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APQC-EE-03 The Chaos Tournament

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  • APQC-EE-03 The Chaos Tournament

    Heroes Reach - QC Planet

    APQC-EE-03 The Chaos Tournament
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Ratseye/Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    The 10th of September was Monday morning where Ethan woke up in the loft apartment over Jake's home. As he was finishing his morning shower, he heard the shortcut teleporter activate between his old bedroom apartment and his current apartment which meant Ralph had used the shortcut so he could travel to school with Jake and himself. Ethan was glad that Keith and Jake had not changed his brother into a donkey, no matter how much fun Ralph might have had as one. It was better this way to keep his mom's trust.

    "Hey Ethan!" Yes it was indeed Ralph. "Where are you?"

    "I'm finishing up my morning shower! What do you want? Jake is waiting downstairs!"

    When the bathroom door opened, Knuckles and Shadow were standing there. "Ethan," said Shadow. "The Chaos Emerald tournament is coming up and because you are the owner of the Topaz Emerald now, you are automatically entered into the tournament even though you are not a Mobian like the rest of us. We are sorry you are going to be forced into entering this contest, but all emerald owners must compete. Knuckles and I will help you train in preparation for this tournament."

    Ethan was in the process of drying his hair with a towel while the rest of his nude aroused body was open for all to see. "What day does this tournament take place?"

    Knuckles replied, "Next week Wednesday just after lunch hour and Agumon is giving all Emerald owners time to practice with their emeralds and during the tournament. Principal Agumon will give all students the day off to attend the tournament."

    Ethan said, "I'm glad its not on the weekend. I have a part time job for a party catering service that is actually a fun job." He then lowered the towel as he tossed it aside into the hamper before walking over to Knuckles and Shadow and he gave them both a body hug and a gentle kiss on their muzzles. "It is nice to see you guys this early in the morning. But I should get dressed unless you want to have sex before I have to go to school." He winked at them both.

    Knuckles blushed as he pulled away and walked down the hallway toward the bedroom portion of the apartment. "No, we have to get to school."

    Shadow on the other paw smiled at Ethan as he pulled Ethan back toward the shower stall. "I won't tell Sonic if you don't tell Sonic. But I will warn you, Ethan... Mobians are highly fertile. Having sex with one us will mean male pregnancy. And I think that is something your mom would notice. Still want to have sex with a Mobian this morning?"

    Ethan caught on pretty fast. If the Mobians got pregnant and his mom found out, he would be in trouble on two fronts; but if he got pregnant, his mother would tease him about it throughout the entire gestation period. "I get the picture, Shadow. Perhaps another time when the parental units are not an issue." He then proceeded into the bedroom where he had his clothes laid out on the bed. Then he saw the Topaz Emerald Tournament Jacket laid out as well. "What's this?"

    Knuckles replied, "Win or lose, this is your official Mobian Tournament Jacket in your color. After you put on your school clothes, slide on this jacket and wear it with pride. This will allow all the teachers to know that you are entered into the tournament."

    Ethan slowly got dressed and after tying the laces on his shoes, he stood up and slid on the Topaz Tournament jacket. "I don't feel right wearing this, Knuckles."

    "That's what all first timers say when they first put on the tournament jacket," commented Shadow from the stairway that led downstairs. "Come on, guys, We need to get people to school." And Shadow descended the stairs to the first floor where Ralph was heard to say, "Use the front door, Shadow, if you don't want to get stuck in the mud out back."

    Ethan smiled at Knuckles. "Ralph is right, Knuckles. The entire back part of Jake's property is a sticky muddy swamp. Just seeing Shadow with mud caked up his ass might be funny to see but I'd feel bad if he got stuck and I would help him clean it off. I would even help you get clean if you got into it."

    Knuckles smiled. "I like having you as a friend, Ethan. Let's go see what Jake and Ralph are up to."

    Once everyone was downstairs, Ralph handed Ethan a brown paper bag. "Lunch dessert from mom," said Ralph. "She also said she would let Captain Rabbit know where we will be catching the bus from now on."

