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[KMRT-KFM] BK-13 The End of An Age

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    [KMRT-KFM] BK-13 The End of An Age

    Magicwood - QC Starknight

    After his brother becomes Thunder Crest on the Wolf Stars TV show, Basil Knight embarks on adventures in Magicwood as the Knight of the Full Moon.

    [KMRT-KFM] BK-13 The End of An Age.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    The following day at the Courier Academy was the Charter Exam which Twilightpaw aced since he had been reading and reading it constantly. He had the only perfect score during the exercise. This qualified him for Officer status as a Sargent. Everyone else had to retake the exam three times to pass it. After that, the others were allowed to take their R and R outings if they wanted to. Twilightpaw chose to stay at the academy where he asked Surepaw if he could focus on doing another other course during the time off.

    After the other Hellhounds departed, Tigerwind and Twilightpaw chose to do the same thing. The human impressed the cat despite the human being a dog lover.

    Surepaw equipped the boys with their training Courier backpacks and then they were given parcels and scrolls to deliver. "You boys are going to perform your Live Courier Run this afternoon. You will be given three separate destinations to make deliveries to. You cannot help each other. And you will not be going to your own home planes. Do not enter a realm without ringing the entrance bell. We don't want you getting stuck in the realm and having to be fucked and impregnated to leave. They do not use time dilation. And some places are rather filthy and dirty. Just do your best and remember your etiquette. I will be watching via Crystal Ball. Now let's get you boys started. Tigerwind knows the layout of the planes so he will likely do better. Twilightpaw, you may look at the maps between jobs."

    He added, "No courier runs will be made to Acheron since they are currently blacklisted for being Kisume supporters."

    Tigerwind felt sorry for Twilightpaw since he knew a human could get into a lot of trouble in the planes, despite wearing a Hellhound body.

    Twilightpaw's first delivery was to a realm in Arvandor that had a really yummy sweet honey like smell emitting from it. He found the entrance bell and when he rang it, he was swarmed by a bunch of honey gold colored drakes with multi-colored swirly eyes. "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!" Twilightpaw giggled. "You guys are really cute and your realm smells so good. I have a parcel for Lord Amberscale. Is he available?" The drakes all said in stereo, "The master is home but stuck in his mate. We can escort you to where he is stuck at. And since you like our realm's scent, we can give you some honey treats as a reward. Come on." And they guided the boy turned Hellhound through the path between honey pools and chocolate geysers. When they reached the center of the realm, Amberscale was stuck in his mate's rump.

    Twilightpaw saw that Amberscale was a large Topaz Dragon and his mate was a Grey Rubber Dragon. "Master, this hound has a parcel delivery for you. He rang the entrance gate bell and he had nice things to say about our realm."

    Amberscale turned his head to look at the Hellhound. "I ordered some Ultimate Solvent. I've been stuck in my mate for the last three days. We are not comfortable. Please open the parcel and use the bulb and point the sprayer directly between our bodies. I can pay well."

    Twilightpaw did as he was asked and he sprayed the liquid directly between the two dragons. It didn't take long before Amberscale was able to remove himself from Ruberbounce (whom looked more like a kangaroo dragon than a pure dragon.) "If I didn't have two more deliveries to make, I'd spend more time with you nice gentle folk. Your realm smells super yummy. Your boys offered me a honey treat for making this delivery to you." Amberscale said, "I will permit that, although tell me your name so I can send a payment to your personal bank account. Is this workable for you?" Klaen's voice then said, "His name is Twilightpaw and he has an account with ACE Ventures. This Courier in Training is being watched. These deliveries are part of his training."

    Amberscale nodded his snout and said, "Boys, take Twilightpaw to get his honey treat and then escort him to the exit. I know not to screw over a Courier in Training. But if he wants to play with us another day, all he has to do is ask. He has manners."

    Before Twilightpaw could be away from the dragons, Ruberbounce said, "Oh and Twilightpaw, please inform your friend Jeremy Townsend that I really like human boys." He then winked knowingly.

    It was a good thing he had black fur or else he would have been noticed blushing. After getting his honey treat, he asked for the honey drake's names and he promised to keep in touch with them, then he was escorted out of the realm.

    Twilightpaw's second delivery was to a realm in the Happy Hunting Grounds that had the look and feel of forest lands. It reminded him of being back home in Drodunk, Minnesota. He found the entrance bell and when he rang it, he was greeted by a slinky buck deer teenager. "Hello hard on inducing Courier. I am Prince Wildsprinter. Do you have something for us?" Twilightpaw replied, "Um, you are quite hot yourself, handsome. I have a message scroll for Lord Powerrack from Lord Prancinghoofs. Is the lord in?" Wildsprinter said, "My father will be glad to be getting any mail at all. Come with me. I apologize for being forward, but your looks and scent are turning me on." Twilightpaw said, "I am called Twilightpaw and I am not mated to anyone. I am working today, but someday I could show you a good time."

    Sometime later in a glade where several bucks and does were lined up in a row, they came upon a larger buck mounting each herd member. "Father, Courier Twilightpaw has brought you a scroll from your cousin Lord Prancinghoofs. I know I shouldn't be interested, but this polite Hellhound is arousing me." Powerrack said, "Open the scroll for me, Courier, and hold it where I can read it without my interrupting my annual activity. This is how I reconfirm citizenship for my herd mates. If you were to allow me to mount you someday, then you would be a citizen here for a year as well. I am not getting anyone pregnant this time. This is simply the census. Breeding season is in the Spring." Twilightpaw went around to the forward part of the line and he opened the scroll and held it toward the herd leader.

    "Dear Cousin, the illness that is affecting my herd originates from the Hybsil plant; the pollen makes Cervine kind ill. All other species are immune to it. Destroying it will protect your herd from this illness. A shame we are already affected by it. Signed, Prancinghoofs.

    Powerrack then said, "I will reward you for extra services if you will go throughout my realm and destroy this nasty plant. It looks like a purple penis wrapped in leaves that look like those on a corn cob. You can use your Hellhound flame power to destroy these plants. Do this while I am doing the census and I will reward you with an extra accolade. Son, you have to stay here since you are Cervine. The plant smells like an arousing cock. When your tail starts to lift without your doing it, you will know one of the plants are around." Twilightpaw said, "I will do my best and when done, I will return here." And he headed off to begin his search for the plant. Once he was no longer in earshot of the bucks and does, he said, "Klaen? No one ever taught me how to use my Hellhound flame power. What do I do?"

    Klaen summoned Twilightpaw and gave him a quick lesson in using his Hellhound breath weapon which consisted of a flame thrower, a lightning bolt and an ice blast. Then he put the hound right back in the same spot as before. Twilightpaw said, "Sir... thank you. You are a sexy dragon and like the honey drakes, you not only smell good, but something about you almost made me cum down both legs. I need to get back to work." And he headed off. Klaen checked himself since that comment was not one that was good to hear from a nice citizen. "I Emperor Klaen on behalf of Heaven, hereby decree that the Kisume curse upon any ruling seat of Hell be transferred to the Kisume toilet seats in their home and only affect their family from now on as if they caused the original slight." Afterward, he resumed watching.

    Destroying the Hybsil Plant was super easy once he knew how to use his breath weapon. Soon, he returned to the center of the realm where the census was still going on. "All done, sir. I have one more delivery to make back in Hell before reporting in."

    Powerrack looked at Twilightpaw and said, "I will grant you any wish you want for ridding us of that plant. And I can see something in your mind that you would want more than anything else. Let me know the wish right now or admit you don't really want it."

