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Darrel VanwinkleWelcome to Fanfic Hero - The Legacy, a network of friends who are dedicated to the betterment of writing in all of its formats. Whether you are seeking the Blue Star Archive or The Legacy forum, the journey need not go any further. Many of our members use this site as their web browser home page and you can too. We periodically update the information herein and you will often see new content in which you may not have seen before. We strive to help anyone with who seeks assistance with the world of writing.

About Me

Darrel Vanwinkle was born in Mountain View, MO (USA) on July 10th of 1963 at 6:32 P.M., Central Daylight Time. During his youth, fictional stories and role playing (also known as "Play Like We Did This and That") were the mainstays of his childhood which led to many interesting creations such as Daring Dog and his sidekick Mouskateer. Also Doctor Strangely who liked to do strange things came into being. Animals and cartoons soon helped to shape his life for the long creative road ahead. In 1979 he wrote his first short story. It was roughly about five to ten note book pages long and he was satisfied with how it turned out. Such characters like Imahawk appeared in this story and would be one of the most memorable characters he had created.

In 1992, a house fire claimed his original story and it was lost forever. Following that event, his life was to be transformed more toward the betterment of writing which led to the creation of this web site in 1999 when he and a network of Internet friends banded together to form their own message board where they could help each other to improve their writing projects. Although disabled and nearly 50 years old today, he still writes avidly providing many wondrous tales which includes fan fiction, original content serials, and one novel in progress which is almost 80 percent complete. During the past 10 years of creating his novel, many celebrities whom had fueled his creativity passed away. Such names as Vincent Price, George Carlin, and more recently, Phyllis Diller. He, himself, is still alive and refusing to simply roll over, he continues to write and to help others in their writing creations in the best ways in which he would know how.


I do not own any of the cartoons, anime, nor any other TV shows mentioned here on Fanfic Hero. All information provided has been collected from various databases all over the Internet over the last decade, many of such sources which do not exist anymore. I am not challenging any of the known copyrights by providing information and any pictures on any of the topics covered herein. Most of the pictures were discovered through Google Search or from YouTube. All rights are reserved.