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NTS-HD-09 The Night Before Christmas

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  • NTS-HD-09 The Night Before Christmas

    NTS-HD-09 The Night Before Christmas
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle
    January 5th, 2016

    Chapter Eighty-One

    Mid-December in Meta-Star City. Sitting in the warmth of my penthouse apartment, I watched the snow falling from the sky in the darkness of the night. No, I don't have doggy dandruff. I still hadn't gotten over the idea that I had killed someone on Earth; never mind the fact that the rotten prick of a werewolf had cheated by using spells. I was letting him use his teleportation, but to use a sight spell to counteract a power I had naturally during the challenge was too much.

    Earlier I had worked on my MYTHS homework. Every time I think I am getting caught up, something happens to make me fall way behind. At least Ace is being understanding about this whole shile of pit. He told me that he was dating someone nice. Aside from that, he wouldn't tell me who it was. Only that his date rubs a doggy in all the right ways. And worse, Ace was smiling when he said that. I don't know what's getting into him. I'm just glad Krypto and Rudolph aren't like that.

    Currently I was writing up the newest script for my TV series. Yes, I had finally bitten the bullet and was actually writing my own material. I had the license so I had best make use of it. Writing up lines for yourself is one thing, but writing up lines for every member of your show is very tiring. Especially when you have to clear the draft version with every star in the series. No one said it would be easy; now I know why Krypto never writes his show scripts himself.

    But my winter's eve was about to get a little interesting. As I said, just as I start to get ahead on my homework, something unexpected crops up and well... there you are.

    "A fine thing ye be doing on such a brisk winter's even, Harold, but perhaps ye wouldn't mind helping out an elf with an important job, yes?" Standing there on the frozen water of my penthouse swimming pool was a small slender three foot tall elf wearing blue and white clothes.

    I grinned when I saw him. "Jack Frost." I got up as I closed my text book and padded over to look at him. Yes, I was in my full quadruped canine form. "What brings you to my warm hideaway? Nothing in here but a dog who is behind on his MYTHS homework. What's the job?"

    He popped a doggy treat into my muzzle and then he petted me on the head. "Normally I would get your sponsor dad to help me except he is off planet with Superman again. So according to the union records, its either you or your cousin River. And you need more air time. So how about it? Help a cute elf create some drafts, snow in places that need it, and necessary ice covering waterways in danger of missing a good skating surface?"

    I probably would have helped him without his bribing me with this candied doggy treat. But that treat was GOOD! "Okay, Jack. You got yourself a superdog of the night fantastic. Where to first?" I opened the terrace doors and stepped out into the snow that was piling up there. "A little cold on my tootsies, but I'm game for a flight."

    The flight through the snow covered city and around the waterways of the Meta Star City canals went as expected... at first. But as we began to use my super cold breath to freeze a flow of water sitting all over one street, a blast of heat vision fired down through the clouds and began to melt the very ice that I was creating. Of course Jack Frost urged me to refreeze it since the poor boys and girls would be so sad if I didn't. And in the midst of my doing this, a second heat ray fired down from the clouds as both Krypto and Superman came into view as the owners of the ice melting heat vision strikes. When I saw the two of them, I turned to look at Jack Frost with a look of shock.

    "Jack! What's going-" but before I could finish my statement, the cute elf was no longer there. Floating in mid air in his place was none other than that mischievous imp from the 5th dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk. "YOU! You tricked me!" And that was when the laughing imp saw my eyes change from their usual color to that eerie phosphorescent purple as my voice deepened and the surroundings became cloaked in that inky black fog which seemed to prevent the imp from leaving. "Unlike Krypto... I have no qualms about killing you!"

    The spooky voice strikes again. Gods, I love using that voice. One of the advantages of joining the Archon Pact Commander's faction. I get to use ALL of my formerly owned powers... well, the ones I want to use. Darcadia can keep the blood draining ability. That even creeped me out to the degree of making me sick.

    The imp from the 5th dimension was heard filling his shorts loudly as he screamed for help. Ironically, he actually yelled for Superman to save him. Oh the irony. Hee hee.

    Then I set off my Hell fire effect and that did not improve the situation within the black fog. Fortunately, the man of steel grabbed Mxyzptlk while Krypto slapped a paw over my flaming eyes. Of course he yelped when his paw struck my magical flames; I quickly doused the fire to prevent more unintentional pain. "I'm sorry, dad!" And instantly the sky was back to its snow falling normal state as all of the inky fog vanished. "Are you hurt?"

    Krypto was wincing and trying hard not to whine. Magical flame was the one flame that could hurt the entire Super Family and I had access to it. "I'll... I'll... owowowow! I'm not mad at you, Harold. That imp brings out the bad in anyone who deals with him. Help me back to your penthouse apartment... quick. I need to soak my paw in an anti-magical solution. Rudolph knows how to make the stuff. Ow ow ow..." The last was more painful since he had tears in his eyes.

    Okay, now I felt bad about this situation; I hurt my Sponsor Dad. And I actually love him. I escorted him back to my sky rise apartment where I called Rudolph on my communicator and asked him to quickly bring the goods for making the anti-magical solution. He arrived pretty fast after that. I stayed out of the way as I watched my Sponsor Mom doctor up Krypto's paw. I was upset over being tricked like that and I was upset that I hurt my dad. I hung my head as I awaited to be spoken to.

    End of Chapter Eighty-One