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[KMRT-KFM] BK-09 QC Resets Suck

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    [KMRT-KFM] BK-09 QC Resets Suck

    Magicwood - QC Starknight

    After his brother becomes Thunder Crest on the Wolf Stars TV show, Basil Knight embarks on adventures in Magicwood as the Knight of the Full Moon.

    [KMRT-KFM] BK-09 QC Resets Suck.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Big Z smiled. "It is the latest accomplishment in controlled transformation libraries. More forms can be added to the greyed out circles to make them live. When you are ready to change to one of your other forms, you say, Battle Card Duel, Activate, and then you focus on the form you want to change into. The transformation will instantly heal and clean you. I had to cash in a favor with Arcadian Games to make this work right. They make games too. For now, I think you need to change back into Vale so your new life disc can get started."

    Gary Goldenday smiled. "I'll be around soon." And then he struck his pose and said, "Battle Card Duel! Activate!" The gaming grid reappeared and the wolftaur was then replaced by the human boy before the grid faded away. "It even cleaned and repaired my fur suit that I really liked!"

    Big Z then said, "You need to resume the Courier Hellhound form so you can finish your training." And then he finally noticed that Basil was standing outside of Telstar. "I am assuming that our fix didn't hold, did it?"

    Basil said, "When I saw my brother dying, my willpower permitted me to come out and approach my brother when it didn't see like Telstar wasn't making any motion to approach and show compassion for someone I truly love. I think the Telstar form is his own person currently and not connected to my forms library any more. I am sure it was an accident; but he can help Alpha Messagefang to run the Courier Hellhounds, when he isn't filming Telstar's Heroes which is currently a big Devi-TV hit. And Impy is none the wiser."

    Diablo said, "My son won't like that, Basil. He thought he was getting you. Your name is still on the opening credits."

    Basil said, "Are you sure?"

    Diablo arched an eye as he mentally went back into his memory and watched the opening of Telstar's Heroes and he saw, Starring: Lord Telstar, followed by the rest. Basil's name was only mentioned in the ending credits as a story coordinator in small print. "How did you arrange this, Basil?" The human boy grinned. "Time rewrites also effect the Underworld, sir. You guys don't have a failsafe in place to prevent stupid time rewriting. I am the Lunar Paladin once again." Diablo growled as he knew the boy was right.

    Vale said, "Back to my training form." And then he struck his pose and said, "Battle Card Duel! Activate!" The gaming grid reappeared and the human boy was replaced by the Courier Hellhound called Valesong before the grid faded away. "As long as the stupid special treatment stops, I can enjoy the rest of my training. But I am still under the human-safe food diet. No treats for me even if the Alpha thinks I deserve one."

    Basil smiled as he looked at Big Z, "Could I get one of those Duel arrangements for my forms, Z?

    Big Z replied, "Only if you promise to curb trying to learn new forms every time the Sun farts in the sky. The gaming grid circles are limited for now."

    Basil laughed. "So you think Amaterasu is gassy?"

    Big Z quickly said, "I didn't say that! But she might be. Let me hear the promise and you get one of the arrangements."

    Basil said, "I promise to try to curb my weakness to learn new species forms."

    Big Z turned to look at Finik. "You heard him, Finik. He gave his word." Z then pulled out a battle card and placed it over Basil's chest. "Focus on the Devil Mouse and say the words."

    Basil struck his pose and said, "Battle Card Duel! Activate!" The gaming grid appeared and the human boy was replaced by the Devil Mouse apprentice before the grid faded away. Z noticed that Basil still had quite a few forms in his collection. Not as many as before the clean-up; but he also had a non-lorded version of the Courier Hellhound. Basil said, "Looks like I am back in business, Master Finik? Or are you on duty. I can never tell." He then changed into his Tokagi Lizard Merc form and then a rabbit monk form and his donkey boy form.

    Then Basil shifted into his Hellhound form; yes, he noticed it. And then back to his human form. "Looks like you get to be your own person, Lord Telstar. I still got my Telstarpaw form."

    Lord Telstar scanned Basil and said, "Yes and the Courier you have is not lorded. So we can exist separate. But don't you dare abandon me with that new TV show."

    Basil said, "I won't."

    Alpha Messagefang said to Lord Diablo, "The rebel forces put my beta and I on dildo trees in the far south forests and then they had their fakes take over the courier realm. Utilizing an old monk's trick I had learned during the wars, I projected a psychic image of myself into the realm to look for anyone whom could be our salvation. And then Basil Knight came along."

    Quota put the Bad Hellhound Paddle away. "And now we know the rest of the story." Finik grinned. "It was well worth the wait. Let's get Valesong back over to his bunk so he can get in some sleep before his officer classes in the morning."

    Telstar approached Valesong and said, "Before you go, I want you to look at something." He pulled out two morsels from his courier pack. He held one up. "Sniff this one." Valesong did so and said, "That's one of those dangerous treats. I remember the smell from the bag you and Basil had at the house." Telstar then pulled out the other and held it up. "Sniff this one."

    Valesong did as asked and then he sniffed it again; then he said, "That one doesn't smell like a fresh treat. What gives?"

    Telstar put them both away. "The second one is what ended up in your meatloaf on the first night. Tastes the same but is human-safe; but you can always tell by the smell. Generic brand."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    The next morning during breakfast, every Courier Hellhound cheered when they saw Lord Telstar leading Alpha Messagefang and Beta Reportpaw in to address the entire pack. The first part of the information was to explain where they had been this whole time. The second part of the news was to explain that Valesong was to get no more promotions; he was only there for the Courier Training. When he got promoted up to Captain way too easily, he complained that the other Cadets who had been there longer were not getting these promotions and most deserved them. "To remedy this situation, any cadet or pack member whom would like to be an officer line up in front of my office and I will promote you up to Captain, same as Valesong."

    Like his brother Basil, Valesong was regarded as a respected Pack Brother after that. He had spoken up on behalf of the other cadets and those whom did not formerly gain officer status.

    They still had to take the classes and pass them; that was the only catch.

