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[KMRT-KFM] BK-11 Basil's Restart

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    [KMRT-KFM] BK-11 Basil's Restart

    Magicwood - QC Starknight

    After his brother becomes Thunder Crest on the Wolf Stars TV show, Basil Knight embarks on adventures in Magicwood as the Knight of the Full Moon.

    [KMRT-KFM] BK-11 Basil's Restart.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    It was a full week before Basil turned back up at the castle to get a long hot bath and use deodorant and mouthwash. He seemed in good spirits yet he still seemed distant. When he was fully clean and ready to join the others at the dining table, Basil walked in fully clothed. And he sat down to get some breakfast. "Good morning, family. I have some business in Studio City today. How is everyone else?"

    Vale frowned. "You were gone for a week and no one knew where you were. Now you just walk in and act like nothing is wrong, but I can tell that you are not in the best of spirits. What are you up to?"

    Basil said, "I have to go talk to the Stunt Union in Studio City about a loophole in the rules for getting on TV. I found out that someone had done this before back on QC Planet and I want to know if it is still possible to go this route to get in front of a camera. Going the stunt route bypasses the porn necessity although I wouldn't have had a problem with the old rules. Only you complained about it, Vale. Besides, I can't let you have all the fun in town, brother. Unless you want me to embrace being the family nobody."

    Vale growled when his brother made light of the obvious problem. "You are not the family nobody! You've always supported the rest of us before! We can return the favor!"

    Basil remarked, "My mind is made up, Vale. I don't want to just play in the woods anymore. I want to go into town and help bring in the bacon."

    Vale said, "I just don't want you to get hurt, Basil. The Stunt Union has the mock up suits that you can wear to look like any wolf they need stunts done for someone. You have to keep your wits about yourself and you have to be good at acting as well. It's not enough to be able to do the stunts; you also have to know the werewolf well enough to make people think you are him. And they can also make you do some questionable things while wearing the mock up suit. Silversurge told me these things back before he went full wolf. He had to wear the mock up suit until his werewolf emerged. And you'll need a cool nickname."

    Basil lowered his head as he peeked at his brother. "Am I no longer a Knight, Vale? I am not allowed to help bring in some income?"

    Vale got up. "I didn't say that, Basil. I just said that the stunt union is questionable. I'm not going to stop you; you were always headstrong, like we all are. If things go South, just don't be saying you weren't given a warning up front. At least let me call Bart and ask him whom he trusts in the Stunt Union. Then you will have a name to go get an interview from. It could mean the difference between working and moping around feeling sorry for yourself."

    Vale went over and called Bart on the phone and soon, he hung up and said toward his brother. "The guy Bart says to talk to is a werewolf director named Ghaleon Darktalon. He is usually at the action wolf sets."

    Basil remarked, "It's a start. Thanks for getting the name. And don't worry about me. If they want to see me in porn, I've had nothing but practice."

    Vale said, "Don't even joke about that. Time to head out."

    Action Wolf Sets; Studio City

    At the location, Basil didn't see a lot of wolves around the area, but a few of the security wolves were polite enough to direct him to where he wanted to go. Especially after mentioning Steeeldragon. The 'Got Wolf!' actor had lots of pull with these people and he knew how to get the job done the right way when there was questionable hanky-panky going on in the industry. Soon, Basil was meeting with Ghaleon Darktalon, director to the action star stunt wolves. "Are you an unblossomed werewolf?" Basil replied, "No, but my family assisted in getting you people away from that awful Umbra on the corrupted QC Planet."

    "Do you have Anti-Transformation Insurance in case you end up infected by one of our werewolves. In the old days, we didn't bother asking that question since if the end result was a new werewolf, then they could get to be a big star after their initial shift. Now with our being on this new world, we are required to ask that question and you can thank Lorraine Knight for the foresight to make the inquiry possible. And by the look in your eyes, you want to curse her out something fierce."

    Basil said, "My brother Thunder Crest is in the acting business and no, he didn't start as a werewolf either. But a staged event changed him into one. I was supposed to be the victim, but I wasn't where they intended me to be and my brother got it instead. Since Bart Kaleson got his start as a human in the mock up suit with you guys, I figured that I could try doing the same thing and bring in a little extra income rather than run around butt naked in the Magicwood Forest all day long. Come on, give me a chance. Unlike my brother, I am more open minded about things and I'm not going to hide behind three lawyers."