    Twilightpaw sighed and hung his head for the first time in a while. "I'm a human getting Courier training at the moment. I didn't know you could see my inner most thoughts. My wish is for my father whom committed suicide to be restored to life whole and to wake up at the Yuskay Groomers in Sea Spray Hills of LA-TAP. I want him to get a second chance. The CIA took away his dream of being or acting as a secret agent and he committed suicide because of it." Powerrack closed his eyes and he gently tapped Twilightpaw's head fur gently with his cloven hoof. "I would only hope that my sons would do that for me someday. Your wish has been granted, Twilightpaw. But you have to complete your contract with the Courier Hellhounds; you gave your word. Don't be like Diablo or the CIA. You are free to leave."

    Twilightpaw was learning fast that etiquette would net huge rewards when using on grateful customers. The dragons donated an extra payment to his account and he got a honey treat from the drakes and made a friendship with them. He got a wish from the buck.

    Now he headed back to the Underworld to make his last delivery.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Twilightpaw's final delivery was to a realm in the Hell that looked like a factory building. Thankfully there was a doorbell. The sign over the door had the words, Chococheese Works. He stepped up to the welcome mat and he pressed the doorbell and waited. Without warning, a trap door effect happened and he fell through the opening which closed behind him and he landed in a pool of sticky liquid chocolate and cheese mixture. He was doused in the goop and he had more trouble getting to the edge of this than he had in the bog.

    "I'm a Courier in Training and I had a delivery to Lord Whiskerfun! It's a good thing the scroll is protected by the Courier Backpack! Is anyone there? I'm stuck in this pool of goop and it's giving me a hard on! Please help me out of this!"

    A mechanical arm swung around and reached down and grabbed the sticky Hellhound and swung him around to a pool of whipped cream and dropped him into it. Once he was coated in the whipped cream, he was picked up by another mechanical arm before getting dipped into thick liquid cheese and then a final dip in dark chocolate which hardened all over him as he was set out on a drying table. But then he felt something freeing his sheath opening and he felt his Hellhound cock and knot being coaxed out into the open. "What's going on?" And then, he felt the sexual sensation of a small tail hole being planted on his cock and a pushing sensation until his knot popped inside of the creature's tail hole. Then the milking and humping on his manhood occurred.

    After he fired off a few times, he heard a voice say, "So you're the new Courier in Training. I'm Lord Whiskerfun, a Devil Mouse whom loves getting fucked by Hellhounds. I own this factory. And because I hate spies, once you entered this place, all watchers were cut off."

    But before Twilightpaw could mutter a warning, he found himself in front of Klaen with the mouse lord still on his cock and knot. Klaen said, "Whiskerfun? I was personally keeping an eye on this Courier Hound in Training. He is being sponsored by Thunder Crest and his sexy brother. Twilightpaw was bringing a scroll to you as part of his Live Courier Run deliveries. Why did you try to change him into a confectionery treat? This will be hard to clean off of his fur coat. He isn't a dirty hound like others are. I am surprised no one tried to butt rape him during his outing. His human form is still virgin."

    Whiskerfun almost paled when he saw Klaen looking at him. "I'm sorry! I always send a scroll to myself so a Courier Hellhound has to deliver it to me so I can offer my own butt sex to the nice hound! Most know to knock on the door! He rang the 'drop in' doorbell!"

    He then added, "I'll make it up to him! I promise! Besides, he feels more awesome than any other Hellhound I've ever experienced! Is he really a virgin human under this Hellhound body? I don't want to get off his cock and knot just yet! He feels super!"

    Twilightpaw sighed. "Can I get this sticky stuff off of my body? I cannot move at all. I've already failed one of the orders since I ate a honey treat in Arvandor. I was trying hard not to complain to the instructors at the academy. I guess I've blown that too."

    Whiskerfun looked up at the muzzle. "You haven't failed anything. They just didn't want you to eat any unsafe Underworld foods. Arvandor is in the upper planes. So you haven't failed anything; just report to the academy doctor to make sure you aren't infected by any plane's nasty stuff. And I don't see any of your instructors here. So your complaining to them hasn't been blown either. Just make me happy and I'll give you a bonus for putting up with me. I don't have a lot of close friends nor lovers. My main customers are other Devil Mice from Gehenna. Besides, we Devil Mice are super stretchy; just pretend I am a sex toy and fill me up."

    Twilightpaw replied, "I've never had a sex toy before. Besides, I don't want to hurt a customer."

    Klaen giggled. "I'm going to clean Twilightpaw off and send you both back to your factory. And you cannot hurt him, Twilightpaw; he's stretchy. All Devil Mice are like that. When they aren't lap sitting they run legitimate businesses." And one clean up later, the two were back in the confection factory in the Devil Mouse's rumpus room.

    Twilightpaw said, "So you want me to fuck you like there is no tomorrow?" Whiskerfun nodded his head. "Oh yes. I am already in place and since you cannot hurt me, I want to make sure you learn something about the species you are in. I am surprised the Hellhounds haven't been educating you in this stuff. I know Courier training is important, but so is species knowledge. All other Hellhounds know how to do this; you just need to learn what the others already know." Twilightpaw said, "You win... I'll do this." And he proceeded to fuck the mouse.

    Some hours later, Twilightpaw felt as if he was completely empty of cum. "I can't make any more cum, Whiskerfun. I'm about to collapse. How are you going to get off my knot and cock? Your anal ring feels like it shrank under my knot. And I can feel your tail in my crack."

    Whiskerfun smiled. "Tell me about this form you currently have. I am seeing a TV show in your aura but there is no words to explain what I am seeing."

    One lengthy explanation about the original TV show and the super dog whom was the star was given.

    Whiskerfun smiled. "Now I know what to give you since you played along with me. In addition to letting me be one of your friends, I will grant you the powers your favorite TV Show character was supposed to have as well as the ability to change into any form of species you think of as your allies. Since you already have a Hellhound form, this implies other species. Every species form will have a duplicate of the powers your Hellhound superhero form will have. I can even grant this to your human form to help protect you when you have to be human. I can even grant you the anthropomorphic ability the Yuskay Groomers are so proud of. Will you accept this gift from me? As for how I will get free, I can teleport. Although I am not ready to get off just yet. Are you ready to become a magical version of your hero?"

    Twilightpaw said, "Make it so the I can shift between the Anthro and feral stances at will when I am in non-human species forms and grant me the extra ability to add in other species I acquire as allies later. I should also be able to speak their language as well as mental speech."

    He then added, "Do all that for me and I'll glad play with you again in my free time."

    Whiskerfun grinned. "You have a deal!" And the mouse glowed brightly and so did Twilightpaw as he felt different all over. And then he saw the other species in his mind that he could change into. The Black Labrador Retriever, the Honey Drake, the Devil Mouse, the Buck Deer, the Devil Donkey and the Hell Skunk. Apparently a Devil Mouse could not grant a species of the demon variety so it was replaced with the Hell variety instead. He didn't know when he had allied with a Devil Donkey, but the species form was there, so he accepted it. But there was something more that was unexpected. Maybe Whiskerfun had gone too far; but it was too late now. Twilightpaw seemed to be an honored Crusader Prince for no reason whatsoever. He had power and honored esteem. He just hoped his aura didn't bowl people over. He knew Surepaw and Slicknose would notice his upgrade. And that worried him. He wasn't royalty before, yet he seemed to have gained that status once his powers were granted to him. His aura name and title now read as Twilightpaw AKA Twilight Crusader, Prince of the of Secret Kanine Investigations Pack otherwise known as Skippy for short. And following that until he graduated was the phrase, Courier Hellhound in Training. Like Whiskerfun, Twilightpaw could teleport and had the effect of Green Card Status.

