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[CAMP-01] GPv2-02 Moving In Again

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  • [CAMP-01] GPv2-02 Moving In Again

    Meta Star City - Camp World

    [CAMP-01] GPv2-02 Moving In Again
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 08/26/2017

    Chapter One

    "Let me get this straight, B.B." said Royal Rabbit as they flew along with the two teens on their afternoon fly about. "Here in the real world, no one has ever heard of the All-Stars and the Zamak's calming touch ability is considered to be illegal bordering on mind control?"

    Buccaneer Bunny replied, "I asked the Camp World Founder about certain details involving natural abilities and powers and he revealed that controlling an animal citizen in that manner is a borderline super villain action. He said that it would only be legal if animals could control humans in the same manner without anyone complaining about it. When I asked about medical circumstances, he said that only licensed doctors had the right to have the ability; not their entire family. But he stressed, only if animals had the same ability for the protection of equal rights."

    Lena then asked, "What of the Zamak claim that they are descended from the Dolittle lineage?"

    Buccaneer Bunny said, "Albert Talbot said that there is no historical record that the Dolittles ever had the calming touch ability in their family. They could talk to the animals but they could not calm the animals. Animal Calming is a Shaolin Monk ability from Tibet and the fictional Dolittles were from England so that stops that claim right there. Don't get me wrong; I would like to defend the Zamak family's ability that they have this naturally, but again none of the Zamak's have Tibetan blood and they have no Shaolin Monks in their direct family lineage. Because of this, we are at an impasse. Animal Calming originates from Tibet. The Golden Yak confirmed it by Albert Talbot's direct request."

    Eagle Lord then remarked, "And no one in Tibet will permit outsiders to come in and operate a mine in their homeland, so the added idea that the Zamak's learned the ability while mining in Tibet is also shot to pieces."

    Buccaneer Bunny then said, "In the dream world, Joanie Zamak had medical licenses for human medicine and veterinary medicine. And from what Dr. Tennyson told us at the Transportal station, those licenses are good on Earth but have no standing on the animation worlds. Toons and Anime may only be operated on and doctored by... ready for this... licensed animators as well as toon, anime doctors and vets who are already part of your TV show's existing continuity. Otherwise, it is considered illegal to practice outside of your field of expertise. And as far as I know, none of the Zamak family members are artists; painting, drawing or otherwise."

    Lena and Lighty both said at the same time, "WHAT?!!!"

    Buccaneer Bunny continued. "Then there is the final clencher regarding the Dolittle ability. According to Camp World researchers, Dr. Dolittle only had the learned ability to talk to the animals. He could not calm them, control them nor otherwise. If it seemed he was calming them, it stemmed from his ability to speak to them in their own language which prompted them to calm themselves and react kindly to the one who was speaking their language. But he had no magic touch to calm animals. In the dream world, such an ability would have been common place for a fantasy. But having that ability in the real world has been outlawed as a borderline super villain action. And then there comes the final nail in the coffin. The so-called calming touch would have no affect on toon and anime animals since they are not alive in the Earth sense of the word. So the whole thing is a paranoid point of view."

    Gerard and Arnold took their heroic friends to the Transportal registration as well as Star Port registration so they could get legalized for being on Camp World. After registration, the heroic friends were escorted to Haji Pass to the All-Stars Ski Resort where they were all dropped off with Arnie Roo and his adorable joeys. Then Gerard and Arnold returned to Meta Star City by themselves. upon entering the outer limits of the city, Buccaneer Bunny shifted into his Divine Dog identity retaining his course of flight directly beside his best friend.

    Eagle Lord asked, "Why did you switch to your canine form?"

    Divine Dog replied, "Because I remembered that I need to air out D.D.'s fur coat during flight. He had a hot shower this morning so he might still be a little damp."

    Eagle Lord smirked. "Did you have sex with Night the Superdog last night in your bed?"

    Divine Dog smiled. "It was his idea but he was a lot of fun. He told me that Thunder Mutt was the one who helped him hone his acting skills. And from personal experience with Thunder Mutt, he is as much fun as Night is. I feel sorry for Krypto though... He says his love life sucks."

    Eagle Lord giggled. "Tennis Balls?"

    Divine Dog grinned. "No, that's Hunter of the Road Rovers, you feathered numb numb."

    Eagle Lord wasn't finished being funny though. "But they taste so good!"

    Divine Dog smiled. "Are you hinting that you would like to go play some tennis this afternoon, little buddy?"

    Eagle Lord cooed. "Can we please...?" And then Arnold made the sad puppy eyes out of his eagle face which looked funnier than Heck.

    Divine Dog almost fell out of the sky when he saw the look that Arnold was using. "Gah! You win! We'll play tennis!"

    Eagle Lord said, "Let's head to the Meta Star Tennis Courts."

    Reverting to Buccaneer Bunny minus the lapine armor sequence, Eagle Lord also powered off the armor part of his costume as the two went to the tennis courts to play a friendly game of tennis. Unbeknown to both junior heroes, high atop the Daily Planet watching them play was Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Iron Man. "So those are Krypto's new friends?" asked Batman.
    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two
    While Eagle Lord focused on his friend Buccaneer Bunny, Superman replied, "Yes, that's Eagle Lord and Buccaneer Bunny. The bunny is but just one of four identities the boy can transform into. He also has Divine Dog, Arctic Cervine and Bard Brayer; the last being a donkey boy gypsy. Krypto told me that the bunny's boy can play the electric guitar."

    Spiderman said, "The Bunny sounds like a guy I could pal around with."

    Iron Man then said, "Guys... the bunny is moving his ears in some sort of code."

    At the tennis court, having superman's powers, Buccaneer Bunny could hear every word the heroes atop the building were saying so he was choosing to signal Eagle Lord in U.S. Navy semaphore code. 'We are being watched and talked about. Daily Planet top floor.'

    Eagle Lord launched a tennis ball and spiked it directly toward the top of the Daily Planet. Before the other heroes could react, Batman caught the tennis ball in his gloved hand.

    "I think they know we are talking about them," said Batman. "Either we go down and be friendly or we resume our own patrols. At any rate, I need to return their tennis ball to them."

    Spiderman said, "It was rude of us to spy on them when they have done nothing wrong. We should go say hello to them; It could mean a new friend."

    Soon all four heroes were standing court side watching the tennis match between the eagle and the bunny. Batman held up the tennis ball. "That was a good shot, Eagle."

    Eagle Lord slyly grinned. "Not bad yourself, Batman, for catching that wild ball."

