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JCS-04 Winter Wonder Hell

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    [Cardinal Sins]

    JCS-04 Winter Wonder Hell
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    October 31st, 2017

    Chapter One
    :Freeborn farm, Ridgeview, South Dakota; Planet Earth:
    During the following week, Southfang had each of the Cardinal Pack members mount and pleasure Jackpaw as a punishment for exhibiting his Arcadian powers in public. Southfang took his turn last since he planned on getting Jackpaw pregnant with pups. Perhaps this would teach the Ange-Hound a lesson. "So Jackpaw?" asked Southfang. "Will you ever beg your alpha to kill you while the camera imps are watching you? I am going to keep you plump for a week as a punishment. This means you have to stay in your canine form."

    Jackpaw moaned. "I feel sick, Southfang. Why do I feel so fat? I feel like I need to use the bathroom. What did you do to me?"

    Southfang grinned. "I got you pregnant, Isaac. You are effectively going to stay a dog until you give birth. Never beg your alpha to kill you. I know you feel bad for yelling at your former sweetheart; the other pack members are divided in how they feel regarding what you said in regards to Maria. Did she really say she was not going to marry while she was at college? That she was saving herself for you?"

    Jackpaw belched before replying, "Of course she said she was only going to college to study animal medicine. When she came home married, even the sheriff was shocked. She didn't even tell her parents that she had met a guy in college. But after getting to know John, I can see how he is a good person. He really wants to help us here at the farm. What will be his reaction when he sees me pregnant in my Ange-Form?"

    Southfang smirked. "Maybe he will want to try it for himself?" He chuckled out loud after making that statement. And then the telephone rang.

    Recordspaw hopped over to the hallway phone and he answered it in Hellena's voice. "Freeborn residence. Who is this?"

    "This is John Holden. I don't know who you are ma'am, but I need to talk to Isaac, please."

    Recordspaw smiled. "Why this is Hellena, John. I'll have to bring the phone receiver to Isaac's head. Southfang has him in a punishment for using his power in front of Maria." And the Devi-Roo brought the phone receiver to Jackpaw's head and held it in place for him.

    Jackpaw said, "Hello. Isaac as Jackpaw here. What do you need, John?"

    John over the phone said, "Isaac? Who was that woman? And what kind of punishment has Southfang got you in?"

    Jackpaw replied, "That woman was Recordspaw; you know, the handsome boomer slash porn actor. And Southfang has my Jackpaw form pregnant. I have to stay this way for a week for showing weakness to my alpha. I will assume that you spoke to Maria or you are still speaking to her?"

    John said, "If he wasn't keeping you knocked up, I would kill you myself. After you exploded at Maria she blatantly asked me about my job in the next town. I am in a bind, Isaac. What do I do? Maria scares me when she is mad."

    Jackpaw sighed. "As much as this might make you nervous, John, I would advise... wait a moment..." Then listened intently before continuing. "Are you on a party line, John? I hear someone on another phone breathing raggedly while trying to be quiet. If you want my advice, John, come over to the farm and hear me to my muzzle. I don't know who is listening in on your home phone but it is very rude. Even real BITCHES would have better respect." He looked to Recordspaw. "Hang it up."

    Recordspaw took the phone back to the hallway where he said into the receiver in his male voice. "Sorry John." And then he hung up the phone.

    Then the phone rang again. Recordspaw answered the phone once again in his normal voice. "Freeborn residence on behalf of Kisume Television Productions. Who is calling?"

    "This is Maria Phelps Holden. If Isaac is there, please give him a message from me. I am very sorry I let him down before I went to college. I about failed one of my important exams and I met John Holden who was at college under a government scholarship. He helped me to succeed in my exams and although he didn't want anything in return, we dated for a few months in college. I didn't expect him to propose to me when he presented me with a diamond ring and... I wasn't sure if Isaac would ever be able to afford to give me a diamond ring since he was my childhood friend. And we both came from poor families. When I returned from college, the townsfolk seemed to be bitter toward me because I had returned with a husband. Then John got the wrong idea when he saw me at a store speaking to Isaac. It wasn't until John buried the hatchet with him more recently when Isaac showed up at my office with some fantastic hounds he said were owned by his new girlfriend Hellena. When I heard that name, I was instantly angry and jealous. I wanted to win my childhood friend back. John and Isaac were almost together a lot after the visit with the dogs. But then very recently I got the medical results back on the samples I took from the dogs during the visit. And I was shocked when I saw that one of the dogs had a fatal poisonous blood disease. That is why I wanted Isaac to tell me where Hellena's hounds were. And then Isaac lit up as if he was contaminated with radiation and he lost his temper and said things to me that I likely deserved."
    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two
    Maria then continued, "But I do not want my friendship with Isaac to perish. Please tell Isaac to give me another chance. I have to go now. John is on his way over there to talk to Isaac about something important, he said." She then hung up although Recordspaw could hear tears in her voice.

