk over to wait on them before he continued. "I'm Racer and these two are Bookie and Heart-Throb. We're workers in the reindeer gem mines north of town. I'd like a lightning sleigh, please."

              Bookie remarked, "Buck on the rocks for me, handsome."

              Heart-Throb was easily the best looking of the three with the biggest package. He smiled at Christopher and said, "I'd like a Red Stag with cola and some of your human jism mixed in. Or if you aren't comfortable with that, how about you just sitting in my lap and just giving me the deepest kiss you can muster."

              Christopher chuckled a bit at their forwardness. "Let us see what I can muster for you studs." He first poured some Brown Sleigh into a mug and then he plugged an electric fence prod into a nearby socket and lightly touched the clean metal prod into the sleigh drink which made a slight spark and caused a nice delicious smell to arise from the mug. He then unplugged the prod before serving the sleigh drink to Racer. Next, he scooped some ice from the bin into a mug and he filled it with White Buck before serving that to Bookie. Grabbing the third mug, he unzipped his trousers with the reindeer watching, he ejaculated into the mug until he came into the mug itself. He then put his shaft away and zipped his trousers back up before adding a small bit of cola to the mug and then on top, he filled the mug with Red Stag Beer. He grabbed a clean whisk and stirred the mixture briskly before walking around the counter and setting the mug on the counter in front of Heart-Throb as he sat in the reindeer's lap and gave him the best and deepest kiss he could give the stud. "If I wasn't on duty, stud... I might have been game to try harder than that. Archeon is downstairs in the keg cellar. I hired on today and yes, he gave me the warning about the drinks. I hope I made your drinks the right way. This was the first time I've ever done it."

              He started to get out of Heart-Throb's lap but the reindeer stud put his arms around the boy and returned the kiss even more deeply than the boy had done it. "And that is how you kiss someone with a muzzle. What's your name, handsome? You were told who we were."

              "I'm Christopher Fernando, one of the forest ranger's sons. My little brother Jean-Francis is upstairs sketching Crafty in his room. My best friend Lewis Clark went somewhere with Cervine Kline. I am working for Archeon to pay for our rooms; plus, we boys made arrangements for Gordon Networks to hook Buckton Croft up with television services. Um... aside from the drinks, is there anything else I can see about getting for you studs?"

              Heart-Throb said as he held Christopher with a smile. "How about you join us after closing time for a little card game and party at our place down the street? We'll have snacks and safe drinks to dine on. And a fresh mind like yours might make the reindeer games a little more interesting. We tend to play five card stud poker for favors. You ever play poker before?"

              Christopher replied, "I've played a little with Lewis; dad and Jean-Francis never found out. I got lucky my first game against Lewis or else he let me win. But after that, he won all of my clothes when he suggested we play strip poker. I have to wonder if he cheated when we played that version of the game."

              Bookie said, "You sound like a good sport, Christopher. We would like to see you at the game tonight if you don't mind."

              Racer remarked, "Electrifying my drink is a unique way to make a lightning sleigh. It has a warm tingle to the taste. Too bad you cannot try your own creations, Christopher. This is great. I'd want you to make all of my drinks."

              The teenager said, "Since Archeon wants me to stay human for a few years, it would be difficult to try my own creations. Although, he did say I could water down and drink all of the cider versions of the drinks. Including the ones with the forbidden words in them. And if you'd like me to come play cards with you tonight, I can do that."

              At that moment, Archeon came up out of the keg cellar with another keg which he set up behind the bar counter. "Finally found it, Christopher. A keg of Uncle Apple Stag Cider. I knew I had one down there somewhere. Of course I will have to order more now that I have brought this one up here for your use, my boy." Then he turned and saw that Christopher had met his main three patrons. "I see you met the hardest working reindeer miners in town. They are also the most sexual as I have personally witnessed on a Saturday night. Heart-Throb is the champion at the sport. Bookie is more like his name suggests; when bets are laid down, he's the one who keeps track of who bet what. And Racer is just fast."

