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This is Fanfic Hero, a group of friends who are dedicated to the enjoyment of writing in all of its formats. Whether you are seeking the Blue Star Archive or our completed written works, you have come to the right place. We strive to help anyone with who seeks assistance in the world of writing. I do not own any of the cartoons, anime, nor any other TV shows mentioned here on Fanfic Hero. All information provided has been collected from various databases all over the Internet over the last decade, many of the sources which do not exist anymore. I am not challenging any of the known copyrights by providing information and any pictures on any of the topics covered herein. Most of the pictures were found on Google Search or from YouTube. If you need to contact me, you can either send me a message me at Deviant Art or Twitter.

  • Night The Superdog

    When a human boy from Earth is sponsored by two toons on the project world for animation, comedy and adventure are just around the corner as an accident transforms him into an all black superdog.

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  • Mega Dog

    When Felix Smythe gets stuck in a prototype armor of a robot dog designed to be humanoid, his adventures begin in Brookton.

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  • Mallard Thunderbeak

    When a young man awakens from a coma in the body of a younger Canard Thunderbeak, his super powered adventures begin with his friends ad the Mighty Ducks in and around San Francisco...

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