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Black Storm


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Volume 1 includes, "Joey's Nightmare" which occurs on the false QC Planet. Volume 2 includes, "Lost and Found" which occurs on the real CAMP World.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[BS-01_V2] JW-01 Dating a Bronkey
Vol 1 (9/108)
Vol 2 (1/1)
When Felix Smythe gets stuck in a prototype armor of a robot dog designed to be humanoid, his adventures begin in Brookton.
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Lord Pouchlaw
MM: MD-02 Mascot and Magica
When a collection of Hell Hounds are sent to Earth for their pack rites, they meet up with a new friend (Isaac "Jackpaw" Freeborn) where upon new adventures begin.
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Lord Pouchlaw
EE-03 Thanks for Giving a Damn
When three masculine ponies host a boys ranch for troubled male teenagers, they accept the assistance of Christopher Cross whom later is transformed into a cowboy pony called Saint.
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Aragh Darktalon
MLP-RL-02 Troubled Boys
Join Rob Valerian in his adventures at Pleasure Bluff.
A story by Aragh Darktalon.
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Aragh Darktalon
ADQC-RV-01 Fun in the Sun
Join the super speedster Revolution as he joins the Wildfire Riders to fight forest fires throughout the west.
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Lord Pouchlaw
WF-01 Wildfire of Greenhorn Ridge