    When Valesong reported to the Lieutenant class, he was glad he was the only one in there. The main crowd were in the Sargent class this morning. The officer Instructor said to him, "Thank you for helping to bring the original Alpha and Beta back to the camp. Normally a feat like that would be grounds for a promotion, but you don't want to bypass Captain and I don't blame you. Here's your study book; just do your best. It doesn't matter how many you get wrong. The camp loves you." And for the next six hours, he studied.

    One hour before lunch, Valesong was given his exam and he quietly filled in what he hoped were the right answers. Then he turned in the exam and he waited for the grading.

    Just before lunch was to start, the instructor came over as he knelt down to hug Valesong. "You passed, Let's go get some lunch."

    At the mess hall, Valesong was surprised when Beta Reportpaw sat down next to him at his eating spot. Normally he would be eating with the Alpha. "I didn't get to say this last night, but thank you for rescuing the Alpha and I from where we were stuck at. You are a real hero. Diablo said that you set off an Imperial Scroll in your hand rather than to throw it. You are lucky to get a second chance at life following something like that. Those scrolls can rewrite reality; I think everyone was surprised that you were back to how you were on Earth."

    He then said, "I know you don't want any more promotions, but I still want to give you something nice; you decide on something and I will get it for you." he then looked at the human-safe meal. "How's the food?" Valesong grinned. "Adequate for my delicate stomach. I am in a much better mood today than I was yesterday. The Lieutenant instructor said that he could tell from how I did during the exam." Reportpaw said, "I know you will be in your Captain Class after lunch. Do you mind if I watch, discreetly? I promise not to distract you."

    Valesong smiled. "Yes, you may watch. Although it is usually pretty quiet in the officer classes."

    Reportpaw grinned. "The Sargent class was, pardon the pun, packed."

    They both giggled and then Valesong finished his lunch; and then it was off to the Captain class. Reportpaw actually returned to the Alpha's office. Arriving alone, He received his Captain rank text book and he sat in a seat and began the six hour reading of the text book. And then an hour before dinner time, he was given the exam. Since he was still in a good mood, he only missed one question in the exam. The instructor hugged him and said, "You passed, Captain Valesong. Ready to go see what's for dinner?"

    Valesong lick-kissed the instructor in return. "Oh yeah, I am hungry. But I have to stick to my diet. It keeps me in shape for the Olympics and being a hero."

    The two went to the mess hall tent and it was an awesome spaghetti and meatball night. Valesong's was human-safe while everyone else had really delicious smelling versions. Water was always human-safe no matter what. When he was finished, he went and spent some time in the doggy toilet and then it was off to the showers to clean himself. After getting dried, he changed into Thunder Crest and walked back to the bunk quarters and once he was inside, he powered down to his Hellhound form and he got into bed.

    Any more, he was cautious about going back to the bunk house without an escort, so he would use Thunder Crest for that.

    The next morning, he was greeted by Messagefang and Reportpaw and they packed up his belongings and escorted him over to the officers building. "Due to the Angelic forces prowling around, it isn't safe to be bunked in the Cadet quarters anymore. So all cadets are being moved to the officers block. Once you are settled, you can go get some breakfast." When Valesong entered the room indicated to be his, he saw Lord Telstar laying on the opposing bed. "What are you doing in here?"

    Telstar smiled. "These are the RA's quarters and since there was a spare bed, I asked Messagefang if you could be bunked in it. This is not special treatment, Vale. I am doing this to apologize for not letting you pet me. But the old you was in heat and I know you didn't want my cock and knot up your ass. When Basil doesn't need me at the filming set, I get to be here." Valesong said, "So this is an apology. Okay. All I have left to do are my training courses. And since promotions are blocked, that shouldn't be a problem."

    Telstar said, "When you go back topside, I will be coming with you. Like I want to be in the Outer Planes when the wars really get started."

    Valesong finished getting his things in order and then he was joined by Quota and Finik as he explained to them why they had to move to the new dorms. Then it was off to get breakfast.

    After breakfast, Valesong was shown a course that looked rather weird. The Instructor said, "Welcome to Echo Barking. Since you are named for a powerful voice, this should be easy for you. There are two echo laden corridors and at the end of both is one pole with a light weight metal ball on top. All you have to do is bark an echo strong enough to roll the ball off of the pole's top and it will fall and hit a bell at the bottom. When we hear the bell ring, we are done with this course. Then we will take you to another fun course. Begin!"

    Checking the wind and the angle of the corridors, Valesong struck a pose and released a powerful bark that set off a chain reaction of echoes down both corridors. Then as he and the instructor listened, they eventually heard the bell ring not once but twice before all was silent. Reportpaw showed up and said he had been watching the target via crystal ball. The metal ball hit the bell and bounced nearly straight up and then hit the bell again before flinging off to the side of the bell position. "You have a rare bark, Valesong." And he left.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      At the next course, the instructor said, "Most Cadets hate this one when they get close to the end. Somewhere along the course, we have an officer known as 'The Catcher'. He likes to be well hidden and then surprise a cadet just when they think they are home free. When you feel him tag you, then you have to return to the start and wait one hour before trying again. This gives him a chance to take a new hiding place. Your brother did this in one shot and we don't have any record on how he did it. The Catcher was pissed though. He vowed it would never happen again."

      Before the instructor could say begin, Valesong asked, "Is the Catcher supposed to be playing the role of the villain in this course? As in the enemy forces?"

      The Instructor replied, "Technically, yes."

      Valesong said, "Then technically, I will kill him if I detect him before he can tag me."

      The instructor said, "You can't do that! He's an officer!" Valesong got nose to nose with the Instructor. "I am also Thunder Crest. An Arcadian Werewolf Hero. The same guy who rescued Messagefang and Reportpaw from where the rebels imprisoned them at. I am also an officer myself. If I detect an enemy, I will kill him." The Instructor said, "At least give him fair warning."

      Valesong lifted his voice. "Hey Catcher! This is Valesong also known as Thunder Crest! I am about to attempt this course! Unlike my brother whom evaded you, if I detect an enemy, I will kill them! So if I detect where you're hiding first and you try to touch me without permission, I will deem that as an attack!" He then looked at the instructor again. "I warned him. Let's get this farce started. I am already pissed and you know what happens when I lose my temper. I'm not like Basil."

