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[Furthian Eras] Eps 02 Paradox Reset

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    [Furthian Eras] Eps 02 Paradox Reset

    Furthian Eras RPG
    Episode Two: Paradox Reset
    By Lord Pouchlaw and Darquirrin
    July 21st, 2021

    Human Character List:

    1. Brad Majors, 19, Mercury Unicorn Time Prince (former male human) - Lord Pouchlaw
    2. Janet Weiss, 19, female human - Lord Pouchlaw
    3. Tennessee Gauthier, 19, male human - Lord Pouchlaw
    4. Edward 'Eddie' Owlfeather, 18, Coyote (former male human) - Darquirrin
    5. Mary Sue Smith, 19, female human - Darquirrin
    6. Jacob Black, 19, male human - Darquirrin

    Carnival Comic Periodicals; South Brooklyn, New York City; Planet Earth

    Canon (Dreamfox) had a new full color advertisement ready to be included in the backs of his existing comic books to advertise Mary's new comic adventures. He had gotten up before dawn to do this based on her comic art. He would get her approval before advertising her debut in CC Comics.


    Brad's Apartment

    Brad was awake and so glad Canon had thought to put speaker phones into the apartments. He couldn't figure out how to hold the normal receiver up to his new Unicorn head. He was also glad these phones had volume control since he knew what the response would be once he made his phone call back home.


    "Majors residence." It was Brad's mother whom had answered the phone.

    "Mom, this is Brad. The guys whom broke into the house brought me to New York City to hold me for ransom, but I escaped from them using a trick that Janet taught me. But in escaping I got injured and now I am at a recovery center being paid for by that Comic publisher at Carnival Comics. He said a loyal fan like me didn't deserve to be injured. Also, the burglars working with the kidnappers targeted you and dad because of your anti-furry stance. They said that people whom don't like furries don't deserve to own fur coats or any other luxury that came from an animal. So in addition to me, they were after your luxury goods. Because I didn't feel safe living in the family home anymore, I have chosen to accept an apartment from the publisher up here where I am a janitor while recovering from my injury. He had some people go by the house to clean all of my things out of the house. So if you saw my empty room yesterday, that is what happened. I already let Janet know where I was and she is on her way. I left a message on Eddy's answering machine. I will be keeping in touch when I call home."

    "Will it be alright for your father and I to come see you in case you need medical forms signed and stuff?"

    Brad was afraid she would suggest that; they absolutely didn't want him to be free of the family. "Mom, I am horribly disfigured; I do not want you and dad to see me this way. You might make it worse."

    And that's when he heard angry bitching and cursing coming from his father whom had been eavesdropping on the other phone to listen in on the call.

    Brad said, "I got to go, recovery center WI-FI is about to cut me off, mom. I'll be in touch as I recover. Please, do NOT come up here. Those burglars are still wanting your stuff and you might accidentally lead the kidnappers to my new hiding place."

    His mother started to say, "But-"

    Brad deliberately ended the call at that point. He did what he knew he had to do. As long as they didn't show up, he was free of them. But if they got too annoying, he would just move in with the Anthro Justice guys at their base on Furth. Yes, he fibbed about contacting his friends, but it was necessary. He never mentioned Mary because he didn't want his parents to really come apart for his hobnobbing with a furry artist.

    "Now to see if I can figure out the rest of my powers. Glad I don't have super jump like Dreamfox does. That would hurt."


    Janet's Apartment

    Janet was up doing her morning yoga meditation. She never told anyone that she was into this, but it helped her in dealing with stupid bullies.

    Mary's Apartment

    Mary was up early as usual but this time at her nice new artist desk in her isolated room. She was quite happy and grateful that Canon had thought to supply her with everything she needed to continue to work on her comics. Today she was working on a final draft of what she hoped would be the first issue in her successes at CC Comics.


    Edward's Apartment

    Edward, in his new coyote body, had just woke up when he felt the need of a long trip to the restroom, followed back a much needed cleaning. The trip to the bathroom was enlightening in many ways as to the functions of his new body that he was personally glad the girls were not there to see. Afterwards, he took a pair of older jeans and made some adjustments for his tail and legs before putting them on. He skipped any underwear as with his new equipment tucked away as it was, he saw no need for it.

