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[KMRT-KFM] BK-11 Basil's Restart

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    [KMRT-KFM] BK-11 Basil's Restart

    Magicwood - QC Starknight

    After his brother becomes Thunder Crest on the Wolf Stars TV show, Basil Knight embarks on adventures in Magicwood as the Knight of the Full Moon.

    [KMRT-KFM] BK-11 Basil's Restart.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    It was a full week before Basil turned back up at the castle to get a long hot bath and use deodorant and mouthwash. He seemed in good spirits yet he still seemed distant. When he was fully clean and ready to join the others at the dining table, Basil walked in fully clothed. And he sat down to get some breakfast. "Good morning, family. I have some business in Studio City today. How is everyone else?"

    Vale frowned. "You were gone for a week and no one knew where you were. Now you just walk in and act like nothing is wrong, but I can tell that you are not in the best of spirits. What are you up to?"

    Basil said, "I have to go talk to the Stunt Union in Studio City about a loophole in the rules for getting on TV. I found out that someone had done this before back on QC Planet and I want to know if it is still possible to go this route to get in front of a camera. Going the stunt route bypasses the porn necessity although I wouldn't have had a problem with the old rules. Only you complained about it, Vale. Besides, I can't let you have all the fun in town, brother. Unless you want me to embrace being the family nobody."

    Vale growled when his brother made light of the obvious problem. "You are not the family nobody! You've always supported the rest of us before! We can return the favor!"

    Basil remarked, "My mind is made up, Vale. I don't want to just play in the woods anymore. I want to go into town and help bring in the bacon."

    Vale said, "I just don't want you to get hurt, Basil. The Stunt Union has the mock up suits that you can wear to look like any wolf they need stunts done for someone. You have to keep your wits about yourself and you have to be good at acting as well. It's not enough to be able to do the stunts; you also have to know the werewolf well enough to make people think you are him. And they can also make you do some questionable things while wearing the mock up suit. Silversurge told me these things back before he went full wolf. He had to wear the mock up suit until his werewolf emerged. And you'll need a cool nickname."

    Basil lowered his head as he peeked at his brother. "Am I no longer a Knight, Vale? I am not allowed to help bring in some income?"

    Vale got up. "I didn't say that, Basil. I just said that the stunt union is questionable. I'm not going to stop you; you were always headstrong, like we all are. If things go South, just don't be saying you weren't given a warning up front. At least let me call Bart and ask him whom he trusts in the Stunt Union. Then you will have a name to go get an interview from. It could mean the difference between working and moping around feeling sorry for yourself."

    Vale went over and called Bart on the phone and soon, he hung up and said toward his brother. "The guy Bart says to talk to is a werewolf director named Ghaleon Darktalon. He is usually at the action wolf sets."

    Basil remarked, "It's a start. Thanks for getting the name. And don't worry about me. If they want to see me in porn, I've had nothing but practice."

    Vale said, "Don't even joke about that. Time to head out."

    Action Wolf Sets; Studio City

    At the location, Basil didn't see a lot of wolves around the area, but a few of the security wolves were polite enough to direct him to where he wanted to go. Especially after mentioning Steeeldragon. The 'Got Wolf!' actor had lots of pull with these people and he knew how to get the job done the right way when there was questionable hanky-panky going on in the industry. Soon, Basil was meeting with Ghaleon Darktalon, director to the action star stunt wolves. "Are you an unblossomed werewolf?" Basil replied, "No, but my family assisted in getting you people away from that awful Umbra on the corrupted QC Planet."

    "Do you have Anti-Transformation Insurance in case you end up infected by one of our werewolves. In the old days, we didn't bother asking that question since if the end result was a new werewolf, then they could get to be a big star after their initial shift. Now with our being on this new world, we are required to ask that question and you can thank Lorraine Knight for the foresight to make the inquiry possible. And by the look in your eyes, you want to curse her out something fierce."

    Basil said, "My brother Thunder Crest is in the acting business and no, he didn't start as a werewolf either. But a staged event changed him into one. I was supposed to be the victim, but I wasn't where they intended me to be and my brother got it instead. Since Bart Kaleson got his start as a human in the mock up suit with you guys, I figured that I could try doing the same thing and bring in a little extra income rather than run around butt naked in the Magicwood Forest all day long. Come on, give me a chance. Unlike my brother, I am more open minded about things and I'm not going to hide behind three lawyers."

    Ghaleon said, "Tell you what... I'll give you a trial run just as we did with Steeldragon. But what to use as your nickname...?"

    Basil replied with a smile. "Solarmoon. That way no one associates me with my more famous brother... the goody-goody werewolf paladin."

