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[KMRT-GS] RS-01: Night of the Nova

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    [KMRT-GS] RS-01: Night of the Nova

    [KMRT - Galaxy Star] The Rick Starre story

    [KMRT-GS] RS-01: Night of the Nova.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    August 21st, 2020

    Chapter One

    Starre Overlook, Star Lake, New York, USA; Planet Earth; early 2K

    Having short brown hair and light blue eyes, Rick Galveston Starre lived with his family in the nearby Star Lake community of Northwestern New York state. All in all, he couldn't complain about his life. His father was a top scientist in Washington D.C. while his mother was an ace reporter working in Manhattan. Tonight, however, Rick was camping up on Star Ridge which was actually owned by his missing Great Grandfather, a private detective from the late 1940s named Jackson Starre. When the team he worked for went missing in 1950, he also vanished without a trace. His great grandfather had been about 36 years old at the time of his disappearance. If he was still alive, he would be roughly 86 to 90 years of age currently.

    Rick was glad he was still a teenager; he didn't need to think about being that old. He just wanted to study the stars that night. He originally had invited a friend to come camping with him but the boy's parents had other plans which included ugly and obese twin-kissing aunts. So here Rick sat on the ridge by himself with his telescope and his tent with sleeping bag. It was while he was focused on a constellation in which his father had mentioned being on the verge of exploding very soon, that something chose to happen for which he wouldn't be able to ignore. In the lower horizon he saw an explosion of light as it pierced the night-time atmosphere at high speed and it seemed to be heading right toward him.

    Hitting the deck as fast as he could, the light barely missed his position as it crashed into the inside of his tent. And then part two occurred: A massive star ship came into the atmosphere at the same angle. Rick could feel the ground trembling as the Star Ship rocketed over the landscape before coming to a point-blank stop directly over Star Ridge. A herd of deer and a pack of wolves both darted inside his tent since it seemed to be safe. Several Raccoons, a local skunk and two squirrels also darted into his tent to crouch on the canvas covered floor in the back of the contained tent.

    "What in the H-E- Double Hockey Sticks is that thing?!" he shouted as he scrambled into his tent with his telescope and zipped the flap closed. He then grabbed his text device and he quickly sent an emergency message to his father. [UFO attacking Star Ridge! It almost hit me, Dad! We are experiencing a massive Earthquake! A bunch of animals took refuge inside of my tent! I am holding my ground for now!] And as he hit send on the text device, he felt the entire tent rise off of the ridge as it was caught in the star ship's tractor beam to be brought aboard the ship. "I don't want a cold metal probe up my butt!" He shouted as the tent was taken aboard the star ship and dropped on the floor of the cargo hold.

    The initial light object then floated up and spun around Rick's head before firing itself out through the wall of the tent in an attempt to escape from the star ship. Rick briefly heard guards and troopers shout, "There it goes! Get it!" And this was followed by a fast barrage of high powered laser shots to try to stop the light object. And then he heard foot steps approaching the front of the tent. "What do you make of this, Helmsman? It appears to be made of canvas but it is too flimsy to be a cage." The Helmsman said, "My life detector is telling me that there are several of this world's animals inside that object along with a young male human, Captain."

    Rick unzipped the tent at that point and peeked out to see whom the two voices belonged to.

    The Helmsman appeared to be a humanoid black jackal man with shiny green eyes. He was dressed in a nice uniform. He stood at about five feet nine inches tall.

    The Captain appeared to be a humanoid brown reindeer with golden eyes and tanned antlers. He was likewise dressed in a uniform similar to the Helmsman while standing at six feet tall.

    Rick asked, "Are you guys speaking English or do you have a language translator running? My name is Rick Galveston Starre. What's going on anyway?"

    The captain replied, "Language Translator. I am Captain Comet of the Reindeer Warriors. This is Helmsman Jubis Al'Med. His captain is still aboard the bridge. We were hunting down the Assassination Orb which was launched by the evil Army of Commander Zal'kez, whom is trying to get a Galactic War launched. The Orb was to seek out the legendary galactic hero and to slay him once the star birthmark on the man's forehead was confirmed. His name was Jackson Starre. Do you know him?"

    Rick arched an eye. "My missing great grandfather was the legendary galactic hero? We were wondering what became of him when he disappeared in 1950 some fifty years ago."

    Comet then asked, "Did the orb touch you, Rick?"

    The boy shook his head. "It spun around my head and then it poked a hole in my camping tent whereupon your soldiers opened fire upon it."

    Comet said, "I think we better have one of our doctors look you over, Rick, to make sure the orb didn't do anything to you. It was programmed to kill your great grandfather."

    Rick said, "Okay... but no metal probes up my butt. Also, there are a herd of deer, a pack of wolves, a skunk, a group of raccoons and two squirrels inside my tent."

    Jubis said, "We can transport the animals back down to the planet. It was not our intention to nab them nor you. We were after the assassination orb."

    Within the medical bay, Comet waited to one side while a humanoid female polar bear Doctor examined the human boy. "According to the DNA sample I extracted from this human, he is the direct descendant of the legendary hero. This means he could be a galactic hero himself someday. The orb did nothing to this boy, Comet. He got lucky when the orb could not find the star, although I have located this boy's star marking already."

    Comet arched an eye. "So where is it, Doctor Yceclawz?"

    Yceclawz grinned. "It is located just under his tail bone where no civilized person would look." She looked at the boy. "You can get dressed now, Rick."

    Rick smiled. "Thanks for not putting any cold metal probes up my butt."

    End of Chapter One