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[KMRT-GKP-01] CCH-01 From Infinity

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    [KMRT-GKP-01] CCH-01 From Infinity

    Sea Spray Bluff - the Live-Action Tokusatsu and Anime Planet

    [KMRT-GKP-01] CCH-01 From Infinity.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    (From [KMRT-KFM] Basil Knight, Eps 13, Chapter Eight.)

    At Silvermere Castle, Lorraine had the siblings gathered again and was telling them about Big Z's stupidity. "...And when he popped over to QC-Wuz, a place created by the Terryville All-Stars to resemble a QC Planet without Toonium, the mystery team caught his stupid ass in a magical glue strip trap on the ceiling and Z got himself stuck in it when a sudden alarm surprised him. The mystery team are interrogating him to find out what he did with their human friend. So Z won't be available for a while and we should not summon him for any reason."

    Purzo, whom was sitting there with the family, said, "I am not surprised when Hell Citizens outfox themselves and get caught in something on the Norm level. I always thought it was suspicious that Gerard Klayton Prince vanished off of QC Planet and Zecma of all people said he could not locate the boy at all. And then not even the horse, whom could normally find the boy no matter what, could find him using his special skills. Worse that even the superhero versions of the boy all seemed to drop off the radar at the same time. It takes Imperial magic do that to someone. And this boy was the ultimate human interest of Ace the Bat Hound and Krypto the Super Dog."

    Lord Lampwick, whom was also there, remarked, "I was also fond of this boy and none of my Island Lords could located where the hero version vanished to. And we can usually find human bad boys no matter what. He always hated the dirty version of his powers."

    Amaterasu whom was also drinking some of Lorraine's awesome tea stated, "My divine memory tells me that there were three distinct Gerard Prince boys stemming from different decades all originating from Earth. Only two had a father named Leon. One of the three is currently assisting the Red Rabbit Army on one of King Kazma's project worlds. Another was rescued via Imperial Scroll by Jeremy Rayburn. And the dirty empowerment version is still missing. Jeremy's version and the dirty empowerment are the ones with the middle name that starts with the letter K. Kazma's version has a middle name that starts with the letter C. His father is named Arthur Leon Prince. Only the rescued version was ever involved with Zecma. Thus in order: Gerard from 1979 whom helped Zecma; Gerard from 2003 with the dirty empowerment; and Gerard from 2017 whom is serving the Red Rabbit Army. This should tell you the age range of these boys and strangely only the K middle names are related to each other. Kazma's boy stems from a different arm of the Prince family whom are actually some form of royalty. Lighty is edgy around other royalists and because of that, he tends to associate with the dirty empowerment Gerard the most. Except, the boy is still missing. The Legion of Doom liked this boy. I listed their years from when last seen on Earth."

    Basil said, "That's a thirty-eight year spread, your ladyship. The last one isn't even related to the other two according to your telling and he isn't missing. Gerard Clayton Prince with the Red Rabbit Army. Since Jeremy rescued and likely age regressed his Gerard, then that leaves the one the Horse would love to know where he ended up. Although the boy shouldn't be saddled with a dirty empowerment. I could use one of my Imperial Decree Scrolls to clean him up when I rescued him, just in case he is affected by Toonium."

    Amaterasu remarked, "I will supervise your attempt to get the right one. We don't want to anger anyone else whom legally has a Gerard Prince with them at the moment. When he arrives, he is likely going to smell bad. So why don't we take this outside to the stables?"

    Basil, Amaterasu and Lampwick went outside to the stables. Lampwick said, "His smell was bad, but I never let it bother me since I cared about the boy regardless. I know Atticus was after the Star of Destiny that he had hidden inside the boy at birth."

    Amaterasu said, "Donkeys have been in some pretty bad stinks so they are more tolerable over odors."

    Basil lifted one hand and summoned an Imperial Decree scroll. "I think I know how to make the Horse leave Gerard Prince alone. And it should satisfy Atticus at the same time. Let the Horse deal with the Cat." Everyone giggled. Basil then held the scroll aloft and stated, "I, Basil Knight also known as The Lunar Paladin, on behalf of the Heavenly seat of the Overworld, do hereby decree that the Gerard Klayton Prince with the dirty Empowerment have a completely clean copy of himself transferred out of the dirty rabbit body which has the Star of Destiny within it. The dirty empowerment rabbit form with the star remains where it is, yet the Horse instantly homes in on it by default. The clean copy will appear here in our stables without any trace of the dirty empowerment and the Horse will never be able to detect our copy of the nice boy." And he threw the scroll to the ground on a pile of strewn hay in one of the stalls. A flash of light occurred and it seamed that some form of interference was trying to defy an Imperial Scroll... until Amaterasu added her power to the request.