      He was no longer in a good mood. Now it was deadly serious.

      The Instructor rang a small gong and shouted, "Begin!"

      Valesong took off and once the instructor was no longer in sight... Valesong struck his pose and said, "Battle Card Duel! Activate!" The gaming grid appeared and the Courier Hellhound Captain was replaced by the Arcadian Werewolf called Thunder Crest before the grid faded away. "Now to teach a fucking cheater a lesson!" And he loped off along the side of the training course which was thankfully flanked by trees. When he reached a rise, he peeked over the top and he saw the finish line in unprotected view. Then he sniffed the air. The bastard Courier Officer known as the Catcher was using an Invisibility Cloak a few feet in front of the Finish Line. He glanced up at the sky over the training course and... a massive lightning bolt fell out of the sky and flattened the officer where he stood which left him smoldering. "Battle Card Duel! Activate!" The gaming grid reappeared and Thunder Crest was replaced by the Courier Hellhound called Valesong before the grid faded away. He then came over the rise and giving the Catcher a wide birth, he said, "What happened to you?" The Catcher was still nearly paralyzed but he could still speak. "I got hit by lightning. I need the doc."

      Valesong stepped over the finish line and said, "I am going to forfeit my win for this course because I am the one whom hit you with lightning when I detected you using a magic item to hide. An Invisibility Cloak? really? Since you were using magic, I decided that I could use magic. I am also an officer, under duress." And as he was loading the Catcher up for transport back to the doc, Quota and Finik appeared visibly. "We just informed Messagefang what had happened out here, Valesong. He agrees that you can leave whenever you like."

      Finik said, "Your training with these dishonorable hounds is over, Valesong. We can go home to get some real food."

      Valesong said, "I need to drop off this guy with the Camp Doctor and then I need to tell Telstar that I am leaving. No congrats party like Basil got."

      Quota said, "They asked Basil not to use his personal powers during training, but they never made that request with you. They effed up. Let's get you packed for the trip home."

      Dropping the Catcher off with the Camp Doc, a brief stop was made at the Alpha's office where the Invisibility Cloak was dropped off for the Camp leaders and then Valesong hit the RA's bunk quarters. "Time to go, Telstar. I got permission to leave. It's back to Silvermere for now." He then explained what had happened at the last training course of the morning. Then he packed up all of his earned belongings. Telstar said, "Its a shame you are going to leave before the final training course of your set."

      Valesong stopped. "You mean there was only one left. What is it?"

      Telstar replied, "It is called Emergency Supplies. Instead of a letter, you are toting emergency medical supplies along a normal obstacle course. The fewer cherub statues that you topple, the better your score. We can bring Reportpaw out with us and then when you finish the course, no one can say you just up and quit before finishing the training courses. After doing that course, I will take you home, personally. You didn't quit the Catcher course, so stopping now would be a let-down."

      Valesong said, "We can say that my leaving early at the end was due to a family emergency back home. That's why I didn't attend the completion party that night."

      Telstar said, "Let's go get some lunch and I will speak to Reportpaw discreetly while you dine. Don't tell the other cadets what the plan is or else they will throw the party right at the end of the course. And then getting you home will be difficult. Valesong said, "It they don't let me leave, I will change into Thunder Crest and blast them. I am still not in a good mood, Telstar." Telstar stated, "That's why we need to do this last course privately. And then leave as fast as possible."

      Valesong said, "So my last diet lunch and then the final course. Then we can go home."

      Telstar smiled. "It will be worth it, Valesong. I'll be glad when I don't have to call you Valesong anymore. Its a tongue-twister."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        Lunch was uneventful for Valesong. Although a few of his former cadets turned officer friends from the original bunkhouse asked him how far ahead of them he was in training courses and officer classes. He decided to fib by saying that he was having to retake a few courses and classes due to a technicality. He also mentioned that the Catcher got hit by lightning.

        When Telstar approached Valesong as lunch was ending, Vale noticed the former friends made themselves scarce. "Why did they back off, Telstar?"

        Telstar escorted Valesong off to the doggy toilet and said, "Make good use of this, kid. The others while you would be off doing courses would poke their noses into my quarters and try to get me to reveal just where you were in training. I didn't catch on at first, then one day I happened to come across the same group planning your graduation party. They were going to have unsafe for humans food and drink at this bash so they could get you to stay among their number when it ended. I reported this to Messagefang and Reportpaw. And that's why Reportpaw and I have been personally checking on you. I also told your case workers about the sneaky plan. I don't know how many instructors are in on this. But that's another reason we need to get you out of here the moment your last training course ends. The Officer Cadets you spoke up for love you. They say."

        When Valesong finished leaving manure, he went to the showers to clean himself; he really didn't like the Hellhound butt wiper device. It didn't get you fully clean.

        When they arrived at Emergency Supplies, there were a few Hellhounds around. Telstar lifted his voice. "Attention Hellhounds! Since Valesong was about to flat quit and he isn't ready for this course yet, we were showing it to him to give him motivation so he wouldn't give up. He is not in a good mood. So unless you want Thunder Crest to happen to you, it is best advised that you go about your business; or risk getting hurt or killed."

        Valesong growled, "I cannot wait to do to a Hellhound what I did to those Angelic Soldiers!"

        The loose Hellhounds all departed. Quickly. Valesong then whispered, "That sure worked."

        Telstar quietly replied, "I also found out that when an Instructor yells the word Begin, it is to alert all Hellhounds that a course is about to be attempted."

        Valesong said, "So they know that this is the last one I've not done yet."

        Telstar replied, "Yes, and that's another reason we need to do this as quietly as possible. If they find out that you are doing this run, they will go to the finish line and congratulate you before they drag you off to the party you want to avoid." Valesong made a nasty face. "Then Thunder Crest gets to kill a lot of Hellhounds when they try to grab me. I am still not in a good mood." Telstar remarked, "I will quietly say the word 'Go' and then you begin the obstacle course. Even if you knock all the Cherubs over, you still win. Go."