    Recordspaw hung up the phone as he hopped into the room where Southfang and Jackpaw were and he repeated the message to both canines.

    This made Jackpaw feel like an even dumber useless man. "I deserve to die. I messed up so badly that only you Hellhounds and Impy's boys want me now. Why don't you just turn me into a Hellhound so I can forget all about the Freeborns?"

    Southfang slapped Jackpaw upside his head. "I said none of that kind of talk, Jackpaw. We will iron this out when John gets here."

    Recordspaw said, "John is friendly to you and Maria apologized. However, the hound she mentioned was Poisonpaw's blood type. She is no longer with us. Thankfully."

    Southfang said, "The story to use for Spiritfang's absence should be that central processing took her back in to attempt a cure on her blood type once they discovered the same thing Maria found out. So Spiritfang is no longer with us. End of story." he paused and then he smiled at Jackpaw. "We still love you, Isaac. You will only be plump for a week, then you will birth the pups. It was faster gestation time for Recordspaw because his species is magical. If John gets too curious, he might end up in a pack pregnancy himself. And how would Maria take his being missing for a week?"

    Jackpaw sighed. "We would have to tell her the truth at that point."

    Shortly afterward, John arrived and he came into the house with a grocery bag full of steaks and he took these into the kitchen. "Peace offering for the Hellhounds, Recordspaw. And a little something for you." He handed the Devi-Roo Boomer a box of chocolates. Then John went into the room where Southfang and Jackpaw were laid out on the carpeted bedroom floor. "Maria admitted that she was listening on the other line. What do I tell her in regards to my job, guys? I brought over steaks for the Hellhounds. So please do not hurt me."

    Jackpaw whom looked like a very fat Ange-Hound said, "I am going to sound like a hypocrite for saying this, John; but if she puts you in the doghouse for this, then you can shack up with us hounds until it blows over... Just tell her the truth in this manner. You had a Government scholarship so you could get a government veterinarian job in an animal testing center and it doesn't pay what you would prefer to get. You stress to her that you really do care about the animals. You apologize for not telling her sooner but the government wouldn't let you tell civilians what you were doing in the animal testing center. Government hush-hush shit. If she throws you out, then you have a bedroom here in the zany hound house until she forgives you. As for me, I am pregnant by Southfang as a punishment for setting off my Ange-powers in front of Maria in the Supermarket parking lot. I yelled at her and I demanded to know how a college stint ended in a marriage she swore she was not going to college to do. That is why the townsfolk were bitter toward you at first, John... Everyone knew that Maria had told me publicly that she would go to college and return to marry me when she got her degree in Veterinary Medicine. So when she returned with you, I was floored. And everyone in town was angry that she lied. With my father missing shortly after my mother dying of a heart condition, everyone thought Maria was cruel for leading me along only to get married at college. I have since let it go, John. I decided that no woman wanted me. And then this last Halloween, I met the Hellhounds during their arrival to do their proving rites. The two females both proved to be fakes and they had to be returned to the underworld. Since then, I have had sex with all of the current underworld hounds as well as Recordspaw whom shape-shifted into a female human form. I felt guilty having sex with the boomer. I do love them."

    John knelt down and scratched each hand over the hound's heads. "I will try what you are asking, Jackpaw. Southfang, I would like to study Hellhound mating habits when the time comes. If I may have permission to do that, I will see about bringing your pack more steaks. My job pays well enough to provide your pack with that kind of luxury at least a few times a week."

    Southfang said, "I will have to talk it over with the pack. But I will warn you, John, you will likely get mounted during our mating cycle. So you need to arrange to be gone from Maria in the Spring if you want to do this research. If Maria and Isaac have made up before then, then we can see about having her as the official farm vet. But Hellhounds rarely ever get sick."

