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  • HTH-JP-01 Training From Krypto

    This is an ongoing story I've been writing that occurs on Earth that is not part of any of my given serials. It is about an American teenage human boy who is empowered to transform into a Hungarian Vizsla Dog with the desire for victorious and sporting activity after an accidental encounter with one of Krypto's doggy aspirin tablets. Enjoy.

    This was started on September 5th 2017 by me (Darrel James Vanwinkle)

    Tags: Human, cartoon, Anime, Dog, Reindeer, Cat, Devi-Mouse, Transformation

    Victory the Vizsla (Hero the Hound)
    Jason Hartly Prince
    HTH-JP-01 Training From Krypto
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    September 5th, 2017

    Chapter One

    Being the older brother to his fraternal twin sister Josephine Dorothy Prince, Jason Hartly Prince was currently five foot ten inches tall and he had short brown hair, amber eyes and tanned skin. He dressed casually in a red tee shirt (with the logo and photo of DC Comics' Krypto the Super Dog on it,) white underwear, blue jeans, white socks and Reebok sneakers. He also had a black leather backpack which he kept his white leather gloves (which match the appearance of his sneakers,) various sporting goods and a defense item his government agent parents insisted he always have with him. Unknown to himself, his parents have a GPS tracking chip embedded within his backpack, another within his sneakers and a final chip medically implanted within the back of his neck. Since both parents did government style work, their home household was assigned with two nannies and two butlers as well as two security guards whom each had quite handsome male guard dogs of their own and there was a pair of oriental chauffeurs who were a lot like Bruce Lee. They spoke English, Japanese and Chinese.

    One nanny, one security guard and dog, one butler whom doubled as a chef and one chauffeur were assigned to the two younger siblings who were also fraternal twin siblings. The other nanny, security guard with dog, chef-butler and chauffeur were assigned to Jason and Josephine. The security guard mainly kept an eye on Josephine because she was at that age when boys were all vying for her attention to be her boyfriend. Despite having all of these estate servants, Jason and Josephine attended the public school in McLean, Virginia called Heroton High School, home of the Heroton Hounds. The school was located within three miles from Washington D.C. while it was just half a mile from their estate home in the park. Heroton High was supported by both Arden's Pizza and Saberfang's Freelancers organization and they had both Baseball and basketball teams. Their track team were among the top hundred in the region.

    On this particular afternoon, Jason had just emerged from the drug store after purchasing a bottle of aspirin; medicine useful after baseball practice because dealing with the coach was the cause of many headaches. He then stopped at his favorite park bench where he opened the bottle of aspirin removing the cotton ball from the bottle when out of nowhere, a white dog collided with him knocking him backward off of the bench spilling the aspirin caplets out of the bottle. As he lay there in the grass with the whit canine on top of him, he lifted his head and looked at the dog closely when a glimmer of recognition crossed his face. "My favorite cartoon star Krypto the Super Dog collided with me on my favorite bench. This day just got super awesome." Then he noticed that Krypto wasn't moving seeming to be stunned as he lay on the boy's stomach and lap. "Are you okay, Krypto?" Then he noted that there were two empty aspirin bottles on the ground where he had spilled his aspirin and they all looked alike. Jason was worried now since it appeared that Krypto had eaten what he thought was aspirin but a villain had coated Kryptonite in aspirin powder to look like the real thing. "Don't worry, Krypto. I'll save you." He moved the dog of steel off of his lap to the grass and the first thing afterward was that he checked to make sure Krypto's mouth was clear of any debris and then he grabbed the white dog from behind and he began pumping Krypto's stomach with his hands balled up into fists. "Come on, Krypto... cough it up. I don't want my most favorite canine hero to die."

    When his good deed didn't seem to be working, Jason out of desperation chose to give the white dog of steel mouth to mouth before turning Krypto upside down and then attempting to make him cough out or regurgitate the fake aspirin. Jason repeated this process a few times and it was on the ninth attempt that Krypto regurgitated a horrid amount of fluids directly into Jason's mouth and throat. Whatever was in this stuff made the boy turn green for a moment as he turned and began throwing up himself into the nearby bushes. "Man... Krypto and I are a real mess now. Totally coated in dog vomit outside and in. I don't know what he ate but it tasted awful. He is still my favorite canine hero." After throwing up four times, Jason turned back to Krypto and he picked him up in his arms. "Speak to me, Krypto. Are you still sick?"