    This meant he could visit planar allies on a whim without escort. And having that ability made him happy. He bent his head down and he kissed Whiskerfun on the muzzle. "You just made me super happy, BFF!"

    Now the Devil Mouse was happy as he teleported off of his friend's cock and knot and he escorted his Hellhound BFF to the showers to clean himself and later, he taught Twilightpaw on how to use all of his new powers. After getting his scroll, he sent the boy back home.

    Teleporting just inside the academy entrance, Twilightpaw went and met up with the doctor and said, "One of the customers suggested that I get a returning physical to make sure I wasn't affected by any of the planes I had visited. So here I am."

    The doctor was almost bowled over when he saw the upgraded aura, but he simply did his job. "So, whom granted you lord status, Twilightpaw?"

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      Twilightpaw explained how the customers were happy with him and how they had granted him these upgrades out of sheer happiness. "Did Lord Whiskerfun go too far?" The doctor said, "As long as you made him happy, then no. But only the Emperor can undo this. And if he is okay with your current status, then you are as healthy as when you left. Go report in to Captain Surepaw and hopefully he doesn't fall over when he sees you. But we all love you, Jeremy. We here at the academy think of you as a pack brother to all of us. You defend us when you feel we are about to be in trouble. We are your second home any time you like." And then Twilightpaw headed off to present himself to Surepaw whom was about to have the same surprise the doctor had. And sure enough, Surepaw and Camoupaws along with all of the Cadets in the cafeteria nearly had the same reaction. But their reactions soon turned to admiration since they knew he had been a human boy and now he was a verifiable Hellhound Lord in his own right. He could be trusted.

      He then said to the other officers, "So you're not upset that Whiskerfun did this to me as a reward?"

      Surepaw said, "Had I known that he was going to be one of your deliveries, I would have replaced his delivery with another. He often goes to far when someone makes him happy. But as the doctor told you, too late now; just accept it. Technically, you are still a Sargent."

      Camoupaws said, "By lording you, he made your made up pack into a real one. Therefore if anyone wants to join your pack later, you already have a pack albeit without pack members. To make this official, we could have you to acquire a Pack Place realm of your own as a home away from home to house your pack when you start building one. When establishing your pack, whomever agrees to be your Betas no matter what their species, the moment you get six Betas, your pack becomes official and is listed on the Underworld Stock Exchange."

      Surepaw then said, "He is right, Twilightpaw. Usually the way to build your pack would have been through recruiting the 'nab and transform' way. But with the dumb law in place, you place an ad in species taverns and whomever touches the sign-up circle is teleported to your realm where you get to mount them and assign them quarters. Due to your pack's description, you would be the official 'Police Dog' Hellhound pack of the Underworld in charge of Investigations for the legal system."

      Twilightpaw said, "I still want to complete my Courier Hellhound training, sir."

      Surepaw smiled. "Good. During the Live Courier Run for the others, we will acquire a Pack Place for you for your pack. And we will legally register the new realm to you. Having a home realm will give you an alternate teleport anchor for pack members, friends and allies."


      A massive plane shaking poof and bright flash of red light went off as this decree was granted.

      Twilightpaw said, "That will take the pressure off of the Courier's Academy, sir. And I had nothing to do with his decision."

      Surepaw slyly grinned. "Something tells me that this decree will call off the war and let the lords focus on rebuilding their realms' lost citizens."

      Emperor Klaen's voice then added, "By the way, I am sanitizing the palace and restoring dragon transformed Hellhounds and others back into their original species. They will be made to forget about their Imperial status and life as dragon hybrids. The curse is gone."

      Topside, Telstar growled loudly! "I hereby denounce my citizenship to Hell! The stupid Emperor just restored my old pack after telling me that I was the sole survivor and that made me the alpha of my pack! I am NOT giving up my earned status! I'd rather become an Archon Hound than put up with this BULLSHIT! I thought Klaen was great until he went and did that more than stupid action! My old pack treated me like SHIT! Big Z! I need you to do something for me, please! I'm willing to pay to use one of your Imperial Decree scrolls assigned to you by the Emperor way back before Klaen took over!"

      Big Z appeared where Telstar was fuming and looking irate. "I'm here, Telstar. Lay it on me; Using my version of the scrolls is a permanent ability that cannot be undone by Klaen. I don't answer to him at all. You said you could pay for the use of this scroll. The price tag is ten thousand credits in advance."

      Telstar called for a Financial Imp and after one appeared, credit changed hands and then Telstar confirmed that his account needed to be transferred save for the withdrawal fee for DI to keep. He then set up an ACE Ventures account in his name. The Financial Imp departed. "Big Z. I am going to be smarter than dumb old Klaen. Let me have the scroll and watch what I do with it. You will probably giggle when I do this."

      Big Z handed over the scroll and backed up to a safe distance but still watching. "I, Border Patrol Alpha Telstar, on behalf of Zecma of the Imperial Council, do hereby decree that my species and status be transformed permanently into a Border Patrol Archon Hound Alpha of Arvandor along with declaring that Devil Mice may touch Arvandorian species and vice versa without causing the whiteout effect. This is to protect Zecma from me and me from Zecma. I still like Devil Mice since I feel that they are more trustworthy than Imps and Hell Emperors." And he threw the scroll on the floor at his own feet as he closed his eyes. When the poof occurred, Telstar was no longer a Hellhound and he could feel it. He was still the same colors as before, but he was an Archon Hound Alpha now.

      Big Z floated over and checked out Telstar's aura and said, "It worked. You are no longer linked to Hell and your teleport anchors formerly in the Underworld are now in the Overworld at Arvandor. A much cleaner locale. We will need to find you a new pack home there."

      Telstar said, "Why not use an Imperial Decree scroll to set up an Archon version of Pack Place on the outskirts of Arvandor and I can play real estate broker for topside hounds wanting to live there with their packs? I can have the very first one of the new locale."

      Big Z nodded his head and he granted that request. Then he did giggle. "What is to be your next plan of action, Telstar?"

      Telstar said, "I am going to get the Pandemonium Skunks permission to operate a Couriers School in Arvandor to train the newer generation of Couriers while letting students stay themselves. This whole 'become a Hellhound' sounds like slavery to me. I didn't like it before and I still don't like it now. I am also going to offer training in being a Border Patrol officer. I don't know whom to contact about that. Do you?" Big Z replied, "Previously, lords simply trained their citizens themselves. There has never been a school to cover it. If you offered it, then you would have the very first one, just like the skunks did for the couriers." Telstar stated, "Then that is what I will do! I will be far more kind to my students than the Couriers ran by Hellhound officers had been to their students!"

      He then looked squarely at Big Z. "Besides, officer promotions sounds suspiciously like Army ranks, doesn't it? As does attending an academy rather than a school. Even the title Cadets implies army. That is how Diablo Kisume was able to waltz in whenever he liked. Had they called it a school from the start and did away with officer ranks, then that could have been sufficient to keep a military General out of the school. They claimed to operate independently but then they embraced the same army titles. Even the training courses were the same as the army camps. I know because I looked at them and they were suspiciously similar."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        Telstar then said, "We need to get Jeremy out of there even if he likes the place. I know he didn't sign up for no military training and the academy just stinks of CIA trickery. He is still upset with them for what they did to his father. And keep in mind that they got him interested just as the local planar war was starting; the old Anti-Recruiting Law made it legal to recruit new Hellhounds during times of war. And the Academy just smells of the Military where even the promotions reflect Military entrapment. Them, honest; yeah right!"

        He then added, "Worse that Klaen abolished the Anti-Recruiting Law just as he started to enter his Dragon Rut. The old law even made it illegal for him to recruit new Samates."