    Batman said, "I've had to play catch with the Joker; so I was ready for the ball when it approached us. If I had missed, Spiderman or Superman would have caught it."

    Iron Man asked, "What was the code you used with your ears, bunny?"

    Buccaneer Bunny replied, "Navy Semaphore. Before the accident that landed me in my Coma on Earth, my friend and I studied some of the Semaphore shown in a world war II comic book."

    Superman then said, "From our angle, Bunny... you misspelled the word planet. You signed out P-L-A-M-E-T. But it is okay since comic book companies often make mistakes like that. Only someone well versed in military code would know the difference. People like Iron Man and I who were paying attention. I played tennis against Wonder Woman a few weekends ago and she beat my pants off. Lois said she served me right."

    Eagle Lord smiled. "I am the tennis fan; Bunny is into softball. But he will play tennis with me when I feel the hankering to play a game."

    Spiderman asked, 'What did you do with that large crowd of people you were flying around with earlier?"

    Buccaneer Bunny replied, "We dropped them off with Arnie Roo in Connecticut before returning to Meta Star City."

    Batman then said, "Don't forget that there is a Justice Patrol meeting this afternoon where you boys will receive your official patrols. The rest of us need to get going." And with that, the collection of mainstream heroes departed to resume their patrols.

    It wasn't long after the heroes departed when Buccaneer Bunny suddenly powered down into his human form as he nearly buckled over the tennis net. Eagle Lord was immediately at his side as he held on to his friend firmly. "What's wrong, Gerard?" The human boy could barely mutter through the pain. "I need Times Heart Tiger! Fast!" And then Gerard Prince was unconscious in Eagle Lord's arms. Eagle Lord took flight while holding on to Gerard as he headed back to the Justice Park Studio Apartments. He had just barely gotten Gerard into their shared apartment when his best friend turned transparent in his arms... as he simply disappeared as if he had never been there at all.

    Eagle Lord powered down and he grabbed his cellphone as he hit the one-touch dialing for the Caring tiger's personal number. When the tiger answered, Arnold quickly told what had just happened to his best friend and what Gerard had said just before passing out.

    Timesy exclaimed, "This happened once before in the Coma Dream! It was a Dream Drop instance! We all thought we woke up but in truth, in the Dream Drop we only dreamed that we woke up! Gerard might still be in the Atticus hospital right now! Close your eyes tightly and chant, please be alive, Gerard!" The tiger then hung up the phone.

    Arnold closed his eyes tightly and chanted the words, "Please be alive, Gerard!"

    At that moment, Arnold heard from the bedroom door Leon Prince saying, "Arnold! The hospital just called us. Your prayers must have finally been answered. They told me that Gerard came out of his coma. Let's go see to his awakening."

    When Arnold opened his eyes, he found himself standing in his assigned bedroom within the Prince family house. "Times Heart Tiger was right! I'm ready, Mr. Prince!" He grabbed his cellphone as he wrote down Times Heart's, Ace the Bat Hound's, Krypto the Super Dog's and Night the Super Dog's names on a piece of paper before sticking it into his pants pocket. He also recorded the Tiger's personal phone number. Then he grabbed his jacket and ran out of the bedroom to join Mr. And Mrs. Prince to travel to the hospital.

    The family were soon in their car heading for the hospital.
    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three
      Talbot City General Hospital; Atticus, Georgia
      Two years after the mysterious accident.

      The nice and pretty young Australian Paramedic lady had been bent over within view of the bed getting some clean sheets ready for Gerard's petient bed when he slowly opened his eyes and saw the nice view in front of him.

      "Hello_ Nurse," he said without warning. Although Gerard was wrapped up in bandages, his vision was unobscured.

      The Australian Paramedic rose up and turned to look at Gerard. "Oh my; yas finally awoke from yer coma, mate. Ah need to call the doctor. Yas got 'it in the mouth by space debris." And she turned and walked over to the intercom unit and pressed the emergency channel function. "Doctor! Gerard Prince awoke from 'is coma! Come quick!"

      Soon, several doctors were in the room since the boy's original prognosis didn't look good for his recovery; but his father insisted that life support be kept on for his son.

      Gerard's next words were a little surprising. "Its too heavenly here." And when that had no effect, he said, "I guess that part was just a dream figment."

      He then asked, "Could you bring me a guitar?"

      It took about fifteen minutes before they could bring him a fresh electric guitar. This would be the final test to see if playing the song was also part of the dream.

      As he held the guitar properly, he played the starting riff for a moment before pausing and then he launched into the theme song fully. Since his throat was still healing, he couldn't sing just yet. But while he was playing, within the back part of the recovery room, a set of drums appeared and playing them was what looked like the ultimate plushy kangaroo wearing a shirt that read "Arnie Roo." Next, a rainbow rescue beam penetrated the nearby window as the entire Care Bear Family as well as legacies arrived; one was of the male tiger variety who was holding a wireless mic. Then he provided the voice for the song being played. Two others were Brave Heart Lion and Bright Heart Raccoon.

      The doctors were happy to see that the Care Bear Family were interested in Gerard's recovery.

      Mentally, Times Heart Tiger sent a message to Tennessee; Gerard began playing the theme song and he summoned Arnie Roo and I to his hospital room. The others haven't arrived yet. I am assuming that without powers or a direction to go in, they cannot make the trip just yet.

      Tennessee replied, They sense the song being played, but they have no current idea what it means nor where it is originating from. I guess Arnie Roo is so loving, he cannot be made to forget about his human friend. As for you, you are lucky you and your family can use the rainbow rescue beam.

      The Prince family and Arnold Domingo were next to arrive although the family remained at the door while Arnold approached Gerard and gently patted his leg. "You never told me that you could play the guitar, Gerard. You are pretty good at this. It is amazing that the Care Bear Family took an interest in you."

      When the song ended, Gerard muttered, "There is always time for caring, isn't that right, Tiger?"

      Times Heart Tiger approached the side of the bed and he gently hugged the bandaged boy. "Is there anything nice I can get for you, Gerard?"

      "How about a Caring Stare healing feeling to regenerate my body so I can get out of this bed?" the boy replied.

      Timesy turned his head to look at his father and his uncle. "May we have Care-a-lot permission to do this, dad?"

      Brave Heart looked to both True Heart and Noble Heart Horse. "I think we can, son. Although the doctors will still want to check the boy out to make sure he is truly recovered. They are only doing their jobs." He then raised his voice. "Care Bear Family! Stare!!" The bears focused their tummy symbols as the cousins and legacies focused their belly badges causing their icons to glow and the light of caring enveloped Gerard's entire bed permeating beneath the bandages and they began their miracle powered work on the boy's throat, his teeth and the rest of his entire body repairing everything within him that had been damaged or had been secretly cursed.