    After getting himself basically presentable, he glanced over at the phone and then the computers with a bit of a mischievous grin. He held out a hand over the device and his paw begin to glow slightly before Janet, Brad and Mary's phones began playing bits of some old cartoon jingles resampled, '...Friends for life, through thick and thin, We got Further Tales to Spin!...'

    Before Edward could go any further the signal cut and Chris's voice came over his line to Edward, "Alright. Welcome back to the land of the living. Rule 1, NO PLAYING WITH MY SYSTEMS!"

    Edward grins, "Sorry, just was testing some things out. Can't blame a guy for testing out his new abilities, can you?"

    Chris grumbles, "Shush you. And keep your coyote paws off the sensitive systems. The rest, I'll just be watching. Chris out." And he cuts the connection.

    Edward put a paw to his muzzle, snickering, "You were right, Yote. That IS fun." Told ya so.


      An hour later, a few representatives and lawyers from National Detective periodicals arrived to speak with Canon Richards in regards toward using characters in each other's comics. ND needed something to get back into the top ten. Canon had taken a nobody company that couldn't even score in the top fifty and was getting into the top three at least once a month.

      Canon said, "Correct me if I am wrong, gentlemen, but didn't you have access to a ND comic character called Captain Rabbit or something like that whom had been a member of the Shazam family?"

      One artist said, "That was Marvel Bunny which we had to stop using after Marvelous comics complained that we were using part of their comic name in our characters. And then the Anti-Furry Movement demanded a cease and desist on Funny animals in human comic books."

      Canon said, "I discovered recent proof that Marvelous Comics are bankrolling the Anti-Furry Movement. So if that last statement you just told me is true, then Marvelous Comics are going to have to cancel their Galactic Guardians comic that they are developing because an old funny animal character of theirs is part of the new team. Comet Coon or something like that."

      The lawyers all said as one, "That's right! What a bunch of hypocrites!"

      Canon then said, "Lend me all of your formerly funny animal characters from ND and I'll reinvent them in the serious style that I have been publishing the rest of my comics in. But instead of labeling it under my company, I will brand it as Indie Comics in association with CC Comics. In the fine print of the legalese of each comic it will explain that Indie Comics is a subsidiary of ND comics which are being published at CC Comics. Then you can keep your paws clean with the fake Anti-Furry Movement which is a bogus load of crap. Three months ago, I offered to buy all of Marvelous Comics' funny animal characters and they told me to drop dead. And I said, 'With the Anti-Furry movement, you can't use any of these characters at all without coming under the gun. I am not afraid of these jerks, which is why I am publishing the comics the way I want.' They still refused to sell. And then as I was leaving, I overheard some of their gophers revealing the MC plot of being involved with the Anti-Furry Movement. I've been investigating that slip of the tongue ever since. And then I learned that they were revamping Comet Coon as a serious animal character directly ripping off my company's take on animal humanoids. I informed my lawyers to keep a look out for their new comic and to smear it as they have been doing to me. A direct ripoff will not be tolerated. That's why I asked you artists to bring your lawyers with you so we could discuss a company saving deal. While I am capable of drawing humans, they are boring compared to the serious animal characters that I publish stories about."

      One lawyer said, "So you are saying that as long as we ask you for permission to do a take on the serious former funny animals we own, then you won't be angry with us for doing it?"

      Canon replied, "That's the bottom line. I was going to ask you guys if you would sell your funny animals to me since your company had been faltering. But this association deal could save your company and slap the faces of MC at the same time. Serious Animal humanoids are copyrighted to me and Carnival Comics. Others have to have my permission to use the idea in their publications. MC told me to drop dead and then they turned around and started developing Comet Coon as a Serious Animal Humanoid. They need to cease and desist or else I will legally end up owning their character since they are stealing my concept without my permission. Direct wording from my lawyers."


      Janet came out of her apartment to go find some food and she overheard part of what Canon had told his guests. But she headed out to get a meal anyway. She would talk to Mary later about this. But then again, Mary joined Carnival Comics when it was offered, so that meant that she had permission.

