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[KLAW-BA] JF: CRGP-01 A Concert For Rabbits

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  • [KLAW-BA] JF: CRGP-01 A Concert For Rabbits

    Wild Stars - Captain Rabbit, Gerard Prince

    Having recently applied to join a new band on Kazma's Live Anime World, Gerard Prince is soon involved with the Justice Fury, a law enforcement team of empowered college students.

    [KLAW-BA] JF: CRGP-01 A Concert For Rabbits
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Kazma's LAW Transportal Park; Washington D.C.; Planet Earth

    Gerard Klayton Prince was of average height with an athletic build and had blue eyes, short blond hair and fair skin. He currently wore a red headband, a white tee shirt, blue jeans and faded sneakers. He was awaiting the all clear signal for entering Kazma's LAW where he was to meet up with the rest of his band members he had agreed to join to get his music career started. His family supported this idea of his to migrate to Kazma's new anime world.

    Sitting nearby to where he was waiting were three of his friends who had been rescued from the Toonium Trap at the same time as he had been. Arnold Domingo (who was reading a comic book) was a Native American young man with a tanned complexion and shoulder-length black hair with piercing grey eyes; he was wearing Native American clothes and leather moccasin shoes; He also had a Shou Mokken eagle feather tied to a strand of his hair on the right side of his head. Next to him was Rex Takatakashi, a young man with short black hair, brown eyes and having an oriental complexion. He wore black cloth pants, a green silk kimono and leather sandals with hard wooden soles. To his right was Gerard's long time pen pal, Jameson "Jamie" Zamak, a young man with tanned skin from hard work in his father's corporate mining business. He had medium-length reddish-brown hair and green eyes like a feline. He was currently wearing a dark shirt, blue jean shorts and leather work boots. He had an appointment with King Kazma in regards to his family's mining venture on planet some place. Standing next to Jamie was a Shadow Pony which was often referred to as Cutie, not his real name. His shadowy coloration was like most other Storm Hills ponies and he had dark blue eyes. His assigned job was to play escort to Jamie and to deliver messages between Jamie and Gerard when desired. The Zamak family were up in New York at the Mobile Yuskay Groomers getting professional help for Jamie's younger brother, Joachiem, whom preferred the much shortened nickname of Jawl. The youngster had been suffering from a nasty curse that made it so every time he ate anything with pure sugar, he nearly killed himself by running himself nearly to death from the energy overload. Their sister, Joannah "Joanie" Zamak was a couple of years younger than Jamie and had an intense interest in learning the medical trade. She was fortunate that the Yuskay Professionals were permitting her to assist in the making and application of Jawl's condition. Their father had Shadow Pony bodyguards assigned to him for his protection courtesy of Bronco Pony in Thunder Hills within the Cloud Lands near Care-a-lot. Joanie and Jawl would be joining Jamie later when the medical check up was cleared.

    Gerard said to his friends, "I am to meet up with the band who hired me to fill a guitar position with them. We are to be performing in the LAW Cowlifurnia region; where I am not sure. And for the record, I will be wearing my casual rabbit form when I am with the band. This is not to be like it was with the All-Stars; if a superhero opportunity comes my way, I will contact you guys immediately. But I will be on planet to pursue my music career; not to play hero. But we know how that usually goes."

    He waited for the other three to walk through the transportal first and then he picked up his guitar case and suitcase as he proceeded toward the transportal Red Rabbit Soldier who looked at his jacket pass tag that the boy had wisely clipped on to his shirt since his hands were full. The soldier pointed a bar code scanner at Gerard's clearance pass and said, "Kazma is so happy you chose to come to his world, Gerard. Good luck in your music career. You may go on in. Your arrival zone will be at Heroes Reach in Anime Cowlifurnia."

    Heroes Reach; Anime Cowlifurnia, Anime World

    As Gerard arrived in the terminal on the other side, he saw the band agent, an anthropomorphic male Great Dane standing with an anthropomorphic male German Shepherd who was wearing a security guard uniform. The agent had a sign with Gerard's name on it. The young man walked over to the two canines and said, "Hello Mr. Danton Gane. I am Gerard prince who is able to transform into an anthropomorphic rabbit man who plays the guitar. I wanted you to see my human form so you wouldn't feel tricked if you learned about my human form later. I like to be honest to new friends."

    Danton Gane, the Great Dane, said in return, "I asked King Kazma about you and he said you were to be trusted, Mr. Prince. I hope you choose to be honest to the rest of the band. Although we would like to review your guitar skills after we get you back to your shared estate. This is Jermaine Desertrunner, a cousin to Cedric Desertracer, a forensics officer in Zootopia City. We will escorting you to the estate where Jermaine is on estate security. That is primarily why he is here with me today; to meet you for the first time and to show you where your bedroom is."

    Jermaine Desertrunner smiled at Gerard. "While I am not looking for a boyfriend, I do like a good snuggle now and then. It will be your choice whether to allow me that pleasure or not. I can sleep with either a human or a rabbit."

    Gerard smiled at the two canines. "I am really enjoying the thrill of meeting two sexy dogs on my first day here. And for the official record, my Rabbit identity is capable of performing heroic activities. Will that be a problem here in Heroes Reach or is there some sort of law that prevents solo hero patrols?"

    Danton said, "Normally, to be registered and to perform super heroic activities, you have to be enrolled at the university of choice or be hired to be on the Red Rabbit Army's area security like Jermaine is. When you are doing heroic outings, you are expected to obey Kazma's laws while helping needy people. The Red Rabbit sponsored hero team are called Justice Fury of which there is a game similar to the team which is called Young Fury, named for Young Justice. If anyone wants to join the team someday, they have to petition King Kazma as well as to fill out a registration form with the Red Rabbit Army. Otherwise, you cannot join a team. Kazma himself stated this. Further, if they join your team and they won't follow your orders, then they ultimately fail and they will be expelled by the Red Rabbit Army and/or Kazma himself. We know this was an issue with your old team in High School; you would give the team an order and they would thumb their noses at you. Shall we get you to the band's estate so you can get settled in?"

    Gerard then asked, "I am glad the band has their own place. I cannot wait to see my quarters there."

    Jermaine grinned. "Being an all-rabbit band, Gerard, they tend to have sex every night and you would have to either deal with it or participate willingly. And rather than make you feel uncomfortable, we are giving you the choice of how to deal with it. If you change your mind and want to live with elsewhere, I have a home in the city." Gerard grinned as he broke the fourth wall, saying, "As long as they permitted me to wear protection, that might not be so bad." And then he headed off with the band manager and the estate security guard. Gerard hoped that the mansion was at least decently clean.

    End of Chapter One.