      A reporter and a photogragpher for the Atticus Times newspaper arrived just as the Care Bear Family were getting started. The photographer took the picture as the reporter spoke to the doctors to get their take on the Care Bear Family being in the hospital and of their involvement with Gerard Prince.

      Gerard then asked what he thought was a good question. "Where is Care-a-lot located these days?"

      Leon Prince entered the room and leaned in to quietly and privately whisper to his son the following words, "We cannot talk about that here, Son. But I promise you will get to spend time with the Caring Family and any one else you are interested in. Plus, I was offered a job elsewhere and Arnold will be coming with us to his dad's patrol city."

      As the man resumed his standing stature, there were two poofs in the room next to the bed. Charlie Barken, Itchy and Annabelle of the All Dogs Go to Heaven movies were raising themselves up to the side of the bed. "Sorry we were late, Gerard. We were tending to our other Charges in San Francisco." explained Itchy. "What did you need?" asked Charlie.

      Gerard honestly inquired, "Aside from what I just had the Care Bears do for me, are there an evil magics on my body?"
      End of Chapter Three


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        Chapter Four
        The three angel dogs activated their angelic powers causing the entire bed that Gerard was in to light up like both the 4th of July and an overly decorated Christmas tree. Then as suddenly as it started, the glow subsided as Annabelle replied, "That was wise of you to ask that question, Gerard. There had been a curse upon you but the Care Bear Stare as well as our personal powered clean up has obliterated the last of the wicked spell that was tying you to this bed. Someone didn't want you to ever leave Atticus. But now that we know they are up to something, you can count on us to ruin their plans."

        From the drum set, Arnie Roo remarked, "'ello Mr. Prince. 'ave the Chocobomb Bar deliveries Ah 'ave been making been good?"

        Leon smiled at the devil kangaroo on the drums. "When are they not, Arnie Roo? They are super delicious."

        Arnie Roo grinned. "After yas move, yas will still get them."

        From the bed, Gerard said, "Krypto films his show in Meta Star City, dad. I want to go there and meet with Ace the Bat Hound. You know how I go gaga over Great Danes. Especially him."

        Rianne said, "If Ace will let you, I would give you permission to live with him as long as you finished high school."

        Gerard asked, "But what about your allergy to pet dander, mom?"

        Rianne arched an eye. "Oh honey, your memory is not up to snuff as yet. I don't have any such allergy. My family doctor will roll on the ground laughing when I tell him your suggestion."

        Leon said, "If Gerard wants to live with Ace the Bat Hound, then we can ask WayneTech if it is possible. I know Mr. Wayne wouldn't let Gerard's grades slip."

        Arnie Roo then said, "Ah gotta go, folks. Kids to feed and a mate to stuff. Regular deliveries tomorrow morning. Bye!" And he vanished along with his drum set leaving the back section of the recovery room as clean as it had been before he popped in.

        Times Heart Tiger came over to Gerard's side and gently patted his chest with his fluffy paw. "Once you get settled in the new place, I will come and check up on you once again. Just remember, Cap, sometimes dreams do come true." He then winked at the boy before heading off to join the entire Care Bear Family as they caught the rainbow rescue beam out of the hospital room. The doctors then removed the bandages from Gerard's body carefully before the boy voiced a concern about needing to take a shit.

        Arnold Domingo helped his friend into the bathroom and got him seated on the toilet before leaning up against the door and smiling. "The doctors had a bed pan that they were inserting under your butt and a hose on your penis; and they would open a trapdoor in your bandages. I am really glad you survived that cosmic strike. You're the first friend I have ever had, Gerard. I don't know what I would do without you."

        Gerard did his business. "You would likely open your eagle wings and fly away to freedom."

        Arnold smiled. "That must have been some sort of a doozy of a dream you had in your coma. I don't have wings."

        Gerard also smiled. "You don't have talons and a beak either, but the whole dream was a comic book superhero type of dream. We were both heroes; you were Eagle Lord and I was Captain Rabbit and rabbits are not even my first choice of likes. Unless one of the Warner rabbits were to turn gay and drag me away to their lair. I know I am straight to humans, but as you heard with my interest in Ace... I would be inclined to experiment."

        Arnold smirked. "Are you sure you don't want to ride the Kryptonian express? The shaft would be smaller than a Great Dane's penis." Gerard finished up his business and he wiped. "You are a sick friend to be talking about canine penises. I thought I was the only one in a coma." Arnold said, "How come the tiger called you Cap? He seemed to know more than he was letting on." Gerard chuckled. "He is the Doctor Who of the Care Bear family." Arnold said, "So he called you Cap because he could see what you had dreamed about regarding yourself. And you're right, you're not that much into rabbits unless it is someone as sexy as Ace Bunny from the Loonatics. So you think he would be more open minded to playing with a human boy?"

        Gerard replied, "If he isn't then he is certainly no descendant of Bugs Bunny. It is in his ancestor's contract to be attracted to both sexes. Bugs has cross-dressed, kissed every single member of the Warner Brothers cartoon animal line-up, including Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd and Marvin the Martian. Bugs has been stood up at the altar four times by guys who decided that they weren't crazy enough to marry a rabbit. Um... before I met you, Arnold, I watched a lot of cartoons." Arnold said, "I remember when you told me that." Gerard then said, "Do you have a cellphone on you, Arnie?"

        Arnold pulled the cellphone out of his shirt pocket and handed it to Gerard whom then tapped in the number for the Atticus City Bank. "Atticus City Bank; Bennett Tralfazworth speaking." Gerard said, "I don't know if anyone is working on solving this for you, sir, but the San Francisco census archives has records on a surname change regarding your grandfather's family just after they moved to the States from Japan. The original Japanese surname is Takatakashi." "How do you spell that, sir?" "That is: T-A-K-A-T-A-K-A-S-H-I." Who is this so I will know where to send the reward for this information." "No, I wish to remain anonymous. No reward is necessary, sir." "We have been trying to solve this mystery for ages. If this pans out, I will donate your reward to needy children's hospitals across the Eastern seaboard. Thanks again for this information." "Thank you for your time, sir." Gerard then ended the call and handed the cellphone back to Arnold.