      Brad had large assortment of French breakfast foods laid out on his dining room table. He would share if asked, but no one came by that morning as yet. Teleporting between countries was fun. Since he was an adult, he didn't have to make short teleport hops to get somewhere and only the United States was up in arms over furries. The rest of the world seemed open minded about the whole thing. Not to mention, the Rale and Furth movies had not been censored in Europe at all. Only America had age rated them.

      He nibbled on a glazed French pastry as he read over an International Newspaper in English. His unicorn horn could translate languages written or spoken.


        Mary stretched and got up, "Okay, done with that. Time to reward myself with some breakfast... preferably something fruity and bagel-like." She got up and headed into the dining hall to get some breakfast. As she did, she saw Janet heading the same way. She sighed softly and waved, "Hey, Janet? Heading to breakfast? Want some company?"


        Edward had already made his way down at the dining hall, happily sitting at one of the tables eating his breakfast, scrambled egg sandwiches with lots of bacon and sausage. He was kind of amazed how different things tasted and smelled! His tail was wagging up a storm as he enjoyed all that Canon's company had to offer.


          Janet said, "Sure thing. I caught wind of some of the things Canon was saying in his meeting with ND Comics and their lawyers. Canon owns the copyright on Serious Animal Humanoids. Good thing you accepted his offer to join CC. Hey, I smell French pastries."

          Brad commented toward Edward. "Glad to see you off of your back. Americat said the Victorians were too organized in the way they were acting during our mission. He said they shouldn't have learned our plans so easily. But Strikeback mentioned that the female flamingo school teacher was unaccounted for when she was helping everyone get out of the trapped park. Everyone was located except her." Then he saw Janet approaching his table. "Help yourself, ladies. I can't eat all this myself. But they did come from France when I was out and about this morning."

          Janet filled her platter with some food and goodies. "Anything nice in that newspaper?"

          Brad replied, "The Rale and Furth movies were a resounding success in Europe and Asia during the week. It was only age-rated and restricted in the States."


            Edward says, "Thanks. See you found some kinda teleport power." He tilts his head a little in a distinct canine way before asking, "That's really weird. So what happened to you, Brad? How'd you get that second unicorn inside there?" He looks up at the two entering ladies and smiles, nodding to them. "I was a bit unconscious for the last explanations."

            Mary smiled at Brad, "Nah, I'm more in a bagel and fruit mood this morning than anything too sweet... Thanks though." She went over to get a plate of various fruits and some nice toasted bagels with cream cheese. She glanced over at the coyote then when passing Brad, she leaned in, whispering "So who'se the new coyote?"

            Edward sighed slightly but smiled, "Mary, you need to remember even if we don't have super hearing, furs like us do have VERY good hearing on the whole. You could just ask."

            Mary blushed furiously, "Ah. Sorry."

            Edward says, "It's alright. I'm Edward. I'll be hanging out with you and the others for a while. Actually, we already knew one another but my timeline had some damage due to the outcome of the fight with the Victorians so you might find being around me brings up some odd memories and weird anachronisms until everything is stitched back together. I'm a novice technoshaman and Spirit Caller. I will be offering my help to the team. I've been told if you remember really hard you might have conflicting memories of Brad accidentally stepping on my tail once when we were younger and the fact that humans don't have tails." He winked.

            Then Eddie looked over at Brad, "By the way, Brad, a messenger from Owl already delivered the news to my family...specifically to my Grandfather. If ever we need shelter away from the City, the reservation grounds are always open to us. No matter what you look like or may end up."


              Brad took the time to explain to Edward how when he time hopped to their mission locale, he and a young unicorn prince tried to arrive at the same occupational space at the same time. Since he had already weakened himself to evade capture by the Axis soldiers, the young prince surrendered to the merging and Brad became the new Mercury Unicorn Time Prince without any knowledge of how to use the prince's powers. "Therefore.... I am now, Brad Majors, Mercury Unicorn Time Prince of the Light Order Clan. His father had been murdered by another unicorn whom wanted to turn the young prince over to an evil witch named L'era in exchange for keeping the Axis soldiers out of their hidden valley although the protection of invisibility had been breached and the soldiers could see the way in. After the young prince escaped, the soldiers proceeded to wipe out every unicorn in the valley. There were supposedly only two survivors. Voidshorn whom was off negotiating asylum with Furlough City; and the young prince himself. The evil unicorn who set all this up was never mentioned again. It is assumed, likely falsely, that he was killed along with the others when he couldn't produce the prince."