    Lampwick said, "This is the first time I've ever seen anything try to defy an Imperial Scroll. I know how powerful those items are."

    The copy of Gerard Prince at the appropriate age of how old the current dirty empowerment boy would be appeared in pajamas as if he hadn't gotten up the morning of the empowerment event had occurred, yet he had all the memories of most of his life minus the star nor any part of being Captain Rabbit. This got rid of a lot of the stupid encounters involving the Horse or anyone else whom annoyed the boy during his involvement in Terryville. The copy smelled clean as if he never went to the softball field that day. Basil then summoned a second scroll and held it aloft. "I, Basil Knight also known as The Lunar Paladin, on behalf of the Heavenly seat of the Overworld, do hereby decree that a copy of all belongings that our copy of Gerard Klayton Prince had on Earth to appear here in the stables with him." And he threw the scroll to the ground and all manner of comic book boxes and various clothes and a bugs bunny costume all cleaned up in its dry cleaning plastic arrived next to where the boy was sleeping. Basil said, "I haven't seen one of those costumes in such fantastic shape in ages." Lampwick said, "It is Gerard's one size fits all Halloween costume that Bugs Bunny himself gave him after several nice letters sent to the rabbit at the Warner Brothers animation studios. Bugs always replied to fan letters."

    Gerard stirred as he yawned. "I smell fresh tea and hay. Um... where am I?"

    Lampwick said, "We just rescued you from the Toonium Trap. A dirty copy of yourself is keeping the undesirables distracted while we have you nice and cleaned up here. We even saved your important belongings."

    Basil said, "I am Thunder Crest's brother, Basil Knight, and you are currently at Silvermere Castle in the Magicwood Zone of The Live Action Tokusatsu and Anime Planet. We got tired of Atticus' Toonium Trap world and we rescued a lot of toons and founder core members at the same time. Atticus, Umbra, shady producers and COME were all left behind on QC Planet. We have a Yuskay Groomers on planet if you still want a clean empowerment. In case I don't remember all of the hero rules, take it up with Amaterasu whom along with Purzo and Pardusius are keeping track of the superhero trade. The rest of us are focused on acting and filming exploits here on the West Coast."

    Gerard said, "I'll have to take it up with the Yuskay Groomers. I still like Bugs Bunny but being a rabbit in the fur is for him. Um, what if I want to be a hero on the west coast but not be an actor? Do I have to jump through stupid union hoops or did you smartly get rid of that?"

    Basil replied, "We have a stunt union for actors doubles, there is an acting union and a script writers union. Aside from that, registration is all that is needed for the empowered caste of our world. If your hero and villain names are registered, you can get a monthly check for performing your services. A few heroes and villains have also joined the actors union so they can legally film their exploits and get extra money that way. You don't have to; but the option is there. It depends upon what your long range goal is. You don't have to tell us what you do with the Yuskay Groomers; they have often mentioned how nice you are. And Lampwick here, whom I call a friend, also vouches for you."

    Amaterasu said, "If you perform like Supermouse and his team, then you will do okay. Joseph Williams, if you will recall. Born and bred law enforcement. The family with the mouthy parrot and the baby sister that can ground air traffic when she is denied something."

    She then added, "I think you should avoid military titles when choosing a superhero name, Gerard. The Captain trap was something both you and Timesheart hated a lot. He still has the Captain softball cap."

    Gerard giggled when thinking about Timesheart's cap. "That's how he got his way with the mystery solvers. He tried to pawn it off on each of them when they started acting like leaders."

    Basil laughed. "What a novel idea for a sitcom!"

    Gerard replied, "Boy, you guys can turn anything into a TV show."
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.
    Having gotten dressed in sized to fit clothes and placing the rest of his belongings into his infinite item sack, Gerard got an escort from Lampwick to the Yuskay Groomers. Lampwick knew that the Groomers would do anything for Gerard. And he hoped this time would be no different. Arriving at the Groomers, Number One smiled when he saw whom Lampwick had brought in and the Groomers soon had the boy seated in a comfortable grooming chair. "What can we do for you, Gerard?"

