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[Furthian Eras] Eps 07 Dangerous Medicine

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    Mary was quickly restored to her human self though she was suffering a similar headache and pains to Janet. The divine coin worked wonders but it didn't mean that it was painless. She was having to come to grips with all of her unlocked potential at once. It was a little overwhelming.

    Jacob was a little flushed but outwardly nothing seemed to happen.

    Inside Fake Brad's mind, there was rather suddenly another presence. Standing slightly to one side was another wolf. One of pure silver light that no demonic entity could withstand being in the presence of. Joseph, in his Guardian form with the Purification Aura on, growls, "Enough, 'Light-Stalker'!" The wolf then walked over to the human, "There is one thing in my journey that I have learned. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves who and what they are. You have as much right to the name Ace as you do to the name of Brad." He circles Brad and then stands beside him, "Remember when you created the religion. And Stalking-Moon retired. Did he say he put someone inside you or that you had taken up his position? You are the God; And you have the right to step down when and if you choose." He points to 'Light-Stalker', "That is just another part of what the demons did to you when they stole you. It's a fragment of their influence, festering and pulling on your own self-doubts. Your own mistakes give it strength. To stop you from reaching your potential. To defeat yourself. I am not here to fight your battles for you but, I am here to ensure that you know what you are fighting...and while it cannot be destroyed by just using those two powers..." Joseph touches the boy's hands, imbuing them with the same silvery light, "In accordance with your true heart, you will be able to seize your own Truth and destroy it if you choose... When you are done here, there is someone who wants to talk to you."

    After that, Joseph appeared outside Fake Brad's body and stood there, waiting as Eddie seemed to stumble to his knees, holding his head near by. Joseph looks over at Freddy, "Second part done, Freddy. You were right. There was an secondary poison. We'll know the results here in a moment."


      Janet shared her extra-strength head-ache medicine with Mary and Eddie. Jacob and Ten were fine.

      Ten smiled at Joseph. "Is it wrong for me to want to pet good looking doggies? When they are happy, it makes me happy."

      Fake Brad's body glowed a bright silver as Stalking-Moon's son appeared on all fours on the floor for a moment before he levitated butt first into the air and his facial expression was one of what happens when a talking animal gets his annual shot in the ass. He wasn't about to give humans the privilege of hearing him cry like a little baby.

      Elderon appeared in the chamber with both swords drawn as he ran at Freddy only to get the same thing Light-Stalker got with no rubbing alcohol. Elderon was dropped on the floor after that. Other animal (dragon) gods in the Hall were then also getting their inoculations before they could escape.

      Freddy grinned. He had called Australia's foremost Artificer to come and administer medical shots. Auranea Martelle-Devlin had the power to go anywhere. Dreamtimers hated shots; Animal Gods hated shots. She never missed.

      Fake Brad walked over to Joseph and shook his furry hand. "You helped a lot." Then he went over to his friends and sat down as he species shifted from Wolf To the Platinum Time Unicorn of Justice. This healed his bloody nose instantly. "I'll take the liquid medicine, Mrs. Devlin. I want to be a good patient." And he got a small bottle of some reddish purple syrupy like medicine. The label said, 'Drink it all and ignore the taste.' And he did. Moment's later he had his long tongue stuck out of his mouth as he grabbed a bottle of Wine off the table to wash the nasty taste away.

      Janet asked, "It was that bad?"

      Fake Brad held the open empty medicine bottle under her nose and she almost turned into a Persian-Green Feline. "Anyone else want a sniff?"

      Ten was petting on the Silver Wolf. "No thanks."


        Joseph smiles to Ten as his tail was wagging a little, "Not at all, Ten. You might be a bit of an animal empath. They tend to know when an animal needs petting and canines might be your preferred animal. Now one last thing to accomplish." He focuses a moment and taps a paw on the floor. A small silver door appears.

        Out of it, Edward, in coyote form, appears. He looks around then seeing Fake Brad and Eddie. He looks over at the silver wolf. "Thank you, Joseph."