        Big Z said, "Get your information straight before you start complaining. Klaen used a Heavenly Decree to remove the Kisume Curse from the ruling seats of Hell. Doing so removed the induced Dragon Rut that was starting to form. That's why he was going to clean the palace when he was last heard from."

        Telstar remarked with a grin. "If you peep the palace without going there and Klaen isn't there, then you will know that I did not misspeak. He is out recruiting for a new Samate. With the old law no longer on the books, if he goes after young people only, then he is breaking his own decree. He said even old people were sexy in their youth. And I know people have been resurrecting the dead. Particularly old people. Why not resurrect someone already pronounced dead and age regress them before changing their species legally?"

        Big Z said, "So you're saying that he won't even be in the palace when I look?"

        Telstar said, "I recall how big that palace is, Big Z; it would take several weeks to clean the place without assistance and since he just restored the otherwise loyal Imperial troops, he has no help there; When he was a Devil Donkey, he had no mates and when he changed into a Hell Dragon via the curse, he had no Samates. That means no ready assistance. And don't just look one time, look several times throughout the day. Make sure to look for naked human boys whom he tricked into being naked for him during the cleaning, so their clothes didn't get messed up. Also scan him for new Samates he did not have before he abolished the law. You think I am wrong? I was a Border Patrol Hound down there for a long time under slave employment from my old pack. They hated me."

        Big Z summoned his Council Crystal Ball and focused it covertly to the palace and tried to home in on where Klaen was within. At first, there was no image; so when he changed it to full palace viewing, Klaen was nowhere within the palace at all, just as Telstar suspected. The Devil Mouse growled since he just got proven wrong and he had the Crystal Ball focus on Klaen's actual whereabouts. On Earth at a long forgotten cemetery, Klaen was digging up old coffins and performing the resurrection decree and age regression power on each human boy in preparation for recruiting them before bringing them back to the palace to help him with clean up duties. He was even heard telling them that they would be paid handsomely for their help and how no one they knew would ever see them naked.

        Big Z was angry now. Telstar nailed it again. "What a hypocrite! But he is obeying his own decree; that was the only part you got wrong. You nailed the rest. He's on Earth recruiting from the long time deceased. When you are already dead, your name never appears on the missing persons list since you died in the 1800s. he's acquiring former human cowboys and old western citizens, albeit males only. Therefore, he is discriminating against gender. Frankly I don't see the difference, most old west girls were tom boys anyway. Because you have proven your point, I will help you to get Jeremy away from those army recruiters before they get him stuck in something he will find hard to get out of, like Andros Yuskay, Mack Denver and Davyd Arden found out. But you cannot discriminate against Hellhounds."

        He added, "If they still want Courier Training at your school and you turn them away, then I will close you down myself and plant your ass in front of your former alpha while being restored to your Hellhound species; don't be the prick you just got out of."

        Telstar said, "That wouldn't be up to me; I plan on employing a Pandemonium Skunk to teach Courier education while I focus on teaching Border Patrol. Just because I wanted their permission to have a Courier School doesn't mean I qualify to teach the subject."

        Big Z grinned. "Good, you've learned how to avoid the latrine. Now lets see about rescuing Jeremy. But he won't want to give up any friends he's made. He's the dog lover. Had you been awake the day he looked into Vale's bedroom, then you could have stopped him from getting mixed up in Hellhound politics. But Mister 'Guarding My Boyfriend's Bedroom' was actually asleep when he poked his head in. Since you were asleep, he left you alone and went and found Slicknose, Courier Cadet in Training. And now he is involved with the academy with Basil's permission. You only found out after the fact that he went to them for training. Had you been awake, his focus would have been on the nice Border Patrol doggy."

        Telstar said, "Let's just get him free of that place. Or do you want me to pop in and do a high five with a Hellhound officer and blow the place off the map?"

        Big Z saw that Archon Hound was grinning and meant every word. "I'll handle it while you get your Arvandorian Pack Place realm set up. You also need to establish the school. I'll be back soon." And Big Z summoned his council jacket which he hated wearing and he teleported off to Hell to fetch Twilightpaw regardless of what the Academy was up to currently. When Big Z popped into the realm, he saw that the Courier Games were occurring although Twilightpaw was no where near the sports field. Z found the boy turned Hellhound near the front entrance with his buddy Slicknose where they were reading over the Courier guide book. Z peaked over their shoulders and saw that the guidebook was nothing more than an edited version of the military soldier handbook that Diablo would have used in his camps.

        In a sudden blast of flame, the guidebook went up in smoke which startled both Hellhounds. Big Z said, "I have to get you out of here, Twilightpaw; the academy is lying to you. The Underworld military is a carbon copy of the CIA training camps and you're in the middle of it. In fact, the guidebook you were reading had the phrase 'Printed by Kisume Publishers' in small print inside the beginning pages. So guess what you were being tricked into doing. Telstar noticed and he asked me to get you out of here. He hates the Kisumes. He will permit you to bring any friends you seriously have; so if Slicknose wants out of this Kisume Trap, he gets the invite at the same time. And worse, I see the Sargent military title in your aura; that is not a Courier rank; that's a soldier rank. Klaen has flown the coop to go recruiting."

        Twilightpaw was on his feet immediately. "Cleaning the palace, my ass! Before he apparently left, he had been watching my rear end constantly! But after getting my Prince upgrade from Lord Whiskerfun of the Chococheese Works, Klaen turned his attention to other matters!"

        Big Z growled. "Whiskerfun is the one they trust to empower humans turned Hellhounds to gain Underworld power that is hard to get out of without Imperial Help. They set you up to meet the untrustworthy little turd. Back when I was evil, everyone said I was the worst at playing tricks on humans; but they had no idea that Diablo had helped that Devil Mouse to gain his power, albeit, Whiskerfun not being a Kisume Supporter. It was considered a favor in case they ever had to deal with popular humans, like the boy, whom is currently missing, that helped me to get on the good track where I could find out how much fun other human boys could be to help selflessly. Twelve Wishes for Christmas. But I had incentive then. That boy had the ring that had my powers in it and I wanted it back."

        After gathering their belongings, Twilightpaw and Slicknose visited the academy doctor and asked for a departure physical which he nervously did since he saw Overseer Zecma in his Council Jacket directly watching his every move. When given the all-clear, Zecma took the two hounds outside of the Academy where he used an Imperial Scroll to remove all contaminants from their bodies accrued since joining the phony Courier Academy which innocently still had Kisume printing on all of their documents. Big Z then removed the dirty empowerments that Twilightpaw had gained from Whiskerfun and replaced them with the clean and trustworthy variety. Devil Donkey was removed and replaced by Dreamtime Donkey. Devil Mouse was left in place, albeit from a clean strain. Honey Drake was completely removed since that could have gotten Jeremy stuck as a Samate to a dragon eventually. Thus, the new species list was as followed: the Middle Lands Black Labrador Retriever based Judiciary Hound, the Arcadian Otter, the Devil Mouse, the Hunting Grounds Buck Deer, the Dreamtime Donkey, the Arvandorian Skunk and Human. The Prince empowerment was removed and all of the other super powers were replaced by a clean source empowerment. No trappy shit allowed. All former Kisume based Courier knowledge was removed.

        After that, which left black powder on the academy's front steps, Big Z transported the two hounds to Arvandor where he said to Slicknose, "Do you want to remain a trappy Hellhound that the fucked up version of Hell is involved in or would you like a makeover?"