        "And that will take care of the Tralfazworth family," stated Gerard with a smile. "Let's head back to the doctors so I can get cleared for getting out of the hospital. Mom and dad are considering to let me live with Ace. Of course, you will have to come along too, Arnold. Best friends should not be separated."
        End of Chapter Four


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          Chapter Five
          Upon his return to the doctors, Gerard permitted the doctors to check him out all over which included running a battery of tests upon his mouth and throat which many of them were sure Gerard was not going to survive the initial space debris strike into his mouth at the angle of entry. Having the Care Bear Family and the Arch Angel Canines conduct a cleansing all over Gerard's body seemed to have done the trick. Even the X-rays indicated that Gerard had made a full recovery. Not long after that, The papers were signed and Gerard was allowed to leave the hospital with his family although Gerard convinced his parents to leave the hospital by way of the back door. Getting into the car, Leon had everyone strap in and then, they drove around the building right past a large crowd of newspaper and television reporters whom were waiting for the Prince family to emerge through the front doors so as to get an interview with the miracle recovery teenager just after his official release. Leon said, "Clever move asking the doctors to record that your release date was for that afternoon instead of when we departed through the rear doors. How did you know that would work?"

          Gerard replied, "From my dream... I took a page out of Bat Hound's book and we sneaked out the back while the press waited in the front. That is also why I laid my head down into Arnold's lap as we went past that crowd." He casually petted on Charlie's head. "Now that we are free and clear, I am seated upright once again. How about Care-A-Lot and your new job. What is so hush-hush about where the Care Bears are living now?"

          Leon replied, "Care-a-lot is located in Shadow Earth, Gerard. I have been offered a job on the Coopersville city council. That's a city just South of the Okefenokee Swamp near Holiday Land close to the Florida State line. Shadow Earth can be accessed through Coopersville. When we move, Arnold will get to move with us; he doesn't live in the Ward anymore since the authorities shut it down for health issues. Rianne and I already have a house in Coopersville. But we were delaying the official move into it until you recovered from the hospital. Do you have any hidden stashes in the old house, Gerard? And please tell the truth."

          Gerard now eyed the back of his mother's head as he chose to tell it like it was. "Grandma Lombard mailed me a martial arts glaive a few years ago and it has a wicked look to it and a weird vibe about it. I was planning on making sure grandpa could see this thing for himself. I know how mom hates her own mother and grandma sent me this scary knife weapon. I left it in the box after looking at it one time only. I am interested in hand-to-hand martial arts, but that weapon was too much."

          Rianne turned in her seat and she said, "You should have mentioned this knife to us the moment you got it."

          With the stashes cleaned out and loaded into the U-Haul trailer, and the evil glaive emergency mailed back to Rianne's father in Comet City, Georgia; The prince family, Arnold and the angel dogs headed for Coopersville in the Southern part of Georgia which was just west of St. George, Georgia on an almost untraveled paved roadway. Leon showed his personal ID to a patrol officer who was parked at the entrance to Coopersville and not long after that, the Prince vehicle and U-Haul trailer wheeled in as it passed through Coopersville where it soon arrived at the new Prince home on the Northeastern side of Brookton. The house was almost in the exact same locale as the Prince house of Terryville from the dream. It even looked similarly to the dream version.

          Leon then said, "Gerard, I have called Krypto during his filming break in Shadow Earth's Camp World where his version of Meta Star City resides in what the Special Folk call Veil. He will help you and Arnold find lodging in the Meta Star local area and after that, it will be up to you both to get enrolled in a high school. Remember, Gerard... I want to see that High School Diploma. Aside from that, I don't care where you choose to go to school at; whether it is up a donkey's butt; in a dragon's slit or even in the Digital World... Just don't lose too many clothes in that last location. The DAC crew were losing clothes left and right in their first three seasons."

          Gerard glanced at Arnold with a grin. "Now listen at him; I think he's trying to get rid of us now. When will Krypto be showing up to escort us back to Meta Star City with him?"

          Leon smiled as he saw a flash of white to the South coming their way just ahead of a Yuskay Groomer tour bus. "Here he comes now, boys. Remember, show respect for the super dog."

          As Leon headed off with Rianne to get the house settled, Krypto and Streaky flew in and landed in full view of the boys whom were waiting for them. And when the tour bus came to a halt the door opened up and Ace the Bat Hound leaped out to land in the line up with the other super pets and then Robbie the Robin flew out of the bus and he landed on Ace's head. Finally, Stretch-O-Mutt and Thunder Mutt emerged from the tour bus to stand just behind the other main streamers.

          The boys greeted every super pet but when it got to Gerard and Ace, the Bat Hound found himself in a full crouched embrace by the nice boy who also gave Ace a kiss on his muzzle as he scratched nicely over the Great Dane's lower body parts. Gerard said, "I have been waiting to meet with you forever, Ace. When Arnold and I get set up, will you stop by once in a while to check on us?" He then whispered, "...I'll give you more tummy scritchings... I'll hide you from Isis..."

          Ace pushed Gerard away from himself and said, "Control yourself, kid. Krypto and I are on duty." Then he whispered, "But we will talk about that last one later tonight." Thunder Mutt smirked a little. "Looks like Ace has a fan. That is more than I can say for those kids who say they watch my movies." He then resumed being as grim and as nonchalant as Ace.

          Streaky said, "I don't understand why I came along with a bunch of dogs to meet two boys."

          Stretch-O-Mutt replied, "Because Scott Jeralds promised all of us an all we can eat dinner tonight if we did bring you with us. And that dinner offer includes you, Streaky; or have you sworn off fish in regards to that diet that Andrea says she wants to put you on?"

          Streaky then said, "That evil girl wants to starve me to death."

          Gerard then asked, "Why is there a Yuskay Groomers tour bus with you guys, Krypto?"

          Krypto replied, "The head groomer asked for you boys by name. But lets get your belongings packed and loaded aboard the tour bus first; then you can talk to the Groomer en route back to Holiday Land and then Meta Star City."
          End of Chapter Five


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            Chapter Six
            Since the boys had no furniture, Arnold had one suitcase while Gerard had a suitcase and a footlocker. They had these loaded on board the bus in no time. Finally the boys along with Ace, Robbie, Stretch-O-Mutt, Thunder Mutt and the Angel Dogs got back on board the bus. Krypto and Streaky would fly outside of the bus.

            Once the animal heroes settled into their seats, Gerard and Arnold were permitted to enter the back area where the head Yuskay groomer awaited the boys. Once inside the back area, the boys couldn't even feel the bus moving. The door was closed behind them and then the boys were escorted to two padded seats facing a movie screen. "Good evening, Gerard Prince and Arnold Domingo. Do the following sequences excite you?" And then the screen lit up to reveal:

            "Let's take it to the next level!" Gerard and Arnold shared a wink at each other as they began their sequences.