    The next few hours were spent personalizing a mock up suit for Basil since his body could really fill out some of the muscular wolf suits and his own cock and balls almost perfectly fit into the sheath and sacs of the suits in question. Even lining up the tail hole was like the suits were created for him. And to test one out, Ghaleon had sex with Basil and unloaded his Werewolf seed inside of the boy's body. "That part works, now let's see how you do in a few of the stunt sets. And don't forget, when I call for Solarmoon, you come running. It might take some time to get used to your new name."

    Apparently the big actors were all off ordering lunch which is why the action sets seemed so empty when Basil arrived that morning.

    Tamil Hasselpaw, George Straitfang and Steve McKing arrived and saw the new stunt wolf speaking to Ghaleon Darktalon as Roger Packmoore approached from the other direction. Roger said, "Director Darktalon, I was checking my ammo trunk and everything I requested isn't in there. How am I supposed to do the scene without proper ammo?" Darktalon replied, "Solarmoon is going to do a trial run as the fill in stunt wolf for your practice scenes and we don't want live ammo for a trial run. If he botches it, then we use the authorized stunt wolves and you'll get your full ammo."

    Tamil asked Darktalon in private, "Is this new guy like Steeldragon as in a wolf in disguise or is he more the mounting bait?"

    Darktalon smiled back at Hasselpaw. "A little of both. If he botches it, I'll give you guys permission to recruit him during a bar outing. He has no insurance."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Darktalon then said, "After his conversion and he's too crazy to think straight, drop his ass off at any werewolf trainer other than Buddy. That guy is friends to the family and he might raise a red flag if he ends up with the newly transformed werewolf stunt actor. After his conversion, rename him as Eclipse and don't tell anyone whom he was previously."

    He then added, "After his retraining, I'll foot the bill to get him back under our stunt union as the newest expendable wolf. We may have hated Umbra; but the stunt union was corrupt even before she showed up."

    George said, "I don't expect anyone to be as good as Steeldragon was. He set a high standard for anyone to beat."

    Steve tagged up with Roger and quietly let him know what the others were planning and how he didn't like it and wanted nothing to do with it. If Steeldragon knew this boy was coming here, then they could all be in deep manure if the boy just disappeared. Roger nodded his head and went to get his practice run ready. Steve wanted to warn Basil/Solarmoon, but with the director watching and the other two eagerly in the way, it would be near impossible to get the message to him until it was too late.

    The first two trial stunt runs went as expected which almost made Darktalon think he had another Steeldragon. But on the third stunt run with Hasselpaw, Basil stumbled and the stunt scene had to be reset.

    It probably didn't help that Tamil Hasselpaw had nipped Basil on the ankle to see what the boy's blood tasted like.

    Basil looked to Darktalon. "Not everyone can be like Steel, sir. He had extra energy to burn and a mother at home to avoid by working. I don't have that background motivation. He's a god wolf and I'm just human, as you well know. I don't want to go back to running around in the woods and bending over for donkey boys." Darktalon said, "As you said, No one can do as he did. He had the Carmichael threat at home. However, Straitfang and Hasselpaw would like to give you some pointers during a bar outing tonight. If you do this favor for me, I'll give you another chance to continue the trial run." He replied, "I'll do it."

    At the end of the day, Darktalon intercepted Steve McKing and Roger Packmoore before they could sign out for the night to have a discussion in the director's office. This was also being done so Steve could not ruin the planned outing by warning Basil of the upcoming plot. Meanwhile, Straitfang and Hasselpaw escorted Solarmoon through a shady portion of Studio City where questionable activity (recruiting) could occur and heavily laced alcohol would be served without anyone calling the police. Within one of the shadiest bars in that part of the city, meals and drinks were ordered while the two actors pretended to give advice.

    It didn't take long for Basil to get completely smashing drunk on the drugged booze and food they knew wasn't safe for a human to eat let alone drink. The two then took Basil out the back door where one mounted his ass while the other bit and injected his magical werewolf fluids directly into the young man's bloodstream while the boy received the magical werewolf fluids up his tail hole. Then they got off of the naked human and permitted his eyes and mind to receive the full moon's light that was clearly shining that night.

    Basil found himself much like Bart had before in the midst of something he couldn't fathom nor control. On all fours, he screamed in unholy agony as his arms and legs fattened and twisted with bone crunching and mind-bending fantasy. To Basil, he was mentally falling down a spiraling black hole endlessly while sharp claws and piercing fangs sliced at him as he fell. Physically though, his body grew once more making him the size of an expensive sports car. His tail and fur were growing now and like Bart, it wasn't a typical wolf coloration nor was it like the sun... it reminded the two actors of a living eclipse. Then as his head and muzzle completed their transitions... he lifted his head up and the howl that emerged told the two that Eclipse wanted to hunt, much like Bart had when he found his wolf. They quickly ushered him out of town to the North where a Werewolf training farm resided which was union supported.

