Road Rovers team

The Road Rovers

Hunter is a hero hound; leader of the pack. Colleen comes from LondonTown; watch her feet attack. Exile's from Siberia; with super frozen sight. Blitz chews on posteriors; his barks worse than his bite. Shag is strong from head to toe; a coward thru and thru.

Muzzle happy


Muzzle is the teams' ace in the hole; the one-dog demolition crew. Normally hopping around in a hospital gourney, when released in battle, he goes on a hungry rampage "muzzling" and mauling everything and everyone in sight. After that, his hunger is sated.

Master eyes

The Master

The Master was once a scientist known as Dr. Shepherd who came up with the transdogrification formula which transforms canines into Cani-Sapiens. The sponsor of the Road Rovers and dwelling at their secret base, he provides them with love and cool toys.

Night Pack

Night PackWhen a young man encounters a strange disc while on a hiking trip in the mountains and blacks out, his troubles are unleashed as he transforms every night into an anthropomorphic beast which stalks the landscape and hunts for food. But when confronted by a new Rovers organization, the truth is discovered and his road to recovery begins. This is the tale of the Night Pack, a team of specialized Road Rovers with unique training and serious demeanor. But this is mostly the tale of a man's life turned upside down as he copes with the creature that he has become... but only when the night settles in.

Rover Corp consists of a specialized team of unique (fan-made) Road Rovers. They are led by (name pending), but other members of the organization include (various names pending.) In their research department, Dr. Carla Trausmacher may hold the key to our hero's situation. And in the background, all of the Road Rovers foes (General Parvo and the rest) lurk and await their chance to leap forth in ruining our hero's life even more.

Our hapless hero, a young man named Charles Packard, led an ordinary life until the day he chosen to take a hike on the dark side of a local chain of mountains. Charles as a human is of average height with blond hair, brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin. He generally wears a brick red and navy blue plaid work short, a blue denim hikers jacket, blue jeans, and black high top hiking boots. In his nocturnal identity of Chuck, he a bit taller than normal with black shaggy fur covering most of his body and he has pale yellow eyes.