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[Falconsong] GF-02 Fetch and Delivery

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  • [Falconsong] GF-02 Fetch and Delivery

    Gawain Fairweather, Falconsong
    Johnathan Mercer, Felpaw

    [Falconsong] GF-02 Fetch and Delivery
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.
    Freelancers Debt Solutions; Happy Corner, New Hampshire.
    Officer's Quarters; Captain Timefrost's Quarters.

    Gawain said, "If its all the same to you, sir, I think I just want to focus on paying off my debt. Or did Saberfang put you up to tempting us to see if we would slide off of the path of focus for why we are really here?"

    Timefrost was then heard saying, "If you want to focus on paying off your debts, then don't eat anything with the red stop sign warning symbol on it. That food is for Hellhound recruits and officers. If you want to stay human, stick with the yellow-outlined green safety labeled food. I didn't have to tell you that but I am a good dog."

    Gawain then said, "Tell me the truth, Timefrost, What are first year debtors supposed to be assigned to in Freelancers? Something tells me that an officer like you and your friends wouldn't just automatically ask for a newbie like me as a roommate."

    Timefrost then joined them as he was finishing drying himself off with a large towel. "As Johnathan can likely tell you, debtors are usually bunked in twos in small dorms of two debtors each. However, since his granny is in Devangel getting treatment, he was given a room closest to her quarters; mind you, that is considered special treatment that newcomers are not supposed to get. But because Johnathan touched Saberfang's heart in showing compassion for his grandmother's health, Johnathan was given special treatment. Funnyboner, the pack practical joker, saw him getting special treatment and he, in that warped sense of humor all his own, arranged for you to think you were also getting special treatment as well. Being bunked with an officer is as special as a fresh newbie can get. Because the little shmuck named me as part of his joke, he dug his own grave. I was the one who tracked down and caught him the last time he pulled a stupid stunt like this. So I was named as part of his revenge. If you didn't want to stay here with me, Gawain, perhaps we officers could show that we are not uncaring pricks like you might have began thinking we might have been when you thought you had been lied to."

    Johnathan then asked, "In what way could the officers make it up to Gawain? When he thought he was being discriminated against, he barely found a place in the garage with an available bed so he could get some sleep."

    Timefrost replied, "Remember the room where you initially found your suitcases outside of, Gawain? Those quarters were once owned by Captain Funnyboner, well until the fight that occurred to arrest his fucking lame ass. He deliberately wrecked his own dorm apartment in his attempt to evade arrest. Not only did he sit in an officers cell without any entertainment at all for the duration of his punishment, he was also demoted to 4th year Freelancer Cadet. He lost his officer promotion for resisting arrest and for destroying his dorm apartment. If the rest of us officers repaired those quarters and helped to furnish it nicely, then Gawain could be awarded the dorm apartment as repayment for being the latest victim of Funnyboner's stupid prank. Later, we could ask Saberfang to get someone else fresh moved in with him. Despite the dorm being surrounded by officers, for Gawain, it would be his and easy to find for Saberfang's needs. But while we were repairing it, he would have still have to stay here temporarily. I would never invade his bed at night."

    Gawain sighed as he looked up at Timefrost. "It isn't that I don't want to stay with you, sir; I didn't join to be a hound, so I cannot see how my staying here is fair you the rest of the officers who earned the right to live in the officers quarters. I'm just a teen aged debtor who got stuck in an electronic mess. I really miss the Dark Castle Online game. I never got my 13th Hour CD back either."

    Timefrost then smiled. "You played Dark Castle Online, too? Isn't it a small world. I never thought I would meet a player from those days. An associate of mine bought out the game from the company when they went belly up. So as long as you can remember your player account name and your password, I could get you back into the game tonight. But since you signed up with freelancers you would still have to do debt reduction jobs. My human name used to be Richard Thompson. So what were you up to in Dark Castle Online?"