        Joseph nods, "You have until the door closes. Or you make other arrangements."

        Edward nods, "I understand. You're doing more than I could have hoped." He looks over at Fake Brad, "Brad... I wanted to tell you... I couldn't be there physically but... I've never stopped watching you and the others. After the time change, I didn't have a way to stay but I want you to know I never stopped watching or being as near by as I could."

        Edward looks over Eddie, "Man the gods and Queen have done a number on us huh?"

        Eddie rubs his head and nods, "We're really FUBAR. But if you are here, does that mean we can fix this?"

        Edward nods, "Yeah. Now that we're both on the same plane of existence and you still have all of that coin's power running through you looking for an exit." He looks over at Brad and the others, "The Atticus family aren't and never have been true humans, though they can appear human when needed. They're allied to the Spellmans and Elspeths, which might surprise you to know are related. And we've been allied to the Amerindians for generations as well." He looks over at Mary, "By the way, Salem Spellman would love to meet you sometime."

        Mary rubs her head, "AFTER this headache stops, I'm sure I'd be much more willing to make that a promise. He's welcome to stop by any time, I think, though."

        Edward nods, "I'll let Dad know when I can." He looks at Eddie, "Welp. Ready?"

        Eddie says, "Not...really. But yeah, let's get this over with. You know the words."

        Edward nods. He traces an intricate looking magic circle on the ground and lifts his voice, "Oh, Spirit Brothers, stead fast friends!"

        Eddie sings in refrain, "Cast your song upon the winds!"

        There was a burst of energies from between the two, starting to swirl around them. Brad could feel the connection. One that extended to him and to Stalking Moon and to others he wasn't yet fully aware of.

        Eddie raises his voice again, "Brave, the Great Cat guards the lair, With teeth to rend, claws to tear! Lead the battle, first to last, spirits of the cats, hold fast!"

        Ghostly images of the great cats of the plains begin running around between the swirling mists.

        Edward says, "Cunning as the Coyote now, Never to overlord we bow! Lest some fiend our freedom blight, spirits of the Coyote fight!"

        More ghostly images appear, these of various canids, mostly coyotes. They guard the backs of the felines and fight side by side in their mystic run.

        Together both of them then chanted, "With your sure and healing hands, help us draw the magic of the lands. To heal the souls and soothe the minds, that were sundered by the times!"

        Edward and Eddie walked toward one another and for a moment, merged. Then they were obscured by the mists rushing in as the spirits lent their aide.

        After a moment with a huge rush there is a bright flare of light from the magic circle and all the spirits suddenly FWOOSH and disappear and the silver door Joseph had been holding open, slammed closed.

        Standing in the remains of the circle were a VERY sexy black feline with piecing green eyes and a rather good looking human with golden brown eyes.


          Frith then said, "Queen didn't yank Edward out of the timeline; the Dreamtime America spirits did that. Don't make it sound like someone jumped the gun. His main focus was saving Brad's life."

          The Artificer said, "I know where they live so they will get their shots later."

          After watching the display, Fake Brad said, "I made a deal with Light-Stalker before I made him get out of me. If he can prove to us that he is more mature than his father deemed, then he could get his inheritance anyway. But he would lose the Ralean Mesa Temple connection. Only I get that benefit for my other god positions here on Rale."

          Ten joined his friends since Joseph only wagged a little. "Does this mean that Edward is going to be living in the Playboy Penthouse with the rest of us?" He winked.

          Bender couldn't believe he said that with Miss Medical Needles still in the room.

          Janet said, "Perhaps we should head back to the Divine Corridor. Part two of our Rale visit was to see about doing a training mission With Hart's supervision. I know we are newbs, but we need to get some experience and the weekend is the only free time most of us have."

          Lord Hart said, "If that is on your minds, We need to make sure you have the proper equipment first. We know a few training dungeons with monsters and bandits. No demons since they cannot get on the continent anymore."