            "Justice Legacy! Activate!" Arnie struck his pose and felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood on in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power as on the next position of the disc the form of a handsome and muscular eagle man came into view to take the place of the former human. His militia like costume appeared in a flash to cover his body. Then he exclaimed, "Eagle Armor Sequence!" His hero armor then appeared in flashes up and down his eagle body and around his wings, followed by his gloves and boots, and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as he landed in full view where he made a flurry of Avian arts before striking his final pose for all to see. "Eagle Lord!"

            "Justice Legacy! Activate!" Gerard struck his pose and felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood on in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power as on the next positions of the disc revealed nearly twenty heroic forms before the form of a handsome and muscular rabbit man stopped in the fore front to take the place of the former human. His pirate crew costume appeared in a flash to cover his body. Then he exclaimed, "Lapine Armor Sequence!" His hero armor then appeared in flashes up and down his lapine body, followed by his gloves and boots, and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as he landed in full view where he made a flurry of martial arts moves before striking his final pose for all to see. "Captain Rabbit!"

            Arnold now knew what Gerard had meant back at the hospital by Eagle Lord. Arnold liked what he saw.

            Gerard made a different comment however. "Head Groomer... way too many forms. I may not want to be a heroic rabbit in the real world. In the dream world, the form and powers were forced upon me. I didn't get a choice on the ending form. So if you are offering a re-empowerment in the real world, then I must ask that I get to choose the ones I want included in my overall powers package. Captain Rabbit is owned by Prince Kelly's home world's religion. Aside from flight, an armored battle costume, lapine reflexes and ear-lang, Captain Rabbit was pretty weak. The martial arts I used in the dream world were nothing more than the martial arts I had learned on Earth at the time of my accident. I am sorry if it sounds like I am whining. But after what I went through, I think I am entitled to a better choice of powers and abilities."

            The head anthropomorphic Hell Hound Groomer stepped out into the open and said, "Your choice, of course. Whether in the dream world or in the real world, a promise made is a promise kept. The Yuskay Groomers gave our word to do services for your entire team at any time. Thus if you want a different set of heroic forms and powers in the real world, all you need to do is ask."

            Arnold chose to keep Eagle Lord because it blew him away. He never expected it to be like he was shown. Apparently his best friend had a fantastic imagination.

            Gerard bartered for a Changeling Great Dane form whom would wear a dark red cape and cowl whom would be called Divine Dog (he would have the powers of a Greater god which he would only use in extreme emergencies,) a Changeling Reindeer form whom would wear white and dark blue and would be called Arctic Cervine (his powers would be equal to a Winter Shaman,) a Donkey Boy form whom would wear a gypsy outfit and carry a mandolin and harmonica and he would be called Bard Brayer (his powers allowed him to project images while he played his music, wove his tales and danced,) a human sized black Guilmon Digimon with red stripes whom had magical spell power and he would be called Dream Dragon, an anthropomorphic lapine as fast as the Flash with powers similar to Wonder Woman; he would wear the outfit of a pirate crew mate and he would be called Buccaneer Bunny complete with a magical cutlass, and his final form marking it as his true choice... a human sized Techie were-rat as strong as Superman with similar powers; and he would wear a costume similar to Ratplague's heroic outfit with a cape and he would be called Captain Rat.

            After the empowerment and the testing of the powering up and down phase and testing out the powers to make sure they worked properly, The boys back in their human forms were returned to the front of the bus which for some reason was still moving. Rather than asking what might be a stupid question, Gerard chose to ask Ace, "How long were we in there, Ace? The lighting back there made it seem like we weren't in there long." Ace replied, "About thirty minutes. We ran into some traffic congestion which is why we're not back in Meta Star City yet."

            At that, Gerard thought it was time for a good deed; he didn't want the animals to be late in returning to their filming day. He entered the tour bus bathroom and while within, he transformed into Divine Dog and then... he utilized his new godly powers to transport the entire bus directly to the Yuskay Groomers parking lot in Meta Star City. Gerard then powered down as he emerged from the bus' rest room and said, "Where are we now?" The Hell Hound bus driver replied, "We are about three blocks from the park where they film Krypto's show. But we are back in the city and out of that traffic jam."

            Ace activated his communicator. "Hey Krypto. Where are you and Streaky at? The Yuskay tour bus is sitting in the Groomer's parking lot in the city."

            Krypto's voice emitted from the receiver, "Take the boys on over to Justice Park Studio Apartments and let them choose their own bedrooms within the apartment we picked out for them. Superman and Batman stocked the cupboards and refrigerator earlier while we were out getting the boys. As long as the boys are allied to us, Wonder Woman is waiving the rent so they can stay rent free. Hopefully later, we can see about having the boys on patrols with us. I know the Yuskay Groomers said something about a re-empowerment based on a promise they had made to Gerard and Arnold. I will pick up an Arden's meal before we come join you guys. Krypto Out."
            End of Chapter Six


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              Chapter Seven
              Leave it to Krypto's super hearing to overhear that Gerard and Arnold were to have gotten a re-empowerment. Ace glanced back at Gerard with a sly rare grin. "About those tummy scritchings..." He chuckled. "When were you gonna tell your hero about your re-empowerment, Gerard?"

              Gerard blushed. "What? And mar your reputation as the world's greatest canine detective? Perish the thought. We assumed that the re-empowerment was not to be publicized. Otherwise the head groomer would have told you guys himself why he wanted to speak to us. Arnold's form and powers required no alterations before re-empowerment in the real world. However, my powers were a big mess and had to be re-organized as well as sorted out. Instead of twenty forms, I now have six although the groomers said I could make changes whenever I liked."

              Ace smiled softly. "I cannot wait to see these chosen forms of yours, Gerard. Mr. wants to hug all over me and rub my tummy in bed."

              The next part was out of his mouth before he could stop himself. "But I love you, Ace."

              Ace said, "Back up a moment, kid. I am not Alpha Ace; I am a replacement Bat Hound from the Bat Hound Legion called Angel. I am normally the fighting coordinator for Krypto's show when they do get into massive scripted fights. I appreciate your wanting to be with Ace, but perhaps you might want to save the love and adoration for the real Ace and not simply a stunt double... like unlucky me." He hung his head after saying that.