    Then as Eclipse hunted for the first time in a primal frenzy, they contacted the union supported trainer and told him about the newest werewolf known as Eclipse and how Darktalon wanted him trained in such a way that he would never ask about his old life period. He was to be the union's newest expendable stunt wolf. The Werewolf Trainer, an old school werewolf called Rumblecloud, agreed to train the newest werewolf provided that the actors and Darktalon stayed away during the training or else he would call Buddy and Gala himself. He could carry out a threat the same as anyone else.

    When Darktalon finally allowed Steve and Roger to leave after midnight, Steve went to the closest phone and he called Gala and Bart at the same time to make sure they were on a conference call and he ratted out what Darktalon was setting Basil Knight/Solarmoon up for with Straitfang and Hasselpaw. He wasn't sure where they were now but the plan was to avoid Buddy all together. But no one mentioned anything about Gala and Silversurge. Bart said he would motivate the Wolf Stars since he thought they left the QC related crooked stuff behind when they came to the new world. Bart mentioned getting permission from his mom.

    Bart had no problem contacting the Wolf Stars about Basil's predicament especially since one of them was Basil's brother, Thunder Crest. Gala woke her brother (Buddy) up and let him know what the stunt union were up to. And then the hunt to find Basil as Eclipse was on. Before sunrise, they had converged on Rumblecloud's training farm where the old school werewolf fessed up and told them the truth; but then he issued an extra warning. "Unless you cure him of this magical infection before sunrise, then this will be his new life from now on. Reed Huxley cannot cure magical infections. And I had nothing to do with this."

    Thunder Crest then said, "Reed may not be able to, but he has a brother in Dreamtime's Kangaroo Town named Grey Huxley whom deals solely in magical infections. Keeping the sun from rising on my brother would be the biggest issue while transporting him to Grey. Making it worth Grey's while for a payment is also another issue. The Kangaroo Lords like cute boys." Rumblecloud then suggested, "Why not have him come here and as a reward, let him look at the cute boys over in Medieval Village. I was down there once and you got some sexy human boys down there."

    Eclipse sighed as he sat with a collar and chain leash combo while inside the doghouse nearby. He couldn't remember a thing and his fur was itching like mad. He wanted to go roll in the mud.

    The condition was something Silversurge could relate to after his first transformation. Of course Bart was more angry with Director Darktalon for arranging this fate on Basil.

    Inviting Grey Huxley to come and treat Basil in exchange for letting him ogle cute human boys resulted in his coming immediately along with several Dreamtime Lords. They weren't all kangaroos. Grey got to work on Eclipse/Basil immediately. "I hate were-critters whom dabble in dark magic. They give good Weres a bad name. They even make the Were-Kangaroo boomers in the Outback look angelic." And then he began weaving his lunar curative powers upon Basil but as he quickly found out, this was not to be an easy cure. He had not been converted unwillingly; they tricked him with a magical dating drug to make him agreeable to anything they suggested to him. Thus in his mind, they asked him if he would like to explore their side of the Were-Fence and he had said yes. But Grey was more powerful still. And he proved it by summoning Lycaeon Apollo, the Werewolf god of Ancient Celtic Scotland. When the god was told what some scummy wannabe wolves had done to this nice boy, even the god growled and he lent his assistance in curing the hapless Werewolf. But as before, they learned that Dark Magic was in play and while they could remove all of the mind control and restore his memories, he was going to be dealing with a Werewolf from now on. At the end, Lycaeon Apollo said, "I hope those whom did this have their fur fall out the next time they get wet. Bald Wolves instead of Werewolves."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      When Basil was coherent enough to be out of the bunkhouse he had been sleeping in at Buddy's Werewolf Training Farm, he made his way to the mess hall to find himself something to eat. Inside, there were a few werewolves preparing something tasty for Basil to dine on. When they saw him padding in on all fours, they set a platter of meat and sauce down on the floor where he could get to it along with a bowl of water. "Try to get some nourishment into your body, Basil. Buddy told us to see to it that you were fed if you got up today."

      Basil muttered, "How long have I been here at Buddy's Farm? I don't remember much of anything. I couldn't even find my balance when I woke up earlier."

      One sandy blond furred Werewolf said,."You slept for the last eleven days. Buddy said that your stunt name was to be Eclipse, but to always remind you that your human name is Basil Knight. Your fur looks like a lunar eclipse, with black ends around your claws and tail tip."

      The other Werewolf which was colored a dark red overall said, "Buddy also said to help you eat if you needed to learn how we do it. But Vale said you once had Courier Hellhound training so you should remember how it was done when you had to be on all fours then."

      Brand asked, "What are you guys called?"

      The sandy Werewolf replied, "My human name was Andrew Wilson, but everyone here at the farm calls me Sandpaw because of my coloration. He was born a Werewolf; they call him Nightflame. When he messes up a training session, Buddy calls him Reddy; he hates that."