    Krypto was coated in and smelled like dog vomit as he managed to force open his eyes and say, "Boy... you look and smell like me. Thanks for making me throw up that Kryptonite pill. One of my arch enemies thought that if I swallowed Kryptonite that I would be too weak to seek out help. What's your name, kid. I want to know who saved my life today."

    "Jason Hartly Prince," the young man said while still holding Krypto in his arms. "You and I need to get cleaned up somewhere. But you know... despite being coated in your vomit, I would do it again if it meant I was helping you, Krypto."

    Krypto raised one eye brow. "Prince...? Are you related to Gerard Klayton Prince from Georgia?"

    Jason replied, "I am first cousin to Lupa-Vega Prince but you probably didn't know this next part... Gerard is not their natural child. He is adopted. He doesn't even have Prince blood. But Leon and Rianne love him none the less. When they adopted him, he was Marshall Clayton Everett But Leon wanted to name a son Gerard so his name was changed."

    Krypto obviously didn't know about that. "You see, I have met Gerard. He hates his middle name of Klayton. If I tell him what his old name was before adoption, he might see about changing his name to something he likes. Gerard Marshall Prince has a nice sound to it. That is why I asked you if you were related. He's been helping out Ace the Bat Hound."

    "I need to pick up my aspirin caplets that I spilled when you collided with me," said Jason. "Then I will take you back to my estate home where you and I can get this vomit cleaned off of our bodies. I would really like to be your boyfriend, Krypto. The other teenagers razz me for liking a cartoon dog aimed at young boys. So if they saw you with me on ice cream shake outings, they might have to swallow their words because you would have time for a guy like me. The ice cream shakes would be my treat. I promise."

    Krypto blushed although he was smiling. "To get a boyfriend all I had to do was vomit all over myself. I hope you didn't catch anything from my vomit when you swallowed some of it."

    Jason made a face as he carefully picked up the aspirin and filled the two bottles present. He couldn't really tell which ones were his and which ones were from Krypto's bottle. "I was trying to forget that I accidentally swallowed some of your vomit. But as I said before, I would do it again as long as it helped you."

    Krypto chuckled. "Where do you go to school, Jason?"

    Jason replied, "Heroton High right here in the Memorial Park. It is a public high school although the instructors seem alien part of the time. But there are a few I really like. The school mascot is the Heroton Hound. I've worn the mascot costume once. It is a lot of fun."

    Once Jason had picked up the aspirin, he put the bottles into his backpack and then he picked up Krypto in his arms once again and said, "Now to head home and see about getting this goop washed off of our bodies. Your house mate, Rudolph, will probably think you wallowed with the Vagabond hounds if you come home smelling like this." And Jason walked off while still carrying Krypto in his arms as he headed toward the back gate of the family estate so he could honor Krypto with a decent bath.
    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two
    "Right in here, Krypto," said Jason. "For times like this, I am glad we have a back entrance; I wouldn't want my siblings to gag on our aroma."

    Krypto and boy submerged themselves into the whirlpool spa bath tub as Jason grabbed a sponge and began to wash the Kryptonian canine in thick lathering shampoo for dogs. During the bath, Krypto found himself getting more kisses and compassionate love and care from the boy. Krypto found himself returning the affections although he knew he shouldn't be getting compassionate with a human boy, but he was so infatuated with the human he often found himself getting a little too close throughout the bath.

    During the rinsing in clean water, Krypto stated, I apologize for getting close with you in the bath tub. I don't know what's wrong with me. I am normally more clean minded than that. Did I hurt you with the Kryptonian express?"

    Jason replied as he helped to get the shampoo suds out of Krypto's fur. "No, it was actually a lot of fun. Besides, earlier you said you were glad you now had a boyfriend. I guess toon physics prevented any damages or injuries. Do your producers know you are on Earth?"

    Krypto said, "I don't think they do; Snooky Wookums tricked me into crossing over to Earth over Washington D.C. when he popped the kryptonite aspirin pill into my muzzle and I accidentally swallowed it. Then I crash landed into you on the park bench. Thank you again for saving my life, Jason. You are my new favorite boy and boyfriend."

    Jason said, "How come I can understand you without Kevin's animal translator device?"

    Krypto smirked. "Because that device is not for real; it is a prop that is used as an excuse in the show so humans can understand animals. You understand me because I can speak all languages the same as Superman. In fact, I better send him a message to let him know that you saved my life."