    Gawain grinned. "My Mystic Scimitar Warrior was up to 17th level and was participating in the Argyle Dragon Quest before the game went offline. I even had one of the rare +1 Diamond Shields I got out of the Ruby Minotaur Run. Hard to get, let me tell you. Can you really get me back into the old server? If you can get me into the old game, I'll accept the repaired dorm apartment. Maybe you guys can make the front of the apartment into like an officers lounge and then my small dorm apartment can be in the back along with a game desk for game access. I would still work for paying off my debt and when not doing that or being in game, I could play waiter for the officers, within reason."

    Timefrost rubbed his chin. "You know, that isn't that bad of an idea. Have you ever waited on tables before?"

    Gawain nodded his head. "Yes, I did the job at an outdoor cafe one Summer when the owners usual waiters had a vacation and he wanted to be open for the Summer vacationers. I made twenty bucks that Summer. And twelve dollars in tips as extra."

    Timefrost said, "We will get the officers lounge idea cleared with Saberfang the small dorms in the back could have room enough for four debtors. This means that you and Johnathan could have two of the dorm apartments and the other two dorm apartments would be designated for whomever the next two are who come in to sign up for Freelancers. I'll speak to Saberfang personally so he knows of our idea. The lounge would be good for keeping your work skills up to par between Freelancing jobs."

    Gawain smiled at Johnathan. "What do you think of Timefrost's idea, buddy? Your temporary room near Devangel may not last too long and this could be a pre-arranged dorm with your name on it when your grandmother's cancer was removed and she was well enough to be out of the hospital."

    Johnathan grinned back. "I think it is a sweet arrangement especially if I can see you as often as I want. I liked working with you on our first time out. When you turned up missing, I wanted to tear Funnyboner a new one."

    Timefrost remarked, "I don't think anyone would want to be be near him when he had gas if he had two assholes. Especially since he is already an asshole, then he would have three."

    Gawain and Johnathan laughed and laughed while the officer went to speak with Saberfang. After Timefrost left, Gawain said, "I am so glad Timefrost is on our side. His gaming associate is my new hero for saving our game. I hope I get to meet the guy. He has earned a huge kiss from my human form. I would even be willing to give him a blow job for saving our game from complete deletion."
    End of Chapter One.

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    Chapter Two.
    Later that morning, Falconsong and Felpaw found themselves with Saberfang in front of Arden's Pizza within the Freelancer's base. "Timefrost told me of your idea to cater to the officers in between Freelancer missions. I will permit it although... normally my father has his own way of training new pizza delivery Hellhounds. And since the new officers quarters will take up to a week for the repairs and rebuild to occur... If you would like the opportunity, I can permit you both a temporary sign-up with my father's pizza hound training experience. A smart Hellhound can finish his training in a week. If you are good, you might even get to meet my father himself. However, for this outing, I will take your transhounders for a week and you will then attend the training camp for Pizza Hounds in your hound identities. When the week ends, I would contact my father and let him know about the two of you, your debt and why you took his training course. When you return to Freelancers, your jobs in the officers lounge would be to take their Arden's Pizza orders, come down to the Arden's dispatch station, pick up the pizzas then deliver them to the Officers whom ordered them. The trick is... remembering who ordered what. Arden's trainer will teach you how to do that. Do you want to accept this offer or would you rather focus on jobs to pay off your debt?"

    Falconsong then said, "While Felpaw would likely like to stay near his grandmother, he did mention wanting to do another job outing with me. Although I would personally like to receive the pizza hound training. That way, even if the Officer Catering flopped, the learned skills could benefit my Freelancer outing jobs should I end up with delivery jobs."

    Felpaw asked, "Could I take the training at a later date say when I am sure my grandmother has recovered. I want to be close in case she wants to see me."

    Saberfang said, "I would rather you boys not take the course by yourselves; but I could permit your request for your grandmother's sake." He then turned to Falconsong. "Don't let yourself get recruited by someone who isn't part of the Pizza Hound training course. While in training, your name will be Falconpaw. When you return to Freelancers, you get to use your full name once again. The story will be that when your sire was naming you, he saw a falcon fly over and he took that was a good omen and he gave you your name based on that event. Having a suffix implies that you are the son of an alpha or were born into nobility; You just learned something important just now, boys, so don't forget it."