      Nightflame made a face. "Thanks for remembering the full story, Sandpaw. Anyway, Basil, Grey Huxley told Buddy that you needed up to thirty days to re-learn your human balance since the fuckers almost got you stuck as a quadruped feral with no memory."

      Sandpaw added, "Since you just woke up today, thirty days starts today. Now eat up and drink plenty of water so you don't dehydrate."

      Nightflame said, "Lightningstar has been guarding you every night when you slept; he said you saved his boy from the poison the hospital tried to do him in with. He said you were his hero."

      Basil ate some of the meat and sauce before lapping at the water. "Whatever happened to Ghaleon Darktalon after he arranged for me to end up like this?"

      Sandpaw grinned. "Big Z used one of his Imperial Decree Scrolls to send him back to QC Planet with no memory of anything that had occurred on LA-TAP along with a desire to suck Albert's cock and do porn for Umbra. We all laughed for hours when we learned of it."

      Nightflame remarked, "You owe being found to Steve McKing; when he got free of the meeting Ghaleon had him in, he called Bart and Gala to let them know what had occurred with you. He said he didn't approve of Albert's lap dog pulling this shit on you."

      Sandpaw smiled. "The bright side is that you made a friend out of him, Basil. He wants to see you again after you get better."

      Basil sighed. "I can't even stand on my hind legs like this; I don't even know how to change back to my human form. Maybe I am better off as a useless mutt."

      Sandpaw growled a little. "Don't give in to self-pity or else your sister has threatened to force train you back to normal."

      Nightflame added, "If Buddy hears of you talking in a defeatist manner, he will make you train in wolf shit without bathing."

      Basil ate some more and drank more water. When the platter and bowl were empty, he asked, "Where do I go do the bathroom thing or will it be okay for me to go outside and do it in the open? Maybe Buddy will step in it."

      The two guided Basil into the doggy toilet where they taught him how to back up carefully over the poop and piss hole and to remember to lift his tail before doing the deed. When the exercise was done, they helped him to clean up and then they took him into the pack lounge where he could lay on a rug and watch some TV. "You rest here. We need to tell the others that you woke up." And they headed out to do that. Basil used the remote to surf over the channels until he found something worthwhile to watch. It was a Spy-Action flick starring a collection of wolves. This production had a little of everything in it. It was while he was engrossed in watching the movie when something yummy was held under his nose. It smelled like one of Lorraine's chocolate chip cookies. He opened his mouth and bit into it.

      Krystal scratched on Basil's head fur while Vale sat next to his brother. "We heard you were awake, Basil. Vale wanted to see you; so here we are." Vale said, "You are watching one of Bart's productions from United Beast Studios."

      Krystal said, "Your friend Agiro wants to assassinate mister dick for brains. But he was told Big Z already punished him. He wants you to heal so he can team up with you again."

      Basil slyly smiled. "Good old Agiro... He is a real friend."

      Vale rubbed on Basil's fore paw. "When you feel like giving up, just think about Agiro. Besides... We're knights; it's what we do. When you are focused, bro... you can rise to any challenge. If I hear you failed Buddy's classes, I'll be greatly disappointed. Don't be a Star."

      Krystal said, "With Tom safely away from here, Lightningstar is doing fantastically well in his classes. If he does better than you; then I will also be disappointed in your ability to ace tests. And you won't get any more of your sister's cookies."

      Basil turned his head and looked directly at his brother. "How is it that bipedal Werewolf movement comes so easily to you, bro? I can't get my balance back; Grey told Buddy that I needed thirty days. But you were doing it right after your primary transformation. Why am I so different? It's because I am not really a Knight, isn't it? Dad said I was adopted when I asked him to his face about it. It's a wonder he put up with my perfect scores in high school. I know some people often whispered that I had to be cheating. The family motto often helped me to do better in my classes. Yet I still heard the accusations when they thought I wasn't listening. I'm a defect, aren't I? Dad told you siblings to treat me as one of the family, didn't he?"

      Vale removed his hand from Basil's paw as he replied, "He may have told Lorraine that, but I never got that message. You and I were often cheering each other up like good friends are supposed to. Adoption doesn't make you any less of a Knight."

      Another werewolf came into the pack lounge at that point. "Hey guys... Buddy is suggesting that the main reason Basil may not be getting his balance and mobility back is because Dick for Brains wouldn't let Basil see the moon during the whammy they put on him. The full moon would restore Basil's ability to stand upright like the rest of us. It worked for Bart, although we all knew he was born a werewolf; he was the only one in the dark about what he really was. I think your mooring lines in your spine hasn't released as yet and that is preventing you from just standing upright as you would normally do as a human. If you're game, I can help you with that; I have chiropractic training. Believe me, when it happens, it will hurt; but afterward in the full moon's light, you will regenerate quickly."