        And Valesong took off into the course where he only toppled two cherub statues and then as he was approaching the finish line where he could see Reportpaw, he also saw all of the rest of the Hellhounds from camp waiting on him. He stopped just before the finish line and growled, angrily, "BATTLE CARD DUEL! ACTIVATE!" The gaming grid appeared and the Courier Hellhound Captain was replaced by the Arcadian Werewolf called Thunder Crest before the grid faded away and the expected TF Blast occurred which blew all of the Hellhounds away!

        The course was completely decimated and trees were uprooted and thrown asunder! This was followed by a runaway lightning storm that struck anyone whom wasn't even supposed to be near the course today. Reportpaw was spared, but it was obvious that Valesong's final straw got messed with! Lord Impy was filming this from a very safe distance. "This is what happens when you fuck with an Arcadian Werewolf whom is already in a bad mood! Glad I and my boys are not closer!"

        Messagefang never bothered to show up. He was watching this shit from the safety of his office via Reportpaw's crystal ball. he was glad his Beta was being spared.

        The Camp Doc would be busy after this.

        Thankfully for all involved, Thunder Crest suddenly heard Lorraine's voice, "Dinner is about ready, guys. I hope Vale will be home for this; I made his favorite." The Storm then stopped.

        Only then did Telstar teleport over to Vale's position and place a paw-arm around his waist. "No more diet, Vale. Time to go home." And they teleported away from the destruction zone.

        Somewhere in mid-teleport, Thunder Crest powered down into his Vale Knight the Human identity. Then they arrived at the Silvermere castle property where Lorraine was setting the table.

        When Lorraine caught a whiff of Vale, she exclaimed, "PHEW! You stink, Vale! Go bathe this second! Your case workers can help you! When you smell decently, then you get your home-cooked meal! I don't care if Hellhound Scent is a fashion statement in the Underworld; it is rank and stinky! Scoot! Scoot! Besides, we are in enough trouble!"

        Vale was about to head off to get clean but he stopped when he heard what Lorraine had said at the end. "In enough trouble how?"

        Lorraine said, "Get clean first and then I will tell you."

        When he entered the bathroom, he said to Quota, "Oxy-Clean spell and soapy diesel fuel, please. I need to cleanse all of my forms, just in case." Quota said, "One mass-cleansing coming right up, Vale. It is good to be topside again."

        Finik said, "I got in some master-apprentice time with Basil while we were down there."

        As Vale bathed, he pondered aloud, "I wonder what trouble the Knights are in now?"

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          When Vale emerged hopefully smelling fresh and humanly clean, he returned to the dining hall where he saw Basil and Krystal waiting along with Lady Amaterasu. "Okay, Lorraine. Make it good. My good mood has not entirely returned as yet. What new trouble are the Knight family in?"

          When Amaterasu saw Vale's aura she almost fled the building. Vale wasn't just a Werewolf; he was an Arcadian Werewolf. Absolute worst case scenario especially when they are angry.

          Lorraine said, "Remember the night of the Rampaging Wolf Beast where after you transformed, Lord Albert showed up and said you needed to be taken to QC Planet for your own safety so Werewolf hunters didn't try to kill you simply by being the one thing they hate?"

          Vale arched an eye. "Of course I remember that. Dr. Tennyson was with him that night. I got the weirdest examination ever and right after Basil offered to bring the older siblings with me to planet, Albert looked angry at first until Basil gave off the family motto. When Krystal learned we would be stationed outside of Studio City, she said she would pay her way in."

          He then added. "Krystal wanted to study Studio City filming practices to further her education in how professionals make a movie or TV show. Krystal, do you still have your stub?"

          Basil exclaimed, "Oh yeah, the stub! Most customers throw their stubs away but Krystal kept hers as souvenir. She had to give a reason for being on planet after purchasing the Education Pass. She showed it to us and currently with all the other documentation missing, that stub is strangely the only proof of what we have been saying all this time." Krystal opened her camcorder bag and she unzipped a hidden pocket and she pulled out the stub which was glowing as if to indicate that some power was trying to wipe it out.

          Krystal held up the glowing Stub from her ticket purchase and began to read the print on the stub. "Given reason for being on QC Planet with the fully paid Education Pass" And she named off a date of not even a week ago. ": Krystal Faid wants to study Studio City filming practices to further her education in how professionals make a movie or a TV show. While on planet, she will be staying at the Knight Compound or wherever they have moved to since arriving on the planet. The Knight siblings are an okay bunch. Vale Knight is her best friend from high school. He was an inspiring actor whom got transformed into a Werewolf after a hellish beast bit him and what he said was a twin lightning bolt hitting him. Lord Albert Atticus told Vale he had to migrate to QC Planet to learn about werewolf lifestyles so he could be educated in how to further control his werewolf powers. When Basil Knight offered to bring himself and his sister Lorraine Knight with him to planet, Albert Atticus looked angry at first until Basil gave off the family motto. "We're Knights; it's what we do!" Albert relented at that point and actually smiled as if to indicate that someone had been asking about a knightly minded young man. Contracts were signed with the parents with the witness of what looked like two imps in business suits. One had a law symbol on his coat." Then she turned the stub around for the Celestial goddess to see for herself. Word-for-word. And the ticket sales cat lord's name was printed just below that. This was damning evidence that could not be disputed.

          Basil said, "After arriving in the Magicwood zone, I learned that a supposedly former recruiting-minded trapper dragon was after a knightly-minded human to become his newest Slit Mate to join his menagerie on the inside for the rest of his life. He had made a petition to Albert to acquire this human and he bothered the family for over a week until we arranged for an Anti-Dragon Barrier to be placed over the Compound for our own protection. Then the turd complained to Albert about the barrier."

          Lorraine said, "And that is what cemented our decision to move out of the Compound since it seemed like nothing more than a Recruiters Trap."

