TMNT team

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Leonardo, the leader, is the blue-masked turtle who wields twin katanas. Donatello, the scientist, is the purple-masked turtle who wields a Bō staff. Raphael, the angry philosopher, is the red-masked turtle who wields twin sai. Michaelangelo, the party dude, is the orange-masked turtle who wields a set of nunchakus.

Master Splinter

Master Splinter

Hamato Yoshi is a strict and wizened sensei who was exposed to the mutagen at the same time as the turtles and was transformed into a mutant rat who trained the turtles (whom he now called his sons) in the martial art known as ninjutsu. Often staying in the lair, he educates and advises the team on matters of importance.

April Oneil

April O'Neil

April O'Neil is a A red-headed TV reporter from Channel 6 News who discovers the Turtles' home in the sewers by accident and befriends them. Not shown are her friend Irma Langinstein (a fellow reporter) and Casey Jones (a hockey mask wielding vigilante who eventually falls in love with April. He has befriended Raphael.)

Twisted Wrath

Twisted WrathA far cry from the now famous "lost episode" entitled, Splinter's Shoes, Twisted Wrath is the story of the Ninja Rats who attend a martial arts school in a post apocolyptic version of Earth. When the Turtles, Splinter, April, and Casey are caught in the rays of a weird device in their world, they are transported (although separated) into the Twisted Wrath world. Donatello crash lands into the martial arts school where he befriends several students and a few other sensei. Regarded as knowing far more than they do, he agrees to help train the students while on his quest to find his brothers, his sensei, and his friends.

The others who attend the martial arts school include: Sixer (a mutant male white rabbit,) Dusty (a mutant male golden sun bear,) Kraznor (a mutant male Japanese crane,) Jud, short for Judge (a mutant male German shepherd,) and Terri (a mutant female parrot.) Some of the instructors include: Kubla Kun (a mutant female Bengal tiger (and yes her boobs are real,)) Maja Tusk (a mutant male Indian elephant,) and Frisky (a mutant male ferret.)

The four ninja rat brothers (our heroes) include: Donny (a mutant male rat who is often with his nose in a book,) Raffy (a mutant male rat who is the practical joker of the four although most of his pranks backfire,) Leo (a mutant male rat who is often by himself in meditation,) and Mikey (a mutant male rat who invents new games to play with.) The four rats have a friend named Casey O'Neil (an uber cute human boy who hangs out with them.)