      Basil smiled. "I'll try not to kill you when you do it. I hope it works because being on all fours is for the birds."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        Once they had Basil outside the house, having let him finish watching the movie first, a muzzle guard was placed over Basil's muzzle. "This is so you can't snap at any of us. I will remove it after the initial popping sensation. Buddy is on standby just in case. The others are around since they have never witnessed mooring lines being deliberately unsealed before and this is educational for them. I know you will be angry once you feel this, but just remember, we want what you want. Being close to the ground if you're not born that way is for the birds."

        Buddy was seen just past a stone fence with his cooking apron on. Even though it wasn't a Friday night, first time moon-released werewolves were always hungry. "Just do your best!" stated the humored smiling Titano werewolf.

        Lightningstar said from nearby but nicely out of sight, "If you go berserk, Doc has a needle with your name on it. Some wolves say it causes swirly colors."

        Basil looked over his shoulder at the chiropractic werewolf as he muttered through the muzzle. "Let's do it."

        The Chiropractic werewolf said, "When I put my one hand on your upper spine and the other just above your tail bone, take a deep breath and try to hold it. Then I will make the action and please keep your word about staying calm. I've been in fights with other werewolves."

        Basil nodded his head and turned to look toward the overhang of rocks that looked over the nearby valley. The sky was clear; the glow beyond the side skyline indicated the moon was ready to rise tonight. Basil wondered if Buddy had control over the moon. Then he felt the paws touching his back in the two locations. Basil took a very deep breath and held it... before an audible pop was heard coming from his back. It wasn't as loud as when Bart's mooring lines came loose in downtown Studio City originally, but dammit; the pain was very obvious! He initially was flattened out on the ground with his legs sprawled out in all directions. The muzzle prevented him from opening his jaws too much, but he still screamed when he felt the pain. "OWWWWWWWWWW!"

        The werewolf students were preventing themselves from snickering at Basil's discomfort.

        The Chiropractic Werewolf picked Basil up and carried him over to the rocky overlook and gently placed him on the flattest stone surface before unstrapping the muzzle and leaping backwards to get out of the way.

        Then the moon peaked over the distant hill and Basil's world turned upside down. He felt his body move of its own accord as he found himself upright with his muzzle arced at the nearby moon and he released his primary howl. It wasn't as rich as Bart's howl had been, but then again, Bart was a God Wolf. Thankfully unlike Bart, Basil didn't pull a disappearing act like Bart had upon his initial transformation. After the howl, Basil panted raggedly as he stated, "I feel a draft. Damned, I am so fucking hungry all of sudden. I ate earlier before I watched the movie. Okay wolf... if we're going to be in the same body just remember... act like a Knight; if you act like a barbarian, I'll deliberately sit on one of Doc's needles just for you."

        This prompted laughter all around the gathering site.

        "I need a beer!"

        Lightningstar appeared and handed an open can of beer to Basil. "The beer of choice for us werewolves. And no, it isn't an acquired taste. We prefer beers the same as humans do. Thanks for not taking thirty days, hero. I'm proud of you."

        Basil/Eclipse lifted the beer can and opened his muzzle as he crumpled the can making the fluids shoot directly into his open muzzle. After he swallowed, he said, "That helped a lot. Now for some food, unless Buddy is the meal. He could feed an army."

        This prompted more laughter, as Gala peaked over the rocky overlook. "I've told him that on multiple occasions. If he wasn't so overweight then people wouldn't say that. I can be here since this isn't a Friday." She grinned widely showing off her fangs.

        She then said, "As for that question you asked your brother earlier before coming outside... His infection was magical; even though yours was caused by dark magic, your conversion lacked the magic his involved with the magical twin lightning bolts. That's why you couldn't just unnaturally stand up after the change like he did. But we were told his situation was prefabricated with mistakes on all sides. Even Albert being mysteriously on Earth just in time to offer help to Vale was super suspicious. It almost got General Osric Sloan's attention. He's been tracking down transformation empowerment victims for years. Especially when Albert Atticus was involved. Just be glad your conversions didn't involve Toonium or else you would have Sloan up your ass, figuratively, not literally."

        Buddy remarked, "She's right. You dodged the Sloan silver bullet this time, which is why we have to be careful. Now come on over here and get the steaks I prepared just for you. Your wolf is likely more hungry than you are. The outdoor bathroom is down the cliff."

        Basil went over and hopped over the stone fence where his wolf took over and he began devouring steaks that were laid out on the table. His human side was trying not to focus on what Eclipse was doing, because eating that much would have made him sick to his stomach and he had dignity. Mentally, Basil said, "Behave and I'll fetch some of Lorraine's chocolate chip cookies. They are to die for." Eclipse mentally replied, "Tempter." Basil then mentally added, "It's either the nummy treat or Doc's needles. Your choice." Eclipse slowed down in wolfing down the steaks. But he was still hungry. To Buddy, Eclipse said, "Basil is trying to starve me. Can't you do something about the unlearned human cub?"