    Ghaleon said, "Tell you what... I'll give you a trial run just as we did with Steeldragon. But what to use as your nickname...?"

    Basil replied with a smile. "Solarmoon. That way no one associates me with my more famous brother... the goody-goody werewolf paladin."

    The next few hours were spent personalizing a mock up suit for Basil since his body could really fill out some of the muscular wolf suits and his own cock and balls almost perfectly fit into the sheath and sacs of the suits in question. Even lining up the tail hole was like the suits were created for him. And to test one out, Ghaleon had sex with Basil and unloaded his Werewolf seed inside of the boy's body. "That part works, now let's see how you do in a few of the stunt sets. And don't forget, when I call for Solarmoon, you come running. It might take some time to get used to your new name."

    Apparently the big actors were all off ordering lunch which is why the action sets seemed so empty when Basil arrived that morning.

    Tamil Hasselpaw, George Straitfang and Steve McKing arrived and saw the new stunt wolf speaking to Ghaleon Darktalon as Roger Packmoore approached from the other direction. Roger said, "Director Darktalon, I was checking my ammo trunk and everything I requested isn't in there. How am I supposed to do the scene without proper ammo?" Darktalon replied, "Solarmoon is going to do a trial run as the fill in stunt wolf for your practice scenes and we don't want live ammo for a trial run. If he botches it, then we use the authorized stunt wolves and you'll get your full ammo."

    Tamil asked Darktalon in private, "Is this new guy like Steeldragon as in a wolf in disguise or is he more the mounting bait?"

    Darktalon smiled back at Hasselpaw. "A little of both. If he botches it, I'll give you guys permission to recruit him during a bar outing. He has no insurance."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Darktalon then said, "After his conversion and he's too crazy to think straight, drop his ass off at any werewolf trainer other than Buddy. That guy is friends to the family and he might raise a red flag if he ends up with the newly transformed werewolf stunt actor. After his conversion, rename him as Eclipse and don't tell anyone whom he was previously."

    He then added, "After his retraining, I'll foot the bill to get him back under our stunt union as the newest expendable wolf. We may have hated Umbra; but the stunt union was corrupt even before she showed up."

    George said, "I don't expect anyone to be as good as Steeldragon was. He set a high standard for anyone to beat."

    Steve tagged up with Roger and quietly let him know what the others were planning and how he didn't like it and wanted nothing to do with it. If Steeldragon knew this boy was coming here, then they could all be in deep manure if the boy just disappeared. Roger nodded his head and went to get his practice run ready. Steve wanted to warn Basil/Solarmoon, but with the director watching and the other two eagerly in the way, it would be near impossible to get the message to him until it was too late.

    The first two trial stunt runs went as expected which almost made Darktalon think he had another Steeldragon. But on the third stunt run with Hasselpaw, Basil stumbled and the stunt scene had to be reset.

    It probably didn't help that Tamil Hasselpaw had nipped Basil on the ankle to see what the boy's blood tasted like.

    Basil looked to Darktalon. "Not everyone can be like Steel, sir. He had extra energy to burn and a mother at home to avoid by working. I don't have that background motivation. He's a god wolf and I'm just human, as you well know. I don't want to go back to running around in the woods and bending over for donkey boys." Darktalon said, "As you said, No one can do as he did. He had the Carmichael threat at home. However, Straitfang and Hasselpaw would like to give you some pointers during a bar outing tonight. If you do this favor for me, I'll give you another chance to continue the trial run." He replied, "I'll do it."

    At the end of the day, Darktalon intercepted Steve McKing and Roger Packmoore before they could sign out for the night to have a discussion in the director's office. This was also being done so Steve could not ruin the planned outing by warning Basil of the upcoming plot. Meanwhile, Straitfang and Hasselpaw escorted Solarmoon through a shady portion of Studio City where questionable activity (recruiting) could occur and heavily laced alcohol would be served without anyone calling the police. Within one of the shadiest bars in that part of the city, meals and drinks were ordered while the two actors pretended to give advice.

    It didn't take long for Basil to get completely smashing drunk on the drugged booze and food they knew wasn't safe for a human to eat let alone drink. The two then took Basil out the back door where one mounted his ass while the other bit and injected his magical werewolf fluids directly into the young man's bloodstream while the boy received the magical werewolf fluids up his tail hole. Then they got off of the naked human and permitted his eyes and mind to receive the full moon's light that was clearly shining that night.