              Gerard realized at that moment that he almost made a fool out himself for one of Ace's official doubles. But then he realized what the double said at the end. He moved over to Angel's seat and gave the Bat Hound a hug. "I know you doubles don't get the praise that you deserve and you had me fooled. I really thought you were Alpha Ace. I will still rub your tummy if you want me to. I do like Great Danes."

              That seemed to cheer Angel up as he lifted his head and he gave Gerard a lick on his face. "Thanks, Gerard. I can call Mythia and see where Ace is at at the moment. And then I can take you to him at the set. I know he has to film this afternoon." Angel raised his paw up to his collar communicator. "This is Angel calling Mythia. Come in please. One of the two boys is in love with Alpha Ace and when he came on to me thinking I was Alpha, I accidentally let him see how depressed I was and he cheered me up afterward. I promised him that I would bring him to Alpha on set. Please tell me that Alpha is available." Mythia's voice emitted from the receiver, "This is Mythia. Alpha Ace departed an hour ago to head to the filming set. if you guys head over there, you could catch him before he either leaves or heads somewhere else." Angel looked to Gerard. "I'll take you to Alpha Ace right now. He's back at the filming set. After you get settled in later, I can show you where the Bat Hound Legion hangs out."

              Angel then hopped out of his seat and said, "Come on, Gerard." Exiting the tour bus, the Bat Hound double led the boy at a run back to the filming set in the park where Alpha Ace was reading over his script which Scott Jeralds had handed him. When they arrived, Angel padded up to Ace and dipped his head in a bow before saying, "Alpha Ace... This is Gerard Prince." Then he whispered, "He's in love with you; he thought I was you until I told him the truth." And then Angel stepped off to the side to let Ace examine the boy for himself.

              Ace then said, "Okay Gerard. Tell me something that I would probably love to hear." Gerard knelt down and said, "I can entertain Robbie while you are working." Ace arched an eye with a rare smile. "How would you do it?" Gerard replied, "I would ask him to tell me his life story and then let him do it." Ace started laughing. "His life story changes every week!"

              Gerard couldn't understand why Ace thought that was funny. "I'm serious, Ace. Maybe I should have listened to Arnold and taken a ride on the Kryptonian Express, instead."

              Ace smirked. "Krypto won't even let me get that close to him. If you can manage to get him excited enough to do it, I want to watch. Mr. Jeralds, I am taking this boy into my trailer dressing room. Don't let anyone in except Krypto. Come on Gerard... you too, Angel; we can talk privately in my trailer." And he led the boy and the double off to his private trailer. Within the trailer dressing room, Ace removed his cowl and he looked directly into Gerard's eyes. "Word is that you are in love with me. My lovers cannot be moodier than I am. What is it about me that attracts you to me so much, kid?"

              "Your strong spirit and encouraging words that helped me to shake off the Coma nightmare that I was trapped in. Without you, Ace, I couldn't have gotten out of the Coma. In the Coma Dream, you and I did it daily either in bed, in the shower, or sometimes behind the bushes outside of the Wayne owned farm house. You were the one who asked me for permission to make love and since you always asked so nicely, how could I say no?"

              Ace now blushed something fiercely. "I was so horny that I came to you in the dream to have sex?"

              Gerard smiled. "You said you would rather have fun with me than to be doing Robbie or Isis. How could I argue with logic like that?"

              Ace laughed again before asking, "Did I ever compare you to Bud and Lou?"

              Gerard said, "You once told me in the dream that they were a lot nicer to spend time with off camera than on camera. Something about how Krypto cannot always be around."

              Ace smirked. "Tell me something disgusting about Krypto that you saw in the Coma Dream."

              Gerard proceeded to reveal the story about how on one New Years Eve, Krypto had gotten drunk and he had mounted Thunder Mutt who had shown up in his own version of the Cape and Cowl. And how Krypto had contracted Delusis from Thunder Mutt and how he turned around months later and he mounted his own Sponsor Family boy.

              Ace made a nasty face and puckered his lips in distaste. "Yeah, I did ask for it. Ugh. Canines have to be real cautious when having sex, Gerard. Otherwise, nasty diseases get in."

              Gerard then said, "The only sickness in the dream you ever suffered from was when you got infected by Archon Hound Allure. It almost killed you right in the Myths Auditorium."
              End of Chapter Seven


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                Chapter Eight
                Soon, Krypto arrived with a few boxes of Arden's pizza and drinks. Entering Ace's trailer, the white dog of steel laid out the pizza boxes and set the drinks aside. "Canine lovers pizzas for us dogs and a human safe pizza for Gerard. What's going on in here?"

                Ace replied, "Thanks for the food, buddy. Gerard is slowly getting better. He has told me quite a bit about the Coma Dream world he was stuck in. He said that our guidance and assistance helped him escape from the coma itself. He also loves us both, Krypto, old buddy. His friend Arnold suggested he take a ride on the Kryptonian Express. Ahem... you know."

                Krypto smiled. "I won't say no; what I will say is... not on the filming set. I would never say no to a fan who wants to feel the love from some big brother canines like us."

                Ace remarked, "There is nothing wrong with being in love with us canine stars. As for sleeping with us... as Krypto said, not on the filming set. This trailer is not that secure. Over at the Justice Park Studio Apartments, activity would be far more secure and private. Not to mention, Krypto and I live there ourselves. Krypto's apartment is on the top floor. My apartment is close to the Justice Patrol Headquarters meeting room."

                Gerard then asked, "What is the Justice Patrol?"

                Krypto smiled. "That is our private hero animal team which we perform in when we are not filming. Normally, no humans allowed. But if your animal identities are a member of the team. You will be permitted within the headquarters. All members perform a patrol or you're not a member. You and Arnold have animal forms so you both could be members. Not to mention, you get to live in our building at our request."

                Angel smiled as he added, "Rudolph's flapjacks are to die for."

                Ace then added, "And Krypto is the leader of the team. We would never make you run the team in our place, Gerard. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman check up on us daily just to keep the riff-raff out of the building. And now that Krypto is here, may we please see your animal hero identities?"

                In the blink of an eye, Gerard transformed silently into Divine Dog. "I call this identity Divine Dog. He is like a Zeus and Odin power ranked canine with the full godly spells and abilities. I am to only utilize this form in extreme emergencies or when prayer isn't enough." He turned around so the three could see him from all sides.

                Gerard next transformed silently into Arctic Cervine. "I call this identity Arctic Cervine. He is a Winter Shaman with the appropriate shaman powers as well as reindeer flight." He turned around so the three could see him from all sides.