        Nearly every werewolf fell over laughing since that was the funniest thing they had ever heard a werewolf say in regards to their human side.

        Eclipse's body then glowed unexpectedly as the glow dislodged from the werewolf and drifted over to the far end of the table where it reformed into Basil's human body albeit naked.

        "Since you want to be in control, pup, you can do it without me being inside of you. Have fun being without an anchor. I'm going back to Silvermere to be treated like a real human." And he turned to leave.

        Eclipse felt the weight of his own body almost cause him to hit the ground but he grabbed the table to stay upright. "Can he do that, Buddy?"

        Thunder Crest placed an arm around his brother's shoulders. "Basil has performed this trick before, Eclipse. It takes a lot of willpower to pull it off. He got tired of your immature behavior so he simply stepped out of your body. Lord Telstar can vouch for this trick."

        Buddy replied, "If that is one of Basil's powers, then yes, he can do it on a whim. It's a wonder he didn't do it after he woke up here at the farm. But he gave you a chance to be decent. When you proved to be like any other werewolf, he left you behind. But we can train you."

        Basil looked back over his shoulder. "I gave you a chance to prove you were more the knight than I was, but you would have none of it. I never drink a beer the way you forced me to do it. And I don't eat like a starving Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. You act like a slob."

        The werewolves were no longer laughing since they could now see what kind of willpower this human had. It was a shame since he would have made a fine werewolf.

        Basil said to Vale, "Get me home so I can use some decent smelling cleansers and shampoos. Well, back to being a nobody."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Vale popped his brother in the face with his open hand being careful not to use his claws since the moon made him more powerful. "I told you not to say that about yourself. You just had a bad outing the first time. Bart is willing to hire you if you want to try again. But I hate hearing how you put yourself down. You do it again, and I let the Arcadian Werewolf teach you a valuable lesson. Remember what I did to the Angelic Rebel Soldier?"

          Basil shuddered as he recalled the sword shoved through the angel's spine from the top to the bottom coming out the tail bone.

          Buddy commented, "Something tells me that I should be glad I wasn't there."

          Vale grinned evilly at Buddy. "Bart only teleported; I killed a rebel Angel Soldier... with glee."

          Lightningstar came over and said, "When you boys are focused on being knights, you act decent; but then you drift to the side that I often used in the past. Curb it or get what the Doc gave me on multiple occasions. He has that sneaky needle gun. I guess Paladin has a dark side. Ironpaws is going to love this. If not Lord Impy whom lives for this sort of thing. Behave or you are being just like you accused Eclipse of being. A barbarian. Sucks being told how you are acting by the wolf whom grew up as a farm dog. I got my ass handed to me in humiliating ways and if it takes that to get the point across to you knights, then so be it. You'll never make it as actors if you can't act decent and control yourselves. Or are you becoming Atticus Junior?"

          Lightningstar got power punched in the muzzle when he said that to Vale as he was instantly in his Arcadian Werewolf body. Then in a quick motion, his one clawed hand caught something before it could hit him. He tossed the medical needle to the side where it sliced a tree in half. A thunder clap went off as the Doc hit the ground where he stood off to the side. "Nice try doc; I'm not a dumb mutt like the others you deal with!" Lightningstar was laying out cold with his head against the stone wall nearby. Buddy wisely didn't move. Instead, he mentally contacted Bart to let him know what was going on at the farm. "The dishonorable knights are showing their true colors for all to see!"

          Silversurge appeared with his grandfather, Alpha Apollo of the Sun Wolf pack. "You're out of line, Vale!" Then Bart noticed that Basil was butt naked. "Why is Basil naked at the werewolf farm? I know you pups like to roam around in the fur, but Basil wasn't raised that way!"

          Thunder Crest eyed Silversurge. "I suppose tattletale didn't tell you the whole story when he mentally told you that we were out of control. He was going to dip my brother in wolf shit. I've heard nasty stories about this training farm."

          Basil held up one hand and an Imperial Scroll appeared in his hand. "Permit me to share with you what these guys did behind your back. I DECREE ON BEHALF OF EMPEROR KLAEN THAT THE EVENTS THAT OCCURRED HERE AT THE FARM BE KNOWN TO SILVERSURGE AND APOLLO EXACTLY AS THEY HAPPENED WITH NO DEVIATION!" And he threw the scroll to the ground with a resounding poof. Apollo looked angry all of sudden, as did Silversurge. "Humans don't have werewolf mooring lines, Vale! You were a special case; Basil was nipped by Tamil Hasselpaw to cause the initial infection! Since he wasn't born a werewolf, he had no mooring lines! When the mooring line surgery is performed on a human, it allows the wolf to take over and exert his will on the host!"