    Falconsong soon to be Falconpaw held still while Saberfang removed his Transhounder from his neck. "Sir, despite telling a story to outsiders, shouldn't I be honest in case someone can read my aura and see what my name really is? That was how Father Swiftsom knew Felpaw's actual identity when Swifty mounted me and then he wouldn't mount Felpaw due to knowing the Freelancer in question which seemed like favoritism at the time."

    Saberfang remarked, "That is a good point, Falconpaw. Arden's head trainer is a Hellhound named Elite Lord Warfang, although he permits Warfang without the titles. Should he ask you to tell the truth, you tell him that I, Saberpaw, Second son of Lord Davyd "Saberfang" Arden, gave you permission to use that story and then you explain that you are a debtor with Freelancers and how I permitted you to take that course to benefit your job status with Freelancers. Extra warning... there are certain Hellhound foods you should never eat in your human forms if you want to remain human. Warfang will explain the rest of this to you during your training. Now off with you to Arden's Valley in Georgia. When you arrive there, learn a teleport location close to the base camp in case you have to return there later." And then Saberfang teleported Falconpaw off to the training camp in Georgia.

    Felpaw said, "He will be safe, won't he?"

    Saberfang smiled at Felpaw, "You love him, don't you?"

    Felpaw blushed. "Yessir. I think he is good for me; during our first outing, I was a little jealous when he got mounted and I didn't."

    Saberfang said, "There is an easy way to fix that, Felpaw. Come with me to my office so I can put Gawain's transhounder into proper storage. After I put this away, I will show you a good time. And no, I am not horny, nor am I recruiting... but you said you were jealous when he got mounted and you didn't. So to fix this dilemma, I will mount you myself. But before I do, I will give you an anti-pregnancy candy so you don't get into trouble when I mount you. If you like this experience and later want to do it again, just ask. I try to take good care of my Freelancers." And then he led the way to his office with Felpaw following him.

    Down in Georgia in Ardens' Pizza Hound training valley which was located directly Northeast of a Summer Camp. Once Gawain arrived, he spent a moment to learn a teleport location; then he padded over to stand to one side of a large group of Hellhounds, most of whom were wearing blue backpacks. "Excuse me... Which one of you is Elite Lord Warfang?" He figured he should use the full title the first time to show proper respect.

    The devilishly good looking hell hound standing in front of the group perked his head up as he glanced over at Gawain's Hellhound body as he blurted out, "Oh my fucking Asmodeus!" He then headed off out of camp to take care of his blooming erection. It was quite unprofessional; but Gawain had forgotten just how sexy his candy bar body looked to other Hellhounds. When the large Hellhound returned, he grabbed a wash cloth and he proceeded to clean off his cock properly. "My apologies for that outcry and my messy departure, young hound and-" Then he noticed the aura of the new hound. "So you are a human debtor; at least you have a better imagination than some debtors do when they design their initial Hellhound forms. Falconsong, is it? Travelin' Travin mentioned working with you, kid. Why are you here?"

    Since Warfang already knew most of the truth from Travin, Falconsong chose to tell him everything including the dirty trick Funnyboner set up for him at base.

    Upon the mention of the pack trickster, Gawain got instant sympathy from all of the Freelancer Hellhounds gathered there.

    Warfang then said, "Normally, you would have to be a third year Freelancer minimum to get trained here, Gawain. But since you were the victim of one of Funnyboner's pranks, we will permit you early entry into getting this training now. I will vouch for you to Lord Arden."

    He then brought forth a form and he said, "Read over this entry form and if you are sure you want this training, then place your paw print on the line at the bottom."

    Gawain thought that sounded self-explanatory as he quietly read over the form before he lifted one paw and placed it upon the line which sizzled under his paw. "Ow! What was that?"

