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    MLP-DiM-01 Donkalot

    My Little Pony - Digimon is Magic

    This is an unusual adventure involving costumes and equinish Digimon in a magical digital world.

    [DiM] RK-01 Donkalot.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Abandoned Studio Lot, just outside of Copperhill, Tennessee.
    Former Quad Counties border.

    "Wow! That would make a great addition to my clubhouse... if I can figure out how to get it back to my clubhouse, that is."

    Robert Knight was a 14 year old human male whose family used to live in Ducktown, Tennessee; but when Cat Lord Albert closed the Quad Counties amusement park along the Tennessee/Georgia border, just West of North Carolina, his father purchased a farm within the former amusement park land near the Tennessee state border. They had found a few artifacts from the old amusement park on their property as they were cleaning up the place while preparing the field for tilling. These discovered artifacts were turned over to the Cat Lord Auditors for proper disposal. The family were told that if they found anything else to call the hotline number immediately.

    Robert had short black hair and light brown skin. Unlike other African American boys, he chose to let his hair to remain straight; he thought the curly style looked too girly for his tastes. And like most American boys, he preferred a white tee shirt and blue jeans with sneakers. Nothing fancy for him. At least, that's how it started.

    The back wall of his clubhouse was not supposed to have pivoted open in the manner it had as it gave Robert access to the old abandoned Studio Lot beyond the wall of their farm property, but when it did, Robert was introduced to a fantastic warehouse of props and costumes from a defunct attempt to make a male version of My Little Pony; the park closed before the studio could complete a casting call and pilot episode. But it left behind all these cool costumes and other set props. Apparently the studio had purposely built its lot in Tennessee to prevent Lord Albert from learning about it since he was in the process of closing the park. And now Robert had access to all of this cool stuff. He wouldn't tell his parents about this just yet. He wanted to explore this himself. Finders-keepers, naturally.

    As he looked over the costumes, he saw several that seemed more than male for a kids TV show. But overall, he could not find a costume that suited his personal likes. He opened another door and he saw a strange computerized production device with a hatch in one side. As he lowered himself down to read the sign on the hatch, there was an odd smell coming from within the device. This smell caused Robert to get an erection although he wasn't sure why he was getting aroused. "Cannot find a costume to suit your needs, create one yourself. Remove all of your clothes before entering this costume creation module. This device will create a costume to custom fit your body. Remember to always move forward; reverse movement is not possible. If you make a mistake, press any reset button. And remember, Pony Fan: Digimon is Magic." He read it over again and thought it over. "I can custom create my own costume that no one else will have. Why does it say Digimon is Magic? I thought this was a My Little Pony studio." He began to remove his clothes anyway; having a custom created costume was the selling point. Besides, what could go wrong?

    He reached around and picked up the cord and plugged the device into the nearest socket before reaching up and turning the machine on. Then he crouched down and crawled through the hatch of the costume creator device. Within the first mini-chamber, Robert was given a lubricating shower in what felt and smelled like oil and silly putty. This caused his erection to really bloom. Within the next mini-chamber, he saw selection buttons. Equine, 'Asinine' and 'RESET'. Since the Equine button looked broken, Robert pressed the shiny 'Asinine' button. And then he entered the next Mini-chamber. Here he found buttons for 'Uni-Horn', 'Wings', 'Fins' and 'RESET'. He pressed the 'Uni-Horn' button and then he entered the next mini-chamber. Here he found choices like before except with the Uni-Horn choice absent. He didn't want Fins and he thought Wings were a little dorky. A Unicorn Donkey would be fine since there wasn't a costume of that sort in the costume room. He pressed onward into the next mini-chamber. Here he found himself positioned on a raised mini-dais that held him up by his stomach as his hands and feet had loops placed over them. A snorkel like mask then forced itself over his head, nose and mouth as the chamber sealed and filled up with a very bizarre feeling and arousal smelling fluid that had him submerged in the goop for nearly ten minutes. While this was going on, Robert began to suspect that something wasn't normal about all this when it felt like his head and face were stretching out to fill the snorkel air mask which was asinine shaped. He then blinked his eyes hard and gritted his new teeth when a piercing pain erupted from his forehead. And then the rest of his body inflated and transformed as he changed into the species for which he thought he was basing a costume off of. He felt his hair grow out as long as a mane and then he felt a donkey like tail just out of his tail bone as it became covered in unicorn like hair. He also felt the donkey like hair growing in all over his body. And finally, he felt a padded grasp clamp over his back and lift him out of the chamber and swing him over the studio chamber and directly toward what he thought would have made a great prop for his clubhouse except there was a glowing Digi-Portal in the middle of it which the clamp was now releasing him toward. And make no mistake, when the clamp released him and he fell toward the Digi-Portal, he screamed! But no one heard him as he vanished through the dimensional portal opening.