          Gala leaped up to the ground level where she grabbed her brother and proceeded to beat the ever loving shit out of her brother for trying to help a dishonorable werewolf take over a nice human. Buddy wasn't laughing now; he was trying to get away from Gala.

          Move over, She-Hulk.

          Silversurge said, "Gala will punish her brother since she is the only decent werewolf in the wilds. Let's get you back to Silvermere so you can be decent once again." He and his grandfather grabbed a hold of the Knight boys and Krystal before they teleported back home.

          At Silvermere Castle, Silversurge calmly said while Basil was bathing, "Lightningstar was not told what their plan was nor what mooring lines do. They kept him in the dark. So don't be mad at him for his misinformation."

          Basil said, "I was told that Lightningstar guarded over me at night while I was unconscious. What I don't get is why they waited for me to be awake before they pulled their stunt. They could have done it while I was out."

          Bart replied, "The Initiation can only be done while you are conscious and awake. That allows the wolf the freedom to take over. When Buddy tries to train Eclipse whom is nothing but a dark magic construct, he will learn fast why you separated yourself from him."

          Basil rinsed his hair free of the shampoo and Ivory soap suds. "So Mister Barbarian isn't even alive now that I am no longer part of him? Another Lysan Rogue? Am I still infected?"

          Bart commented, "I don't know. Perhaps after you get dried and dressed, we should take you to the Yuskay Groomers to remove anything wolf related from your body to be on the safe side. Apparently your infection is tied to the sun. That's why Apollo was angry."

          He then added, "We need to do this before sunrise or you'll be dealing with this all over again."

          At the Yuskay Groomers, Silversurge explained to Number One what needed to be done and what Buddy and the others tried to illegally do behind everyone's backs. Number One was livid, but he kept his cool as he took Basil into the operating room. "Good thing Bart got you in here," he commented as he worked on Basil. "A new wolf was starting to take form to fill the void you got rid of. Bart can be pretty smart when he is using his head. We gave him enough groomer baths in the past. His adopted mother paid for most of them. When Bart knew Ghaleon Darktalon originally, he was a decent wolf. But the version of the guy you allowed into LA-TAP is not the same guy. I would say Umbra had something to do with that."

          Basil said, "You keep working on me while I use another Imperial Scroll. I just hope this doesn't fizzle out because of Big Z's decree on the fake." He lifted one hand and an Imperial Scroll appeared in his grasp. "I DECREE ON BEHALF OF EMPEROR KLAEN THAT THE REAL GHALEON DARKTALON APPEAR ON THE OPERATING TABLE TO THE SIDE OF THE CHAMBER I AM IN, WHILE THE PHONY RETAINS BIG Z'S ORIGINAL DECREE PUNISHMENT!" And he threw the scroll to the floor toward the other table. After the resounding poof, other Groomers came in and the real Ghaleon Darktalon appeared on the other operating table albeit all tied up and gagged.

          Number One said, "Give him the full detox while I work on Basil. Look for magical tampering as well as Toonium infection. We don't know what all Umbra and Albert did to the poor guy."

          Ghaleon opened his eyes when he heard the familiar voices. "I placed myself into a meditative rest after they tied me up just before the big migration to the new world. To whom do I owe my rescue?"

          Number One explained how Bart had recommended that Basil Knight seek him out at the Stunt Union and the fake tried to screw the nice boy over as if they were still on QC Planet. "You are currently on the new world, the Live Action Tokusatsu and Anime Planet, or LA-TAP for short. They have the transportal at the St. Louis Arch in Missouri on Earth. Normally coming in through the transportal gives you an immediate curing and detox if the incoming visitor is infected with something related to QC Planet. There is also an Anti-Atticus and Anti-Umbra shield over the world itself. We haven't heard a peep out of Atticus since we came here; he is either still on QC Planet or he is stuck for a thousand years in the Underworld on a Dildo Tree."

          Ghaleon laughed at the idea of a stuck cat lord in the underworld. Then he said to Basil, "Because you rescued me, if you want the job that Bart started doing, it's yours. Everything up front and legal. I always tried to do the right thing in the past. However..."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Ghaleon then continued... "If they replaced me, then they might have replaced a few of the stunt doubles as well. The Tamil Hasselpaw and the George Straitfang I knew would never stoop to dishonest practices just to get a new werewolf out of the deal. And Steve McKing and Roger Packmoore were as honest as the driven snow that usually covered Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Krypto the Superdog's front yard in Terryville year round."

            Basil produced a third scroll and worded it so the fakes shared the Ghaleon fake's punishment while the real guys got brought in for their detox. In fact, Basil wanted all of the Stunt Doubles to receive a clean-up just in case of mind-control.

            Ghaleon said, "You're okay, Basil. You name the time and we'll make the sets ready for you."