    Warfang said, "That is how we bind new Pizza Hound recruits into this training. It also prevents a Hellhound in training from going AWOL now that you have signed the form. Once you complete the course, you will be considered by Arden to be a full blown Pizza Delivery Hellhound. As well as being a debtor for Freelancers."
    End of Chapter Two.


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      Chapter Three.
      Warfang kept Gawain for an entire week and they were training the whole time. When Davyd Arden showed up to preview the results of the hounds who had been out there the longest, he had nearly the same reaction toward seeing Gawain's body coloration. "Oh man... who is the Hellhound eye-candy, Warfang?"

      "This is Gawain Riordan Fairweather, the new debtor under Saberfang. He came in to get delivery training to improve his Freelancers work. Funnyboner put one over on this poor guy, so we decided to waive the usual three year waiting time for him. Gawain is the guy who crashed the Capital Financial Banks computer system using a 13th hour mini-CD program for installing a behind-the-scenes 'screen saver' for their rock band. Gawain said he never got the CD back. His Freelancer name is Falconsong; a name based on his old Dark Castle Online character from his younger days."

      Mr. Arden knelt down and examined Gawain carefully. "I always thought these Freelancers were assigned Transhounders. What happened to yours, Gawain? Normally, when you are assigned one of these collars, it has your Freelancer ID number as well as an indicator marking you as off limits to outside recruiting. You are the first Freelancer I have ever seen without his Transhounder collar."

      Gawain replied, "Saberfang said that while I was training with the pizza hounds I would not need the collar since I was not going to be a Freelancer during the training. He took the collar and said he was going to put into into safety storage within his office safe. Then he teleported me down here to ask about being trained. Did he make a mistake, Mr. Arden?"

      "Yes and a pretty bad one at that, Gawain. Without your collar you are open game to any Alpha who wants to claim you. We try not to let that happen here on my property; but it has been known to occur during the non-training times. But in his defense, they are likely having problems locating Funnyboner and that may have made him forget the rules temporarily. This is easy to fix, however." Davyd then lifted his head and said, "Law Imp, please!" One poof later which produced one of those slender sexy suit wearing law imps whom was floating in mid-air. "Law Imp, Gawain Fairweather is a Freelancers debtor of whom was sent down here to get delivery training but in his distracted mind is getting the arrangements made for Gawain, Lord Saberfang accidentally removed Gawain's Transhounder collar as a means of providing Gawain with the one-form ability to stay in his Hellhound form. However, he forgot the most important rule; without the collar, Gawain is wide open to being recruited by any Alpha whom attempts to claim him. I am requesting that Gawain's Transhounder Collar be retrieved from Freelancers so we may place it back upon his neck to provide him with the proper protection. Saberfang's distraction is based on the fact that they are once again looking for Funnyboner who pulled a dirty trick on Gawain when the boy first arrived to get help with his debt. I will keep an eye on Gawain while his collar is being retrieved."

      POOF! And the Law Imp vanished.

      Gawain said, "Can that really happen, sir? And how often has a stupid alpha done this to you?"

      Arden replied, "Yes, it can really happen. Just last year on four separate occasions an alpha surprised a pizza hound trainee during their earned R&R time and we had a Heaven of a time getting those hounds back. We just got the last one back a week before you arrived down here, Gawain. If you would like, I could have those hounds give you their stories; it could be educational toward your freelancing work."

      Gawain said, "I think I should so I can benefit from their personal warnings."

      POOF! The Law Imp reappeared with the collar and a message for Mr. Arden. He handed the letter over to the Pizza Magnate before placing the Transhounder collar back around Gawain's neck and locking it into place. "Saberfang has asked that you remain in your hound form for the training, Gawain. He said becoming human even for a minute indicates that you are not serious about your training. Plus, they are still looking for Funnyboner."

      Gawain said, "I wasn't the one requesting my collar. I was doing just fine with my training down here. The other Hellhounds have been very polite to me. I have made a lot of friends."