    When Robert began to awaken from his hard landing, he heard other male voices around him. "Who do you think he used to be?" "I wonder which Director he pissed off to get thrown into this Digital Island sanctuary with the rest of us?" "I wonder if he is gay like us?" Robert rolled over when he heard that last question as he bounded up to his feet and backed away from the other male little equinoids. "My name is Robert Knight from Copperhill, Tennessee. I am a human boy. I was visiting the studio lot and they were letting me custom create my own costume since I couldn't find a good one in their costume department. Who are you guys?"

    One of the winged donkey ponies approached him and said, "We are the former actors and stunt men of My Little Pony: Digimon is Magic. There are no girls on this island at all. We have been stuck here ever since an accident occurred at the studio lot. During a few of my flights, I have located a larger continent to the south of this island. That is where I go to bring back fruits and vegetables for the others stuck on the island."

    Robert then asked, "Any chance of making a flotation raft or a floatable tree for you to tow a few males over to the mainland so we can explore the continent to find other people. Surely we are not the only people in this world, are we? Since I am the newest arrival and I don't want to just sit around, I want to explore. And besides... I am not gay."

    Another Donkey-Unicorn then said, "We weren't either at first, but over time, your body convinces you to enjoy pleasure moments with other ponies. And since we have no females, you can guess what happens. We don't want to resort to that; but what else can we do?"

    Robert said, "If someone would like to come with me when I go exploring the nearby continent, it will give us something useful to do so we aren't looking at each others asses."

    The one Donkey-Unicorn said, "I will come with you, Robert. My name used to be Mark Blackfeather. But since I joined this bunch, I am known as Blackmark. You would be Knight."

    After a short ride on two small logs pulled by the Pegasus donkey, Robert and Mark were on the mainland. After being led to the fruit orchard, the Pegasus returned to the donkey island by himself. Robert then glanced around and said, "With the way these trees are lined up, they had to be planted here by someone with the ability to use their hands. Since we have some privacy, how long have you been stuck in your costume, Mark?"

    Mark replied, "For a few months at least. But I need to warn you, Robert... it isn't just a costume anymore. the digital hide melded to your skin all over. We are now donkey Digimon. None of us have been able to get the costumes off since we were put into them. You will find bodily functions easy to figure out while in your feral Digimon form. As for the gay sex, that is easier to figure out. I promise I won't do that to you without your permission. Eventually, you will want to try it; I held out for a long time before my groin got the better of me. When I first arrived at the studios, the directors told me that assuming semi-morphic mode like the female ponies do in the show was going to be possible for us males. It hurts to learn how to do it, but once you learn the stance, you will be able to do it at will. Also to note... When Digimon mate with each other, they lay eggs. So no live birthing for us Digimon Donkey males. We should try to find shelter soon. And I need to teach you how to stand in semi-morphic mode. And how to use your semi-morphic hoof-hands."

    Robert smiled. "I am glad you and I chose the same donkey mythical Digimon type for species. Donkey Unicorn Digimon. I thought learning to teleport would be fun. Semi-morphic stance hurts to learn, huh? Well, we better get started."

    The next hour was spent teaching Robert how to raise himself up and stand on his hind hoofs and hold his balance.

    End of Chapter One.