        Slicknose looked Z right in the eye. "Despite how I first introduced myself to Jeremy back at Silvermere, I never mentioned my species nor my home pack and Jeremy never asked; he simply assumed that I was a Hellhound, just as you did. My species which are from the Middle Lands are called Harem Hounds; it is a desert realm close to Heliopolis. It was either Omega Core meaning to learn how to seduce our customers or the Courier Core which meant learning how to deliver messages. I get tired of all the sex we hounds are involved in so I wanted to try something else. Sadly, as you said, I made a bad choice."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Big Z said, "Your species are the legendary Masseur Hounds of the Planes; they didn't always embrace sex originally, so I can see why you got tired of the fornication as you did. Okay, so your species is fine. Telstar will be glad to have you both in his school."

          He added, "Telstar teaches Border Patrol knowledge, although if you still want to be Couriers, then the Skunk Instructor will instruct the interested students in that. You not only get a choice, but you can attend these classes in your original species form."

          Twilightpaw growled, "Not interested. I was promised that I could learn the courier trade as a hound and now you are reneging. I get what I was promised or you can send me back to Surepaw."

          Big Z said, "Even though Surepaw lied to you about running a place separate from the Kisumes, yet the Kisume printing mark was on all of the materials. You can't say that they couldn't know what was printed in their own teaching material; not to mention..."

          Telstar walked up at that point. "So you're the dog fan! I'm Telstar, but you likely knew that! Let me show you the layout of Diablo Kisume's original Army Hellhound Training Camp. Pay attention to all of the training courses and tell me if that doesn't resemble the Couriers."

          What Twilightpaw and Slicknose were then shown was a video of the camp's activity a month ago with Space Master time-date stamps on the screen. And the information revealed that the point of view was from a human recruited to be an Army Hellhound. Recruits were branded over their sheaths and tail holes with red hot branding equipment to make you forget about sex. The Pennant Bog appeared next; but instead of just tar and mud, there was fresh manure mixed in. And every locale in the bog was neck deep. Recruits were thrown head first into the bog and then they had to find the flags. And then the rest of the soldier courses were shown in order. When the recruit did get to eat, they had to eat what everyone was eating which included Secret Ingredient in everything. The guidebooks were briefly viewed which included the Kisume Printing mark easily seen on the screen as if to prove a point. Otherwise, the guidebooks were identical to the ones at the academy. Promotions were never offered in the Boot Camp. To get a Promotion, you had to win in a combat against an enemy. After that, promotions were based on how difficult your opponents were in combat. Then the special favors fucking to get a promotion were shown. At the end of the video, the recruit is shown being slain by Diablo.

          Information on the screen at the end explained that the video recording stopped and could not resume on a new disc despite the former human being species changed and resurrected as a permanent Hellhound with no memory of their former lives.

          Twilightpaw looked disgusted as did Slicknose. Telstar turned the video off. "I hated to reveal that to you, but Space Master records are the most telling. Space Master can only film humans until they die. Killing the human was to make it so there would be no more records covering what else they did. The bog that Surepaw has you step in is almost identical except for the fresh manure. Diablo hated ace scoring cadets; you had to do badly to impress the instructors in the original Kisume ran Courier Camp. If you will recall Surepaw saying this, he graduated from the original Camp and then he chose to make a new version of the camp and call it an Academy. A clever ruse, to fool the Pandemonium Skunks in making them think that the Kisumes had nothing to do with the Academy. But that was defeated when the Kisume printing mark appeared in all of the documents in the Academy. When Diablo learned that the Academy had enrolled a human, he was harassing the Courier Academy nearly every day. But then when the outing for the Live Courier Run was brought up, Diablo personally arranged your deliveries to places where you could lose your humanity and making it seem as if the Academy had nothing to do with it. The Dragons could have Samated you; the Buck Deer were in their once a year rut and usually visitors were always mounted and impregnated with no time dilation. And then the ultimate trap... Diablo's preferred Empowerment Devil Mouse to get Humans stuck in Hellhound Politics. Regardless of whether you ring the door bell or not, the trap door always opens and Humans in hound form always fell into the food vats in the attempt to fuck you up with Species Recruiting Food. You could have lost the Hound entirely if you weren't wearing Big Z's device around your neck. Infecting the hound in your case only affected the game form you were wearing; it fooled all of those involved with the trap to fuck you up. He did resurrect your father since they thought that they were about to get you into their pack permanently."

          Big Z deactivated the game device which changed Twilightpaw back to his human form temporarily and then Z worked on replacing the device with a clean device in the same colors and he placed it back on Jeremy's wrist and activated it which resulted in Twilightpaw's return.

          "All done. No more polluted Hound form. The deal was that you would learn about Couriers in your hound form and at the end, you would get the real version of the hound form as a transformation form granted by the trustworthy Yuskay Groomers in LA-TAP; after that, you would get to participate in Silversurge's spin-off series based off of the C.I. Agent Twilight series. There were several ideas for the series title on the creation block, but the current title they are choosing to work with is called Skippers; and they are planning that you won't be the only hound in the series. That's why we were paying attention to see what other hounds you made friends with."

          Slicknose remarked, "You mean I can be in Jeremy's TV show?"

          Big Z smiled. "That was the plan. A Shame you didn't make any other hound friends, Jeremy. This could have been their big break."

          Twilightpaw then said, "Perhaps it isn't too late provided that I don't meet with the wrong crowd. Although I am curious about something... When Klaen decreed that all Kisume owned and supported Courier Camps be closed and destroyed, since the Academy was sponsored by the Kisumes, what prevented it from going up in smoke as well? You guys just proved that the Kisumes were providing the support for the Academy yet the place didn't just disappear along with the rest. Or did you guys make a mistake in your haste to get a Diablo similar Ah-Ha moment? I'm waiting..." He winked with a giggle.

          Big Z turned to Telstar and said, "He has the right to ask that question. I warned you before we started this that you better have good answers or you will take a fall."

          Pandemonium Skunk Lord Triplestrype emerged from the Courier School wearing stylish clothes and tight safety gloves. "The Academy wisely registered to be sponsored by us, but they rejected our teaching materials and chose to use the materials they gained from the former camp. I would never have known about the teaching materials had Telstar not mentioned it to me and I went back and checked it for myself during the Etiquette Training Day. The information proved true. So Telstar is not on the spot, Big Z. Your accusations border on favoritism for the Kisumes. I know there was a Kisume on most of the union boards; but on the Hell Council as well. And they fooled you completely. Also, providing a way to get off of the bounty list should never give former Kisumes the right to run their own clans."

          Big Z looked upset again. Apparently people learned to be alert from Twilightpaw. And he wasn't even a Knight boy.

          Twilightpaw then quietly asked, "Z, may I make use of an Imperial Decree Scroll? I promise it won't make your life more trying nor difficult and it isn't for personal gain either."

          Big Z handed one over to Twilightpaw unaware of what Jeremy had planned.

          Twilightpaw then stepped inside the school and entered a quiet chamber that had padded training mats on the floor. "This should be comfortable enough. I was curious about something else, but the subject about it got changed fast after he mentioned it. And I am curious."