    Jason then affixed Krypto's now cleaned up collar back around his neck. "I got all of the nasty vomit out of the cracks of your communicator. You wouldn't want to bowl Rudolph and Kevin over later on, would you? Ace might have repulsive comments about your smelling like dog vomit."

    Krypto smiled. "Streaky and I have been in worse smelling stuff. Usually after a toxic dip in stinky stuff, we go to a professional groomer in Meta-Star City. They claim they can clean and groom anything. Not like we are trying to challenge that claim."

    Jason hugged Krypto one more time before stepping back to let the white Kryptonian canine make his call to Superman.

    "This is Krypto calling Superman. Come in please." "Superman speaking. Where are you, Krypto? Ace and Streaky are looking for you when you failed to show up for this afternoon's filming session in the park." "Snooky Wookums tricked me into crossing over to Earth here in Washington D.C. and he fired a Aspirin coated Kryptonite pill into my open muzzle and I swallowed it. I almost died but a nice boy forced me to vomit up the pill and he saved my life. He then took me back to his place to give me a clean bath so we both didn't smell like dog vomit. We got this stuff all over the both of us so we needed to bathe. I am currently still at Jason Prince's estate near Heroton High School in McLean, Virginia. Both of his parents are in the secret service; one in the C.I.A. and the other in the F.B.I. Jason saved my life, Kal. I love him." "I will come and pick you up, Krypto. Just stay with Jason and maybe we can reward Jason with something really nice, like a modern junior hero clubhouse where he can stay in communication with you when you both have free time." "That's a great idea, Kal. But wait until you see this estate. It has the best security and... Wait a moment... One of the estate guards and his police dog just came in and are looking at Jason and I."

    The security guard said to Jason, "Are you okay, Jason. And is that dog who I think it is?"

    The police dog sniffed Krypto and said in canine, "I always thought you were cleaner than this, Krypto. Jason means well but he doesn't know how to properly groom a dog like us. And he smells like you do. Did he force you to vomit or something?"

    Krypto chose to tell the Police Dog the truth; everything, including how Jason saved his life. "Superman is going to be coming by to pick me up; however, I want to continue seeing Jason. He did just save my life."

    Jason was telling the estate guard the same thing Krypto was saying although in English. "I am fine, Henry. Although I may need another bath later. I tried to wash the vomit off of Krypto and I both so we didn't cause the estate flowers to wilt from our accidental stench."

    Henry smiled. "If Superman is coming, then I will alert the other estate guard so they don't open fire on him when he comes to the estate. With your parents off on missions, we are tasked to protect the children in the estate itself. Since you finally got to meet Krypto, does this mean that he is going to let you join his fan club or let you go on adventures with him or even get you a guest spot on his TV show?"

    Jason smiled. "That would be an awesome one time opportunity and then people could learn that I saved Krypto from Kryptonite during a time when he wasn't filming."

    Krypto then said in English, "If you want that experience, Jason, I will make the arrangements with my producer and we can have you in one of my TV show episodes. Although you will need your parent's permission to be my guest for that privilege."

    Jason remarked, "Snooky will be pissed when he sees that you survived the Kryptonite pill."

    Krypto smiled. "I'm just glad it wasn't red Kryptonite, Jason. Or else you might be affected by the effects of those weird things from my show."

    Henry said, "Brutus and I need to resume our patrol; your sister hasn't come home yet, Jason."

    Jason smirked. "Last I saw of her, she was having the chauffeur drive her over to Wally's house to get help with a homework session. As you know, Wally is the computer and nerd genius of Heroton High. Totally trustworthy."
    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three

      Jason then said, "Now that I don't smell like I rolled in my own manure, I need to head back out to the park and make sure everything I had before Krypto's collision with me is collected and intact for bringing back to the estate."

      Krypto commented, "In the event that you find the Kryptonite pill, you should take a lead lined box with you to properly store the dangerous to Kryptonians item within for proper disposal. Superman told me to stay here to await his arrival for my trip home. Even though I am alive, I still feel a little weak."

      Jason went and fetched a lead-lined box that his father owned and he showed it to Krypto whom verified that it was an official item to use for storing Kryptonite.