              Brad drank some of his coffee. "And now you know how my human form got replaced by the unicorn. When the mission ended and I went to revert to my human form, I stayed a unicorn."

              Janet then said, "Then Charming the Frog explained that I couldn't have sex with Brad anymore since his new penis was like that of a deer which was like a long slender erect sword that would damage my vagina if I tried it. He said I could die; after that, I was cynical for a while because I am engaged to the boy whom is now stuck as a unicorn whom I cannot breed with. This morning during my early routine, an idea crossed my mind... suppose I were to artificially inject your semen into my egg sac and get pregnant without experiencing your sword?"

              Brad shook his head. "I foresee all manner of bad things resulting from this. One, a baby unicorn develops both the horn and his cloven hoofs inside the womb. One kick while you were pregnant and you would bleed to death from internal blood loss. An accidental horn puncture and you again bleed to death. Then there is possibility two. Voidshorn mention that Unicorns develop eggs in much the same way that a dragon does. If you ended up with an egg that big, you would have to undergo a C-Section to get it out of you and that would make multiple children very unlikely. And then there is Number Three, Janet..."

              He steeled himself up to evade a Janet punch. "I only got engaged to you to get away from my possessive prison guard like parents. You agreed to the ruse at the time but you said that with my mannerisms, I was not likely the boy for you. You can keep or sell the ring if you want, but until I can resume being human, then marriage is not going to happen. I don't really love you. You were a way out of house arrest; that's all. So if you want to say that I used you, say it. But even you agreed it was a clever ruse to trick my parents with and then they wouldn't let me move out until after the wedding and you didn't want to get hitched yet. You liked your freedom."

              Charming was then standing there holding a folder of papers. "Sounds like Janet fell for the ruse herself over time. I have your next mission at the ready if you are ready to tackle it. You will not be splitting up this time; this could be dangerous given the situation involved. Let me know when you want more details. Hopefully some of the Anthro Justice guys can accompany you; because otherwise, I will have to borrow members of the Zoo Stars or even Tiger Corp. There are guns involved."


                Edward nodded a little, "That makes sense, Brad. That explains why I can still sense-see the spirit there but it's so thin it's almost gone. Very different yet not so different from my situation but mine was more willing. But then, I suppose, at some point I was going to not be fully human anyway if I chose follow the shaman's path. Not that I ever really minded the idea. But thanks to Coyote, I did learn a few skills to make that much less of an issue. Though those Screeners will be nice and make an accidental loss of concentration less of an issue."

                Mary put a hand on Janet's shoulder, "Not to mention, there would be the question if it was Brad's child or the Prince's if Brad is only wearing a body donated by a dying soul. Though that might be a way of bringing the Prince back if Brad did want to stay a unicorn. I've written stories based on similar ideas before..." She trails off.

                Edward says, "Or the prince and he could merge completely. Those are all possible ideas and things Brad will need to decide what he really wants. I doubt it is something he needs us pushing him one way or the other on though." However it was clear, Edward would support whatever decision Brad made fully. Just like he always has.

                Edward smiles to Charming, "I'm ready, Charming. I feel fine now, thanks to Chris and the spirits."

                Mary nods, "Sure, though I'm not sure I like the idea of being shot at."


                  Brad said, "So where are we going to, Charming? And what's the situation?"

                  Charming said, "You are going to a small western town near the Mexican border that's on the edge of Native American Furries land in the mid-1900s during the big war in Europe. The Natives reported that Axis soldiers were coming up through Mexico and crossing their land without their permission. The town is called Fort Langtry. I spoke to General Voidshorn and he said that the Zoo Stars are needed on the home front, but we could have Tiger Corp since they have no current missions to handle right now. Not to mention, Ghost wants to find that L'era bitch."