    John then said, "Do I have permission to verify to Maria what you both have already revealed to her if she chooses to be reasonable after I tell her the truth? If she chooses not to be reasonable, then you will see me again tonight where I will bend over backwards to help the pack since I really do like Isaac. And... Well, Coingazer is very attractive. His advice to me a few weeks ago really paid off. But I placed a thousand dollar bet on the greyhounds and it really paid off. I feel I owe Coingazer some special time if he permits it." What John pretty much said is that he scored 33000 dollars on a 33.3 to 1 odds bet that weekend; that was likely more than he got per month at his job.

    Southfang smiled. "I will let Coingazer know that you want to show him a good time."

    John nodded his head. "Thanks Southfang." And then John Holden got up and departed to go speak with Maria.
    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three
      That evening, John and Maria were back in the Freeborn house at the same time. Maria assisted Recordpaw Darkpouch as he prepared dinner for the household. John was seated in the pack den with Coingazer in his lap while the rest of the Hellhounds sat in the kitchen explaining to Maria what had happened to the fake Dragontail bitch and the Spiritfang/Poisonpaw fake who tried to kill Isaac. " you see, Maria," said Southfang as he finished the explanation. "Isaac thought you wouldn't be able to handle the truth in regards to us Hellhounds being in his house. And then Lord Impy decided to film a TV show based on the Cardinal Pack getting along with a human, Isaac in question. We didn't expect Isaac to be revealed to be an Ange-Hound aspect from Arcadia. But since he already vowed to join our pack with us, we supported the discovery as if he were one of our natural pack brothers. How are you coping with all of this yourself?"

      Maria frowned as she remarked, "You have Isaac in his Ange-Hound form and pregnant as a punishment for revealing his powers in front of me in public?"

      Southfang replied, "Well, in truth, he wanted to commit suicide after he realized how much he messed up by letting you see his angelic glow. He asked me to kill him. And since he had joined my pack at the end of the Proving Rites, wanting to die is the same as saying 'Please punish me'. So I am making him wish he was dead by being pregnant with his first litter of Hellhound puppies. It won't be two joeys like he did with Recordspaw; it will be four to six very hot puppies. He won't be so quick to ask someone to kill him the next time."

      Maria chuckled as she admitted, "There are people who mistreat their dogs whom I think would benefit from being stuffed with a hippopotamus baby."

      Recordspaw started laughing. "Ah knew some porno hippos in the Underworld. They pinned down a humanoid once and the pregnancy was not pretty."

      Southfang smirked. "Vet humor, I am guessing."

      Dragontail said, "It would have to be especially since it seems to help Maria to cope with the truth of what we are."

      Firepaw said, "I just heard the weather guy on the radio say that they are expecting more snow flurries in the next few days. I never thought I would ever see so much white stuff outside of a dragon's toilet. I'll be glad when Spring gets here."

      Maria then asked, "Why would you see white stuff in a dragon's toilet? Surely they don't like snow."

      Southfang said, "Maria... I don't want to make you sick, but since you did ask, I have to be honest. In the Underworld, Diamonds are produced from dragon manure. I kid you not. I am sorry you are learning about this in this particularly nasty way. Why do you think jewelers wash diamonds in a solution before setting them into a gold ring?"

      Firepaw then said, "John likely doesn't know."

      Dragontail grinned before saying, "I wonder how John is getting along with Coingazer? They have been awfully quiet in there."

      Southfang said, "Coingazer is always smiling so things cannot have gone South already between then."

      Jackpaw then slowly brought himself through the kitchen on his way to the bathroom. "I couldn't just lay in the bedroom floor any longer, Southfang. I need to get some water."

      Southfang replied, "That's fine, Jackpaw. Let us know if you need any help in there."

      Firepaw remarked, "Man... He looked really bloated, Southfang. I understand that he needed to be taught a lesson but this is going on a bit too far and it isn't even Spring yet. I feel sorry for him."

      Maria then said after looking at her diamond ring. "I am wearing dragon shit on my hand? And John doesn't know this?"

      Southfang chuckled as he nodded his head.

      Maria then asked, "Do other gems also come from underworld citizen rear ends, like emeralds and rubies?"