          Fake Brad smiled. "Sounds like a plan. When it comes to professions, I am not picky. Janet is a Psion; Mary is a Mage; Ten is an Acrobat; Jacob is into repairs, which falls into the Rogue class; I don't know what Eddie would be unless he has gotten better with his potions. I could be a Cleric, I suppose."


            Edward looks over at Frith, "The yank as you put it was done to save both of our lives. Don't think for a moment that I begrudge Queen saving Brad's life. Given the choice, it's a sacrifice I would have made willingly. However, it was the definitions of his temporal reset and alterations that created the situation where the two of us got split and the spirits had to intervene. Otherwise half of myself and half of Eddie would have ended up dying." He shrugs, "But I don't hate the guy."

            Edward smiles, "I would like to if there is room and Brad permits it."

            Eddie says, "You can share my room if there isn't a free one. Oh hey... I remember Yote now... Damn, I can't believe I forgot about him. I'm still not sure about this whole spirits thing. That's still more your area than me, Edward."

            Edward smiles, "I know. But it's okay. We'll figure it out."

            Eddie looks over at Fake Brad, "I think I'll be able to fit into Alchemist. I think part of what I was missing..." He looks over at Edward then back to Fake Brad, "is back now. Plus my explosives and alchemist fire are rank 5! It' healing ones and the ones you use on people that were tending to blow up more than my explosive ones."

            Mary smiles, "It would be nice to learn to use some particular spells too. I'm really interested in seeing the training dungeon."

            Jacob blushes, "I can try. The Rogue class huh? That's the same as the cute lizard cute in the Fellowship, right?"

            Mary giggles, "Yeah. That's Rayne."


              Hart giggled. "Rayne has been looking at the new boy's butts, an old favorite activity of ours. I've never known him to look at a woman's butt, unless it has jewels and precious gems on it."

              Janet said, "I guess Mary and I are safe then."

              Lucinda then said, "Brad? A Cleric is a fighting priest profession. limited chain armor, Short swords, daggers, maces, a shield and your holy symbol. Normally you would pray for your miracles, but since you are a god, your selection might be unlimited. but you don't want to cheat too much and take away the fun for the others."

              Freddy then remarked, "Your line-up so far is the Tank/Healer position, Three Arcane classes (Psion; Mage; and Alchemist), and Two Rogue classes (Acquirer and Acrobat, the last one is where martial arts fits in.) Mary also has Martial Arts in case stupid monsters get too close to let her cast spells. The escorts will be there in case they have something you are not ready to fight just yet. We cannot let training rank adventurers get killed."


                Mary grins, "And I've been training on my mystic arts. I might get a chance to actually see it work for a change with the healing done."

                Jacob grins at Janet, "And you get crush our enemies with your mind. Just don't think bad thoughts at me."

                Eddie smiles then looks at Edward, "Will you be okay while we're gone?"

                Edward says, "I'm sure the Fellowship and the gods won't let me get into too much trouble."


                  Fake Brad then said, "Since they keep harping on me not cheating for the team, No one should use your Time Bracers to look at a layout of the Dungeons floor. It is flawless. I can show Hart what the overworld function looks like before we go into the dungeon. He might enjoy it."

                  Ten smiled, "When you're in a city, you get an interactive city map; allies are in blue and butt holes are in red."


                    Jacob nods, "Makes sense. That is a really neat feature though."

                    Mary nods, "Yeah, it also can highlight population density and help you plot the fastest path to sales at the mal...I mean.. The fastest way around traffic to save the target..."

                    Eddie couldn't help snickering at Mary ratting herself out like that.


                      Hart said, "I suppose it could be a test run to see whom all would be tempted to use a magical item a normal adventurer your rank should not have access to."

                      Janet said, "How about this? Brad, summon Time Bracers For Hart and Freddy and they can look at the maps while we are doing the newb thing."

                      She then added, "As for cheating, Hart really has no room to talk. He wanted to ditch the fellowship at the Western Keep. Don't be so surprised, Reindeer. I've read the book and seen the movie."

                      Hart was blushing.