    Gerard replied, "I need a reasonable and clean empowerment. And I don't want the undesirables to know that you are doing this for me. Afterward, Lampwick is going to get me a base somewhere down the coast from here. I want four specific anthro forms. The human form would remain non-powered except to repel all capture attempts upon me no matter whom is trying it. Extra form number one: a mouse form in my size with Notorious Crook's unlock anything ability and the ability to know where a safe exit route is. Extra form number two: a German Shepard in my size with flight and alter reality abilities like Creatori-Kitty. Extra form number three: a rabbit specializing in sailing skills and rollerblading/skateboarding expertise. Extra form number four: a donkey with both musical and repair skills. A troubadour."

    Number One smiled. "We are glad you are so open minded, Gerard. We'll get started on this immediately. First the non-capture ability for your human form. That will stop all of the bullshit attempts to capture you from any source."

    Empowering a fresh Gerard didn't take any time at all. With no nasty surprises to work around, the process was finished quickly. Then after trying out each transformation to make sure it was what the boy wanted, he was soon dressed again and heading out with Lampwick.

    Sea Spray Bluff

    Soon, Lampwick unlocked the doors of a cliff side recreation center which had a lighthouse and a private dock of its own down below. He then handed Gerard the keys as he led the boy inside. "I own several of these coastal recreation centers where normally my recruiter officers can stop in for a brief rest between missions. I am going to give you this one. There is living quarters up on that balcony railing overlooking the main arcade. I can have one of my donkey boys to help you man the cash register so you can do other things. Feel free to rename the place since it is to be your base of operations from now on. In the meantime, we should register any forms you plan on using in your hero work. There is only one bedroom in this base and you will have it. Therefore, no bullshit freeloaders living in your space."

    He then added, "There are private rental rooms down by the docks. My officers are good about paying for a room to rest in and cleaning up after themselves. There is a communal bathing room near the rentals. You have a private bathroom, of course."

    Gerard hugged Lampwick and said, "I need to unpack my belongings first; then we can go get my forms registered. They are all going to use the same one word hero name for ease of use. Campion the Champion Animal Species, depending upon which on I am wearing at the time. I recall the others suggesting that I avoid using a military title, so Campion is it." And with Lampwick in tow, they went up the stairs and set about claiming the owner's quarters. Arranging some nice drapes over the windows and making sure the bed was comfy for a couple of residents, they soon went to the local registration office where Gerard could register his forms with the hero/villain register. Afterward, they returned to the coastal business. A lot of the arcade machines were in bad need of updates.

    During the next few hours, Gerard as Campion the Champion German Shepard was making arcade machines and vending machines like new and he added in several 'challenge others online' booths for people with Battle Card Game partners. It was a fun way to play a compatible game with someone over a distance without going to their direct zone. If a challenge was accepted, the challenge grid would open and both players would appear at their podiums while their partners were on the field. And the player in the booth would safely be in the booth. He then sent a message to the Dream Team about his in-Beta idea for helping players to find someone to play against. His next job was to clean up the arcade mini-kitchen for preparing short order foods for customers.

    Lampwick fetched one of his donkey boys whom knew his stuff about working in an arcade kitchen and another donkey boy to run the cash register.

    Gerard was also putting in coin changers near the arcade machines that were indestructible and could not be burgled no matter what the customer tried. It would cost a quarter to play billiards, Foosball and air hockey. Then he set up a stage for both karaoke and live band performances. He had a piano on one side of the stage and a back section for various musical instruments. New curtains were arranged in Gerard's favorite colors followed by stage microphones for serious performers and state of the art speakers. A dance floor was put into place next with a Jukebox; five selections for a dime. Rock/Disco, Country, Romantic, Religious, Jazz/Blues and New Age/Rap. After that, he began to arrange the short order menu with reasonable prices. An instruction booklet/cook book was also provided for the cook.

    Then the new sign outside the business was put into place: "Campion's Arcade, the place to go to feel like a champion." The neon sign would be viewable from the highway/street. Gerard then called the local newspaper to advertise his business and then, he waited. By sundown, the business was seeing teenagers and adults alike just to try out the new business. The donkey boy employees had aprons with the business name on them along with golfer visor headband caps. Gerard as Campion saw several teenagers make use of the new Challenge Booths immediately. Of course, Campion the Champion Donkey Troubadour was playing the piano on stage; theme songs, movie themes, in movie song productions, parodies and whatever else got requested.