                  He then added, "In addition to Tiger Corp, we are getting access to Chaplain and Rifleman Tony Stellar (Horus,) an Anubian Jackal of the Guardian Eye religion.... former human and direct counterpart to Cosmo Hunter (Black Sniper.) He has the eye of Horus covering his left eye. So that makes Ghost, Longshot, Tracker, and Horus as your guest escorts. A Dogla, a Rabbit, a Wolf, and an Anubian Jackal. Longshot is the sniper of the team. It will be his job to make sure no one gets shot on the team. Extra warning, Longshot is gay as is Ghost. Tracker and Horus are open-minded."

                  Charming looked to Brad. "I did some checking for you, Brad. The Modern Era of the 20th century and the 21st century will always result in your appearing as a unicorn. Previous time eras may grant you another form to add to your list. That was the best I could do. Anything else before I whisk you all off to Texas to stop the Axis from gaining an unfair foothold? We are to meet with Tiger Corp at the Fort. The Chaplain will be in the church or the saloon, he said."


                    Edward smiles, "Sounds like we're heading to the border. I am looking forward to meeting them."

                    Mary nods, "Charming - We can defend the civilians and help talk things out but, I have to admit though I'm starting to feel a little useless to the team. We're not going to just record things anymore. I mean I have my martial arts but I can't do the things the boys can. If Tiger Corp is going in, what job can Janet and I do there other than trying to avoid getting in the way? I want to help but I don't want to be an undue burden on my friends either."


                      Charming said, "The Victorians always seem to home in on Brad since they want that Unicorn for L'era. That is the main reason Ghost will be there; he wants L'era. However, since you feel the ladies won't have anything to do, you can either choose to visit Furlough city or do a mission in the 1700s. The Three Musketeers time era. No fancy guns. If you want to make that trip, I can arrange for Luna and Inertia to accompany you. A ladies outing. The choice is yours."

                      Janet hummed. "You mentioned that era as a possible mission for us at one time, If the Victorians are focusing on Brad, then Mary and I could tackle the 1700s hopefully without having any encounters with the stupid gay Victorians. I'm all for it."

                      Brad thought that Mary sounded jealous that she didn't automatically get special powers or get stuck as a furry like he and Edward did. Janet on the other hoof was open to anything.


                        Mary nods, "That sounds like it might be a plan. I'm willing to do anything I can to help, I just don't want to be a burden on the group." Mary was honestly not jealous of the being stuck but what comic book artist doesn't dream of super powers? However, the drive for this particular sentiment was the same thing that drove her learn kick boxing. She hates being a burden to anyone.

                        Edward hrms, looking over at Mary but she didn't notice the thoughtful look sent her way. Of the two girls, Edward knew Mary better than Janet, and he knew a little more about her background. It must be hard for someone so driven to suddenly feel out of control and not be able to do anything. Not to mention questioning herself after what happened to Brad and me. But if I say anything, it's sure just to make her upset.

                        Luna who had heard her name, chimed in as she appeared behind the frog, "A trip to the 1700's hmm? Well there is something I meant to do last time I was in the Era. I'd be happy to accompany the girl squad. Though I ain't wearing one of those REDICULOUS dresses or corsets."


                          Charming grinned. "Janet hates dresses too. Same as Inertia. I think we can go for cloth pants this time since I've known fighting female fencers to wear that within the era. Now remember, Mary and Janet, since you have never been to the 1700s before, you will receive a new species form upon arrival. Hopefully it is not something you regret."

                          Janet grinned. "I have a species in mind already. And it is something I have seen before."

                          Charming said, "Your mission is to find out what the Victorians did in that era and then see about repairing it or replacing it."


                          Fort Langtry, Texas; Planet Furth

                          Edward and Brad arrived locally in the fort town. Brad albeit a unicorn had cowboy clothes; Edward was dressed as a Native American; he got lucky. The church was not in public use at this hour, so that is where the boys arrived. Tiger Corp were there as was Horus whom was on his praying for safety and guidance.

                          Brad said, "Charming sent us. I am Brad Majors, the bait to help you catch L'era."