          Vale then added more fuel to the shit flames. "Upon arriving on the planet, Albert assigned a Legendary Werewolf to become my instructor in all things werewolf; His name was Lightningstar or Star for short. We later found out that this werewolf had QUIT Buddy's Werewolf Education Farm after a falling out regarding another student and Star's boy whom was putting off a very strong virgin scent. Even though Star adamantly claimed that Tom Rivers was his; there was no claiming scent on the boy's nether areas at all."

          Krystal said, "Werewolf lifestyles are disgusting ma'am. They think butt sex solves everything. And they aren't the only ones; several studio heads and Umbra agree with the philosophy."

          Amaterasu was listening to what the siblings and family friend were saying but she was also taking a full color photo of the ticket stub with the writing exposed. "Next question: Why is it that no one else on the planet can remember this information that you are quoting to me?"

          Basil lifted his head. "Hell Emperor Klaen? Could you please have your head image appear in our dining hall? Amaterasu just asked us a question about why no one else on the planet can remember the data we just gave her. All other documentation seems to be missing."

          The Hell Emperor's image then appeared although Lord Yuskay's image was right next to his own along with the Master Cat's image (of Nirvana.) Klaen said, "Big Z got warning of the event happening before it could overtake everything on planet. He rescued Silvermere Castle as well as Lorraine and Krystal before going to check on the brothers whom were both in the underworld getting Courier Hellhound training. Big Z found out that Albert had a fail-safe spell set up so if he was ever off the planet for longer than a week, a spell would go off causing a time reset which would then bring Albert along with anyone else kicked off the planet back as if they were never gone. This permitted Albert, the trapper dragon, the Mud Flats alpha unicorn and Umbra to be returned to the planet as if they had never left. As for you, Amaterasu. Am I wrong in assuming that Divine memory is protected from time incursions?"

          Amaterasu replied, "You would not be wrong."

          Yuskay then said, "My head groomer explained to you one morning why they were cleaning up the Knight siblings and placing the barrier on the Compound. That should be in your memory."

          The Celestial goddess then closed her eyes and looked into her tower of iron will and she saw the conversation. In detail. Including how Albert was in another heat/rut.

          The Master Cat then dropped the bombshell that would likely piss Amaterasu off. "Normal Cat Lords go into Heat/Rut once a year in the Spring; Albert's was occurring every four weeks."

          Amaterasu was fuming now and trembling.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Basil said, "Just before Albert was sent off to the Nirvana Cat Lord Hospital, the entire West coast was being hit with a non-stop massive rain storm downpour which would keep Founder Core conveniently away so sneaky things could occur. But... the day the Master Cat enforced Albert's hospitalization in Nirvana to investigate the recurring Heat/Rut, the storm simply turned off as if Albert himself was controlling it. How close were the Cat Lord Doctors toward discovering the source of Albert's mystery Rut/Heat, Master Cat, sir?" The Master Cat's image didn't look happy. "They were running the last test and all of a sudden, we got a report that Albert and Umbra had escaped from the Hospital as if by magic."

            Lorraine handed Amaterasu a cup of herbal tea. "Sip slowly, ma'am. It will help to calm you down so you don't make a mistake you will regret."

            The Celestial goddess sniffed the liquid before she sipped it. "That helps." She stopped trembling. "How could this stupid asshole run a place like this?"

            Big Z was simply sitting on a shelf to one side, "That's easy, your grace. Albert was doing this all the way back in the Quad Counties and no one was the wiser until too many people disappeared including legal representatives. Albert once asked me if I could use my gaming worlds to make undesirables disappear. I chose to lie to him since I was already dealing with an instance where a nice young man got sucked into Stampede Advanced and I was trying to arrange for him to set free. In a way, I am still working on it. Time resets suck, your grace."

            Amaterasu said, "I am mentally informing Pardusius and Purzo about this turn of events which I now have irrefutable evidence to defend the Knights being on planet. As for Lord Albert, Master Cat, would it be possible to establish a Cat Lord Hospital on planet that smelled just like Nirvana that Albert could be confined to for the rest of the tests that your doctors were about to solve?"

            The Master Cat said, "As long as the majority of Founder Core were in agreement to establish the hospital then it could be up and functional by tomorrow morning."

            He then added, "Albert doesn't count since he is to be the first patient."

            Amaterasu said, "I can convince the other two Founder Core members easily. For Pardusius, all I have to do is mention the Safe visitation committee. For Purzo, easy access to check-ups."

            The Master Cat stated, "Please make it so, Miss Amaterasu."

            Vale said, "So we're on the planet legally now or do we need to fill out some paperwork first?"

            Basil added, "I don't think Albert will just roll over with as flimsy as a ticket stub as evidence, Bro. Hell Emperor Klaen, the Contract Imp and Law Imp that Albert had in attendance initially, what happened to the paperwork they would have had to have taken back to Lord Yuskay? Yuskay, Sir... the reason I didn't direct the question to you is this. Even Lord Diablo Kisume admitted that surface world time resets can effect the Underworld. I caught him on this fact when I got out of my Devi-TV contract initially."

            Basil said, "If Klaen would use an Imperial Scroll to demand those signed contracts with Albert's and our parents names on them to appear, he could then send copies of them to us here and Amaterasu could take a full picture of those just in case time tries to wipe them out. Or Big Z could cast the preservation spell on them the way he did with the ticket stub. How about it guys?"

            Klaen then said, "I think Albert may have caught on that you people are having a meeting. I just detected him leaving his home in the East and he was headed West."

            Basil said, "We need those original contracts fast then."

            Klaen said, "Get ready to cast that spell, Zecma!" And he was seen with an Imperial scroll in his claw-hand. He powered it up and after wording the request, he threw it through the image toward their dining table top. As the papers appeared, Zecma hit them with the spell and they took on the glowing effect that was effecting the ticket stub. Basil stepped over and looked at the writing on the contracts. "You better look at this, Amaterasu. This is it. Along with the date of the Rampaging Wolf Beast."

            As she began looking at the contracts for Vale and the two siblings coming to QC Planet and using her camera to take pictures of them, Pardusius and Purzo both appeared in the dining hall together at the same time. When Pardusius saw Klaen's image, he was on his knees immediately. When Purzo saw the Master Cat's image, he bowed his head and said, "Good evening, sir. My work was set back by the time reset."