            Number One remarked, "Help the right people and get the cleanest results. Just so you know, the dark magic is fighting my efforts to cleanse you, Basil. But I have a trick up my sleeve in cases like this, but I need to take you into the medical blast chamber before I perform this action or none of us will be standing here afterwards. Dark Magic belongs to the realm of demons and they hate angelic sources. I have an angelic cure that I can use on you but only in the blast chamber. Like I want to meet my maker by accident. My father would resurrect me and then skin my hide for harming my brothers."

            Another groomer commented, "Hide skinning or a family yiffing and our father is a Titano. You don't want that cock up your butt, Basil. Diablo may be big, but Yuskay is bigger."

            Basil smiled. "You guys are pretty nice to be giving me that kind of warning."

            The Groomer said, "You have seen how big Horace and Gala are; well, our father is bigger than them."

            Basil grinned. "Now I know where to go when I feel stupid."

            Number One remarked, "I hope that was a joke, Basil. Our father's tool is way too big for a human even though he used to be human himself."

            "Let's get me into the blast chamber, Number One, before you forget what you suggested to rid me of the dark magic."

            Number One stated, "I may have a fight if the dark magic takes on a physical form."

            Basil produced another Imperial Scroll. "I DECREE ON BEHALF OF EMPEROR KLAEN THAT NUMBER ONE YUSKAY GROOMER HAVE THE EXTRA ENERGY AND ADDED FIREPOWER IF THE DARK MAGIC TAKES ON A PHYSICAL FORM TO HOLD ON TO ME!" And then he threw the scroll to the floor with the resounding poof. "Now you shouldn't have to worry about demon stupidity. Let's get this done before the sun chooses to rise in the sky. I am sure Amaterasu doesn't want to put up with this evil thing if she accompanies the sun at sunrise. I am going to owe so many people favors for helping me to get rid of this."

            A few moments later, Basil was strapped down to a special tilted slab in the blast chamber. Other Yuskay Groomers watched from the safety window. Number One came in wearing a combat safety suit. "Let us begin. I apologize for any pain, Basil, in advance."

            The first thing that occurred was Number One injecting a glowing light fluid directly into the area of Basil's body where the infection had been placed. Whatever occurred after that was not known to Basil as he went into a seizure and passed out instantly. But for Number One, there was a vicious fight as the demon energy did choose to take on a dark magic wolfish form to attack Number One full on. The demon got slapped with a fully charged angel wing gauntlet which set off a massive explosion within the blast chamber exactly as predicted. The demon was banished after that to the bottom of the abyss where it got stuck in the nasty sticky stinky stuff at the bottom. The rest of the magical surgery then occurred for Basil whom wouldn't remember anything after the angelic injection.

            When Basil awoke, he found himself in a support harness over a toilet hole where he was crapping out some pretty nasty fluids that had a smell he almost wished he didn't have to smell. Number One was nearby with a gas mask over his muzzle. "Were all done, Basil."

            Basil asked, "By the deadline?"

            Number One said, "The sun rose about an hour ago; but I was finished before that happened. It was a heck of a fight, but thanks to you, I was ready for it. We will give you a thorough bath after you are done with the diarrhea. You really don't want any of this smell lingering on your back side. We also need to wash your hair and have you gargle with angel water, just in case. Please try to stay away from Dark Magic from now on. The demons want to get rid of the Knight family something fierce. The one I fought mentioned that a Cat Lord had hired them to get revenge on you. I don't need to tell you what that obviously means."

            Basil growled as bit. "Even with our family no longer on his planet, he wants to keep fucking with us! What an asshole! I guess humiliating him, Umbra and his illegal recruiters didn't settle well with him!"

            Number One said, "I reported the incident to my father and Klaen while you were unconscious."

            Basil nodded his head. "Good. He shows his true colors by hiring demons to go after humans whom have the same status as tourists."

            Number One said, "No more evil Werewolf problem. Plus, the safe visitation committee and the park world authority are about to launch a massive investigation on QC Planet citing they can be there without a ticket since Albert never abolished that visitation rule when he last did it. Yes, I know... the Cat Lord is apparently still not using his planar brain for thinking since he forgot to undo that visitation rule for adults. Planetary Authority have a planar warrant for Albert's arrest since he left the planes without getting a new Visa to return to Earth. He is a wanted felon whether he likes it or not."

            Basil asked, "What will happen to QC Planet?"

            Number One replied, "QC Planet is to be purged if Albert resists the warrant arrest. Permission to keep the world in existence will be annulled. Leftover Toonium and Recruiters on Planet are to be banished to a sub-plane of the Abyss below the nasty stuff at the bottom."

            Basil arched an eye. "Umbraella too?"

            Number One replied, "They said anyone choosing to use the planet as a criminal base is to be sent to the place below the bottom as if they were still on the planet. Trying to teleport out will land them in the sticky stuff butt naked."

            End of Chapter Six.