      And then Jason headed back to the park to look for left over goods that belonged to him. When he arrived at the odorous locale that the local joggers were choosing to avoid due to the smell of dog vomit all over the crash zone, Jason began picking up the rest of his belongings which were still at the location. As he was picking up various things, he soon noticed a pulsing glowing green and red jewel in the deeper grasses nearby. "That must be the Kryptonite pill." He then brought out the lead-lined box and prepared to pick up the gem to place into the box. "Now to put this away so that-" and as he touched the glowing gem in the midst of his saying Krypto's name, the 'O' was cut short as he was shocked by the Kryptonite pill as it nearly electrocuted him.

      "Krypt-AR!!" In that moment of mystical surprise, he felt a lightning bolt strike his body as the Kryptonite pill ceased to exist. Standing where the young man had been bent over to grab the Kryptonite was now a golden roan colored Hungarian Retriever with a golden collar which had a Lightning Bolt in place of an 'S' making it different from Krypto's collar. The collar had a white cape connected to it with stylish gold trim making it similar to Captain Marvel's cape but made shorter for a dog.

      "Man... what just happened. Where did the Kryptonite pill go?" Jason had not noticed just yet that he was now in a feral canine form until he went to stand up look around the area and he found himself floating in mid air. "How did I get into the air?" That was when he began to look himself over in surprise. "Why do I have Captain Marvel's cape and lightning bolt? Hey! I'm a red hound! I am going to need Krypto's help for sure now!"

      He then landed away from the jogger's trail near the trees. "SHAZAM!" Nothing happened. "That isn't the word! Oh shit; How do I power down? What was I saying when I got hit by the lightning bolt?" He ran back over his memory as he slowly recalled the sentence he was in the process of saying before he got shocked. "I was saying, Now to put this away so that Krypto won't be hurt by it... except just as I was trying to say Krypto that was when I got the pee zapped out of me and... I cried out AR instead of O. Let's try that and see if I am right." He struck a pose near the tree and he shouted, "KRYPTAR!" And in a flash of magical lightning, the roan hound was replaced by the human boy whom was still in his usual clothes. "Oh man... I created a new age canine version of Captain Marvel. But that has a corny sound to it. Captain Dog is pretty lame. I'll just go the simple route and call myself Hero the Hound for now until I can figure out something better later."

      Jason quickly picked up the rest of his belongings and then he began jogging back toward the estate. As he arrived, he saw Superman floating nearby. "Hi Superman. I'm Jason Prince. I'll vouch for you to enter the estate. Krypto is this way." Once Superman landed on the ground, he followed the boy inside the estate and in through the rear entrance to where Krypto was laying next to the bath tub still looking weak. "He is right here, Superman. Krypto said he felt weak. The Kryptonite pill disintegrated as I tried to box it up in a lead lined box. I had never heard of Kryptonite doing this before. Before it destroyed itself, I was in the process of picking it up and it shocked me with what felt like a lightning bolt."

      Superman asked, "What did it do to you, Jason?"

      Jason said, "I was going to ask Krypto for advice on this but since you are asking, maybe you can help me with this as well." The boy walked over to a spot in front of both Kryptonians and he stood in a pose as he shouted, "KRYPTAR!" And in a flash of magical lightning, the human boy whom in his normal clothes was replaced by a golden roan colored Hungarian Retriever with a golden collar which had a Lightning Bolt in place of an 'S' making it different from Krypto's collar. The collar had a white cape connected to it with stylish gold trim making it similar to Captain Marvel's cape but made shorter for a dog. "And now I am Hero the Hound. I refuse to call myself Captain Dog or Marvel Dog since both sound corny. I freaked out when this first happened. But I got my cool back when I figured out how to change back to my human form."

      Superman said, "Was the Kryptonite pulsing between green and red before it destroyed itself?"

      Jason as Hero replied, "Yes it was."

      The man of steel said, "Mystic Kryptonite can only effect humans. It has no effect on Kryptonians. When it gave you its power, it destroyed itself afterwards."

      Jason asked, "How long does this power last, Superman?"

      Superman steeled himself up for a possibly upset human boy. "Forever. There is no cure to Mystic Kryptonite contamination."

      Jason said, "So when I touched this stuff with my bare hands, I allowed it to empty its power into my body?"

      Superman replied, "Sad but true. The best we can do for you is to help train you in the powers you now have and to help you in building a headquarters building where you can go for privacy as Hero the Hound. Since the powers gave you the equivalent to Captain Marvel's powers, you likely have all of his strengths and weaknesses as well."