    Ethan opened the bag and saw chocolate cake with fudge icing wrapped in Saran Wrap. "Mom almost never makes chocolate cake anymore."

    Ralph said, "She said she had made too much last week at work. So the family gets the excess."

    Knuckles then said, "The All-Stars Jet Shuttle just landed out front, guys. Time to go get on the shuttle for school."

    Outside, as Captain Rabbit was opening the shuttle door, both he and Professor Frostfire, an equine related to Brightburst White who taught classes at Ace the Bathound's MYTHS college, saw Ethan, Ralph, Jake, Shadow and Knuckles come out of the house and proceed toward getting aboard the shuttle. "You Mobians are living over here too?" asked the heroic rabbit with a smile." Shadow just gave the rabbit a hard glare as Knuckles said, "We had to let Ethan know about his entry into the Chaos Emerald Tournament next week."

    Captain Rabbit said, "I hope you score in the top three, Ethan. The secret to playing well in any contest is to play to have fun. As odd as that sounds, it works more often than it fails. When you play to win, you will often finish last."

    Ethan then said, "They surprised me with this tournament thing. I don't know the first thing about playing against these other pros except what I have seen in the cartoons."

    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two

    That afternoon in the Mobian arena... Shadow, Knuckles and Sonic began giving Ethan his Chaos Emerald training. And there was trouble from the word go. Since the Topaz Emerald's power had gotten into the Dragomon digivice energy well, Ethan's first attempt to use the Topaz Chaos Emerald in an offensive mode resulted in releasing all four members of Ethan's Clan Stellar right there in the arena. Ethan had to defend the Mobians to prevent Clan Stellar from attacking the Mobians upon their arrival.

    By that night, Ethan felt like utter crap. "Guys, may I please take a rain check on this Chaos Tournament? My Chaos power is all fucked up. If I hadn't defended you this afternoon, you would have been killed by my Dragomon clan. I suck at using Chaos power."

    Sonic the Hedgehog remarked, "We all have sucked at one point and time in our lives. You would just surrender after the first day of learning how to use your Chaos powers? I would have expected better of you, Ethan. I mean, you did defend us when the accident happened. Besides, I thought you had a few lessons before now."

    Knuckles the Echidna replied, "He did have prior lessons. Shadow and I were there. Ethan was up to making a colored aura around his body that was like a rainbow. I don't know what could have happened to make him lose all of the progress that he had earned up to that point."

    Shadow the Hedgehog stated, "We may have to get Princess Sally to run a diagnosis on Ethan so we can find out what happened to his prior training. He was doing well before the previous weekend. Unless something happened in the Underworld to change how Ethan uses his powers."

    They were all three looking expectedly at Ethan after Shadow had made that suggestion.

    Ethan sighed. "I accidentally ate and drank food and drink that contained Secret Ingredient at a party and the caterer took me to a clinic for an emergency cleansing to get the Secret Ingredient out of my system. They said I was lucky to be brought in that fast to prevent my transforming into a Hellhound. It is possible that the cleansing may have altered something in connection to the Topaz Chaos Emerald's powers. If that is the case, then perhaps you should have Princess Sally look me over."

    Sometime later, In an examining room within Princess Sally's labs, the noble squirrel female Mobian ran a full diagnostic on Ethan's Chaos energy well where the Topaz Chaos Emerald was supposed to be merged into Ethan's body at. About an hour and a half into the examination, Princess Sally made a remark. "Oh my. Guys, how big was the original Topaz Emerald that merged with Ethan's body?"

    Shadow replied, "It was a sliver only big enough to fit into the slot of his gaming device. What is going on, Sally?"

    Sally remarked, "I am seeing a fully restored Topaz Emerald with an odd symbol embedded in the center of the gem itself. It looks like the Underworld symbol for Unity. And as you may know from the Digimon universe, those who control Unity can pull off enormous miracles. Therefore if Ethan's Chaos Emerald has become a Chaos Unity Emerald, then his training will have to be changed to reflect the new chaos emerald. I can see vestiges of the former training still residing around the emerald."