              Then Gordon's boys came into the Ale Tavern with several boxes and they chose a good corner to set up the Plasma screen Television on a new shelf and a wireless receiver that would pull in signals from the main local dome dish. After connecting everything through a surge protection unit, they turned on the Television and tested out receiving access of every authorized channel the Gordon Networks had legal Platinum Access to. Which included the entire Devi-TV66 package. They brought the hoof controlled remote device over to Archeon and instructed him how to use it. Then they set up the second television on another shelf so patrons could watch two separate channels at the same time. A third television was set up behind the bar and a hoof controller was arranged for Archeon's use there, too. Finally each television was locked behind a crystal clear fight shield to protect the televisions during unexpected bar fights. After they had Christopher sign the work order, Gordon's work crew departed the Ale Tavern to work on other homes and the Ranger Cabin in the area.

              Christopher picked up a remote made for someone with hands and pointed it at one the TV in question associated with it. "Since Lewis told me about Devi-TV66, I want to see what they have."

              End of Chapter Seven


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                Chapter Eight

                Leonard had caught up with Marco whom had met up with the QC Parcel Courier, that lightning fast anime snowshoe hare, Quickfoot Silversail. "So my boys arranged for Gordon Networks to provide services out here in Arctic Vista, Quickfoot. Hello Leonard."

                Quickfoot smiled. "Having good television will make going home after work worth my while. My home is near the Christmas Rail Depot where I pick up mail deliveries from. Toon Mail is all well and good when you live in warmer climates, but when you want a guaranteed delivery, I'm your hare. Speaking of which, the weather report is calling for cold winds out of the North with a Freeze Warning just after Midnight. Do you have plenty of warm blankets in that ranger cabin, Marco?"

                Marco replied, "I am not sure. The warmest place at my post is inside the fire tower, as Leonard can very well tell you. I have already experienced one Freeze Warning while working this job and the bed wasn't warm enough. Therefore what blankets I have are certainly not warm enough. What were you offering, Quickfoot?"

                The Snowshoe hare remarked, "I was going to offer to let you spend the night at my place and then I could bring you back to the tower in the morning. Leonard could come along as well if he wanted to. He knows where my cottage is."

                Leonard nodded his muzzle. "Yes, I do know where your insulated cottage is located; You should take him up on his offer, Marco. His hot cocoa is the best in the Vista."

                Marco smiled. "Sounds like a plan then. I have already locked up the ranger cabin and the fire tower access. If I didn't lock up, Crafty would pick the cabin clean of anything not nailed down. Isn't that what you told me the first day, Leonard."

                The anime polar bear lycanthrope nodded his head briskly. "And how. He isn't as fast as Quicky but given the chance, that cabin would have been devoid of furniture if your superior hadn't locked it up before bringing you in to work up here locally."

                Quickfoot smiled. "It will be good to have decent company at the cottage for a change. Get on my package carrier sleigh and hang on. I will get us back over to my place."

                Marco and Leonard got into the sleigh and held on to the safety hand bar in front of them as Quickfoot grabbed a hold of the ropes connected to the sleigh and he began to run at a fast pace and the sleigh jerked forward as the trees became a blur. The Sleigh flew through the open areas between the trees until the Rail Depot and a nice looking cottage with smoke rising from one chimney came into view. Quickfoot slowed the sleigh and pulled up in front of the steps leading into his cottage.

                "Home sweet home, my friends." Quickfoot placed the ropes into the sleigh's holder and then he came around to the side and held out his furred hand to Marco. "Lets head inside and get something nice to eat in that body of yours."

                After entering the warmer than expected cottage, Quickfoot examined Marco's clothes and said, "You might want to remove your clothes and hang them up by the fireplace to dry. I just noticed how wet they are. We cannot have you getting sick on us. The two closest doctors are either in Christmas Town just up the rails to the North or in Clan Core Station to the South. Otherwise, you would have to rely on my brother Medicinepaw Silversail, the warren doctor. He doesn't accept money for his services; he wants sex. So unless you just want to experiment, I would advise that you dry your clothes whenever possible so you stay healthy."

                Leonard chuckled. "Warren clan sex probably wouldn't be that bad but there is the chance of Male Pregnancy since all of those hares are magical."