                Gerard next transformed silently into Bard Brayer. "I call this identity Bard Brayer. He is a Gypsy Gambler with music and dancing powers. He can teleport." He turned around so the three could see his donkey boy from all sides.

                Gerard next transformed silently into Dream Dragon. "I call this identity Dream Dragon. He is a magic using digimon Guilmon who can cast spells and as you can see, he is sexy." He turned around so the three could see him from all sides.

                Gerard next transformed silently into Buccaneer Bunny. "I call this identity Buccaneer Bunny. He is a Pirate Rabbit Flash figure with Wonder Woman's skills and a magic Cutlass." He turned around so the three could see him from all sides.

                Finally, Gerard transformed silently into Captain Rat. "I call this identity Captain Rat. He is a flying Techie were-rat with similar powers to Superman but without the Kryptonite weakness. His skills are much like a gadgeteer similar to Razor of the Swat Kats." He turned around so the three could see him from all sides.

                The boy then changed back to normal as he picked up and ate another slice of pizza. "Now you know what you are getting with my full package, guys. In the dream world, I was Captain Rabbit and I had nearly twenty forms. Captain Rabbit was the weakest one of the bunch. Since the Yuskay Groomers were going to empower us in the real world, I asked for changes to my heroic library of empowered forms. I thought twenty was too many since I could not access them all at the same time, so I wisely pared it down to six."

                Krypto remarked, "So you're to be Divine Dog. I can see where that would be useful in our line of work. Do you still want to try the Kryptonian Express?"

                Gerard replied, "As you said earlier, not at the filming set. So I assume later tonight at the apartments. However, perhaps we should all get a clean bill of health before we play around in that manner. I know I have one since I just recently got out of the hospital for something totally non-related."

                Ace ...thinking back to what Gerard told him disgusting about the Dream Krypto... said, "I concur with Gerard's suggestion. No sense putting the boy back into unnecessary danger."

                Krypto nodded his head. "Then we will speak to the set's vet and have a full battery of tests ran on us. We normally have to do this at the beginning of each season as well as just after every major holiday."

                Ace then asked, "I am glad you made friends with Angel; He is a good double and he has a good heart; he's the fight coordinator for the series when such fight scenes are required."

                Gerard said, "Perhaps later when I demonstrate some of my martial arts for him, then he and I can hit it off in a better light."

                Angel smiled. "You have martial arts, too! I cannot wait to share the ones I know with you!"
                End of Chapter Eight


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                  Chapter Nine
                  Krypto smiled. "Let's finish lunch and then get over to the vet to see what he has to say about us dogs."

                  Ace smirked. "He will likely find that I am cleaner than you are, Krypto."

                  Krypto lightly growled at that. "If you're wrong, do I get to mount you, Acey-poo, while you're mounting Gerard?"

                  Ace chuckled. "That will be the day. But sure, I'll accept that bet. But if I am right, you have to take Robbie on your next patrol while wearing the cape and cowl. You heard him, Gerard. Krypto has to be cleaner than me to win."

                  Krypto smirked. "Are you sure, Ace. If I have Robbie, then you have to watch Streaky."

                  Ace laughed. "You must have forgotten, Krypto. I've already done that at least twice during your missions in space with Superman."

                  Krypto moaned as he remembered the Justice Patrol reports now.

                  Although Gerard was curious if the dream world would match the real world in regards to canine cleanliness, he sat to one side while the two dogs got their physicals from the team of vets. He spoke to one of the vets as he explained how the dogs had a bet going in regards to whom was cleaner. But he didn't explain any more than that. It wasn't his story to tell.

                  The vet showed Gerard a medical chart for both dog's last reported illnesses in the last two years. This was detailed information and there were sub-sections to explain what each illness or disease did. But it was the sexual illnesses that Gerard paid the most attention to. There were very few on both sides. For the most part, the dogs tried to stay as clean as possible. Nasty diseases, as Ace put it, were not nice to have let alone deal with until treated. And since Gerard had a canine form of his own that he could change into, he also needed to be just as careful as the super pets were having to be. Have sex with the wrong partner and he could be in the same boat.

                  What started as the dogs only soon spiraled into every animal in the series being called in to get their just-in-case examination. Gerard wasn't sure what that meant but soon, the head vet came over to Gerard and asked him some direct questions about the behaviors and responses of the two canines when he spoke to them in the trailer. And then the final question came up. "Do you have a canine form of your own you can change into and may we give it a physical as well?"

                  Gerard replied, "The canine form I have was granted to me by the Yuskay Groomers and I have only had it out three times, one of which was in private. But if you need to examine Divine Dog, then I will permit you to look him over." In the blink of an eye, the former human boy was sitting nose to nose with the vet while in his Divine Dog identity. While he got his examination, he explained to the vets what his powers were as well as the other five animal forms he had in his empowered hero library.

                  Thankfully, they only examined Divine Dog before telling Gerard that he could power down once again. "You are as clean as the Yuskay Groomer's are famous for. Just between us, Angel won the cleanest canine contest with a perfect score. Ace came in with an 84 rating, your rating was 70; Krypto is infected with a sexual illness with a rating of 36. Ratings of 55 and higher are within the safe zone. I don't know where Krypto is getting these things from. I had to examine your canine form to make sure you weren't the source. The newest illness is called Hormonal Throwback. It causes the victim to act and perform as if he were a teenager even in the sexual circles. It is lightly contagious; that is why we are now having to examine every animal in the series."

                  Gerard asked, "Could a human catch this illness?"

                  The vet replied, "They could if they weren't wearing protection; and since you are clean, then I suspect that we will need to also check Kevin and Andrea. Andrea will hate that although if she only spends time with Streaky... if the cat is clean, then she might be as well. Kevin is usually point-blank with Krypto on the set."

                  Ace then padded over and sat next to Gerard. "I overheard those last few things. So Angel won the cleanest canine contest; that doesn't surprise me since Alfred is always detoxing Batman and the entire Bat Hound Legion from the things we fall in. Poor Krypto... He can't seem to catch an even break."

                  The vet said, "The tip off that something might be wrong is when Krypto seems to get excited when the topic is something sexual that he will get to experience soon. If you notice him getting excited over a sex topic, that's when you should get him to a vet fast."

                  Thunder Mutt was heard saying, "I had a planned vet visit on Thursday but perhaps this is for the best to get it now instead of later. What's that? Yes, go ahead and spray my privates with the disinfectant. I've been trying to stay out of relationships while studying the scripts for my upcoming movies."