    Sonic placed a hand on his chin as he looked at Ethan. "Perhaps it would be wiser not to have you compete in the chaos tournament. Unity is more of what you want it to do instead of an actual training regiment. Think of it as a means of altering reality to make the results you want to see happen rather than a previously decided solution of what others might suggest could happen. The only one who can say what can and will happen is you, Ethan. If you want to try this out for yourself, I will gladly back you up so you aren't alone."

    Ethan said, "I don't want to cause a lot of destruction, Sonic. Where can I practice where nothing would get permanently screwed up?"

    Sonic smiled. "I have an idea on a perfect place where you can use your chaos powers without having to worry about restoring anything. Sally? Remember the access you have to the Blanket Zone? Ethan could practice his powers there and nothing would be permanently changed."

    Princess Sally replied, "That is a great idea, in truth. The Blanket Zone is a place that looks like a blank canvas which contains nothing. You can do anything you want there, Ethan. And with Sonic monitoring your power usage, he can help you return when you are ready to come back. Sonic got stuck in there once by himself." She chuckled as the Hedgehog looked embarrassed. "And he hates being reminded of that fact, too."

    Sonic folded his arms over his chest. "As Shadow or Knuckles can vouch for, when one of us major three end up in a situation where we need help getting out of it, it doesn't sit well with us. We feel that heroes like us shouldn't have to cry for help like a little baby."

    Shadow rolled his eyes. "Asking for help at the right time is not considered begging."

    Knuckles grinned. "Sometimes watching Sonic beg is about the only way I get to see that there is truly balance in the universe."

    Sally placed a hand over Ethan's ear as she showed him a bar of soap. "Just remember that this is the only way Sonic likes water," she whispered to Ethan quietly. "See to it that he gets a bath, will you?"

    Ethan quietly giggled at Sally's suggestion before looking over his shoulder at Sonic and the others. "Whenever you are ready to get this started, Sonic. Let's get going to the Blanket Zone. But bare with me; I still don't know if I am going to be any good at mind over matter."

    Moments later on Princess Sally's monitor, she, Shadow and Knuckles watched as nearly all of the Blanket Zone transformed into a huge bath tub full of hot soapy water and an armada of scrub brushes emerged from the suds and proceeded to chase the hedgehog through the clean soapy water. The only safe spot to stand was where Ethan still stood a hundred feet above.

    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three

      That night far after training practice had ended, Ethan sent himself to the Dragomon Clan home grounds so he could speak to the clan healer about a viable concern to himself. He took along a Chaos Spectrograph and a Chaos Gem detector as well as large pliers for plucking something out of an intricate location. "So you see, ma'am, Princess Sally showed me how this worked and as long as I believed that you could do it, you would be able to do it. I trust you a bit more than I do the Mobians; I think they get off on watching a human deal with Mobian chaos powers. What I need you to do is to turn on the Chaos Spectrograph, find where the Topaz Emerald is floating at, then grab it using the pliers I brought for that purpose. Then we embed the Chaos Emerald into a medallion necklace for me to wear rather than my having this growing thing inside of me. What I am afraid of if it is left inside of me is that it will eventually make my body explode in its attempt to get out of me. You will notice that the first thing I did upon arriving was to set up an ally gateway on the edge of the clan territory so that despite having the emerald's power or not, we can still visit each other between our home worlds. If I simply wanted to be rid of the emerald, I wouldn't have done that. In truth, I really like you guys. Will you help me with this, Healer?"

      The Dragomon Healer was already turning on the device and picking up the pliers. "Of course I will, Lord Ethan. You are apparently pained by having to endure this chaos emerald which is wrecking havoc on your every day life. And it is only right that you turned to your clan for assistance in dealing with this extra power that you feel you are not qualified to possess. When we are done here, you will only have to deal with a fifth of this power from now on. I can promise you this." And then she proceeded to perform the emerald extraction operation.