          "I, Jeremy Townsend Rayburn also known as Twilightpaw of the Secret Kanine Investigations Pack otherwise known as Skippers, on behalf of the Heavenly seat of the Overworld, do hereby decree that the human boy whom originally helped Zecma to swear off being evil as well as being a trickster turd no one in Hell liked, to be summoned and as he was before he was tricked into accepting the PALS empowerment. If said boy is deceased, he will be resurrected naked on this padded mat; if he is imprisoned somewhere, then he will appear here on the padded mat all cleaned up yet as naked as my first statement. He is to have full memory of the last time he was active either on Earth or in the animated worlds." And he threw the scroll on the padded mat and after the poof occurred, the naked living human boy lay sprawled out on the padded mat looking in Jeremy's personal opinion quite super HOT. If other Hellhounds had known this boy, then it was a wonder that they could resist spooging all over themselves. And then Twilightpaw read the boy's aura while he was still unconscious. Gerard Klayton Prince of Terryville, Georgia, Planet Earth; circa 2003. Age of Eighteen as of last public appearance on QC Planet. Friends to Lord Lampwick of Pleasure Island; Fenmire Rat formerly of Jaded Shadow; and Jack Kangaroo of Cometa-Metropolis.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Twilightpaw also saw in the boy's aura how canines of all types were willing to do anything for this boy; no questions asked. The boy was super popular. Even Scooby Dum loved it when this boy rubbed on his body at Anisapien High. The boy had lengthy blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin along with an athletic body and a nice sized erection sticking out of his groin. "Damn... how could anyone forget someone this sexy?" The boy would have stood at Five foot nine inches tall and he weighed roughly one hundred sixty-five pounds.

            Gerard stirred as he slowly opened his eyes. "Where did the prison cell go?" Then he saw Twilightpaw. "Whom are you, sexy doggy?"

            "I am known in this form by the name of Twilightpaw; but my human name is Jeremy Townsend Rayburn from Drodunk, Minnesota. Whom had you in a prison cell, by name, if you don't mind my asking?"

            The naked boy replied, "A Devil Mouse pretending to be Zecma; but he had his act all wrong and when I told him how his disguise had failed, he zapped me into that prison cell and left me there to die. I couldn't get word out to any ally I knew of. I was stuck. I know I passed out or something and then I woke up here looking at your sexy hot dog body. Man, you are making me horny. I know that is not very professional of me, but I'm telling the truth; you are turning me on. How did I get here?"

            Twilightpaw came over and sat next to the boy as he carefully explained the entire story as he knew it. When he finished, Gerard was petting and rubbing on Jeremy's fur coat and it felt nice. "Ooh, you are good at this. Are you hungry and thirsty?"

            Gerard said, "Yeah, I am starving for a meat patty, mashed potatoes and a carton of milk. So Hell is falling all to pieces and the Kisumes are either dead or on the run from the assassins guild. Sadly, that was tried once before and they evaded the attempt then. And afterward, they were right back in power once the former emperor had been slain and a Kisume suck up Emperor took his place and pardoned the entire Kisume Clan, putting them right back in charge. The only way to put this evil clan out of power would be to make it so if the clan leader left Hell to live elsewhere, then he be transgendered permanently into a female of the species and have their pussies and tail holes tighten up as if they had never had sex before in their lives. And any attempt to restore their genders should result in their dying on the spot."

            He then added, "I remember that the Underworld is a male chauvinist pig environment where males are in charge and females often are part of rebellions or arranged marriages into other packs. Impy and DI should lose all of their powers if they find a way to retain the Kisume way and lifestyle. DI had been slain once and a naive human helped to resurrect him by accident. DI is still around and the boy whom saved him was changed into an imp and lost in Impholm. Impy had also been slain once and his resurrection was enacted when someone brought a living version of him out of a news real that had him in it and then he was free in the world yet again. Imps are breaking the rules all the time. The most trustworthy Devil Mouse in existence is Masya whom puts up with Warneeri of Hollow Earth. Masya is sexy and gay in all the right ways. He let me fuck him once in order for me to learn the history of magic from him. He was a lot of fun. I hope some louse didn't tie him down while I was out of action. By the way, I've heard of the Hound Duel battle game; Zecma didn't own it then."

            Twilightpaw said, "Would you participate in what I am involved in to repay me for my saving you from what you had been stuck in? I need a few more trustworthy hounds for the TV show I am training to star in later. Silversurge will be filming it for us."

            Gerard smiled. "Hey, I remember sexy Bart. Him and that milk commercial of his." He giggled at the thought. "If you want me to be a hound with you, I'll do it. I'll need to go see the Yuskay Groomers to get the proper hound form so I can do it justice. How can we sneak by Zecma so he doesn't see me? If he sees me, I think he will put on an act of being happy to see me. I know he hated how I was the only human to put one over on him back when he was a horrible troublemaker. And Hell's most disliked turd, next to Diablo Kisume. By the way, Slicknose likely lied to both you and Telstar; Zecma should have caught on, but he might not have been around when he first told you about himself according to your own telling. Let me repeat your own words back to you and you compare what Slicknose has said..."

            "First: Slicknose took a sip of his cola and he replied by saying, In my home pack, the Alpha gathered a lot of us young Hellhounds whom were coming of age and he asked us if we'd like to earn accolades by serving in the Hellhound Army on the front lines or if we would like to go train in the Courier Hellhound Core."

            "Second: Slicknose looked Z right in the eye and stated, Despite how I first introduced myself to Jeremy back at Silvermere, I never mentioned my species nor my home pack and Jeremy never asked; he simply assumed that I was a Hellhound, just as you did. My species which are from the Middle Lands are called Harem Hounds; it is a desert realm close to Heliopolis. It was either Omega Core meaning to learn how to seduce our customers or the Courier Core which meant learning how to deliver messages."

            Gerard then said, "So you see, he performed double talk. One of his stories is a lie. I don't know if you can trust him since he told you two stories. Until he fesses up, don't let him into your TV Show since he isn't being honest."

            Twilightpaw then realized that Gerard was right. The Surepaw supporter had said that he was a Hellhound and then to Zecma and Telstar, he said he wasn't a Hellhound; that he was a Harem Hound instead. He then sent a private mental message to Telstar and said, "Telstar... take Slicknose well outside of Arvandor and slap the hound on the ass while making sure he is facing Hell. If I am right, the 'don't cross the beams' effect will occur and Slicknose will crash land back in Hell. He lied to us." And then he explained what he had figured out without mentioning Gerard. While Telstar went to do that, Twilightpaw activated his teleport power and while holding on to the nice nude boy, he transported the both of them to the Yuskay Groomers in LA-TAP.

            Twilightpaw explained how he saved Gerard Prince and how he needed the sexy nice boy to have a hound form like his own with the same transformation ability between the forms of Gerard's choice, but the aura should be set in a way so as to make it so Zecma cannot easily find out whom Gerard is when transformed; not even with an Imperial Scroll. The hound colors should also be Gerard's choice. The Groomers had loads of nice things to say to Twilightpaw since he had located their missing favorite boy of all time. And they got right to work on granting Gerard whatever he wanted. But Gerard would need to decide upon a hound form and a believable hound name and originating pack name that would be stored in his aura.

            Since he was to join Twilightpaw in his TV show later as a member of Skippers, that would also be added to the aura as if he agreed to join Twilightpaw's Investigation pack. Gerard chose a Silver Labrador Retriever with Liquid Gold claws and Royal Blue eyes which had the added effect to make it so you could not lie while looking at his gaze. You always told the truth. In effect, the True-heart Bear effect. No one would be immune. Especially not an asshole Council Devil Mouse. His breath weapon would be like the Care Bear Stare. Gerard found that amusing. Anyone caught in the breath weapon received damage if evil of bathing in God's Heavenly Bath Tub. The Holiest of Holy Water solutions. That would make Charlie and Itchy happy.

            Gerard then chose to set his Hound name as Solarpaw of the Honor Healers Pack of Arcadia. He also wanted super powers like Jeremy would be getting except he would be more the Miracle Working member of the pack. He also wanted to make sure the Yuskay Groomers were added to the Anti-Archon Hound protection list. That way no boom when touchy feely, since Telstar changed his species to Archon after being disgusted by the Hellhounds in Hell. His Personal Forms list included: the Arcadian Silver Labrador Retriever based Miracle Hound, the Digimon Rabbit, the Heaven-sent male Angel Mouse, the Twin Paradises Sea Rat, the Dreamtime Kangaroo, the Arvandorian Donkey and Human. His hound powers would be available in all of his forms. He would wear a Dark Gold collar.