      Jason asked, "Will I be able to call on Canine Elders like Billy Batson did in the Seventies live-action TV show?"

      Superman smiled. "You likely could. Krypto will still be your number one fan since you did save his life. What kind of clubhouse headquarters would you like to have?"

      Jason smiled as he shot a wink at Krypto. "Could I have a canine sphinx that looks like Krypto overlooking the nearby river? The ground entrance near the hind leg and the lower jaw of the dog's muzzle be able to open when a flying hero like myself, Krypto or you approaches it. The main headquarters be inside the head and training rooms inside the rest of the body. Maybe make the canine sphinx like a flight capable star ship which you guys could activate when the base needed to be moved."
      End of Chapter Three


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        Chapter Four

        Watching Superman build the Canine Sphinx of Solitude was inspiring. Jason even got to meet Krypto's space going cousin, the super canine, Dynamo, a canine dedicated to galactic construction projects. He brought in the materials that Superman requested from red sun worlds; thus making the clubhouse headquarters more powerful than ever. The Dog Stars transported in a star ship engine with a millennium lifetime power core. The only reward Brainy and her crew wanted was to see Jason change into and out of Hero the Hound. Afterward, they swore in Jason as an honorary Dog Star before departing for the distant sectors in space. When the construction ended, Jason got a tour of his alter ego's new headquarters as well as an instructional for how the computers aboard the Canine Sphinx operated. While doing this, Superman contacted the Bat-Computer where Alfred Pennyworth answered the incoming call. "Bat Cave. Oh Hello Superman. Master Bruce was asking where you were earlier. The Riddler teamed up with Lex Luthor again and they are causing trouble in Meta-Star City. Batman told me to tell you if you called in that he could really use your help."

        Hero the Hound's head looked into the camera and said, "Just have Robbie the Robin tell Riddler his life story; that would end the alliance immediately. That would be like having Mr. Mxyzptlk go personally bother the Riddler, or better, Robbie, Mr. Mxyzptlk and B-a-t-M-i-t-e."

        Superman quickly said, "No, Hero. Mr. Mxyzptlk would tire of that game if I wasn't there personally. And the Mite only desires to bother Batman himself. Robbie should be enough. Alfred, send Batman a message that I am on my way. Also let Bat-Hound know that Krypto will be staying here at the Canine Sphinx of Solitude in Washington D.C. here on Earth until he regains his strength. Snooky Wookums almost killed him with a Kryptonite pill. A nice boy saved my dog's life. We just set up a clubhouse for the boy which is why I have been on radio silence."

        "I will let them know. Ace will likely want to come and personally check on Krypto. Despite being the dark hound detective, he really cares about Krypto. Alfred out."

        Superman looked to Hero the Hound. "I can personally tune out Robbie's life story. I am glad the real Robin sidekicks cannot do what that little bird can do. We are building you a duplicate of your base near Angel City on QC Planet. Within, there will be a transporter shortcut between your base and that base. Brainy and Dynamo were getting that set up while we were busy here. And now for the transporter operation instructions." Superman stepped over to the transporter and as he stood upon one of the eight pads, he said, "Computer. Angel City transport. Now." And Star Trek style, Superman vanished out of the Canine Sphinx Headquarters.

        Krypto smiled. "That will make it easier for me to come visit you for our dates, Jason. Remember, they are making the other base identical to this base; same features in both bases. Since Superman is giving me permission to recover here on Earth, I will show you a trick I have used before." He glanced at the computer and said, "Computer, open a Yellow Sun Lamp over my resting position, please." Directly over Krypto's recovery pillows a panel in the ceiling opened and a yellow sun lamp began to shine down upon his body. "Always be polite to your computer. Within an hour, I will have my strength back. And while we are waiting, I think you should practice the 'speaking to the elders' like you mentioned to Superman before the headquarters build. At least find out who they are."

        Hero the Hound struck his pose as he focused on a blank monitor screen. "Oh Canine Elders... meek, strong and wise... Appear before my seeking eyes!"

