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  • VTV-JP-01 Training From Krypto

    This is an ongoing story I've been writing that occurs on Earth that is not part of any of my given serials. It is about an American teenage human boy who is empowered to transform into a Hungarian Vizsla Dog with the desire for victorious and sporting activity after an accidental encounter with one of Krypto's doggy aspirin tablets. Enjoy.

    This was started on September 5th 2017 by me (Darrel James Vanwinkle)

    Tags: Human, cartoon, Anime, Dog, Reindeer, Cat, Devi-Mouse, Transformation

    Victory the Vizsla
    Jason Hartly Prince

    VTV-JP-01 Training From Krypto
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    September 5th, 2017

    Chapter One
    Being the older brother to his fraternal twin sister Josephine Dorothy Prince, Jason Hartly Prince was currently five foot ten inches tall and he had short brown hair, amber eyes and tanned skin. He dressed casually in a red tee shirt (with the logo and photo of DC Comics' Krypto the Super Dog on it,) white underwear, blue jeans, white socks and Reebok sneakers. He also had a black leather backpack which he kept his white leather gloves (which match the appearance of his sneakers,) various sporting goods and a defense item his government agent parents insisted he always have with him. Unknown to himself, his parents have a GPS tracking chip embedded within his backpack, another within his sneakers and a final chip medically implanted within the back of his neck. Since both parents did government style work, their home household was assigned with two nannies and two butlers as well as two security guards whom each had quite handsome male guard dogs of their own and there was a pair of oriental chauffeurs who were a lot like Bruce Lee. They spoke English, Japanese and Chinese.

    One nanny, one security guard and dog, one butler whom doubled as a chef and one chauffeur were assigned to the two younger siblings who were also fraternal twin siblings. The other nanny, security guard with dog, chef-butler and chauffeur were assigned to Jason and Josephine. The security guard mainly kept an eye on Josephine because she was at that age when boys were all vying for her attention to be her boyfriend. Despite having all of these estate servants, Jason and Josephine attended the public school in McLean, Virginia called Heroton High School, home of the Heroton Hounds. The school was located within three miles from Washington D.C. while it was just half a mile from their estate home in the park. Heroton High was supported by both Arden's Pizza and Saberfang's Freelancers organization and they had both Baseball and basketball teams. Their track team were among the top hundred in the region.

    On this particular afternoon, Jason had just emerged from the drug store after purchasing a bottle of aspirin; medicine useful after baseball practice because dealing with the coach was the cause of many headaches. He then stopped at his favorite park bench where he opened the bottle of aspirin removing the cotton ball from the bottle when out of nowhere, a white dog collided with him knocking him backward off of the bench spilling the aspirin caplets out of the bottle. As he lay there in the grass with the whit canine on top of him, he lifted his head and looked at the dog closely when a glimmer of recognition crossed his face. "My favorite cartoon star Krypto the Super Dog collided with me on my favorite bench. This day just got super awesome." Then he noticed that Krypto wasn't moving seeming to be stunned as he lay on the boy's stomach and lap. "Are you okay, Krypto?" Then he noted that there were two empty aspirin bottles on the ground where he had spilled his aspirin and they all looked alike. Jason was worried now since it appeared that Krypto had eaten what he thought was aspirin but a villain had coated Kryptonite in aspirin powder to look like the real thing. "Don't worry, Krypto. I'll save you." He moved the dog of steel off of his lap to the grass and the first thing afterward was that he checked to make sure Krypto's mouth was clear of any debris and then he grabbed the white dog from behind and he began pumping Krypto's stomach with his hands balled up into fists. "Come on, Krypto... cough it up. I don't want my most favorite canine hero to die."

    When his good deed didn't seem to be working, Jason out of desperation chose to give the white dog of steel mouth to mouth before turning Krypto upside down and then attempting to make him cough out or regurgitate the fake aspirin. Jason repeated this process a few times and it was on the ninth attempt that Krypto regurgitated a horrid amount of fluids directly into Jason's mouth and throat. Whatever was in this stuff made the boy turn green for a moment as he turned and began throwing up himself into the nearby bushes. "Man... Krypto and I are a real mess now. Totally coated in dog vomit outside and in. I don't know what he ate but it tasted awful. He is still my favorite canine hero." After throwing up four times, Jason turned back to Krypto and he picked him up in his arms. "Speak to me, Krypto. Are you still sick?"

    Krypto was coated in and smelled like dog vomit as he managed to force open his eyes and say, "Boy... you look and smell like me. Thanks for making me throw up that Kryptonite pill. One of my arch enemies thought that if I swallowed Kryptonite that I would be too weak to seek out help. What's your name, kid. I want to know who saved my life today."

    "Jason Hartly Prince," the young man said while still holding Krypto in his arms. "You and I need to get cleaned up somewhere. But you know... despite being coated in your vomit, I would do it again if it meant I was helping you, Krypto."

    Krypto raised one eye brow. "Prince...? Are you related to Gerard Klayton Prince from Georgia?"

    Jason replied, "I am first cousin to Lupa-Vega Prince but you probably didn't know this next part... Gerard is not their natural child. He is adopted. He doesn't even have Prince blood. But Leon and Rianne love him none the less. When they adopted him, he was Marshall Clayton Everett But Leon wanted to name a son Gerard so his name was changed."

    Krypto obviously didn't know about that. "You see, I have met Gerard. He hates his middle name of Klayton. If I tell him what his old name was before adoption, he might see about changing his name to something he likes. Gerard Marshall Prince has a nice sound to it. That is why I asked you if you were related. He's been helping out Ace the Bat Hound."

    "I need to pick up my aspirin caplets that I spilled when you collided with me," said Jason. "Then I will take you back to my estate home where you and I can get this vomit cleaned off of our bodies. I would really like to be your boyfriend, Krypto. The other teenagers razz me for liking a cartoon dog aimed at young boys. So if they saw you with me on ice cream shake outings, they might have to swallow their words because you would have time for a guy like me. The ice cream shakes would be my treat. I promise."

    Krypto blushed although he was smiling. "To get a boyfriend all I had to do was vomit all over myself. I hope you didn't catch anything from my vomit when you swallowed some of it."

    Jason made a face as he carefully picked up the aspirin and filled the two bottles present. He couldn't really tell which ones were his and which ones were from Krypto's bottle. "I was trying to forget that I accidentally swallowed some of your vomit. But as I said before, I would do it again as long as it helped you."

    Krypto chuckled. "Where do you go to school, Jason?"

    Jason replied, "Heroton High right here in the Memorial Park. It is a public high school although the instructors seem alien part of the time. But there are a few I really like. The school mascot is the Heroton Hound. I've worn the mascot costume once. It is a lot of fun."

    Once Jason had picked up the aspirin, he put the bottles into his backpack and then he picked up Krypto in his arms once again and said, "Now to head home and see about getting this goop washed off of our bodies. Your house mate, Rudolph, will probably think you wallowed with the Vagabond hounds if you come home smelling like this." And Jason walked off while still carrying Krypto in his arms as he headed toward the back gate of the family estate so he could honor Krypto with a decent bath.
    End of Chapter One