      The Law Imp smiled. "Making friends outside of Freelancers is always a good thing as long as you are a team player."

      Warfang looked at Gawain's ID number on his Freelancers collar tag. "Saberfang must really be distracted, Gawain. Your Transhounder collar isn't even numbered. Without your number, we cannot look up the status of your debt. LORD ARDEN, SIR! Falconsong's collar isn't even numbered!"

      Davyd Arden walked up to the two Hellhounds. "I didn't want to do it this way, but I have never known Saberfang to be this sloppy. Okay you two, be ready for anything!" Lord Arden pulled out an Imperial Summoning scroll and he lifted his voice. "In the name of Lord Diablo Kisume! I command Lord Saberfang of Freelancers to appear before me in whatever capacity he may be in!" He threw the scroll on the ground and within a fiery blast of smoldering brimstone and sulfur appeared a Hellhound locked in a mass of chains with a great many locks. "Oh my lords! Saberfang!"

      Saberfang slowly opened one eye first and then the other. "Oh thank the powers, Davyd. Haremtail caught me off guard while I was speaking to Funnyboner about his latest trick against a debtor before the latter used a spell to take on my appearance. Funnyboner is pretending to be me with Haremtail's assistance. I woke up in the pack dungeons and then you summoned me here. Falconsong? Why are you wearing Funnyboner's collar?"

      Falconsong said, "The Law Imp went to retrieve my collar from your office safe and he returned with this collar. If this is Funnyboner's collar, then where did you put my collar? Arden was telling me that I was open game to any alpha who mounted me without my collar."

      One of Arden's locksmith hounds picked the locks on the mass of chains that held Saberfang to the spot.

      Saberfang replied, "Felpaw distracted me and I left your collar under his bed in his room. Law Imp? Go to Felpaw's quarters and grab the collar that is under the bed. Check for the number 459; that is Falconsong's debtor number."

      The Law Imp poofed away and soon returned with the correct collar which was exchanged for the collar that had been around Falconsong's neck.
      End of Chapter Three.


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        Chapter Four.
        Falconsong said, "So Funnyboner had sex with Felpaw? I didn't think he would be that bold after Felpaw swore that the stupid twit would be NO boner if I was hurt."

        Saberfang then replied as the last of the chains came off of his body, "You are right; Funnyboner would not be that bold. Haremtail would however; he was pissed that I wouldn't let officers recruit new pack mates out of the Freelancer pool of Debtors."

        Falconsong then said, "So banish him back to the Underworld for a length of time in jail or upon one of those dildo trees I have been hearing about."

        Saberfang got up and padded over close to Falconsong where he placed a fore paw around his neck and said, "Do you know what a dildo tree is, my boy?"

        Falconsong replied, "Not really, sir."

        "Then it is time for a 24-hour educational lesson," he replied as he lifted his voice. "I'll bring Falconsong back to you guys tomorrow for the completion of his training." Saberfang then teleported himself and Falconsong away from the Arden's camp to an Underworld setting in some forgotten forest well off the beaten track.

        Falconsong sniffed one time before saying, "Where are we, Saberfang? I don't smell any species for miles of this place."

        Saberfang replied, "And well you shouldn't, Falconsong. No one likes coming here on purpose. This is the heart of the Dildo Tree Forest in Hell itself. I got my earliest training from my alpha in this forest. Now step over here if you please and I will get your 24-hour training started. Back up a little bit more just a bit more... there. Now hold still while I place these all-natural hoops over your back ankles." Once this was done with Falconsong's back legs spread apart and his tail lifted out of the way, Saberfang activated the plant growth that was nearly unseen between Falconsong's legs which began to grow in an almost beanstalk fashion as it intruded up into his anus as it began to fill him from behind and it began to stretch the human turned Hellhound in an almost unnatural manner all without hurting him. "Now lift your head skyward so you can breath, my boy." Falconsong did this as he felt the remainder of the stretching occur. Saberfang touched the base of the tree and said, "24-hours. First timer educational lesson." He pulled his paw away as he stepped back on to the forest path. "I will return in a few hours to check on your progress, Falconsong. No harm can come to you while you are here. Try to have fun." And Saberfang departed. POOF!