        Within the monitor, energy began to form and swirl until a collection of Canine Beings appeared in a group. One at a time, they began their introductions. "I am Krypton, the canine spirit of Kryptonian Power." - "I am Rigel the Beta, galactic hunter of Orion's stellar Pack." - "I am Yeta Butez, the Sirian canine of Sex and Compassion." - "I am Procyon, the scout of the seeking path." - "I am Tyl Turais, the dragon voyager." - "I am Amon Anubis, the guardian of the passage." - "And I am Romula Lupercala, the protector of the night. All canine children are under my protection." Upon a nearby wall of their meeting cavern in full view was their names in a list along with what they respresented. It of course spelled out KRYPTAR. Tyl then said, "Just as the Argo was piloted by Jason of the Argonauts, our newest canine hero is named Jason and he is a Prince from the canine lineage." Romula (being the only female among them) commented, "Although you called out our pack name as an accident, Jason Prince, we approve of your magnificent form. Let the white of your cape represent the purity of your heart and the gold will represent Luna's gaze in your heroic journey to help others. The roan coloration of your body will be the dedication of fire for which your resolve will remain strong. Call upon us any time you need guidance within the world." As a group, they said, "So speaketh us all!" And then their images faded from the monitor.

        Krypto smiled. "They were awesome, Jason, just as you are."

        Jason said, "When I accidentally called out their pack name, they gave me their abilities. that is why I get this heroic canine form. And one of those abilities is sex and compassion from the studliest youngest member of their pack. So my good looks in canine form comes from Yeta and I will admit that he aroused me. I will likely have dreams tonight about him. Even in my human form." He ended up chuckling even though he didn't mean anything wrongful about the reference. Yeta was HOT! And he knew it!

        At that moment, Ace the Bat-Hound arrived on the transport pad where he leaped off and padded over to Krypto. "Are you okay, good buddy? We were worried sick about you. Even Jimmy the Rat was asking about you. Night threatened to turn Snooky into a feline skin coat. Ignatius whispered to me that he was glad someone else was getting your sponsor son's glare for a change."

        Krypto smiled. "My Sponsor Boy has a list of villains he wants to rip the hide off of. By the way, Ace, meet Jason Prince, currently known as Hero the Hound. Despite the collar and cape, he does not want to be called Captain nor Marvel Canine nor Dog. He is using Hero until he can figure something better out later."

        Ace then said, "That might be a good idea to have two separate identities depending upon which world he is on at the moment. On Earth, he would be Hero the Hound. On QC Planet, he could use the other name whatever that name ends up being. Strike a pose for me, Hero, and I will scan you using the portable Bat-Computer."

        One pose and scan later later with his mouth open and his tongue lolled out, the results came up on the AI of the portable Bat-Computer. "Canine. Match. Has. Been. Found. Subject. Is. A. Species. Known. As. The. Vizsla. This. Is. A. Hungarian. Royal. Hunting. Hound. Preferred. Among. The. Nobles. Of. Hungary. Easily. Related. To. The. Retrievers. Of. Both. England. And. America. Picture. And. Species. Information. Provided. Projecting. Image. On. File." And before them in holographic form was the typical Vizsla looking young hot and playful. Much like the pose Hero had just made earlier.

        Krypto said, "Truly amazing, Jason. You are a Vizsla, a rare breed of Pointer. I am a Retriever myself so I suppose the ending form just made sense."

        Jason then said, "When I have to be on QC Planet, I will call myself Victory the Vizsla. But here on Earth, I'll use the simplistic Hero the Hound."
        End of Chapter Four


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          Chapter Five
          After Ace had departed to go conduct a patrol in Meta Star City, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Night the Superdog arrived via the transporter where both animals gave Krypto a loving hug as well as an energy meal prepared by Rudolph.

          Night said, "Give the word, dad; and I will wipe Snooky Wookums out of existence. I really hate it when your set mates act outside of the filming sessions. It makes me think the Shady Producers are up to no good again to get me out into public to fill in for you."

          Krypto just hugged Night fondly and whispered, "No, Harold. That would make your public image into a villain. And I like you just the way you are. I am glad you can change back into your human form these days." He released the black dog of steel as he turned to Hero/Jason. "Night just brought up an important point, Jason. If anyone who looks like a filming producer asks to get you into a TV show, you must tell them that you already have a contract with Warner Brothers. Even though it isn't true; if you say anything else, these crummy bums will bother you for all eternity. They wouldn't let my sponsor boy finish the high school he was originally attending. They tried every trick in the book to get him to be in public so they could illegally film him without his consent. This instance with Snooky isn't the first time something like this has happened. Since I was the Sponsor father in the family household and Night was listed as my unofficial cousin, the shady bleeps thought that by putting me out of commission, it would force Night to have to come out and assume all of my patrols and missions just so they could film him."

