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KMRT - Action Class
Not all tales in Mega Kat City are about the Swat Kats. Sometimes, even teen aged kats need to be brought into the limelight. When Iris Dawson, Doyle Tygerbard, Kineta Leobold, and Storm Saxon are forced into serving detention together, an alliance forms and their adventures are just around the corner.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Basil (KFM)
After his brother becomes Thunder Crest on the Wolf Stars TV show, Basil Knight embarks on adventures in Magicwood as the Knight of the Full Moon.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Caring Cousins
After a series of cloud quakes, the Forest of Feelings and all of their residents crash into a temperate island within a National Forest's lake where a forest ranger's son and his friends assist the cousins to adjust to their new life on Earth.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Digimon is Magic
This is an unusual adventure involving costumes and equinish Digimon in a magical digital world.
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Last Post: MLP-DiM-01 Donkalot
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Emergency
When Gage DeSoto and his family move into the Original Quad Counties so the parents can perform emergency services for the Were-Panther Guard, he meets with Drake Masterson, Flail of Camelhot and Bastan McCoy of Third Earth where they have adventures from beyond time and space.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Frontier
When a teen-aged human boy performs a scavenger hunt to get a military cap, he unwittingly becomes embroiled in an a planetary adventure involving a political war of the zoological alien kind on the world of New Britannia.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Mega Dog
When Felix Smythe gets stuck in a prototype armor of a robot dog designed to be humanoid, his adventures begin in Brookton.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Moonrise
Before Clark and Harold Dangers were moved to Dalton, Georgia, they had childhood adventures here in this South Carolina nexus community. Just South of the North Carolina border near Sunset, SC, near Hwy 178.
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KMRT - Night Pack
WARNING: This series does NOT contain the lame humor of the Television series!
When Mission Control is attacked and destroyed by General Parvo, the Transdogrifiers are damaged causing the Road Rovers to lose their special powers while the Master (Dr. Shepherd) is captured. In hopes of getting the Transdogrifiers repaired, the Rovers find refuge within the bunker home of an old fan of their televised animated series and it is through their new host that they reinvent their team with a renewed outlook on life while seeking to avenge Shag's death. Etc.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Roller Rovers
Join the Riverside Rovers as they play roller hockey all over the Los Angeleos territory while fighting crime on the side for their team manager, an Otterside Police dog.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Secret Scout
Jerry Lakes encounters the Dinosaucers as he becomes the newest Secret Scout in all new adventures in Northern California.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Shining Freedom
It is about 20 years after the Biker Mice from Mars have completely defeated Limburger. Vincent Van Wham has married Charley, and they have a son. And boy, what a son he is! Meet Zachary Van Wham. A male mouse without the Martian antennae that his father has. Etc.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Simba Cunningham
Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days? When your name is Simba Cunningham, you hope that all your adventures are full of happy times. Join Disney's Lion King crew in this 1950's furry version of Happy Days.
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Artemis Archer
KMRT - Terryville All-Stars
The original adventure created by Darquirrin, Evenstar and Lord Pouchlaw on 5 Star Worlds and on Golden Crusade.
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Dark Delilah
Young All-Stars (3/150)
KMRT - Timesheart Tiger
Join Times Heart Tiger, Dalis Hailey, and others in their introductory adventures before the formation of the All-Stars and get new background coverage on Harold's brother Clark in Pulp City.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Twisted Wrath
When Donatello discovered that old mysterious Persian lamp, he didn't think a jinn would be living inside. And when he messes up a wish, Donatello ends up in the Twisted Wrath universe. Before he can wish himself home, the lamp is stolen by Thunder Foot Soldiers, leaving Donatello beaten brutally. Etc.
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Adm Pouchlaw
KMRT - Werewolves
500 years ago. Superstition and black powder ruled. It was an age of darkness. A world of fear. It was the Age of Werewolves! Join the adventures of Roger Belmont as he looks for the cure to his most unusual curse in early America. ~ Written by Black Unicorn.
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TV-Wolf For Kids - Rodeo Land
When three masculine ponies host a boys ranch for troubled male teenagers, they accept the assistance of a boy whom later is transformed into a cowboy pony called Saint.
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Aragh Darktalon
TV-Wolf For Kids - Teen Tails Adventure
After many years of Dr. Robotnik's harassment upon Sonic the Hedgehog and all of Planet Mobius, Miles Prower is now a teenager. Now much older, Miles "Tails" is even more craftier than before as the mysteries of his Kitsune heritage become more apparent in his battles against the evils of Robotnik, Eggman and Ogma.
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