      While she was doing this, the Clan Shogun carefully sliced the emerald into seven parts; five flat disc shaped topaz emerald parts and the two outer rounded parts. The two outer parts were then fused together before they were embedded within a medallion encircled by silver and gold on a chain necklace. The five remaining discs were affixed into the core clan members' clan bracers hidden from public view but fully capable of being utilized by the wearer. The Shogun then made sure the bracers were distributed back to their original clan owners. The medallion necklace was them finalized by the clan shogun to be safe for Ethan's usage. Now if it chose to continue to grow, it wouldn't harm their gaming ally. As for the parts each of the rest of the clan had, they were now all Topaz Chaos Emerald Clan Masters capable of performing miracles when necessary.

      When the operation was completely successful, the new medallion necklace was placed around Ethan's neck. "All finished, Lord Ethan. The Emerald is no longer part of your insides. You are no longer in danger of bodily exploding. You can take the medallion necklace off and store it within a jewelry box in your bedroom when you do not have need of it. But what of the shortcut you set up between the clan grounds and your world. Where does that come out at?" asked the Dragomon healer.

      Ethan replied, "It emerges within my personal sleeping quarters in the loft of my friend Jake Aceley the Hell Donkey's home just outside of Heroes Reach. He is a very nice friend and he's been nothing but good to me."

      Ethan smiled as he sat up and packed away the things he had brought with him, before he gave the Healer a kiss on the snout. "Thank you for the help you have given me. I truly feel free from this Chaos Emerald. If any of the clan decides to look in on me tonight, don't get concerned if you do not see me within my bed. I have plans to watch a movie with Jake tonight. He is preparing a good dinner for us currently." And then he hefted up the medical devices and he carried them across the clan grounds and walked through the Ally Archway emerging within his upstairs bedroom where he put the borrowed gear down on a side table to be taken back to Princess Sally the following day.

      Later, Ethan sat at the dining table with Jake having dinner with his house mate. "You really are a great cook, Jake. And my project with my Dragomon Healer was a complete success. I feel so good that I want to spend extra time with you tonight. That's okay, isn't it?"

      Jake smiled. "You do remember that my evening schedule includes rolling in the thick mud out behind my place in the nude under the pale moon light, don't you? Are you sure you want to do that with me? Because if you do, then I will look forward also to making out with you again as we did the first time when I used toon physics and Underworld magic so you wouldn't get hurt. This will be okay, won't it?"

      Ethan smiled as he turned and gave Jake a soft kiss on his muzzle. "We're house mates, aren't we?"

      Jake turned and planted a deep muzzle to lips kiss on Ethan's mouth to show how much he appreciated having the human as a house mate.

      After washing the dishes, the two disrobed and headed out into the thick swampy mud behind the house and proceeded to get sticky together. They also did some role playing while all gooped up and this led to the aforementioned magical sex that Jake had warned Ethan about before dinner. But Ethan was very open to the idea of entertaining his Hell Donkey friend because he felt so good at the moment.

      During the cleaning after their playtime had ended, Ethan told Jake about the Chaos Tournament excuse thoughts he was having for playing hooky in the Underworld. "If I claimed that you were helping me in preparation for the tournament, then you and I both could simply leave classes together and just spend time with your boyfriend rather than be bored in school. I really don't want to be in the chaos tournament anyway. So what do you think of my idea, Jake?"

      Jake then said something unlike what a donkey boy might say, "If you don't want to go to this tournament, then you should tell Principal Agumon about it so you can get extra credit instead of a negative report that your mother might end up seeing. I only mention this because your brother often hangs out with me after school and if you and I simply skipped out and he found out that we didn't bring him with us, he might accidentally tell your mother. And then your deal to live with me would be gone. And I really like you, Ethan."

      Ethan hummed. "So you are saying that honesty might be the best policy to stay on my mom's better side. Is that it?"

      Jake smiled. "If you would like, we could tell her ourselves and then if Agumon and the others insisted that you take time out of school for this Chaos Tournament training, she would already know that you were forced into leaving classes. We could pick up your brother after school and bring him to where we were hanging out at and then he wouldn't feel left out."

      Ethan smiled as he gave Jake another kiss. "That sounds like the best idea to use, sexy. We'll do that right after we get cleaned up. I don't want to be in trouble with mom."

      End of Chapter Three