            If Zecma so much as touched Gerard, it would like touching a wet electrical wire. And the no-read Aura would be in effect on all of his forms as well. The Groomers and other listed allies could read it. But Zecma was blocked since Gerard suspected the Devil Mouse.

            After dedicating some stylish fancy clothes to Gerard's human body as well as his other Anthropomorphic forms, he was deemed as ready to join Twilightpaw in his adventure. "Level Down!" And he transformed into his Silver Lab Miracle Hound form as he rubbed up against Twilightpaw. "Ready to go get an education, sexy?"

            Twilightpaw smiled back as his pack mate. "I am really glad you agreed to my offer to help me in this and the offer for being in the Skippers TV Show later. Telstar is to be teaching Border Patrol knowledge and the Pandemonium Skunk will be teaching the Courier trade. I was thinking that we could enroll in both courses and have the best of both professions. It might make the TV show more interesting later."

            Solarpaw grinned showing his clean pearly whites. "You're on. I won't let you down and I tend to have a clean mind among other humans. If you want sex later, stay in animal form since I try to keep my human side untainted."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              Twilightpaw said, "Remember, around Zecma or Big Z as he calls himself when working his game factory, never mention that you are human underneath. Make your drama teacher proud of you."

              Solarpaw giggled. "I am sure Prissy Leghorn and CSI Skunk both remember how I tried to sweep them off of their feet in school. Let's go." And Twilightpaw handled their teleport back to Silvermere where Gerard could learn a teleport anchor location; they had learned one at the Groomers previously. Then it was on to Telstar's school where they learned a teleport anchor location within the shared dorm room. Gerard thought the new Teleport Anchor power was the best upgrade that had been created since he had been out of action.

              When Twilightpaw and Solarpaw emerged from the dorm portion of the school, they found Telstar and Triplestrype looking humored and Big Z was no where to be seen. But a big swath of the Merchants Road was completely whitewashed clean. "What happened, Telstar?"

              Telstar looked at Twilightpaw and said, "Your suspicion paid off. When I slapped Slicknose on the ass, I closed my eyes just in time as the explosion went off and Slicknose vanished. I asked Big Z to go see where he landed. Whom is your new friend?"

              Twilightpaw said, "For Zecma's needs, he is called Solarpaw, but between the four of us, he is the guy whom Big Z said was currently missing and he couldn't find him anywhere. I had no problem finding him. So what does that say of our Big Z?"

              Telstar sighed. "Your suspicions have really been paying off lately. So Solarpaw is the canine's celebrity from the old days. Not even the All-Stars could find the boy after he went missing. They cashed in every favor they had and came up empty."

              Solarpaw said, "Someone whom looked like a Fake Zecma was the one whom sealed me into a magic proof prison and left me there to die. The cell prevented me from calling any of my allies for help."

              Triplestrype asked, "Would you recognize this fake if you saw him again? I have an idea on whom you saw."

              Solarpaw remarked, "I'd never forget that horrible dark outfit he was wearing. It made him look ominous and super evil. Other than that, Twilightpaw and I would like to study both subjects you guys are to be offering in the school."

              Triplestrype said, "I teach the Courier knowledge; Telstar is in charge of the Border Patrol knowledge." Then he went long distance mental. Big Z? Twilightpaw came back with a sexy clean hound that wants to join the school with him. By the way, which outfit are you currently wearing? And Big Z replied, The outfit I despise wearing, of course, the council robes it makes me look so stuffy and grumpy; when I am topside, I prefer to wear my cheerful gaming jacket for ZecCorp. Why do you ask? Triplestrype stated, We just received word that someone whom wore a bad costume to look like you in a horrible dark outfit was the one whom did away with the boy you mentioned was currently missing. Twilightpaw wants to investigate this after his training ends.

              Big Z did not reply after that as he went on radio silence.

              Triplestrype then said, "I think I struck a nerve."

              Telstar asked, "What did you do?"

              The skunk replied, "I mentally told Zecma that we received word that someone had impersonated him to get rid of his missing boy. After I told him that part, he went on radio silence. That's why I said that I had hit a nerve."

              Solarpaw said, "I predict that he is going to go check on his prisoner and not finding him where he last saw him, he will go peep in on the All-Stars first, then check at all of the other places the boy likes to hide out. I hope the Horse catches him."

              Telstar asked, "Whom is the horse?"

              Solarpaw grinned. "Lightstrike Cavanaugh otherwise known as Royal Prince Lighty of Planet Dar-Shan. The busy body that no one in the Underworld likes since he is the ultimate pacifist. His Direct Investments account is so stuffed that he could purchase Hell several times over and still have money left over. He was always stuffing his nose into the boy's rear end on a whim. I am tempted to warn the horse anonymously that Z is on his way and acting suspiciously. But I don't want to use my own writing. So if someone else could write it and send it to the horsy, then he can be on alert."

              Triplestrype wrote out the warning and teleported the message directly to Lighty at his ranch.

              Lighty read the note and he had Miyuki Tsukino get the Magical Devil Mouse Glue Strip ready for catching the mouse that they suspected of getting rid of their friend. Dalis Haley and Timesheart Tiger set the trap room with the mannequin of their friend whom would be moaning softy in the bed within the room. Arthur Lupin got the silent alarm field set up to go off the moment the mouse passed into the chamber to get at their version of the boy. The All-Stars wanted answers and they felt that this was the way to get it since Zecma had been avoiding them since just after the boy had disappeared. When Zecma arrived invisibly, he saw the All-Stars sitting at their meeting table trying to piece together the latest mystery they were working on. Then he floated through the bedroom doorway and... ALARM!

              This made Zecma jump and as he hit the ceiling, that's where his body magically stuck, as the spell canceled his invisibility until he was easy to see by one and all. Then while he was magically stuck, they interrogated him. He noted that they had pictures of True Heart Bear all over the room and even finely painted on the window glass. No matter where he turned his gaze, he saw True Heart's eyes. They had caught him and demanded that he tell the truth about Gerard or else they would leave him stuck in their trap until he did talk. This adhesive was worse than Emperor Strength Imp Glue. The spell had removed his clothes so his fur and tail got stuck in the magical glue trap.

              Back at Telstar's new school, Solarpaw grinned. "I just got a mental message from Puppy that the All-Stars caught the little shit and are interrogating him."

              Twilightpaw asked, "And whom is Puppy? I'm the dog lover, so please tell me."

              Solarpaw replied, "Anubis' white furred brother, the Egyptian god of War and Healing, Wepwawet; everyone uses his nickname of 'Puppy' since he is so adorable like a large adult sized Wolf Man. He lives with Lighty and he can keep a secret."

              He then added, "My old pen pal's little brother was a child genius whom loves dogs as much as you say you do, Twilightpaw. He also loves roos. Sadly, my pen pal was strictly into cats and hawks."

              Telstar said, "Let's get you boys into the classroom so you can learn the real information you need to know without being tricked into the armies nor lose your humanity."

              Triplestrype said, "I just had to turn off my telepathy because Zecma is yelling for help since he is bodily stuck on the All-Stars' ceiling." Everyone laughed at how funny that sounded before they went inside the school.

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                At Silvermere, Lorraine had the siblings gathered again and was telling them about Big Z's stupidity. "...And when he popped over to QC-Wuz, a place created by the Terryville All-Stars to resemble a QC Planet without Toonium, the mystery team caught his stupid ass in a magical glue strip trap on the ceiling and Z got himself stuck in it when a sudden alarm surprised him. The mystery team are interrogating him to find out what he did with their human friend. So Z won't be available for a while and we should not summon him for any reason."

