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[AWT-03] MS-03 Carnivals and Cockneys

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  • [AWT-03] MS-03 Carnivals and Cockneys

    When the Springfield family migrate to King Kazma's world, Monty attends Montropolis High School where he has adventures in Finn Corp's Battlecard Tempero Gold.
    Montropolis - Kazma's LAW (Battlecard Adventures)

    [KLAW-BA] MSC-03 Carnivals and Cockneys.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 11/27/2018

    Chapter One

    Within a few minutes, Finnpaw, Mack Roo, several Red Rabbit Soldiers and King Kazma himself were standing in the living room. King Kazma had his wireless laptop with him and he didn't look too happy to have been woken up after Sundown. "I am glad you people contacted Finnpaw in regards to that rogue brother of Robby for which I am sure he isn't pleased to be related to him at this moment. The DeWitt parents were planning a weekend family holiday to another region here on KLAW and the pass that Dixon used was that Weekend Pass. He didn't purchase it himself; he swiped it out of his father's desk. When I called Mr. DeWitt in regards to this pass and his sons being on planet, he looked into his desk and I got to hear the man explode. Since Robby apologized for not knowing about his brother's plans and threats, I have chosen to do the right thing with the rest of the family. I have renewed their weekend pass to be used at a future time of their choosing. In addition to this, Robby, you have been given permission to live in Montropolis as a shared prize winner. Since it was your card that Monty sent back to Finnpaw, you will be permitted to live here in Montropolis and Finnpaw will be helping you to acquire the Battlecard partner game of your choice. Do you have a species in mind?"

    Robby smiled as he walked over to Mack Roo and hugged him, rubbing on his tail and tummy. "I have always wanted a kangaroo partner. I know you are a Devi-Roo, Mack, but it doesn't matter what sub species of roo my partner is as long as it isn't an icky girl. I'm just not interested in girls yet. And you are cute."

    Kazma shot a smile at Finnpaw. "Seems like you get to work with Mack and Robby, Finnpaw. As for Dixon... a second squad went to arrest him for deportation out of KLAW for stealing another person's weekend pass. Robby's father cannot wait to treat Dixon like Bart Simpson."

    Finnpaw grinned. "Perhaps I should have one of Lord Impy's filming imps on paw to film the punishment Mr. DeWitt gives Dixon... if any. And to record any conversation they choose to have afterward."

    Mack slyly grinned. "Ah am sending word to Lord Impy and Space Master right now. If they try anything under'anded in an attempt to say that we kidnapped Robby, the judge will 'ave a field day when we present 'im with the authenticated videos."

    Kazma said, "The Pentagon is already viewing the transportal video of Dixon claiming to the guard that he personally bought that weekend pass when in fact the parents bought it months ago which we have purchase records and copies of the credit card receipt as well. Now if you will all excuse me, I need to get some sleep. I taught a Dojo class all day earlier and this rabbit needs his rest. Good evening to you all. As for Robby, he can have a sleepover with Monty for now. Tomorrow while he is visiting the carnival with Monty and Richie, I will secure a legal prize home in Montropolis for the DeWitt family provided that they don't tread upon the underhanded villain route." And the King of the planet then departed for his Dojo to get some sleep.

    Robby was still petting on Mack Roo's tail and tummy. "Will my male roo partner have a pouch like you do, Mack? You don't mind my being all over you like this, do you?"

    Mack giggled. "If yas want 'im to 'ave one, then Finnpaw will make sure yas get the partner of yer choice. And yas can rub all over me all yas want."

    Robby whispered, "Will you sleep with me tonight? I don't want to take too much space in Monty's bed. Besides, I brought my sleeping bag just in case I couldn't find a place to sleep later tonight. I want to rub on you close to me as I go to sleep. Please...?"

    Mack whispered in return, "Ah need to make a few calls; but after that, Ah'll be glad to sleep near yas. Just remember... keep yer paws out of my pouch and do not play with my sheath nor my tail hole. Ah don't want yas to get yer 'ands all sticky and if yas tried to wipe ye coated 'ands off on yer sleeping bag or yer clothes, yas would end up naked. All Devi-Roos make enzyme in our sexual fluids and within our pouches when we are getting pleasured. We don't mean to make the stuff; it just 'appens."

    Robby hugged Mack and replied in a whisper, "Ah will try not to provoke yas to make wet stuff when Ah am rubbing and snuggling on yas, mate. See? Ah can do the Aussie talk too."

    Mack giggled quietly. "When yas get yer own place, Ah'll see to it that yas get one of my lawyer joeys to live at yer place to attend to yer legal matters and be a friend."

    Robby sneaked a kiss on Mack Roo's muzzle lips. "Thank yas, Mack. Ah will be good to yer joey."

    Mack Roo then said, "When yas get yer Card Launcher, yas should choose other animal partners other than Kangaroos. That way yer a balanced and fair player. Yas can 'ave all males."

    Robby nodded his head. "Like Monty, Ah like donkey jacks, too. My other favorite animal like are the winged imps. Ah got to see one once when a traveling magician performed at our school in the 3rd grade. The magician let me feed 'is imp some grapes; except, 'e didn't call it an imp. Ah 'ave trouble pronouncing the word 'e used. 'omunculus Ah think. Although Ah think Ah would want my partner to be a winged male faun with fox features. Would that be okay?"

    Mack Roo nodded his head. "Ah'll make sure Finnpaw knows what yer asking for so yas don't confuse the nice doggy. Ah am sure yas will 'ave fun at the carnival tomorrow."

    Monty then said, "Now don't stay up too late tonight, guys. I plan on heading over to Austin Limits right after breakfast. Jack Austin is expecting me. Tomorrow morning." Richie said, "I'll definitely be up in time, Monty. Because I have plans tomorrow night up to Monday morning."

    A video imp appeared in mid air at that point. "Lord Impy asked me to show you people this video of Dixon's capture at Montrocol. The reason is that its very funny. The other video will be filmed after Dixon is returned to his father." With everyone focused on the Living Room big screen TV, they saw Dixon meeting up with Brenda and her entire Sorority Sisterhood. While the stupid turd was trying to apologize to Brenda, he never noticed his being surrounded by the ladies who were holding Chinese handcuffs which they were connecting his fingers and thumbs together behind his back and through his own belt loop in the back of his pants. And then the ladies moved back to the front as the Red Rabbit Soldiers then arrived and the moment they accused him of stealing a weekend pass, he tried to run and fell into a fertilized garden out in front of the sorority. He got the manure all over himself.
    End of Chapter One