            And then, the barrier over Silvermere rippled as it prevented two more people from penetrating the barrier and appearing in the Dining Hall. It was Lord Albert Atticus and he was not even wearing his Hazmat Suit. His tag-along guest was none other than Umbra. Lord Yuskay exclaimed, "Porn Queen Umbraella La Forge! The entire Underworld was wondering where you went!" Umbra paled when she heard her full name being spoken by an Underworld Lord and then she saw Klaen's image. And she was also on the floor next to Pardusius.

            Big Z grinned. "The more we learn. Is she one of Impy's lost stars or one of the other studios, Yuskay?"

            Yuskay remarked, "The other studios, actually; it was thanks to her that she almost helped to put Devi-TV out of business until Impy switched to porn only programming."

            Basil grinned. "Temporarily, actually, I set up a deal with Impy to make use of the rest of his networks so he could cash in on all genres. The Devi-TV family networks is about to have a grand opening very soon. DTV-66 will be Porn as it is right now along with Game Shows with sex as an undercurrent and porn news reports; with my suggestion, he gets to claim the other unused 60 range channels as part of his network. DTV-65 will be child friendly programming. Cartoons and teen shows. DTV-64 is to be Underworld Sitcom shows. And there is more."

            Basil added, "Impy was looking forward toward acquiring the rights to DAC for rebroadcast on DTV-66. The most pornographic Digimon series ever filmed where the actors never got paid."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              Big Z then said, "Am I imagining it, guys? Or is there a Founder Core empowerment on Umbra? I was looking at her aura just now to see what shows she had starred in and I saw Albert granting her a Founder Core lordship. Did any of the rest of you know about this?"

              Albert growled, "You're wrong, Zecma! That's not what it is!"

              The Master Cat chose to leave his image and physically enter the room. "So this is why Umbra is out of control. She's on the expected power trip associated with being empowered."

              Albert started to retort at the Master Cat but found himself unable to backtalk the lord of all Cat Lords.

              The Master Cat said, "We are going to set up a Cat Lord Hospital on QC Planet that has Nirvana filtering and you will be admitted to that hospital so we can resume our tests on trying to cure your monthly rut that no other cat lord ever experiences. We were on the verge of a breakthrough back in Nirvana when your spell rescued you out of Nirvana and returned you and all of the other undesirables to QC Planet. Queuecee Catnip would never put up with the way you have perverted this amusement world."

              Albert made the motion to growl and tell off the Master Cat but found himself unable to. Apparently no Cat Lord could tell off the Master Cat in their direct presence.

              Purzo walked over and examined Umbra without touching her and he said, "Yes, it is indeed a Founder Core Empowerment. And I do not recall a meeting of Founder Core to permit her into our ranks. I have no records in my record department of her inclusion, therefore, her empowerment should be removed post-haste." Klaen then said, "Pardusius, you may get up. We miss your making costumes for locals."

              Pardusius then got back to his feet. "Thank you, your grace."

              Umbra growled, "What about me?"

              Klaen exclaimed, "The moment your empowerment is removed permanently, you will be free to do as you like."

              The Master Cat looked hard at Albert Atticus. "Either remove the empowerment or receive a castration as the cure for your monthly rut problem!"

              Nearly every male in attendance of the meeting crossed their legs at the Master Cat's cure suggestion.

              Basil then spoke to the Hell Emperor. "Klaen, sir... In order for your ultimatum to be permanent, you need to use another Imperial scroll to undo Albert's fail-safe spell and make it so he forgets the original spell out of his memory so he cannot recast it again later." Albert sharply turned to Basil and shouted, "SHUT UP, BASIL! YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE DRAGON'S SLIT MATE BY NOW!" Basil grinned sly. "Go on, Albert, sir... tell us more of your involvement with a recruiter dragon."

              Albert realizing that he just fucked up shut his mouth fast.

              Umbra then decided to earn some kudos with the overpowers. "Albert had empowered me to assist him with the covert recruiting operations that were running in the background. Since Magicwood had been relocated to the West Coast, very few recruiters were permitted to stay on planet. Occasionally one of the recruiters would request a particular type of human and they would directly send Albert word of these requests. The Trapper Dragon wanted a knightly minded human boy whom would be too naive to know what a slit mate was and once inside, he would get stuck like all of the others. This request was made a few hours before the Rampaging Wolf Beast filming night. Had Basil gotten the Arcadian Werewolf empowerment as per the original plan, then Vale would have been the target of the dragon. But when it went down the wrong way, Albert, whom was nearby watching, made the pitch to have Vale sent to QC Planet as per his script. Then when Basil made his knightly statement. Albert knew he had found his catch. But due to Magicwood special conditions, Basil got mixed up with the magical chessboard at the same time that the King's Knight Donkey soldier tried to use a spell to escape from the World of Magicwood and got stuck as a statue. Basil had an adventure in the Starknight Sector where the Wolf Wizard got involved and he cast a protection magic on Basil." Albert was about to yell shut up, but the Master Cat exclaimed, "Let her speak! That's an order!" Albert stayed silent.

              Umbra said, "Thank you, Master Cat. Now for the story on why I originally came to Studio City... I got tired of doing Porn in the Underworld. Yes, I know... shock shock. How can someone get tired of the number one genre? Because I had allowed most species to do me on screen, I learned that my studios were lining me up to be stretched by a dinosaur in a new Porn flick. Enough was enough. I told my director that I was starting to lose my edge for doing porn and I wanted to go topside to educate myself on how the surface world actors did Porn. Acquiring a legal VISA, I got transported topside and with the intent to get into serious acting, I encountered the same problem that I seem to embrace now. Once an actor did Porn, they were no longer deemed capable of doing serious TV show roles. Every studio in Studio City upheld this philosophy on behalf of Albert Atticus. Learning that other porn stars wanted to do serious roles and couldn't, I happened to chance upon an application to take over the Studio City Review Board. The old CEO wanted out and he was selling his shares of the Review Board. So I met with the guy and bought out all of his shares. He was a racist against non-canine species. He didn't want to sell his shares to no cat even though many cats with money offered him double his asking price. After I was in control of the Review Board, I decided to get revenge on all of the studios for singling out Porn stars. That's when I authorized my special requirements list for getting a show approved for release. I had nothing against Ironpaws at the time; but his idea would have angered every wolf in Studio City."