      Dragontail smirked. "Green Emeralds are from Devil Bull butts; Rubies are from Demon Fox anuses; Yellow Topazes are from Moon Dog rears; Onyxes are from Hell Donkey assholes."

      Maria laughed. "I ask because John is always sucking on an Onyx stone at work, he says. He says it helps to calm him down from the stupid things the other workers do."
      End of Chapter Three


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        Chapter Four
        Within the private quarters which Coingazer had claimed when the farmhouse was restructured for the Hellhounds, Coingazer and John both of whom had been in the Pack den at first were now relaxing on the Shadow Hound's bed in the nude. Coingazer had his personal TV on as a distraction where he and John were watching Underworld Animal races and Sporting events both of which could be gambled upon. "Why are you so interested in Underworld Hound Mating Habits, John? I am just curious."

        John replied as he rubbed a hand over Coingazer, "When I saw Isaac in his hound form, an old fantasy desire crept into my mind and that's when I realized that he was getting to do something that I've always wanted to try."

        Coingazer smiled as he rubbed back on John's naked body. "So you have always wanted to try being a hound like an underworld nobody like me. I am honored, John. I would be glad to help you try out being a hound for a little while. I do not need Southfang's permission for this; You just have to ask me to do this for you."

        John unknowing what adventure he was about to place himself into looked Coingazer in the eye as he asked, "Coingazer, will you help me to become an underworld hound like yourself for a little while?"

        Coingazer then placed a rubber chew toy sideways into the man's mouth. "Bite down hard on this and then get on all fours and grab the end of the mattress and hold on tight."

        When John did as the Shadow Hound had asked him to, that was when he felt the Shadow Hound male mount him from behind and tie with him as he received the recruiting knot deeply inside his anus. The chew tow prevented John from screaming as he received the canine knot, cock and the flood of Shadow Hound hot semen within his insides as his body twisted and turned black as the former human man slowly changed into a Shadow Hound recruit of Coingazer as he also became pregnant from the recruiter.

        Coingazer smiled as he panted. "You were my first recruit, John. Now you are both a hound and as pregnant as Isaac. I hope you don't regret this decision. I cannot change you back until after you give birth in a few weeks. It will be before Christmas but I have to keep you here in my lair now that you have volunteered for this experience. I am not a Hellhound like the rest of the pack; I am a Shadow Hound of Chaosmire. Shadow Hounds are more demon than devil. I will explain this mentally to Southfang so he can break the news to Maria when you don't turn up to go home later. And now, I get to give you a new name; the recruiter always gets naming privileges."

        John listened to every word that Coingazer was telling him as he felt very heavy in his new body as he slumped down on the bed with his Shadow Hound master on top of him.

        Coingazer said, "You are now Testingtail, John. An Alpha may shorten your name to Testy but only he may say this and get away with it. Now," he reached around and removed the chew toy from the new hound's muzzle and said, "lift your hind leg and bend your hound head down to your groin and suck yourself off. Humans may taste sour but you have a new body which means new tastes. And you personally get to sample your own before anyone else. Do it, Testingtail."

        Testingtail felt compelled to obey his master's order and he was soon sucking his new Shadow Hound cock within his new muzzle and when he fired off a healthy sream of his new jism, he got a glazed over look in his eyes and he passed out as high as a kite.

        Coingazer smirked. "Southfang will kill me for doing this to you, John. But you just experienced your first dosage of Secret Ingredient. You will stay fucked up throughout the pregnancy and you will only respond to your new name; Testingtail."

        Coingazer then proceeded to remove himself from his new temporary mate as he cleaned up the new Shadow Hound and prepared to mentally contact the Alpha to fess up to what he had done. But the human had asked for it. Underworld Hound rules stated that as long as you didn't trick the human into making the deal, the moment they asked to try it, then they were stuck in the deal.

        "Hey Alpha! Maria gets to laugh her ass off!" started Coingazer as he mentally reached out to Southfang.

        Southfang almost facepawed himself as he replied, "What did you do, Council Hound?"

        Coingazer mentally smirked. "John asked me to change him into a Shadow Hound like myself. He said he was jealous that Isaac got to do something he always wanted to try."

        Southfang mentally replied, "How far did you go, Coingazer?"

        Coingazer mentally remarked, "He is a pregnant Shadow Hound who just got to suck himself and now he's high as a kite. He did ask to try to be a hound like us."

