T-Bone / Chance Furlong

Daredevil topgun T-Bone is the pilot of the SWAT Kat team. This big tabby lives for speed and thrills. Tiger-striped fur wrapping a burly frame, T-Bone is the obvious muscle of the SWAT Kat team but hardly your typical cartoon muscles-for-brains lumbering buffoon.


Razor / Jake Clawson

Razor is the weapons system officer of the SWAT Kat team. This slim orange kat is a crack shot and the kat behind dispatching the TurboKat's incredible array of gadgets, weapons and the TurboKat itself. The calmer of the two, Razor can easily rise to T-Bone's wild, daredevil level.


Ace / Felina Feral

Lt. Felina Feral is Commander Feral’s niece. She is easily the most capable of the Enforcers, and one of the few who seems able to keep pace with the SWAT Kats. Unlike her uncle, she often fearlessly employs tactics that he views as reckless. In the fanfic, she is the newest Swat Kat.

Action Class

Action ClassNot all tales in Mega Kat City are about the Swat Kats. Sometimes, even teenage kats need to be brought into the limelight. When a group of these felines are forced into serving detention together, an alliance forms and their adventure is just around the bend as a sorcerer's magic gemstones begin to be stolen in mysterious ways and it falls to their group to locate and retrieve the missing jewels. But an accident causes our heroes (and the Swat Kats as well) to suddenly gain unheard of powers and special abilities as they become the newest superheroes in Mega Kat City.

The antagonists of this series are the usual enemies of the Swat Kats: Dark Kat (master of evil magic and time travelling ability); The Mechanikats (Mac Mange and Molly Mange, formerly normal Kats who were transformed into living armed robot kats); Dr. Viper (a half-lizard, half-kat mutant); The Pastmaster (time manipulating evil kat); along with various other criminal Kats from the Swat Kats cartoon universe.

Our heroes consist of the following people: Iris Dawson, a female feline with a nose for trouble. Doyle Tygerbard, a male feline with an ear for music. Kineta Leobold, a female feline who rebels against her police officer father. Storm Saxon, a male feline anachronist who dislikes modern conveniences. Celene Manx, a female feline who is soft spoken and who is the niece of the mayor. Blade Feral is the son to one of Commander Feral's brothers. But he just wants to have a life and not be shafted into law enforcement as an Enforcer.