                          Paris, France; Planet Furth (1700s)

                          Mary, Janet, Firestar, Strikeback, Luna and Inertia all appeared within a back room of a local Tailors shop.

                          Janet upon arrival looked like a humanoid falcon woman almost identical to the Animalympics Contessa. No silly dresses this time.

                          Charming made sure all the ladies got the invite for this.


                            Edward smiles, "And I'm Edward Owlfeather. Nice to meet you all."

                            Tracker hrms and nods to the two then at Brad, "I've been there before. The being the bait I mean. Don't worry. Most of us are professional." He chuckles a little.

                            Ghost smirked, "Yeah. Tracker's right. The rest of us are professionals. But we'll get Tracker up to snuff soon enough."

                            Tracker gave Ghost a withering look who just chuckled softly and replied, "Stop stepping in the noose if you don't want it sprung on you."

                            Tracker sighed and chuckled a little, "Fair, I did step into that one."


                            Mary arrived as a very nice looking svelt leonine figure with her headfur shorn close and a powerful build. She smiles, "Very nice." She looked over at the others and grins, "Since I know the rest of you, I assume you went falcon, Janet? Nice touch."

                            Firestar grins, "Indeed, I approve. Avians are clearly the prettiest species." She fans out her ruby and gold feathers as she says that.

                            Luna sighs, "And you never get tired of hearing yourself say that." She shakes her head, "One day, you're going to find out cats like to EAT birds."

                            Firestar laughs, "Now, now, let's not drop into dapravity and talk like that so quickly. What are we a bunch of boys?"

                            Luna sighs again, "ANYWAY..." She smiles at the others, "I have some business at the Bastille. Do we want to that first or shall we enjoy the Parisian scenery first?"


                              The Jackal finished his prayer as he slowly stood up and he gave the rabbit a kiss, then he looked to the new arrivals. "I am Tony Stellar, Chaplain and Rifleman. The Earthian counterpart to Cosmo Hunter also known as Black Sniper. Blackie and Cuz both wanted to come on this trip, but that was vetoed by Voidshorn. As Riflemen, Longshot will always be better than I am. My two special abilities are Regeneration Touch and Night Vision which just automatically turns on when I am in night time environments."

                              He then said, "When this mission ends, our orders are to bring you both back to Furlough to see Cosmic H. Liberty also known as Retcon to see about restoring your human forms to you both. Your furry forms are good for visiting Furth, but something tells me that you guys don't want to be furries on Earth against your will."

                              Brad said, "That would be a godsend for me. The Time Unicorn Mercury Prince is supposed to have access to Species Transformation except I cannot figure out how to use it. Some of the other powers come to me easily."

                              Tony remarked, "Charming told us that there was supposed to be two ladies with you. What happened to that?"

                              Brad said, "Mary started whining about being useless on our trip and Charming decided to permit the ladies with lady escorts to go tackle another (in my opinion) safer mission to the 1700s. The whole exchange was sounding to me as, 'I want to have powers and be stuck like the boys. Waa. Waa. Waa.' My ride is not a picnic and the girls almost entirely forgot about Edward when his personal timeline changed."

                              Tony smirked. "No girls means we can be as potty-mouthed as we want on this trip and get no disgusted looks from a female or a reprimand from 'Mom'." (Captain Illa Samson)


                              Janet said, "After that last trip, I decided to zen out so to focus on getting the species I wanted during trips and the clothing ensemble of choice as well. That noble woman's dress in the Modern Era nearly drove me crazy. I'm a Tomboy."

                              Inertia grinned. "I hear you, Janet. My real name is Geraldine Jones and I was also a Tomboy from my home area. Luna and I save the world one lying boy at a time. Maybe you and Mary should ask Charming about your having powers on Earth. That was a deal he had with us."

                              Strikeback looked through the cloaks in the back room they appeared in and she selected one to cover her costume and body. "It was good of Charming to send us to this drop zone location and provide us with local currency." Then she looked at Luna. "Do you have a boyfriend in the Bastille, Luna?"

                              Janet glanced down at her personal Trekker bracer and was reading what the actual events in this part of the 1700s were suppose have happening. Encountering anything that didn't match the real history was an edit that they had to somehow repair or replace.