                Marco made an awkward face as he began to get out of his wet clothes. "I would never have noticed how wet my clothes were, guys. Getting pregnant just to get healed isn't my idea of a good time. My deceased wife once told me that pregnancy was the ultimate blackmail a woman had over a man since women could do it and men could not and should not do it. She said the pain never gets any more pleasing to go through. She said pain is what makes a human reverent." Once Marco was out of all of his clothes which included his boxer briefs, both animals got their first look at how nice looking the man was before Quickfoot handed the human a house coat and fuzzy slippers to wear for the time being.

                Quickfoot said, "That should do before bed time. Now about that meal..."

                Marco suddenly said, "Is there a way to get a message to Archeon's Ale Tavern to warn them about the North wind and Freeze Warning? My sons and their friend are staying and working there and I would like to know that they got the message. I just want them to be safe."

                Quickfoot went over to a roll top desk and opened it to reveal a Citizen's Band radio. He picked up the mike as he switched on the unit. "Hey Archeon! You got your ears on? This is Quickfoot! We got a North Wind and Freeze Warning starting at Midnight tonight! Marco wants to make sure his boys know to be safe! He and Leonard are here at my place! Over!"

                From the C.B. unit came Archeon's voice, "We hear you, Snowshoe! I will get the word out to all the boys! Chris is here with me; Jean-Francis is with Crafty in his room upstairs; and Lewis is with Kline! Over!"

                End of Chapter Eight


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                  Chapter Nine

                  After hearing the forecast from the courier, Heart-Throb and his friends chose to cancel the card game citing that Christopher could spend another day with them when it wasn't so cold. When closing time arrived, Christopher helped Archeon clean up what little needed to be cleaned up and then he returned to his ground floor bedroom where upon he got undressed and got into bed before using the remote in his room to turn on the television to Devi-TV66 to continue watching some late night shows. There was an odd looking show coming on which advertised the following message: Have you ever wanted to visit Pleasure Island safely? If so, then please continue to watch this program and remember that the 'Stud of the Week' can be sent fan messages via Devi-Mail. When you see the Stud of the Week on screen, just write out your message along with your full name, age, species, current living locale, and possibly work employment you have; then fold the note, hold it up in the air and say, 'Devi-Mail' during any part of this program and the Stud of the Week will automatically via magic get your fan message. And now without further ado, welcome to the Underworld's version of Pleasure Island.

                  The Show's title then came on the screen, 'Pleasure Island Tourist' and 'hosted by Lezco the Camera Imp and Orion the Hell Donkey recruiter', the latter whose name had beneath it, Stud of the Week. While they were not showing the actual Pleasure Island of childhood fame, this was similar to the one from the stories since the same thing could occur there. Act like a Jack Ass and become one.

                  While watching the show, Christopher grabbed a notebook and a pen and he wrote out his personal data first, then he waited for the stud to be seen on the screen before he almost had a raging orgasm in bed. He wrote out a nice message to Orion the stud recruiter Hell Donkey. 'Dear Orion, You have the hottest and most muscular donkey body and package that I have ever seen in my life. And your miniature goat horns on your head make you look even more attractive. I don't get why your tail is so long and thick like a unicorn's tail, although it does make a guy take notice all the more. I would have been playing cards at a friend's home tonight except for the North Wind and Freeze Warning that we learned about here in Buckton Croft at Arctic Vista. I don't know how many fan letters you are going to get down there but I hope you have the time to read mine. I am including a nice picture of myself for you and your buddies. Signed, Christopher Fernando.' He then opened his cellphone and used the camera part of the phone to take his own picture in the nude in bed before he printed the photo out on his printer and attached that to the letter with scotch tape before folding the letter in half and holding it up in the air as he waited until he saw Orion on screen before saying, 'Devi-Mail'. The note vanished out of his hand instantly. After that, he continued to watch the rest of the one hour documentary tour of this particular Pleasure Island in the Underworld. Not only did it show the park, the outlaying portions of the island and a few of the rides, it also showed where the stud recruiters lived at on the back side of the island. It appeared that they had a town of their very own back there. He saw a few more studs lounging around, most waved a lazy hand at the camera imp before resuming the rubbing and licking on each others bodies. Then it showed where Orion himself lived in a recruiters boarding house. His Hell Donkey house mate buddies were as sexy as he was. No one there wore any clothing at all.

