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Forgotten Earth


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When a group of teenagers are sent back in time by a magical amulet to an alien planet, they meet with the Beast Knights and join in their adventures to save the planet Faiala.
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Lord Pouchlaw
TWT-BK-02 Amulet of the Chosen
The adventures of a young girl learning of her divine heritage with the help of the Richfield Champions. (School Mascot: the Richfield Raven.)
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Lord Pouchlaw
[DW3] AZ-06 Finals Week
In a world beyond, where kingdoms abound; the actions of a few, will never be found... Actions of the Rat!
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Lord Pouchlaw
[AotR] LP-01 The Fall and Rise of Rodentia
This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named The III: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A young person gets to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents. Despite the title, all of the action occurs on Earth. (This adventure is based on an forum RPG that occurred in 2010.)
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What kid hasn't had this dream? You and your best friend create a comic book world of their own. That is exactly what Cosmo Hunter and Cel Sage have done. True, Furlough City is at war, but their heroes are there. And who hasn't ever wished they could help their heroes?
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Lord Pouchlaw
CF-02 Extraction and R+R
When Gerard Prince downloads a fan-made hack of the Stampede Advanced game made-over to be a swashbuckling adventure instead of an equine based medieval adventure, he is pulled into a world of thrills on the high seas as he attempts to find his way back to the real world.
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A teenager stumbles through a curtain of magic to discover the World of Veil and he occasionally transforms into a reindeer who joins others in their stunt animal troupe.
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Lord Pouchlaw
KF-SRC-02 Reindeer Reunion
After crashing an Earth banking institute by accident, a young man signs on to do 'Anything For Money' through a firm called Freelancers unaware of what he is about to get himself into. This is his personal adventure in seeking a debt solution.
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