    Basil found himself much like Bart had before in the midst of something he couldn't fathom nor control. On all fours, he screamed in unholy agony as his arms and legs fattened and twisted with bone crunching and mind-bending fantasy. To Basil, he was mentally falling down a spiraling black hole endlessly while sharp claws and piercing fangs sliced at him as he fell. Physically though, his body grew once more making him the size of an expensive sports car. His tail and fur were growing now and like Bart, it wasn't a typical wolf coloration nor was it like the sun... it reminded the two actors of a living eclipse. Then as his head and muzzle completed their transitions... he lifted his head up and the howl that emerged told the two that Eclipse wanted to hunt, much like Bart had when he found his wolf. They quickly ushered him out of town to the North where a Werewolf training farm resided which was union supported.

    Then as Eclipse hunted for the first time in a primal frenzy, they contacted the union supported trainer and told him about the newest werewolf known as Eclipse and how Darktalon wanted him trained in such a way that he would never ask about his old life period. He was to be the union's newest expendable stunt wolf. The Werewolf Trainer, an old school werewolf called Rumblecloud, agreed to train the newest werewolf provided that the actors and Darktalon stayed away during the training or else he would call Buddy and Gala himself. He could carry out a threat the same as anyone else.

    When Darktalon finally allowed Steve and Roger to leave after midnight, Steve went to the closest phone and he called Gala and Bart at the same time to make sure they were on a conference call and he ratted out what Darktalon was setting Basil Knight/Solarmoon up for with Straitfang and Hasselpaw. He wasn't sure where they were now but the plan was to avoid Buddy all together. But no one mentioned anything about Gala and Silversurge. Bart said he would motivate the Wolf Stars since he thought they left the QC related crooked stuff behind when they came to the new world. Bart mentioned getting permission from his mom.

    Bart had no problem contacting the Wolf Stars about Basil's predicament especially since one of them was Basil's brother, Thunder Crest. Gala woke her brother (Buddy) up and let him know what the stunt union were up to. And then the hunt to find Basil as Eclipse was on. Before sunrise, they had converged on Rumblecloud's training farm where the old school werewolf fessed up and told them the truth; but then he issued an extra warning. "Unless you cure him of this magical infection before sunrise, then this will be his new life from now on. Reed Huxley cannot cure magical infections. And I had nothing to do with this."

    Thunder Crest then said, "Reed may not be able to, but he has a brother in Dreamtime's Kangaroo Town named Grey Huxley whom deals solely in magical infections. Keeping the sun from rising on my brother would be the biggest issue while transporting him to Grey. Making it worth Grey's while for a payment is also another issue. The Kangaroo Lords like cute boys." Rumblecloud then suggested, "Why not have him come here and as a reward, let him look at the cute boys over in Medieval Village. I was down there once and you got some sexy human boys down there."

    Eclipse sighed as he sat with a collar and chain leash combo while inside the doghouse nearby. He couldn't remember a thing and his fur was itching like mad. He wanted to go roll in the mud.

    The condition was something Silversurge could relate to after his first transformation. Of course Bart was more angry with Director Darktalon for arranging this fate on Basil.

    Inviting Grey Huxley to come and treat Basil in exchange for letting him ogle cute human boys resulted in his coming immediately along with several Dreamtime Lords. They weren't all kangaroos. Grey got to work on Eclipse/Basil immediately. "I hate were-critters whom dabble in dark magic. They give good Weres a bad name. They even make the Were-Kangaroo boomers in the Outback look angelic." And then he began weaving his lunar curative powers upon Basil but as he quickly found out, this was not to be an easy cure. He had not been converted unwillingly; they tricked him with a magical dating drug to make him agreeable to anything they suggested to him. Thus in his mind, they asked him if he would like to explore their side of the Were-Fence and he had said yes. But Grey was more powerful still. And he proved it by summoning Lycaeon Apollo, the Werewolf god of Ancient Celtic Scotland. When the god was told what some scummy wannabe wolves had done to this nice boy, even the god growled and he lent his assistance in curing the hapless Werewolf. But as before, they learned that Dark Magic was in play and while they could remove all of the mind control and restore his memories, he was going to be dealing with a Werewolf from now on. At the end, Lycaeon Apollo said, "I hope those whom did this have their fur fall out the next time they get wet. Bald Wolves instead of Werewolves."

    End of Chapter Two.