                  After the program ended, Christopher saw some weird infomercials come on advertising sexual toys and trainers. Leaving the TV on, he put the notebook and pen aside along with his cellphone before he pulled the covers up over himself and he turned his head to try to get some rest. "Orion is a nice looking stud. I'll bet he got a thousand fan messages tonight alone. He certainly deserves to get them, I think. I wonder if he is really like how I saw him on TV?"

                  When Christopher woke up at around four A.M., he noticed a folded note on the bed directly beside his head. Scooting to sit up in bed and noting how cold the air was in his room, he opened the note and he caught a perfume like scent just as it dissipated into the air. There was also a plain gold band ring with a donkey engraving on the inside of the band taped to the note. It read, 'Dear Christopher, You don't know how happy I am to finally get a fan message from someone on the surface world. We made that show's episode some three years ago and yours was the first fan message I had ever gotten in regards to my appearance on that show. Since you wrote me such a nice letter and you sent me and my buddies that nice picture of yourself, I hope you will wear this magic ring which will protect you from harsh cold conditions no matter where you happen to go in Arctic Vista. It will also enable you to mentally talk to me whenever you like. But like all magic rings, this was made specifically for you. Once you put it on, it will be like a permanent part of you. You will never be able to lose it and no one else can ever take it off of your finger. I am just so happy to get a fan message. I love you so much, Christopher. I hope you and I will be friends for life. Whenever you feel you need to send me another letter or anything else, just fold the letter and hold it or the gift box up and say, 'Orion-Mail'; this will work the moment after you put on the ring. Again, thank you and much love forever. Signed, your sexy loving Hell Donkey recruiter boyfriend, Orion.'

                  Removing the ring from the reply note, he slipped the ring on his finger and immediately felt a light sting as the magic took affect. Of course the surprise from the shock made him hold his hand in his other hand. Then he looked down at his hand and the ring was gone. In it's place tattooed on the bottom of his ring finger was the engraving imprint in full color of the Hell Donkey. "Hey, where did the ring go? Orion is going to be upset when I tell him what happened. He just sent me that ring and it just disappeared after it shocked me. I don't want to ask him for a new one. That wouldn't be fair to him."

                  What wouldn't be fair to me? came the mental reply from Orion inside the boy's head.

                  Christopher focused and closed his eyes as he brought Orion's likeness into his memory from the show. Orion? I put on the ring and it shocked me. When I went to look at it on my finger, the ring was gone. I feel bad that I lost your ring; please don't hate me.

                  You didn't lose it, love. It is still on your finger. Didn't you read where I said once on your finger it would be like a part of your body? When you put on the ring, it literally merged with your finger and the engraving became an imprint on your finger. I am sorry it surprised you. You just made me so happy that I wanted to give you something magical.

                  That is a huge relief. I still can't believe no one else sent you a letter. You totally deserve to get them; you can talk to me anytime, love. Maybe some day we can meet in person.

                  End of Chapter Nine


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                    Chapter Ten

                    While Jean-Francis and Crafty slept upstairs like quiet little babies in a cuddled up manner in the boy's warm thermally heated bed. And yes, as shocking as it may sound, the arctic fox was behaving himself.

                    Lewis found himself deeper in Cervine Kline's lair laying Reindeermon eggs much the same as the other Reindeermon were all doing around him. Yet not of them looked unhappy to be doing this. It seemed as if they did this every day. Lewis didn't know where Kline had disappeared to after bringing him down to the rest of the herd members. "Say guys...? Where did Kline head off to after he brought me down here?"

                    One of the others replied in a French accent, "He went to order some pizzas and salad for the herd. Only the best for us, you know. You did permit the herd buck to mount you after all. Besides, you have to spend the night out here now because of the North Wind and Freeze Warning that we were told about over the C.B. Radio in the alcove. You don't want to freeze and die out in the snow at night, do you?"