              Basil asked, "What idea was that, Umbra?"

              Umbra replied, "It was a show called the Felis Cruise, completely backed up and supported by the Wolven Navy of QC Planet. The Cast broke every rule in the Studio City book. The Captain was a male lion. A FELINE in a LEAD ROLE. Next up was the Cruise Coordinator, a female panther. Then came the Ship's doctor, a male duck. Then was the ship's bartender, a male kangaroo. Then the ship's photographer, a female swan. And finally, the ship's purser, a male wolf. The worst taboo possible, a wolf in a bottom rank role. I had to veto the show."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                Umbra then added, "I didn't learn this at the time, but the captain was none-other than Braveheart Lion in his first non-Care Bears role ever offered to him. Later I felt stupid for vetoing the show knowing what Braveheart was capable of in the Care Bears."

                Umbra sighed. "Four years later, the people on Earth released the human version of the show, The Love Boat, and that's when we realized that we dropped the ball on a decade long hit."

                Umbra said, "The Felis Cruise could have showcased Wolf Actors freshly getting into the business while getting a vacation cruise at the same time. I blew it; but my pride wouldn't let me tell Ironpaws that he could release his show. And then he put together an all wolf movie that he hoped would spin-off into a hero series which would claim all of the ratings. He hasn't put together this show yet, but he is planning it."

                Basil felt a ping in his stomach as he petted Umbra on the head. "Perhaps it isn't too late. When the Love Boat was canceled in the Mid-90's, the Earth people wanted to see any kind of continuation of the show at all as long as they could dream about what if. With the Care Bears about to wind down to a close and the future production studios focusing on Bears only, Braveheart is out of work again. Authorize the show so he can film more seasons. You would be saving face with American Greetings."

                Vale said, "Studio City needs a kick in the seat of the pants if they are to ever rise toward better ratings."

                Umbra looked up at the Knight siblings. "You're willing to forgive me? I might backslide later on. I am not perfect."

                Unseen, Hell Emperor Klaen had been using an Imperial Scroll to undo Albert's fail-safe spell and removing the spell from his memory and any spell books entirely. When he was done, he glanced up and said toward the She-Wolf. "You may get up now, Umbra. And please don't force good people to have to prove themselves by doing porn. You wanted out of that and then you forced others to do the thing you wanted out of."

                Albert was being forced by the Master Cat to undo the Founder Core empowerment on Umbra. "Within your original charter, Albert, you said that all Founder Core members had to live on the East Coast. Umbra is living on the West Coast, thus she is not eligible to be a member of your Core," said the Master Cat.

                When Albert finished, he said, "Do you require anything else of me? Or can I return to the East Coast?"

                Krystal piped up at this point after being quiet all this time. "Albert? I want to request Citizenship permissions for the Knight Siblings and myself. This would undo the being on the planet without permission issue you originally brought up before you messed up by admitting the dragon had requested Basil as a Slit Mate. I am willing to make payment right now."

                Zecma then said, "Since the Knight boys are testing a new game interface for me, I can keep an eye on this bunch for Founder Core easily. I have a lot of gamers out here."

                Albert summoned his laptop and he opened it to get land prices that would need to be paid for citizenship. And then there was the actual citizenship fees for legally being on the planet. There are four of you and the land is $750 dollars. Citizenship for four non-child humans comes up to $4,000 dollars. So your total price comes up to 4,750 dollars."

                Basil called out, "I need D.I. himself please. I need to spend some of my Direct Investments Account funds for a family issue." DI Kisume appeared along with an Elite Financial Imp. funds were then paid out to Lord Albert and contracts were authorized that D.I. would be taking back to his bank for the legal record. Then they left.

                Albert said, "Purzo will authorize your citizenship ID cards, Basil. You now own this property. The Master Cat and I will return to the East Coast where we can decide where the Cat Lord Hospital should be set up. We don't want to spook the tourists. In the Quad Counties, the hospital of choice was called the Insanitarium. And the very name spooked the tourists something fierce until they learned it was the hospital for toons."

                Amaterasu said, "I just recorded this entire transaction into my Divine memory. Well, I need to get ready for bed. I am sure none of you want to see my beauty mask." And she left.

                Pardusius grinned. "Her beauty mask make my costumes look pretty." And then he left.

                Lorraine then said, "For the rest of you, I am about to set the table for dinner. And Umbra, as long as you visit in a civil mood, you will be allowed into the castle. In the meantime, Whom all is hungry for some of my steaks and pot roast?" I have a pumpkin pie in the fridge...." Vale was licking his lips. "She is a horrible tease. I am so hungry. The couriers nearly starved me." Umbra said, "I know of the Couriers, their food is not that great. That's why they hand out all those unsafe treats."

                Purzo, Albert, the Master Cat, Zecma and Umbra joined the others for dinner thanks to the dining table being medieval sized. Umbra soon said, "This is actually good. I don't think I have ever had a home-cooked dinner before. It is actually better than the restaurants can make."

                Big Z said, "I've had a few dinners like this from thankful gamers."

                The Master Cat said, "The herbal tea is delicious. A fine touch to a meal of this quality. How is yours, Albert?" Albert said, "I cannot believe I ever wanted Lorraine Knight to leave since she can prepare a meal like this."

                Purzo smiled. "Meow! My compliments!"

                Krystal quietly said to Lorraine, "Looks like your culinary skills have helped our standing once again."

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.

                  After dinner, Vale was showing Umbra his acting skills from high school. Basil had transformed into his donkey boy form, a form that he rarely used on the mainland; but he had a mission in mind. During dessert he noticed that Vaughn wasn't with them, so he wanted to go find him. Lorraine was doing dishes while Krystal was reading over Professional Filming books.