                  The vet said to Ace and Gerard, "He scored a 61. Low enough to have a disinfectant applied to his groin and rump just in case. Although he should keep his appointment on Thursday as a follow up just to make sure he is on the mend."

                  Angel the Bat Hound felt pretty good for himself as he managed to score 100 percent cleanliness. He was glad he didn't make a bet against Krypto who was likely feeling like crap.

                  Stretch-O-Mutt was next to be heard from. "I've got this illness? I had a dock patrol on Friday. I hope someone can fill in for me."

                  The vet said to Ace and Gerard, "He scored a 47. Just under the threshold. Not low enough to be the source."

                  Another vet announced, "We have a hit!"
                  End of Chapter Nine


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                    Chapter Ten
                    Andrea was heard bitching. "I am not sick! I can't be sick! I'm not even a stupid animal like the rest of these sick bums!" The vet said to Ace and Gerard, "She scored an 02. Just above rock bottom. But the weird part is... Streaky scored higher than Divine Dog by one."

                    Gerard then said, "Personal opinion, Doc... I think the entire cast should get a disinfectant spray just in case and in my case, all four animal forms. I did spend some time here on the set. Better to be safe than sorry."

                    Ace commented, "I agree with Gerard, Doctor. Whether we need it or not, it should be applied to everyone. And if you think the cast getting it will be bad, wait until the crew has to receive theirs. The vet said that humans could catch this if they weren't protected."

                    The vet made a face. "My colleagues are not going to be happy about this but anyone with a connection to this show will need to get treatment. I will also forward this data to the other Warner filming studios so they can prepare to clean up their stars, just-in-case."

                    Gerard said, "At least we found out before a party could occur."

                    Ace nodded his head. "Krypto is going to feel bad enough; his love life is almost non-existent."

                    When Kevin got his medical done, he scored higher than the rest of the cast with an 87. No one on the Krypto Show, minus Angel, had anything higher than Kevin. Night the Superdog came in and he got tested as well since he was Krypto and Rudolph's current sponsor family child. He scored an 82 although he gladly took the treatment while he read over his TV show script for Sundered Hearts. Gerard went over and assisted Night by playing a role of someone that Night would be speaking to in the script. In the dream world, Gerard had great grades in Mrs. Leghorn's drama class. This was his chance to see if that was just a dream. The Guitar experience carried over so he was game to see what else carried over.

                    Putting feeling into the spoken lines as the script suggested almost gave Night an erection; not to mention what the other animals nearby were feeling from hearing Gerard help Night practice his lines. At the end, Gerard asked, "How was I?"

                    Night smirked as he straightened up and got to his feet. "We are never letting Shanther hear how good you are. You almost made me orgasm. But I would love to practice with you another time. It just felt so natural to rebound script lines off of you. I don't think anyone in Shanther's current cast are as good as you are, Gerard. By the way, I am bisexual. I have dated either gender. And I don't have to have sex while on a date. I should be getting back to Sundered Productions now, dude. This script's production will air four weeks from tomorrow." And off he flew.

                    Ace smiled while resting a paw on Gerard's shoulder. "Night is a good kid. He takes classes at Myths." Gerard then asked, "What are the requirements for joining a hero school, Ace? In the dream world, they were rather ridiculous." Ace turned to look squarely at Gerard. "What were they like in the dream world?" Gerard replied, "You had to have lived on the animation world for at least one year and you have to have had your powers for at least one year as well. Furthermore, you have to have finished high school before applying to join. Some hero schools required that you had to be a toon as well and even further, be an established member of the union." Ace and several others made a face when Gerard revealed all of that. "Man... glad I wasn't in that dream; that is way too strict. To join Myths, you don't have to have any powers; that would be silly. If that were the case, I couldn't teach in my own school. You need to have an established hero whether human or animal vouch for you upon entry. And you need to be over the age of 9. That's it. Myths provides both grade school and high school education as if you were attending the real schools. At the same time you are getting your hero training, we can provide dormitory lodging but that is mainly for people who cannot live on their own elsewhere due to super power issues. Joining the union only applies if you are going to be in a TV show. Otherwise, it isn't required. Heroes do not get paid for being a hero; that is what real occupations are for. Once enrolled in Myths, you do get an attendance pay check to cover living expenses outside of the school; or simply an allowance for those who live in the school itself. Night is working in two separate TV shows so that is two separate checks."

                    Gerard asked, "Is the Myths High School Diploma as tangible as a normal high school Diploma?" Ace nodded his head. "Yes. It has been verified by Alfred Pennyworth himself. It is as viable as a regular high school diploma. I should caution you, however... if you are planning on dating me, you might not want to join Myths right away. While attending Myths, I will not be able to date you or else we might get accused of favoritism." Gerard said, "I was planning on schooling where ever Arnold chose to attend school at. Do you have any regular high school recommendations, Ace?"

                    Ace replied, "Just one. Kevin and Andrea go to school there and it has a great rating. Thomas Jefferson High School here in Meta Star City. They accept both humans and animals whether real or toon. But you are expected to keep your grades up if you attend there. If your grades slip too far, they will make alternate schooling recommendations for you. You don't have to accept these alternates; if you and Arnold befall this problem, enroll at Myths for the High School portion only. As Comic book readers, I would assume you boys know as much as any hero would in regards toward being a hero."

                    Krypto then padded over and said, "One of the alternates they will name is Justice League High School. But it isn't as nice as the name makes it sound. When you are enrolled there, you are treated as a handicapped student; you have a personal tutor and you get escorted all over the school. Another alternate is Brookton High School up in the Brookton Suburb of Meta Star City. I know Mega Dog and his team are up there, Gerard; but I am just letting you know of two alternates they will likely suggest. Meta Star City has well over twelve high schools, each with their own quirks and situations. I can acquire a listing of the high schools for you which will include what outsiders have heard in regards to those schools."

                    Gerard reached over and petted on Krypto's muzzle gently. "I would appreciate that, Krypto. Arnold and I can pick it up after dinner at your place, if you would like." Krypto sighed. "Sure. And thanks for not being afraid of touching me now that we have been given our treatments. My love life sucks. Animals throw themselves at Ace and he simply steps out of the line of pounce. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't just go have myself neutered." Ace made a face at Krypto. "None of that, buddy. You've just been unlucky, that's all." Gerard then said, "Besides, I like both Ace and you, Krypto. We can talk about this more later." Krypto smiled. "I appreciate that, Gerard. Does anyone think we can get an episode filmed this afternoon?" Unanimously, the animal crowd shouted, "Yes!"
                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode Two

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Super Pet High