                Purzo, whom was sitting there with the family, said, "I am not surprised when Hell Citizens outfox themselves and get caught in something on the Norm level. I always thought it was suspicious that Gerard Klayton Prince vanished off of QC Planet and Zecma of all people said he could not locate the boy at all. And then not even the horse, whom could normally find the boy no matter what, could find him using his special skills. Worse that even the superhero versions of the boy all seemed to drop off the radar at the same time. It takes Imperial magic do that to someone. And this boy was the ultimate human interest of Ace the Bat Hound and Krypto the Super Dog."

                Lord Lampwick, whom was also there, remarked, "I was also fond of this boy and none of my Island Lords could located where the hero version vanished to. And we can usually find human bad boys no matter what. He always hated the dirty version of his powers."

                Amaterasu whom was also drinking some of Lorraine's awesome tea stated, "My divine memory tells me that there were three distinct Gerard Prince boys stemming from different decades all originating from Earth. Only two had a father named Leon. One of the three is currently assisting the Red Rabbit Army on one of King Kazma's project worlds. Another was rescued via Imperial Scroll by Jeremy Rayburn. And the dirty empowerment version is still missing. Jeremy's version and the dirty empowerment are the ones with the middle name that starts with the letter K. Kazma's version has a middle name that starts with the letter C. His father is named Arthur Leon Prince. Only the rescued version was ever involved with Zecma. Thus in order: Gerard from 1979 whom helped Zecma; Gerard from 2003 with the dirty empowerment; and Gerard from 2017 whom is serving the Red Rabbit Army. This should tell you the age range of these boys and strangely only the K middle names are related to each other. Kazma's boy stems from a different arm of the Prince family whom are actually some form of royalty. Lighty is edgy around other royalists and because of that, he tends to associate with the dirty empowerment Gerard the most. Except, the boy is still missing. The Legion of Doom liked this boy. I listed their years from when last seen on Earth."

                Basil said, "That's a thirty-eight year spread, your ladyship. The last one isn't even related to the other two according to your telling and he isn't missing. Gerard Clayton Prince with the Red Rabbit Army. Since Jeremy rescued and likely age regressed his Gerard, then that leaves the one the Horse would love to know where he ended up. Although the boy shouldn't be saddled with a dirty empowerment. I could use one of my Imperial Decree Scrolls to clean him up when I rescued him, just in case he is affected by Toonium."

                Amaterasu remarked, "I will supervise your attempt to get the right one. We don't want to anger anyone else whom legally has a Gerard Prince with them at the moment. When he arrives, he is likely going to smell bad. So why don't we take this outside to the stables?"

                Basil, Amaterasu and Lampwick went outside to the stables. Lampwick said, "His smell was bad, but I never let it bother me since I cared about the boy regardless. I know Atticus was after the Star of Destiny that he had hidden inside the boy at birth."

                Amaterasu said, "Donkeys have been in some pretty bad stinks so they are more tolerable over odors."

                Basil lifted one hand and summoned an Imperial Decree scroll. "I think I know how to make the Horse leave Gerard Prince alone. And it should satisfy Atticus at the same time. Let the Horse deal with the Cat." Everyone giggled. Basil then held the scroll aloft and stated, "I, Basil Knight also known as The Lunar Paladin, on behalf of the Heavenly seat of the Overworld, do hereby decree that the Gerard Klayton Prince with the dirty Empowerment have a completely clean copy of himself transferred out of the dirty rabbit body which has the Star of Destiny within it. The dirty empowerment rabbit form with the star remains where it is, yet the Horse instantly homes in on it by default. The clean copy will appear here in our stables without any trace of the dirty empowerment and the Horse will never be able to detect our copy of the nice boy." And he threw the scroll to the ground on a pile of strewn hay in one of the stalls. A flash of light occurred and it seamed that some form of interference was trying to defy an Imperial Scroll... until Amaterasu added her power to the request.

                Lampwick said, "This is the first time I've ever seen anything try to defy an Imperial Scroll. I know how powerful those items are."

                The copy of Gerard Prince at the appropriate age of how old the current dirty empowerment boy would be appeared in pajamas as if he hadn't gotten up the morning of the empowerment event had occurred, yet he had all the memories of most of his life minus the star nor any part of being Captain Rabbit. This got rid of a lot of the stupid encounters involving the Horse or anyone else whom annoyed the boy during his involvement in Terryville. The copy smelled clean as if he never went to the softball field that day. Basil then summoned a second scroll and held it aloft. "I, Basil Knight also known as The Lunar Paladin, on behalf of the Heavenly seat of the Overworld, do hereby decree that a copy of all belongings that our copy of Gerard Klayton Prince had on Earth to appear here in the stables with him." And he threw the scroll to the ground and all manner of comic book boxes and various clothes and a bugs bunny costume all cleaned up in its dry cleaning plastic arrived next to where the boy was sleeping. Basil said, "I haven't seen one of those costumes in such fantastic shape in ages." Lampwick said, "It is Gerard's one size fits all Halloween costume that Bugs Bunny himself gave him after several nice letters sent to the rabbit at the Warner Brothers animation studios. Bugs always replied to fan letters."

                Gerard stirred as he yawned. "I smell fresh tea and hay. Um... where am I?"

                Lampwick said, "We just rescued you from the Toonium Trap. A dirty copy of yourself is keeping the undesirables distracted while we have you nice and cleaned up here. We even saved your important belongings."

                Basil said, "I am Thunder Crest's brother, Basil Knight, and you are currently at Silvermere Castle in the Magicwood Zone of The Live Action Tokusatsu and Anime Planet. We got tired of Atticus' Toonium Trap world and we rescued a lot of toons and founder core members at the same time. Atticus, Umbra, shady producers and COME were all left behind on QC Planet. We have a Yuskay Groomers on planet if you still want a clean empowerment. In case I don't remember all of the hero rules, take it up with Amaterasu whom along with Purzo and Pardusius are keeping track of the superhero trade. The rest of us are focused on acting and filming exploits here on the West Coast."

                Gerard said, "I'll have to take it up with the Yuskay Groomers. I still like Bugs Bunny but being a rabbit in the fur is for him. Um, what if I want to be a hero on the west coast but not be an actor? Do I have to jump through stupid union hoops or did you smartly get rid of that?"

                Basil replied, "We have a stunt union for actors doubles, there is an acting union and a script writers union. Aside from that, registration is all that is needed for the empowered caste of our world. If your hero and villain names are registered, you can get a monthly check for performing your services. A few heroes and villains have also joined the actors union so they can legally film their exploits and get extra money that way. You don't have to; but the option is there. It depends upon what your long range goal is. You don't have to tell us what you do with the Yuskay Groomers; they have often mentioned how nice you are. And Lampwick here, whom I call a friend, also vouches for you."

                Amaterasu said, "If you perform like Supermouse and his team, then you will do okay. Joseph Williams, if you will recall. Born and bred law enforcement. The family with the mouthy parrot and the baby sister that can ground air traffic when she is denied something."

                She then added, "I think you should avoid military titles when choosing a superhero name, Gerard. The Captain trap was something both you and Timesheart hated a lot. He still has the Captain softball cap."

                Gerard giggled when thinking about Timesheart's cap. "That's how he got his way with the mystery solvers. He tried to pawn it off on each of them when they started acting like leaders."

                Basil laughed. "What a novel idea for a sitcom!"

                Gerard replied, "Boy, you guys can turn anything into a TV show."

                (To be continued in a new series of his own.)

                End of Chapter Eight.