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[KMRT-D] CHD-01 The Rolodex of Heroism

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    [KMRT-D] CHD-01 The Rolodex of Heroism

    Pulp City - Animation Production Territory

    [KMRT-D] CHD-01 The Rolodex of Heroism.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Pulp City; Animation Production Territory

    Clark Halbrook Dangers was in Junior High himself. Clark got in with one of the stunt doubles for Ace the Bat Hound and Jake Clawson (Razor of the Swat Kats). Clark lived in Pulp City. The Panther Gargoyle called Dalis Haley was in Pulp City checking on Clark as a favor to both Timesheart and Harold. "Thanks for coming by, Dalis," said Jake in his civilian Mega Kat clothes. "Phaser is preparing dinner for us at the moment. Clark is reading the technical manual while working at the Gadgeteer desk. He is really interested in making Gadgets. I love working with this boy."

    Dalis smiled. "I am glad that the gadget kit that I gave you guys for Clark is keeping him busy. Have you had any misadventures since he's been living here?"

    Jake smiled back. "Clark rode Chance's motorbike last week. Some goons made the mistake to challenge Clark to a race and they got their tails handed to them when Clark deliberately slowed down when he spotted the Batmobile parked next to a police cruiser. Bullock had been giving Batman a piece of his mind when Clark rode by saying, We got some law breaking speeders just behind me."

    Dalis laughed. "Sounds like you ended up with a pretty smart sponsor boy."

    Clark then asked, "Jake? Do we have a three eighths inch torque wrench in the tool box?"

    Jake went over and opened the tool box and located the wrench in question as he handed it over to Harold's brother. "Don't get too involved, Clark. Phaser almost has dinner ready and Dalis showed up to spend some time with us."

    Clark stood up from his chair and he gave Jake a fond hug. "You guys are so much fun to live with, Jake. I love it when your family and friends come over and no one treats me like I am a furless ape. Chance said he would build me a motorcycle of my own. Ace the Bat Hound said that he was impressed that a boy like me was into utility belts and mechanical items. I think Christmas will be awesome this year."

    Dalis laughed. "If anyone insults you to call you furless, then I will shave them bald. By the way, Clark; You got mail."

    He handed over the hand written letter from Harold to the nice boy whom opened the letter and he read over the contents quietly. "Harold got to see dad earlier this week. That's good to hear. Timesheart got approached to help revamp and save a floundering history documentary television show. The old show was called, It's History and the new title suggested by Timesheart is Trial and Era."

    Dalis said, "Harold says that the latest medical visit by Timesheart shows that he is almost over his alcohol overdose that he did to himself back in Care-a-lot. He also says that he caught Champion Pony and Timesheart lip-locked in a male on male kiss one afternoon. Harold says he had to go get advice from Rudolph after seeing that weird kiss."

    Clark smiled at Jake. "I am glad you and Phaser are not like that."

    Phaser the Bat Hound Stunt Dog then said from the kitchen door. "Not like what?"

    Jake hugged Phaser and replied quietly, "Male on Male dating right in front of a Sponsor Boy."

    Phaser gently pushed Jake away. "That would not be appropriate especially not with Sponsor Family inspections that occur once every three months. Besides, Jake and I keep all of our dating with others away from the Sponsor House."

    Jake then added, "Not to mention that Phaser and I clean up at the YMCA after every date and then we make sure to visit our doctors before coming home so we are not dragging a sexual disease into the Sponsor House afterwards. The doctors are often saying that they wished other toons were as careful as we try to be."

    Clark went over to Phaser and hugged him. "You smell like dumplings and sugar. Are we having a classic meal for lunch? I better go wash up, Phaser."

    Phaser grinned as he popped the kitchen drying cloth against Clark's butt. "If you need some help in there, Clark, just give me a call."

    Clark giggled as he headed off to the bathroom to wash up.

    Dalis grinned. "I can tell that you both love the boy. The only reason you are not dating him is because he has to be in the household for a year before you can talk to him about the idea. It is one of Cheer Bear's Sponsor Family rules. So which one of you will get first crack at him when the time comes?"

    Jake growled a little. "Just because you and the Tiger cannot keep it in your pants doesn't mean that all toons suffer from the extreme need to molest a sponsor child. Please keep your mind out of the gutter if you plan on being around here, pal."

    Phaser then showed all of his teeth. "After dinner, Dalis, I would advise you return to Terryville and never think about coming down here, ever again. Otherwise, we will inform Cheer Bear ourselves what idea you are suggesting in regards to a sponsor child. It is no wonder the old QC had to be closed down by the authorities in the old days if this is all you guys could think about... getting down a humans' pants."

    End of Chapter One.