                    Lewis replied, "No, that would totally suck. Although... I feel pretty damned empty and horny again. What should I do about this?"

                    The French Reindeermon buck who had spoken to Lewis said, "Come on over here into my den and I will help you sate that need. Before I joined Kline's herd, I was called, Aeris Toulouse. Now I just go by my first name since the rest isn't as important anymore. My mother named me Aeris after the now defunct French airline company. But since Reindeermon can fly, I am an airline all by myself." And once the young man turned Reindeermon joined him in his side den, he proceeded to gently mount him fully showing Lewis that he was as good if not better than Kline. "By the way, Lewis... do you have any boyfriends or anything like that?"

                    Lewis panted a bit as he moaned softly with Aeris mounting him lovingly and deeply from behind. "Just my best friend, Christopher Fernando. I would love to find out how he was in bed but he and I do not date; in fact, I don't know what his field of interests include. But he is a hard worker. It was his idea to get Gordon Networks hooked up in Arctic Vista. He got a job working for Archeon in town to pay for the rooms we were supposed to be renting from the buck there. His little brother Jean-Francis is a sketch artist and a damned fine one at that. I've seen some of his artwork and it is really awesome. His artistic field includes any animal that will pose for him. He isn't so much into adult stuff yet. If the right buck animal were to help him learn, I imagine he would be fun to play with. But he is under age."

                    "We can only make friends with the nice boys but any attempt to force them to participate in things that might make them feel uncomfortable will only result in disaster. As you said, I am sure they would be fun to play with. But at least you are more open to experimentation."

                    Lewis groaned as Aeris unloaded himself deeply inside of Lewis' body.

                    "Now," stated Aeris. "Would you mind filling me up like I did with you? We are a share and share alike type of herd."

                    Lewis nodded his muzzle as he proceeded to return the favor by mounting the productive Reindeermon. "I could use some training, Aeris. Besides, you are a pretty nice guy."

                    Aeris smiled as he rocked his body back against Lewis' body. "Stick with me and I will teach you all about being a Reindeermon." And the two continued to make out.

                    Back at the bed and breakfast, Jean-Francis had dislodged himself from the still sleeping Crafty and after putting on his slippers and house coat as he headed downstairs to find the bathroom. As he entered the toilet, he noted several toilet seats side by side in the room as he removed his house coat and pulled down his pajama pants before sitting down on the seat. It was actually warmer in the bathroom than it was in the hallway outside the bathroom. As he was getting his business started, the door opened and a slender humanoid goat boy and an athletic humanoid shepherd dog boy came into the bathroom and they took seats on either side of Jean-Francis to get their business started. The human boy between the two said, "Good evening. I'm Jean-Francis from Room 24 upstairs. Who are you guys? I didn't see you when my brother and I arrived this afternoon."

                    The goat boy replied, "I am Presley." And the shepherd dog boy said, "And I am Cole. We both help Archeon keep the furnace in the lower chambers stoked when the area gets hit by cold spells. All this warmth is our doing. Are we doing a good job, Jean-Francis?"

                    Jean-Francis smiled. "Some rooms are pretty warm, although the hallways and the air in some rooms are still frosty. But I am sure it must be a ventilation problem and nothing wrong with what you two cuties are doing with the furnace. Would you mind if I spent the day with you boys tomorrow while you are working? I like to sketch animals in poses or when they are working."

                    Presley smiled. "We would like that a lot. And since you mentioned a possible stoppage with the ventilation, we can update Archeon about it in the morning and then we can see about blowing the ducts clean of whatever might be in there. Cold customers are not happy ones. We were going to use the bathroom, then go get some colas out of the Ale Tavern before heading back down to the furnace room. You can come along so you can know the way downstairs later. We'll even get you a cola for yourself. The colas are safe to drink."

                    Jean-Francis smiled as he was glad to meet some people his own age finally. "I'll be glad to come along. Thanks guys."

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One

                    Stay tuned for Episode Two, Winter Work Daze.