        Southfang mentally growled, "Oh shit! You know how hard it is to remove that stuff from newbies?" After a generous pause, he mentally asked, "What's his new name?"

        Coingazer mentally stated, "I named him Testingtail. As the Alpha, you reserve the right to rename him later."
        End of Chapter Four


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          Chapter Five
          Within the bathroom, Southfang and the other hellhounds along with Maria were pulling a waterlogged Jackpaw out of the bathtub where he had tried to drown himself. "Stupid git! I told you that you cannot do something like this now that you are in my pack!" He glanced at Maria whom was applying first aid to Jackpaw's body to pump the water out his lungs. "Thank you and Firepaw for noticing that Jackpaw had been in the bathroom for too long. I will never let Isaac be the one to make the Cardinal Pack fail."

          Dragontail then said, "I noticed that Coingazer didn't respond to the pack summons, Southy. Where is he?"

          Southfang sighed as he turned to look at the pack members and Maria. "John Holden told Coingazer that he was jealous that Isaac was getting to try something that he always wanted to try since ever he was a kid. To be a hound like Isaac was getting to be. He presented himself to Coingazer and now... John is Testingtail, a pregnant Shadow Hound whom is high on his own Secret Ingredient."

          That truth produced an awkward pause from all standing there and then Jackpaw sneezed and coughed out the remaining water in his lungs as he started laughing endlessly. Firepaw laughed as well as he started applying heat to Jackpaw's soaked body.

          Dragontail's reaction was more serious. "Coingazer knows that newbies cannot handle Secret Ingredient. I hope you have a good punishment lined up for him, Alpha."

          Maria had mixed feelings. "If John is now a dog, that makes him easier to control and keep an eye on. I can tell his bosses that he got sick and I am keeping him at home until he gets better. But pregnant? Men think that only women should do it and they also think that men should never do it. If John learns a lesson from this, then I say give him the education, Southfang. He did ask for it."

          Southfang said, "Shadow Hounds are demon canines from Chaosmire, Maria. Coingazer was the only non-Hellhound in the pack. Everyone in his species has the ability to recruit someone simply by mounting them; but they live by a strict rule; they can only recruit a new person with that person's direct permission. And John gave his permission to let Coingazer mount and convert him for a little while. He will be a pregnant hound until the week before Christmas."

          Maria then said, "Any human male whom thinks pregnancy is funny can be put in their place by telling them all about Tampons and Douches."

          Dragontail arched an eye. "What is a Tampon and a Douche?"

          Maria began the explanation trying to be as polite as possible; but the Hellhound did ask so... "A Tampon is a plug of lint, cotton wool, cotton, etc, inserted into the vagina (or pussy) to absorb menstrual blood. And a Douche is a device containing a jet of warm soapy water and vinegar for cleansing the vagina." She then broke the fourth wall and said to the audience beyond. "Aren't you glad he asked?"

          Dragontail looked sick to his stomach as he went over to the toilet stool and vomited into the bowl before reaching up with one paw to flush the toilet.

          Jackpaw panted as he felt heat drying out his fur. "John let himself get hounded by Coingazer. Even I knew not to make a deal with the Shadow Hound."

          Southfang smirked. "Had you offed yourself, you would have missed it, Jackpaw. Besides, you are only going to be plump for a week. I keep my pack word. Christmas puppies aren't that bad to have around the house. Maria has agreed to help you give birth this time around."

          Maria said, "That's right, Isaac. Now that I know what's going on, I can be very helpful. But did you guys have to move the entire farm?"

          Jackpaw replied, "The neighbors were starting to get too nosy, Maria. Telling you things when we were trying to keep you in the dark could have turned out very badly."

          Southfang said, "He is right, Maria. We do not need a bunch of church thumpers coming in and trying to banish us back to the nether world."

          Dragontail added, "Besides, Lord Impy's people got a honest lead on the where abouts of Isaac's father."

          Firepaw continued to apply heat to Jackpaw's fur coat. "I almost have you dry, Jackpaw. Remember the day you kicked my tail hole when you thought you were in trouble with Lord Impy regarding the VIP Devi-TV card?"

          Jackpaw smirked. "Lord Impy told me to be careful when I kicked you so I didn't lose my foot in your black hole."

          The Hellhounds and Maria began laughing once again.
          End of Chapter Five