        Falconsong made a quiet comment. "I am failing to see how this would be fun."

        Saberfang appeared briefly at the Yuskay Security Law Services where he acquired a squadron of Yuskay Soldier Hellhounds and Yuskay Law Imps, after proving his credentials to Lord Yuskay himself. And then Saberfang took his entourage back to Freelancers where they appeared just outside of the entrance. "Here's the plan, my friends. I will remain out here along with a Security Hound and a Law Imp. The rest of you head inside and scour the entire business. If you find a Saberfang by himself, put the hurt on him before locking him into an escape proof shackle. Then continue to search the place thoroughly. The main two you are looking for are Funnyboner and Haremtail. As you may have read about in my last report about Haremtail, he wanted to recruit new pack members from the Freelancers Debtors pool. If you find the two, they are to be arrested for usurping an Underworld Lord's legal holdings. This is a serious charge. My officers will know to stay out of your way when they see Yuskay Hounds performing a raid. If the idiots try to escape out the front way, they will encounter the three of us as we await anyone coming out. Those are your orders. You may begin."

        Over the course of the next hour, the inside of Freelancers was a mad house zone as the raid commenced. When a Security hound asked an officer where Saberfang was at that moment and they were given directions to Saberfang's office, an Abyss of a fight occurred in the Head Hound's office while Felpaw cowered back into the corner of the officer next to the main door. A Law Imp escorted Felpaw out of the office and outside to where the real Saberfang was waiting. Then the Law Imp went back inside.

        When Felpaw saw the real Saberfang standing with a Security Hound and a Law Imp, he asked, "What's going on, Saberfang? If you wanted to mount me again, you only had to ask."

        A Rotunda Clinic doctor was then called in to give Felpaw a complete medical to remove any mind control drugs that he might have been dosed up on as Saberfang explained as calmly as he could on what had been going on in Freelancers these last few days. When Felpaw heard the name Funnyboner, he almost ran back into the base but the Security Hound stopped him as the doctor finished up the treatment on Felpaw.

        Saberfang then said, "Haremtail is the one who mounted you, Johnathan. He is a slaver wannabe; he was trying to recruit pack members out of the Freelancers Debtors pool meaning once a human was wearing their Hellhound form, Haremtail would try to recruit them by pretending to be me. Recruiting through mounting. What he was doing was illegal. We had to detox you before you had spent too long under the stupor drug that Haremtail had given you. Had you not gotten treatment for a year, you would be completely loyal to his fucking ass of a useless douche bag. And you would have forgotten all about being human and you wouldn't have given less than a shit about both your grandma and Gawain. Falconsong is fine, by the way; I have him at a 24-hour educational location. He is likely bored out of his mind by now but when he is done he will understand better about suggesting punishments when you don't know the topic you are suggesting."

        Felpaw asked, "What is he experiencing for 24-hours, sir?"

        Saberfang quietly told him the truth with a straight face and as he finished, Felpaw fell into the snow as he rolled around laughing. "I'm sorry but... I thought Gawain would be smarter than to mention something like that. Even I was told that felons get stretched over those plants but usually for hundreds of years. I didn't know a 24-hour period could be set." He then stood up and shook himself. "I would like to receive the same training as Falconsong so he isn't the only one to get it done to him. He is already upset over the Swifty issue where he got mounted but I didn't. I want to make it more fair for Gawain. Is that okay?"

        Saberfang then said, "What he is getting is part of Alpha training. Since you are volunteering to try it along side Falconsong, just remember that it can get boring after a while. And there is no getting off of one of these things early. But if you want to go through with this, then misery loves company." Moments later, Felpaw was stretched next to Falconsong.
        End of Chapter Four.