    Dinners were taken to dining tables and couples reminiscing in the old times were sharing strawberry milk shakes with two straws at the counter. There was even a baker's corner behind the counter with fresh confectionery treats. Gerard was glad Arnie Roo was around and agreed to be discreet. The Devi-Roo was always welcome. Arnie would get his cut for anything sold. Gerard would get one more employee for the business thanks to Arnie Roo's discreet association. Tyler McCloud would come in and handle electrician and computer details for the lighthouse. He wasn't too fond of the suck-ups mooching off of dirty Captain Rabbit. The Lump would eventually arrive on his own to play after hours security if anyone even tried to make trouble for the nice boy.

    After seeing the success of the grand opening, Lampwick went back to Pleasure Island to conduct some business. Closing time was ten P.M. and after the last customer departed, the kitchen was cleaned up, tables and counters were wiped, coin changers refilled and the trash was taken out. Then a tired Campion went upstairs to his room, changed back into his human form, stripped out of his clothes and got into his Bugs Bunny pajamas before getting into bed. Playing the piano once a week was fine, but he was a pooped young man and he now needed his sleep.

    Eventually, members of Captain Rabbit's team would notice that quiet members of the team had flown the coop; Covert Fox, P.J. and Styx no longer came to the headquarters. The ones whom noticed first were Lonepaw and Tailshot. The pirate rabbits. Neither were there for Captain Rabbit; they were there for the boy. And the current Captain Rabbit was acting as if he was only half the person he used to be; he was even getting along with Brightburst, something he used to NEVER do. The pirate rabbits packed up and they went to find Styx at the radio station. Jamie tagged along with them since he was also suspicious of Cap getting along with Lighty.

    When Styx saw the three outside his DJ window, he said into his microphone, "Request line will be standby for a few, mates; enjoy the music." And then he muted the mike before he opened the DJ booth door. "Wot do yas blokes want?"

    Lonepaw said, "We want to know where the real Gerard Prince is. That guy getting along with Lighty cannot be him. Not to mention, you, Tyler and P.J. all disappeared out of the headquarters. We three noticed first. You know we aren't there for Cap. So just tell us."

    Tailshot was fingering his blaster. "Don't make us call the tiger."

    Styx sighed. "Ah wasn't 'iding 'im; but 'e asked me to be discreet and make sure the undesirables didn't find out that the clean version of 'im is no longer part of dirty Captain Rabbit. The good portion went with the clean boy; the filthy portions coupled with the dirty rabbit are simply an empowered rogue calling 'imself Captain Rabbit. The Rogue gets along with Lighty whom 'as always been fooled by, and 'as protected, dupes before. The current boy doesn't use the old 'ero name anymore, so if yas go there, DO NOT TELL YAS KNOW WHOM! Fake Friend Yas Know Whom will drop the dirty boy in a 'eartbeat in favor of the one whom would like to kill the fucking bastard. Gerard 'ates the fucker."

    Jamie sighed. "Does he hate me too, Arnie?"
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.
      Arnie shook his Kangaroo head. "Gerard remembers the pen pal letters, but 'is current residence 'as no closets. 'e doesn't want to send yas a letter in case the undesirable notices that yas got a letter from the boy and Cap is standing nearby without a clue. Ah 'ope yas cleaned yer goods out of the HQ, because yas can't go back once yas go see yer friend."

      Tailshot pulled his blaster out of his holster and rubbed the barrel under the Devi-Roo's nose before aiming it at the music equipment in the DJ booth. "Where is he? I am losing my cool."

      Styx said, "Promise me that dumb-fuck won't find out and Ah'll tell yas where to go. Otherwise, open fire so Ah can 'ave the authorities kick yer ass off the planet."

      Lonepaw crossed his heart in full view before shooting a glare at the other two. Jamie did the same and then Tailshot begrudgingly did it.

      Styx smiled. "May yer gods strike yas down if yas lied to me and lead jerk ass over there. Ah 'ave customers in every animated world. Go to LA-TAP and ask Lady Amaterasu about the boy. Aside from 'er, only Lord Lampwick knows where the boy is exactly."

      Lonepaw hugged Styx. "Tailshot is antsy and Jamie wants to see his friend. It's the boy we like. It was always suspicious that every bad guy around wanted to capture the boy with the dirty rabbit. Come on guys. Styx's break will be ending soon." And they departed.