          Night growled at the memory. "I had to lawyer up to make them lay off. But they occasionally forget that I have lawyers and they pull stupid stunts like this. But you do have a nice canine appearance, Jason. Since you are near Apollo the Wonder Dog's territory, you can likely get membership into his K9 Justice International team. His filming team do not ever try any hanky panky tricks to make a quick buck. His crew knows how to make me smile."

          Then as if he heard them talking about him, Apollo arrived via the transporter and said, "Did the dark hound detective with no sense of humor already leave?"

          Night went over and he hugged Apollo before bringing the golden Olympian hound to meet with Hero/Jason. "And this is the result of the shady producers latest stunt to get me out into public, Apollo. Jason Prince is Hero the Hound whom has the powers of Captain Marvel. He was zapped by Mystic Kryptonite."

          Apollo sniffed Hero over politely. "Now that I have memorized your scent, Jason, I can refer to you as an ally to us East Coast super canines. I am a human boy named Damian Cedalia from Rosemark, which is northeast of Nashville, Tennessee. I got transformed magically and I am still learning what all I can do. On QC Planet, Washington D.C. is called Angel City. And that is where I live. When I saw Dynamo and the Dog Stars building the Canine Sphinx of Solitude, I naturally checked it out. Nice place; I like it."

          Night said, "If Jason ever does want to be in a TV show, I will have to take him to the Union and get him registered. At the moment, he is open game to the Shady Producers. I will also have to escort him to the Powers Registration Center in Meta Star City so he can get his official registration made. At the moment, you are not registered as a hero nor a villain. Getting registered helps to slow down illegal filming on a new powered animal. Right dad?"

          Krypto sat up in his Yellow Sun Lamp cushion and said, "I am so glad you brought that up, Harold." He looked to Jason. "He is right. We need to get you registered as Hero the Hound and get you an official Union sign up officiated. Mine and Superman's personal Director, Scott Jeralds, can help us in getting you the right treatment, Jason."

          Jason then said, "We still need to get my parents' permission, Krypto. And both are still on government missions."

          Krypto looked to Night, Apollo and Rudolph. "Jason's Parents both work for the government agencies. The C.I.A. and the F.B.I. So whatever involvement me do with Jason has to be done carefully." He then ate a few of the flapjacks. "These are so delicious. Have one, Jason. Rudolph makes the best flapjacks."

          Jason picked one up and he sniffed it. "Rudolph? Do you use clean and fresh ingredients?"

          Rudolph arched an eye as he replied, "I make them from scratch; what is the problem?"

          Jason held the flapjack out for the other animals to smell. "I smell something that I have never smelled before in pancake mix. It almost makes me sicker than accidentally swallowing Krypto's vomit; and that was a nasty accident."

          Rudolph sniffed the flapjack but it was normal to him. Night and Apollo sniffed it next. Night was like Krypto and could not detect anything out of the ordinary. Apollo however said, "I think I know what he is smelling, guys. Over at our place in Angel City, we have an anti-Toonium water filter connected to our plumbing faucets. He is smelling the Toonium in the liquids that you mix into the dry ingredients and Toonium in a human might make him lose his human form all together. I know you meant well to offer to share your meal with Jason, but he cannot eat this stuff the way it was made for you, Krypto."

          Rudolph then said, "Oh I am so sorry. I never even thought about it. I will make it up to you, Jason, by making you fresh pancakes with clean ingredients. All beverages on QC Planet contain trace amounts of Toonium. Damien learn this when after they had the filters on their plumbing his brother brought in a six-pack of sodas and the Toonium Detector alarm began to go crazy. After filtering the sodas through the purification device, it reduced the taste something fierce while making the sodas taste almost like Diet Cola."

          Apollo said, "We thought they were awful after that. It might have been better to drink liquid Ex-Lax. We have supplies brought in from Earth these days."

          Rudolph said, "Since that could be an issue for you, Jason, make sure you get all of your baths and meals here on Earth. If you ever get any Toonium on your body in either form, go to the Yuskay Groomers in Angel City immediately for an emergency detox. Krypto and I will cover all of the charges for the service. Since you saved Krypto from the Kryptonite, we want you to stay safe in your new life."

          Jason smiled. "Thanks Rudolph. Is it okay for me to hug and kiss you?"

          Rudolph nodded his head with a smile and a wink before Jason powered down and gave the reindeer the promised attention.
          End of Chapter Five