                  Packing up a few bags of Lorraine's cookies, Basil headed out and went over to Bartender Bill's Donkey Recruiter's Pub first. As he looked in the door he asked the evening crowd, "Anyone seen Vaughn the Vulpani Faun in the last few days?" Bartender Bill came over to where Basil was looking in from and said, "You aren't a donkey boy I've ever seen before. Did you escape from Pleasure Island?" Basil handed him a bag of his sister's cookies. "Bill, it's me, Basil Knight. The Lunar Paladin."

                  The moment he said the words, 'Lunar Paladin', it was like every donkey's memory in the pub was restored at the same time. "Basil! You brought more of your sister's cookies! Vaughn might be at his favorite stream side glade and if he isn't there, then be very careful because he could be back at the home herd's cavern helping to deal with his people whom are mega horny currently." Basil then explained how there had been a time reset and anyone not lorded nor godly forgot the entire last week as if they had never done it. Bad Boys were moved home.

                  Bill said, "That would explain Lampwick's ire earlier today and yesterday. He said that several bad boys escaped from the island without a trace."

                  Basil said, "Wherever they had been a week ago is where they are now, as human as they were before. The recruiters simply need to go get them again."

                  Bill hugged Basil. "When you gave off your title, I remembered everything, Basil. Thanks for coming by and helping with Lampwick's newest problem. He will be so happy."

                  Basil then headed out to where he remembered Vaughn's favorite stream-side glade was. He found indications that Vaughn had been there in the last twenty-four hours, but he wasn't there now. So steeling himself up for a possible orgy, he began to head off into Faun territory to find Vaughn whom likely wouldn't remember him at all; like Bill initially hadn't. As he went deeper into the territory, he soon came across the cutest young faun playing music on his mandolin to a few animals. "Melodyr? It's the Lunar Paladin. I have some cookies for you."

                  Again, by saying the words, 'Lunar Paladin', Melodyr remembered everything as he held out one hand as if to receive the cookie. Basil set out the bag and got a cookie out for the faun.

                  Melodyr slowly ate the cookie and then he smiled at Basil. "Thank you for restoring my memory. Is Bill looking for me?"

                  Basil shook his head. "The entire bag of cookies is for you, Melodyr. He isn't looking for you, so you are in no trouble for not being there. Everyone is having memory problems. However, I am looking for Vaughn the Vulpani Faun. He probably won't remember me, but I want to restore his memory like I did for you." Any ideas where he might be?" Melodyr said, "He and one of his people came by here this morning; the discussion was that the alpha got his cock and knot stuck in a hole that he could not free himself of." He then gave directions.

                  As Basil approached the far side of Faun territory, he saw a sign. "Beyond this point, the sexually gay Vulpani Faun tribe are in one of their ruts. If you proceed and are caught, you will be fucked no matter whom you are. They are the masters of the male booster shot. If you get pounced, you are bound to get pregnant and there will be no rescue from this. Proceed cautiously at your own risk! Frying Pans won't even work against these people. They are so bold, they would even fuck a dragon!" Basil blinked his eyes. "Wow."

                  He smiled. "Where were these guys when that one dragon was bothering me? Wait a moment..." Just ahead, he saw one of the Vulpani border guards stepping into view. He could see the donkey boy at the warning sign, but he was not running that way. So Basil chose to be diplomatic. He pulled out a cookie and held it out as he said, "Lunar Paladin. Mister guard... this is a cookie which contains sugar and chocolate chips. I am looking for Vaughn; he is a member of your tribe. I just read the sign and I know of the problem your alpha has."

                  This time mentioning the words did not have the expected result. Instead, the guard faun twitched and said, "So that is what I did last week."And then he trotted over to accept the cookie. After eating it, he said, "I am glad you didn't pass the sign. Vaughn is inside and he is unable to figure out how to free the alpha." Basil asked, "Where is this hole he is stuck in?" The guard faun said, "It is on the floor under where he would normally sleep. We aren't sure when the hole got there but the alpha is in pain."

                  Basil said, "I think I can help. But tell me something. What importance is Vaughn to this tribe? I know he isn't like the others."

                  The guard faun smiled. "He doesn't mention this too often but... Vaughn was the direct planned son of the former Shaman of the tribe. When the old Shaman was dying, he passed on all of his powers, abilities, and resistances to his son whom automatically became the new Shaman of the tribe. Then the old Shaman died and Vaughn took him away to be buried somewhere special. It was supposedly the old Shaman's favorite place for educating young pretenders."

                  Basil grinned. "I know where that is. Vaughn still educates pretenders there himself. Could you please call Vaughn to come out here. I will tell him what I think will help the alpha."

                  Moments later, Vaughn emerged with the guard faun from the tribe cavern which was hidden by tall bushes. When he saw the donkey boy, he said, "Why is one of Bartender Bill's boys way out here? Surely he knows that we don't have any bad boys." And as he approached the donkey boy standing at the sign, the donkey boy said, "Lunar Paladin." Vaughn held his head for a moment before a gleam of recognition of the voice and the eyes made him smile. "Basil! You shouldn't have come out here! My people will fuck you!"

                  Basil smiled but he resisted hugged the Faun even though he wanted to badly. "Listen up, for I am about to tell you on how to free your alpha from that hole he is stuck in." And Basil asked Vaughn to get some olive oil and then tell the Alpha to relax and try not to jerk his cock and knot in the hole. Gently reach under his back bottom side and pour the olive oil into the cracks where the cock and knot slid into and then have the Alpha wait thirty minutes. If need be, feed him a cookie. At the end of the wait, the knot will deflate and then the alpha can slowly pull himself free of the hole. Once free, the hole and any like it should be filled with clay mud or rubber cement to prevent that from happening again. "I mainly came to find you because I like you; I knew that you wouldn't remember ever having met Vale and I originally. I wanted to restore your memory when I realized you missed one of our dinners."

                  Vaughn hugged Basil anyway and kissed him. "I hope this works. I've tried everything else." After getting a few bags of cookies, he went back into the tribal lair while Basil waited.

                  End of Chapter Nine.