      Styx decided to send Campion a quick warning about what the three forced him to do or else they would destroy the radio station. Seeing Arnie's note, he forwarded the message to Amaterasu to warn her about what the three would be asking upon arrival. Gerard wanted nothing to do with the team that couldn't obey orders. He was clean now and he aimed to stay that way. Cutie and his siblings had been attending to a lecture by Lord Bronco and that was the only reason he didn't find out what Jamie found out. So no instant share with the other siblings. Since the pirate rabbits were taking the long way around, it would take a few days to arrive in the LA-TAP air space.

      At the radio station, Styx was dropping the bomb on the LIVE mic. "Oy, mates! A group of terrorists claiming to be the All-Stars Alliance just threatened me to tell them where Gerard Prince was! They were going to destroy the radio station!"

      This caused an immediate uproar!

      Princess contacted Lighty quickly and told him what she and Puppy heard over Styx's All-Request Radio Show. "They're looking for him again, love."

      Lighty growled, "We just barely got him back! Can't they handle their own periods?!"

      Lighty then looked at Cap. "You didn't go out and get someone pregnant again last night, did you?"

      Cap smiled sweetly at Lighty. "No, but if you're volunteering, then lift your tail and lower your head. I've been here since this morning with you getting the update from you on what's been going on during my absence. I even put my hatred of you aside to get this update."

      That as usual fooled Lighty completely. "Okay; but there is a lot more records to cover. You've been gone a while."

      Cap said, "If the bad guys want me, all they have to do is come into your ranch and enter Gryphon Land through your back gate. It was clever to put one of my bases here in Gryphon Land. So. Private. I think I need a new shampoo though. The stuff I am using isn't keeping my rabbit poop scent at bay. I nearly gagged after getting out of bed this morning. I don't know why I smell so bad now that I am free of the COME base."

      Lighty hummed. "I thought you had that scent down to a tolerable level. I remember Kazma giving you a rabbit fur tonic that could defeat all built up rabbit stench. Whatever happened to that? Oh wait... we never removed it from the last HQ location. My bad. I can send puppy to fetch it. We can't have you gagging on your own aroma."

      Back at LA-TAP, the morning was upon them and Gerard had finished his Corn Flakes. He checked on the donkey boy employees and then he transformed into Campion the Champion German Shepard before heading out on a patrol of Sea Spray Bluff.

      Returning just before noon, Campion went inside his arcade and headed upstairs and powered down into his human form where upon he took a shower. After drying himself thoroughly, he changed himself into Campion the Champion Mouse and then he got into bed to rest.

      A few days later, Lonepaw, Tailshot and Jamie found themselves detained at the star port on LA-TAP. Two of the Three Founder Core members were interrogating them over their threatening Styx during his radio show to get information. "Heroes don't do what you gents just did. Besides, Dirty Gerard is with Lighty right now. Whom did you think you would find over here?"

      Tailshot was trembling since he was about to explode. "There is no fucking way that version of Gerard is the one we know and love, Amaterasu! Getting along with Lighty was the tip off but the horse can be fooled by anything! We know Tyler and P.J. flew the coop not long after that Gerard arrived! The Lump is assigned to the real Gerard Prince by Lord Io himself! Gerard has a verbal agreement with Tyler and if Tyler thought that Gerard was phony, then he can't be wrong! If we aren't allowed to be here, then kick Tyler and P.J., too!"

      Lonepaw added, "And ban the fucking Devi-Roo to the worlds the Dirty Gerard has access to. If we go back, we are blatantly going to tell Lighty what shit you are pulling."

      Jamie had stepped away from the pirate rabbits, since threats would not lead to a good outcome. They were starting to sound like Jameson twins. Jamie knelt down and said to Purzo. "I want to be able to access my real pen pal. He often cheered me up when I was sad."

      Purzo replied, "How many of your belongings are on their ship?" Jamie quietly replied, "None. I store my goods in my shadow pocket which lines the back of my body." Purzo smiled. "Then sit down with your back to this wall. I'll vouch for you."

      Amaterasu then said, "We are representing the Knight Family on this planet which THEY own; not us. This is a filming mecca world. We do have a few heroes and villains plying their normal trade on the East Coast; but coming out here implies you are here to get a job in the industry. Clean Gerard has a deal with Basil Knight to practice minor non-team heroing somewhere on the West Coast that doesn't exist in the other animated worlds. In fact, it is a place that Lampwick gave him to make a business out of in case being a hero doesn't pan out. Clean Gerard does NOT want anything to do with the team that cannot obey orders. His own words."

