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Toonimation Studios (Original Quad Counties Stories)


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When a forest ranger is assigned to an animated woodland, insanity and adventure follow as his sons locate and join him.
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This is the story of three brothers each in different situations.
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Lord Pouchlaw
02-APQC-RK Carnival Cleanup
The original story of a young man whose family travels to QC Planet to help the council of a city called Terryville.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[OQCP-01] BG-01 AniSapien High
The adventure of a family assisted by Gerard Prince to live on the West coast of the animated world.
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Lord Pouchlaw
QCP: BF-03 Up Over and Digivolve
After a scripted explosion transforms the son of a law enforcement officer into a superhero, they are moved to Meta-Star City where the teen age boy can learn to be a hero like his TV hero -- Overcat.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[QC-03] JW-10 Dating a Bronkey
The adventures of a set of twin siblings who wins the grand prize after renaming a major vacation resort in the animated world.
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Lord Pouchlaw
QCP-BTM-01 Dragon Disc Arise
Having won the most recent Sponsor a Prince contest, Casey Glendon moves to Coolsville to live with the sons of famous animal team heroes.
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Lord Pouchlaw
QCP-BC-01 Grand Prize Royale
Join Cala Raffi and her friends in their adventures around Mythos Bay (formerly called Spooky Harbor.)
This is a series by Veronica June.
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Artemis Archer
QCP: CR-01 Mythos She Wrote
When the sons of Gerard Prince attend ISHTAR to begin their heroic careers, avoiding their father's old friends leads to adventures in the Last Frontier.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[TS-07] NGDD-01 Fraternal Beginnings