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[BS-01_V2] JW-01 Dating a Bronkey

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  • [BS-01_V2] JW-01 Dating a Bronkey

    Gray Thunder City; Black Storm Valley, Nevada; Camp World

    [BS-01_V2] JW-01 Dating a Bronkey
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Williams Family Horse Farm; Dawsonville, Georgia; USA

    At that moment, Two of Joseph Williams' school friends walked into the barn where he was doing his chores. Pamela Worthington hugged him from behind as she whispered, "Am I ever glad to see you out of that bed, hon. Jerry and I got the rest of everything we will need together when you are ready to make the move. Barbra is fulfilling a final shopping list with Samuel, Lance and Lance's brother Robert. Lance and Bobby are disgusted with their father since he targeted you instead of your father. Have you decided where you want to set up your new horse farm and Teen Force base at on Camp World?"

    Joey replied, "Actually yes. I let Overcat, the LOST and Rodeo know this morning. Black Storm Valley, Nevada, which is just east of the Warner Mountains of California as well as due north of Reno and is owned by Bronco and Rodeo. They have a boy's correctional ranch up in that area. It is normally a Brony owned region, but Rodeo and Bronco said we could have a ranch as well as a modern city inside of the valley since it would be good for business. Despite being in Nevada, the location is both grassy and forested near the mountains. The ranches are in the valley along the streams and rivers. Downstream to the South is both Reno and Lake Tahoe. The LOST was building Gray Thunder City in an available location within the valley and laying out connecting highways and railways to the main roads and rail lines. We will even have our own airport and Star Port landing zone. Overcat and the LOST are going to be duplicating their headquarters from Meta Star City into Gray Thunder City specifically for the Teen Force and the Protectors. While I will be living and working at my own ranch, the Teen Force will have a headquarters of their own within the city. As soon as I finish up the last of my chores, I will be packing up the animals I plan on taking with us and then I use the communicator that Overcat provided to me and finally, we head to Camp World to move into our new homes. The Lost were supposed to be handling the building of your own blueprint homes that you provided them with. By this weekend, we will be on Camp World."

    Jerry Wellington smiled. "Is your father going to allow you to take Trooper Junior with you?"

    Joey nodded his head. "Yes. He admitted that I couldn't have Trooper Senior so Junior gets to be the one. Also for the official record, Overcat told me that Automobile fuels on Camp World were cleaner than Earth fuels, so if you plan on taking a car along, the vehicle will get a complete cleansing and tune up so it runs smoothly." He then pulled out his cellphone and called his father. "Dad? I am packing up Thunderfire, Junior and Sukiyaki along with all of their tack and gear for the trip to Camp World. Jerry and Pamela are here with Rufus at the moment. I just finished the last of my chores. I will be tagging up with the rest of my school chums as well as Samuel, Lance, Bobby, Barbra, Valeria and the their animals for the transfer to my new ranch in Black Storm Valley on Camp World. Overcat and Rodeo were helping me to get things ready at the new ranch."

    Johnathan replied through the phone, "I hope I don't have to tell you kids to behave yourselves on Camp World. And Joey... Since you are about to move out on your own now, it is time you knew about your genetic inheritance. You are a type of being that occurs in a chosen family once every fifty family members. The CHESS and PSI organization term for your abilities is called a Techie. However, yours is different from normal Techies, son. You will learn more when you check in with Professor X and Hank McCoy at the Powers Testing Labs. I have arranged an appointment for all of the Protectors to get tested and registered when you go to Camp World. McCoy has a branch of his labs in Gray Thunder City. Remember, son; go in as a group so you have support and backup from your friends. I know you will do me and all of the Teen Force and Mysteries Inc club members proud. I wish I could explain it better to you over the phone, but I am afraid that you would only have more questions if I tried to explain it. Being a Techie is part of why you have the abilities you have displayed in high school. As well as the acrobatic stunts I know you have practiced from Thunderfire's saddle. I am not upset that you experimented with your abilities, Joey. I know Jerry and Pamela will help you keep your head out of the clouds. They are good for you in your life. As is Bobby despite his not so intelligent mobster father's stunt of trying to kill me. When I retire from the force, I might come to Camp World with Martha and Daisy and we will assist the law in Gray Thunder City. Again, stay out of trouble, son. We love you. Goodbye." And the call ended.

    Joey could tell that his father was starting to get choked up which is why he ended the call so quickly. "I'm a Techie. I have no clue what that is, but dad arranged for us to get tested and registered in McCoy's powers testing labs in Gray Thunder City. Dad implied that CHESS and PSI both know about Techies and that worries me."

    Jerry smirked. "If McCoy runs a test on Pamela and I, his monitors may not survive the session."

    Pamela said, "You are a mutant as are your two sisters and I am a powerful magic user; the daughter of Darla Diamond and Magus Man aka Charles Worthington."

    Jerry said, "Bobby Oscarson is also a mutant; I have seen his shadow squirrel identity."

    Joey chuckled. "And we have all seen your sexy anthropomorphic hippogriff form. Not bad for an acid rock singer/occult guitarist."

    The rest of their friends arrived at that point and everyone got the animals, tack and gear ready for the move to their new home on Camp World. Overcat and Rodeo returned via magical portal gate that afternoon and they constructed a private transportal at the Williams' family horse farm within the parking garage. After the new transportal had its link connected to the original one just outside of Gray Thunder City, the two toons helped to get the people and their animals through the transportal and moved into their new homes in the Gray Thunder City area. Complying with the ranch description gleaned from Brainy Barker's special powers of looking into Joey's dream memories, the heroes had rebuilt Joey's dream ranch property exactly as it had been within the dream state itself. It was even furnished identically to how it had been in the dream. This included the in-home filming studio and crime computer.

    End of Chapter 01