      Lonepaw looked at Tailshot whom mysteriously got calm at that point. Then Lonepaw said, "Then he should let us in. Before all the tire-kickers joined Captain Rabbit's team, which is before even Lighty joined, the nice boy had a team with himself, Eagle Lord and three rabbits. One of which was Prince Kelly calling himself Royal Rabbit. Tailshot and I had joined as a side occupation through Gerard's deal with High Priest Red-Ears. Everyone on the original team obeyed orders when the boy gave them. Then the Horse and all of the other slimes weaseled their way in and all of sudden it was as if Jameson and Johanna were loose all the fucking time. There was more than one occasion when we would overhear the Zamaks telling Cap that they knew more than he would ever know."
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.
        Jamie said, "I was having trouble suppressing my Corporate asshole side whom wanted me to backstab Gerard as a threat. Through Gerard's letters, I was starting to exert control over Jameson and he hated it. Without the good Gerard, then Jameson wins. And I don't want to live in that kind of situation. My family was under two unfair curses for years; yet Joanie and I had to put up with our corporate sides whom were suspicious of anyone the good portions of us liked. Please let me retain my friendship with Gerard; not that fake..."

        Amaterasu said, "The Knight family have a rule here on their world. If you came from QC, then you have to agree to get an Anti-Toonium and Mental Stability Detox conducted on you. This means your bodies and your entire ship and any crew mates you have on board."

        Purzo added, "Anything with Toonium in it has to be purged off or destroyed; perfumes, oils, lotions, deodorants and anything else you take for granted. LA-TAP is a clean world. Yes or No?"

        Amaterasu said, "There is no Rotunda room in Gerard's current set up. The whole Rotunda room idea was a Wayne-Tech addition to homes they owned outside of Gotham City. They were never used for team meetings."

        Purzo said, "Get cleaned and we can set up a meeting with the Clean Boy in public. Otherwise, we'll send you to Judge Doom's prison one way with the Golden Ticket button on the back of your necks."

        Lonepaw remarked, "Tell me something and be honest. Did you detox Tyler and P.J. when they sneaked in? I know they were both on QC Planet before coming here. Did they meet with Clean Gerard in public under supervision? Think about it before you make us jump through hoops. I know the Devi-Roo never detoxes himself when he pops from QC Heroes Reach to every world he has access to. Since you are not making him clean himself, guess what you are permitting on the planet..." He folded his arms over his chest with that Ah-Ha! smile on his muzzle.

        Purzo grinned back. "How little you know. There is an Imperial Powered field around this world. Teleporting through it while you have Toonium on your body hurts like Hell for Planars. An automatic detox is performed unless you are aboard a star ship."

        Amaterasu said, "That's why we asked if you boys would submit to the detox. Your ship protected you from the scalding feeling of passing through the barrier. See how your ship is steaming for no reason?"

        Tailshot then said, "You avoided telling the truth about Tyler and the Lump. You explained Arnie Roo whom is the biggest rule breaker in the planes. I think Lonepaw still caught you in an Ah-Ha! moment."

        Lonepaw said, "Take a Toonium Detector and scan Tyler and P.J. If they beep, then you admit that you fucked up; otherwise, I'll agree to the detox."

        Amaterasu said, "You boys stay here while I go do this. Purzo, watch over them, if they attempt to escape, ram their tail holes on Dildo Trees in Glasya's back yard." And she departed.

        Arriving at Campion's Arcade, the goddess encountered Gerard in his Campion Troubadour form and he agreed to accompany her to where the two in question were hanging out; during the day hours, P.J. stayed in the loft of the business. Tyler was always in the Lighthouse. The clean version of Gerard had no idea what a Toonium Detector was and had never seen one operate. He hoped the report was wrong; detoxing this whole business would piss him off if the pirates were right. Finding the Lump was no trouble at all and he held still for the scan. The needle jiggled a little but never left the green bar. This implied radiation, but not Toonium. "P.J. is reasonably clean," the goddess said. "Let's go find Tyler. If he passes the scan, then Lonepaw and Tailshot's Ah-Ha! turns in to a Wah-Wah-Wah!"

        When they found Tyler, he was working on the Lighthouse's main computer grid. "Tyler, Amaterasu needs to give you an Anti-Toonium scan since you were at QC before you came here." Tyler's reply was, "Arnie Roo teleported me in and I felt a horrible affect all over my furry body. When the pain went away, I met up with Gerard and asked him if I could still do computer work for him. He said yes. However, you might want to scan my tool box since it was closed when we passed through the barrier. I apologize if I brought any of the shit in. I know this is a nice world. Please don't make me leave. I don't want to put up with my stupid brother." And the scan was conducted on his body which passed. Then his tool box was examined and the alarm sounded. "We are going to have to replace all of your tools."

        Only the Lighthouse where Tyler's tools touched something had to be detoxed. Everything else checked out. He looked miserable that he had made that kind of mistake. In fact, he was sobbing.

        Campion said, "I won't make you leave, Tyler; you apologized and you admitted to where contamination might be. Just don't let it happen again. The pirate rabbits and Jamie are trying to get permission to see me."

        Tyler said, "Royal Rabbit filled me in on how the original team was before Lighty and the others screwed up the whole experience. He said that it was because of the empowered tire-kickers that he was pulling out. Then Eagle Lord pulled out when Lighty embraced too many dupes. The pirate rabbits were real troopers to stay for Gerard despite his filthy contamination that no one, not even Founder Core could seem to clean up. Or did you guys forget that little snafu? Pardusius told Lighty and the rest of us that Captain Rabbit was far too gone as a Toonium Product to be ultimately detoxed to a normal human boy with the hero rabbit power. He said that if Commander Rabbit hadn't fired the formula out of the research ship's sewer cannon, then Gerard could have had a clean empowerment."

        Amaterasu was searching through her divine memory when Tyler brought up this factoid. And then she found it. "Good gods! Pardusius handed me a report on this which I skimmed into my divine memory, but despite what he told you guys, they never asked me to try to detox Captain Rabbit! I am Celestial as you might remember! I can clearly see in the report that none of the Founder Core were able to detox the boy; but again, they never had me look into this! I hate being on the shit end of their stick! I will transport Dirty Gerard Captain Rabbit from QC to QC_Wuz that the All-Stars control and in transit, I will bathe him in the light of the Celestial! If it works, then Lighty gets a clean boy with Captain Rabbit! Otherwise, Cap will be confined to Lighty's Ranch!" And she focused her powers.

        Basil Knight appeared with an Imperial Scroll all powered up and he handed it to the goddess. "We know Atticus is a control freak asshole. He hates losing a Toonium experiment. I met up with the Pirate Rabbits and I told them what Atticus did to us before they ever learned about him. I convinced them to undergo the detox if they want to be on our world. As for meeting Gerard in Public, since Tyler and P.J. didn't have to do this... then I will have to override your statement you gave them. Jamie's shadow pony popped in and he smelled foul but it thankfully wasn't Toonium. He had undergone a training session/lecture from Lord Bronco. He is getting a Detox simply for smelling bad. Since there are no extra bedrooms in the business, I will arrange a boarding house across the street or down the coast from you where obedient friends can stay. They will have to get a day job to pay for those monthly rentals. If too many former teammates show up, then we will have to deal with them based on past performances. The official word is that they cannot obey orders." And he teleported out to arrange the coastal boarding house with their own docks. None of this grotto shit on LA-TAP. And NO Gambling Casinos in a residential zone.

        Amaterasu worded the request as 'I, the Celestial, on behalf of the Heavenly Seat' and then she set off the Imperial Scroll and Lighty and Cap were both transported to QC_Wuz. Passing through a bright Celestial and Heavenly light was like passing through a divine squeegee bordered by what looked like the gates of Heaven and felt like it too. A cleaned up Cap and Lighty landed at the Ranch on QC_Wuz feeling like every speck of garbage was scoured off of their bodies. The left over filthy Toonium Product was sent back to Atticus' living room in his estate. And every Cap hunter was then attracted to that location. hehe.

        Amaterasu giggled. "Let the Cat deal with the Captain Rabbit Hunters."

        Tyler giggled. "I think you did the right thing. Although I can make space in the lighthouse for the pirate rabbits since there are unused chambers down below. I know they have slept in cramped quarters before."

        Amaterasu said, "I'll leave that decision up to you, Tyler. Just keep them out of trouble."
        End of Chapter Four.